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6:58:07 PMlichenx1 sparklyballs: says off air for me
6:58:32 PMsparklyballs says live at 7pm toronto time
6:59:01 PMlichenx1
6:59:03 PMlichenx1 ?
6:59:46 PMlichenx1 still not loaded for me
6:59:53 PMsparklyballs hola SashaD
7:00:55 PMlichenx1 SashaD: late start? live stream isn't loading for me
7:01:27 PMSashaD We are just starting now... slight delay :)
7:01:46 PMlichenx1 just says off the air
7:02:19 PMsparklyballs have you been painting SashaD ?
7:02:25 PMSashaD Hola Sparklyballs
7:02:59 PMsparklyballs feed froze just as you were talking about service state and lichenx
7:03:03 PMfking Says off the air here also.
7:03:23 PMBobK54 off the air here in Kentucky too
7:03:28 PMSashaD We are on it... workin on it :)
7:03:31 PMsparklyballs and back
7:03:37 PMsparklyballs kodi working
7:04:03 PMalpeck still off the air for me
7:04:18 PMsparklyballs SashaD , tell robbie that kodi working
7:06:14 PMABQTKY This LIVE ON THE AIR stuff must be a reall joy for RobbieF
7:06:29 PMsparklyballs robbie loves a challenge
7:06:38 PMSashaD Poor Robbie... but he is going to get it up and running, I know it :)
7:07:08 PMsparklyballs SashaD , no timezone issues there ?
7:07:56 PMsparklyballs curl curl-dev php7-curl
7:07:59 PMSashaD We have created a new timezone. Cat5 time :). Its 7 pm when we say it is, and not a moment sooner ;)
7:08:30 PMBobK54 pclinuxos slogan: its ready when its ready
7:09:01 PMlichenx1 mine is up
7:09:04 PMRobbieF hiya!
7:09:07 PMABQTKY Whoa, it's up!!
7:09:18 PMBobK54 UP!!
7:11:02 PMsparklyballs php7-mbstring had me running circles on a docker upgrade to php7 the other day.
7:12:31 PMgarywhite The show is on?
7:13:04 PMSashaD It sure is :)
7:13:08 PMABQTKY Yes, it's show time garywhite!!
7:13:30 PMABQTKY Nice pic of snow!!
7:15:50 PMsparklyballs we get an inch of snow and everyone goes crazy and trains stop etc...
7:16:08 PMjlim kodi addon not working krypton
7:16:42 PMjlim is there a live feed on youtube?
7:17:25 PMsparklyballs i have kodi addon in krypton and i'm watching
7:17:26 PMlichenx1 beep
7:17:50 PMjlim sparklyballs: you had installed then upgraded?
7:18:01 PMABQTKY 8-)
7:18:16 PMjlim i started with fresh install does not work
7:18:24 PMsparklyballs krypton , i have my own linux setup
7:18:41 PMsparklyballs but cat5tv i pulled the master from their git as a zip
7:18:58 PMjlim sparklyballs: but did you upgrade to krypton or fresh install?
7:18:59 PMsparklyballs hang on i'll get the link
7:19:20 PMjlim sparklyballs: i have the git link
7:19:25 PMsparklyballs makes no difference
7:19:38 PMjlim sparklyballs: it doesn't work after i install it
7:19:55 PMsparklyballs you need to find the setting to allow unofficial addons
7:20:02 PMABQTKY Oh, gee. I have a dead switch and a flaky one. The flaky one drops repeatedly. And the video/audio stream also just froze. coincidence??
7:20:17 PMjlim sparklyballs: it freezs when i try to open it
7:20:31 PMsparklyballs in estuary in the addons section, click the package box and there is an option to allow unofficial addons
7:20:33 PMjlim sparklyballs: i set that
7:20:43 PMsparklyballs works fine here
7:20:59 PMsparklyballs uninstall, reinstall addon if it playing up
7:21:26 PMjlim sparklyballs: did you do a fresh install or was it loaded prior to upgrading to krypton?
7:21:44 PMsparklyballs
7:22:03 PMjlim sparklyballs: read my last post
7:22:12 PMsparklyballs i built my htpc from a server edition of ubuntu
7:22:29 PMsparklyballs but the method makes no difference, the addon works across versions.
7:22:46 PMsparklyballs uninstall it , reinstall it.
7:22:52 PMjlim sparklyballs: was it built with krypton or did you upgrade it to krypton????????
7:23:06 PMjlim sparklyballs: i did
7:23:09 PMsparklyballs read my last post
7:23:11 PMsparklyballs lol
7:23:19 PMjlim read my last post
7:23:35 PMjlim i did uninstall it and reinstall it
7:23:43 PMjlim it don't work
7:23:43 PMsparklyballs i get my toilet paper from morrisons
7:23:59 PMsparklyballs it doesn't work on your box , fixt it. lol.
7:24:06 PMsparklyballs it works fine and dandy here.
7:24:31 PMjlim when you built did it have previous version of kodi????
7:25:06 PMjlim sparklyballs: because you upgraded to kryton
7:25:11 PMsparklyballs i rebuilt everything from the ground up for krypton, but that's irrelevant
7:25:50 PMjlim reset kodi so that it is fresh then try and install the cat5 addon
7:25:51 PMsparklyballs failing that, go to the cat5 site and watch the feed there
7:26:26 PMsparklyballs i have a mile of custom menus, not faffing about with it now
7:26:41 PMsparklyballs mine works, lol.
7:26:53 PMjlim sparklyballs: it won't work
7:27:38 PMjlim it worked when i upgraded to krypton. but i refreshed kodi. and not it won't work after i install
7:27:59 PMsparklyballs refreshed ?
7:28:00 PMjlim because it is not working in krypton
7:28:29 PMsparklyballs i'm watching cat5 tv with the addon in krypton, lol.
7:28:48 PMsparklyballs titan skin with a custom menu item for cat5
7:28:54 PMjlim yeah i refreshed kodi. refresh = uninstalls all addons so it is just as a frash install of kodi
7:29:06 PMjlim fresh*
7:29:25 PMsparklyballs if you want a complete rebuild delete ~/dotkodi
7:29:35 PMsparklyballs i said dot in place of a period
7:29:51 PMsparklyballs period key sticks on this mac sometimes
7:30:20 PMjlim Garbee: kodi addon is not working in krypton with fresh install
7:30:29 PMsparklyballs for you
7:30:43 PMsparklyballs it working on a clean install of krypton for me
7:31:05 PMsparklyballs the guy you want is nicd
7:32:10 PMsparklyballs hair looks lovely SashaD
7:32:49 PMSashaD Thank you :)... I don't know about these bangs though!
7:32:56 PMjlim sparklyballs: you installed it before you upgraded to krypton correct?
7:33:20 PMjlim SashaD: \o
7:33:24 PMsparklyballs nope i rebuilt the whole system ground up
7:34:04 PMsparklyballs what os ?
7:35:45 PMjlim sparklyballs: fine i'll install it again. when it doesn't work i'll tell
7:35:48 PMjlim you
7:36:42 PMsparklyballs if you have nothing you want to keep by the way of settings in a linux host delete ~/.kodi
7:37:12 PMsparklyballs restart and that's a complete refresh
7:37:50 PMsparklyballs the other thing, you're not unpacking the zip from the repo ?
7:40:08 PMsparklyballs ugh svn timeout trying to get some source of xmlrpc-c
7:41:59 PMjlim sparklyballs: not working like i said
7:42:16 PMjlim sparklyballs: downloaded from the link you provided
7:42:20 PMsparklyballs again for you , lol
7:43:02 PMjlim sparklyballs: freezes when opening
7:43:03 PMsparklyballs did you do the rm -rf ~/.kodi
7:43:52 PMsparklyballs doing that you should be aware you will lose ALL settings and tweaks etc you had so be mindful
7:44:29 PMjlim sparklyballs: its on my android tv
7:44:45 PMjlim kodi for android
7:44:47 PMsparklyballs ugh get a decent device lol
7:45:17 PMsparklyballs but you might have said that earlier
7:45:41 PMjlim sparklyballs: its an nvidia sheild. can't get much more decent than that
7:46:56 PMjlim sparklyballs: didn't garbee make the addon?
7:47:05 PMsparklyballs not very good for category 5 though is it ? lol
7:47:17 PMsparklyballs no nicd from the uk did
7:47:59 PMsparklyballs i'll ask SashaD to check the name with RobbieF about the guy who made the kodi addon
7:48:18 PMjlim Nicd-: kpdi addon not working with krypton on android
7:48:43 PMjlim lol kodi*
7:50:00 PMsparklyballs need to know who made the addon because allegedly doesn't work on nvidia shield
7:50:10 PMsparklyballs there's the name nateu
7:50:13 PMsparklyballs there's the name nateuk
7:51:05 PMjlim sparklyballs: was working after upgrade to krypton. but fresh install not working
7:52:41 PMjlim is there a live feed on youtube?
7:52:59 PMRobbieF nope
7:53:46 PMjlim guess i'll catch after post then
7:54:32 PMABQTKY FEB 22 already? Where does the time go??!!
7:55:49 PMsparklyballs dead or a hive you're coming with me
7:56:00 PMsparklyballs ROBOBEE
8:00:49 PMjlim sparklyballs: did you download the development version or the stable?
8:01:09 PMsparklyballs kodi ? or the addon ?
8:01:35 PMsparklyballs i got the master zip of the addon repo
8:02:22 PMjlim addon
8:03:00 PMsparklyballs
8:04:06 PMsparklyballs they have the same date dev and stable
8:04:23 PMjlim gotta be a python version discrepency
8:08:05 PMjlim oh well. ain't gonna happen
8:16:26 PMsparklyballs RobbieF get 500 teenie drones using the same remote, some strings and a chair and make your own traffic buster
8:16:53 PMSashaD haha
8:20:00 PMGarbee jlim: I haven't written any addons or plugins for Cat5.
8:22:23 PMSashaD Thank you all for being here tonight :)
8:24:49 PMgarywhite 🖖 Live long & prosper
8:24:54 PMgarywhite night all


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