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06:58:03 PMGWG I'm working till 11:15 myself
06:58:06 PMGWG I'm on 'lunch'.
06:59:22 PMagamotto Oh joy....
06:59:26 PMalbertr hey all there :)
06:59:34 PMJoeInNH hi albertr
06:59:38 PMNateUK hello albertr
06:59:42 PMMangleFox70 you can make me red, yellow or blue, or any colors, I have strands and am cut. OUCH for me, not for you. I can be on any thing, I guess and am eaten by small children chewing on me. What am I?
07:00:02 PMagamotto GWG: Android question for you - is there a way with KitKat to keep an app from activating WiFi?
07:00:08 PMMangleFox70 QUICK
07:00:09 PMlyndon_ yay!
07:00:16 PMoldsalt Hello EricHidd haven't seen you on air in a while.
07:00:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan some people cant do it... they cant carry a note
07:00:39 PMMangleFox70 SparklyBalls what am I
07:00:43 PMSparklyballs gum
07:00:46 PMoldsalt oops meant errickidd
07:00:48 PMGWG agamotto: Which app is activating wifii?
07:00:49 PMGarbee HI!
07:00:59 PMMangleFox70 nope
07:01:05 PMagamotto Eric!!!!!
07:01:08 PMNateUK playdoe MangleFox70
07:01:16 PMMangleFox70 nope NateUK
07:01:19 PMSparklyballs hair
07:01:23 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd hello!
07:01:23 PMoldsalt my bad
07:01:28 PMNateUK crayons MangleFox70?
07:01:38 PMMangleFox70 ^^^
07:01:46 PMMangleFox70 hair
07:01:46 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd is that your first time in the Studio D
07:01:48 PMagamotto GWG: Game called The Bard's Tale... I wouldn't mind if it would quickly turn it on, then off... but it leaves it on.
07:01:51 PMDennis_Kelley Hi MangleFox70
07:02:00 PMMangleFox70 hi Dennis_Kelley
07:02:00 PMRobGor Good to see that Eric is back
07:02:11 PMoldsalt not to good on the keyboard
07:02:18 PMagamotto RobGor: How is summer going?
07:02:28 PMDennis_Kelley EricKidd we have missed you!
07:02:47 PMMangleFox70 yup
07:02:50 PMoldsalt Yes we did
07:02:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hello EricKidd, first time to see you on here
07:02:58 PMalket hi EricKidd, glad to have you back
07:03:25 PMRobGor Yeah not liking it agamotto, going to be 41c today so hot hot hot
07:03:36 PMalket where is the Cupids Migration music ?
07:03:43 PMNateUK ouch
07:03:43 PMagamotto RobGor: Running around in the rugby shorts, eh?
07:03:57 PMMangleFox70 what number 1 through 10 is missing? 0986524313426512415329809308651
07:04:12 PMNateUK 7
07:04:23 PMMangleFox70 ^^^ yes
07:04:50 PMagamotto What is the green ship in the background?
07:05:03 PMRobGor Rugby no agamotto wrong state for me its AFL Footbal
07:05:07 PMNateUK klingon bird of prey looks like
07:05:13 PMMangleFox70 A paper airplane made by my coison
07:05:17 PMlyndon_ yeah. I'm a newbie
07:05:22 PMMangleFox70 aqamotto
07:05:31 PMMangleFox70 agamotto *
07:05:32 PMDennis_Kelley I am newbie!
07:05:41 PMagamotto MangleFox70: Neat... good job of the folding... almost thought it was an origami crane.
07:05:42 PMSparklyballs that is a serious paper plane
07:06:12 PMMangleFox70 yup, he is talented, I can't even make a neat hotdog fold
07:06:14 PMMangleFox70 :/
07:06:22 PMagamotto So... gigs, hockey, gigs, and beer!
07:07:12 PMalpeck good to see you back EricKidd
07:07:31 PMagamotto GWG: Decent game, good price for it... but the wifi thing is causing me to put the phone in airplane mode, as it tries to join ANY open network.
07:07:50 PMMangleFox70 :D
07:07:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am seeing a pattern
07:07:52 PMGWG agamotto: Send your question to and listen next week so we can discuss. It works for RobbieF
07:07:55 PMagamotto Das bier ist gut!
07:07:58 PMMangleFox70 #ThePixelShadow
07:08:07 PMlyndon_ cool!
07:08:09 PMagamotto GWG: Will do
07:08:17 PMMangleFox70 ^ search that
07:08:38 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox70 is in the House!
07:08:43 PMMangleFox70 :D
07:08:44 PMagamotto Z, zed, either way
07:08:54 PMMangleFox70 wait.. what does that mean DK?
07:09:03 PMagamotto prOcess, prahcess
07:09:11 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox70 when do you record your show? Sunday Mornings?
07:09:14 PMSparklyballs zed
07:09:32 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox70 its just a saying!
07:09:32 PMJoeInNH zee
07:09:35 PMMangleFox70 no, I made 3 a couple weeks ago and upload one each sunday
07:09:36 PMNateUK zed
07:09:42 PMNateUK like dayta
07:09:47 PMNateUK not darta lol
07:10:26 PMagamotto So, you would measure kills with a kill-o-meter?
07:10:28 PMGarbee EricKidd: Just cracked language!
07:10:32 PMlyndon_ lol
07:10:55 PMMangleFox70 Test: every one has to speack french for the next 2 mins... go
07:11:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it actually sounds logical EricKidd
07:11:07 PMMangleFox70 in the chat*
07:11:31 PMNateUK but true english EricKiddis right lol
07:11:36 PMDennis_Kelley Sparklyballs there is your Banter!
07:11:42 PMMangleFox70 nvm
07:11:45 PMagamotto Has anyone here been taught by a teachertator? Then why are people who comment called commentators and not commentors?
07:11:48 PMSparklyballs meter , how do you pronounce that. end of story
07:11:57 PMSparklyballs or metre
07:12:05 PMNateUK well said Sparklyballs lol
07:12:07 PMJoeInNH Speak something better than french...sweedish chef
07:12:28 PMMangleFox70 emogi advanced: (0c.0) :D
07:12:29 PMSparklyballs meat her not met her
07:12:44 PMalpeck center or centre
07:12:45 PMJoeInNH meet her you mean
07:12:46 PMDennis_Kelley were or wear
07:12:53 PMagamotto Oom borshki oom borshki oom bork bork bork
07:12:57 PMNateUK you want us to lower the $2 RobbieF ?? lol
07:13:00 PMalpeck colour or color
07:13:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan just re-subscribed to MangleFox70 youtube page again
07:13:15 PMSparklyballs american is not engligh
07:13:24 PMNateUK color programming colour for correct spelling lol
07:13:24 PMMangleFox70 colour is canada color is USA
07:13:30 PMlyndon_ sweedish chef
07:13:33 PMlyndon_ =)
07:14:14 PMagamotto American is a dialect of English, yes
07:14:15 PMSparklyballs at least canadians make a decent stab at english
07:14:24 PMDooley_da_Vulcan no offense, but Eric doesn't make a good looking SashaD
07:14:27 PMMangleFox70 >:) <----- Angry emote
07:14:41 PMDennis_Kelley drop it in his coffee
07:14:44 PMagamotto :<
07:14:49 PMalpeck but he is still looks great
07:15:10 PMJoeInNH Americans don't need to make a decent stab at English because we perfected it.
07:15:11 PMNateUK when did SashaD grow a beard ?
07:15:15 PMJoeInNH :D
07:15:17 PMtek_studier tiny coffee submarine
07:15:28 PMMangleFox70 how many emogis are in this chat room? like these ----> :)
07:15:35 PMSparklyballs those tuesday's off have given her time to grow NateUK
07:15:39 PMNateUK stole it more like JoeInNH lool
07:15:47 PMMangleFox70 NateUK i dunno :0
07:15:56 PMNateUK hahaha Sparklyballs
07:16:03 PMDooley_da_Vulcan angry emote or evil emote
07:16:50 PMagamotto Inglés no es lingua musíca, como sé Español.
07:16:55 PMMangleFox70 evil I mean ----> >:D
07:17:26 PMJoeInNH It looks likes a Golden Oldie...
07:17:31 PMSparklyballs trouble with RAW is there's no fixed standard
07:17:46 PMagamotto RAW itself isn't a standard?
07:17:58 PMagamotto I have learned something new
07:18:01 PMSparklyballs different camera manufacturers have different formats
07:18:09 PMagamotto nude
07:18:21 PMagamotto nude, ecru, eggshell, almond
07:18:31 PMMangleFox70 une chat est tres mal ile chat aimme est ... not there...
07:19:21 PMMangleFox70 that looks like a mountain :0
07:19:27 PMMangleFox70 cool
07:19:57 PMagamotto MangleFox70: Votre français est meilleur que le mien!
07:20:30 PMagamotto Hmm, that filter seems to have enhanced the wrinkles in the background.
07:20:55 PMMangleFox70 moi ... does not know how to speack... francois moi est tres mal... bout it...
07:21:28 PMMangleFox70 XD
07:21:56 PMRobGor What camera is RobbieF using to record the show guys ?
07:22:02 PMMangleFox70 ni
07:22:13 PMSparklyballs oversaturate looks like a liverpool tan
07:22:33 PMDooley_da_Vulcan is anyone else getting rough looking graphics?
07:22:39 PMMangleFox70 Send message...
07:22:40 PMlyndon_ nope. Im on the radio =)
07:22:42 PMMangleFox70 twoops
07:22:43 PMagamotto MangleFox70: Le français est difficile dans la forme écrite.
07:23:14 PMJoeInNH Cool. Gimp works on RAW.
07:23:29 PMagamotto Dooley_da_Vulcan: Not here, do you mean low res on the feed, or blocky bits in the transitions?
07:23:38 PMMangleFox70 moi et tres mal et la chat est un ... that makes no sdemnse...
07:23:45 PMMangleFox70 sense*
07:23:57 PMtek_studier some mountains would look good as a background
07:24:02 PMJoeInNH 8.5 high and 11 wide might be a funny transformation
07:24:04 PMagamotto French is much easier to speak than write.
07:24:05 PMMangleFox70 yes
07:24:14 PMagamotto JoeInNH: agreed
07:24:16 PMDooley_da_Vulcan blocky bits, and especially when he zooms in that I do not remember it doing as much previously.
07:24:45 PMJoeInNH Maybe include a fisheye effect I think...
07:24:51 PMagamotto I would assume it has something to do with the variable bit rate needed for the live feed to keep the bandwidth reasonable
07:25:04 PMMangleFox70 maybe
07:25:24 PMMangleFox70 agamotto sooo true
07:26:28 PMMangleFox70 what is race car backwards?
07:26:52 PMMangleFox70 JoelnNH fish eye?
07:26:59 PMSparklyballs ooh palindrome
07:27:00 PMlyndon_ rac ecar
07:27:08 PMMangleFox70 exaclty
07:27:31 PMagamotto Most HP printers will insist on at least 1/4 inch or ~,5cm.
07:27:57 PMMangleFox70 ~
07:28:01 PMJoeInNH MangleFox70, it's a filter
07:28:22 PMMangleFox70 oh, It just sounds like something else...
07:28:37 PMMangleFox70 if
07:28:43 PMtek_studier a picture of a music stage would also make a good background for picture
07:29:03 PMMangleFox70 ooh good idea
07:29:11 PMlyndon_ as long as its hi res
07:29:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan no.... it's gooderer
07:29:44 PMSparklyballs mo gooder
07:30:01 PMJoeInNH Fish-eye effect:
07:30:03 PMJoeInNH
07:30:32 PMJoeInNH What font is that?
07:30:39 PMMangleFox70 Subscrib pls!!! #ThePixelShadow
07:31:15 PMMangleFox70 Subscribe*
07:31:29 PMJoeInNH Can anybody read the font's name?
07:31:38 PMMangleFox70 nope,
07:31:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @RobbieF.... show everyone how GIMP is so much like photoshop and reduce his waist by about 10 %
07:31:44 PMMangleFox70 nvm
07:32:39 PMJoeInNH I think you can use some photoshop brushes and pluggins.
07:32:46 PMJoeInNH Thanks
07:33:00 PMagamotto Femekleveer?
07:33:09 PMJoeInNH Eric: it is Joe In NH
07:33:12 PMagamotto hahahaha
07:33:15 PMSparklyballs sounds like a bond villainess
07:33:29 PMMangleFox70 can you? thats cool, but maybe we should start calling it it gimping instead of photoshoping
07:34:39 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Have to be careful saying GIMP to loudly, somebody is liable to become offended.... Bring in the
07:34:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am horrible
07:34:57 PMMangleFox70 ?
07:35:09 PMMangleFox70 how is Gimp offensive
07:35:13 PMSparklyballs i think gimping as a verb has NSFW connotations
07:36:06 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I know of a famous GImp, Verbal Kent
07:36:24 PMSparklyballs kint
07:36:30 PMagamotto In American English, it was used to refer to the handicapped, usually those who can't walk well.
07:36:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan havent read the credits for over 12 years
07:39:17 PMGuest_4008 hii guys, this is the first time I am talking online on a tv show
07:39:29 PMNateUK hello Guest_4008
07:39:34 PMGuest_4008 I like your show
07:40:35 PMlyndon_ oh. yes, i'm still here
07:40:37 PMRobGor RobbieF just found out that Chrome can play purchased movies through the play store in Linux now :)
07:40:47 PMlyndon_ listening intently
07:41:18 PMagamotto RobGor: That has to be bonus for people who are trying to watch stuff from other countries
07:41:52 PMlyndon_ I wonder if that is limited for certain Distros though
07:41:59 PMagamotto How many people have HDR monitors/tvs?
07:42:27 PMNateUK i have but online streaming isn that great for it agamotto
07:42:42 PMGuest_4008 Hii robbie furguson can't believe that I am talking online . very much exited guys
07:42:46 PMtek_studier perfect voice for audiobooks interesting stuff
07:42:56 PMagamotto Guest_4008: Welcome to the club.
07:43:07 PMlyndon_ yes, welcome
07:43:15 PMGuest_4008 thanks agamotto
07:44:04 PMlyndon_ tri-3d
07:44:21 PMlyndon_ imagine if we had 3 eyes
07:44:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan could you use one lens and refract the light and send it to 3 different processes ?
07:44:32 PMSparklyballs 3 separate grabs simulteonously
07:44:49 PMMangleFox70 what letter of the alphabet has not been mentioned; at the blinker place there is a cat named Sylvie, she ate a small rat. She wanted to be a cat-Queen. She was skinny, un-fat and gulped up a rat. Than, jumped up and zipped in the area, she blew a x-ray picture away.
07:45:15 PMNateUK j
07:45:20 PMNateUK opps no
07:45:21 PMMangleFox70 nope
07:46:01 PMlyndon_ V
07:46:11 PMSparklyballs o
07:46:13 PMMangleFox70 nope
07:46:19 PMMangleFox70 its OOOOOOO
07:46:34 PMSparklyballs << said o
07:47:06 PMMangleFox70 nooo I just found a OOOOO I can't do this
07:47:43 PMMangleFox70 its in 'to'
07:47:54 PMMangleFox70 as in'to be a cat-queen'
07:48:05 PMagamotto I would think that I would be more concerned about to whom the data will eventually be sold to.
07:48:22 PMGuest_4008 why do they track my data . its a paid software not a free software. they should not do it. RobbieF is data tracked in linux also ??
07:48:28 PMlyndon_ bad parents!
07:48:33 PMlyndon_ =)
07:48:51 PMGuest_4008 why do they track my data . its a paid software not a free software. they should not do it. RobbieF is data tracked in linux also ??
07:49:02 PMMangleFox70 XD
07:49:31 PMNateUK Windows 10 is so called free so users cannot complain lol ..
07:49:35 PMlyndon_ WHAT!
07:49:46 PMlyndon_ Eric!
07:50:02 PMagamotto "One is my name. The other is not."
07:50:04 PMNateUK dayta is the treu way of saying it .. dayta in star trek as well lool
07:50:05 PMlyndon_ DAAAAta
07:50:34 PMSparklyballs scone
07:50:47 PMMangleFox70 Windows, it obvios they track it, an open window is the BEST way to eavesdrop!
07:50:48 PMDooley_da_Vulcan my name is Lore
07:51:03 PMNateUK EVIL Dooley_da_Vulcan lol
07:51:08 PMSparklyballs i say tomato , you say tomayto and i'll kick you in the face
07:51:11 PMlyndon_ B-4 is dData now
07:51:17 PMMangleFox70 what
07:51:25 PMDooley_da_Vulcan that is just ancient Lore
07:51:53 PMagamotto hahahaha
07:52:55 PMlyndon_ careful of that slippery floor MangleFox70
07:52:56 PMtek_studier will there ever be a universal distro of linux RobbieF
07:53:06 PMMangleFox70 ok lyndon_
07:53:23 PMMangleFox70 good life advice
07:53:40 PMNateUK no tek_studier becuase people will shout about their freedoms .... and being limited is taking away their said freedoms
07:53:49 PMagamotto I doubt you would fit
07:53:52 PMNateUK yes EricKidd
07:53:54 PMNateUK : ))
07:54:07 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I heard that mac software is some of the most vulnerable software out there just that they have so many fewer users than microsoft that it is not worth it.
07:54:25 PMMangleFox70 hmm piee
07:54:29 PMagamotto Singular would be datum.
07:54:34 PMSparklyballs datum
07:54:42 PMMangleFox70 datum?
07:54:43 PMNateUK yes Dooley_da_Vulcan but it is based 80% on BSD .. so it could be said BSD is having some problems as well
07:54:44 PMDooley_da_Vulcan to virus and malware distributors
07:54:54 PMMangleFox70 nvm
07:55:26 PMtek_studier linux datum
07:55:28 PMMangleFox70 raspberry raspberry
07:55:33 PMMangleFox70 cool
07:55:44 PMlyndon_ RaZberry
07:56:11 PMMangleFox70 rasberry
07:56:37 PMSparklyballs my pi is at
07:57:08 PMtek_studier have you tried the banana pie RobbieF
07:57:22 PMDooley_da_Vulcan my pi(e) is at the store still, I never picked any up
07:57:27 PMMangleFox70 im hungry now
07:57:46 PMMangleFox70 i want pie now. please,
07:57:50 PMGoodGuy98 sudo -s will switch to root on Linux Mint
07:58:00 PMSparklyballs i locked myself out of my pi when compiling znc and making a faff of the init
07:58:03 PMalbertr also sudo -i
07:58:18 PMlyndon_ I'm not. I just had pizza
07:58:20 PMMangleFox70 karate kick
07:58:24 PMGoodGuy98 Thanks albertr
07:58:24 PMSparklyballs so i mounted the sd on another linux box
07:58:29 PMNateUK sudo -s will do that without using su or using a root account / password needing being set as long as that user is set in sudoers
07:58:37 PMDooley_da_Vulcan can you allow access by only MAC address also
07:58:56 PMMangleFox70 all those nickels...
07:59:18 PMalbertr all iptables based firewalls can use mac-addrerss
07:59:25 PMMangleFox70 im so random :0
08:00:00 PMlyndon_ We like you that way
08:00:14 PMMangleFox70 anyone here connected to Ve-Building?
08:00:17 PMMangleFox70 thx
08:00:22 PMalbertr OK
08:00:22 PMMangleFox70 lyndon_
08:00:26 PMlyndon_ =)
08:00:26 PMGarbee RobbieF: As long as you switch to vim over nano.
08:00:34 PMlyndon_ yes!
08:00:41 PMSparklyballs ve-building, minetest thing ?
08:00:45 PMMangleFox70 yes
08:00:50 PMNateUK nods
08:00:52 PMJoeInNH Vim...I only use it to read NIBRs records
08:00:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I had to do that with my router in FL. someone kept getting into my wifi even with a serious password. I had to do a only allow listed mac addresses
08:01:15 PMDennis_Kelley Two Hour Show?
08:01:18 PMDennis_Kelley !!
08:01:35 PMlyndon_ I do that also... somtimes
08:01:54 PMlyndon_ gets tricky when I have guests
08:02:05 PMMangleFox70 passwords are scary when you are my age. (Can never get a good one!)
08:02:43 PMlyndon_ I like to do patterns on the keyboard
08:03:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan use a 25 digit alpha numeric string and record it somewhere and memorize it.
08:03:05 PMlyndon_ like a star or a rocket ship
08:03:08 PMalpeck thanks RobbieF
08:03:08 PMDooley_da_Vulcan nobody will break it
08:03:10 PMMangleFox70 pattern=wefiwefiwefiwefiwefiwefiwefiwefi
08:03:38 PMMangleFox70 My password is secure :D
08:03:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan no no no
08:03:47 PMlyndon_ True DTV
08:03:48 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
08:03:57 PMlyndon_ DdV
08:04:01 PMlyndon_ *
08:04:19 PMJoeInNH I don't have cron jobs on arch
08:04:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan if a password can be found in an encyclopedia it is already weak
08:04:30 PMMangleFox70 {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{
08:04:32 PMlyndon_ awdxsefcdrgv
08:04:50 PMMangleFox70 }
08:05:07 PMGuest_4008 .
08:06:12 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 8MWRCT9XP4GJ2P826G66V9WBB
08:06:13 PMJoeInNH night Everyone.
08:06:18 PMDooley_da_Vulcan is a good pw
08:06:23 PMMangleFox70 cya!
08:06:28 PMJoeInNH Good show.
08:06:38 PMtek_studier thanks great show as always RobbieF and the category5 team
08:06:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan night JoeInNH
08:06:55 PMMangleFox70 Cya JoelnNH
08:07:15 PMMangleFox70 JoeinNH
08:07:58 PMlyndon_ Night everybody. Have a great week!
08:08:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Good Night all
08:08:12 PMMangleFox70 Cya!!!!!! You tooo
08:08:17 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am still here
08:08:18 PMalbertr crontab -l to list your djobbs
08:08:21 PMalpeck thanks RobbieF
08:08:32 PMalbertr tanks for the show!
08:08:37 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Thanks RobbieF and EricKidd
08:08:41 PMGarbee Thanks EricKidd! Good to see you have been doing well.
08:08:51 PMagamotto Well, this was fun
08:08:52 PMMangleFox70 np oh wait. Im not Dad.
08:08:54 PMalpeck good to see you back EricKidd
08:09:12 PMMangleFox70 Thanks Erickidd and RobbieG
08:09:17 PMMangleFox70 RobbieF
08:09:19 PMWhiskey_Zero Hey Robbie and Eric, thanks for a great program. Hope Eric can come back more often!
08:09:21 PMMangleFox70 *
08:09:29 PMGarbee Who wants to force Robbie to use vim the next time he needs a terminal editor?
08:09:30 PMNateUK Great show RobbieF and EricKidd tghanks
08:09:40 PMSparklyballs g/nite folks
08:10:22 PMWhiskey_Zero G'night everyone. See y'all next week!
08:10:23 PMNateUK nite Sparklyballs
08:10:29 PMNateUK nite Whiskey_Zero
08:10:44 PMWhiskey_Zero nite NateUK
08:12:10 PMMangleFox70 BYE YOU PPL :) pls come next week
08:12:15 PMagamotto Well, I suppose I should go... need to some some things before trying to go to bed early.
08:12:18 PMMangleFox70 :D
08:13:11 PMMangleFox70 BYE GUYS!!!!:D
08:13:18 PMNateUK nite MangleFox70
08:13:24 PMMangleFox70 CYA
08:14:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hey, how can I use a madcatz 360 fight stick with minetest
08:15:16 PMNateUK i have no idea Dooley_da_Vulcan
08:15:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Thank you sir
08:15:51 PMNateUK Sorry not enough time in the day for me to play games lol
08:16:34 PMMangleFox70 turns out I can stay longer!!! :D
08:16:48 PMNateUK I was gonna say that was a quick sleep lol MangleFox70
08:17:00 PMMangleFox70 XD
08:17:41 PMMangleFox70 ← Arrows
08:18:03 PMMangleFox70 I now know how to do that
08:18:08 PMNateUK shame its too late at night here in the UK MangleFox70 ... I have a 11 year old Daughter .. she loves minecraft .. you could have got her into minetest lol
08:18:33 PMMangleFox70 I love MineTest and MineCraft equal, have both ;)
08:18:57 PMMangleFox70 → I figured out how to use arrows
08:19:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan keyboard only or game controller
08:19:20 PMMangleFox70 only P.C
08:19:25 PMNateUK just a shame that the show starts at 12am midnight .. shes in bed .. to get up for school in the morning
08:19:39 PMMangleFox70 Wow, thats crazy, 12 am
08:19:50 PMNateUK its 1:19am now
08:19:57 PMMangleFox70 :0000
08:20:35 PMMangleFox70 1:19am
08:20:43 PMNateUK well 1:20 now lol
08:20:51 PMMangleFox70 lol
08:21:54 PMMangleFox70 You know how to make the arrows:→ ?
08:21:54 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it is 8:21 there for you also isn't it MangleFox70
08:22:03 PMMangleFox70 yesh
08:22:36 PMDooley_da_Vulcan thought so, thought you all were just north of me sharing the same time zone
08:22:52 PMMangleFox70 you guys know how to use the ARROWS?→
08:22:59 PMMangleFox70 ok
08:23:55 PMMangleFox70 →ⓘ epicness
08:24:40 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox70 are you going to get back on the server?
08:24:48 PMNateUK the only way i can remember is a set of keys or html .. but off the top of my head no ♠
08:24:55 PMNateUK so not html coding lol
08:26:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I used to know the extended ascii codes
08:26:53 PMNateUK same Dooley_da_Vulcanbut been a very long time ago lol
08:28:22 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so how do you type the arrows?
08:29:06 PMNateUK ËÓÌÏΉ⁄™‹›fififl‡°·‚—±Œ„‰ÂÊÁÁËÈØ∏”’ÅÍÎÏÌÓÔÒÚÚÆ»˘¯˜ˆ◊ÇÙÛ
08:29:10 PMNateUK cannot find it lol
08:32:08 PMMangleFox70 Sparklyballs and others, Im on Ve-Building right now come join me!-Minetest
08:32:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan
08:32:36 PMMangleFox70
08:33:02 PMMangleFox70 port=30008
08:33:08 PMMangleFox70 pls join me!
08:33:34 PMDooley_da_Vulcan
08:34:04 PMRobbieF Just uploaded the Eric Kidd poster, so when the show goes up on the site, watch for the poster tomorrow. First 5 people to print it and hang it on their bedroom/office/store wall will win 100 viewer points!
08:38:49 PMRobbieF Well folks, that's it for me!
08:39:00 PMRobbieF Hope you enjoyed the show. Can't wait until Tuesday comes back around! Have a marvellous week.
08:39:13 PMNateUK Take care RobbieF always good show
08:39:52 PMRobbieF thank you.
08:39:54 PMRobbieF Take care.


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