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06:58:22 PMABQTKY Gee, it's so quiet and restful far...I was almost asleep!
06:59:09 PMRobbieF 60 seconds!
07:02:16 PMUSSROVER good afternoon/evening everyone
07:02:24 PMSparklyballs lol, don't be transcoding on the pi...
07:02:39 PMUSSROVER did you watch the Juno mission last night??
07:04:43 PMDennis_Kelley Hello USSROVER
07:04:49 PMDennis_Kelley I did!
07:05:04 PMUSSROVER same here on two computers
07:05:27 PMUSSROVER this one the live feed other the
07:05:50 PMDennis_Kelley i did not have eyes but watched it live
07:06:15 PMUSSROVER the eyes program on a 25" screen :)
07:06:40 PMDennis_Kelley i bet that was cool!
07:06:59 PMUSSROVER yepper
07:07:15 PMDennis_Kelley i could not get it to run on my linux computer and i was not going to my win8 box
07:08:01 PMUSSROVER wine did not work?
07:08:44 PMDennis_Kelley no, didnt look that far into it. but will
07:09:15 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is going to break it
07:10:54 PMBobK54 its rocket surgery
07:11:45 PMSparklyballs so, does it qualify as plug n play ?
07:13:50 PMDonBatman That looked painful
07:18:05 PMsr_wences WAF is fundamental
07:18:14 PMsr_wences to any technology initiativ
07:18:15 PMDonBatman lol Men?
07:18:51 PMsr_wences Men,men, men, men!
07:19:41 PMUSSROVER should have 3 more
07:19:45 PMsr_wences Strangely quiet today. Where's sparkly?
07:19:53 PMSparklyballs here
07:20:16 PMsr_wences Well now I feel better. My week is complete. Now I can start dinner!
07:22:20 PMDonBatman I always laugh at you RobbieF
07:25:05 PMsr_wences Not that I don't like Jeff and all, but anyine have an idea when we will see Sasha again?
07:25:31 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF makes it easy to laugh at him!
07:25:47 PMDonBatman I agree Dennis_Kelley
07:25:55 PMsr_wences Marking my calendar now!
07:26:18 PMsr_wences Had anyone installed Mint 18?
07:26:20 PMDennis_Kelley or drink when he says a word wrong!
07:27:26 PMDonBatman lol
07:28:18 PMalpeck just installed Mint 18 cinnamon last week sr_wences
07:28:46 PMsr_wences So how was it. Did you nike and pave or do an update?
07:28:53 PMsr_wences "nuke and pave"
07:29:11 PMalpeck nuke and paved from windows7
07:29:16 PMsr_wences I've done a nike and pave, but that was stomping on a Windows disk.
07:29:19 PMalpeck with an ssd
07:29:44 PMRobbieF cd /t
07:30:02 PMsr_wences So that's waht that was...
07:30:17 PMUSSROVER alpeck how do you like mint 18 so far?
07:30:53 PMsr_wences Did you overwrite Win7? If so, yeah baby!
07:31:40 PMalpeck i have been running mint 17 for sometime. mint 18 i installed on wives computer and she is loving it
07:32:02 PMUSSROVER :)
07:32:04 PMalpeck it looks really good...will be updating from 17 soon
07:32:52 PMUSSROVER I chose mint over current version of UBUNTU did not like UBUNTU's desk top
07:33:24 PMalpeck i use ubuntu for my media center because of the interface
07:34:10 PMalpeck large interface works good from arm chair at a distance
07:34:30 PMalpeck shhhhh....the news
07:34:32 PMUSSROVER on my HP desktop (win 7) looking for a server version of linux to dualboot / vm the windows side
07:35:00 PMUSSROVER what I hate about windows machines 3 GIG memory limit
07:35:31 PMUSSROVER have 8 GIG in desktop
07:35:33 PMDonBatman What I hate about windows machines is windows
07:35:38 PMalpeck if you have 64bit USSROVER then you don't have 3 gig limit
07:35:55 PMUSSROVER only 32 bit :(
07:36:42 PMsr_wences Ubuntu MATE is pretty astounding. IMHO it is the best distro out there. Martin Wimpress is a genius.
07:37:29 PMsr_wences He has to be If he scres up, his wife gets on his case.
07:37:43 PMUSSROVER :) I've tried differnt versions (flavors) of linux Debian based easiest to work with
07:38:45 PMalpeck I want to try Debian but Mint has been the OS of choice for me to convert friends and family from Windows
07:39:01 PMUSSROVER mint is debian based
07:39:20 PMalpeck i thought Mint was Ubuntu
07:39:30 PMsr_wences Aerial tankers for drones!
07:39:48 PMUSSROVER Ubuntu also debian based
07:40:29 PMsr_wences Ubuntu is Debian based, ergo Mint is Debian based..
07:40:32 PMSparklyballs if the military can take out targets in a war environment , i'm sure the police can take down motorcyclists
07:40:58 PMsr_wences LOL!
07:42:59 PMUSSROVER distros based off of Debian:
07:44:04 PMsr_wences Not 1 in 5 in Canada, 1 in 5 of the ones that are affected.
07:44:10 PMsr_wences are in canada.
07:45:18 PMsr_wences IOT - internet of threats.
07:45:34 PMalpeck lol sr_wences
07:45:34 PMsr_wences and IOT devices will probably never be updated.
07:46:57 PMalpeck my toaster keeps burning my toast
07:47:17 PMDonBatman lol alpeck
07:48:03 PMSparklyballs according to the movies , hackers like hot pockets, hot pockets and toasters ???? COINCIDENCE OR SOMETHING MORE ???
07:49:12 PMDonBatman illuminuti confirmed Sparkly
07:49:14 PMgpop7 Your Fridge is watching you.
07:50:48 PMalpeck obsoleted by a phone
07:54:01 PMGoodGuy98
07:54:12 PMsr_wences Dude is now a deatheater.
07:54:24 PMGoodGuy98 That is a Plex Client.. Not the Plex Server
07:55:57 PMDreamer__ Lorries in the UK have a guard between the wheels on the trailer
07:56:24 PMSparklyballs you're not allowed to watch tv and drive a car either in the uk.
07:57:36 PMSparklyballs the pilot probably watching airplane
08:00:35 PMgpop7 Now when jupiter comes to check us out dont get upset.
08:01:03 PMRobbieF \o
08:02:14 PMgpop7 News is good.
08:02:28 PMsr_wences 1 part news, 1 part tutorials, 1 part Sasha
08:02:50 PMDennis_Kelley very Interesting!
08:02:50 PMsr_wences Sasha FTW!
08:03:13 PMsr_wences (not that we don't love Jeff...)
08:03:17 PMSparklyballs you need annoying graphics flashing all over the screen like news on tv channels
08:04:19 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF you hair is alright!
08:05:27 PMsr_wences I've been running ReadyMedia/MiniDLAN on my PI as a media server and it rocks. It've very plain, but it works.
08:05:39 PMsr_wences MiniDLNA, sorry...
08:05:56 PMSparklyballs serviio is another one sr_wences
08:06:37 PMsr_wences RLL stands for Rate Length Limited. I want those brain cells back...
08:06:46 PMlifetime Is there a lot of buffering on the net tonight??
08:07:06 PMgpop7 Not here
08:07:09 PMsr_wences Actually, for Audio, I'm now using MinimServer and it is great! Especially for calssical music.
08:07:42 PMsr_wences I still use MiniDLNA for the video because it doesn't automatically i=pick up changes, but my videos rarely change.
08:08:31 PMlifetime i think its just "warming" up here. seems to be more stable now .. thanks
08:09:44 PMsr_wences I accidentally closed my window and now I can't get the feed back. wah!
08:10:21 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF, is a Plex Client for Pi
08:12:31 PMGoodGuy98 Pi 3's are $29.99 at MicroCenter
08:15:09 PMorangeman is show down
08:15:22 PMsr_wences Unless you're streaming blu-ray, a PI 3 is over-kill. I'm streaming mp4 of my ripped disks using a PI 1.
08:15:32 PMGoodGuy98 Working here orangeman
08:15:38 PMsr_wences cra-a-a-a-zy.
08:15:40 PMDonBatman Orangeman Working for me
08:15:44 PMorangeman not hear
08:15:54 PMgpop7 I only see the starter kit not the board itself for 29.99
08:16:00 PMorangeman I will refesh
08:16:31 PMsr_wences Orangeman - when you refresh, et us know if you get a splash screen that says something like "off the air"
08:16:37 PMsr_wences That's what I got.
08:16:47 PMGoodGuy98 We live a few miles from MicroCenter.... They usually sell the boards for $29.99
08:17:00 PMorangeman that correct
08:17:09 PMsr_wences Yep. I'm near the one in Cambridge MA and they are $30 there.
08:17:27 PMGoodGuy98 They had Pi Zeros in stock a few days ago.. I didnt get one myself
08:18:41 PMGoodGuy98 They had official PI 3 power supplies and official cases for Pi 3 also
08:18:45 PMorangeman still not working#
08:19:04 PMsr_wences orangeman - I think you're done for. like me.
08:19:56 PMsr_wences I'm just here for the witty banter.
08:21:21 PMsr_wences My PI 1 i running as MiniDLNA server and Google Cloud server and it is fine for that. I feed my Chromecast audio from that and I'm a happy camper.
08:23:37 PMsr_wences OK, Have to do the dishes. See you all next week! As Casey Kasem said, "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars." Actualy, we should have a contest - RobbieF needs a sign-off phrase.
08:26:54 PMgpop7 Same Cat5 time. Same Cat5 station. Keep on Net searching.
08:28:46 PMorangeman is the show still running as not see it
08:29:21 PMGoodGuy98 Plex can pre-transcode files as well
08:29:26 PMgpop7 Yes it is.
08:29:56 PMGoodGuy98 If I understand correctly, it can pre-process files
08:30:00 PMorangeman I am to get any show at all
08:30:29 PMgpop7 What browser are you using
08:30:51 PMgpop7 orangeman
08:31:12 PMorangeman internet expore for window 7
08:32:00 PMgpop7 Have you tried clear you cache in the browser
08:33:21 PMGoodGuy98 Look in Plex for Optimized Versions
08:33:43 PMGoodGuy98 I think that is what transcoding beforehand
08:33:52 PMorangeman I am Orangeman nickserv
08:34:01 PMDonBatman Great job Guys
08:34:03 PMgpop7 That was good.
08:34:23 PMDennis_Kelley hop hop
08:34:30 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF,
08:34:35 PMalpeck great stuff/show guys
08:34:44 PMDennis_Kelley great job
08:35:14 PMDonBatman I think RobbieF is a leprecon
08:35:14 PMorangeman i show over
08:35:21 PMgpop7 Goodnight all Have a great week. See you next time.
08:35:28 PMRobbieF I really AM a leprechaun!
08:35:33 PMJeffWeston night al
08:35:38 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF, I think that allows you to prepare the transcoding ahead of time
08:35:57 PMDonBatman RobbieF you can even spell it right!
08:36:01 PMorangeman did see all show as lot end bit roobbie
08:36:11 PMNateUK Great show as always RobbieF and JeffWeston
08:36:26 PMRobbieF thank you!!
08:36:39 PMorangeman i am dyslexic so don't be so judgment al
08:37:43 PMGoodGuy98 RobbieF - check if optimized version is available on the Pi Plex
08:38:40 PMGoodGuy98 It may be a bit behind the PC version.... Not sure if that feature is Plex Pass only or available in the free version
08:39:46 PMGoodGuy98 Great episode btw... I did not realize there was a Pi 3 version of Plex Server available


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