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06:58:40 PMABQTKY RobbieF, why is the show still using FLASH? (Good thing none of us use Windows.)
06:59:18 PMSparklyballs the temp in parts of the UK today was hotter than the caribbean
06:59:34 PMagamotto I sure have no plans on touching Win10... I have been telliing several people I know that I no longer supply free Windows support
07:00:40 PMABQTKY Oh, no - the cable's going right behind TWO chairs! Too easy to roll 'em over the cables!!
07:00:45 PMShellyD were on our way kids!
07:01:17 PMrevdjenk yay
07:01:37 PMSparklyballs the cable has turned on RobbieF and is constricting him off camera...
07:01:42 PMrevdjenk sound
07:02:01 PMIsland-Photo Better
07:02:23 PMrevdjenk I'm getting lag and freezes here
07:02:30 PMagamotto revdjenk: Same here
07:03:12 PMchriskevinlee same guys, hope the live stream be ok tonight
07:03:18 PMSparklyballs same here.
07:03:24 PMrd_blair I'm getting lag and freezes here
07:03:30 PMagamotto Wow... you know it is humid when you pour a glass of water from the tap and the glass is sweating in less than 1 minute w/o ice cubes
07:04:09 PMABQTKY Ooh, RobbieF got the cable STUCK around the axle on his chair wheels!!
07:04:16 PMrevdjenk agamotto: yes, high dew point throughout midwest to central appalachians
07:04:22 PMagamotto Sparklyballs: I would not be surprised... at least you aren't having to worry too much about flash flooding.
07:04:34 PMfking buffering here also.
07:04:41 PMSparklyballs that's tomorroew apparently agamotto
07:04:47 PMrevdjenk at least we have some vid
07:04:50 PMSparklyballs i kid you not....
07:04:53 PMagamotto Sparklyballs: Sorry, chum.
07:05:27 PMbigkitty\ I'm seeing freezing.
07:05:40 PMrevdjenk yes bigkitty\ we are all reporting it
07:05:41 PMSparklyballs one day of sun in the uk is an historic event, something to tell your grandchildren about, lol.
07:05:51 PMABQTKY RobbieF, Crazy Glue is great for on-ear microphones!
07:05:56 PMchriskevinlee same bigkitty\
07:05:57 PMchriskevinlee bigkitty\
07:06:34 PMrevdjenk Sparklyballs: my brother lives in Kent, and married and English woman. The wedding in summer of 1990 was pleasant and sunny for three days straight!
07:06:44 PMagamotto I wonder if Rogers is messing with the connection again...
07:07:07 PMGoodGuy98 Video keeps stalling and then starts again
07:07:35 PMGoodGuy98 Rogers is no friend of ours :-(
07:07:50 PMSparklyballs there is mass panic in this country if it doesn't rain for that long usually revdjenk
07:08:05 PMninjarobbie hee hee
07:08:37 PMSparklyballs has anyone reported the lags and freezes yet ?
07:08:45 PMninjarobbie yes.. Sparklyballs
07:08:49 PMIsland-Photo I'm getting them too
07:08:51 PMDennis_Kelley I am on Roku
07:08:59 PMGoodGuy98 I mentioned it a minute or two ago
07:09:08 PMninjarobbie I even went ninja mode and still have the freezes
07:09:11 PMGoodGuy98 PC here and stalls as well
07:09:12 PMchriskevinlee yeh sent Robbie a msg Sparklyballs
07:10:41 PMIsland-Photo Video Broadcast signal is weak in PENGUIN LAND!
07:10:41 PMGoodGuy98 Too bad we couldn't have the internet from the old studio and the new studio for the space
07:10:54 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: yes!
07:11:14 PMorangeman Robbie I not get good show as picture is frozian
07:11:29 PMGoodGuy98 5 miles of Cat6 cable must run a small fortune lol
07:11:45 PMGoodGuy98 Same here orangeman
07:11:51 PMSparklyballs about the same as 6 miles of cat 5 ?
07:12:30 PMGoodGuy98 Run a long Cat6 ethernet cable from Robbie's house to the new studio
07:12:49 PMGoodGuy98 Need a bunch of repeaters also
07:13:06 PMSparklyballs get a hook up to the new microsoft'/facebook transatlantic cable....
07:13:15 PMABQTKY It's almost line-of-sight from Studio D to his home...almost.
07:13:23 PMGoodGuy98 That's a good idea!
07:14:17 PMGoodGuy98 Except they would grab every byte of data going across the cable and make targeted ads
07:15:03 PMagamotto Ewwww
07:15:11 PMABQTKY He could encrypt the feed to the house and then stream from the house. He's got NICE speed and reliability there.'
07:15:14 PMGoodGuy98 Slight Linux Bias would turn to totally favor Windows and Linux is a nightmare
07:15:16 PMSparklyballs just think of how much faster forced downloads of windows11 would be though....
07:15:26 PMDennis_Kelley Looks like I am going to have to watch on the download!
07:15:29 PMGoodGuy98 True Sparklyballs
07:16:13 PMGoodGuy98 I did a Clean install of Win10 using a Win7 Key and it worked well
07:16:30 PMIsland-Photo Yeah, I agree. Can't handle the more stopped than live on this one.
07:16:46 PMagamotto I gave up on the idea of Win10 when a bunch of peripherals stopped working for my friends
07:16:48 PMGoodGuy98 Still can run the Windows 7 install also since it is the same hardware
07:16:52 PMSparklyballs i think it's about 2 years since i touched a windows machine
07:17:03 PMSparklyballs and that was my sisters laptop
07:17:33 PMIsland-Photo Running dual here. Need my Adobe to do my edits
07:17:40 PMIsland-Photo Anyway, see ya
07:17:42 PMGoodGuy98 I havent tried installing my Printer yet, but if that didnt work I would look at the Epson one RobbieF reviewed
07:18:13 PMIsland-Photo Anyway, see ya'll next time. Maybe their signal will be fixed by then.
07:18:36 PMGoodGuy98 Screens, mice and keyboards work which is about all I need
07:18:40 PMSparklyballs my laptop is mac, but everything else is linux and the firewall is BSD (pfsense)
07:19:05 PMagamotto Sparklyballs: You actually need a separate firewall?
07:19:18 PMGoodGuy98 pfsense runs on an old PC?
07:19:32 PMSparklyballs i got it running on a hp n54l
07:20:35 PMGoodGuy98 I used to have NAS4Free running on an old PC, but it stopped working
07:20:58 PMorangeman I wait 10 min if not fix I wait for download tomorrow
07:21:17 PMrevdjenk GoodGuy98: nas4free stopped, or the old pc? :)
07:21:41 PMGoodGuy98 Too hard to watch live.. I'll catch the recorded show tomorrow
07:21:48 PMGoodGuy98 Old PC died
07:22:09 PMagamotto GoodGuy98: Sorry to hear that... was it recycled for good use?
07:23:19 PMGoodGuy98 Not yet.... I need to remove the power supply since it was a new one
07:23:39 PMGoodGuy98 Gotta run.... night all
07:24:12 PMorangeman the power supply make a good 5v 12 v bench supply
07:26:34 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: I'll watch later. Five second freezes in vid and audio every 5 to 20 seconds.
07:28:20 PMchriskevinlee RobbieF - think ill watch the show on youtube tomorrow keeps freezing
07:30:07 PMorangeman good night all I for bed
07:37:19 PMsprintcowboy Howdy all
07:37:26 PMShellyD hola!'
07:38:23 PMsprintcowboy Is anyone else having trouble with the stream?
07:38:41 PMShellyD yes we have had a couple people mentioning they have been having a bit of an issue
07:38:46 PMsprintcowboy keeps going in and out
07:39:06 PMsprintcowboy OK Thanks
07:39:18 PMABQTKY Sprintcowboy, yes - same troubles as last week!!
07:40:41 PMsprintcowboy guess I'll have to watch later. can't tell whats going on
07:42:41 PMdooley_da_vulcan streaming issues again this week I see
07:43:29 PMnapa_polarbear hello all
07:43:32 PMdooley_da_vulcan whats going on this week with streaming
07:44:01 PMnapa_polarbear spotty here too
07:44:29 PMbigkitty\ ya at is
07:44:31 PMABQTKY RobbieF, it's great INSIDE studio D.
07:44:40 PMdooley_da_vulcan it is not them unless I have their problems too
07:44:53 PMagamotto Apparently it is all over the place
07:44:59 PMnapa_polarbear yaaaaaaaaaaa
07:45:07 PMdooley_da_vulcan freezing on roku channel and online
07:46:18 PMdooley_da_vulcan with the feed as irregular as it is there is no following the live feed for instructional reasons
07:46:44 PMnapa_polarbear dont know?
07:46:50 PMdooley_da_vulcan roku feed keeps freezing but stream over chrome has straightened out
07:50:12 PMagamotto I am just happy to have the night off
07:50:24 PMagamotto I don't get to hang out here much these days
07:50:34 PMnapa_polarbear only gets sporty when theres a closeup of robbie
07:51:16 PMagamotto Hmm, so turn off the star's camera and it all works? Interesting...
07:53:43 PMdooley_da_vulcan it seems to be based on data, txt screen flows but his closeup freezes
07:54:38 PMDonBatman Robbies face freezes the screen! How about a show with just Jeff and Kelsey
07:57:00 PMdooley_da_vulcan if all is good in the studio then what about them having a feed that is purely straight from the internet so it is a true sampling of what is going out online. obviously your people providing you service are not doing you a quality service. what is going out is not good.
07:59:13 PMdooley_da_vulcan the differential changes are off of the original backup image not off of sequential saves?
08:07:01 PMnapa_polarbear back
08:07:18 PMagamotto Well, I am off to cuddle with the dog. I may be back next week. I have next Tuesday off.
08:12:45 PMdooley_da_vulcan normally the txt on your terminal screen can be read off the screen with no problem, tonight however I am sure it has something to do with whoever you have serving out to the net along with the stream freezing.
08:17:08 PMdooley_da_vulcan I ordered and received my Pi kit and ordered my wifes fans. There has got to be something going on because I am not the only sufferer of the stream irregularity or stoppage completely.
08:17:46 PMSoundPro69 No. I suffer it too...
08:17:59 PMdooley_da_vulcan I paid for the 10-21 day shipping on Sunday and received it on Wed
08:19:09 PMdooley_da_vulcan I am glad I did not pay for fast shipping, would never have known the truth
08:19:37 PMdooley_da_vulcan wifes fans have not arrived yet
08:19:55 PMdooley_da_vulcan hers were 7 to 10 days...
08:22:03 PMdooley_da_vulcan Appreciate the effort in the live show, will look for the youtube feed and give a like Good night @RobbieF and @ShellyD Thanks and have a great week
08:22:19 PMRobbieF wow, didn't get to look at the chat room even once :/
08:22:21 PMRobbieF hope you had fun!!
08:22:32 PMdooley_da_vulcan what I could make of it
08:22:38 PMdooley_da_vulcan the feed was bad
08:22:54 PMRobbieF :( That sucks. It was great from our perspective.
08:23:02 PMRobbieF wonder why....
08:23:07 PMRobbieF will have to look into it
08:23:12 PMdooley_da_vulcan do you use an isolated feed to watch what you are streaming out any?
08:23:15 PMABQTKY RobbieF, it was all bad news about the audio and video stream. Better you didn't see it!
08:23:28 PMRobbieF no dooley - we pay for bandwidth so that'd double our cost
08:23:48 PMRobbieF Well, if it helps, I recorded to disk :/
08:23:50 PMRobbieF Sorry :(
08:24:34 PMdooley_da_vulcan I am guessing you are streaming out fine it is just the distribution that is the issue. not your fault and I knew it would be double the cost but did not know.
08:24:55 PMABQTKY RobbieF, does the cell provider know what you need to do with the bandwidth you buy? Could they have changed youir service after that Ontario outage a few weeks ago??
08:25:18 PMRobbieF we changed providers ABQTKY because bell was terrible
08:25:31 PMRobbieF and this one is good... eg., OUR bandwidth in house was perfect tonight.
08:25:35 PMABQTKY Maybe they're both terrible???
08:25:37 PMRobbieF So something seems to be up on our distribution end.
08:25:49 PMRobbieF Doesn't seem that way. Seems like it's not related to our in-house internet
08:26:05 PMdooley_da_vulcan but what about between your streaming out and it going out to the web is there a bottleneck in there anywhere
08:26:12 PMRobbieF we send one stream to a server, and that server distributes it to you. I think it's on that server.
08:26:31 PMdooley_da_vulcan yeah that is what I am thinking
08:26:44 PMRobbieF it was that server that had trouble last week
08:27:00 PMRobbieF this week it seemed fine from our end (sending the stream to them) but seems it was bad from your end (receiving the stream from them)
08:27:06 PMdooley_da_vulcan they need a bit of quality control or make sure they are providing what you are paying for
08:27:21 PMABQTKY RobbieF, it's a shame you couldn't use Ubiquitis and, say, the top of a telephone pole to reach the house with WiFi.
08:27:22 PMRobbieF They donate the whole service. They've been fantastic.
08:27:46 PMABQTKY Donate? Okay, forget the terrible comment!!
08:27:49 PMdooley_da_vulcan ah, so what you get is what you get
08:27:52 PMdooley_da_vulcan ok
08:27:57 PMRobbieF ABQTKY it's funny you say that... we did the fundraiser for Ubiquitis and didn't raise enough money, but just today I was talking with people to see if we can raise the extra to buy them.
08:28:03 PMRobbieF That'd save us a ton of cash.
08:28:18 PMdooley_da_vulcan so if then need bandwidth for paying customers they get it first
08:28:26 PMRobbieF the thing is, while we could stream through say, YouTube, that wouldn't work on Roku / Plex, so we really want to allow that.
08:28:29 PMdooley_da_vulcan very understandable
08:28:32 PMABQTKY How close, altitude-wise are you to line-of-sight??
08:28:48 PMRobbieF not sure yet ABQTKY - gonna take the drone up as soon as it's flying.
08:28:56 PMRobbieF still have to program the GPS
08:29:26 PMdooley_da_vulcan good night, see you all next week and thanks again
08:29:30 PMRobbieF seeya
08:29:51 PMABQTKY A ham-radio tower with the Ubiquitis or Wok-tenna on a 30 or 40 foot 'tower' might be all you'd need.
08:30:00 PMRobbieF yep
08:30:07 PMRobbieF I doubt I'd get permission to do that.
08:30:19 PMRobbieF but hopefully the studio roof is line of sight to our garage ;)
08:31:01 PMABQTKY Won't know till you ask the landlord! And YOU might be able to have a nice antenna at the house!
08:31:47 PMRobbieF Not if the wife sees it :)
08:32:07 PMABQTKY That's called spousal acceptance factor.
08:32:15 PMRobbieF yup.
08:33:53 PMABQTKY All will be fine, there are no problems, only opportunities!!
08:34:19 PMRobbieF I like your style.
08:34:20 PMRobbieF ;)
08:34:48 PMABQTKY Hey, I got lots of opportunities.


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