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06:58:35 PMSparklyballs still no joy with kodi :(
06:59:29 PMSashaD We are just about ready to rock!
07:00:21 PMFroggy hello
07:00:44 PMABQTKY Is that the alarm system wizard?? Froggy?
07:01:11 PMFroggy yup.
07:01:19 PMFroggy whats happing guys
07:01:46 PMFroggy i can't see anyone in the chat room?
07:01:56 PMSparklyballs i can get the show show but no live feed
07:02:25 PMSparklyballs i have you through the web page
07:02:34 PMFroggy im ready
07:02:39 PMFroggy I'm back.
07:02:47 PMFroggy whats up brother
07:02:47 PMSashaD Hi Froggy!!
07:02:54 PMlichenx1 STUPID PULSEAUDIO
07:02:56 PMFroggy sasha your looking good
07:03:13 PMSashaD Thank you Froggy :)
07:03:28 PMFroggy i have this tiny screen on the bottom of the web page and it doesn't show any users in the chat room
07:03:52 PMSparklyballs SashaD: should try and do a cockney accent with that outfit on.
07:04:14 PMFroggy ps has no epson 4550 printer?
07:04:27 PMABQTKY Froggy What did Robbie do? The Chat Room is working here in the desert.
07:05:24 PMABQTKY Froggy, obviously it ain't working where you are. 8-(
07:06:03 PMyourpalfranc-bri CUUUUUUUTE, SASHA!! :)
07:06:38 PMFroggy becarefull you might get naked people LOL BAAA HAAAA HAAA
07:08:02 PMFroggy its coming tomorrow morning LOL
07:08:35 PMsr_wences Bob cratchet gloves!
07:08:37 PMsr_wences Hi everyone.
07:09:01 PMSparklyballs can you smell bbq ?
07:09:11 PMlichenx1 is this a special longer show?
07:09:49 PMFroggy great camera
07:10:08 PMFroggy 360 video is insane
07:10:49 PMsr_wences SashaD 's hat looks like the one from Men on film from SNL.
07:11:27 PMSashaD Thank you.... I think!
07:11:29 PMRobbieF :)
07:11:38 PMFroggy hey Robbie Tried the Link For the Epson et-4550 link doesn't work cat5tv/print
07:12:18 PMRobbieF Hey Froggy. Let me get that for you, sorry :) Thank you for letting us know!!
07:12:44 PMFroggy i bought the printer last night with wicked savings i saved about $70.00
07:12:52 PMFroggy i can email you the details
07:13:17 PMRobbieF Here you are Froggy:
07:13:34 PMRobbieF Well, if you already ordered it, too late :)
07:14:21 PMFroggy i can't figure out how to open it to access the print head, just incase you get clogged heads
07:14:24 PMRobbieF Don't forget folks, if you'd like to Skype Video us, call Category5.TV on Skype
07:16:29 PMSashaD You can use your camera this Halloween :)
07:17:08 PMFroggy check this out much smaller
07:17:12 PMyourpalfranc-bri Here's ya some steampunk, SashaD!!
07:17:27 PMFroggy use hobbies link converter help support the show kids
07:17:39 PMFroggy use Robbies link converter help support the show kids
07:17:48 PMSashaD hahaha hobbies :)
07:18:03 PMSparklyballs does dobbie have a link too ?
07:18:27 PMFroggy LOL I Slipped LOL
07:18:44 PMSashaD better than Slobbie :)
07:18:47 PMRobbieF No to a ThetaS Froggy
07:18:51 PMRobbieF That's VERY low res.
07:19:23 PMFroggy how much is this 360
07:19:24 PMsr_wences Or Gobbie...
07:19:44 PMRobbieF
07:20:53 PMsr_wences Or his duffle, or stachel, or rucksack.
07:21:07 PMSparklyballs you can't say you're going to grab your sack on a family friendly show in the uk, lol.
07:21:17 PMSashaD touche
07:21:18 PMRobbieF Bahaha Sparklyballs
07:21:22 PMRobbieF Maybe in the US
07:21:28 PMsr_wences This from a guy called "sparklyballs"...
07:21:29 PMFroggy sao can you actually fly around in the video and see all aspect?
07:21:46 PMRobbieF We'll be doing that later in the series Froggy
07:21:57 PMRobbieF Tonight we are stuck in the studio :)
07:22:15 PMsr_wences WHat microphone is that? A snowball?
07:22:26 PMlichenx1 ahh RobbieF just realized you use the french version of python aka php lol.
07:22:31 PMRobbieF No sr_wences that is the 360 camera you're seeing
07:22:44 PMsr_wences Wow!
07:23:55 PMFroggy 4k video wow
07:24:36 PMSparklyballs harking back to the old hifi acronym GIGO
07:24:58 PMFroggy you are Sash :)
07:25:06 PMSparklyballs Garbage In Garbage Out
07:25:41 PMFroggy step on his foot Sash lol
07:27:26 PMsr_wences Ugh, I hate those media mega-mergers!
07:27:35 PMFroggy ok ok ok... great episode guys
07:27:40 PMsr_wences Like Unversal/Verizon/NBC.
07:27:52 PMFroggy sr_wences they suck
07:28:52 PMFroggy Robbie let me know if you wanna hook up sometime this week, for a quick coffee...
07:29:44 PMFroggy Go Trump Go...
07:29:54 PMsr_wences The pot calling the kettle black...
07:30:25 PMFroggy whaaaaaat doooooes that Even Mean???? LOL
07:30:54 PMsr_wences I have been watching the tech videos fro the university of Nottignham on Youtube. Really interesting stuff - on mathematics, comutering and all sots of stuff.
07:31:13 PMsr_wences computing and all sorts of stuff.
07:31:19 PMFroggy Robbie Feather in Sasha's ear would be funny during the news lol
07:32:17 PMsr_wences I want chocolate to taste like broccolli.
07:32:31 PMsr_wences LOL!
07:33:12 PMFroggy lol
07:33:57 PMFroggy brb i have to go cut a shelf for my Epson et-4550
07:35:39 PMFroggy Stay away from Nest Cameras and thermostat
07:35:50 PMsr_wences IoT = internet of targets or internet of threats.
07:36:42 PMFroggy lol
07:36:44 PMlichenx1 off topic but does anybody have ideas for an extra arduino?
07:38:12 PMsr_wences There was an instructable I read a few days ago on using an arduino to control LED lights.
07:38:25 PMsr_wences BTW - I don't think anything is off topic in this chatroom....
07:39:01 PMsr_wences Safest thing to do is install Linux.
07:39:11 PMlichenx1 Hey RobbieF if it's windows it'll reboot for you lol
07:39:20 PMlichenx1 I agree sr_wences
07:43:39 PMSparklyballs wonk caught a wink
07:44:34 PMFroggy you guys are to much
07:44:49 PMFroggy Miss S:)
07:45:16 PMFroggy Category 5 Category 5 Category 5
07:46:38 PMFroggy do you guys want to stream me cutting a shelf for the epson printer?
07:46:57 PMFroggy advertise adverttise advertise
07:47:55 PMsr_wences Took me 3 mnutes to find the link for the chatroom.
07:47:57 PMFroggy what happened to all the links?
07:48:05 PMsr_wences They're at the very bottom.
07:48:13 PMsr_wences *VERY* bottom
07:49:01 PMsr_wences I hit the hamburger expecting to find the links and it wasn't there.
07:49:08 PMLyndon yeah, I kinda miss the login button
07:49:49 PMfroggy make to copies
07:49:56 PMfroggy make 2 copies
07:50:25 PMsr_wences Or just put the pronunciation in parentheses.
07:51:04 PMsr_wences That explains why i typed in chat into search and only got videos.
07:51:58 PMsr_wences Swanky!
07:52:36 PMsr_wences RobbieF is the bee's knees!
07:54:33 PMsr_wences Speaking of security... is there any info on how many firmware updates have happened for this camera?
07:54:46 PMsr_wences Do they make any promises about updates?
07:55:55 PMsr_wences You can also sync by using a clapper or a camera flash.
07:58:42 PMfroggy whaaaa happen to the video stream?
07:58:50 PMlichenx1 still going for me
07:59:08 PMsr_wences Mine has been a little iffy today. I lost it twice and had to refresh.
07:59:23 PMsr_wences BUt I use CHrome for the video and FF for the chatroom.
07:59:34 PMFroggy its back
08:00:38 PMlichenx1 shaky coffee hands - SashaD
08:01:23 PMyourpalfranc-bri mine froze for about 30 seconds, as well
08:03:09 PMBobK54 Robbie is a welder?
08:03:17 PMsr_wences RobbieF looks gangstah!
08:04:13 PMBobK54 night!!
08:04:17 PMsr_wences Awesome episode. Your outfits were great.
08:04:35 PMSashaD That was so super awesome !!!
08:04:43 PMSashaD super fast hour
08:04:56 PMyourpalfranc-bri RobbieF practiced (Wednesdayall week
08:05:50 PMsr_wences G=Bye everyone. I have to install Ubunutu Mate on a couple of PCs I'm donating this weekend.
08:06:19 PMyourpalfranc-bri enjoy your mate!
08:09:37 PMABQTKY *** Looking up your hostname...
08:09:37 PMABQTKY *** Checking Ident
08:09:37 PMABQTKY *** Couldn't look up your hostname
08:09:37 PMABQTKY *** Got Ident response
08:09:37 PMABQTKY *** Spoofing your IP - Who does Wilhelm at freenode think he is? I don't want my IP spoofed. Humbug, I say!!!
08:11:21 PMSashaD Later Gaters!!!!
08:11:37 PMSparklyballs cya SashaD
08:14:31 PMRobbieF Thanks all!


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