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06:58:01 PMRobbieF Then, we'd have the ad revenue on top of that.
06:58:10 PMrevdjenk you must be in the 800's currently?
06:58:24 PMSparklyballs evening
06:58:28 PMMangleFox Hi AQONTHEBAT
06:58:33 PMrevdjenk glittery globes!
06:58:35 PMAQONTHEBAT hi
06:58:39 PMRobbieF revdjenk, no unfortunately the numbers of supporters do not reflect the number of viewers :)
06:58:50 PMRobbieF 60 seconds.
06:58:52 PMrevdjenk darn
06:58:52 PMRobbieF have fun all
06:58:55 PMAQONTHEBAT How long till the show RobbieF?
06:58:59 PMRobbieF 60 seconds
06:59:00 PMrevdjenk see ya on the other side
06:59:01 PMRobbieF well, 55
06:59:02 PMRobbieF ;)
06:59:05 PMRobbieF indeed
06:59:11 PMjlim 10
06:59:11 PMrevdjenk my chromecast is waiting
06:59:11 PMMangleFox Yayyyy
06:59:14 PMjlim 9
06:59:16 PMjlim 8
06:59:20 PMABQTKY I guess we Cat5 fans are a bunch of cheapskates.
06:59:22 PMAQONTHEBAT the suspense is killing me
06:59:51 PMRobbieF ABQTKY I think we all just individually have to take it on ... even if only $0.25 per episode!
06:59:54 PMSparklyballs push the go button RobbieF
07:00:00 PMrevdjenk ABQTKY: not quite, but almost
07:00:05 PMAQONTHEBAT Oh my goodness :)
07:00:16 PMrevdjenk tah dah
07:00:19 PMABQTKY Pretty close, revdjenk!
07:00:38 PMAQONTHEBAT Glad to be on tonight! Its been SO long!
07:00:56 PMjlim there he is
07:01:20 PMAQONTHEBAT I've been so busy lately-missed a few weeks
07:01:28 PMMangleFox that sucks
07:01:30 PMchriskevinlee Lets hope everything works tonight, fingers crossed
07:01:37 PMjlim raspbian
07:01:47 PMMangleFox Yup... Last week was a nightmare
07:02:01 PMMangleFox But he did a good job ;)
07:02:11 PMRobbieF have fun everyone
07:02:15 PMMangleFox ok
07:02:28 PMMangleFox :)
07:02:33 PMchriskevinlee @manglefox robbie always does a good job
07:02:34 PMMangleFox 3
07:02:40 PMMangleFox 2
07:02:40 PMjlim c cables?
07:02:43 PMMangleFox 1
07:02:46 PMMangleFox 0
07:02:55 PMjlim not p cables ?
07:02:58 PMMangleFox my calculations were off
07:03:06 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox someone griefed tots house!
07:03:20 PMMangleFox chriskevinlee yeah
07:03:33 PMMangleFox Dennis_Kelley I know! How dare they!
07:03:38 PMSparklyballs is that some kind of code phrase Dennis_Kelley
07:03:41 PMNelson1 thanks robbie
07:03:41 PMMangleFox RobbieF told me
07:03:48 PMDennis_Kelley i hate when that happens
07:03:54 PMMangleFox Me too
07:04:00 PMSparklyballs like , birds fly south for winter when dogs lick the leaves.
07:04:06 PMDennis_Kelley Sparklyballs talking minetest
07:05:47 PMMangleFox Dennis_Kelley on VanessaE's survival server I had the most amazing, most expensive and most time put into it. Over a STACK of diamonds(Super Rare) and it was 75% griefed! :( I was devastated.
07:06:00 PMMangleFox HOME
07:06:04 PMDennis_Kelley what is this Minetest thing? Never heard of it!
07:06:09 PMMangleFox xD
07:06:15 PMMangleFox mE NEITHER
07:06:20 PMMangleFox tsorry caps
07:06:46 PMSparklyballs that one of dem viddedeo games ?
07:06:53 PMjlim yes
07:06:54 PMAQONTHEBAT I should check MineTest out soon, maybe this week end MangleFox
07:07:01 PMMangleFox :D
07:08:12 PMMangleFox sparklyballs Have you made a new version of Minetest? 0.04.13 (I think it is) has a climbing glitch, shift and jump to climb!
07:08:23 PMthanwell I've been watching Robbie too long. I forgot the sudo command. LOL
07:08:25 PMchriskevinlee Sounds really good RobbieF
07:08:48 PMMangleFox Lyndon! Hi
07:09:25 PMlyndon hey MangleFox
07:09:38 PMSparklyballs i'm not sure of the version in the container currently, but i'll look later.
07:10:01 PMMangleFox (. c(. ) ←EPIC cartoon face
07:10:06 PMSparklyballs my pi is in the cubboard
07:10:10 PMMangleFox Ok sparklyballs
07:10:55 PMjlim does it come with a video accelerator card? such as nvidia?
07:11:17 PMGoodGuy98 Yes jlim .. sort of
07:11:34 PMGoodGuy98 accelerated graphics in some applications
07:11:36 PMchriskevinlee Is the pi powerful enough to run as a plex server and do transcoding
07:11:56 PMGoodGuy98 Probably not for transcoding
07:12:12 PMjlim wonder how well kodi would run on it
07:12:14 PMchriskevinlee Ok thanks goodguy98
07:12:18 PMSoundPro69 Transmission cut... Lost him
07:12:28 PMSparklyballs kodi works on the pi
07:12:34 PMGoodGuy98 You need to purchase extra codecs to have hardware assisted H264 ans WVC1
07:12:37 PMAQONTHEBAT MangleFox, try this one- o(
07:12:50 PMSoundPro69 Unfortunately gotta go. Bye everyone
07:12:57 PMGoodGuy98 sure thing chriskevinlee
07:12:57 PMMangleFox Ok o(
07:13:21 PMlyndon haha yup
07:13:51 PMlyndon I want a BIG computer
07:13:53 PMGoodGuy98
07:13:57 PMAQONTHEBAT I think I should make my username lowercase
07:14:05 PMjlim lol
07:14:17 PMAqonthebat There we go ;)
07:14:19 PMGoodGuy98 NOOBS does Raspbian
07:14:54 PMlyndon Mint is safe for everybody and everything
07:15:01 PMrevdjenk freezing again? or is it me
07:15:12 PMGoodGuy98 The Full version has Raspbian already downloaded.. The Network one requires it to download it
07:15:23 PMchriskevinlee Revjenk its ok for me
07:15:26 PMMangleFox Dennis_Kelley! HELP I have a pop quiz asking me what Mietest is o.O
07:15:53 PMMangleFox minetest*
07:16:09 PMDennis_Kelley what is Minetest?
07:16:20 PMlyndon haha
07:16:21 PMMangleFox :O I thought YOU knew
07:16:30 PMMangleFox Im gonna get an F
07:16:36 PMMangleFox Or an R...
07:16:47 PMDennis_Kelley its a game that is free version of minecraft
07:16:48 PMMangleFox or a Z
07:17:00 PMMangleFox You learn quick
07:17:06 PMMangleFox Thanks ;)
07:17:09 PMAqonthebat lol
07:17:56 PMSparklyballs c4 means go boom usually
07:19:44 PMLinaOnTheBat I decided this sounds better
07:19:56 PMLinaOnTheBat then AQ
07:20:16 PMLinaOnTheBat Hey.. how is Aqonthebat still online?
07:20:55 PMMangleFox Dennis_Kelley Your pyramids are SO hard
07:21:16 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox i know! did you make it to the end?
07:21:23 PMMangleFox nope
07:21:35 PMDennis_Kelley i have signs that help. I will make it easy to follow soon!
07:21:45 PMMangleFox I went in a circle and found myself at the begining,
07:21:51 PMDennis_Kelley has your dad had a chance to look at it
07:21:56 PMchriskevinlee Just make a backup so if u wipe any of ur drives then u got something to recover
07:22:25 PMMangleFox plus, I teased the trap glass and mistakeing fell into it when I went SUPER far and RobbieF has most likely heard of it
07:22:50 PMLinaOnTheBat that sounds cool, Dennis_Kelley, is this a maze?
07:23:14 PMDennis_Kelley LinaOnTheBat - yes its in a pyramid
07:23:29 PMDennis_Kelley to the Pharaohs tomb
07:23:36 PMSparklyballs same command , dd on the mac.
07:23:38 PMchriskevinlee Yep go for it RobbieF
07:23:42 PMLinaOnTheBat Cool, If I get Minetest I'll try and check it out! What is the server?
07:23:44 PMlyndon I am on audio only. is Robbie flying solo again
07:23:46 PMlyndon ??
07:23:57 PMrevdjenk lyndon: yes
07:24:08 PMlyndon goodness
07:24:17 PMDennis_Kelley port 30000
07:24:20 PMSparklyballs but you get diskutils to get the dev number for the card a lot easier
07:24:21 PMGoodGuy98 Nice
07:24:24 PMLinaOnTheBat Thanks
07:24:31 PMDennis_Kelley NP
07:24:47 PMLinaOnTheBat I'll most likely go online on...
07:24:51 PMLinaOnTheBat Friday
07:24:57 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox how is your cold doing?
07:24:59 PMGoodGuy98 Upside down
07:25:10 PMlyndon Hes doing awesome but a cohost is invaluable for this show
07:25:10 PMGoodGuy98 took me a bit to be sure
07:25:19 PMMangleFox Okay, not to bad, can you hear me coughing over the show?
07:25:35 PMlyndon yes MangleFox
07:25:44 PMDennis_Kelley yes MangleFox
07:25:46 PMlyndon I hear All!
07:25:52 PMDennis_Kelley me2
07:26:00 PMlyndon =)
07:26:02 PMMangleFox LinaOnTheBat I can't wait to see you online and darn lyndon and dennis_Kelley
07:26:12 PMLinaOnTheBat lol
07:26:16 PMLinaOnTheBat me too
07:26:18 PMchriskevinlee Or ssh into the server
07:26:22 PMDennis_Kelley i listen on headphones. so i hear alot
07:27:26 PMlyndon And a few minutes of techno babble later, it's done!
07:27:33 PMLinaOnTheBat That answers THAT question, I don't hear much stuff like coughing-unless its Robbie
07:28:08 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF - try sudo raspi-config
07:28:20 PMMangleFox I can hear practicly everything in the studio
07:28:27 PMMangleFox practically*
07:28:34 PMLinaOnTheBat Lucky Lucky
07:28:36 PMlyndon NNNnnoooooo!
07:28:56 PMrevdjenk wha?
07:29:03 PMGoodGuy98 *Poof*
07:29:09 PMchriskevinlee Thats the way Robbie lol
07:29:18 PMLinaOnTheBat Magical Television, I still don't understand how they work. o.O
07:29:22 PMrevdjenk modern majjor general
07:29:28 PMMangleFox Me neither
07:29:44 PMDennis_Kelley MangleFox you should do the news!
07:29:48 PMMangleFox YA
07:29:56 PMDennis_Kelley A play?
07:30:03 PMDennis_Kelley musical
07:30:03 PMMangleFox A play?
07:30:10 PMMangleFox what play?
07:30:16 PMMangleFox o.o
07:30:26 PMDennis_Kelley the one RobbieF is talking about
07:30:29 PMrevdjenk Dennis_Kelley: Pirates of Penzance
07:30:59 PMrevdjenk ...and more...
07:31:15 PMLinaOnTheBat Of course
07:31:44 PMMangleFox Robbie's back
07:31:55 PMMangleFox from ads
07:32:05 PMLinaOnTheBat :)
07:32:11 PMrevdjenk remember to take some time to purchase your daily items through the cat5 versions of the shopping sites ... cat5 gets a small percentage returned to them!
07:32:39 PMrevdjenk see shop.category5
07:32:54 PMrevdjenk tv
07:33:10 PMLinaOnTheBat Please donate ;) Just in case you didn't catch the website address
07:33:25 PMLinaOnTheBat I love the show
07:33:46 PMrevdjenk thanks LinaOnTheBat !
07:33:55 PMLinaOnTheBat no problem
07:34:26 PMrevdjenk oops, got a 404
07:35:09 PMMangleFox Wow I keep forgetting to type my messages
07:35:20 PMMangleFox I forgot you guys can't read my mind
07:35:23 PMLinaOnTheBat lol
07:36:16 PMchriskevinlee Just posted a article ro the bbc website
07:36:35 PMLinaOnTheBat MangleFox when are you going to upload a new #ThePixelShadow video?
07:36:35 PMrevdjenk try this for patreon:
07:36:50 PMMangleFox LinaOnTheBat on sunday
07:36:53 PMMangleFox :)
07:37:10 PMMangleFox I recorded one just today!
07:37:22 PMchriskevinlee Just posted a article ro the bbc website on my twitter - chriskevinlee
07:37:30 PMrevdjenk yay chriskevinlee
07:37:43 PMLinaOnTheBat I hope I'll be able to come online during a vid, and thanks for the information!
07:37:56 PMMangleFox your welcome
07:38:57 PMMangleFox Dennis_Kelley me and RobbieF are trying to find out how to create our own mods for the server!
07:39:29 PMDennis_Kelley thats would be fun
07:39:36 PMDennis_Kelley i will get there someday
07:40:26 PMMangleFox yup! We want to edit the mobs to make them cute instead of ugly and change the sounds-and I hope you will get there too, and we could add your mods to our server!
07:41:15 PMlyndon hey!
07:41:15 PMLinaOnTheBat Hello ;)
07:41:28 PMchriskevinlee Hey everyone! !
07:41:39 PMlyndon Tennessee
07:41:39 PMLinaOnTheBat I've been here before ;)
07:41:44 PMthanwell Once 2 years ago
07:42:00 PMGarbee alone again Robbie?
07:42:00 PMLinaOnTheBat XD been greeted soo many times
07:42:20 PMlyndon we like the show =)
07:42:30 PMlyndon keep commin back
07:42:35 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF MangleFox should do the news!
07:42:37 PMLinaOnTheBat o.O
07:42:41 PMNelson1 that's right Robbie, lose the brick wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!]'
07:42:46 PMGarbee What am I watching?
07:42:47 PMlyndon lol
07:42:54 PMGarbee Robbie losing his mind apparently.
07:43:01 PMLinaOnTheBat wait! RobbieF you forget to greet me!
07:43:07 PMGoodGuy98 Alone Again.... Naturally.. wasn't that a line in a song?
07:43:08 PMSparklyballs are you from boston
07:43:08 PMNelson1 youre welcome Robbie !!
07:43:13 PMGarbee Three weeks ago for like 20 minutes.
07:43:15 PMchriskevinlee Shhhh!! Robbie lol
07:43:16 PMlyndon i like the Klingon ship
07:43:24 PMGarbee Caught the tail end of a show, just like this one.
07:43:30 PMMangleFox Can you greet me RobbieF?
07:43:49 PMlyndon you need a TARDIS too
07:43:56 PMlyndon thats awesome
07:44:06 PMMangleFox Its a door wallpaper
07:44:08 PMlyndon yes
07:44:13 PMlyndon but on the shelf
07:44:29 PMlyndon lol
07:44:34 PMlyndon never gets old
07:44:52 PMalpeck yes
07:44:53 PMrevdjenk getting?
07:44:54 PMWhiskey_Zero Yes
07:44:54 PMMangleFox nope, there are 2, door wallpaper and a card bourd cut-out (Life size)
07:44:57 PMlyndon wouldnt know
07:45:07 PMLinaOnTheBat Hee hee
07:45:14 PMlyndon just pick it up anywhere
07:45:22 PMGoodGuy98 booted from the Micro SD card
08:05:22 PMlyndon I'll have to download the final then
08:05:36 PMlyndon =)
08:05:40 PMGoodGuy98 Wonder if Zorin has Zsync
08:06:09 PMGoodGuy98 Ubuntu had it... it only downloads changes to turn the beta into a final
08:06:34 PMGoodGuy98 Mint did not have it that I saw
08:07:41 PMlyndon Yeah i could do that with my other ubuntu desktop
08:07:55 PMLinaOnTheBat Wow, I need to get GIMP ;)
08:08:02 PMlyndon i might just download it at work though =)
08:08:19 PMLinaOnTheBat Good Job RobbieF!!!! No tech issues like last week!
08:08:20 PMrevdjenk LinaOnTheBat: are you using linux?
08:08:26 PMLinaOnTheBat nope :(
08:08:31 PMWhiskey_Zero Thanks RobbieF, good show tonight! That GIMP program is awsome!
08:08:31 PMrevdjenk oooh
08:08:33 PMlyndon Thanks Robbie
08:08:33 PMLinaOnTheBat I need to get it
08:08:38 PMRobbieF thanks everyone! Hope you had a blast!!!
08:08:43 PMalpeck Thanks RobbieF
08:08:43 PMrevdjenk well welcome... I hope you give it a try...
08:08:45 PMchriskevinlee Oh well im off to bed now goodnight all :)
08:08:46 PMlyndon yep!
08:08:46 PMLinaOnTheBat bye guys!
08:08:50 PMGoodGuy98 If you email the Zorin folks maybe they can provide it
08:09:00 PMrevdjenk Gimp is installed with many of the major linux versions
08:09:03 PMlyndon Thats right!!
08:09:14 PMWhiskey_Zero G'night everyone, see y'all next week.....
08:09:25 PMlyndon You're funny Robbie
08:09:25 PMrevdjenk wow, everyone is bailing so quickly...
08:09:33 PMMangleFox Bye guys :)
08:09:38 PMRobbieF lol lyndon no way! I'm deadpan!
08:09:45 PMrevdjenk Thanks RobbieF I liked your feathering tool!
08:09:45 PMWhiskey_Zero Time to raid the icebox revdjenk
08:09:54 PMRobbieF nice little hack eh revdjenk?
08:09:56 PMrevdjenk sorry, Whiskey_Zero too late!
08:10:01 PMlyndon yeah =)
08:10:17 PMrevdjenk yes, and the larger feathered edge really makes it look real...
08:10:27 PMRobbieF Indeed it does
08:10:31 PMRobbieF and so fast
08:10:35 PMrevdjenk yep
08:11:02 PMlyndon c-u all next week! =D
08:11:09 PMrevdjenk yes, bye lyndon
08:11:23 PMlyndon bye rev
08:11:56 PMrevdjenk one of these days, RobbieF, I just may show up... but its at least a 9 hour drive. Do you have a couch at studio D?
08:12:10 PMthanwell Robbie. Did you get my message about the sudo command I sent you after your issues with the pi and su?
08:12:17 PMthanwell Sudo -s
08:12:18 PMRobbieF lol
08:12:23 PMRobbieF we have banks of chairs
08:12:31 PMRobbieF you can lay across 3 or 4 of them if need be
08:12:33 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: almost a pew!
08:12:36 PMRobbieF lol
08:12:47 PMRobbieF they're more like waiting room chairs or airport chairs
08:12:52 PMRobbieF all connected together
08:12:54 PMrevdjenk yikes...
08:13:00 PMRobbieF oh no, it's rather nice
08:13:01 PMRobbieF :)
08:13:04 PMRobbieF seating for 10
08:13:10 PMrevdjenk hee hee
08:13:28 PMrevdjenk I'll have to come early to go bother Sasha at work
08:13:38 PMRobbieF Get a chiropractic adjustment ;)
08:13:53 PMrevdjenk hey I could nap there!
08:14:00 PMRobbieF hahahaha
08:14:05 PMRobbieF on the chiro bed
08:14:14 PMRobbieF they even have yoga pillows ;)
08:14:26 PMrevdjenk that implies "work"
08:14:32 PMrevdjenk the yoga, i mean
08:14:34 PMSparklyballs da hell is a yoga pillow ?
08:14:46 PMGoodGuy98 I always thought they should show movies while you place your head in the table opening
08:14:52 PMRobbieF
08:15:00 PMRobbieF comfy enough :)
08:15:14 PMSparklyballs bicycle ramps
08:15:28 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: they do that at some blood drive centers when you do more than just giving whole blood
08:15:58 PMGoodGuy98 I went for several MRI's years ago and they played CDs. I brought my own Drum and Bugle Corps CDs.. They seemed to work faster also lol
08:16:14 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: which corps?
08:16:37 PMrevdjenk my nephew was with the madison scouts
08:17:00 PMGoodGuy98 Depends which CD I brought.. Usually Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard.. Madison Scouts
08:17:15 PMGoodGuy98 My wife loved Madison Scouts
08:17:32 PMrevdjenk he enjoyed it too, about 4 years worth
08:17:38 PMGoodGuy98 I liked they alot as well
08:18:13 PMGoodGuy98 I cant travel in a car on the freeways, so I thought I saw my last live show
08:18:38 PMrevdjenk wha?
08:18:49 PMrevdjenk you don't get home in time
08:18:52 PMrevdjenk ?
08:18:52 PMGoodGuy98 But they had a Open class show a few miles away.. Blue Devils B corp was there
08:19:15 PMGoodGuy98 I get very dizzy and almost blacked out
08:19:22 PMrevdjenk blue devils are good, too.
08:19:37 PMGoodGuy98 It makes me feel awful
08:19:39 PMrevdjenk oh, yes, I remember you speaking about this before...
08:20:00 PMrevdjenk no changes, huh?
08:20:00 PMGoodGuy98 I think it is from bone spurs
08:20:15 PMrevdjenk get off that horse, then!!
08:20:28 PMGoodGuy98 I went for two cervical fusions and it didnt help much
08:20:34 PMrevdjenk yikes...
08:20:50 PMrevdjenk both of our sons have severe back issues, too
08:20:53 PMGoodGuy98 Peyton Manning had five :-)
08:21:15 PMGoodGuy98 Back is worse than cervical fusions
08:21:33 PMrevdjenk well, unless you want to move your head around
08:21:48 PMGoodGuy98 I meant to surgical risk
08:21:57 PMrevdjenk that's true, too
08:22:32 PMGoodGuy98 I wear a cervical collar while on the PC or I couldnt last more than 5-10 mins
08:23:23 PMrevdjenk that's why having a device suspended under chiropractor's table would be ideal
08:24:05 PMGoodGuy98 My I used to kid nurses to show video on the room while getting tests
08:24:31 PMGoodGuy98 show kids movies to help children relax
08:24:57 PMrevdjenk yep... they give them consoles to play games in our local children's hospital


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