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6:58:18 PMGarbee 2 minutes.
6:58:43 PMGarbee Robbie is *very* punctual unless there is a technical difficulty beyond anyone on this planet's control.
6:58:57 PMGarbee In which case we must got o Alpha Centauri to get help.
6:59:13 PMsparklyballs category5 is late this week due to martian interference
6:59:33 PMGarbee RobbieF: Before the show even starts we're going off-planet! What a ride this will be.
6:59:57 PMsparklyballs out of this world even Garbee
7:00:21 PMGarbee So, just slightly off this week...
7:01:21 PMGarbee Considering Sasha's connection reset I think they're having network issues at the studio.
7:01:40 PMGarbee Welcome back to Earth SashaD!
7:01:59 PMGarbee You missed the interplanetary discussion about getting technical support.
7:01:59 PMSashaD I am the technical difficulity!
7:02:01 PMsparklyballs aren't men from mars and women from venus
7:02:05 PMGarbee It's a-live!
7:02:09 PMagamotto How are everyone?
7:02:28 PMagamotto Hmmm, Starfleet uniforms... did some recently go on a cruise?
7:02:43 PMsparklyballs SashaD is red away team, nice knowing you SashaD
7:02:55 PMGarbee The Dalek retreated!
7:03:13 PMlichenx1 dressed up like star wars, don't ban me bro.
7:03:31 PMlichenx1 hahah
7:03:36 PMSashaD That's what I thought!
7:03:36 PMGarbee I'm not kicking him for that.
7:03:45 PMgarywhite lichenx1 wrong franchise
7:03:50 PMagamotto Well, let's see... heart replacement due to Nausicaan attack, died at least twice, technically... so sure
7:03:51 PMlichenx1 I know lol
7:04:45 PMgarywhite Does that mean that Dave is gonna be wearing blue and have pointy ears?
7:04:57 PMgarywhite Wait...wrong version of Star Trek
7:04:59 PMagamotto "I refuse to believe, that if there is indeed an afterlife, that YOU would have anything to do with its administration"
7:05:27 PMlichenx1 coffee at 6pm makes for a long tomorrow
7:05:43 PMSashaD I love coffee :)
7:05:48 PMagamotto Long days?
7:05:48 PMfhtommy That is the perfect way to see Sasha!
7:05:51 PMGarbee Nice hair SashaD.
7:05:53 PMlichenx1 aka I'll never get to sleep!
7:06:08 PMGarbee someone was late tonight.
7:06:22 PMGarbee You say "Engage".
7:06:29 PMagamotto Hmmm, SashaD needs a Bajoran nose...
7:06:47 PMalpeck love the star fleet theme
7:06:49 PMagamotto Oh, I thought you lot went on the Star Trek cruise last week.
7:06:55 PMlichenx1 Please wear that to work
7:07:18 PMalpeck looking spiffy commander SashaD
7:07:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hello all, ran a bit late but made it
7:07:37 PMGarbee Stargate, Star Wars, Star Trek. All related somehow.
7:07:38 PMlichenx1 Stargate
7:07:44 PMlichenx1 beat me
7:07:49 PMGarbee 💥 goes the :dynamite:
7:08:17 PMGarbee Oh, if you like data wait until the "Measure of a Man" episode iirc the title.
7:08:31 PMagamotto RobbieF: If CBS can get their stuff together. I am thinking more like fall, with a major reworking of how it will be released. It seems no one is signing up for their pay service just to watch Star Trek.
7:08:51 PMGarbee Yah, "Measure of Man". Season 2 ep 9 of Star Trek TNG.
7:08:51 PMGuest75538 never liked Star Trek
7:09:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the teleporter
7:09:34 PMlichenx1 12yo me only watched for the girls, sorry lol
7:09:37 PMfhtommy 3 pins Commander
7:10:03 PMGarbee Commander/Captain, same diff for Sasha.
7:11:17 PMlichenx1 When I get paid I will definitely be using the links
7:11:33 PMGarbee Just realized ublock origin was blocking the ads on the live stream. Had to turn that off and refresh.
7:12:48 PMfhtommy Sasha looks like Ro Laren with the hair pulled back
7:13:38 PMsparklyballs it's thursday here SashaD if that helps you with timezones :D
7:14:29 PMSashaD It sure does :)
7:15:08 PMGarbee At least USPS tends to get timing right.
7:15:18 PMGarbee That's a huge difference.
7:15:36 PMlichenx1 any visual studio people here?
7:15:45 PMGarbee How can I fast forward the live stream SashaD?
7:15:57 PMGarbee lichenx1: What do you need help with?
7:16:47 PMalpeck green screen would work good with star fleet theme
7:17:14 PMlichenx1 just wondering if it's even worth it to try to use ironpython with windows forms, trying to make a tool to make my work easier, we're forced to use windows or else I'd be on linux
7:17:24 PMgarywhite Why would green screen work alpeck?
7:17:33 PMGarbee lichenx1: Ah.
7:17:35 PMGarbee Yea.
7:17:53 PMGarbee Best thing to do would be search around to see other peoples experiences in particular with those two and integrating them.
7:17:55 PMlichenx1 just making a utility app in, the quickest way I know how
7:18:07 PMalpeck no one is wearing anything near green which could interfer garywhite
7:18:23 PMgarywhite But what would they put up?
7:18:27 PMGarbee oh, IronPython is basically just a bunch of objects to reflect Python's API.
7:18:31 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @RobbyF I like having chat in one window and the video feed in another that way I can set them side by side
7:18:39 PMGarbee Yea, use it if you know python well.
7:18:40 PMlichenx1 I've received your text RobbieF
7:18:46 PMGarbee Why not build a windows GUI using Python though?
7:18:48 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Dont have to scroll up and down
7:18:50 PMalpeck they could put the same wall colour up and move the logo up
7:19:25 PMlichenx1 Garbee: because I like using the form builder, this needs to be done quickly just for my use really.
7:20:00 PMgarywhite Or put up a background of Space. The Final Frontier.
7:20:04 PMGarbee lichenx1: Then I wouldn't bother with IronPython unless you're already familiar with it. You won't gain too much mixing stuff when VS helps you do a lot already with their GUI using their tools.
7:20:25 PMsr_wences Cooking, but Hi everyone!
7:20:26 PMalpeck I also like the green screen when SashaD does the news
7:20:40 PMsr_wences WHy the Trek outfits. Celebrating DeForest Kelly's birthday?
7:20:57 PMlichenx1 Garbee: I gotcha, maybe i'll try it on the next one.
7:21:04 PMGarbee sr_wences: Just cause iirc from the top of the show.
7:21:13 PMagamotto sr_wences: They will be unboxing some ST stuff later in the show
7:21:26 PMGarbee "Unboxing"
7:21:43 PMGarbee Read: Destroying mint condition product to act like screetching to my brain.
7:21:46 PMGarbee :D
7:21:50 PMlichenx1 That's cool, i'd use it once every 10 years I go swimming.
7:21:57 PMlichenx1 lol
7:22:13 PMSashaD Sometimes its just nice to dress up for special occasions (like Wednesday)
7:22:24 PMlichenx1 I dare you to wear that to work
7:22:31 PMlichenx1 SashaD:
7:22:44 PMsparklyballs you know you're in canada when they include a caribou
7:22:45 PMSashaD Bahahaha
7:23:00 PMsr_wences SashaD - guys don't need no stinkin' instructions!
7:23:04 PMGarbee Robbie really shouldn't have said "What do you take me for?" with me in the chatroom...
7:23:15 PMGarbee That's just inviting an assault.
7:23:43 PMlichenx1 If I can buy a raspi from the links I will
7:24:01 PMSashaD You can!!!!
7:24:25 PMlichenx1 I want one! and have no idea what i'll use it for!
7:24:44 PMGarbee --- for those who may want a direct link if their clients don't do it based on domain alone.
7:24:45 PMsr_wences FREEBIRD!!!!!!
7:25:28 PMlichenx1 RobbieF: needs to rap
7:25:55 PMGarbee Wow.
7:26:01 PMGarbee That's nice.
7:26:15 PMlichenx1 I really thought it needed to stay in that box lol
7:26:16 PMsr_wences RAP: MY name is Rob, my head ain't hairy... but that's OK, I come from Barri!
7:26:16 PMgarywhite Question: Has there ever been an episode on security cameras? I'm planning on having someinstalled
7:26:39 PMGarbee But RobbieF... How much does it cost?
7:26:54 PMGarbee
7:27:05 PMlichenx1 haha sr_wences
7:27:13 PMGarbee Not right now though...
7:27:17 PMGarbee It will be on the site later.
7:27:23 PMGarbee Once I kick Robbie after the show.
7:28:52 PMagamotto "So they wear pajamas in the 24th Century?"
7:29:23 PMlichenx1 I've been lied to, I'm only here for the smurfs, what is this?!
7:29:37 PMSashaD Next time for sure!!!
7:29:38 PMagamotto I would use the ST communicator pin, once they get some of the kinks out
7:29:58 PMagamotto I would love to use it at work with my work mobile... keep my hands free
7:30:07 PMsr_wences I want the ST:TOS flip communicator.
7:31:20 PMagamotto To quote Mal - "Shiny."
7:32:10 PMSashaD I love it!!!!
7:33:24 PMgarywhite What about a TOS communicator cell phone? Although I don't think the mobile carriers would go for it...
7:33:58 PMsr_wences I have a start Trek sticker on the side of my Kia Soul, and my bud calls it my Shuttle Craft - I'd use it in my car for the full StarTrek experience.
7:34:46 PMgarywhite What about this sticker (idk if this exists): My other vehicle is an Enterprise
7:35:03 PMagamotto garywhite: I have seen several of those
7:35:20 PMsr_wences I would love to have Majel Barret's voice instead of Google Search voice control - then it would be like my own nterprise.
7:35:50 PMagamotto magnetic would be great for my apron
7:36:27 PMagamotto Hmmm
7:37:33 PMSashaD This is neat!
7:37:56 PMBobK54 somaium cobalt magnet is better.
7:38:02 PMBobK54 spelling??
7:38:11 PMgarywhite
7:38:13 PMsr_wences Grab a magney from an old spinning hard drive...
7:38:35 PMagamotto Samarium cobalt?
7:38:49 PMBobK54 yep. that's itsgamotto
7:38:56 PMalpeck that sounds expensive agamotto
7:39:40 PMBobK54 we make turbine engine parts all say long with those magnets
7:40:17 PMagamotto I have heard of it from audio speakers... some drivers are made from it
7:41:00 PMalpeck your time zone if wrong RobbieF
7:41:07 PMgarywhite sr_wences:
7:41:10 PMalpeck ^is
7:42:52 PMagamotto Is it worth US$1600 to go on a Star Trek cruise?
7:43:18 PMgarywhite I don't think so
7:43:20 PMalpeck a super strong magnet could cause problems. my son used to use an old hard drive magnet to clean the speaker and microphone on his phone because it would collect iron fillings from working in a metal shop
7:43:49 PMalpeck and he went through a lot of phones until he stopped doing.
7:44:25 PMlichenx1 I thought the show was over, got scared.
7:45:01 PMagamotto Axanar is settled... that could be very good news.
7:45:26 PMalpeck auto exposure is on RobbieF
7:45:26 PMsr_wences Is it wrong of me to want SashaD in the old ST:TOS yoeman uniforms?
7:46:06 PMsr_wences Keep it clean, bros.
7:47:04 PMalpeck RobbieF: is not busy playing with his com badge
7:48:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hey folks, is it just me or is the video brightening and dimming slightly? I noticed it when watching the last to episodes.
7:48:25 PMagamotto NO... most consumers keep their phones an average of three years
7:48:43 PMDooley_da_Vulcan mostly when it was zoomed up on Sasha
7:48:57 PMalpeck SashaD: camera has auto exposure turned ON and RobbieF hasn't noticed yet
7:49:29 PMsparklyballs samsung still has the responsiblity to check the batteries work with their phone
7:49:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan a different sweatshop
7:49:53 PMalpeck i think they started last weeks show with auto exposure ON for the main camera but was corrected.
7:50:04 PMDooley_da_Vulcan like an apology followed by a but
7:52:46 PMalpeck don't run with siccors
7:52:59 PMalpeck it's all fun until someone gets hurt
7:53:25 PMagamotto That doesn't sound like a settlement
7:53:31 PMDooley_da_Vulcan go overseas and make it
7:54:19 PMDooley_da_Vulcan go where it doesn't matter and go for it. They are not making loads of money off of it. So nobody is making money off of others creations
7:55:25 PMalpeck SashaD: you forgot the little finger when you said 100 million
7:55:31 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 1.4 mil might not be much to make and produce this product
7:55:54 PMagamotto Of course, we could all just quit spending our money on 'official' Trek, and see if limited or no income affects them
7:56:03 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Renegades was awesome
7:56:35 PMagamotto SashaD: Yah, there are video nasties based on popular shows and movies... can't be sued due to fair use clauses
7:57:10 PMagamotto RobbieF: BINGO!
7:57:36 PMDooley_da_Vulcan well how much did it cost to make and produce it. they may not have any money as payment for it. They make the fans mad enough and they will get no viewers for the new startrek series at all
7:59:32 PMGarbee I'm out for the night.
7:59:36 PMGarbee Have a good evening everyone!
7:59:40 PMGarbee Thanks for joining in.
7:59:47 PMgarywhite CBS/Paramount makes very strict rules on unofficial Trek
7:59:47 PMlichenx1 cya
7:59:53 PMgarywhite & I mean VERY strict
7:59:55 PMgarywhite bye Garbee
8:00:48 PMsparklyballs jeff will be ludd smashing up the robots
8:01:15 PMalpeck i can't think a robot can understand enough to put the human interest in a story
8:02:17 PMagamotto Hmmm, sprinkle the car with cayenne pepper?
8:03:28 PMsparklyballs i'm not a vegetarian , i want steak based products in my car
8:04:43 PMagamotto I use it to keep a certain nieghborhood dog from urinating on my wheels
8:04:54 PMalpeck spices affect animals differently. cayenne pepper does not keep the squirrels out of my bird feeder
8:06:13 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hell Paramount could license it.. Then have the money raised tracked and monitored, and just get some royalties off of it. Its making so much money let it go and take a cut
8:06:57 PMgarywhite They could, but they won't
8:08:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan that way if it makes money they get a cut, not out anything if not they are not out anything and its against someone else.
8:08:12 PMagamotto Lotion...
8:10:02 PMsparklyballs brought him , aka dragged him.....
8:10:26 PMagamotto Axanar feature film can be released as two 15min videos on YouTube
8:11:38 PMagamotto Hrm
8:14:16 PMagamotto Nope... no more dual-boot. Win 10 has too many issues
8:15:01 PMagamotto
8:15:06 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yeah we all need an OVERSEER aka Windows 10
8:15:38 PMsparklyballs steam seems pretty silly to me if it platform specific
8:16:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I use a virtual system to sue windows 7
8:16:20 PMDooley_da_Vulcan you will never do it after TOMORROW
8:16:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan to use windows 7
8:16:34 PMalpeck live long and prosper everyone
8:16:42 PMSashaD You guys rock!!!!
8:16:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan TOMORROW NEVER COMES
8:17:02 PMSashaD I love you all... see you next week :)
8:17:04 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Night you two and enjoy
8:17:28 PMsparklyballs gnite chaps
8:17:54 PMgarywhite Good night everyone, live long and prosper
8:18:07 PMagamotto Well, off to make dinner. Oddly, I think cheerios with some berries sounds good
8:18:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Good night ALL


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