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06:58:12 PMT0B33 JeffWeston: hiiiiiii!!
06:58:23 PMSparklyballs hello
06:58:37 PMT0B33 Hello Sparkly-Bits
07:00:22 PMT0B33 Here we go
07:00:46 PMT0B33 If anybody is having trouble, refresh the page
07:01:34 PMDreamweaver909 hmmm
07:01:52 PMT0B33 Dreamweaver909: Hi :)
07:01:57 PMDreamweaver909 hi
07:02:12 PMT0B33 Not seen you here before
07:02:28 PMDreamweaver909 I've been here quite a bit
07:02:37 PMlifeofpi Nate you on
07:03:05 PMJeffWeston-cohos Evening
07:03:19 PMT0B33 Hey JeffWeston-cohos
07:03:22 PMSparklyballs cohos , that a north american snack ?
07:03:37 PMT0B33 That had me thinking then Sparklyballs lol
07:03:47 PMJeffWeston-cohos T got cut off
07:04:06 PMT0B33 JeffWeston-cohos: Who cut it? :P
07:04:33 PMDreamweaver909 yes.....the delorean!!!!!!
07:04:51 PMT0B33 My dog runs on Garbage too
07:04:53 PMlyndon_ hey we have natural gas
07:05:08 PMlyndon_ biodiesal
07:05:17 PMGuest_3709 Where can I view on iPad?
07:05:31 PMSparklyballs there are buses in ireland that run on chip fat
07:05:31 PMT0B33 Guest_3709: One second
07:05:53 PMT0B33 Guest_3709:
07:06:11 PMlyndon_ *bio-diesel
07:07:04 PMSparklyballs i want a real hoverboard, not the ripoff board on balls things.
07:07:10 PMlyndon_ they were still in transition with hover conversion
07:07:35 PMlyndon_ remember they were advertising it
07:07:42 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: Get a Skateboard and put a gas tank behind it, turn the cap till the gas springs out and put a lighter too it :)
07:08:23 PM_Leland_ Wake up ghost official Cat5 Java blend.
07:09:26 PMT0B33 Never trust GPS around here
07:09:30 PM_Leland_ ESP8266
07:09:54 PMJeff-Weston Bah connection issues
07:10:03 PMSparklyballs gps is only needed for destination, car to cars spacing only needs radar
07:10:55 PMfking George Jetson drives a Volkswagen diesel now.
07:11:38 PMGuest_3709 😔 can't use my iPad
07:11:50 PMT0B33 Why Guest_3709?
07:11:52 PMSparklyballs pitch and yaw
07:11:57 PM_Leland_ The transportation infrastructure here in the United Sates couldn't support a mule team. Flying cars ya, launch out of a pothole.
07:12:29 PM_Leland_ pinch and thaw
07:13:19 PMtic-toc Hovering toll booths in the sky
07:13:26 PMSparklyballs drones when i was a kid, the best we had was a frisbee
07:14:13 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: I had a remote control car that used to run out of battery when you used the spring jump thing underneath lol
07:14:13 PM_Leland_ Buying a stairway to Detroit?
07:14:32 PMSparklyballs we had jet cars though....
07:15:06 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: Some friends had very dangerous remote control cars that run on petrol that were super fast
07:15:09 PM_Leland_ At least when you die in a mid-air you are closer to heaven.
07:15:10 PMSparklyballs washing up liquid bottle strapped to a roller skate,,, filled with water and attach a foot pump
07:15:22 PMMike44 maybe people should mix cars, buses, trucks, and planes
07:15:44 PMT0B33 Maybe people should make a helicopter/car Mike44
07:15:53 PMT0B33 That would be a flying car lol
07:15:59 PM_Leland_ They do they are called TRAINS.
07:16:00 PMSparklyballs when the air got to high enough pressure and because you can't compress water it went like a rocket
07:16:34 PMT0B33 There is a festival in england called bulldog bash and they create custom cars and race with them, never seen a car take off the ground though lol Jet cars yes
07:16:54 PMMike44 make a tiny car for kids
07:17:11 PM_Leland_ Sleep Windows 8
07:17:39 PMT0B33 Those Mini moto bikes with engines, they got banned very very quick. Mini cars would be no different i would imagine lol
07:17:52 PMMike44 I LOOOOOOOOVE Windows 8
07:17:53 PM_Leland_ Many kids have been made in tiny cars.
07:18:23 PMMike44 no the are made in peoples bodies
07:18:27 PMSparklyballs date rape
07:18:43 PMlyndon_ we do have these though:
07:18:44 PM_Leland_ Netflix killed the drive-in.
07:19:28 PM_Leland_ Harp
07:19:42 PM_Leland_ Silver
07:20:04 PM_Leland_ +/-
07:20:11 PMMike44 no im 28 years old
07:20:19 PMSparklyballs if you want it to rain, just plan a bbq
07:20:20 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: What problems are you having?
07:20:29 PMMike44 +/-
07:20:31 PMT0B33 What are you using? Pidgin?
07:20:39 PMlifeofpi popcorn time is killing netflix
07:20:45 PM_Leland_ Twice as wise as a 14 year old?
07:20:55 PMJeff-Weston Web client. It's stable now. Was a WiFi issue
07:21:14 PMlyndon_ checks in the mail...hahah
07:21:17 PMMike44
07:21:29 PM_Leland_ No pidgin pony express.
07:21:42 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: On a tablet?
07:22:03 PM_Leland_ My wife has a stable issue.
07:22:29 PMMike44 my place
07:22:44 PM_Leland_ Money for nothing Chic in the mail.
07:23:25 PMMike44 did you watch part 2 because i watch all in 3d
07:23:30 PMlyndon_ 3D tvs?
07:23:32 PMSparklyballs if you had a chip in your hand and you were pleasuring yourself online and accidentally switched to amazon halfway through... you'd make a lot of purchases.
07:23:50 PMMike44 2/3 tvs are 3d at my house
07:24:19 PMJeff-Weston Yeah. Just part 2. No 3d viewing
07:24:24 PM_Leland_ Girlfriend De'jour consort De'noches.
07:24:34 PMSparklyballs james bond is in the 20's
07:25:16 PMMike44 in 2 days Ubuntu 15.10 WILL BE OUT!
07:25:23 PM_Leland_ Anything over 18 Mr Bond?
07:25:40 PMSparklyballs i'm waiting for 16.04
07:25:46 PMMike44 me too
07:25:48 PMSparklyballs i only do lts
07:26:13 PM_Leland_ Windows CE 4.2
07:26:21 PMfking Waiting for 16.04 also
07:26:25 PMT0B33 Unity is pretty stable now. Who here uses unity?
07:26:38 PMSparklyballs i don't linux desktop
07:26:54 PMSparklyballs but my servers are linux
07:27:06 PMMike44 I use GNOME
07:27:21 PMMike44 I have 14.04
07:27:27 PMMike44 anyone
07:27:31 PMT0B33 Xubuntu 14.04
07:28:23 PMlifeofpi does any one know of a pvr program for linux using hauppauge
07:28:40 PMSparklyballs myth... tvheadend
07:28:47 PMMike44 I have UBUNTU 14.04 and DOWNLOADED GNOME
07:29:09 PM_Leland_ Cat5 changhes the future thousands of viewers tuning in VS ?
07:29:23 PMfking I use Mate 14.04
07:29:53 PMT0B33 Oh dear, I use Dailymail -.-
07:30:02 PMlifeofpi does tvheadend work with hauppauge
07:30:04 PMlyndon_ Cinnamon =)
07:30:30 PMT0B33 lyndon_: Cinnamon <3
07:31:08 PMlifeofpi i have problems with drivers
07:31:40 PMSparklyballs hauppage do a lot of tv products...
07:31:56 PMlyndon_ Mint is more compatible out of the box for my laptop
07:32:15 PMlifeofpi ok thinks i will check and see
07:32:21 PMlyndon_ Ubuntu is good though
07:33:15 PMlyndon_ I was having problems with Handbrake and wifi with Ubuntu but was fixed right away with Mint
07:34:07 PMT0B33 Mint has proven to be better with some things in my uses, i never gave it a chance till 14.04 because i just looked at it like another ubuntu re-spin
07:35:03 PMlifeofpi Mint is great been using for years
07:35:15 PMlyndon_ yeah. ive been going back and forth between Ubuntu and Mint
07:35:27 PMlifeofpi ubuntu mate is great to
07:35:35 PMlyndon_ i have a split household
07:36:03 PMSparklyballs yeah cos DRM has never been circumvented....
07:36:10 PMlyndon_ also have my puppy stick
07:36:34 PMT0B33 Hate DRM
07:36:34 PMlifeofpi ubuntu mate is more like mint
07:36:59 PMlyndon_ with the start menu yes
07:37:15 PMlyndon_ kde is close too
07:37:43 PMlyndon_ kubuntu
07:37:49 PMlifeofpi i wish mint had it for raspberry pi
07:39:18 PMT0B33 Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade... Breaks are broken
07:39:47 PMlyndon_ that means they must have installed steering control motors in the cars before
07:39:47 PMSparklyballs your car is halfway through a firmware update and the connection is lost and you crash
07:39:57 PMlyndon_ judseeah
07:40:04 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: No kernal lol
07:40:19 PMSparklyballs wind screen of death ?
07:40:40 PMT0B33 Caused by a driver problem
07:41:16 PM_Leland_ Anyone contact that guy from the 5 hour energy drink? The one on yubed.
07:43:11 PMT0B33 Lost all my school photos many many moons ago
07:43:28 PMT0B33 When tobi was a little boy
07:43:40 PMJeff-Weston We lost first 4 years of our marriage and 3 years of kids
07:44:03 PMJeff-Weston Damn Mac
07:44:03 PMMike44 can I email ideas on what topic cat5 should do
07:44:19 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Thats even worse! :(
07:44:30 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Did your hard drive fail?
07:44:37 PM_Leland_ American Graffiti was our back to the future.
07:44:45 PMMike44 anyone
07:44:53 PMJeff-Weston Yes Mike.
07:44:54 PMJeff-Weston My wife was devastated
07:45:04 PMSparklyballs hydrophobic cloth
07:45:34 PMlyndon_ there are heated motorcycle jackets
07:45:50 PMJeff-Weston Yes tob33. The head am broke andown scratched the disc
07:46:24 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: So even data recovery was out of the question
07:46:25 PMSparklyballs smart underwear, detects when you need to pee
07:46:50 PMJeff-Weston Recovery was impossible.
07:47:20 PMJeff-Weston Had 3 opinions
07:47:29 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Sorry to hear that :(
07:47:41 PMJeff-Weston I double back up now haha
07:47:54 PMSparklyballs that's fine if the pavement is made of copper
07:48:08 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Ditto. Better safe than sorry
07:49:50 PMSparklyballs people steal statues because of the metal, people will be digging up skate parks
07:51:15 PMT0B33 All skateparks around here got destroyed and removed. I know some guys who would love to throw graphite all over a copper skatepark
07:51:20 PM_Leland_ it does not have to be copper
07:51:42 PMT0B33 A glider
07:52:54 PM_Leland_ graphine tech with copperous dioxide titanium tape
07:53:19 PMthanwell I want to correct Robbie. Copper doesn't rust. Otherwise it wouldn't be used in plumbing.
07:53:22 PMSparklyballs if you're travelling at head height, you'd be giving people a hair cut
07:53:40 PMSparklyballs copper oxidises
07:53:55 PMJeff-Weston The green corrosion stuff ;)
07:54:01 PM_Leland_ Aluminum
07:54:27 PMSparklyballs nickel is greyish/silver
07:54:38 PMthanwell Yes it oxidizes but only if the protective coating is removed.
07:54:54 PMlyndon_ i think they are copper coated
07:55:09 PM_Leland_ Anodized
07:55:38 PMSparklyballs coins are cupronickel alloy
07:56:00 PM_Leland_ not pennies
07:56:16 PM_Leland_ in 1943 they were zinc
07:57:11 PM_Leland_ they cut it to save $
07:59:47 PMMike44 bye
08:00:28 PM_Leland_ Ass kicking device to prevent stupid behavior
08:00:32 PMDreamweaver909 Wish they had them for eyesight.
08:00:35 PMSparklyballs nuts
08:00:58 PM_Leland_ Bionic nuts
08:01:07 PMSparklyballs rusty nuts
08:01:21 PMDreamweaver909 time for Ncis...bye
08:01:38 PM_Leland_ Jamie Sommers
08:01:51 PMSparklyballs 5 minute charging... they swap out the battery trays in those bays
08:02:12 PM_Leland_ Nothing but redheads
08:02:23 PMSparklyballs copper nuts
08:02:31 PMSparklyballs go green if you get them wet
08:02:54 PM_Leland_ Make them out of Bitcoins
08:03:38 PMSparklyballs back projection
08:03:39 PM_Leland_ I use brass nut on my headers.
08:04:17 PM_Leland_ Retro movies?
08:04:59 PM_Leland_ Pepsi Dry
08:04:59 PMlyndon_ I drink coffee
08:05:09 PM_Leland_ No water
08:05:27 PMSparklyballs other soft drinks are available
08:05:46 PM_Leland_ wake up the ghost blend
08:06:00 PMWhiskey_Zero Interesting program tonight. G'night folks, see y'all next week!
08:06:09 PMlifeofpi i like the live shows
08:06:28 PMT0B33 Awesome show
08:06:43 PMlyndon_ good night you guys. and happy back to the future day tomorrow!
08:06:48 PM_Leland_ Which head of state is on the Bitcoin?
08:07:02 PMSparklyballs i'm already in the future
08:07:23 PM_Leland_ now you in the past
08:07:43 PM_Leland_ now I'm in the past.
08:08:17 PMfking Kodi just went into replay.
08:08:19 PMSparklyballs the show is starting again on kodi plugin .... or the bit in the kitchen is at least.... lol.
08:08:50 PM_Leland_ Good Shoe
08:08:55 PMSparklyballs it's the sequel, lol.
08:09:05 PMT0B33 Good night guys
08:09:24 PMlyndon_ what going on!!
08:10:02 PM_Leland_ Calvins under wear
08:10:43 PMlyndon_ =)
08:10:44 PM_Leland_ % houe energy
08:10:47 PMlifeofpi same show again
08:10:57 PMlyndon_ ok good night
08:11:09 PM_Leland_ 5 Hour energy
08:11:57 PM_Leland_ cars are garbage waiting for recycling.
08:12:28 PM_Leland_ Sam erye
08:13:46 PM_Leland_ I feel like I'm at the Drive -in for the replay
08:16:03 PMlifeofpi kodi not working for me
08:17:02 PMlifeofpi is it a update i need
08:17:20 PMalpeck i missed the start of the show. is it repeating and if so how did Robbie do it?
08:19:38 PMlifeofpi what do i need to do to get kodi plugin working again
08:24:09 PMlifeofpi anyone know about kodi plugin
08:24:29 PMalpeck sorry no lifeofpi
08:24:59 PMlifeofpi looks like its working for some but not me
08:25:13 PMlifeofpi but thanks
08:25:49 PMlifeofpi it was working then it just stoped
08:27:51 PMalpeck bye everyone
08:27:54 PMNateUK hello lifeofpi whats wrong with the kodi plugin ?
08:28:13 PMlifeofpi not working
08:28:29 PMNateUK for live stream or for th other ?
08:30:05 PMlifeofpi both gives me error
08:30:32 PMNateUK can you tell me the error please .. also what operating system you are using and version of kodi if you could ... thanks
08:31:37 PMlifeofpi
08:31:58 PMlifeofpi
08:31:58 PMNateUK ok the urllib .. ok ..
08:32:19 PMNateUK that would suggest it cannot get out to the internet / website ...
08:32:36 PMlifeofpi line 201, in
08:32:37 PMlifeofpi shows(cat5ShowURL)
08:32:54 PMNateUK on your computer you are using kodi
08:33:01 PMNateUK can u access this webpage
08:33:37 PMlifeofpi yes
08:34:09 PMNateUK hmmm this is very weird .. if you can access this page then there should be no error .. the timeout would suggest it cannot
08:34:35 PMNateUK which version of kodi you are using ?
08:35:27 PMlifeofpi 14.2
08:36:42 PMNateUK ok Helix .. let me look at that .. because 15.2 is out now
08:36:50 PMlifeofpi not sure whats on the pi
08:37:47 PMNateUK i wrote the kodi plugin in 15 .. maybe Helix does not like urllib2 .. and only use urllib
08:37:53 PMlifeofpi and i cant get it to work on pi eaither
08:38:00 PMNateUK not sure .. trying to find a copy of helix
08:39:09 PMlifeofpi it was working before
08:39:52 PMNateUK yes accessing it on helix fine .. hmmm
08:40:37 PMNateUK it would suggest something with from you to the server somewhere is blocking or not accessing correctly ..
08:41:17 PMNateUK not saying your machines ... but something along the way somewhere
08:42:37 PMlifeofpi don't know it was working before
08:43:13 PMlifeofpi its like the url is not working
08:43:33 PMNateUK that link i gave you is what kodi links to .. the show.html is the file it looks at ... and then populates your kodi .. very strange you cannot access it
08:43:50 PMNateUK from kodi but a browser
08:44:10 PMNateUK did you download the plugin from Robbie's github ?
08:44:35 PMlifeofpi Error Contents:
08:44:53 PMNateUK liek to ask what version of the plugin you have .. you can do this by going to the video .. video addons .. and just hover over it and the right handside will tell you the version
08:45:52 PMlifeofpi 1.o.8
08:46:01 PMNateUK oooo very out of date there
08:46:29 PMNateUK
08:46:32 PMlifeofpi ok then where do i get knew one
08:46:40 PMNateUK right handside click on download zip
08:47:16 PMNateUK then Load Kodi and go to system and find "Add-Ons" on the left hand side
08:47:23 PMNateUK Click "Install from zip file".
08:47:26 PMlifeofpi ok i see now
08:47:56 PMNateUK the latest on mine is the stable but I havent polled up to Robbie yet ...
08:48:16 PMRobbieF Hey all. Did the show start an hour late?
08:48:26 PMNateUK its still on lol
08:48:30 PMNateUK I am watching it now
08:48:34 PMlifeofpi so latest is 1.0.13
08:48:37 PMNateUK yes
08:48:38 PMRobbieF Must've started at 8 instead of 7?
08:48:51 PMNateUK i watched on time with you .. then it repeated
08:48:51 PMRobbieF Sorry about that! Gosh...
08:48:58 PMRobbieF OH It repeated?!
08:48:59 PMRobbieF PHEW!
08:49:04 PMRobbieF did it start at the right time?
08:49:08 PMNateUK yes
08:49:10 PMRobbieF YAY!
08:49:11 PMRobbieF hehe
08:49:20 PMNateUK i like this carry on stream lol
08:49:20 PMRobbieF when I walked in and it's 1/2 way through I thought it must've started late!
08:49:23 PMRobbieF Glad to hear it
08:49:32 PMRobbieF Hmm, that makes me think.
08:49:36 PMRobbieF will see what we do next.
08:49:39 PMlifeofpi ok nate i will try latest
08:49:41 PMRobbieF How's the quality? I bumped it up today.
08:49:49 PMNateUK ok lifeofpi lwt mw knoq
08:49:54 PMNateUK very clear
08:49:57 PMRobbieF awesome
08:49:59 PMNateUK much better on live
08:50:07 PMNateUK no pixelation compared
08:50:08 PMRobbieF Sorry I couldn't be here during the show
08:50:30 PMRobbieF Awfully rare that we do that, but being that it's our wedding anniversary, I had to book it off :)
08:50:43 PMNateUK wow .. you wouldnt have known
08:50:48 PMlifeofpi hey thanks robbie for the pi help it worked
08:51:09 PMNateUK happy anniversary as well there RobbieF
08:51:32 PMlifeofpi i have GPIO pins woring now
08:51:56 PMRobbieF Fantastic lifeofpi - so happy it worked!
08:52:00 PMRobbieF Thanks NateUK
08:52:17 PMRobbieF NateUK we recorded the special early Saturday morning.
08:52:27 PMRobbieF and that gave me the chance to edit in all the great footage
08:52:54 PMRobbieF Well, I'm glad it all worked out! Looking forward to looking through the chat logs :)
08:52:59 PMNateUK did like the switch in and outs .. but honestly wouldnt have known it wasnt live
08:53:02 PMRobbieF I'm off. Anniversary ain't over yet :)
08:53:07 PMRobbieF that's cool NateUK
08:53:12 PMRobbieF other than the pizza scene :)
08:53:13 PMRobbieF haha
08:53:14 PMNateUK have a good one .. enjoy your day
08:53:17 PMRobbieF thanks
08:53:18 PMRobbieF you too
08:53:22 PMRobbieF I"ll leave the video rolling
08:53:38 PMNateUK yes pizza should have been a giveaway but i didnt click lol
08:53:44 PMRobbieF :)
08:53:47 PMNateUK ok .. go go .. before people keep you here lol
08:53:52 PMRobbieF :) Night
08:58:40 PMlifeofpi thanks alot nate got it working agian
08:59:34 PMlifeofpi guess i need to do same for the pi
09:02:04 PMNateUK you are most welcome ... and yes I would suggest updating :) but I do not foresee any new updates for a long while as this works very well .. unless the boss (RobbieF) shouts lol
09:04:05 PMlifeofpi it would be nice if it would auto update
09:04:56 PMlifeofpi but i will be looking for update if it dont play again
09:05:01 PMNateUK the plugin would need to be placed in a repo of some sort for that to do that correctly
09:05:39 PMlifeofpi ok i see
09:06:29 PMlifeofpi its working now and i think you for that
09:06:43 PMNateUK you are most welcome ... glad I could help
09:07:33 PMlifeofpi what i would like to do is dump the roku
09:08:22 PMNateUK i can understand that ... I got a nowtv(roku under the skin) ... which I hate but the misses loves it lol
09:08:32 PMlifeofpi im planing on going to the pi
09:10:50 PMNateUK if you have android .. you can control any linux box if you look at KDE connect .. you do not need KDS installed .. it will install around 386meg of files .. but can use your mobile screen as a mouse and keyboard ... works very fast compared to anything else i have tried ... worth a look ... advice "as is" warranty lol
09:11:04 PMNateUK *KDE
09:11:54 PMlifeofpi i use my phone on kodi
09:12:02 PMNateUK i have a lubuntu machine .. no mouse or keyboard and monitor up in a high area ... I just use my phone to connect and control .. very simple
09:12:35 PMlifeofpi thats cool
09:13:54 PMlifeofpi well i have to get off here thanks again nate and have a great night
09:14:02 PMNateUK and you ... have fun
09:14:51 PMlifeofpi im sure i will with kodi working again
09:15:22 PMlifeofpi now i have to put on pi
09:15:33 PMlifeofpi good night


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