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06:59:09 PMRobbieF Have fun everyone!
06:59:10 PMLinaOnTheBat Hi guys =D
06:59:16 PMLinaOnTheBat I will =)
06:59:23 PMRobbieF How has Roku on demand been working for you now that we upgraded to 1080p?
06:59:31 PMLinaOnTheBat Well
06:59:33 PMLinaOnTheBat :)
06:59:37 PMchriskevinlee Hi all, Let get ready for another live stream, let hope we dont have any technical issues tonight
06:59:37 PMRobbieF Great!
06:59:44 PMMangleFox70 Hi Good Guy98
06:59:46 PMRobbieF thanks Chris
06:59:54 PMGoodGuy98 Hi MangleFox70
07:00:03 PMGoodGuy98 Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:00:04 PMDennis_Kelley Made it!
07:00:04 PMMangleFox70 Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:00:08 PMMangleFox70 :D
07:00:10 PMchriskevinlee No probs Robbie
07:00:14 PMMangleFox70 at the right second
07:00:25 PMGoodGuy98 Hi KelseyJ
07:00:33 PMDennis_Kelley hi MangleFox70 GoodGuy98
07:00:37 PMchriskevinlee Hi kelsey how r u tonight
07:00:40 PMDennis_Kelley anyone else!
07:00:42 PMLinaOnTheBat Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:00:45 PMMangleFox70 hi
07:00:47 PMNateUK hello Dennis_Kelley
07:00:55 PMDennis_Kelley hi NateUK!
07:01:02 PMNanamiUK hey Dennis_Kelley
07:01:02 PMDennis_Kelley hello LinaOnTheBat
07:01:17 PMMangleFox70 Wow Dk you are popular
07:01:24 PMGoodGuy98 Devil is crooked, so it still applies
07:01:28 PMLinaOnTheBat =)
07:01:28 PMDennis_Kelley i get around!
07:02:07 PMGoodGuy98 Apparently it doesn't tell the time :-)
07:03:11 PMGoodGuy98 How are kids supposed to learn about anatomy? lol
07:03:17 PMLinaOnTheBat Chat room is filling up =)
07:03:25 PMDennis_Kelley GoodGuy98 right!
07:03:49 PMJoeInNH the library
07:04:23 PMMangleFox70 Dennis_Kelley How did you find the snow house? I spent half the episode looking for it o.O
07:04:35 PMDennis_Kelley the map
07:04:42 PMMangleFox70 oh
07:04:44 PMSoundPro69 Ha ha ha... Hello Everyone!
07:04:49 PMJoeInNH robbie needs a big red button
07:04:50 PMDave_Maydew I is here!!
07:04:51 PMGarbee Wow.
07:04:53 PMDennis_Kelley you can see it on the map
07:04:55 PMLinaOnTheBat Hi SoundPro69
07:04:59 PMGarbee I do believe this is the first time I've seen this.
07:05:03 PMDave_Maydew Hi RobbieF and all
07:05:04 PMWhiskey_Zero Hi Dave_Maydew !!
07:05:05 PMMangleFox70 Hello soundpro69
07:05:10 PMMangleFox70 tHi dave_Maydew
07:05:12 PMNateUK hello Dave_Maydew
07:05:12 PMNanamiUK It's the first time i have seen this
07:05:18 PMMangleFox70 hi revdjenk
07:05:32 PMDave_Maydew Just waiting for the little one to call for his bottle and then nappy change
07:05:44 PMDennis_Kelley Dave_Maydew Hello
07:05:58 PMDave_Maydew Hi Dennis_Kelley
07:06:07 PMNateUK how is the new little Maydew Dave_Maydew .. hope all is well
07:06:09 PMLinaOnTheBat =) Welcome Dave_Maydew
07:06:09 PMGoodGuy98 What does the blue dot next to Garbee and MangleFox70 mean... RobbieF has a green dot (using HexChat on Linux Mint)
07:06:18 PMGarbee We have voice.
07:06:22 PMGoodGuy98 I would guess Ops
07:06:23 PMGarbee Robbie is op.
07:06:24 PMrevdjenk hey MangleFox70 didn't we start this same way last week?
07:06:30 PMMangleFox70 Hmmmmmm
07:06:32 PMGoodGuy98 Thanks Garbee
07:06:34 PMMangleFox70 Perhaps
07:06:40 PMDave_Maydew Does she know what Hydrocephalus is RobbieF??
07:06:41 PMGoodGuy98 Forgot about Voice
07:06:44 PMGarbee I have op privs, I just don't have it on all the time.
07:06:51 PMrevdjenk 44 live people in chat room!!!
07:06:59 PMJoeInNH reading week?
07:07:10 PMMangleFox70 GoodGuy98 + is special user and @ is Admin or such
07:07:33 PMGoodGuy98 actually 42.. cat5tv_bot and ChanServ are Bots
07:07:43 PMMangleFox70 Yeh
07:07:50 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: correct!
07:08:09 PMGarbee MangleFox70: Special... so... I should go get my helmet.
07:08:10 PMDave_Maydew I've been getting a few more users onto Linux in between looking after Ollie now he's 4 weeks old
07:08:23 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: will they answer to dance or any other commands?
07:08:40 PMMangleFox70 Garbee o.O
07:08:49 PMJoeInNH she needs a wireless charger
07:09:00 PMGoodGuy98 Chanserv is a standard bot... cat5tv_bot is custom programmed, so it may
07:09:15 PMrevdjenk hmmmmm
07:09:16 PMDave_Maydew RobbieF people should try Cubot
07:09:31 PMDave_Maydew Pure Droid man!!
07:09:31 PMGoodGuy98 Chanserv automatically assigns chanops and keeps the channel open
07:09:35 PMrevdjenk sing cat5tv_bot
07:09:42 PMrevdjenk hmmmm
07:10:07 PMGoodGuy98 Usually need a special character in front to activate a bot
07:10:18 PMGoodGuy98 !time
07:10:32 PMGoodGuy98 not that character, but like that
07:10:34 PMGarbee cat5tv_bot: help
07:10:35 PMGWG I have been thinking of bringing back my classic turn of the millennium mix tape, Songs to be Depressed By.
07:10:37 PMGarbee !help
07:10:37 PMchriskevinlee Hi robbie kelsey
07:10:38 PMrevdjenk hey RobbieF and KelseyJ
07:10:40 PMGarbee ?help
07:10:45 PMSoundPro69 Hey RobbieF
07:10:48 PMNanamiUK Hey RobbieF
07:10:50 PMsr_wences Hi Robbie! Hi Kelsey!
07:10:51 PMGarbee I think the bot is triggered by Robbie for draws and things.
07:10:51 PMJoeInNH Robbie should set up a text messenger so he could text the "smart" lightbulb
07:10:53 PMLinaOnTheBat Hello RobbieF Love cat5 and am glad KelsyJ could make it!
07:11:00 PMGoodGuy98 Usually has a special character prefixing a command
07:11:01 PMGarbee And to get logs for the shownotes from.
07:11:10 PMNateUK hello RobbieF
07:11:15 PMMangleFox70 DanTDM!!!!!!!!
07:11:20 PMMangleFox70 !!!!!!!!!
07:11:22 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks!
07:11:32 PMLinaOnTheBat :)
07:11:39 PMsr_wences This is weird. The web chat client was acting all freaky in Chrome.
07:11:46 PMsr_wences Had to open FireFox.
07:12:00 PMSoundPro69 I am getting cutoffs every few seconds, is it just my connection?
07:12:07 PMDave_Maydew RobbieF Ollie is sleeping.... shame really :-)
07:12:21 PMLinaOnTheBat I don't come online very often here but I'll be able to do it more often :) Glad to see you all!
07:12:28 PMDennis_Kelley NanamiUK - Hello!~
07:12:31 PMrevdjenk SoundPro69: with vid? that happened to me last week, but about every 15 minutes
07:12:44 PMgarbee-test sr_wences:Working here on Chrome v50.
07:12:52 PMNanamiUK Hey Dennis_Kellyey :3
07:13:00 PMDave_Maydew Mmmmm, those bulbs should be fun here.... I could wind the kids up
07:13:33 PMlyman123_ Bailed on FF. Now using Hexchat. Interesting.
07:14:06 PMNateUK RobbieF: does those bulbs help with SAD ? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
07:14:14 PMGoodGuy98 I like HexChat... works on Windows as well
07:14:20 PMlyman123_ did the show freeze for anyne else?
07:14:27 PMRonnicat yes
07:14:29 PMjpeg2RAW How do i see the video and chat? If I scroll down to see chat, I can't see the video
07:14:30 PMWhiskey_Zero Not here
07:14:31 PMMangleFox70 Ppl join. Ppl leave.
07:14:37 PMchriskevinlee Nope
07:14:40 PMStinkyRedEye Hello
07:14:43 PMlyman123_ I use 2 windows.
07:14:45 PMGoodGuy98 It has the ability to script in Python, Perl and TCL iirc
07:14:47 PMRonnicat Hello
07:14:47 PMMangleFox70 hi
07:14:57 PMNateUK hello JeffWeston
07:15:02 PMMangleFox70 Hi JeffWeston
07:15:03 PMJeffWeston Hey nate
07:15:09 PMLinaOnTheBat Hey JeffWEston
07:15:10 PMJeffWeston Hey manglefox70
07:15:14 PMJeffWeston Hey lina
07:15:30 PMMangleFox70 hello :3
07:15:33 PMchriskevinlee Hi JeffWeston
07:15:38 PMStinkyRedEye Hi JeffWeston
07:15:41 PMJeffWeston Hi chris
07:15:45 PMJeffWeston Hi stinky
07:15:50 PMStinkyRedEye :D
07:15:54 PMlyman123_ BTW Lyman123 = sr-Wences
07:16:04 PMSoundPro69 revdjenk, the video freezes and the audio cuts off. Eventually it continues...
07:16:08 PMJeffWeston Oh nice. Hi lymam
07:16:08 PMlyman123_ Hi JeffWeston
07:16:09 PMGoodGuy98 Not sure about TCL.. but Python and Perl is supported
07:16:22 PMSoundPro69 right now it is about every 10 seconds or so
07:16:44 PMMangleFox70 That looks cool and creepy
07:16:58 PMStinkyRedEye You can say that again
07:17:02 PMlyman123_ Man, that broadcast studio software rocks! ANd RobbieF is a wiz with it. sweet split screen!
07:17:49 PMlyman123_ I think he mean blue-light special. Red light means street walkers.
07:18:22 PMMangleFox70 Cool
07:18:44 PMKiwiCat Hello Hello
07:18:52 PMJeffWeston Hi kiwi
07:18:53 PMlyman123_ (keep it clean boys, MangleFox is in the room)
07:18:56 PMRonnicat hello
07:19:00 PMNanamiUK Hey KiwiCat
07:19:00 PMMangleFox70 hi and WHAT
07:19:11 PMMangleFox70 lyman123_ what
07:19:34 PMLinaOnTheBat Hi KiwiCat
07:19:43 PMJeffWeston Hi moe
07:19:50 PMlyman123_ Just being respectful of your presence young lady. I have a daughter also.
07:19:54 PMMoeMaravilla Hello everyone... Hello Jeff
07:20:18 PMKiwiCat Hi JeffWeston Ronnicat NanamiUK LinaOnTheBat and MangleFox70
07:20:21 PMGoodGuy98 Hello MoeMaravilla
07:20:21 PMNanamiUK Hey MoeMaravilla
07:20:41 PMlyman123_ OK boys, hold down the fort. I have to cook dinner (pizza tonight!).
07:20:42 PMMangleFox70 Hi MoeMaravilla
07:20:56 PMLinaOnTheBat Hello MoeMaravilla
07:21:27 PMLinaOnTheBat lyman123_ ooh pizza =D
07:22:19 PMMangleFox70 The stand for that is from MY lamp :3 I let RobbieF borrow it and replace the lightbulb\
07:22:55 PMNanamiUK MangleFox70 awesome
07:23:05 PMKiwiCat I love the way that bulb looks
07:23:12 PMMangleFox70 :3
07:23:35 PMMoeMaravilla Hi GoodGuy, Nanami, MangleFOx and LinaOnTheBeat
07:23:56 PMMangleFox70 Where do all the missing socks go? Is this a gateway to another DIMENSION!?
07:24:41 PMLinaOnTheBat I do like beats*Wink*
07:24:54 PMLinaOnTheBat But one big enough for me to go on?
07:25:15 PMRonnicat ok live is just not working great here but enjoying the chat. I will watch it later on Roku
07:25:19 PMGoodGuy98 We live in the Serf's quarters, not the Castle Main
07:25:39 PMrevdjenk yes, SoundPro69 but it hasn't happened to me yet tonight
07:26:28 PMNanamiUK Hey ABQTKY
07:26:40 PMKiwiCat That is interesting *Rubs chin*
07:27:13 PMABQTKY Uh, oh. Just dropped the video AND the Chat Room. Hmmm.
07:27:23 PMGoodGuy98 How much are they?
07:28:27 PMGoodGuy98 But only if used a couple hours a day
07:28:41 PMalpeck hopefully bluetooth still exists in 20 years
07:28:48 PMGoodGuy98 I run some of my bulbs alot of hours per day
07:29:24 PMMangleFox70 Timed out o.o
07:29:27 PMGoodGuy98 It was 22 years, but they assumed 2 hours a day or close to that
07:29:41 PMGoodGuy98 Cheap LED... not this brand
07:30:02 PMLinaOnTheBat Timed out again =(
07:30:45 PMGoodGuy98 The US govt ran a contest to make the most natural light a couple years ago and Philips won.. It was on Tekzilla
07:30:47 PMchriskevinlee Poor jef
07:30:58 PMMoeMaravilla I use Insteon for home automation (not as cool - I don't want smart bulbs yet).
07:31:08 PMJeffWeston Poor me?
07:31:32 PMWhiskey_Zero Is the sun still up there in Barrie?
07:31:38 PMLinaOnTheBat The cold jeff
07:31:45 PMchriskevinlee Yep for being out in the cold
07:31:47 PMMangleFox70 no zero
07:31:49 PMalpeck no...the sun is down in barrie
07:32:06 PMalpeck pre-recorded
07:32:30 PMJeffWeston Almost live. Wrapped those up late this afternoon.
07:32:44 PMJeffWeston Does it look ok?
07:32:57 PMWhiskey_Zero Kinda pixelated
07:33:09 PMalpeck looks great JeffWeston
07:33:19 PMMoeMaravilla Jeff, What IRC client do you use on your phone?
07:33:22 PMJeffWeston Hmm :○\
07:33:39 PMJeffWeston Andchat
07:33:48 PMMoeMaravilla Thanks
07:35:02 PMchriskevinlee I use androl IRC
07:35:32 PMJoeInNH Barrie webcam...
07:35:39 PMalpeck hey JeffWeston what are you using for video head tracking? working pretty good.
07:35:54 PMJeffWeston My hand.
07:36:02 PMJeffWeston I self direct
07:36:04 PMlyman123_ millimeter waves. Cool, so you can call home and warm up your lunch...
07:36:09 PMalpeck your are very coordinated
07:36:10 PMJeffWeston Hahaha
07:36:17 PMRobbieF Nicely done sir
07:36:27 PMNateUK impressed JeffWeston if i was to walk and talk like that I would be sounding out of breath by now lol
07:36:37 PMMoeMaravilla You should have used Google Glass
07:36:39 PMJoeInNH Russia thinks US Companies don't pay enough taxes
07:36:39 PMKelseyJ saaaaaaaaame
07:36:44 PMLinaOnTheBat Hands are what put the world into place (Man Made Stuff)
07:36:52 PMRobbieF I'm out of breath just thinking about it.
07:36:58 PMNateUK hahah RobbieF
07:37:00 PMJeffWeston I was shocked I could walk, talk, read, cross the street, avoid traffic all at once
07:37:07 PMNanamiUK JeffWeston there's no way i could do that in the freezing cold
07:37:08 PMRobbieF I have no idea how you did this.
07:37:09 PMLinaOnTheBat You don't see men making stuff with their feet
07:37:24 PMMoeMaravilla Surprised you have not tripped yet.
07:37:29 PMJeffWeston Hahaha
07:37:29 PMRobbieF tthere it is
07:37:47 PMRobbieF bahaha, if you see me starting messages with "t" you know I've been playing too much Minetest.
07:37:48 PMLinaOnTheBat Be Right there and there* RobbieF
07:38:01 PMSoundPro69 Of course if Windows 10 is a spying machine... Sorry, but I am pissed about it...
07:38:04 PMLinaOnTheBat oh, sorry, posted a split second after you
07:38:28 PMRobbieF bahahahaah
07:38:28 PMNateUK thats all my daughter NanamiUK talks about right now RobbieF Minetest this that and other lol
07:38:40 PMRobbieF :) That's cool NateUK
07:38:44 PMRobbieF enjoying survival?
07:38:48 PMalpeck doing very good Jeffw
07:38:52 PMDennis_Kelley i am!
07:38:52 PMMangleFox70 I am
07:38:54 PMJeffWeston Thanks
07:38:55 PMNateUK ask her shes here lol
07:39:00 PMJeffWeston I only got winded once haha
07:39:02 PMJoeInNH I have a new Win10 machine. I am going to install Arch Linux on it. Just nervous because of UEFI
07:39:17 PMNateUK very brave JoeInNH : )
07:39:46 PMMangleFox70 Wow I need to cough so bad but it would mess up the show =(
07:40:04 PMJeffWeston Go to washroom mangle
07:40:10 PMJoeInNH I want a better development laptop
07:40:26 PMGoodGuy98 Take a look at Easy2Boot JoeInNH . windows aoftware, but the author does a good deal of research on UEFI
07:40:31 PMMangleFox70 Hey-I just noticed I’m not + anymore
07:40:50 PMalpeck not that a visit porn sites but sharing credit card information seems like an unjustified risk
07:40:59 PMalpeck ^I
07:41:09 PMMangleFox70 JeffWeston But after I cough I need to do it again and I don't want to spend half the night coughing in a bathroom
07:41:12 PMJoeInNH Eventually I will rid the computer completely of all Windoze.
07:41:18 PMNanamiUK JeffWeston how do you walk and make sure your in the camra in the freezing cold and talk to us on here?
07:41:18 PMMangleFox70 =/
07:41:35 PMJeffWeston I'm magic nanamiuk
07:41:36 PMMangleFox70 =/ heyyyy I did = / not : /!!!!
07:41:47 PMalpeck way to go JeffWeston
07:41:54 PMMangleFox70 DUM DUM DUMMM
07:42:03 PMNanamiUK JeffWeston Lol XD
07:42:09 PMGoodGuy98 Especially with a porn site... hardly the most moral types run them I would guess
07:42:10 PMMoeMaravilla Good job Jeff!
07:42:15 PMNateUK great news JeffWeston
07:42:24 PMJeffWeston Thanks all. It was fun today
07:42:30 PMMangleFox70 But I don't like sledding that much anyway
07:42:39 PMMangleFox70 WO
07:42:48 PMLinaOnTheBat Hee hee
07:42:50 PMSoundPro69 RobbieF define quite mild... ha ha
07:43:22 PMNanamiUK RobbieF that's awesome
07:43:29 PMRonnicat I did see that and he did a great job :)
07:43:45 PMLinaOnTheBat And the a 2.00.00 ppl watching (Don't know how many o.O ) Will be laughing
07:43:58 PMMangleFox70 DO IT
07:44:02 PMMangleFox70 =)\
07:44:07 PMMangleFox70 =) *
07:44:17 PMRonnicat he did a great job
07:44:26 PMRonnicat typo oops lol
07:44:53 PMLinaOnTheBat I didn't find one Ronnicat
07:44:55 PMDennis_Kelley that sounds like a great game!
07:45:31 PMRonnicat oh i normally do that is a first
07:45:34 PMMangleFox70 I know-I want it SO bad But Dad won't let me-He keeps rubbing it in. All I get to play is WALRUS =(
07:45:48 PMLinaOnTheBat MangleFox70 wut.
07:45:58 PMLinaOnTheBat What is Walrus?
07:46:24 PMMangleFox70 I don't know-that's why its so annoying-playing a game I don't know at all
07:46:40 PMLinaOnTheBat : 3
07:46:50 PMLinaOnTheBat =)
07:47:05 PMLinaOnTheBat Can I play Walrus-sounds like fun
07:47:25 PMMangleFox70 ok-
07:47:33 PMLinaOnTheBat Hahaha
07:47:34 PMrevdjenk killed a stink bug today
07:47:37 PMRonnicat i will check it out too.
07:47:47 PMrevdjenk the GIMP show!
07:47:47 PMSoundPro69 is offline right ow :-(
07:47:49 PMBobK54 hey, I had a ladybug in my family room a week or two back too. amazing
07:47:57 PMNanamiUK The ladybug wanted a good view on the show XD
07:47:57 PMSoundPro69 right now*
07:48:45 PMGoodGuy98 Ladybug moved indoors to survive, so that's how it still lives in the freezing temps
07:48:52 PMLinaOnTheBat MangleFox70 I'm SO excited to play WALRUS =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))
07:49:23 PMLinaOnTheBat That one rude ladybug that doesn't act like a lady
07:49:32 PMlyman123_ GIMP it's like Photoshop without the file deletion!
07:50:12 PMGoodGuy98 It's like Photoshop without the expensive invoice
07:50:13 PMMangleFox70 Wait-I got the website wrong-
07:50:13 PMrevdjenk GIMP it's like Photoshop without the cost!
07:50:43 PMMangleFox70 sorry keep typing it wrong
07:51:08 PMMangleFox70 WAIT is that a RWAL website?! woops
07:51:09 PMrevdjenk GIMP it's like Photoshop, and uses Photoshop filters
07:51:20 PMMangleFox70 Click on it and see-its REAL
07:51:29 PMLinaOnTheBat It IS o.O
07:51:33 PMNanamiUK I think I used GIMP before
07:51:41 PMNateUK i disagree on many aspects of GIMP compared to Photoshop ... so many things Photoshop can do that GIMP fails ... but for free GIMP does amazing things .. so it is really want you need it for depends on if Photoshop is worth its cost .. even though i prefer open source
07:51:52 PMDennis_Kelley what do you have against one legged Pirates RobbieF?
07:51:56 PMMangleFox70 I agree NateUKL
07:51:59 PMMangleFox70 NateUK
07:52:28 PMRonnicat I love the Gimp and it is better than Photoshop to me.
07:53:00 PMrevdjenk NateUK: That is true, especially for some advanced Photoshop capabilities
07:53:03 PMLinaOnTheBat What do you do in Walrus?
07:53:35 PMMangleFox70 You are a Walrus who is gonna die. If you don't catch your food quick you will explode
07:53:39 PMMoeMaravilla Robbie, you should use the vertival line.
07:54:11 PMLinaOnTheBat :O
07:54:24 PMLinaOnTheBat That is.....Interesting
07:54:48 PMMangleFox70 -_-
07:55:11 PMMangleFox70 I know right so interesting-it super boring
07:55:22 PMMangleFox70 I want to get Minetest instead
07:55:42 PMLinaOnTheBat ok
07:55:50 PMLinaOnTheBat Me too =)
07:56:16 PMMangleFox70 MY WEBSITE and
07:56:16 PMDennis_Kelley too much tech for you MangleFox70
07:56:24 PMMangleFox70 =DDD\
07:57:04 PMNanamiUK I still thing Photoshop you could do alot more things with than GIMP
07:57:39 PMSoundPro69 NanamiUK, for example?
07:59:04 PMGoodGuy98 Use GIMP to work on a picture of your bank account statement... No need to do that in Photoshop because the account is empty :-)
07:59:05 PMRonnicat Actually there is an extension I found for the Gimp that made it more powerful. The Gimp is very powerful. I started playing around with it back in the days of Mandrake. It has advanced.
07:59:47 PMRonnicat GoodGuy 98 lmbo
07:59:55 PMJoeInNH I think it can use Photoshop brushs and plugins
07:59:56 PMNanamiUK SoundPro69 Photoshop does contend-awear scalling withing the enhance picturing
08:00:21 PMNateUK content-aware NanamiUK : ))
08:00:38 PMGoodGuy98 Plus you get your files with GIMP.. unlike Adobe customers
08:01:16 PMNateUK GoodGuy98: that is actually untrue
08:01:16 PMGoodGuy98 Russian roulette with your precious folders name them right ot lose them
08:01:55 PMMangleFox70 Im the Mangle RobbieF]\
08:01:59 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF just had a story about Adobe wiping out first folder it found
08:02:29 PMrevdjenk quickest hour on "tv"
08:02:36 PMMangleFox70 :)
08:02:44 PMBobK54 :)
08:02:45 PMGoodGuy98 Do you fell luckly with your folder naming standards? well do you punk.... (Dirty Harry reference)
08:02:47 PMrevdjenk thumbs up RobbieF and KelseyJ
08:02:54 PMWhiskey_Zero Thanks RobbieF and KelseyJ for great program tonight!
08:02:55 PMrevdjenk its on my tv
08:02:59 PMNanamiUK See you on minetest
08:03:09 PMNateUK greate show RobbieF, KelseyJ and JeffWeston : ))
08:03:14 PMDennis_Kelley see ya NanamiUK
08:03:24 PMDennis_Kelley What is Minetest?
08:03:39 PMGoodGuy98 I was angry with the Grammys... it took my beloved Supergirl and Kara off
08:03:40 PMrevdjenk gnite
08:03:42 PMchriskevinlee Goodnight KelseyJ and RobbieF
08:03:45 PMJoeInNH Minetest is a free opensource alternative to Minecraft
08:03:53 PMalpeck Great show RobbieF and KelseyJ. Nice to see you were not winging it alone again. Great job JeffWeston as well.
08:04:03 PMWhiskey_Zero G'nite everyone. See y'all next Tuesday
08:04:14 PMSoundPro69 Thank you and have a good one everyone!
08:04:16 PMGoodGuy98 I kid our daughter it is my quality time with Kara Danvers
08:04:18 PMRobbieF Thanks all--have a great night!
08:04:22 PMNanamiUK Night everyone if you are on the erver see you there tomorrow
08:04:30 PMrevdjenk yes, the roaming news reporter.... interesting... didn't get winded, either
08:04:34 PMMangleFox70 Dennis_Kelley in singleplayer minetest (Its a game better then Walrus) Im planning on creating a REALLY cool mod!!!!
08:04:43 PMJoeInNH Great Show people.
08:04:44 PMMangleFox70 But I need to learn how
08:04:57 PMSoundPro69 bye bye
08:04:59 PMrevdjenk now over to AAA
08:05:00 PMchriskevinlee Oh well im off to bed now night all
08:05:00 PMDennis_Kelley cool MangleFox70
08:05:07 PMrevdjenk gnite chriskevinlee
08:05:13 PMGoodGuy98 I lost that for watching Taylor Swift and Selena HGomez hugging
08:05:21 PMalpeck great segment name revdjenk. the roaming news reporter.
08:05:29 PMGoodGuy98 And Justin Bieber
08:05:34 PMrevdjenk copyright
08:05:41 PMalpeck or the roaming news report
08:05:59 PMalpeck hahah
08:06:09 PMJoeInNH MangleFox should learn lau. I think that's the "scripting" language used by Minetest.
08:06:24 PMrevdjenk alpeck: if he gets too much exertion it becomes the foaming news reporter
08:06:33 PMJoeInNH I played around with editing some of the mods.
08:06:47 PMalpeck goodnight everyone
08:07:00 PMrevdjenk gnite alpeck
08:07:13 PMGoodGuy98 Hown can we go on another day without knowing this
08:07:14 PMGoodGuy98
08:07:16 PMrevdjenk dance cat5tv_bot
08:07:24 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: dance
08:07:36 PMrevdjenk pooh... you didn't train your bots, RobbieF
08:07:37 PMGoodGuy98 Taylor Swift got caught licking herself, like a cat, at the Grammys *Gasp*
08:08:12 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: sing
08:08:24 PMrevdjenk nothing!
08:08:35 PMrevdjenk ChanServ: dance
08:08:41 PMrevdjenk pooh
08:09:18 PMGoodGuy98 Usually bots respond to a special character followed by a command
08:09:32 PMGoodGuy98 Would help to know the commands
08:09:33 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: *dance
08:09:38 PMGoodGuy98 !help
08:09:44 PMGoodGuy98 @help
08:09:51 PMGoodGuy98 -help
08:09:58 PMrevdjenk *help
08:10:06 PMGoodGuy98 wouldn't be a -
08:10:06 PMJoeInNH night everyone
08:10:09 PMrevdjenk ?help
08:10:20 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: help
08:10:25 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: *help
08:11:33 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: &help
08:11:50 PMrevdjenk cat5tv_bot: %help
08:12:08 PMRobbieF How may I assist you, Dave?
08:12:23 PMrevdjenk doug some bots respond to commands
08:12:35 PMrevdjenk I've seen bots who sing, and dance
08:12:39 PMRobbieF :)
08:12:46 PMrevdjenk oh...
08:12:51 PMRobbieF sorry to disappoint. You'll have to settle for RobbieF doing those things.
08:12:57 PMrevdjenk hee hee
08:18:12 PMGoodGuy98 Maybe he hasn't programmed the bot to respond to commands yet
08:18:55 PMGoodGuy98 It may be a channel bot whose only purpose is to keep the channel open 24 x 7
08:20:39 PMGoodGuy98 although I would assume that's what ChanServ is doing
08:20:56 PMGoodGuy98 it auto ops users etc
08:21:39 PMGWG RobbieF: How are you doing?
09:03:31 PMMoeMaravilla Did I finally connect with my phone?


Does Not Include Lurkers