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6:58:17 PMHenryBB Boop! Good day, everyone!
6:58:28 PMGarbee How can we be sure SashaD is really in studio?
6:58:39 PMGarbee She could just be hologrammed in from a remote bunker...
6:58:41 PMHenryBB totally green screen
6:59:11 PMABQTKY So we have Henry and Sasha on board to TRY to keep Robbie out of trouble tonight, eh?
6:59:35 PMGarbee Hey, he didn't trip up on Tuesday/Wednesday tonight!
7:00:24 PMHenryBB lol
7:01:21 PMdooley_da_Vulcan $24,000 what could you do in a months time, not to mention however long you would wait to report the loss to burn through 24k
7:01:34 PMSashaD Be certain to get your questions into the chatrom for Robert :)
7:01:54 PMSashaD chatroom
7:03:26 PMHenryBB 24k... that's a LOT of LEGO...
7:03:34 PMABQTKY Woops, where's the beef? (Well, where's the connection, that is.)
7:04:08 PMSashaD Are we not on air?
7:04:44 PMABQTKY It's back now, @SashaD
7:04:54 PMSashaD okay... good :)
7:05:02 PMBobK54 never went way here in Kentucky!
7:06:03 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Here in Indiana, in the Mid February Spring
7:06:46 PMdooley_da_Vulcan is the feed on youtube as delayed as the feed on roku?
7:08:34 PMdooley_da_Vulcan is it me or is there not much chatting going on in here @SashaD
7:08:50 PMHenryBB chat chat chat
7:08:54 PMSashaD Maybe everyone is glued :)
7:08:54 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:09:11 PMdooley_da_Vulcan maybe, I was just wondering....
7:09:48 PMHenryBB It is because everyone is so intrigued! hehe
7:10:23 PMjwmp Hi dooley_da_Vulcan. I use Quassel.
7:10:57 PMdooley_da_Vulcan very well maybe. I figured most tech savy folks are as ADHD as I am and multitask
7:11:17 PMdooley_da_Vulcan hey jwmp, what is quassel
7:11:24 PMjwmp That's a nervous disorder isn't it? :)
7:11:31 PMjwmp IRC client
7:11:43 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I mean, to watch the video and see the chat room at the same time
7:11:52 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I am using Hexchat
7:12:02 PMjwmp I use the web site to view in Firefox
7:13:07 PMHenryBB that's what I do when I'm watching from home, @jwmp
7:13:39 PMjwmp I haven't got Roku or anything else to watch it on. I use PC exclusively
7:14:00 PMjwmp Well, laptop actually
7:14:03 PMdooley_da_Vulcan All across the US people are sending fake email to inter office personnel requesting all employee data to this email address and they are falling for it.
7:15:06 PMdooley_da_Vulcan that is what I was doing, 2 screens of chrome with one sized down and always on top.
7:15:22 PMHenryBB same for government offices, etc... (the scams)
7:15:23 PMSashaD That's true... sometimes people act irrationally
7:15:26 PMjwmp I've been watching The Real Hustle on Youtube recently. The scams are amazing, some seem obvious, but many make you paranoid.
7:16:44 PMHenryBB There's a few good Netflix docs on it too!
7:17:37 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I was receiving the suspicious MS tech call, they wanted to help me fix my windows pc.
7:18:17 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I am running Ubuntu Mate Exclusively
7:18:48 PMdooley_da_Vulcan and abruptly received a CLICK in my ear
7:19:05 PMHenryBB Hehe, nice...
7:19:38 PMHenryBB I always get emails from "banks" saying that I need to log in to change my password, etc... ;)
7:19:50 PMHenryBB getting very sneaky
7:20:12 PMHenryBB any questions for rob?
7:20:12 PMjwmp I'm currently using Win7. I have Hexchat but tend to use Quassel by default. Of course I have several Linux distros on Virtualbox.
7:21:48 PMdooley_da_Vulcan QUESTION: are there tools for dummies,to put into use for protection? for those of us who have relatives that need protected.
7:23:02 PMdooley_da_Vulcan so there are online character personalities that become identifiable.
7:23:22 PMSashaD yes... I guess that's it :)
7:23:30 PMDBLK Can you set a dollar limit not to go over without logging on to change ?
7:23:42 PMHenryBB cool but kindo of spoopy too...
7:24:09 PMHenryBB with making your own "personality" profile
7:29:22 PMdooley_da_Vulcan like when myspace was going big. you seen a lot of the fake antivirus warnings pop up saying you have been infected, quickly click here to scan for the virus and block or clean it now.
7:30:07 PMdooley_da_Vulcan i had to warn my kids and wife about that for years. And tell them not to use myspace.
7:30:40 PMHenryBB true true... Never used myspace, personally but you still see that with a lot of those ads and what-not all around the web
7:31:00 PMHenryBB "warning, your computer is infected!"
7:31:11 PMHenryBB "click here to speed up your computer!"
7:31:17 PMHenryBB etc :P
7:31:17 PMdooley_da_Vulcan yeah, you are fine TILL you click to clean
7:31:33 PMHenryBB haha yes!
7:31:44 PMHenryBB then they "clean" your bank account ;)
7:32:34 PMHenryBB :Trust NOBODY" - Robbie 2017
7:32:37 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I was on BBSes forever and got one virus, but I think I got it off a friends disk and not the BBS. The KeypressE virus
7:33:08 PMjwmp The most dangerous situations are when you get these things on tablet or phone, It is difficult to see the address you're going to before you actually click on a link. At least with PC software you can see the link address by hovering over the link.
7:33:33 PMHenryBB even then, they can spoof it... :P
7:33:50 PMHenryBB and last questions, all? :)
7:33:56 PMdooley_da_Vulcan even then the links on a page may all be legit but one. RobbieF showed one of those a few weeks ago
7:37:35 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Nothing like LIVE TV
7:37:47 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:38:25 PMHenryBB XD I know, right? Always so much fun ;)
7:42:45 PMdooley_da_Vulcan text to speech was always "Would you like to play a game?"
7:43:08 PMHenryBB I'm not going to sleep tonight now... :P
7:45:42 PMjwmp All the way back to the industrial revolution?
7:47:00 PMalbertr tax Bill Gates - he can pay it all :)
7:47:06 PMjwmp LOL
7:49:53 PMdooley_da_Vulcan a security issue in WINDOWS???? NOOO
7:50:25 PMalbertr hehe :)
7:51:35 PMdooley_da_Vulcan unlike Linux, fixes in HOURS yay
7:52:20 PMalpeck no wind today...therefore no internet
7:53:06 PMBobK54 suborbital "satelites"
7:53:53 PMdooley_da_Vulcan yeah, I can see someone saying now here is your bill for your emergency services bill
7:54:09 PMjwmp Hey RobbieF
7:54:53 PMjwmp I assume these balloons have to come down at some time?
7:56:44 PMjwmp Wait for 3.1 when the bugs have been worked out
8:00:06 PMdooley_da_Vulcan frequency
8:00:31 PMdooley_da_Vulcan The Final Countdown
8:00:37 PMjwmp_ Let's do the Time Warp again
8:00:43 PMABQTKY The Final Battle
8:00:49 PMHenryBB The final countdown was it \
8:00:52 PMHenryBB thanks!
8:01:07 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Yes It is a great Movie, You are welcome
8:01:37 PMalbertr is the name Timeless?
8:01:56 PMalbertr is it on Netflix?
8:02:05 PMdooley_da_Vulcan The Zero Therome ?Spelling
8:02:17 PMjwmp_ I live only 10 miles from Bletchley Park
8:03:26 PMalpeck Was a great movie
8:03:27 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Imitation Game was a great movie, So is Hidden Figures. Natalie Portman
8:03:50 PMHenryBB Hidden Figures was AWESOME
8:04:35 PMBobK54 ney say? (nasa)
8:05:29 PMalbertr 800000 years
8:05:45 PMalbertr 40 light years
8:06:00 PMBobK54 check out the movie Passengers.
8:06:08 PMHenryBB also good!
8:06:35 PMBobK54 interesting movie, only two characters until near the end
8:10:50 PMdooley_da_Vulcan All information is New to anyone who does not know it and everyone can benefit to something to go back to.
8:11:24 PMjwmp_ 4K is soon to be old tek - there is already an 8K TV prototype
8:12:31 PMjwmp_ 70 inch by Samsung for only UKP1399
8:12:51 PMHenryBB Yeah but what will support 8K?
8:13:08 PMHenryBB Still trouble finding content for 4K :P
8:13:30 PMjwmp_ Goodnight all
8:13:32 PMalbertr thanks for this episode :)
8:13:42 PMBobK54 that was a quick show! good stuff
8:13:50 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Thanks @RobbieF @SashaD and @HenryBB Great show and good night
8:13:52 PMHenryBB Night!!
8:14:27 PMSashaD You are all so super awesome... thank you :)
8:14:42 PMdooley_da_Vulcan You are ALL welcome and appreciated
8:16:22 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I just seen your picture of the college approach WOW
8:16:29 PMdooley_da_Vulcan from last week
8:18:47 PMdooley_da_Vulcan We have been having spring here in Indianapolis along with other parts of the states
8:19:26 PMRobbieF surprisingly it all melted this past weekend! It was 19 degrees C!!
8:19:29 PMRobbieF nuts
8:19:38 PMRobbieF so it didn't last long, although it was a HUGE dumping
8:19:48 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Did you get a new pair of shoes?
8:20:35 PMdooley_da_Vulcan we are supposed to be 72 tomorrow and 40 on saturday
8:21:01 PMdooley_da_Vulcan my mistake, 72 on Friday
8:21:38 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Good night, have a good weekend. all


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