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06:58:28 PMMangleFox70 Hi sprintcowboy
06:58:42 PMsprintcowboy Howdy all
06:59:07 PMMangleFox70 Howdy
06:59:29 PMRobbieF Hi all! Have a blast!
06:59:39 PMMangleFox70 of water
06:59:49 PMMangleFox70 from a hose ;)
06:59:53 PMMangleFox70 hi fking
06:59:56 PMWhiskey_Zero 3 2 1 blastoff.....
07:00:02 PMMangleFox70 hi aqtky
07:00:13 PMsprintcowboy I'm ready
07:00:14 PMMangleFox70 abqtky *
07:00:24 PMMangleFox70 I am?
07:00:34 PMagamotto She is using a French keyboard?
07:00:37 PMMangleFox70 hi chrislee2511
07:00:49 PMMangleFox70 who is?
07:00:56 PMchrislee2511 hi guys, its chrislee2511 watching live tonight :)
07:01:16 PMMangleFox70 hi revdjenk, welcome back
07:01:22 PMrevdjenk thanks....
07:01:35 PMMangleFox70 ;-0
07:01:45 PMMangleFox70 XD
07:01:49 PMagamotto Hooking the USB backwards/
07:02:32 PMMangleFox70 hi lyndon_
07:02:51 PMchrislee2511 hi MangleFox70
07:02:58 PMMangleFox70 hello
07:03:09 PMMangleFox70 hi guest_3633
07:03:11 PMlyndon_ I'm here I'm here!!
07:03:15 PMRobbieF yay!!!
07:03:17 PMMangleFox70 yay!
07:03:22 PMMangleFox70 !!
07:03:54 PMagamotto Hmmm, I am still too busy playing Fallout 4...
07:04:39 PMJeffWeston good times tonight all. strap on your seat belts. its gonna be a ride
07:04:59 PMlyndon_ wait , noones talking
07:05:09 PMlyndon_ oh. there we good
07:05:17 PMlyndon_ go*
07:05:28 PMMangleFox70 XD
07:05:36 PMagamotto Pre-HD episodes...
07:05:49 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #1 :*
07:05:55 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: was just three large pixels on the screen then
07:05:55 PMlyndon_ =P
07:06:09 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #2 :>
07:06:10 PMlyndon_ like Mario
07:06:24 PMlyndon_ 16Guest_3182bit
07:06:36 PMlyndon_ what??
07:06:56 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #3 :^
07:07:03 PMagamotto I could settle for 720p, given bandwidth concerns. 4k would only mean that Robbie would have to wear makeup out of vanity!
07:07:09 PMMangleFox70 Hi soundpro69
07:07:11 PMlyndon_ I did too jeff. dish network
07:07:39 PMrevdjenk 37" flat panel lcd
07:07:50 PMlyndon_ in real life!
07:07:55 PMchrislee2511 im using my desktop using linux mint 17
07:08:11 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #4 :x
07:08:19 PMlyndon_ I'm on my laptop... no dual monitors tonight
07:08:29 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #5 xoxo
07:08:39 PMMangleFox70 test emogi #6 xo
07:08:56 PMSoundPro69 With my PC (2 17.5 inch monitors)
07:09:13 PMagamotto Let's be honest... what would 4k add to this show at this point?
07:09:31 PMlyndon_ linux mint 17 here too chrislee2511
07:09:49 PMrevdjenk for that, agamotto
07:09:49 PMchrislee2511 is there a plugin i can use on my plex media server?
07:10:07 PMLolBitFox70 And the crowd goes wild!]
07:10:11 PMfking 43" LED LG
07:10:11 PMlyndon_ idk, sorry
07:10:21 PMagamotto Ok, show of hands... who here has the ability to watch anything 4k?
07:10:45 PMSparklyballs not i agamotto
07:10:55 PMchrislee2511 nice, been using linux for over a year and half now lyndon_
07:11:01 PMLolBitFox why revdjenk?
07:11:15 PMrevdjenk agamotto asked for a show of hands...
07:11:54 PMrevdjenk Ok, show of hands... who here has the ability to watch anything 4k?
07:12:27 PMrevdjenk Chromecast, 37 LCD
07:12:51 PMagamotto Usually, my 32" tv... but tonight I am on my 1440x900 main box
07:13:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hello, just got here, was running late
07:13:01 PMLolBitFox hi dooley_da_vulcan
07:13:03 PMrd_blair 47 Lg
07:13:32 PMlyndon_ i used my 32" with roku and it work pretty good
07:13:35 PMrevdjenk I've been trying to lose and gaining
07:13:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hello LolBitFox
07:13:47 PMLolBitFox hiyo
07:14:00 PMfking Nice to have you here RobbieF
07:14:00 PMagamotto I have managed to not gain anything through the holidays... quite the accomplishment
07:14:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hello @ RobbieF and JeffWeston
07:14:31 PMSparklyballs LG here too
07:14:43 PMlyndon_ samsung 32"
07:14:50 PMrevdjenk Hey PIPE DOWN
07:14:59 PMLolBitFox ¢ found a way to use french simbels
07:15:14 PMlyndon_ I watch in 480p and its still great
07:15:16 PMagamotto When people are too noisy, I just turn the sound off and turn on the CC. 'What did you do that for?'
07:15:31 PMLolBitFox symbol*
07:15:43 PMlyndon_ but i have a smaller tv though =)
07:15:50 PMLolBitFox as well as...
07:15:54 PMLolBitFox hi alpeck
07:16:07 PMsprintcowboy 42" LG LCD with roku. Looks a little grainy but watchable.
07:16:20 PMchrislee2511 going to try and catch this show live and get in the chat from now on
07:16:47 PMJeffWeston its well worth it
07:16:52 PMagamotto Thankfully, I pretty much skipped the CFL bandwagon.
07:16:57 PMLolBitFox mm hm
07:17:36 PMrevdjenk About half CFL / LED
07:17:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Yes, you go through your house and change out to all CFL and then people throw them away in standard ways and is worse than the original incandescent
07:17:56 PMLolBitFox hi Guest_4374 I am the offical greeter
07:18:05 PMLolBitFox hi fortWayner
07:18:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan for the environment
07:18:29 PMagamotto Which is why we should have simply waited another decade for LED
07:18:30 PMalpeck hi LolBitFox
07:18:38 PMLolBitFox hi Alpeck
07:18:41 PMrevdjenk hee hee LolBitFox
07:18:48 PMLolBitFox XD
07:19:37 PMrevdjenk how does led do with the microwave?
07:19:45 PMagamotto How close is your microwave to the cooking surface? If it is less than 20", that could be your problem
07:20:02 PMLolBitFox I feel so temped to type 'Send message...' And pretend it was a glitch and all I did was press enter
07:20:12 PMagamotto In the US, it would be a 'B' base
07:20:21 PMLolBitFox Let me refrase that...
07:20:29 PMLolBitFox rephrase*
07:21:20 PMLolBitFox -_-
07:21:35 PMLolBitFox revdjenk; I dunno
07:21:46 PMlyndon_ hmmm
07:21:57 PMFortWayner Hi all
07:22:06 PMlyndon_ heyhey
07:22:08 PMLolBitFox don't be planning a plot against me
07:22:13 PMrevdjenk and halogens are hungry
07:22:14 PMLolBitFox hi fortwayner
07:23:01 PMlyndon_ oh shoot, gotta put the chickens up... brb
07:23:13 PMrevdjenk how would that thumb look in 4k?
07:23:45 PMagamotto Right looks to be the incandescent
07:23:51 PMjwmp LED left
07:25:07 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the transformer that powers the bulbs will draw a bit of power will it not?
07:25:37 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: still 1/10th of incandescent
07:25:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I installed a whole set of lights in a bathroom we remodeled
07:25:45 PMagamotto Very little, compared to the CFL
07:25:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan all LED they look great
07:25:57 PMjwmp Not sure - I would assume they use capacitors in series to drop the voltage and then just rectify
07:26:42 PMLolBitFox KiwiIRC
07:26:43 PMLolBitFox , Love that name
07:26:44 PMrevdjenk I usually get the warm color in the LED, just to keep the incandescent feel.
07:26:56 PMLolBitFox WOW how did I do that?
07:27:32 PMLolBitFox I'm magical always did know I had it in me
07:27:36 PMagamotto revdjenk: I can understand that. I use 'warm white' for reading areas, and 'daylight' for the bathroom and kitchen.
07:27:58 PMrevdjenk yes agamotto
07:28:41 PMrevdjenk gooder
07:28:42 PMLolBitFox Don't you agree?
07:28:46 PMlyndon_ cool! i got 5 eggs today!
07:28:49 PMrd_blair Daylight bulbs make getting up in the dark so much easier !!!
07:28:57 PMrevdjenk dryer done.. brb
07:29:05 PMlyndon_ what good chickens i have =)
07:29:23 PMLolBitFox Eggs sure do look like light bulbs; Bet someone has screwed in an egg by mistake
07:29:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan ABOUT TIME
07:29:25 PMagamotto Yes... another reason to not participate in IoT until everyone takes security more seriously.
07:29:30 PMlyndon_ google can afford it
07:30:11 PMlyndon_ eggs.. light bulbs, i guess =(
07:30:14 PMlyndon_ =)
07:30:17 PMlyndon_ opps
07:30:18 PMLolBitFox XD
07:30:22 PMlyndon_ oops****
07:30:40 PMLolBitFox XDDDDDDD
07:30:48 PMlyndon_ getting happy with the keyboard hehe
07:31:20 PMLolBitFox Make the cent symbol before me Lyndon_
07:31:41 PMLolBitFox ¢
07:31:42 PMlyndon_ $
07:31:54 PMLolBitFox Aw
07:32:05 PMlyndon_ i dont have those
07:32:18 PMLolBitFox i don't either, its a trick
07:32:33 PMLolBitFox With copying and pasting
07:32:53 PMagamotto ¢LolBitFox
07:32:57 PMagamotto hmm
07:32:59 PMLolBitFox :D
07:33:34 PMlyndon_ ¢
07:33:34 PMLolBitFox Copy the 25¢ thing at the top
07:33:36 PMlyndon_ ha
07:33:48 PMLolBitFox Right on!
07:34:23 PMlyndon_ 25¢
07:34:52 PMLolBitFox and now do...: →
07:34:55 PMlyndon_ per episode
07:35:15 PMrevdjenk 0128
07:35:21 PMNateUK good evening
07:35:29 PMSoundPro69 Hi there
07:35:29 PMLolBitFox Good evening nateUK
07:35:32 PMBaldricthebrave Cool Robbie... love it when the news reader mess up
07:35:38 PMlyndon_
07:35:38 PMLolBitFox Hi soundPro69
07:36:09 PMBaldricthebrave This is how the national news should be...
07:36:09 PMlyndon_ 0-o
07:36:18 PMlyndon_ 0_o
07:36:23 PMLolBitFox XD true Baldricthebrave
07:36:28 PMLolBitFox o.o
07:36:31 PMlyndon_ I agree
07:36:59 PMagamotto JeffWeston: Which is precisely why I don't have anything 'smart' in my home.
07:37:00 PMlyndon_ Jeff... the news anchor man!
07:37:00 PMLolBitFox 40 users today, must be a world record
07:37:25 PMrevdjenk 0128
07:37:57 PMagamotto NSA,CIA,ATT,FBI,ATF....
07:38:11 PMBaldricthebrave There will be a movie about it soon...
07:38:14 PMlyndon_ wow!
07:38:24 PMMrNovi You don't encrypt passords, you hash and salt them. If the site can send you you existing password it's stored in plain text and it doesn't matter if it's encrypted or not it can easily be hacked. A properly hashed and salted password isn't stored in plain text, the site has no idea what it is, and it would take years to hack.
07:38:27 PMagamotto Yet, Edward Snowden is considered a traitor.
07:38:31 PMlyndon_ this is like Matrix hacking!
07:38:39 PMLolBitFox agamotto thats smart. No encyclopedia books is my thing. Its to Scary to have to learn to much.
07:38:45 PMlyndon_ knock knock Neo
07:38:47 PMLolBitFox that*
07:38:53 PMrevdjenk agamotto: agreed...
07:39:04 PMlyndon_ Yes!
07:39:55 PMagamotto Everyone loves the military... until the guns are pointed at them.
07:40:09 PMMrNovi Threat Vector is great. Have the audio book.
07:40:11 PMlyndon_ Because its a Bat computer!
07:40:12 PMLolBitFox Can't think of anything to say o.o
07:40:18 PMLolBitFox O.o
07:40:32 PMLolBitFox FOUND A NEW EMOGI
07:40:47 PMrevdjenk agamotto: I like pointing out that the military does not provide our freedom, that is the job of the Constitution. The military also pledges to defend the Constitution...
07:40:51 PMLolBitFox u.u
07:40:56 PMLolBitFox u.o
07:41:00 PMagamotto Enemy of The State
07:41:02 PMlyndon_ lol
07:41:16 PMchrislee2511 no, im batman lol
07:41:18 PMlyndon_ its ok Jeff
07:41:23 PMLolBitFox The order of waking up; u.u u.o o.o O.O
07:41:31 PMLolBitFox 0.0
07:41:31 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @RobbieF or anyone else that may have an answer. I have a new install of Ubuntu-Mate and a new install of PLEX, well when I go to add library I , choose Movies, add movies. then choose the name of my external HD and it will go no deeper than me choosing the drive itself, will go into no subs. the same drive I had it on 3 days ago.
07:41:51 PMagamotto revdjenk: That wasn't my point... where the guns are being pointed at... toward external threats or internal ones.
07:42:12 PMLolBitFox I <3 my maple syrup,
07:42:19 PMjwmp We pay 20% VAT in the UK
07:42:19 PMlyndon_ goodness Canada
07:42:26 PMlyndon_ thats true
07:42:39 PMDooley_da_Vulcan its on the internet.... it must be true
07:42:41 PMrevdjenk LolBitFox: -.- u.- -.u U.- O.- o.O O.O
07:42:42 PMagamotto revdjenk: I don't think the current crop of military leaders here in the US can be trusted to NOT follow an illegal order.
07:42:57 PMNateUK 13% is that it ... try 20% on what we buy RobbieF
07:43:03 PMLolBitFox revdjenk Yup I missed em'
07:43:22 PMLolBitFox But I can do fancy Emogis not basic ones
07:43:36 PMagamotto 20% VAT? sheesh
07:43:39 PMBaldricthebrave Half life must be the coolest game ever?
07:43:41 PMrevdjenk agamotto: oh got that... and yes, the former administration was good at making stuff up...
07:43:55 PMagamotto NateUK: I assume food comes under the VAT these days?
07:44:14 PMDooley_da_Vulcan did they delete all the content he had purchased????
07:44:20 PMLolBitFox (* c*) ←Creepy star-eye dude
07:44:44 PMlyndon_ Awesome Jeff!
07:44:47 PMLolBitFox (0c.0) ←And the basic Fancy emogi
07:44:49 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: drive not mounted?
07:44:55 PMNateUK everything they can agamotto .. the worst is smoking and drinking .. they are talking about anything sugar as well ...
07:45:00 PMalpeck great news JeffWeston
07:45:03 PMagamotto I hope so... I would like to think I would know if I were dead...
07:45:05 PMDooley_da_Vulcan mounted and I can access any of the date
07:45:08 PMDooley_da_Vulcan data
07:45:09 PMMrNovi He had to install Windows 10 on all of his computers and not turn off any of the monitors to get the refund.
07:45:19 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: or don't have the permissions to access?
07:45:53 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I changed it to me as the owner
07:45:57 PMlyndon_ ahh
07:46:01 PMlyndon_ true
07:46:12 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I changed it to anyone able to rwx just to test
07:46:18 PMLolBitFox aww no
07:46:19 PMDooley_da_Vulcan still nothing
07:46:21 PMlyndon_ I wil try to remember that Robbie
07:46:30 PMBaldricthebrave Love baby... only trouble it's 12.45am
07:46:31 PMSoundPro69 RobbieF, No GIMP today?
07:46:33 PMrevdjenk help RobbieF for Dooley_da_Vulcan's hdd question
07:46:52 PMLolBitFox No GIMP, SoundPro69 Missed that
07:46:54 PMBaldricthebrave Live I mean...
07:47:00 PMagamotto It will be GIMP instead of Raspberry Pi
07:47:03 PMlyndon_ i need to learn about cropping
07:47:09 PMchrislee2511 i will header over to youtube and share it to twitter and like it, like i always do
07:47:13 PMLolBitFox and
07:47:18 PMlyndon_ where is crop?
07:47:39 PMLolBitFox KFC oh man
07:47:49 PMrevdjenk This show will go to 8:30 to cover the GIMP tutorial? SoundPro69
07:47:57 PMlyndon_ I became a vegitarian.... and ive lost 7 pounds
07:47:59 PMagamotto You can eat that, as long as you watch the portions, and balance it out with veg
07:48:08 PMrevdjenk ah... could get an orange or popcorm
07:48:09 PMlyndon_ three months now
07:48:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am contemplating taking the drive out and mounting it and it will be accessed differently? maybe
07:48:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it is an external HDD
07:48:24 PMSoundPro69 Oh, cool! thank you revdjenk
07:48:25 PMagamotto I have found that not eating after 1900 has done wonders for me.
07:48:36 PMLolBitFox Color judging!?
07:48:37 PMlyndon_ lots of eggs
07:48:42 PMLolBitFox oh ma'
07:48:46 PMLolBitFox man*
07:49:05 PMBaldricthebrave Is the colonel real? Or just a marketing gimic...
07:49:13 PMNateUK lo JeffWeston snap lol
07:49:18 PMagamotto Baldricthebrave: He was real... a long time ago
07:49:18 PMLolBitFox Changing words
07:49:33 PMLolBitFox I would say...
07:49:33 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: scary thought... did you format that hdd, or delete everything... any other way to check the data?
07:49:37 PMlyndon_ i made green eggs the other day.. they wernt very good... but they were healthy! =)
07:50:07 PMLolBitFox Green eggs ***And Ham***
07:50:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I have been using it for over a year, and it worked fine with plex on point linux 3 days ago
07:50:18 PMlyndon_ blended spinach with eggs
07:50:24 PMBaldricthebrave Try using water based paint LOL...
07:50:26 PMLolBitFox Interesting
07:50:35 PMagamotto Color e-ink I bet
07:50:38 PMFortWayner The Colonel was real. My grandfather knew him.
07:50:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I have a ssd with point linux 2.3.2 and if I boot off of it, Plex is just fine
07:50:52 PMlyndon_ no ham.. i'm a veggie only eater
07:50:59 PMLolBitFox Why so much talk of green eggs!?
07:51:21 PMLolBitFox Dr. Suess would know
07:51:24 PMlyndon_ any one else hear that?
07:51:24 PMrevdjenk Walkin over to the news desk
07:51:32 PMLolBitFox Seuss*
07:51:39 PMrevdjenk hear what
07:51:39 PMchrislee2511 do u know if there is a plugin i can use to watch this show on plex Dooley_da_Vulcan
07:51:42 PMlyndon_ hehe
07:51:48 PMagamotto One of my favorite omelets consists of two eggs, spinach, green onions, and bit of paprika, with a small amount of mozarella cheese.
07:51:57 PMMrNovi Harlan Sanders started KFC but he wasn't a Colonel. He just used the name. Neither Kentucky nor the military ever bestowed that title upon him.
07:52:00 PMLolBitFox Man, Lyndon_, you are creeping me out
07:52:17 PMLolBitFox hehe?
07:52:25 PMLolBitFox Top
07:52:30 PMlyndon_ that sounds good agamotto
07:52:40 PMagamotto I haven't had to worry about for for nearly 20 years now.
07:52:43 PMlyndon_ sorry Fox
07:52:52 PMagamotto lyndon_: Makes for a very nice dinner some nights
07:52:56 PMrevdjenk MrNovi: I knew a gentleman in Morgantown who had a certificate declaring he was Kentucky Colonel, signed by governor, etc.
07:52:58 PMLolBitFox I forgive you....... ;)
07:53:12 PMLolBitFox Lyndon_
07:53:16 PMagamotto I might give Soylent a try sometime, just for kicks
07:53:43 PMDooley_da_Vulcan SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE
07:53:49 PMLolBitFox WAT
07:53:51 PMlyndon_ 0u0
07:53:51 PMrevdjenk agamotto: *whispers* soylent is people!
07:54:06 PMBaldricthebrave is that the stuff made from dead people?
07:54:15 PMMrNovi @revdjenk Just about anyone get one. The last time I checked it only cost about $150 US to get one. Not sure how much it costs now.
07:54:15 PMagamotto There are some people I woudnn't mind reducing to food... chuckle
07:54:17 PMLolBitFox eww Thats gorey
07:54:36 PMagamotto No, real product you can get on Amazon as a food/meal replacement
07:55:00 PMBaldricthebrave Have you never watched this classis movie... really old school stuff...
07:55:02 PMrevdjenk agamotto: yes, I know
07:55:26 PMrevdjenk they are already on version 2.0. Can imagine what 1.0 tasted like
07:55:35 PMrevdjenk freeze
07:55:37 PMLolBitFox brb, if I don't come back than that means i'm 1 late or 2 dead
07:55:55 PMrevdjenk oops LolBitFox
07:55:55 PMlyndon_ ooook
07:56:05 PMMrNovi That salad has 3/4's of you daily allotment of sodium. That's terrible
07:56:12 PMagamotto yah
07:56:32 PMagamotto 20lb in less than a month... that is not good
07:56:40 PMFortWayner @MrNovi Wikipedia says he was bestowed the colonel title in 1953 by the governor
07:57:18 PMMrNovi 2 pounds per week is pretty much the max to loose without becoming susceptible to yoyoing.
07:57:18 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks once. I started doing a demo job and it was 95 degrees out .
07:57:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I was eating fried chicken every other day
07:57:43 PMLolBitFox back
07:57:45 PMagamotto I work at Home Depot...I get paid for my workouts...
07:58:08 PMFortWayner My wife is watching the show for the first time ever due to diet talk.
07:58:10 PMBaldricthebrave I traveled around the world for a year and come back looking like a stock bean...
07:58:27 PMBaldricthebrave Stick bean...
07:58:40 PMLolBitFox that sounds cool and... lets say Interesting at the same time
07:58:44 PMagamotto Snap bean, perhaps?
07:58:47 PMMrNovi @FortWayner Wikipedia isn't a reliable enough source. I've studied Sanders enough to know that he was never actually granted the title. He just used it as a marketing gimick
07:58:52 PMlyndon_ 20 lbs in awesome
07:58:52 PMLolBitFox Snow bean?
07:58:56 PMrevdjenk yay, GIMP
07:59:17 PMLolBitFox He didn't forget
07:59:18 PMBaldricthebrave Runner bean..
07:59:28 PMchrislee2511 cant wait for bed lol, im from the uk and its 1am
07:59:34 PMLolBitFox XDDDDD look at that pic, so cute
07:59:41 PMFortWayner @MrNovi Why did you study him?
07:59:46 PMLolBitFox <3 it
07:59:52 PMBaldricthebrave Yep me too...
08:00:04 PMMrNovi @FortWayner I
08:00:05 PMJeffWeston sorry all. we got carried away with the awesome chat
08:00:07 PMLolBitFox Wouldn't cloning double Jeff, not remove him?
08:00:31 PMlyndon_ paint him with grass =)
08:00:42 PMlyndon_ grass paint
08:00:42 PMLolBitFox Sure, that'd work
08:01:07 PMLolBitFox LifeLESS LEGSSS
08:01:16 PMLolBitFox The face is cloning
08:01:19 PMBaldricthebrave Do the head first...
08:01:29 PMlyndon_ lol
08:01:33 PMLolBitFox This is hard to watch
08:01:41 PMagamotto
08:01:49 PMMrNovi @FortWayner I'm a big historian and biography buff. I studied a lot of the bog business men of the 19th and 20th centuries like Sears, Penny, Woolworth, Sanders, Dave Thomas, etc. Fascination stuff.
08:02:13 PMLolBitFox with a hand connected
08:02:17 PMLolBitFox Scary
08:02:58 PMFortWayner @MrNovi very interesting
08:03:10 PMLolBitFox That is Legendary!!!
08:03:19 PMLolBitFox Epic amd Increadible
08:03:24 PMLolBitFox and*
08:03:34 PMLolBitFox Looks so real
08:04:22 PMBaldricthebrave It's like superman all over again...
08:04:47 PMLolBitFox But kid version, poor old superman, I belive a horse broke his neck...
08:04:47 PMBaldricthebrave But who's lex Luther
08:04:57 PMLolBitFox believe*
08:05:07 PMagamotto Well, I must be off. The animals are telling me that it is time to play with them. It isn't often that I have both the cat and the dog staring at me.
08:05:23 PMagamotto Baldricthebrave: Back then, it was Gene Hackman
08:05:56 PMLolBitFox G'bye
08:05:57 PMBaldricthebrave My 2 dogs are fast asleep... it's 1am here in the UK
08:06:12 PMLolBitFox Wow, Its here
08:06:26 PMLolBitFox Such a time diff'
08:06:31 PMchrislee2511 im from the uk Baldricthebrave
08:06:32 PMJeffWeston its a fun filled show. lots to do
08:08:07 PMBaldricthebrave it amazes me how I just click ENTER and you all see it in a fraction of a second...
08:08:07 PMLolBitFox Tsc!
08:09:04 PMLolBitFox GIMP is so great, and so free
08:09:26 PMlyndon_ cool
08:09:33 PMLolBitFox GIMP.Org
08:09:42 PMLolBitFox
08:09:50 PMLolBitFox oops
08:09:55 PMrevdjenk great quick job RobbieF Probably need to blur the cape a little, too
08:10:26 PMrevdjenk LolBitFox: shoould be installed with most linux distros normally
08:10:26 PMBaldricthebrave Well done guys... time for bed...
08:10:36 PMrevdjenk g'nite Baldricthebrave
08:10:46 PMchrislee2511 oh well im off to bed now goodnight all :)
08:10:47 PMFortWayner Goodnight
08:11:03 PMLolBitFox G'night!
08:11:11 PMWhiskey_Zero Hey Robbie & Jeff, thanks for a really neat program tonight! Lots of cool interesting stuff.
08:11:23 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: would you blur the cape more on an angle, to make it look a part of the action?
08:11:26 PMLolBitFox And the show is....... OUT!!!!!! GJ RobbieF and JeffWeston!!!
08:11:33 PMrevdjenk I weighed 120 lbs once
08:11:35 PMJeffWeston thanks all. such a fun night
08:11:38 PMSoundPro69 Good night!!
08:11:39 PMLolBitFox YOU DID IT
08:11:40 PMalpeck Great show RobbieF and JeffWeston. Very interesting news
08:11:43 PMLolBitFox You lived
08:11:44 PMRobbieF Thanks!!
08:11:45 PMrevdjenk thanks JeffWeston and RobbieF
08:11:59 PMWhiskey_Zero G'night everyone - see y'all next Tuesday.
08:12:00 PMchrislee2511 bye and and goodnight
08:12:06 PMLolBitFox See ya
08:12:11 PMMrNovi @revdjenk Only the larger distros. I deal with a lot of the smaller ones intended for older computers and a lot of them don't include GIMP be default although it is normally in their repositories .
08:12:18 PMalpeck goodbye everyone
08:12:31 PMfking Good night all.
08:12:32 PMrevdjenk MrNovi: that is true. GIMP is a heavy program
08:12:44 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Good Night all
08:12:44 PMMangleFox70 Back
08:12:52 PMMangleFox70 Oh, Good night
08:12:56 PMrevdjenk just in time MangleFox70
08:13:02 PMlyndon_ "sudo apt-get install gimp"
08:13:06 PMBaldricthebrave Yer if you but the disk its massive.
08:13:21 PMMrNovi I kind of specialize in replacing Windows 2000 and XP on older computers with Linux.
08:13:27 PMlyndon_ hehe
08:13:35 PMrevdjenk MrNovi: i've been with mint since 4.0, and haven't tried a little distro for a long time
08:13:35 PMMangleFox70 whahahhahhaa
08:14:16 PMMrNovi @lyndon_ that works on a Debian based disto. Won't work on anything else.
08:14:23 PMNateUK great show RobbieF and JeffWeston as awlays ... night all take care .. have fun
08:14:29 PMlyndon_ oh
08:14:30 PMJeffWeston night nate
08:14:40 PMsprintcowboy Adios
08:15:06 PMlyndon_
08:15:46 PMlyndon_ might work =/
08:16:21 PMrevdjenk lyndon_: I always type: getmesomegimp.exe works everytime....
08:16:30 PMrevdjenk hee hee
08:16:35 PMlyndon_ oh, cool
08:17:11 PMlyndon_ mint comes with Gimp installed so i didnt have to do any of that
08:17:40 PMrevdjenk Which reminds me of the person who went through the convulusion of installing the windows version of GIMP through wine on their new Linux system!
08:18:15 PMrevdjenk convulsion, or convolution works either way!
08:18:43 PMDooley_da_Vulcan what would prevent me from clicking into drives and folders in one app and not from another
08:18:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan ubuntu mate
08:19:53 PMrevdjenk sounds like a limit from within the program....hmmmmm
08:20:07 PMrevdjenk oh, back to your hdd problem, correct....
08:21:16 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yes
08:21:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan did you see the pic I uploaded
08:22:11 PMrevdjenk no
08:22:48 PMDooley_da_Vulcan if I dbl click on elements or winssd in plex, it will not go. but in the program to upload it it had no issues
08:23:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan
08:23:54 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: never saw the pm tab from you!
08:24:00 PMrevdjenk just now saw it!
08:24:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan that is fine
08:26:53 PMrevdjenk Dooley_da_Vulcan: ah, now I may understand. It doesn't matter what you do to the drive itself. You have to give ubuntu the permission to access. So you must remount them. that's what I am understanding.
08:29:20 PMrevdjenk it is a different system.
08:34:08 PMDooley_da_Vulcan well yeah they are ntfs
08:34:20 PMDooley_da_Vulcan but I can go to file manager and bring any of it right up
08:35:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the browse feature of the chat program lets me go into those two drives and any folders there in with no issues
08:35:56 PMDooley_da_Vulcan only when in plex, so is it Plex that I have to gie permission to
08:35:58 PMDooley_da_Vulcan give
08:36:24 PMDooley_da_Vulcan tell ubuntu that the program plex has permission to access any of these drives and files
08:38:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I changed the permissions on the drive temporarily to 777 and I think I remounted it and still no access
08:41:39 PMrevdjenk hmmmm
08:41:50 PMrevdjenk never had that problem
08:49:06 PMDooley_da_Vulcan i will see what i can find. I really appreciate the assistance and WHEN I find I will keep it in mind and let you know and post it in the Plex Forums also


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