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06:58:20 PMlichenx1 Sparklyballs, just as far as processing power / speed, noticed any downsides yourself?
06:58:44 PMDennis_Kelley lichenx1 is emacs / spacemacs resource intensive? should work on a Pi3 for sure
06:58:55 PMDennis_Kelley Sparklyballs - Um to drink it!
06:59:01 PMSparklyballs like for like, it takes 26 minutes on my xeon board to compile kodi, 2.5 hours on the rpi
06:59:25 PMSparklyballs sounds nasty to me Dennis_Kelley
06:59:48 PMDennis_Kelley this is one of those discussions, just not done! Politics, religion and coffee preference
07:00:01 PMSkywriter64 hello everybody "From Brooklyn With Love"
07:00:01 PMSashaD Everybody ready for a great show?
07:00:18 PMDennis_Kelley oh course SashaD you are here!
07:00:19 PMlichenx1 It can be resource intensive but I'm not really compiling anything, unless you specifically have to for the rpi
07:00:43 PMSashaD My mic may be on it's last legs
07:00:56 PMlichenx1 Nice hair JeffWeston
07:00:58 PMJeffWeston am i working now?
07:01:25 PMSparklyballs i tried compiling shellcheck for armhf and just gave up after 3 hours and pulled the package from arch armhf repo and plonked that in a docker and added the dependencies in after
07:01:28 PMlichenx1 I heard you
07:01:28 PMJeffWeston thanks. i decided to go with something a bit more professional than the fauxhawk. lawyers were not keen on it
07:01:58 PMSparklyballs very autumnal type colours going on with RobbieF and JeffWeston
07:02:03 PMlichenx1 I heard sasha at first but it was quiet / distant
07:03:12 PMorangeman is show on air yet
07:03:14 PMSparklyballs the gentlemanly thing to do JeffWeston is give SashaD your mic
07:03:27 PMGWG Aww-tum-nal
07:03:30 PMlichenx1 omg NOW MY NET WANTS TO LAG
07:03:43 PMSashaD Thank you!!!
07:03:52 PMGWG Emphasize the TUM
07:03:56 PMGWG Aww-TUM-nal
07:04:18 PMSparklyballs i thought canadians spoke proper english....
07:04:25 PMSashaD GWG you rock... so do you Sparklyballs
07:04:49 PMGWG Sparklyballs: You don't remember me correcting a previous news reader's pronounciation of the airport in Madrid Spain?
07:05:03 PMGWG Or everyone mispronouncing diaspora?
07:05:16 PMSparklyballs SashaD:'s pronouncing uk city names is hilarious
07:05:32 PMGWG Sparklyballs: My hobby is correcting that
07:05:39 PMSparklyballs dee ass poorer
07:05:43 PMSashaD I try so hard too... that's the funny part
07:05:48 PMDennis_Kelley or add a to the end Jeff
07:06:01 PMcee_128d Jeff click the speaker icon in the following link for the pronunciation of autumnal
07:06:01 PMGWG Dye-AH-spor-AH
07:06:34 PMDennis_Kelley i meant the Canadian thing you all do!
07:06:36 PMGWG SashaD: What do you plan on mispronouncing tonight?
07:06:38 PMorangeman jaff orange
07:06:51 PMABQTKY Oy, it's like having Eric back on the show - wait, it wasn't him, it was RobbieF. It was all his fault!!
07:06:52 PMGWG Emphasize the Dye-AH.
07:07:02 PMGWG The way you are pronouncing it sounds like a disorder
07:07:07 PMGWG It's Greek
07:07:25 PMSkywriter64 HI, what happened to the free Unraid nas for 3 or 7(?) hdd drives; Or any ideas for free nas software?
07:07:39 PMGWG Is that Cat phone still a thing? I'm prepared to call to sort this out
07:07:49 PMlichenx1 stream is lagging too much for me :(
07:08:07 PMSparklyballs call the show GWG ? RobbieF mentions it from time to time
07:08:13 PMalpeck i can hear you all
07:08:19 PMb_withage yes we can
07:08:21 PMSparklyballs i hear ya SashaD, bad attempt at a uk accent
07:08:33 PMSashaD We are good to go now :)
07:09:45 PMsr_wences I love my raspberry pi (Hi everyone!)
07:09:53 PMRobbieF hey there!
07:09:57 PMSparklyballs rpi are cool
07:10:35 PMsr_wences I think you mean ... sylLABLE! ha!
07:11:27 PMsr_wences SASHA!
07:11:28 PMGWG You mean they are planning to bring back HUAC?
07:11:47 PMalpeck only the government can cut 6 inches off the bottom of the blanket and sew it on to the top and call it a longer blanket.
07:12:03 PMSparklyballs UTC is right this time of the year in the uk
07:12:11 PMsr_wences +1 for Eco-Alkalines!
07:13:01 PMalpeck your are excused RobbieF
07:13:46 PMSparklyballs cough, apologise, cough apologise, canadian with a cold
07:13:49 PMsr_wences Every breathe Robbie takes... like in the Police song.
07:13:49 PMalpeck beer is best cold
07:14:04 PMsr_wences Ale is best cool.
07:14:43 PMSparklyballs it's dependant on the beer alpeck and sr_wences
07:14:56 PMGWG RobbieF: Why didn't you ask me? I knew.
07:15:03 PMalpeck Canadians like it all cold
07:15:05 PMSashaD I like stout... only slightly cool
07:15:25 PMSparklyballs lager, ice cold because it tastes disgusting on the whole, so it has to be cold to numb your taste buds
07:15:28 PMsr_wences SashaD and porter also.
07:15:38 PMSparklyballs porter is great
07:15:56 PMSashaD I like porter :)
07:16:01 PMsr_wences I'm with Sparkly - lager is pretty harsh.
07:16:12 PMalpeck I prefer lager not ale
07:16:27 PMsr_wences I have a Pi3. Love it.
07:16:36 PMSashaD I love full flavours of every kind... black coffee, red wine, spicy food et
07:16:43 PMSparklyballs not all lager is bad, just pretty much of the big brand lager is
07:16:43 PMSashaD ect
07:16:56 PMalpeck I love red wine but at room temp
07:16:58 PMsr_wences What is Nagyos. I think I dated a girl name Nagyos...
07:17:08 PMsr_wences But that's another story.
07:17:16 PMSashaD I have a Pi3, which I use for Retro Pi :)
07:17:17 PMSparklyballs i dated a girl that nagged a lot once
07:17:31 PMalpeck just bought a pi3
07:17:45 PMSparklyballs isn't it nee ms ?
07:18:29 PMsr_wences Low power. can run hedless.
07:18:42 PMalpeck pi3 is amazing but there are some issues with Kodi
07:19:11 PMSparklyballs alpeck: libreelec
07:19:15 PMalpeck yes
07:19:44 PMalpeck w/ hdhomerun
07:19:46 PMSparklyballs i have it on my pi2 and it's flawless
07:20:33 PMalpeck I am not sure where is issue is yet Sparklyballs but pi's seem to be the only one's having issues
07:20:54 PMSparklyballs have you talked to them about it ?
07:21:10 PMSparklyballs #libreelec on freenode
07:21:47 PMGWG I wish they had an optional barrel connector
07:22:17 PMSparklyballs lol, do some compiling on the pi and it cooks till the thermal cutout kicks in
07:22:37 PMalpeck not yet Sparklyballs
07:22:37 PMsr_wences What's libreelec? Is it related to openelec?
07:22:56 PMalpeck same as libreelec
07:23:16 PMsr_wences I have that case. It's really pretty.
07:23:20 PMSparklyballs most of the openelec team work now on libreelec
07:23:38 PMSparklyballs yeah i have two of those sr_wences, the official pi case
07:29:04 PMSparklyballs SashaD: here
07:29:15 PMGWG Maybe he needs to put a quarter in a jar every time he mispronounces nagios.
07:29:29 PMGWG I always change mine.
07:29:35 PMsr_wences Yeah - but we're paying for it.
07:30:18 PMsr_wences Late start on dinner - beanies and wienies. Sorry family.
07:31:03 PMalpeck I was raised on beanies and wienies
07:31:45 PMSashaD sr_wences, better late than never :)
07:32:20 PMlichen testing
07:34:21 PMsr_wences I think I might be in love with NEMS.
07:35:38 PMGWG SashaD: Can you say, Autumnal Equinox?
07:35:40 PMGuest_1562 in other news; found out today that Linux Voice magazine is no more. They have been merged into Linux Magazine.
07:35:41 PMJeffWeston I know right!
07:35:57 PMSparklyballs sound went out for a bit
07:36:07 PMJeffWeston On sasha?
07:36:08 PMsr_wences If SashaD becomes a nerd, I might be totally in like with her.
07:36:14 PMJeffWeston Hahah
07:36:17 PMSparklyballs it came back though JeffWeston
07:36:25 PMJeffWeston Ok
07:36:43 PMJeffWeston Keep us in the loop
07:36:54 PMSparklyballs i like SashaD's tech naiviety
07:38:26 PMGWG It is half a million compared to what they could get selling the exploits.
07:39:50 PMGWG Who is born being a pianists?
07:39:50 PMSparklyballs redhat, other linux distos may be available
07:39:52 PMGWG It is black hat.
07:39:57 PMGWG Red Hat is a nice company.
07:40:41 PMsr_wences I always pronounced it POH-wned
07:40:43 PMlichenx1 pprah
07:41:07 PMSparklyballs double typo, she hit hard times and is now porah
07:41:17 PMJeffWeston Haha
07:41:21 PMGWG Isn't it leetspeak?
07:41:26 PMsr_wences +1 SparklyBalls
07:42:12 PMsr_wences Rumors are out that LG has a TV that is so thin you can stick it to a wallpaper.
07:42:27 PMsr_wences He was a liar!
07:42:31 PMsr_wences (too late)
07:42:31 PMalpeck now our cars are going to blow up
07:42:32 PMGWG Why would your door be a jar?
07:42:35 PMGWG Isn't it a door?
07:42:39 PMSparklyballs please proceed to the nearest fire station, your car is on fire
07:42:40 PMsr_wences It was tired of being a door.
07:43:40 PMalpeck Galaxy Note 7...the Pinto of phones
07:44:15 PMGWG Hard KNOX? You mean the Samsung security product?
07:45:05 PMSparklyballs JeffWeston: excuse for being late next week, my samsung washing machine caught fire, i tried to call the fire service, but my samsung phone caught fire.
07:45:08 PMJeffWeston Is Knox a Samsung product?
07:45:27 PMJeffWeston Hahaha you know it Sparklyballs
07:45:31 PMGWG JeffWeston: It was an security product they put into their phones for Android
07:46:02 PMsr_wences RobbieF - getting some weird static on Sahsa
07:46:09 PMJeffWeston Regardless of exploding devices, I'm still a diehard Samsung fan
07:46:13 PMcee_128d Well, it's obvious that the problem with Sasha's noisy audio wasn't the mic.
07:46:27 PMJeffWeston Thanks sr_wences
07:46:30 PMsr_wences JeffWeston emphasis on the die....
07:47:00 PMalpeck yes
07:47:10 PMcee_128d Lot's of static. Almost as bad as last week.
07:47:23 PMSparklyballs it dropped out a couple of times during the main news
07:47:29 PMalpeck don't know who's mic it is
07:47:56 PMcee_128d Sounds more like electrical noise from the mixer channel. Maybe the volume pot is dirty or failing
07:48:12 PMlichenx1 seeing if
07:48:15 PMlichenx1 my chat is
07:48:20 PMlichenx1 scrolling
07:48:30 PMsr_wences Maybe it would be better if SahsaD drove down to Boston and just read me the news here...
07:48:52 PMcee_128d Nope. Still there
07:48:56 PMlichenx1 thanks, sorry irssi noob here...
07:49:02 PMalpeck I am watching stream from website and did not experience any drop
07:49:05 PMsr_wences It's kind of a popping noise.
07:49:07 PMSparklyballs i had a really nice DNM preamp once with a dirty pot that rumbled like mad when changing volume
07:49:19 PMsr_wences LOL!
07:49:48 PMSparklyballs come to the uk too SashaD
07:49:49 PMGWG Isn't in Wen-sis?
07:50:48 PMalpeck you found it RobbieF as soon as you pulled batteries it stopped
07:50:49 PMGWG RobbieF is standing in the middle of SashaD's desk.
07:51:09 PMcee_128d no audio from Sasha
07:51:32 PMalpeck it was SashaD
07:51:36 PMSparklyballs have you tried turning it off and on again ?
07:51:50 PMalpeck hey Jeffa
07:52:03 PMsr_wences Update the kernal!
07:52:24 PMSparklyballs beans and wienies brought to you by jeffa western
07:52:58 PMSparklyballs beans and wienies brought to you by jeffa western
07:52:58 PMalpeck total silence
07:53:15 PMalpeck Jeffa is back on
07:53:15 PMGWG Dead air
07:53:20 PMlichenx1 back again, maybe this scroll issue is fixed
07:53:29 PMlichenx1 problems all around lol
07:53:31 PMalpeck no SashaD yet
07:53:39 PMcee_128d She;s Baaack
07:53:40 PMalpeck SashaD: is back
07:53:48 PMlichenx1 it works!
07:53:56 PMalpeck sounding great
07:54:08 PMSparklyballs lol at SashaD being amazed that someone can whistle
07:54:10 PMsr_wences Maybe Sasha is emitting tachyon particles...
07:54:12 PMalpeck Jeffa is working as well
07:54:13 PMcee_128d Jeff sounds weird, but no static
07:54:15 PMsr_wences like in Star Trek.
07:54:35 PMalpeck money please
07:54:36 PMcee_128d Hollow,
07:54:36 PMlichenx1 anybody tried ps4 vr? it's awesome
07:55:31 PMcee_128d Too close to Jeff's chin. Should be lower
07:55:42 PMRobbieF Hi :)
07:56:03 PMSparklyballs nasal sibilant
07:59:28 PMsr_wences I've done some industrial films, and bad sound is worse than bad video.
07:59:46 PMSparklyballs your brain processes sound faster than vision
08:00:32 PMcee_128d sr_wences 40+ years of sound reinforcement at live events for bands, churches, plays, etc. I know exactly what you mean
08:02:22 PMcee_128d That's why I always had one or two SM58's (or other mics) plugged in, tested, and ready to go at all times at the back/side of the stage, podium, etc.
08:02:32 PMlichenx1 virtualboy was awful lol
08:02:33 PMGWG I still want a Powerglove
08:02:33 PMSparklyballs enhance your calm , be well RobbieF
08:03:14 PMlichenx1 I have a mic but nothing worth recording, a bit overkill for skype eh?
08:03:31 PMlichenx1 one day maybe
08:03:58 PMcee_128d And when she's bad, she's better
08:04:49 PMSashaD I am so sorry to be such a disturbance these past couple weeks... I don't like doing that to you guys
08:04:54 PMlichenx1 I need a RPI! why did I think arduino was a good idea :(
08:05:33 PMJeffWeston Rpi is straight up amazing. So versatile
08:05:49 PMcee_128d Not your fault Sasha, unless you broke the mic on purpose
08:06:39 PMSparklyballs does it need a client side app ?
08:06:49 PMSashaD I didn't, but that doesn't change the end result. Ugh! It can only go up from here :)
08:07:33 PMalpeck Regardless SashaD we love you
08:07:53 PMSparklyballs yeah SashaD it's great to have you back
08:07:59 PMcee_128d Sasha, it could be a LOT worse. I've experienced a lot of lot worse over the years running sound at live events.
08:08:25 PMSashaD alpeck... thank you. I love you all too. I look forward all week to this show. You are a very important part of my life :)
08:08:28 PMalpeck you are excused RobbieF
08:08:43 PMSashaD And... I love doing the news, a ton of fun :)
08:09:12 PMalpeck you haven't lost your touch SashaD in your short absence
08:09:36 PMlichenx1 naaagios lol
08:10:46 PMSashaD Thank you :). This is the best hour of the week! This week, with all the slight hiccups... it may be closer to two!
08:11:05 PMlichenx1 if it's closer to 3 I wouldn't mind
08:11:30 PMSashaD Poor Robbie and his post-production!
08:11:53 PMalpeck you need to put together a category5 bloppers episode.
08:11:53 PMlichenx1 I was thinking that too SashaD haha
08:11:53 PMSparklyballs 3 would be bad, lol.
08:12:03 PMSparklyballs it's 1:11 am here
08:12:03 PMlichenx1 BLOPPERS
08:12:19 PMlichenx1 I think I like that better
08:12:47 PMlichenx1 7:12pm
08:12:48 PMSashaD I would happily do a three hour show... I just wouldn't want to put that on Robbie to edit! It would be insane!!
08:13:20 PMSashaD Oh, did you all see the flippin amazing moon this week?
08:13:25 PMlichenx1 3 hour, 360 show... RobbieF cries
08:13:48 PMalpeck Yes SashaD it was amazing
08:14:07 PMSashaD Robbie would have a total meltdown!
08:15:28 PMSashaD I was impressed by all the pictures posted all week long, the moon in different cities :)
08:16:12 PMalpeck did you see ISS pass in front..don't know where that one came from
08:16:33 PMSashaD No! I'll look for it :)
08:17:48 PMalpeck You can find on
08:18:10 PMJeffWeston Looked like a tie fighter.. so cool
08:18:29 PMalpeck yes it did
08:20:03 PMSashaD That is so neat.. they are dwarfed by the moon
08:20:55 PMalpeck One of my favorite website...visit it every day
08:21:28 PMalpeck you can download most images and use for wallpaper
08:21:33 PMSashaD Today's picture is cool too... I have to remember to check it often as well
08:22:15 PMSashaD sparklyballs... what time do you have to get up in the morning? I can't stay up past 930!
08:22:51 PMSparklyballs i've got to take my niece to school in the morning, so i get up at 7.15
08:23:05 PMSashaD you are a machine!
08:23:11 PMalpeck chose calendar and click on year month and you will see thumbs of all images for that month
08:23:13 PMcee_128d nice site alpeck. Gotta keep an eye on it from now on
08:23:50 PMSashaD thank you for sharing.... the more beauty in life the better :)
08:23:55 PMsr_wences We had clouds for the supermoon - wah!
08:24:17 PMcee_128d RobbieF, now we need something like that to monitor a home network.
08:24:19 PMSashaD where do you live? I'll lodge a complaint
08:25:01 PMsr_wences SashaD - Boston... don't you remember? How are you going to fly down and read me the news if you don't remember. WAH! again.
08:25:16 PMsr_wences
08:25:42 PMalpeck hahah sr_wences
08:25:48 PMSashaD oh my... that's right :) Boston! I should now drive down and apologize... it's the right thing to do!
08:26:01 PMcee_128d But I prefer Blueberry Pie
08:26:12 PMSashaD I'll train up for the marathon, two bird one stone!
08:26:54 PMSparklyballs it's a good job the sound isn't two way, i just burped brutally, lol.
08:27:38 PMalpeck fill with bloppers
08:28:06 PMsr_wences Dinner-time!
08:28:48 PMalpeck goodbye everyone...great show
08:29:01 PMsr_wences Good uck everyone . Especially with the mics!
08:30:06 PMalpeck jeffa is using his exploding Ford Pinto phone
08:30:35 PMSashaD I didn't mean to close the chatroom without saying goodnight!
08:30:43 PMsr_wences Is that a samsung in your pocket... or are you just on fire?
08:30:50 PMSparklyballs if you're in a plane crash and have to eat your fellow passengers, you can at least cook them if you had a samsung phone
08:31:02 PMGWG SashaD: Can you say "I posted about the Autumnal Equinox on Diaspora?"
08:31:28 PMcee_128d Fast or Quick charge heats up the battery by large magnitudes compared to standard charging. NEVER quick/fast charge expect for an emergency, and then no more than once or twice a month
08:31:31 PMSashaD nope. I certainly can not
08:31:47 PMsr_wences My first one was a Nokia. Then I got a used Motorola razor. I was styling!
08:32:15 PMcee_128d Expect = except
08:32:15 PMGWG SashaD: Or, if we go back to your predecessor... "I posted about the Autumnal Equinox on Diaspora while changing planes at Madrid's Barajas Airport."
08:32:27 PMsr_wences When I was 23, I was still talking on that phone that looked like a candlestick.
08:32:33 PMsr_wences HA!
08:32:43 PMSparklyballs nope
08:32:45 PMalpeck my first cell phone was a bag phone
08:32:56 PMSparklyballs SashaD: that was a fail
08:33:00 PMGWG No.
08:33:01 PMsr_wences My first phone was a fire and smoke signals.
08:33:14 PMGWG I'm trying to help
08:33:26 PMalpeck bye
08:33:31 PMSashaD Goodnight my darlins :)
08:33:32 PMsr_wences Bye everyone!
08:33:37 PMGWG Why can no one say Diaspora correctly?
08:33:55 PMSparklyballs i am saying it correctly now GWG
08:34:11 PMGWG Sparklyballs: The way people pronounce it usually sounds like a drug.
08:34:20 PMGWG For some reason, it bothers me.
08:34:23 PMGWG I live in the Diaspora.
08:35:28 PMSparklyballs i suppose if you're from a culture that lived through a diaspora it could bother you
08:37:13 PMSparklyballs night folks, sleep time for me.
08:37:45 PMGWG Sparklyballs: Not sure if it is that or my obsessive compulsiveness.


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