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06:58:06 PMDave_Maydew The only M$ 0 we have here are 2 Xbox 360's
06:58:40 PMNateUK i live in the world of mac .. linux and m$ lol my job keeps me there : (( lol
06:58:41 PMSparklyballs the only ms i have are some croissants from marks and spencers
06:58:51 PMABQTKY Dave_Maydew - did I see your typeface in FCM somewhere around issue 32, or so?
07:00:07 PMSparklyballs it is tuesday ? right ?
07:00:27 PMlyndon Hey! =)
07:00:34 PMjwmp Not here it isn't
07:01:06 PMSparklyballs it turned wednesday about a minute and a half ago here too ;)
07:01:08 PMNatalia daddy [ RobbieF ] and SashaD are almost ready
07:01:08 PMDave_Maydew It's just gone Wednesday here lol
07:01:34 PMSparklyballs i was wondering how you got my minecraft and now i see....
07:01:36 PMDennis_Kelley Hello gang!
07:01:37 PMDave_Maydew Hey Dennis_Kelley
07:01:49 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew how are you?
07:01:58 PMlyndon yay
07:02:08 PMDennis_Kelley And we're live people!
07:02:08 PMjwmp Woohoo
07:02:19 PMSparklyballs minetest even, lol.
07:02:23 PMDave_Maydew Doing good, my fiance can't sleep tonight, so she's watching Jeremy Kyle on the 42" and I'm on the Laptop lol
07:02:36 PMDave_Maydew Pregnancy has it's downfalls lol
07:02:38 PMDennis_Kelley Going back Berrie, Berrie!
07:02:41 PMRobbieF hi all!
07:02:52 PMSparklyballs hello RobbieF
07:02:53 PMNateUK runs from that room lol Jeremy Kyle gives me headaches lol
07:02:58 PMNateUK hello RobbieF
07:03:11 PMDave_Maydew Hi RobbieF
07:03:15 PMSparklyballs my sister used to have a thing for mr kyle
07:03:18 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF Hello!
07:03:50 PMSashaD I feel I am late to the party.... Hi everyone!!!
07:04:03 PMNateUK Hi SashaD
07:04:04 PMjwmp Hey SashaD
07:04:04 PMDave_Maydew Hola SashaD
07:04:05 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD you are the Party!
07:04:12 PMNatalia meteor
07:04:13 PMlyndon hey SashaD
07:04:22 PMSparklyballs Dennis_Kelley that's not polite.... lol.
07:04:36 PMlyndon oh no!
07:04:38 PMDave_Maydew Oh we still don't know the sex of the baby guys
07:04:40 PMSparklyballs or that means something different here....
07:04:44 PMDave_Maydew Will know in 4 weeks!!
07:04:46 PMDennis_Kelley I meant she is one of the reasons the Party is a Party!
07:04:48 PMGWG I just remembered I'm actually sitting here at 7PM
07:04:57 PMlyndon me
07:04:59 PMGWG Convalescing, but here
07:05:03 PMlyndon =)
07:05:16 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:05:20 PMDave_Maydew I've done that with the password RobbieF, it works really good :-)
07:05:27 PMGWG Wipe the OS partition and start again
07:05:28 PMNateUK don't use root in the first place then you won't forget the password lol
07:05:29 PMSparklyballs show late ?
07:06:08 PMNatalia cool drone
07:06:12 PMlyndon he's been practicing!
07:06:18 PMNatalia yup
07:06:22 PMDave_Maydew looks like it
07:06:28 PMSparklyballs it's working now..., missed the first bit.... :(
07:06:28 PMWhiskey_Zero I'm late
07:06:36 PMDave_Maydew Hey Whiskey_Zero
07:06:42 PMlyndon he crashed it like 10 times last week
07:06:46 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi Dave
07:07:02 PMlyndon hey WZ
07:07:03 PMdreamweaver909 tap tap
07:07:09 PMDave_Maydew Gotta turn the bass down on these headphones lol
07:07:15 PMSparklyballs is this thing on.....
07:07:20 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi there lyndon
07:07:22 PMDave_Maydew RobbieF just blew my head off lol
07:07:22 PMNatalia every night he practices and my little brother liam always sneaks down to watch =]
07:07:42 PMDennis_Kelley i missed last weeks show
07:07:52 PMlyndon its just tech, ists not alive
07:07:52 PMSparklyballs we'll behave then
07:08:01 PMC128D Windows 10 users can use the free VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic Home Theatre to play DVDs and BluRay disks.
07:08:02 PMDave_Maydew Smoking printer... oops
07:08:13 PMSparklyballs hot off the press ?
07:08:16 PMC128D Both are better than what Microsoft offers
07:08:44 PMWhiskey_Zero I'm using a brand-new Fedora 22 install to chat tonight. So far, so good.....
07:09:02 PMlyndon so give it an external monitor
07:09:18 PMSparklyballs someone should say a few words
07:09:22 PMDave_Maydew I like using 2 Monitors
07:09:30 PMdreamweaver909 I use corel dvd for that
07:09:35 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew me two!
07:09:36 PMlyndon tip jar and patreon
07:09:50 PMDave_Maydew gotta set one up on both my Laptop and the Fianc?s
07:09:54 PMjwmp You should be able to pick up a new LCD screen on ebay
07:10:08 PMSparklyballs i can just about cope with the screen on my macbook, let alone two screens
07:10:11 PMNatalia ;i
07:10:19 PMNatalia ;I
07:10:29 PMNatalia :I
07:10:35 PMNatalia oh no
07:10:38 PM[1]MaineGeek75 thats a good point. if you can use it with an external screen, that means the video adapter isn't bad...just the screen...
07:10:55 PM[1]MaineGeek75 :D
07:11:05 PMDennis_Kelley Sparklyballs - its nice when i am watching a show and a chat room on two monitors
07:11:10 PM[1]MaineGeek75 what is the model of it?
07:11:14 PMNatalia ;0
07:11:23 PMSparklyballs i just make my irc client transparent
07:11:28 PMlyndon on Amazon??
07:11:30 PMDave_Maydew I hear you RobbieF
07:11:32 PMC128D What make and model is it? I have some screens around here.
07:11:36 PMdreamweaver909 did you try
07:11:43 PM[1]MaineGeek75 scavenge the parts from it...or use it as a server need to have screen for that :P
07:11:48 PMSongbird Hi everyone! :)
07:11:50 PMjwmp e-waste. Cool
07:12:00 PMDave_Maydew I am just like that!! I saved the Laptop I bought... no was given it for the Fiance
07:12:09 PMlyndon hey Songbird
07:12:13 PMDave_Maydew All that was wrong with it, was a dead HDD
07:12:17 PMSparklyballs hiya Songbird
07:12:18 PMlifeofpi why not just replace the back light
07:12:28 PMSongbird Hi Lyndon and Sparklyballs. :)
07:12:31 PMDennis_Kelley hi Songbird
07:12:33 PMDave_Maydew LTE here in the UK still sucks
07:12:37 PMSongbird Hi Dennis!
07:12:43 PMNatalia i keep forgetting how to make the faces :l
07:12:56 PMlyndon nope
07:12:56 PMSparklyballs shift 0
07:12:58 PMDennis_Kelley :-D
07:13:16 PMNatalia :)
07:13:19 PMDave_Maydew I get 76 down and 20 up on my Fibre :-)
07:13:37 PMNatalia thanks Sparklyballs
07:13:38 PMSparklyballs bt Dave_Maydew ?
07:13:40 PM[1]MaineGeek75 dont like you :P
07:13:44 PMDave_Maydew yeah BT
07:13:45 PM[1]MaineGeek75 i'm only 30/5
07:13:46 PMWhiskey_Zero Pretty good Dave
07:13:49 PMSparklyballs snap
07:14:10 PMSparklyballs small place canada
07:14:13 PMSparklyballs lol.....
07:14:14 PMDave_Maydew it's great, especially when we stream lots of video's across multiple devices
07:14:16 PMNatalia :D
07:14:16 PMlyndon im 12/4
07:14:51 PMSongbird I tried to find a postcard at the mall today to send. There was nothing. lol
07:14:56 PMGWG RobbieF: You goin to try it?
07:15:06 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD is there a sad Sarah McLachlan song?
07:15:08 PMGWG The old Concorde cost tens of thousands.
07:15:32 PMDave_Maydew I know I've emailed the show RobbieF, but I doubt you'll read it this week
07:15:55 PMSparklyballs spill ?
07:16:16 PMDennis_Kelley mine sludge that was leaked
07:16:34 PMDave_Maydew I'm Visually Impaired and other VI and Blind PC users have asked me about getting better voices on Orca if possible??
07:16:44 PMNatalia those james donkey mice feel good on my hands :P
07:16:58 PMNatalia they have good grip
07:17:10 PMSparklyballs funny name though
07:17:53 PMDave_Maydew The only mouse that has a licence to...
07:17:59 PMDennis_Kelley only with a James Donky 007 can one say 'it feels good on my hands' 'they have a good grip'
07:18:26 PMlyndon put shortcuts on every computer
07:18:28 PMSparklyballs shake it, don't stir it.
07:18:41 PMDave_Maydew I'll play the last post for BlipTV
07:18:54 PMNatalia i never said others don't
07:19:14 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew how you been doing?
07:20:32 PMDave_Maydew I'm good
07:21:06 PMSparklyballs blue screen of death just took on a new meaning
07:21:17 PMDave_Maydew My Fianc? is doing good also, pregnancy is going good too
07:21:38 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew way Cool!
07:21:53 PMSparklyballs ctrl alt shift die
07:22:13 PMGWG Anyone who builds and uses a Do It Yourself Surgery Kit has questionable judgmet.
07:22:25 PMSparklyballs keyhole surgery
07:22:33 PMdreamweaver909 Operation a milton bradley game~!
07:22:39 PMDennis_Kelley orthoscopic
07:22:54 PMDennis_Kelley something like that
07:22:58 PMSparklyballs turn it off and on again, duh !!!!!!
07:23:18 PMNatalia many many electricians should be contacted
07:23:56 PMDave_Maydew Roku ROCKS
07:24:03 PMDave_Maydew I have the Roku Stick
07:24:07 PMlyndon yes you can
07:24:16 PMSongbird Roku is tiny or a stick. lol
07:24:39 PMDave_Maydew but I do watch a lot on my HTPC on my 42" 3D TV lol
07:24:44 PMDave_Maydew No
07:24:47 PMNateUK no
07:24:48 PMSparklyballs nope
07:24:49 PMDennis_Kelley no
07:24:53 PMDave_Maydew No Adverts RobbieF
07:24:55 PMABQTKY no audible ads here
07:24:57 PMNatalia no
07:24:59 PMrd_blair no
07:25:02 PMlyndon thats an awesome work arround
07:25:09 PMdreamweaver909 no
07:25:16 PMSparklyballs i still want a feed in mythtv
07:25:27 PMDennis_Kelley i see freshbooks add
07:25:35 PMlyndon biuld my own webpage for Cat5
07:25:41 PMSongbird I am not able to get some episodes from Cat 5 like from when Studio D was being built
07:26:11 PMSongbird On Roku it shows a 400 something error for Roku and Cat 5 episodes.
07:26:17 PMNatalia roku has youtube
07:26:26 PMNatalia channel
07:26:51 PMlyndon yes they do
07:27:01 PMxypherjack I'd like to find a xmbc / kodi Cat5 channel.
07:27:05 PMlyndon chromecast too
07:27:14 PMSparklyballs +1 for kodi channel
07:27:26 PMSparklyballs any way to get a live feed on my non smart tv
07:28:30 PMfking Yes a kodi channel would be nice.
07:29:14 PMNatalia my friend says she has kodi, although i have no idea on what it is
07:29:27 PMNatalia but not on roku
07:29:34 PMSparklyballs it's a media player software Natalia
07:30:11 PMNatalia awesome
07:30:38 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD say Hi to Tally for us!
07:30:52 PMSongbird Is Tally in chat?
07:30:58 PMDave_Maydew Oh no, not Minecraft!!
07:30:58 PMNateUK all over the floor
07:31:07 PMSongbird Hi Tally! :D
07:31:10 PMNatalia hi
07:31:13 PMDennis_Kelley Hi Tally
07:31:18 PMNatalia hi
07:31:43 PMDave_Maydew My one step son plays Minecraft, it reminds me of a old game I used to play on my old 386
07:31:52 PMSparklyballs is there an mp4 direct link there ?
07:32:03 PMNatalia i love minecraft and minetest...
07:32:21 PMSparklyballs my macbook smells like toffee apples... uh oh
07:32:24 PMNatalia they're really fun to play
07:33:19 PMSongbird Those stickers are great!
07:33:30 PMNatalia there is one on the laptop i'm useing
07:33:38 PMSparklyballs sports sedan allegedly
07:33:39 PMNatalia two
07:33:45 PMNatalia of em
07:33:48 PMSongbird I have one in my car window. lol
07:33:52 PMWhiskey_Zero Thanks Robbie! I'll send again
07:33:57 PMRobbieF moce
07:34:04 PMRobbieF whoops
07:34:04 PMRobbieF lol
07:34:05 PMRobbieF NICE
07:34:08 PMSparklyballs i'm one of the 5 woohhoo
07:34:09 PMSongbird lol
07:34:17 PMlyndon me too
07:34:26 PMlyndon =)
07:34:40 PMWhiskey_Zero Me three
07:34:58 PMNatalia yes, please don't go ANYWHERE..
07:35:01 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy98 how are you
07:35:07 PMNatalia unless you need too
07:35:19 PMSongbird I need to get a pop Tally will be right back. lol
07:35:23 PMlyndon hey GoodGuy98
07:35:26 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF, SashaD Have the person access Cat5 via IP address
07:35:46 PMGoodGuy98 Terrible, but thanks for asking :-)
07:36:20 PMGoodGuy98 How about you?
07:36:57 PMSongbird We have enough stuff made in China. Now they want to do iPhones too. lol
07:37:06 PMdreamweaver909 When you called you'd get connected to a recording of Mao's little red book.
07:37:18 PMSparklyballs they make iphones in china now anyways
07:37:19 PMGoodGuy98 They already do iPhones.. Foxconn
07:37:34 PMDave_Maydew Counterfeit laptop?? Windows??
07:37:35 PMDave_Maydew :-)
07:37:39 PMNatalia china salespeople dont seem care about things other than money
07:37:52 PMNatalia Chinese
07:38:07 PMGoodGuy98 Do USA ones also? Just better Govt regulation
07:38:29 PMDave_Maydew It's illegal to use iTunes here in the UK now too
07:38:38 PMGoodGuy98 In fairness, USA has been free markets longer
07:38:39 PMDave_Maydew thanks to our Copyright regs
07:38:46 PMSongbird To use iTunes Dave?
07:38:58 PMSparklyballs i got a hp ir reciever from china once, that thing is still going strong !!!
07:38:59 PMNatalia my favourite youtuber lives in the UK
07:39:15 PMNateUK i expect a letter then lol
07:39:27 PMGWG Slave labor compared to the actual Chinese factories?
07:39:48 PMDave_Maydew Carphone Warehouse is terrible anyway
07:39:52 PMSparklyballs let's hear it for the uk faction
07:39:57 PMSongbird lollll
07:40:01 PMlyndon Nope
07:40:05 PMNateUK my misses is with carphone : (( lol
07:40:08 PMGoodGuy98 BTW... micro surgery is called Laproscopic... I have had it and glad it was that method instead of a very large incision
07:40:11 PMSparklyballs i'm up near liverpool
07:40:12 PMDave_Maydew Yup we love in the dark ages here in the UK
07:40:50 PMGoodGuy98 I was up walking in a little over two hours... I accidently hit one cut and shocked by no pain
07:40:56 PMSparklyballs and people complained a U2 album !!!!!
07:40:58 PMdreamweaver909 Cool I listen to Radio Merseyside all the time
07:41:16 PMlyndon As long as we have Windows there will always be data breaches
07:41:19 PMDave_Maydew Microsoft also say if you upgrade your PC with Windows 10 on, and it crashes you have to purchase a new copy of W10!!
07:41:21 PMGoodGuy98 It did hurt some a few days later, but nothing by comparision
07:41:46 PMDave_Maydew so if you upgrade the GPU, W10 complains that you have a new PC!!
07:41:54 PMSparklyballs win ME cd free, but £17 postage
07:42:06 PMBluenoseguy It's the Evil Microsoft Empire... were you really expecting cookies?
07:42:07 PMDave_Maydew hahaha
07:42:21 PMDave_Maydew Is it... ooops
07:42:24 PMNateUK like to see them enforce that
07:42:28 PMDave_Maydew I'm in trouble
07:42:35 PMDennis_Kelley would it kill Microsoft to pay the fees and give it to users for free?
07:42:39 PMGoodGuy98 That doesn't sound correct Dave_Maydew.. I saw articles on how to download an ISO and do a clean install
07:42:45 PMdreamweaver909 I heard that they are going to charge you using solitare in win 10.
07:42:59 PMRobbieF ha-what a joke dreamweaver909!
07:42:59 PMDave_Maydew Firefox just got updated today
07:43:00 PMlyndon HA!
07:43:09 PMdreamweaver909 not a joke
07:43:12 PMRobbieF nasty!
07:43:37 PMSparklyballs shift key presses are now a penny a shot in win10
07:43:39 PMGoodGuy98 I do NOT run Windows 10, but I read some on it
07:43:44 PMBluenoseguy Really? Solitaire? What will thousands of government workers do to waste time :)
07:43:51 PMlyndon As long as Mine Sweeper is still free....
07:43:52 PMSongbird I would not doubt that Sparkly. lol
07:43:58 PMRobbieF Bluenoseguy government workers are still on Windows 9.
07:43:59 PMRobbieF 95
07:43:59 PMGoodGuy98 They added other card games iirc
07:44:04 PMNatalia probably Dennis kelley
07:44:07 PMBluenoseguy :)
07:44:11 PMDave_Maydew I had a chat with a M$ operative on the phone as I was helping upgrade a friends PC after he upgraded/downgraded to Windows 10
07:44:26 PMSparklyballs don't say mac :(
07:44:28 PMGoodGuy98 Plus instruction to run Solitaire on W10
07:44:38 PMDave_Maydew He ended up paying for a copy of Windows 10 in the end to shut the person on the phone up
07:45:00 PMC128D Firefox released 40 today
07:45:03 PMSparklyballs it's up to 40 today
07:45:03 PMNatalia i used firefox today...
07:45:04 PMGoodGuy98 MS reps aren't all created equal.... same as other computer ppl
07:45:05 PMSongbird I use Firefox ...I had better check it.
07:45:09 PMSparklyballs that's ridiculous
07:45:18 PMDave_Maydew Yup
07:45:25 PMdreamweaver909 they are putting ads in the game
07:45:26 PMGoodGuy98 One might know everything another does and BS'es
07:45:43 PMGoodGuy98 not know
07:45:46 PMDave_Maydew I only run Firefox as Pipelight doesn't work on Chrome
07:45:52 PMlifeofpi the update is 40.0 now
07:45:54 PMSparklyballs i couldn't get on with chrome. last i used it there wasn't a way of getting it to accept self signed certs after a warning..
07:45:58 PMDave_Maydew and I watch BT Sports
07:46:06 PMlyndon I still use Chrome, sorry
07:46:13 PMDave_Maydew Silverligjt.. gotta love it!!
07:46:13 PMSongbird Some of this tech stuff is getting on my nerves anymore. lol
07:46:14 PMSparklyballs drove me up the wall every time i wanted to access my firewall admin page
07:46:14 PMBluenoseguy Google's reach is as bad as Microsoft's
07:46:36 PMSongbird A person has to worry all the time it seems.
07:46:45 PMRobbieF Seems that way Songbird...
07:46:47 PMDave_Maydew Google is as bad as M$, but I'd rather use Chrome
07:47:32 PMDave_Maydew new update for Android got pushed also
07:47:49 PMDave_Maydew my Nexus device got updated yesterday
07:47:53 PMBluenoseguy Linux bias... lol love it
07:48:01 PMNatalia alphapet inc... possibly SashaD's new favourite word or combination of words... i have to admit, it IS fun to say..
07:48:04 PMRobbieF Slight one
07:48:05 PMRobbieF ;)
07:48:29 PMSparklyballs shoot the computer
07:48:35 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:48:40 PMlyndon yes Shoot it!
07:48:42 PMDave_Maydew someone did and got arrested
07:48:57 PMDave_Maydew only in the USA!!
07:49:09 PMlyndon I lost my password... time to get a new computer =)
07:49:21 PMSongbird I would rather throw my computer out the window lately. lol
07:49:37 PMJoeInNH Hello Everyone
07:49:39 PMSongbird If I shoot it the neighbors will hear.
07:49:50 PMSongbird Hi JoeInNH
07:49:56 PMdreamweaver909 Use a silencer
07:50:01 PMSongbird lollll
07:50:07 PMNateUK sudo ftw always
07:50:11 PMlyndon Its a love/Hate relationship with my computers
07:50:11 PMJoeInNH Hi Songbird
07:50:15 PMSongbird Good idea dreamweaver909
07:50:15 PMNatalia but you have to risk accidently throwing it on the mailmans head Songbird...
07:50:23 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:50:28 PMDave_Maydew :-)
07:50:33 PMSongbird lol That is true Tally. I wouldn't want to do that.
07:50:42 PMDave_Maydew install Linux on it Songbird ;-)
07:50:53 PMSongbird I will be in the near future Dave. :)
07:51:03 PMDave_Maydew sweet
07:51:10 PMBluenoseguy In general I hate updates. If it's not broken... " "
07:51:10 PMSongbird I want out of Windows junk
07:51:22 PMDave_Maydew I moved to total Linux early 2009... not looked back since
07:51:46 PMSongbird I can see why Dave_Maydew
07:51:59 PMBluenoseguy Windows "junk" and apples platforms to buy stuff... rock -> hard place
07:52:08 PMSparklyballs i've got a mix of macs and linux
07:52:16 PMlyndon sorry guys i have to bale. See you all next week. =)
07:52:19 PMDave_Maydew and having my Fianc? and Step Children now running Linux is even better
07:52:26 PMBluenoseguy later lyndon
07:52:34 PMSongbird Bye lyndon hagn
07:52:42 PMDave_Maydew See ya Lyndon
07:53:00 PMlyndon thanks, bye guys =)
07:53:02 PMNatalia bye lynden
07:53:08 PMNatalia lyndon
07:53:09 PMDennis_Kelley see ya lyndon
07:53:27 PMSparklyballs cya lyndon
07:54:17 PMalket-tab hi all
07:54:34 PMDave_Maydew Hi alket-tab
07:54:36 PMSongbird hi alket-tab
07:54:39 PMBluenoseguy hey hey
07:54:54 PMDennis_Kelley alket-tab hello!
07:55:03 PMNatalia RobbieF can you tell the people that linux is truley amazing
07:55:13 PMNatalia AMAZING
07:55:29 PMNatalia i mean dad
07:55:34 PMDave_Maydew hahahaha
07:55:34 PMDennis_Kelley I will second that Natalia
07:55:44 PMDave_Maydew Linux is totally AWESOME
07:55:47 PMSongbird It is certainly better than what I am using Tally
07:55:58 PMSparklyballs i like linux a lot too
07:56:04 PMalket-tab i was watching the show but its hard to irc chat and watch at same time on smartphone
07:56:39 PMDave_Maydew I have a nickname from a few people here in the UK.... it's PINGU :-)
07:56:40 PMDennis_Kelley two hour show for the win!
07:57:08 PMdreamweaver909 nice question!
07:57:30 PMSparklyballs shame on you SashaD
07:57:38 PMNateUK oh wow ... never watched Dr Who .. you got many years to catch up SashaD lol
07:57:39 PMdreamweaver909 exterminate! lol
07:57:45 PMDave_Maydew Sorry SashaD forgot some people don't watch Doctor Who
07:57:46 PMJoeInNH Definately nice question.
07:57:47 PMDave_Maydew lol
07:57:50 PMNatalia two hour show means i don't get to read tonight, but it would still be fun
07:57:58 PMSongbird I've never watched Dr Who...I need to. :)
07:58:04 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew have you looked into
07:58:21 PMDave_Maydew Yeah, it's still Orca
07:58:25 PMDave_Maydew :-(
07:58:37 PMdreamweaver909 lol
07:58:53 PMGoodGuy98 cant sit longer
07:59:02 PMSparklyballs allophones
07:59:12 PMdreamweaver909 zoomtext has humanlike voices
07:59:15 PM[1]MaineGeek75 my gps reads street names well
07:59:21 PMdreamweaver909 i used to use that
07:59:47 PMJoeInNH Try these sentences in festival: I can read that later. and I read that yesterday
08:00:45 PMJoeInNH A program can't tell the difference
08:00:47 PMRobbieF
08:00:47 PMGuest_3697 bye
08:00:49 PMDave_Maydew SashaD reading the newspaper on my PC... please lol
08:00:57 PMDave_Maydew Thanks RobbieF
08:01:04 PMDennis_Kelley i use other voices at the Michigan renaissance Festival
08:01:12 PMdreamweaver909 huzzah!
08:01:17 PMSongbird Thank you Robbie and Sasha for another great show!
08:01:17 PMdreamweaver909 lol
08:01:27 PMalket-tab thanks RobbieF and Sasha
08:01:35 PMNatalia my grade 4 teacher once was using a gps in Quebec and the gps broke down and her and her family were lost in the middle of nowhere but she found her way home... eventually
08:01:36 PMDennis_Kelley dreamweaver909 for sure
08:01:47 PMdreamweaver909 now a mug of mead...
08:01:50 PMdreamweaver909 hahahaha
08:02:14 PMNatalia with a rasberry pie?
08:02:16 PMDennis_Kelley dreamweaver909 -turkey drumbstick
08:02:16 PMJoeInNH What was the site for the extra voices?
08:02:17 PMBluenoseguy Whattt? cool
08:02:38 PMSongbird Nice seeing you in chat too Tally! Big hugs
08:02:49 PMDave_Maydew I will be tuning in to those!!
08:02:52 PMSparklyballs night folks
08:02:57 PMdreamweaver909 night
08:03:00 PMNateUK need to make it 2 hrs show lol
08:03:03 PMNatalia thanks Songbird
08:03:05 PMDave_Maydew Many thanks once again RobbieF
08:03:08 PMDennis_Kelley Have a great night Natalia!
08:03:15 PMSongbird yvw!
08:03:17 PMDave_Maydew and SashaD...
08:03:18 PMDennis_Kelley 2 hours show!
08:03:21 PMSparklyballs cliffhanger !!!!!!!!!
08:03:23 PMBluenoseguy There goes the awards show... ;)
08:03:24 PMNatalia dad RobbieF can i earn one?
08:03:26 PMJoeInNH What was that site...
08:03:32 PMNatalia ...
08:03:34 PMBluenoseguy nighters
08:03:38 PMDave_Maydew right ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go to bed here...
08:03:40 PMNatalia the end
08:03:48 PMDennis_Kelley see Dave_Maydew
08:03:48 PMWhiskey_Zero Another great program! Thanks Robbie & Sasha! See y'all next week.....
08:04:02 PMdreamweaver909 bombs
08:04:09 PMSparklyballs back to the movie, next week folks.
08:04:15 PMGWG You have overlooked my question for the last time, RobbieF.
08:04:15 PMDennis_Kelley Night/Day all@
08:04:17 PMdreamweaver909 bye
08:04:17 PMDennis_Kelley !
08:04:17 PMBluenoseguy later all
08:04:17 PMJoeInNH RobbieF, what was that site with extra voices?
08:04:23 PMDave_Maydew I'll be back next week.... and I'll give that site a look in the morning RobbieF
08:04:49 PMNateUK JoeInNH
08:04:50 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!
08:04:54 PMSashaD Thank you my friends :):)... I'll see you next week!
08:04:54 PMNatalia great credits! they were short... witch i like cuz i don't like waiting for them to end
08:04:55 PMMaineGeek75 great show as usual
08:05:06 PMJoeInNH No the other one RobbieF showed at the end
08:05:22 PMNatalia woah
08:05:46 PMJoeInNH With the extra voices...
08:06:02 PMNatalia nearly half the users have logged out
08:06:35 PMC128D Sasha and Robbie, Firefox released version 40 today so that is the latest. Not sure about Mac, but there is one for Windows and Linux.
08:07:39 PMRobbieF Great, thanks C128D
08:08:28 PMJoeInNH RobbieF, what was that last site you showed. University of what? The one to try out the new voices.
08:08:38 PMC128D Still working on getting Compiz or Kwin working in Point 3.0, but so far no luck with either. Others have been able to accomplish it, but I guess I'm just too stupid .
08:09:49 PMNateUK ??
08:10:38 PMRobbieF yeah that's right
08:10:41 PMNateUK ^^ think that was it JoeInNH sorry was searching for it
08:12:13 PMC128D Robbie, I haven't recieved my stickers yet. Was mine one of the problems? Oconto Falls, WI
08:12:25 PMRobbieF here's another link -
08:12:33 PMRobbieF more high-end sounds
08:12:44 PMRobbieF lemme check C128D
08:13:30 PMC128D Okay, thanks
08:13:58 PMRobbieF Yes, it came back to us. Please email me your address.
08:14:05 PMRobbieF Maybe a mis-write or something.
08:14:28 PMRobbieF Here is a huge repo:
08:14:55 PMC128D I will do that. What model of laptop has the bad screen? Is it the entire screen, or possibly just the inverter or backlight?
08:15:06 PMRobbieF and here are some instructions -
08:15:32 PMRobbieF It's the MSI A6000 - yes, the entire screen is dead.
08:16:27 PMRobbieF Alas, I did buy a replacement laptop, so we're good to go--it just hasn't arrived yet. The only nice thing out of it is that though the laptop I bought is a refurb, it's still better specs (i7, 8GB Ram) so it will be an "upgrade" for us.
08:16:46 PMRobbieF Got it on the B list, so it was a steal.
08:16:55 PMC128D Bummer. I have two Toshiba's here with screen problems. Luckily one is the backlight that I can salvage from the other so I only need to actually buy 1. I'll try to send along something this next payday to help.
08:17:02 PMJoeInNH THanks RobbieF! I couldn't find the extra voices last time I installed Festival...
08:17:07 PMJoeInNH night everyone
08:17:09 PMRobbieF thanks C128D
08:18:00 PMNateUK can see Sasha's face now with her new mouse and now laptop .. you won't be able to get her off it RobbieF lol
08:18:52 PMC128D No problem buddy. Sent an e-mail with my address to the General Inquiries address from RedneckCheesehead at gmail
08:19:11 PMRobbieF ha
08:19:27 PMRobbieF Well the thing is NateUK - I take it home with me and it's what I use to produce and upload the show afterward!
08:19:38 PMRobbieF Of course, now with having a studio OUTSIDE the home, I no longer have a home computer.
08:19:52 PMRobbieF So the laptop is where I do most of my work when not live.
08:20:05 PMRobbieF Our other shows are entirely produced on it (eg., New Every Day, Nature Sounds, etc.)
08:20:19 PMNateUK what do you use for editing ? because I am stuck with Final Cut on Mac for my teaching job !!! RobbieF
08:20:25 PMNateUK if you do not mind me asking
08:21:16 PMC128D I couldn't deal with just a laptop for video production. I have a dual 24" monitor setup on an i7 3770k. That's difficult enough.
08:21:29 PMRobbieF I'm using this:
08:21:46 PMRobbieF yeah, we do the best we can with what we have.
08:22:02 PMRobbieF ^^Cheap and dirty video editing.
08:22:31 PMC128D I'm using Kdenlive mostly, with some Openshot thrown in for some of the more complex titles
08:23:15 PMNateUK whatever tool that works really .. just was hoping a good linux one would be around so i could hide the back and do it on there lol
08:23:18 PMC128D Not as fancy as some, but I'm used to it and it get's the job done well enough for what I normally do.
08:26:31 PMC128D Gonna have to sign off. Time for another live stream. Have a great week and I'll see some of you next Tuesday.
08:28:32 PMNateUK tc C128D
08:28:56 PMRobbieF have a great night all!!
08:29:07 PMNateUK tc RobbieF
08:29:27 PMRobbieF u2


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