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06:58:12 PMT0B33 JeffWeston: hiiiiiii!!
06:58:23 PMSparklyballs hello
06:58:37 PMT0B33 Hello Sparkly-Bits
07:00:22 PMT0B33 Here we go
07:00:46 PMT0B33 If anybody is having trouble, refresh the page
07:01:34 PMDreamweaver909 hmmm
07:01:52 PMT0B33 Dreamweaver909: Hi :)
07:01:57 PMDreamweaver909 hi
07:02:12 PMT0B33 Not seen you here before
07:02:28 PMDreamweaver909 I've been here quite a bit
07:02:37 PMlifeofpi Nate you on
07:03:05 PMJeffWeston-cohos Evening
07:03:19 PMT0B33 Hey JeffWeston-cohos
07:03:22 PMSparklyballs cohos , that a north american snack ?
07:03:37 PMT0B33 That had me thinking then Sparklyballs lol
07:03:47 PMJeffWeston-cohos T got cut off
07:04:06 PMT0B33 JeffWeston-cohos: Who cut it? :P
07:04:33 PMDreamweaver909 yes.....the delorean!!!!!!
07:04:51 PMT0B33 My dog runs on Garbage too
07:04:53 PMlyndon_ hey we have natural gas
07:05:08 PMlyndon_ biodiesal
07:05:17 PMGuest_3709 Where can I view on iPad?
07:05:31 PMSparklyballs there are buses in ireland that run on chip fat
07:05:31 PMT0B33 Guest_3709: One second
07:05:53 PMT0B33 Guest_3709:
07:06:11 PMlyndon_ *bio-diesel
07:07:04 PMSparklyballs i want a real hoverboard, not the ripoff board on balls things.
07:07:10 PMlyndon_ they were still in transition with hover conversion
07:07:35 PMlyndon_ remember they were advertising it
07:07:42 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: Get a Skateboard and put a gas tank behind it, turn the cap till the gas springs out and put a lighter too it :)
07:08:23 PM_Leland_ Wake up ghost official Cat5 Java blend.
07:09:26 PMT0B33 Never trust GPS around here
07:09:30 PM_Leland_ ESP8266
07:09:54 PMJeff-Weston Bah connection issues
07:10:03 PMSparklyballs gps is only needed for destination, car to cars spacing only needs radar
07:10:55 PMfking George Jetson drives a Volkswagen diesel now.
07:11:38 PMGuest_3709 😔 can't use my iPad
07:11:50 PMT0B33 Why Guest_3709?
07:11:52 PMSparklyballs pitch and yaw
07:11:57 PM_Leland_ The transportation infrastructure here in the United Sates couldn't support a mule team. Flying cars ya, launch out of a pothole.
07:12:29 PM_Leland_ pinch and thaw
07:13:19 PMtic-toc Hovering toll booths in the sky
07:13:26 PMSparklyballs drones when i was a kid, the best we had was a frisbee
07:14:13 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: I had a remote control car that used to run out of battery when you used the spring jump thing underneath lol
07:14:13 PM_Leland_ Buying a stairway to Detroit?
07:14:32 PMSparklyballs we had jet cars though....
07:15:06 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: Some friends had very dangerous remote control cars that run on petrol that were super fast
07:15:09 PM_Leland_ At least when you die in a mid-air you are closer to heaven.
07:15:10 PMSparklyballs washing up liquid bottle strapped to a roller skate,,, filled with water and attach a foot pump
07:15:22 PMMike44 maybe people should mix cars, buses, trucks, and planes
07:15:44 PMT0B33 Maybe people should make a helicopter/car Mike44
07:15:53 PMT0B33 That would be a flying car lol
07:15:59 PM_Leland_ They do they are called TRAINS.
07:16:00 PMSparklyballs when the air got to high enough pressure and because you can't compress water it went like a rocket
07:16:34 PMT0B33 There is a festival in england called bulldog bash and they create custom cars and race with them, never seen a car take off the ground though lol Jet cars yes
07:16:54 PMMike44 make a tiny car for kids
07:17:11 PM_Leland_ Sleep Windows 8
07:17:39 PMT0B33 Those Mini moto bikes with engines, they got banned very very quick. Mini cars would be no different i would imagine lol
07:17:52 PMMike44 I LOOOOOOOOVE Windows 8
07:17:53 PM_Leland_ Many kids have been made in tiny cars.
07:18:23 PMMike44 no the are made in peoples bodies
07:18:27 PMSparklyballs date rape
07:18:43 PMlyndon_ we do have these though:
07:18:44 PM_Leland_ Netflix killed the drive-in.
07:19:28 PM_Leland_ Harp
07:19:42 PM_Leland_ Silver
07:20:04 PM_Leland_ +/-
07:20:11 PMMike44 no im 28 years old
07:20:19 PMSparklyballs if you want it to rain, just plan a bbq
07:20:20 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: What problems are you having?
07:20:29 PMMike44 +/-
07:20:31 PMT0B33 What are you using? Pidgin?
07:20:39 PMlifeofpi popcorn time is killing netflix
07:20:45 PM_Leland_ Twice as wise as a 14 year old?
07:20:55 PMJeff-Weston Web client. It's stable now. Was a WiFi issue
07:21:14 PMlyndon_ checks in the mail...hahah
07:21:17 PMMike44
07:21:29 PM_Leland_ No pidgin pony express.
07:21:42 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: On a tablet?
07:22:03 PM_Leland_ My wife has a stable issue.
07:22:29 PMMike44 my place
07:22:44 PM_Leland_ Money for nothing Chic in the mail.
07:23:25 PMMike44 did you watch part 2 because i watch all in 3d
07:23:30 PMlyndon_ 3D tvs?
07:23:32 PMSparklyballs if you had a chip in your hand and you were pleasuring yourself online and accidentally switched to amazon halfway through... you'd make a lot of purchases.
07:23:50 PMMike44 2/3 tvs are 3d at my house
07:24:19 PMJeff-Weston Yeah. Just part 2. No 3d viewing
07:24:24 PM_Leland_ Girlfriend De'jour consort De'noches.
07:24:34 PMSparklyballs james bond is in the 20's
07:25:16 PMMike44 in 2 days Ubuntu 15.10 WILL BE OUT!
07:25:23 PM_Leland_ Anything over 18 Mr Bond?
07:25:40 PMSparklyballs i'm waiting for 16.04
07:25:46 PMMike44 me too
07:25:48 PMSparklyballs i only do lts
07:26:13 PM_Leland_ Windows CE 4.2
07:26:21 PMfking Waiting for 16.04 also
07:26:25 PMT0B33 Unity is pretty stable now. Who here uses unity?
07:26:38 PMSparklyballs i don't linux desktop
07:26:54 PMSparklyballs but my servers are linux
07:27:06 PMMike44 I use GNOME
07:27:21 PMMike44 I have 14.04
07:27:27 PMMike44 anyone
07:27:31 PMT0B33 Xubuntu 14.04
07:28:23 PMlifeofpi does any one know of a pvr program for linux using hauppauge
07:28:40 PMSparklyballs myth... tvheadend
07:28:47 PMMike44 I have UBUNTU 14.04 and DOWNLOADED GNOME
07:29:09 PM_Leland_ Cat5 changhes the future thousands of viewers tuning in VS ?
07:29:23 PMfking I use Mate 14.04
07:29:53 PMT0B33 Oh dear, I use Dailymail -.-
07:30:02 PMlifeofpi does tvheadend work with hauppauge
07:30:04 PMlyndon_ Cinnamon =)
07:30:30 PMT0B33 lyndon_: Cinnamon <3
07:31:08 PMlifeofpi i have problems with drivers
07:31:40 PMSparklyballs hauppage do a lot of tv products...
07:31:56 PMlyndon_ Mint is more compatible out of the box for my laptop
07:32:15 PMlifeofpi ok thinks i will check and see
07:32:21 PMlyndon_ Ubuntu is good though
07:33:15 PMlyndon_ I was having problems with Handbrake and wifi with Ubuntu but was fixed right away with Mint
07:34:07 PMT0B33 Mint has proven to be better with some things in my uses, i never gave it a chance till 14.04 because i just looked at it like another ubuntu re-spin
07:35:03 PMlifeofpi Mint is great been using for years
07:35:15 PMlyndon_ yeah. ive been going back and forth between Ubuntu and Mint
07:35:27 PMlifeofpi ubuntu mate is great to
07:35:35 PMlyndon_ i have a split household
07:36:03 PMSparklyballs yeah cos DRM has never been circumvented....
07:36:10 PMlyndon_ also have my puppy stick
07:36:34 PMT0B33 Hate DRM
07:36:34 PMlifeofpi ubuntu mate is more like mint
07:36:59 PMlyndon_ with the start menu yes
07:37:15 PMlyndon_ kde is close too
07:37:43 PMlyndon_ kubuntu
07:37:49 PMlifeofpi i wish mint had it for raspberry pi
07:39:18 PMT0B33 Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade... Breaks are broken
07:39:47 PMlyndon_ that means they must have installed steering control motors in the cars before
07:39:47 PMSparklyballs your car is halfway through a firmware update and the connection is lost and you crash
07:39:57 PMlyndon_ judseeah
07:40:04 PMT0B33 Sparklyballs: No kernal lol
07:40:19 PMSparklyballs wind screen of death ?
07:40:40 PMT0B33 Caused by a driver problem
07:41:16 PM_Leland_ Anyone contact that guy from the 5 hour energy drink? The one on yubed.
07:43:11 PMT0B33 Lost all my school photos many many moons ago
07:43:28 PMT0B33 When tobi was a little boy
07:43:40 PMJeff-Weston We lost first 4 years of our marriage and 3 years of kids
07:44:03 PMJeff-Weston Damn Mac
07:44:03 PMMike44 can I email ideas on what topic cat5 should do
07:44:19 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Thats even worse! :(
07:44:30 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Did your hard drive fail?
07:44:37 PM_Leland_ American Graffiti was our back to the future.
07:44:45 PMMike44 anyone
07:44:53 PMJeff-Weston Yes Mike. [email protected]
07:44:54 PMJeff-Weston My wife was devastated
07:45:04 PMSparklyballs hydrophobic cloth
07:45:34 PMlyndon_ there are heated motorcycle jackets
07:45:50 PMJeff-Weston Yes tob33. The head am broke andown scratched the disc
07:46:24 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: So even data recovery was out of the question
07:46:25 PMSparklyballs smart underwear, detects when you need to pee
07:46:50 PMJeff-Weston Recovery was impossible.
07:47:20 PMJeff-Weston Had 3 opinions
07:47:29 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Sorry to hear that :(
07:47:41 PMJeff-Weston I double back up now haha
07:47:54 PMSparklyballs that's fine if the pavement is made of copper
07:48:08 PMT0B33 Jeff-Weston: Ditto. Better safe than sorry
07:49:50 PMSparklyballs people steal statues because of the metal, people will be digging up skate parks
07:51:15 PMT0B33 All skateparks around here got destroyed and removed. I know some guys who would love to throw graphite all over a copper skatepark
07:51:20 PM_Leland_ it does not have to be copper
07:51:42 PMT0B33 A glider
07:52:54 PM_Leland_ graphine tech with copperous dioxide titanium tape
07:53:19 PMthanwell I want to correct Robbie. Copper doesn't rust. Otherwise it wouldn't be used in plumbing.
07:53:22 PMSparklyballs if you're travelling at head height, you'd be giving people a hair cut
07:53:40 PMSparklyballs copper oxidises
07:53:55 PMJeff-Weston The green corrosion stuff ;)
07:54:01 PM_Leland_ Aluminum
07:54:27 PMSparklyballs nickel is greyish/silver
07:54:38 PMthanwell Yes it oxidizes but only if the protective coating is removed.
07:54:54 PMlyndon_ i think they are copper coated
07:55:09 PM_Leland_ Anodized
07:55:38 PMSparklyballs coins are cupronickel alloy
07:56:00 PM_Leland_ not pennies
07:56:16 PM_Leland_ in 1943 they were zinc
07:57:11 PM_Leland_ they cut it to save $
07:59:47 PMMike44 bye
08:00:28 PM_Leland_ Ass kicking device to prevent stupid behavior
08:00:32 PMDreamweaver909 Wish they had them for eyesight.
08:00:35 PMSparklyballs nuts
08:00:58 PM_Leland_ Bionic nuts
08:01:07 PMSparklyballs rusty nuts
08:01:21 PMDreamweaver909 time for Ncis...bye
08:01:38 PM_Leland_ Jamie Sommers
08:01:51 PMSparklyballs 5 minute charging... they swap out the battery trays in those bays
08:02:12 PM_Leland_ Nothing but redheads
08:02:23 PMSparklyballs copper nuts
08:02:31 PMSparklyballs go green if you get them wet
08:02:54 PM_Leland_ Make them out of Bitcoins
08:03:38 PMSparklyballs back projection
08:03:39 PM_Leland_ I use brass nut on my headers.
08:04:17 PM_Leland_ Retro movies?
08:04:59 PM_Leland_ Pepsi Dry
08:04:59 PMlyndon_ I drink coffee
08:05:09 PM_Leland_ No water
08:05:27 PMSparklyballs other soft drinks are available
08:05:46 PM_Leland_ wake up the ghost blend
08:06:00 PMWhiskey_Zero Interesting program tonight. G'night folks, see y'all next week!
08:06:09 PMlifeofpi i like the live shows
08:06:28 PMT0B33 Awesome show
08:06:43 PMlyndon_ good night you guys. and happy back to the future day tomorrow!
08:06:48 PM_Leland_ Which head of state is on the Bitcoin?
08:07:02 PMSparklyballs i'm already in the future
08:07:23 PM_Leland_ now you in the past
08:07:43 PM_Leland_ now I'm in the past.
08:08:17 PMfking Kodi just went into replay.
08:08:19 PMSparklyballs the show is starting again on kodi plugin .... or the bit in the kitchen is at least.... lol.
08:08:50 PM_Leland_ Good Shoe
08:08:55 PMSparklyballs it's the sequel, lol.
08:09:05 PMT0B33 Good night guys
08:09:24 PMlyndon_ what going on!!
08:10:02 PM_Leland_ Calvins under wear
08:10:43 PMlyndon_ =)
08:10:44 PM_Leland_ % houe energy
08:10:47 PMlifeofpi same show again
08:10:57 PMlyndon_ ok good night
08:11:09 PM_Leland_ 5 Hour energy
08:11:57 PM_Leland_ cars are garbage waiting for recycling.
08:12:28 PM_Leland_ Sam erye
08:13:46 PM_Leland_ I feel like I'm at the Drive -in for the replay
08:16:03 PMlifeofpi kodi not working for me
08:17:02 PMlifeofpi is it a update i need
08:17:20 PMalpeck i missed the start of the show. is it repeating and if so how did Robbie do it?
08:19:38 PMlifeofpi what do i need to do to get kodi plugin working again
08:24:09 PMlifeofpi anyone know about kodi plugin
08:24:29 PMalpeck sorry no lifeofpi
08:24:59 PMlifeofpi looks like its working for some but not me


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