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06:58:35 PMjwmp Currently working at Coca Cola
06:58:41 PMSashaD Wow! I love finding out how super awesome you all are :)
06:59:08 PMSashaD So, working at Coca Cola means you pretty much control the universe!
06:59:21 PMSparklyballs new prescreen thingy
06:59:22 PMjwmp LOL. Pretty much I guess.
07:00:19 PMsr_wences Hi everyone. Looking forward to Wed. broadcast for the first time.
07:00:21 PMSashaD We are going to start !
07:00:28 PMSparklyballs let's roll
07:00:28 PMsr_wences SASHA!
07:00:47 PMSashaD Going to switch to the news screen...brb :)
07:01:29 PMjwmp Lookin' good
07:01:35 PMGWG Is there a Roku screen?
07:01:50 PMSparklyballs no kodi though RobbieF :( , that would be something "newish" seeing as it's been down a while.
07:01:50 PMGWG I am finally available.
07:02:01 PMjwmp Echo...
07:02:20 PMsr_wences I guess the family has to eat chicken nuggets tonight! (not really, but close)
07:02:48 PMsr_wences Sparkly!
07:02:53 PMSparklyballs if you click the top of the pen in the wrong you could explode like the bad guys sidekick in goldeneeye SashaD
07:02:55 PMSashaD You can't watch live on Kodi right now... that's a thing we all know I guess
07:03:12 PMSparklyballs wrong sequence*
07:03:29 PMSparklyballs it is my mission to make you choke live on screen SashaD
07:03:33 PMsr_wences Wrong script!
07:03:51 PMLyndon yay Sasha
07:03:54 PMSparklyballs by choke i mean break out in laughter and be unable to continue
07:04:06 PMGWG Okay...using my Chromecast
07:04:12 PMLyndon That had to happen Robbie lol
07:04:22 PMGWG I'm doing my show at 10PM tonight.
07:04:23 PMLyndon habbits and all
07:04:28 PMsr_wences My son's MBR on his laptop croaked today.
07:04:35 PMRobbieF Uh oh!
07:05:08 PMsr_wences And he's far away with no patience for computers, so I have no idea what he's going to do.
07:05:16 PMjwmp MBR might be repairable if it isn't a hardware fault. Don't use the disk.
07:05:20 PMsr_wences And of course, since he's 22, he hasn't backed up anything.
07:06:18 PMSparklyballs along came SashaD and ruined tuesdays
07:06:41 PMSparklyballs we had a good thing going on tuesdays, thanks SashaD
07:07:03 PMsr_wences Tell me why, I don't like Tuesdays (tell me why, I don't like Tuesdays) - like that song from the 80s.
07:07:24 PMSparklyballs that was mondays
07:07:28 PMSparklyballs lol.
07:07:39 PMjwmp sr_wences. If Windoze, try
07:07:46 PMsr_wences Yeah, but now you're singing it...
07:07:59 PMGWG That is what happened to me last summer, but I went to a neurologist
07:08:16 PMsr_wences I have a feeling he's already done something bad to it. He called me while I was in a meeting.
07:08:24 PMsr_wences I'll check in later.
07:08:28 PMGuest_8146 IS SHOW ON AIR YET ??
07:08:44 PMSparklyballs SashaD: would be ok until she needed man hands (raspberry pi episode)
07:08:50 PMsr_wences I would have jsut puled the drive and replaced it with an SSD and then grabbed the data off it using Linux.
07:09:18 PMLyndon we like wire cast
07:09:37 PMjwmp Good solution, but if it's just a write issue, then you could use "bootrec /FixMbr" from the commandline.
07:09:40 PMSparklyballs very smooth feed
07:09:50 PMSparklyballs on the web page
07:10:22 PMsr_wences ok. I have to cook. watch no type.
07:10:26 PMLyndon ooooo!
07:10:33 PMLyndon ahhhh!
07:11:29 PMLyndon see, Robbie is on it
07:15:12 PMLyndon what!!??
07:15:55 PMLyndon its the future !!
07:16:49 PMSparklyballs windows installing updates without asking ?????? that never happens, lol.
07:17:58 PMSparklyballs does blender let you farm renders out to multiple slaves to speed things up ?
07:19:36 PMsr_wences A gentleman, you say!
07:20:35 PMSparklyballs lancelot and guinevere round table
07:20:56 PMlyndon Sasha Question: How much % does Cat5 get back from Amazon purchases?
07:21:29 PMsr_wences Arthur and Guinevere.
07:21:51 PMsr_wences Hold it, they were married - my bad.
07:22:20 PMsr_wences I hope Becca isn't monitoring this channel.
07:22:29 PMSparklyballs lancelot and guinevere did the naughty though
07:22:37 PMsr_wences I cannot tell a lie... Sparkly said it.
07:23:46 PMSparklyballs i wasn't implying anything untoward.
07:25:15 PMlyndon im about to make a few purchases from amazon
07:25:39 PMsr_wences I am ashamed to say that my purchases don't benefit Cat5 - they benefit my girls lacrosse team.
07:26:10 PMsr_wences In the US, if you use, you can specify your beneficiary for all your purchases.
07:26:31 PMsr_wences Automatically.
07:26:36 PMjwmp Looking really good RobbieF#
07:26:39 PMSparklyballs if amazon sold houses, one sale at 6.5% could finance a year of cat5 lol.
07:26:39 PMlyndon Thank you
07:26:41 PMlyndon !!!
07:27:03 PMBobK54 really good video quality tonight!
07:27:32 PMsr_wences That's fair.
07:27:39 PMbigk at is nomel
07:27:42 PMsr_wences Voice and video in sync.
07:27:59 PMbigk yes
07:29:01 PMGWG I built a Picade, which was the biggest project I tackled recently.
07:29:37 PMGWG I recommend Tapper
07:32:04 PMsr_wences lol
07:32:26 PMGWG sr_wences: What's so funny?
07:32:31 PMcee_128d Does the rendering process for the 3d video use gpu acceleration or mostly cpu?
07:32:45 PMRobbieF Both, but it is optimized to use CUDA
07:32:45 PMsr_wences Remembering Shelly and the teleprompter.
07:33:05 PMcee_128d What card are you using in the render box?
07:33:10 PMRobbieF GTX460
07:33:25 PMGWG C64? Someone break out the Space Taxi.
07:33:28 PMcee_128d Oh man. We need to get you a 1070
07:33:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hello all
07:34:24 PMSparklyballs middles burrow , where dat ? lol.
07:35:03 PMSparklyballs middles burra
07:35:08 PMjwmp LOL. Canada don't speak our language
07:35:51 PMsr_wences I'm going to update my digital photo frame to use a RasPi running Kodi to get the photos from my other RasPi that is running MiniDLNA.
07:36:07 PMSparklyballs kodi is ok, it's the dodgy addons that are doing the damage to the kodi name.
07:36:27 PMsr_wences It has an old Android stick right now, but it can't handle my newer higher resolution photos.
07:38:45 PMsr_wences I hope the software for this is open soirce. I'd hate to have something in me that I can't check to see what is happening.
07:38:59 PMsr_wences Viva open source!
07:39:03 PMSparklyballs kodi is open source
07:39:22 PMsr_wences THe software in the diabetes story.
07:39:25 PMjwmp How does the sensor get power?
07:39:29 PMSparklyballs oh, lol.
07:39:39 PMsr_wences Unless Sparkly is planning on implanting Kodi...
07:40:08 PMsr_wences @RobbieF Open source!
07:40:26 PMSparklyballs i have my irc transparent over the web feed, and sometimes the background colour is the same as the text and i miss key bits of the convo
07:42:17 PMBobK54 have you actually SEEN human drivers on the road?
07:42:24 PMBobK54 such animals !! :)
07:42:32 PMSparklyballs comes with added Grand theft auto type driving scenes at 60fps
07:42:54 PMBobK54 is that built in or an adder pack Sparklyballs?
07:45:19 PMsr_wences Sasha is a great presenter. She never says uhm or uhh. Amazing. I can't go 5 minutes without saying uhm.
07:46:57 PMDooley_da_Vulcan sr_wences: that could be some subconscious reason people love listening to SashaD
07:47:42 PMSparklyballs i like the way when she speaks you get the impression she could break out in laughter at any second.
07:47:58 PMlyndon take the back panel off and use compressed air on the heat sink
07:48:13 PMsr_wences Why daughter is feeling "my wind" right now. LOL.
07:48:22 PMsr_wences Eeeew dad!
07:49:13 PMsr_wences Dell is known for using crappy thermal paste. I've replaced it on a couple of desktops already.
07:49:18 PMlyndon sinc*
07:49:45 PMSparklyballs lol lyndon sink was right in the first place
07:49:56 PMlyndon which is why you should stick with desktops
07:50:16 PMlyndon with cases with filters
07:50:52 PMBobK54 my desktop power supply fan fell apart. I snapped it back in place and ordered a new fan. that was at least 6 months ago. the snapped together fan is fine.
07:51:30 PMlyndon sweet
07:51:49 PMBobK54 so now I have a spare 120mm fan
07:52:12 PMlyndon i just ordered a new corsair case. i'm psyched
07:52:31 PMlyndon bolt it in front or top
07:52:31 PMSparklyballs my main server has a corsair psu
07:52:45 PMSkyrider64 HI "From Brooklyn With Love"
07:53:15 PMSparklyballs my macbook cooks my knee sometimes
07:53:19 PMlyndon i also have a corsair psu comming int the mail. 550w
07:53:58 PMlyndon MOTHERBOARDS
07:54:08 PMSparklyballs how about things like hdhomerun ?
07:54:32 PMGWG I'd like you to put together 'Podcast Studio in a carryon suitcase, linux only'
07:54:39 PMGWG Sparklyballs: I have several. What do you want to know?
07:55:03 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I acquired a system that has a 6 core processor and 9 HDD but is in such bad shape as far as every fan in being dirty and most of them are horribly bad. There are 3 hard drive mount bays that have heat sinks on each side of the drive with fans that draw air through from the front and the front has an LED temp display.
07:55:08 PMSparklyballs just see them in action generally.
07:55:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the fans on these drives are about an inch thick and packed solid with dirt.
07:55:31 PMlyndon ALLOT of opportunities
07:55:55 PMSparklyballs can i watch telly on my iphone if i'm on my wireless connection with a hdhomerun
07:56:09 PMlyndon obviously you had much to talk about
07:56:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan and the person who owned it must have had an ashtray sat right in front of it while they used it. WOW
07:56:15 PMGWG Sparklyballs: Depends on some things. First...what sort of telly?
07:56:20 PMsr_wences @RobbieF 's review of the Enterprise drone was the best of a whole bunch that I watched.
07:56:26 PMSkyrider64 ;HEY,I nave a laptop without an OS& no hdd . So,Can I??? Download LINUX on a new HDD ?????
07:56:26 PMlyndon i knew it was a whole season!
07:56:34 PMSparklyballs dvb t2
07:56:52 PMcee_128d Skynder64, yes you can
07:56:56 PMDooley_da_Vulcan luckily most really good fans can be disassembled and cleaned then oiled again
07:57:15 PMlyndon Robbie would be just as good as Linus on Reviews
07:57:30 PMGWG Sparklyballs: I'm not sure with the DVB stuff because the US is on a different standard, but you should be able to if you have the bandwidth.
07:59:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Sparklyballs: I have been looking into HDHomerun and it seems as if you can
07:59:21 PMSkyrider64 cee_128d Thanks That allIhave to DO!!!!!!
07:59:27 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: DVB version or ATSC?
07:59:43 PMlyndon good night
07:59:43 PMDooley_da_Vulcan one works with over the air and two works with cable signals
07:59:52 PMSashaD I'm so happy to be back... that was the fastest hour ever!
08:00:15 PMlyndon it always is
08:00:18 PMDooley_da_Vulcan at least the ones I looked up at the local electronics store here in Indiana
08:00:21 PMlyndon glad you are back
08:00:30 PMSparklyballs it was great to have you back SashaD
08:00:50 PMSashaD Thank you lyndon ... and sparklyballs :)
08:00:52 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: But Sparklyballs was talking about DVB. DVB is the UK/EU standard.
08:01:04 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: ATSC/QAM is the U.S. one.
08:01:10 PMlyndon still cant believe we are in season 10
08:01:34 PMDooley_da_Vulcan
08:02:06 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so it looks like no, unless they make a version for your area
08:02:29 PMGWG I have the Homerun Prime and several older models.
08:02:29 PMsr_wences Bye everyone - Dinner time! BYe RobbieF and SashaD
08:02:31 PMSashaD Alright my dears... I must head out to visit my sister while she watches her husband bowl in the local league :) I will see you all in a week!
08:03:05 PMsr_wences Well, no reason to stick around now.... LOL!
08:03:10 PMlyndon I'm going to be building an Amd gaming Desktop soon. let me know if you have any recommendations or even questions for me .
08:03:15 PMSparklyballs night all.
08:03:22 PMsr_wences Sparkly!
08:03:50 PMlyndon bye Sasha
08:05:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan HDHomeRun Dual (generation 4) (HDHR4-2US) is designed to receive over the air ATSC broadcasts in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other locations that utilize the ATSC broadcast standard. It can also receive clear QAM unencrypted digital cable TV from providers who offer this to their customers. It has 2 tuners, allowing you to access 2 channels at once
08:05:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan .
08:06:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan HDHomeRun 4DC (HDHR3-4DC) is designed to receive unencrypted digital cable (DVB-C) signals in Europe. It has 4 tuners, allowing you to access 4 channels at once.
08:06:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan GWG HDHomeRun 4DC (HDHR3-4DC) is designed to receive unencrypted digital cable (DVB-C) signals in Europe. It has 4 tuners, allowing you to access 4 channels at once.
08:07:16 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: Yes. Just not my area of expertise. I know a lot about the American products.
08:07:34 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am on their site looking at the specs
08:07:58 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I do not even own one yet, just been researching them a lot
08:08:54 PMDooley_da_Vulcan heck I have been looking up a little addon hardware tuner that you plug into your phone and tune in OTA signals
08:09:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan no data or connection required
08:09:16 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 15-10 USD
08:09:24 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 15-20 USD
08:11:28 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: I love the HDHomeruns. I've had one for years. I still have the older ones in storage.
08:11:44 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am looking at a connect
08:12:24 PMDooley_da_Vulcan but have held off because of being off work for medical and not wanting to spend lots of money on stuff I am not positive of the performance of yet
08:12:58 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so have you a connect, 2 tuner us version? how well does it work with OTA signals over your network
08:14:01 PMGWG I want to move to the extend because it transcodes.
08:16:15 PMDooley_da_Vulcan what do they mean *Requires guide subscription paid or does the free TitanTV guide work
08:16:19 PMDooley_da_Vulcan if you know
08:16:34 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: I use MythTV, and I subscribe to Schedules Direct for the data.
08:17:14 PMDooley_da_Vulcan freebie ?
08:17:37 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I know MythTV is OS
08:18:17 PMGWG Dooley_da_Vulcan: It's a nominal fee per year
08:20:14 PMGWG $25/yr
08:20:25 PMGWG Or $6/2 months
08:21:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so that just gives you a guide to use to schedule from and know what is on. it works without it for watching just not for knowing what is on?
08:21:47 PMGWG That gives you guide data.
08:30:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan in a particular format it seems that the machine uses, and most online guide services dont offer it in that format it seems. It looks like there are instructions to do conversions and work to get it there but they say for the few dollars a month it is not wroth it
08:31:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Thanks for the information. I have to go eat something. Have a good night and week.


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