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06:59:15 PMJeffWeston welcome all!
06:59:29 PMMangleFOX70` evyone joining at the last minute
06:59:33 PMGoodGuy98 Hello JeffWeston
06:59:39 PMSoundPro69 Hi there
07:00:13 PMMangleFOX70` liveeeeee
07:00:17 PMJeffWeston hey Goodguy
07:00:17 PMMangleFOX70` in
07:00:19 PMSparklyballs hello all
07:00:20 PMMangleFOX70` now
07:00:22 PMSoundPro69 ta dah
07:00:26 PMMangleFOX70` hi
07:00:35 PMSparklyballs i'll hum the theme tune
07:00:46 PMMangleFOX70` haha
07:00:55 PMMangleFOX70` watch it!
07:01:18 PMSparklyballs hello tally
07:01:26 PMoldsalt hello everyone
07:01:36 PMMangleFOX70` hi sparky
07:01:42 PMMangleFOX70` hello
07:01:43 PMGoodGuy98 hi oldsalt
07:01:46 PMSparklyballs JeffWeston: the docker of mintest ?
07:02:12 PMlyndon_ you're always smooth Robbie
07:02:13 PMABQTKY Robbie, is that the 'big' Pi or the new little one??
07:02:38 PMSparklyballs looks like a normal pi2 ABQTKY
07:02:38 PMSoundPro69 There's a new little Pi?
07:02:42 PMGoodGuy98 It is Big one
07:02:43 PMRobbieF It's like, huge
07:02:44 PMSparklyballs pi zero
07:03:01 PMSoundPro69 Cool
07:03:01 PMGoodGuy98 Pi2 is big one... Pi Zero is little one
07:03:48 PMlyndon_ how are you going to plug anything into it
07:04:01 PMABQTKY Very carefully!!
07:04:05 PMSparklyballs you just put cream on it
07:04:12 PMSoundPro69 ha ha
07:04:17 PMlyndon_ with a magnifying glass
07:04:26 PMlyndon_ and tweesers
07:04:51 PMSparklyballs first hard drive i saw was the size of a washing machine
07:05:34 PMGoodGuy98 Still were when I worked on large mainframe computers
07:05:53 PMalpeck has a hard drive at work that weighed about 3lbs per mb and it weighed about 100lbs
07:05:57 PMJeffWeston thats a massive HD Sparklyballs
07:06:01 PMGoodGuy98 That was in 1999
07:06:23 PMalpeck 33mb....haha
07:06:39 PMSparklyballs and i remember the first 1gb hard drive and everyone was saying we will never need that much storage, lol.
07:07:17 PMalpeck no one will ever need more than 640kb....haah
07:07:35 PMSparklyballs extended memory....
07:07:46 PMSoundPro69 I remember when I got my first 100 MB hard drive. I kept looking at it and could not fathom the idea of 100 megs in one place or what to do with them... ha ha
07:08:18 PMSparklyballs my first home build had two connor 40mb drives and i thought i was the storage king, lol.
07:08:38 PMalpeck i had a 40mb running stacker
07:09:41 PMSparklyballs genuine pet leprechauns
07:10:33 PMlyndon_ yeah i only had 1 16gb drive in my first build
07:10:50 PMSparklyballs nice nasal hair
07:11:03 PMalpeck haha Sparklyballs
07:11:17 PMMangleFOX70` XD
07:12:06 PMlyndon_ GIMP!
07:13:10 PMSparklyballs you can use it in a docker
07:13:39 PMlyndon_ cant you just save the original file?
07:13:47 PMSparklyballs sidecar files..... for non-destructive editing
07:15:05 PMlyndon_ ok.. so it saves every change so you can go back to every any state
07:15:34 PMlyndon_ ic
07:15:47 PMsr_wences Hey all! Running late...
07:15:56 PMlyndon_ hey hey
07:18:00 PMMangleFOX70` XD
07:18:09 PMlyndon_ =P
07:18:41 PMMangleFOX70` guys who's gonna watch my new show?
07:19:00 PMlyndon_ Lossynesss =)
07:19:30 PMSoundPro69 What's it about?
07:19:39 PMMangleFOX70` minetest
07:19:41 PMlyndon_ What Where When Why MangleFOX?
07:19:42 PMGarbee oh my, RobbieF has some hair again.
07:19:46 PMMangleFOX70` XD
07:19:57 PMalpeck ghost busters... MangleFOX70`
07:20:13 PMSparklyballs winters coming, needs something to keep his ears warm
07:20:13 PMlyndon_ not so Bald Nerd
07:20:41 PMMangleFOX70` my show. my dad's studio. Saturday. i want to
07:20:52 PMMangleFOX70` lyndon_
07:21:19 PMlyndon_ Awesomeness!
07:21:44 PMlyndon_ How?
07:21:47 PMSparklyballs don't google web p
07:22:02 PMMangleFOX70` robbie pls add me agn with the +
07:22:06 PMMangleFOX70` dad
07:22:16 PMMangleFOX70` how?
07:22:23 PMMangleFOX70` with things
07:22:28 PMlyndon_ LOL
07:22:36 PMMangleFOX70` IKR
07:22:41 PMMangleFOX70` X D
07:22:52 PMsr_wences webp? Let the pee jokes begin....
07:22:54 PMSparklyballs web pee is another thing altogether
07:23:28 PMsr_wences and who was the first to respond? Sr. SB!
07:23:43 PMSparklyballs i was way ahead of the curve.
07:23:57 PMlyndon_ You're awesome MangleFOX!
07:24:26 PMSparklyballs apple key
07:24:30 PMGarbee Apparently, I can't voice you.
07:25:32 PMsr_wences For 99% of most users, GIMP is not only adequate, but probably overkill.
07:26:04 PMGarbee Well, I'm heading out. Just wrapped up order listings. Onto showing and creating pages for them tomorrow.
07:26:10 PMGarbee You all have a good evening. Enjoy the rest of the show.
07:26:23 PMlyndon_ anyone try Blender?
07:26:57 PMlyndon_ i would too Jeff
07:27:01 PMJeffWeston agreed. sr_wences
07:27:38 PMlyndon_ I'm android and Linux
07:27:48 PMSparklyballs mac and linux
07:28:00 PMlyndon_ except at work i have Windows 10
07:28:16 PMlyndon_ cortana is nice to me
07:28:18 PMsr_wences I just installed Ubuntu MATE on couple of laptops here at home. It freakin' rocks!
07:28:44 PMSparklyballs i'm not a fan of linux desktops
07:29:08 PMsr_wences My daughter's laptop had funny wireless drop-outs in Chromixium, but it has been running like a champ on Ubuntu Mate. Martin Wimpole is a programming god!
07:29:23 PMSparklyballs i think you need tools levels
07:30:20 PMrevdjenk what did I miss? Hello folks! Just got in after donating blood!
07:30:25 PMlyndon_ News!!
07:30:30 PMsr_wences @SparklyBalls - not a fan? What gives?
07:30:48 PMlyndon_ Good for you REV
07:30:51 PMalpeck orange juice and cookies revdjenk
07:31:02 PMSparklyballs it's just not quite there yet, linux desktops
07:31:07 PMrevdjenk yes, 7up with cranberry juice
07:31:41 PMsr_wences I think my wife has the same little netbook that Jeff is using. She's running PepperMintOS on it and it runs great.
07:31:42 PMrevdjenk Sparklyballs: for almost 10 years of use, I say so!
07:31:57 PMSparklyballs personal taste
07:32:20 PMoldsalt RobbieF Hi, been a while.
07:32:21 PMlyndon_ I'm getting it (Raspberry PI)
07:32:45 PMMangleFOX70` ty
07:32:48 PMsr_wences I linux. Most daily stuff is done through a browser, so it hardly matters what OS I use. But Linux gives my old machines new life.
07:33:07 PMSparklyballs i love it for my server stuff.
07:33:15 PMsr_wences I jut bought a Pi 2 B to upgrade my digital photo-frame I built.
07:33:16 PMMangleFOX70` <3 is heart jikyww
07:33:33 PMSoundPro69 RobbieF, question: What application do you recommend to record/edit video under Linux (using a Linux compatible ExpressCard-HDMI capture adapter)?
07:33:51 PMMangleFOX70` <3
07:33:54 PMMangleFOX70` :)
07:34:20 PMrevdjenk but what does Clarkson know?!
07:34:20 PMMangleFOX70` i <3 the emogi's
07:34:35 PMSparklyballs ugh clarkson....
07:34:39 PMSparklyballs twonk
07:35:03 PMalpeck the sky is falling
07:35:05 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hello all, Sparklyballs, NateUk
07:35:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan running late
07:35:14 PMMangleFOX70` hello
07:35:14 PMSparklyballs hey Dooley_da_Vulcan
07:35:27 PMrevdjenk hey Dooley_da_Vulcan
07:35:44 PMMangleFOX70` hi Dooley_da_Vulcan
07:36:01 PMsr_wences IDIC Dooley_da_Vulcan!
07:36:24 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hi revdjenk/ MangleFOX70, sr_wences
07:36:40 PMsr_wences Dell virus' FTW!
07:36:42 PMsr_wences LOL
07:36:59 PMlyndon_ hey hey hey Dooley_da_Vulcan
07:37:17 PMrevdjenk nick Donkey_duh_Dull_one
07:37:23 PMrevdjenk whoops
07:37:38 PMSparklyballs dell can see you googling for web pee
07:37:48 PMDonkey_duh_Dull_ hee
07:38:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan busy booting system back into point linux so the other half could watch doctor who on plex. redoing windows system and then point linux both on ssd and will use bios for dual boot or maybe just a flash drive with a boot manager that gives my dual boot options and boots windows otherwise
07:38:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Heya lyndon
07:38:33 PMlyndon_ hey
07:38:43 PMSparklyballs i've got to fix my broken musicbrainz mirror after the show...
07:39:33 PMrevdjenk "slight"
07:39:50 PMlyndon_ thats cool. the ISS usually isnt that bright
07:40:17 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I guess getting into computers in the early 80s makes me not scared and fond of learning using terminal commands for functions in linux and seems easier actually
07:40:24 PMalpeck i am sure cell phones will have tracking software on them
07:40:33 PMlyndon_ I upgrade every year cuz i buy cheap phones
07:40:41 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: yes!
07:40:57 PMSparklyballs good job they didn't call it the International Station In Space
07:41:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol, like windows 10, its FREE, COME AND GET IT ! ! ! !
07:41:20 PMrevdjenk Sparklyballs: hee hee
07:41:26 PMlyndon_ not me
07:41:29 PMrevdjenk eyephones?
07:41:38 PMlyndon_ andriod all the way
07:41:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan you can say they suck for your uses and likes ! ! !
07:41:58 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: no thanks!
07:42:05 PMSparklyballs good luck getting the latest version of android os
07:42:16 PMSparklyballs it's a freaking lottery
07:42:18 PMlyndon_ is Iphone still using breakable glass
07:42:18 PMDooley_da_Vulcan NOT, I try to tell all I can to stay away
07:42:30 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:42:54 PMSparklyballs nginx or apache ?
07:42:59 PMMangleFOX70` hi revdjenk
07:43:13 PMsr_wences apache - I'm old skool.
07:43:33 PMSparklyballs it's huge
07:43:43 PMMangleFOX70` <3
07:43:52 PMDooley_da_Vulcan my wife works for the state and said she thought they were going to change their OS to WIN 10, I said I wouldn't think they would want to because they have a lot of private and financial data
07:43:54 PMMangleFOX70` lol
07:44:05 PMElroy howdy from my new Remix Mini Android PC. Its about same size as Robbies Pi demo on-screen.
07:44:07 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I didnt think they were 8" wide
07:44:17 PMMangleFOX70` hi elroy
07:44:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
07:44:27 PMElroy howdy
07:44:33 PMGoodGuy98 I received Android 6.0 on a Nexus 7 tablet
07:44:41 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: I think many business' are monitoring windows for that reason, alone.
07:44:57 PMlyndon_ MangleFOX70' what are you going to talk about on your show?
07:44:57 PMDooley_da_Vulcan how many bugs did you see in the new android?
07:44:59 PMSparklyballs reverse proxy on a pi....
07:46:15 PMElroy GoodGuy98 - Nexus 7 2013 probably? I have 2012 version and dont think it can get the update.
07:46:17 PMsr_wences Me too Running Marshmallow on my N7. Works fine.
07:46:27 PMsr_wences N72013.
07:46:45 PMrevdjenk I thought blue was for 3.0 usb
07:47:14 PMsr_wences But I have a N72012 running CM11 and it fine for sitting by my computer and running TuneIn, Pomodoro and twitter.
07:47:26 PMDooley_da_Vulcan rooted an old LG I use, now I can create hotspot without a cost of extra $5 a nont
07:48:05 PMDooley_da_Vulcan nont = month reallh
07:48:25 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hell I cant type..... lol
07:49:08 PMrevdjenk he'll, I can't tape ....... LOL
07:49:28 PMrevdjenk hee hee
07:49:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
07:50:22 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hell I clicked my mouse and RobbieF zoomed in at the same time ... I was trying to
07:50:37 PMJeffWeston hahaha dooley
07:51:14 PMGoodGuy98 Use NOOBS...It gives you Raspbian plus allows for multi-boot
07:51:33 PMSparklyballs ooh , jessie
07:51:48 PMSparklyballs that's updated since the last time i looked.
07:52:56 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Sparklyballs, telling age
07:53:22 PMSparklyballs all i see is the pi screen
07:53:49 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am getting ready to see the cherry pi(e)
07:53:51 PMGoodGuy98 refresh Sparklyballs
07:54:39 PMSparklyballs i'm watching on kodi and it's about 15-20 seconds behind live.
07:55:17 PMSparklyballs ugh, damn it, i knew i forgot something, i was gonna test running the show live feed via serviio
07:55:18 PMsr_wences Is it me, or is that woman in the Lynda ad next to the live stream *very* attractive?
07:55:39 PMSparklyballs but my musicbrainz server going wonky threw me off.
07:56:16 PMlyndon_ sorry about that guys
07:56:56 PMlyndon_ ManglleFOX70' same question
07:58:53 PMGoodGuy98 755
07:59:21 PMSparklyballs stat external
07:59:26 PMJeffWeston good job goodguy98
07:59:45 PMGoodGuy98 r=4 w=2 x=1
08:00:06 PMSparklyballs i can't be bothered working that noise out and just use stat
08:00:26 PMElroy I'm watching on Roku and it seems very delayed too
08:02:21 PMSparklyballs please check with the owner of the drive first, children
08:03:32 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF became the owner after reformatting it :-)
08:03:58 PMDooley_da_Vulcan feed is fine via web/pc
08:04:14 PMSparklyballs chown -R www-data:www-data web
08:04:32 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hey, I udpate stuff
08:04:56 PMGoodGuy98 What does the -R mean?
08:05:06 PMSparklyballs recursive
08:05:11 PMGoodGuy98 recurse
08:05:17 PMGoodGuy98 Thought so
08:05:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan is the graphisc running slow, deblocking
08:07:55 PMDooley_da_Vulcan beautiful experiences of a live
08:08:11 PMGoodGuy98 I thought you should do a sudo sync and then a halt
08:08:19 PMlyndon_ 238749648723648567298734659?
08:09:36 PMWhiskey_Zero Hey Robbie and Jeff: Super interesting show tonight. Thanks guys! Real geek stuff!!!!
08:09:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Great show, really like watching and learning prompt commands
08:09:47 PMSoundPro69 Thank you all guys! Great show RobbieF!
08:09:47 PMalpeck Great show!!!!
08:09:55 PMBobK54 great show! thanks!
08:10:02 PMlyndon_ really good show
08:10:02 PMRobbieF thanks all!
08:10:05 PMElroy That was Easy
08:10:07 PMJeffWeston glad you enjoyed
08:10:25 PMSoundPro69 Thanks Jeff!
08:10:25 PMoldsalt great show guys
08:10:29 PMrevdjenk boy, RobbieF, when you get back into Linux, you get back into Linux!!!
08:10:29 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Good night @RobbieF and @JeffWeston
08:10:35 PMJeffWeston thanks for joining all
08:11:02 PMRobbieF Thanks everyone!
08:11:05 PMRobbieF Hope you had a blast!
08:11:11 PMRobbieF haha revdjenk
08:11:17 PMRobbieF gotta give the people what they want!
08:11:17 PMWhiskey_Zero That's the type of content that brought me to Cat5!
08:11:18 PMSoundPro69 'Twas great!
08:11:19 PMMangleFOX70` :) <3
08:11:24 PMRobbieF Whiskey_Zero--YAY!
08:11:29 PMSparklyballs having a week this week so far, computer wise.
08:11:33 PMRobbieF Trying to get back to our roots!
08:11:43 PMrevdjenk Yes!
08:11:47 PMSparklyballs nearly fried my htpc and killed my musicbrainz server.
08:11:52 PMMangleFOX70` tell them bout' my show plz
08:11:54 PMRobbieF Season 9 is meant to be the best ever.
08:12:23 PMWhiskey_Zero Yea man! Looks like a neat way to to replace a 30 pound boat-anchor server under my desk.
08:12:26 PMMangleFOX70` yes!
08:12:35 PMSoundPro69 Sparkyballs, you have a MusicBrainz server? How's that?
08:12:48 PMElroy Whiskey_Zero: and pi would be silent and suck almost no power
08:12:50 PMoldsalt RobbieF you're gonna make sure too
08:13:18 PMSoundPro69 Sparkyballs, I mean, what do you do, you share the load of the database?
08:13:36 PMWhiskey_Zero Yes the power savings would pay for the Pi
08:13:36 PMSparklyballs just a mirror, lol.
08:13:46 PMSparklyballs not a replicated server.
08:14:02 PMSoundPro69 Sparkyballs, Cool man!
08:15:14 PMSparklyballs ugh, i've forgotten the curl option to use when getting an apt key...
08:15:20 PMWhiskey_Zero G'night folks, I'm signing off now. See y'all next Tuesday night for the Sasha sow.....
08:15:21 PMSparklyballs getting older sucks.
08:15:31 PMSparklyballs sasha sow ?
08:15:38 PMWhiskey_Zero show
08:15:39 PMSparklyballs canadian bacon ?
08:15:50 PMWhiskey_Zero I can't spell
08:15:53 PMElroy LOL
08:16:11 PMrevdjenk see ya all... off to watch AAA
08:16:15 PMSoundPro69 So can we watch live Saturday morning?
08:16:46 PMrevdjenk yes, RobbieF that's my question, too... and if we can, what time!?
08:17:19 PMoldsalt night all
08:19:54 PMRobbieF Do you want to?
08:20:00 PMRobbieF 8:30am I could cast it if you like.
08:20:17 PMSparklyballs that's like 1 30 pm for me.
08:20:28 PMSoundPro69 I won't be home at that hour. I am sorry.
08:20:49 PMSoundPro69 Thank you though!
08:21:33 PMrevdjenk yes... if possible!
08:22:01 PMrevdjenk its on my calendar!
08:22:08 PMSparklyballs i'd probably watch at that time if my niece hasn't strangled me or something
08:22:24 PMRobbieF Sure, I'll cast... come in chat to find out how to connect.
08:23:46 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF - I have an unusual problem. Our daughter gave us her old HP PC.. I can't see a mouse cursor when trying to install Linux.. Ubuntu type
08:24:25 PMGoodGuy98 It is a AMD Athlon64 3400+
08:24:49 PMSparklyballs usb mouse ?
08:25:22 PMGoodGuy98 It is a USB mouse, but connected with a supplied PS2 connector
08:25:31 PMrevdjenk that was going to be my question Sparklyballs
08:25:57 PMGoodGuy98 Mouse works fine on my wifes old AMD T-Bird Ubuntu install 10.04
08:25:58 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: is there a usb connection available
08:26:15 PMGoodGuy98 I tried it direct via USB... didnt work at all
08:26:47 PMGoodGuy98 I activated Legacy USB in the BIOS, but did not work that way either
08:26:49 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: keyboard works?
08:26:52 PMGoodGuy98 Yes
08:27:16 PMSparklyballs tab key to select and hightlight menu options.
08:27:35 PMGoodGuy98 It has a nVidia GeForce FX5200XT AGP with 128mb video memory
08:28:09 PMGoodGuy98 You mean kernel options Sparklyballs ?
08:28:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan <--- Would watch live
08:28:26 PMDooley_da_Vulcan on Sat
08:28:40 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: check the driver manager?
08:28:55 PMGoodGuy98 Linux isnt installed
08:28:55 PMSparklyballs install options in the ubuntu install
08:29:26 PMGoodGuy98 I am trying to install a Linux, but w/o a mouse pointer, it is a hassle
08:29:36 PMrevdjenk ahhhhh
08:29:42 PMSparklyballs tab key for the win
08:30:02 PMGoodGuy98 Normally you run a Live CD and select install
08:30:25 PMDooley_da_Vulcan like you need a bios based usb mouse driver
08:30:37 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: have fun locating win driver for that mouse!
08:30:43 PMGoodGuy98 I think I tried the Tab key, but I'll try again when I get in the basement
08:30:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the live install should load a mouse driver early on
08:31:02 PMMangleFOX70` :D
08:31:05 PMDooley_da_Vulcan usb/serial
08:31:21 PMGoodGuy98 I have never had a problem like that... Usually linux installs fairly easily
08:31:34 PMGoodGuy98 at least the mouse and k/b work
08:32:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I actually found point linux easier to install and use than Ubuntu... what does that say ????
08:32:12 PMDooley_da_Vulcan isnt Ubuntu supposed to be like one of the easiest?
08:32:17 PMGoodGuy98 I tried Point Linux also
08:32:22 PMGoodGuy98 same issue iirc
08:32:24 PMSparklyballs yeah, i've installed things where the mouse etc work during the install and then don't when you get to the desktop etc.
08:33:01 PMGoodGuy98 Only distro that showed a mouse cursor at all was Anti-X MX-14
08:33:16 PMSoundPro69 Good night guys!
08:33:19 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yeah, I have had that also Sparklyballs not usually the other way around
08:33:21 PMGoodGuy98 It was a bit flaky after being installed
08:33:22 PMRobbieF night!!
08:33:29 PMGoodGuy98 Night RobbieF
08:33:43 PMRobbieF Night goodguy98 - so great to see you
08:34:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so you had the same hardware configuration actually show a controllable cursor
08:34:16 PMDooley_da_Vulcan good night @RobbieF
08:35:06 PMGoodGuy98 yes.. It works fine in WinXP.. My wife wants to use Ubuntu and WinXP for a few card programs
08:35:10 PMRobbieF Night Dooley_da_vulcan - glad to see you and nice that you got the whole vulcan in there today :)
08:35:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol thanks
08:36:52 PMGoodGuy98
08:37:03 PMGoodGuy98 That is Anti-X MX-14
08:37:25 PMlyndon_ Cat5 on Saturday? I'm all in!
08:37:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan could it be Ubuntu wants to use a USB mouse or a serial mouse and the adapter shows it as something slightly different?
08:37:39 PMDooley_da_Vulcan what time will it be?
08:37:49 PMGoodGuy98 Not sure
08:38:06 PMGoodGuy98 I should run a dmesg and see what it says
08:38:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @Sparklyballs what OS is on your system you about toasted?
08:38:53 PMDooley_da_Vulcan and how?
08:39:08 PMSparklyballs ubuntu server 14.04 lts
08:39:16 PMGoodGuy98 I better run.. night all
08:39:21 PMSparklyballs using it for my kodi player
08:39:33 PMSparklyballs forgot to install the heat manager package
08:39:43 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @Goodguy98 good night and good luck
08:39:54 PMDooley_da_Vulcan EWWWWW
08:40:03 PMDooley_da_Vulcan as in no heatsink?
08:40:08 PMSparklyballs the cpu was up at nearly 90 centigrade
08:40:36 PMSparklyballs it's running on an old mac mini
08:40:49 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so you were working with the microsoft xbox 360 qc guidelines
08:41:00 PMSparklyballs i rebuilt it over the weekend and forgot to reinstall the fan manager package
08:41:04 PMDooley_da_Vulcan heatsink? who needs a heatsink
08:41:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan software package that runs the fan?
08:42:40 PMSparklyballs yeah, mbpfan
08:43:31 PMDooley_da_Vulcan wow, well you know you can overclock it a little
08:43:37 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
08:44:25 PMDooley_da_Vulcan do you know of a good source for linux command prompt commands and examples, reference chart?
08:45:30 PMSparklyballs help
08:48:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I found that one but it doesn't show ls
08:48:30 PMSparklyballs ls --help
08:48:45 PMSparklyballs if in doubt try the command plus --help


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