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06:58:15 PMlyndon_ and anything they need ...guy
06:58:22 PMlyndon_ =)
06:58:35 PMJeffWeston Haha that's job security
06:58:53 PMlyndon_ yes it is
06:59:00 PMSparklyballs very christmassy
06:59:31 PMalbertr Hey all
06:59:35 PMJeffWeston Showtime!!!!
06:59:42 PMJeffWeston Hey albertr
06:59:43 PMRobbieF hey albertr
06:59:45 PMlyndon_ sup
06:59:57 PMSparklyballs did you do jazzhands when you said showtime, JeffWeston ?
07:00:33 PMJeffWeston Haha of course
07:01:01 PMlyndon_ Live at Studio D!
07:01:19 PMlyndon_ Its Category 5 TV
07:01:53 PMSparklyballs and a mystery bottle of green liquid
07:01:59 PMalbertr :)
07:02:12 PMJeffWeston Ohhhh the mystery!!!!
07:02:47 PMlyndon_ hi Shelly hi Jeff, hi Adam
07:03:14 PMRobbieF Hellooooo!
07:03:20 PMlyndon_ Hello
07:03:22 PMShellyDS hellloooo room
07:03:24 PMlyndon_ !
07:03:30 PMryburke Hi Everyone
07:03:32 PMSoundPro69 Hi everyone
07:03:36 PMlyndon_ Hey Hey
07:04:09 PMlyndon_ Nailed it Jef
07:04:11 PMJeffWeston Hey soundpro69
07:04:17 PMlyndon_ Jeff*
07:04:17 PMJeffWeston I'm pro!
07:04:27 PMJeffWeston Or just really lucky
07:04:30 PMlyndon_ BOSS!
07:04:45 PMSparklyballs or a cunning linguist
07:04:57 PMJeffWeston 😆
07:05:12 PMJeffWeston Drumstick is having an identity crisis
07:05:30 PMDrumstick Deja Vu kinda thing...
07:05:31 PMJeffWeston WE soundpro69
07:05:43 PMJeffWeston *WB
07:05:47 PMSoundPro69 Aaaand I'm back
07:05:52 PMBooker 3rd times the charm
07:06:45 PMalbertr I had to delete file $WP/.maintainens file
07:06:57 PMJeffWeston The mystery liquid is soon to be explained!
07:07:20 PMalbertr .maintenance
07:07:22 PMSparklyballs premixed pernod and water ?
07:07:27 PMJeffWeston Mystery solved!
07:07:37 PMABQTKY You guys are in Canada - it must be antifreeze, right??
07:07:43 PMJeffWeston Hahaha
07:07:48 PMlyndon_ hahaha
07:08:08 PMlyndon_ just open the windows RobbieF
07:08:17 PMABQTKY So it really IS antifreeze??
07:08:18 PMJeffWeston Haha
07:08:21 PMDrumstick Blow on it!
07:08:36 PMSparklyballs it's anti antifreeze
07:08:58 PMJeffWeston It's freakin warm though. Yesterday people were in shorts. We are gonna have a green Christmas and new years in barrie
07:09:30 PMABQTKY Prediction, Jeff - it ain't gonna last.
07:09:53 PMWhiskey_Zero When is the drawing?
07:10:02 PMSparklyballs it hasn't stopped raining here since november
07:10:06 PMJeffWeston I hope it lasts til newyears
07:10:15 PMJeffWeston Draw is once we have the 100 people
07:10:19 PMBooker it didn't stay green here... definitely a white christmas
07:10:31 PMWhiskey_Zero Thanks Jeff
07:11:56 PMlyndon_ about to but some stuff on amazon =)
07:12:07 PMJeffWeston Thanks so much to everyone who buys through our sponsors!
07:12:25 PMlyndon_ Robbie what is the % you get from amazon?
07:12:30 PMJeffWeston Remember to go to the links through our website so that the sponsorship works
07:12:54 PMRobbieF lyndon between 4-6%
07:13:07 PMalbertr I had to delete $WP/.maintenance file after upgrade from EP 4.3 to 4.4
07:13:10 PMlyndon_ wow, thats great!
07:13:25 PMalbertr *WP
07:16:22 PMJeffWeston Time to add 100 years to Shelly!
07:16:38 PMJeffWeston Almost Instant ageing!!!
07:16:45 PMSparklyballs nana ShellyDS
07:18:21 PMJeffWeston Anyone here use both photoshop and gimp?
07:18:42 PMlyndon_ Its literally a circus at my house
07:18:56 PMlyndon_ so hard to pay attention
07:19:14 PMBooker only gimp for me
07:19:26 PMlyndon_ slam!
07:19:45 PMSparklyballs colourised photos were painted in the 19th century
07:19:56 PMSparklyballs henry peach robinson
07:21:00 PMJeffWeston
07:21:14 PMDrumstick Thanks JeffWeston
07:21:20 PMSparklyballs google peach robinson and montage
07:22:26 PMJeffWeston
07:24:53 PMJeffWeston No one's talking cause they are reading Wikipedia haha
07:24:58 PMlyndon_ Hi Guest_2847!!!!!
07:25:03 PMJeffWeston ....nor are they watching anymore hehe
07:25:20 PMlyndon_ I'm listening
07:25:39 PMlyndon_ awe...
07:25:44 PMDrumstick HUH? What did you say?
07:25:46 PMDrumstick lol
07:25:58 PMlyndon_ haha
07:26:00 PMJeffWeston They are reading Wikipedia.
07:26:07 PMlyndon_ yup
07:26:13 PMJeffWeston Note to self, don't paste links live during the show hahaha
07:26:29 PMDrumstick :)
07:26:38 PMSparklyballs marble works well sometimes
07:26:40 PMlyndon_ but thats whty we're here
07:26:41 PMBooker alright... all done reading
07:26:52 PMlyndon_ yes, me too
07:27:05 PMlyndon_ back door kinda stuff
07:27:17 PMlyndon_ then we can rewatch later
07:27:25 PMJeffWeston Yup
07:27:56 PMlyndon_ Batman would like it
07:28:11 PMlyndon_ Darkness
07:28:17 PMJeffWeston Haha
07:29:38 PMJeffWeston Anyone go to the SW VII London premier?
07:29:48 PMlyndon_ why are all these people dropping like flys?
07:30:22 PMJeffWeston Connection issues I guess. It's not an issue on our end
07:30:34 PMlyndon_ hmmm
07:30:41 PMJeffWeston Could be a timeout
07:30:49 PMlyndon_ hey!
07:30:50 PMDrumstick Couple of stalls here but not significant
07:30:55 PMBooker timeout from wikipedia
07:31:02 PMlyndon_ haha
07:31:03 PMJeffWeston Haha likely
07:31:16 PMfking Kodi and roku having problems.
07:31:39 PMSparklyballs no issues with kodi so far here.
07:31:42 PMlyndon_ NEWS!!
07:31:48 PMBooker I had a lots of problems at the start with Roku, seems to be working now
07:33:51 PMDrumstick It's the battery people!! :)
07:34:23 PMShellyDS 8-)any questions for robbie this farrrr
07:34:39 PMShellyDS any graphic designers in the room?
07:35:54 PMNateUK good evening all
07:35:59 PMJoeInNH Hello everyone
07:36:01 PMShellyDS eveninggg
07:36:07 PMShellyDS whats going on
07:36:28 PMJoeInNH I haven't been here in a while. Where's Sasha? I though she did the news
07:36:50 PMBooker She works on Tuesdays
07:37:03 PMJoeInNH :(
07:37:16 PMShellyDS ya:(
07:38:05 PMJoeInNH Nothing against Jeff. I just like Sasha's non tech spin on things
07:38:32 PMJoeInNH What is tonight
07:38:46 PMJoeInNH tonight's topic
07:39:12 PMlyndon_ Nailed it again JeffWeston !
07:39:18 PMDrumstick Linux YES!
07:39:42 PMJeffWeston Few tongue blubber but otherwise work for me
07:39:54 PMJoeInNH How long has Shelly been hosting.
07:40:01 PMlyndon_ Sasha does it to Jeff
07:40:14 PMNateUK downloading of copyright material is naughty .. backing up just incase the internet goes down is not lol
07:40:50 PMlyndon_ Its whether or not you find what you're talking about to be interesting.
07:40:54 PMJoeInNH I am glad I get to be here.
07:41:09 PMJoeInNH I am usually in Boston traffic at this time on Tuesday
07:41:25 PMlyndon_ to make it interesting for us
07:41:27 PMJeffWeston Topics are making a photo look aged with gimp and now downloading from YouTube. ..just don't illegally download
07:41:46 PMJoeInNH Thanks Jeff
07:42:25 PMJeffWeston JoeinNH sasha works Tuesdays and isn't on as much now. Shelly and I have been cohosting since the beginning of season 9
07:42:59 PMJeffWeston I seem to be the backup face of news also when sasha can't make it
07:43:24 PMJeffWeston I agree. Sasha isn't as techy in her delivery. Sorry to disappoint 😢
07:43:50 PMJoeInNH Cool. When did Season 9 start. My evenings are usually stuck in traffic in the 93N of Boston corridor. Your not a disappointment. Just different
07:44:08 PMJoeInNH I haven't been able to be here live since before June.
07:44:28 PMJeffWeston We started season 9 in the fall.
07:44:37 PMSparklyballs youtube has got ridiculous lately with all the in video pop ups
07:45:13 PMBooker They started pushing more ads so people will purchase youtube red.
07:45:21 PMlyndon_ Just get on with it!!
07:45:22 PMNateUK JeffWeston its your news room when you do it .. its Sasha's when she does ... sad to not have Sasha around but that doesnt mean the whole community does not appriate you for your hard work : ))
07:45:33 PMJoeInNH I like to listen to youtube while driving. Especially to use it as my own radio
07:45:44 PMJeffWeston That's my guess too booker
07:46:02 PMSparklyballs JeffWeston: just put on a purple dress every now and then and we'll be happy, lol.
07:46:12 PMJeffWeston I know NateUK, each has their own flare!
07:46:16 PMNateUK hahah +1 Sparklyballs
07:46:19 PMJeffWeston Hahahaha
07:46:32 PMJoeInNH Green dress would be better
07:46:39 PMJeffWeston I'll try to remember that for next year's Halloween special
07:46:52 PMJeffWeston Then I would be a floating head Joe
07:47:01 PMJoeInNH Yup. :)
07:47:12 PMGuest_9642 napa_polarbear
07:47:24 PMGuest_9642 hi all
07:47:34 PMJoeInNH For Halloween you could do that with a jar to be one of the talking heads from futurama
07:47:36 PMJeffWeston We covered that on my first episode. I wore a green t-shirt under a sport jacket.
07:47:43 PMJeffWeston Haha
07:48:06 PMJeffWeston Hi guest (napa_polarbear)
07:48:20 PMlyndon_ Hi guest
07:48:26 PMJoeInNH THis is probably the first time some of us have actually heard this
07:48:37 PMGuest_9642 how do u set up pidgin ?
07:48:50 PMJeffWeston Likely! Most people don't read the fine print
07:49:29 PMJoeInNH I use hexchat for irc instead of pidgin because it pidgin didn't handle multiple ircs well.
07:49:40 PMNateUK though even with those permissions Youtube can and will take down your videos for silly reasons
07:49:41 PMlyndon_ not sure Guest, I use Hexchat
07:49:41 PMJoeInNH Guest_9642, what distro?
07:49:57 PMJoeInNH Also, what do you want to accomplish
07:49:59 PMlyndon_ came with Mint
07:50:56 PMlyndon_ I AM ROOT!
07:51:20 PMSparklyballs rootin tootin
07:51:21 PMJoeInNH I have both Pidgin and hexchat installed. Pidgin is great for IM. Hexchat is better for irc
07:51:23 PMlyndon_ thats gotta be on a t-shirt
07:51:41 PMJoeInNH get to the root of the matter
07:51:53 PMlyndon_ haha
07:51:54 PMJoeInNH what was the program?
07:51:58 PMJeffWeston Lyndon you can print custom shirts via the cat 5 site
07:52:04 PMNateUK youtube-dl
07:52:27 PMSparklyballs apt-get update is always good first
07:52:32 PMJoeInNH looking it up for arch
07:52:42 PMlyndon_ look at this salesman at work.. thanks Jeff =)
07:52:52 PMJeffWeston Haha I aim to please!!
07:53:08 PMlyndon_ I'll see about that
07:53:14 PMNateUK depends which distro you are using .. do not think my fedora likes apt-get Sparklyballs lol
07:53:30 PMJoeInNH I get 4 choices..
07:53:31 PMJeffWeston I should get one that says "this is a purple dress" on a green shirt. Kill two birds with one stone
07:53:33 PMSparklyballs but in debian you would
07:53:35 PMlyndon_ lol
07:53:54 PMSparklyballs what is the package manager in fedora ?
07:53:56 PMJoeInNH hahaha
07:54:03 PMNateUK for 23 dnf now
07:54:07 PMlyndon_ ya'll are hilarious!
07:54:14 PMNateUK 22 and below and including centos is yum still
07:56:06 PMJoeInNH I decided on youtube-dl-git & youtube-dl-gui-git for the most recent dev version
07:56:10 PMlyndon_ My Wife just brought me cookies, I am so Blessed
07:56:16 PMSparklyballs does it mux them back together ?
07:56:38 PMJeffWeston Nice lyndon!
07:56:57 PMlyndon_ =D
07:57:50 PMlyndon_ Chocolate Sugar Cookies
07:57:59 PMlyndon_ yum
07:57:59 PMNateUK ish .. on 23 they have all the yum.repos.d folders in etc and config files yet no yum command itself .. but all rpm are going that way with this dnf it seems
07:58:35 PMNateUK like when aptitude went to apt-get
07:59:10 PMlyndon_ only 2 mins =(
07:59:40 PMSparklyballs compile from source... lol.
07:59:47 PMJoeInNH for arch with packer: packer -Ss youtube-dl to get a list
08:00:03 PMlyndon_ 2
08:00:27 PMlyndon_ yes!
08:01:02 PMJeffWeston How ya like that people! !!! Hooking you up
08:01:26 PMlyndon_ awesomness Jeff
08:01:34 PMBooker nice Jeff
08:01:36 PMDrumstick youtube-dl is in Kubuntu (Ubuntu) repos
08:02:21 PMSparklyballs source
08:02:22 PMJoeInNH I got to do some shopping on amazon. I will have to click for cat5.
08:02:29 PMtek_studier another great show thanks guys
08:02:41 PMDrumstick Indeed, thanks all!!
08:02:46 PMalbertr thanks for the show RobbieF, Jeff and ShellyDS :)
08:02:49 PMJoeInNH Sparklyballs, you could just use arch and get the source version
08:02:56 PMSparklyballs or pip
08:02:57 PMSparklyballs pip install youtube-dl
08:03:00 PMNateUK thanks RobbieF, ShellyDS and JeffWeston great show as always : ))
08:03:01 PMT0B33 RobbieF: ShellyDS JeffWeston Cheers
08:03:01 PMJoeInNH Thanks Robbie, Jeff, and Shelly
08:03:03 PMRobbieF Thanks all!!!
08:03:14 PMDrumstick Show still looks great RobbieF
08:03:25 PMDrumstick My best to the family!!!
08:03:29 PMSparklyballs i'm not installing arch just to get youtube-dl lol
08:03:39 PMJeffWeston Thanks for joining us everyone! Was a blast!!!
08:03:40 PMDrumstick Bye all
08:03:42 PMWhiskey_Zero G'night folks, interesting program tonight! Thanks Robbie, Shelly and Jeff!
08:03:48 PMT0B33 Right i'm out lads, see you next week or maybe if i drop in during the week. Chaw!
08:04:07 PMJoeInNH I was going to try and install Ekiga on this machine, but then I remembered there is no webcam. :(
08:04:13 PMlyndon_ se ya T0B33
08:04:21 PMSparklyballs bye T0B33
08:04:28 PMJoeInNH Is everyone ready for Star Wars?
08:04:33 PMT0B33 Bye guys :)
08:04:35 PMlyndon_ YES!
08:04:44 PMJeffWeston Can't wait for it!!!!!
08:05:01 PMJeffWeston Return of the jodi was the first movie I ever saw
08:05:06 PMJeffWeston Jedi
08:05:07 PMJoeInNH I won't get to see it till closer till Christmas. I am on call till next Tuesday.
08:05:23 PMJoeInNH :(
08:05:33 PMJoeInNH Glad I didn't buy tickets in advance
08:05:50 PMlyndon_ I decided to wait until the next day so no on ruins it for me in the theatre
08:07:34 PMlyndon_ all you guys are awesome!
08:08:09 PMlyndon_ I'm going to go create a T-shirt
08:08:17 PMlyndon_ bye ya'll
08:08:49 PMJoeInNH Later. Night
08:09:08 PM_mote_ Oh! I miss the show.
08:10:23 PMJeffWeston It will be online tomorrow mote
08:11:00 PMGuest_2785 RobbieF with dreamhost it says you get a free domain, can it be for example a .AU I tried getting a .AU with godaddy but needed a ABN (registered as a business) do you know if its the same with dreamhost ?
08:11:53 PMRobbieF with godaddy *they* own it. With Dreamhost *you* own it. But with .AU you indeed have to have a location in Australia.
08:11:57 PMRobbieF That's the law of the domain
08:12:05 PMRobbieF eg., you can't buy a .CA if you don't live/work in Canada.
08:16:58 PMtek_studier anyone tried linux on xbox 360 or ps3 is it any good
08:16:58 PMGuest_2785 ok because I got a .COM with godaddy and wanted the .AU but wasnt able to get it without a ABN and yes Iam in Australia
08:19:35 PMtek_studier with those consoles being cheaper to buy now thought may be a good way to recycle them as computers and gaming machines
08:20:18 PMNateUK not ever tried personally tek_studier
08:21:28 PMRobbieF Hmm, worth a shot guest_2785
08:21:34 PMtek_studier seen a video on ps3 version it looked ok for basic use as a pc
08:22:08 PMtek_studier xbox im not so sure i think its called jtag
08:22:14 PMNateUK i know back when the first ps3 they had a linux for it .. but sony stopped that in the end .. didnt know there was another now
08:22:28 PMRobbieF they may have just been trying to confirm your locatoin.
08:24:28 PMGWG Evening
08:24:34 PMRobbieF hi gwg
08:24:40 PMNateUK evening GWG
08:26:28 PMGWG Sorry I haven't been around. Tuesday is physical therapy night at the moment
08:27:06 PMRobbieF Hope all is well
08:27:29 PMRobbieF We miss you, but as long as you come back around, at least we know you're well.
08:27:34 PMGWG Herniated cervical disc discovered this summer
08:27:36 PMRobbieF hopefully Tuesday's will free up soon
08:27:39 PMRobbieF ouch
08:27:44 PMRobbieF going to chiro?
08:27:47 PMGWG 6 more visits
08:28:04 PMGWG And now I may have Grover's Disease
08:28:10 PMRobbieF glad you found out now and not several years from now
08:28:14 PMRobbieF I'm not familiar with that disease
08:28:50 PMRobbieF is it something serious?
08:29:32 PMGWG It is where you have uncontrollable desires to teach small children the difference between near and far
08:32:18 PMRobbieF I'm even more confused now :)
08:32:55 PMRobbieF guys, i've gotta run. Catch you in the morning!!
08:32:58 PMRobbieF GWG, take care man
08:33:20 PMGWG Did anyone get that joke?


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