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6:59:06 PMJeffWeston less than 60 seconds
7:01:01 PMJeffWeston here we go
7:02:19 PMABQTKY Gee, the entire gang's here! Nice!!
7:02:26 PMJeffWeston so excited
7:02:38 PMsparklyballs hola
7:02:58 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Hello PEOPLE
7:03:20 PMsparklyballs nothing on the new pi zero ?
7:05:05 PMSashaD Can you see me?
7:05:09 PMsparklyballs should get mine tomorrow to play with.
7:05:18 PMJeffWeston yes but you keep leaving
7:05:24 PMsparklyballs i see the author of the book
7:05:55 PMdooley_da_Vulcan SashaD has left again
7:06:12 PMsparklyballs bye Sasha, lol.
7:06:16 PMABQTKY @SashaD - Jeff's right, stick around for a while, will 'ya?? 8-)
7:06:45 PMdooley_da_Vulcan She is like relatives, popping in and out
7:06:50 PMsparklyballs JeffWeston put a hex on her, lol.
7:07:38 PMsparklyballs i had to check the number of o's in popping for a second there dooley_da_Vulcan , lol.
7:08:08 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:08:43 PMdooley_da_Vulcan When you said that and I looked for a second I thought I had messed
7:09:07 PMBobK54 its a fricken laaaaazzzzzer!!!
7:09:54 PMsparklyballs they fired off the heads of sharks, that's why they cost a million dollars cos they had to build a tank they could put on a plane
7:11:34 PMdooley_da_Vulcan and someone is going to say that someone pushed these stones that make up the pyramids UP the side of this steep hills on logs on the ground......yeah
7:12:33 PMdooley_da_Vulcan one slip oops, there goes bob, thats 10,000 employees this month injured, we missed our safety mark
7:12:37 PMsparklyballs they prolly had them shipped by fedex next day, they'll deliver anywhere.
7:13:43 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:15:49 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I find mass neutralization more likely than pushing 50 to 100 ton stones up hill and mountains
7:16:43 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Gorilla City..... they are gonna find GROD or KONG
7:17:09 PMABQTKY dooley_da-Vulcan Mass neutralization? Nice! How did day do dat?
7:17:42 PMdooley_da_Vulcan some process that has been lost over time is more believable than shoving stones up mountains
7:18:31 PMdooley_da_Vulcan just try shoving a 6000 lb van in neutral up a slight hill on not convincing me of that
7:19:04 PMABQTKY Excellent point! And the van's got wheels!
7:19:28 PMdooley_da_Vulcan exactly
7:19:49 PMdooley_da_Vulcan acid as snake venom that is one bad ass snake
7:19:50 PMsparklyballs that's one person and a van, 20 people and the same van and it's a breeze.
7:20:17 PMABQTKY A breeze, yeah, right.
7:20:53 PMdooley_da_Vulcan no, that was with 3 people and only going 50 feet. some of these stones had to be moved miles to where the pyramids were built.
7:21:01 PMsparklyballs one man can pull a truck
7:21:15 PMdooley_da_Vulcan how far
7:21:36 PMdooley_da_Vulcan pull it up a mountain or even just a decent hill
7:21:52 PMsparklyballs the distance is irrelevant if you don't do the whole journey at once.
7:22:03 PMdooley_da_Vulcan mass neutralization is the source for interplanetary travel
7:23:57 PMsparklyballs i find some form of counterbalance solution more viable, tons of small objects in one "carriage" for want of a better word can pull the larger object up or at least help with overcoming the initial inertia
7:25:03 PMABQTKY Stop playing around, @SashaD.
7:25:13 PMdooley_da_Vulcan so instead of moving the mass of the pyramids, we will move at least twice the mass rather than some other solution.... dont buy it sorry
7:25:40 PMsparklyballs but the counterbalance doesn't have to be one object
7:25:57 PMdooley_da_Vulcan SashaD cannot decide if she wants to be a member of a club that has all of us as members.
7:25:59 PMsparklyballs have 10,000 men and you can achieve a helluva lot
7:27:45 PMdooley_da_Vulcan but that does not matter, if you are moving x amount of weight with counterbalance up a hill you would need more mass and then move it all back up to the hight point to use again so once totaled up you will have moved the amount of weight of the pyramid in addition to the pyramid
7:28:46 PMdooley_da_Vulcan the distances that some of the stones have been hauled from the locations that had been mined is so great that that seems like a second likely solution.
7:29:12 PMsparklyballs you underestimate the power of the whip
7:30:02 PMdooley_da_Vulcan no, but use a whip all you want and you still are not going to be able to shove a car up a flagpole
7:31:21 PMsparklyballs shove no, but give me a lever long enough and i'll lift it with one finger
7:32:19 PMdooley_da_Vulcan but not move it up a side of a mountain, calculate what it would take to move 400 ton up a mountain side
7:33:34 PMdooley_da_Vulcan as you move something that heavy as it is moved it will dig into what it is on top of. all these solutions would require it being lifted up to get under the stone
7:35:00 PMsparklyballs an engineering solution is far more likely than some mystical mass neutralisation
7:38:10 PMdooley_da_Vulcan what makes mass neutralization anymore mystical than anything we have to people 200 years ago
7:38:37 PMdooley_da_Vulcan how did you get that person in that box..????
7:38:44 PMsparklyballs physics and stuff
7:39:00 PMdooley_da_Vulcan just because you do not know the science does not make it magic
7:39:22 PMsparklyballs and just because you don't know the engineering doesn't mean it didn't exist
7:39:40 PMdooley_da_Vulcan They are in the middle of a jungle, anything can happen
7:40:23 PMABQTKY Soooo, the Central Americans a thousand years or more ago were engineers?
7:41:00 PMdooley_da_Vulcan but since the science of mass neutralization is what would be necessary or at least make it much more likely then I find it very likely that it did and still exists
7:41:22 PMsparklyballs why not, with a simple piece of geometry the pyramids were built to an accuracy that modern builders would struggle to reproduce
7:41:35 PMABQTKY Sooo, they were advanced engineers? Betcha they used Linux, too!
7:41:46 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Very well may have been. If you see some of the engineering feats that they accomplished you could be amazed
7:42:17 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Hello again SashaD
7:42:33 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Damn, I cannot even say hello before she disappears
7:42:36 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:43:51 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I am one that does not believe we are the brightest thing in the galaxy.
7:44:07 PMdooley_da_Vulcan ShashD keeps Disappearing is whats
7:44:15 PMdooley_da_Vulcan SashaD that is
7:44:31 PMsparklyballs that would be some kind of pulsar type , not up on astronomy
7:44:33 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Would go in a hearg beat
7:45:01 PMdooley_da_Vulcan yes that is what has enough energy to escape a black hole
7:45:28 PMdooley_da_Vulcan the pulsing burst of a pulsar out of a black hole
7:45:50 PMsparklyballs the odds of their being life on other planets is heavy for, but the odds they've been here is unestimatebly (sp) higer
7:47:42 PMdooley_da_Vulcan @JeffWeston listen to THE HOT ZONE......Its scary as hell because its real or was
7:48:18 PMJeffWeston is my wife going to be upset if i look up that title?
7:48:38 PMdooley_da_Vulcan about ebola
7:48:59 PMsparklyballs beastmaster sounds like 80's low budget movie
7:49:01 PMJeffWeston wild
7:49:05 PMdooley_da_Vulcan the break out of ebola coming here into the US
7:49:07 PMsparklyballs sure there was a movie
7:50:23 PMsparklyballs sasha's top looks like something that my grandmother's curtain were made of.
7:51:06 PMJeffWeston hahaha she was saying today that only the elderly were saying how nice it was. no one under 60 commented on it
7:51:09 PMJeffWeston so funny
7:52:00 PMsparklyballs ask her if she's got a part in a period drama ?
7:52:05 PMABQTKY Tsk, tsk, tsk - we must all be nice to Sasha
7:52:23 PMsparklyballs she's not here, lol.
7:52:35 PMABQTKY Oh, yeah.
7:52:45 PMsparklyballs i shall deny all knowledge
7:53:38 PMJeffWeston we love sahsa....pokeing fun is a form of flattery
7:53:51 PMdooley_da_Vulcan You could use a 120hz or 240hz monitor and have data appear on the screen for only fractions of seconds and only seen via a lens with a ploarized filter. based on 3D tech
7:54:00 PMsparklyballs sasha is great
7:58:26 PMalpeck This was not an exploit. It was a programming error from many years ago which did not reveal itself until they combined it with their new parser.
8:00:01 PMNelson1 Hi Robbie
8:00:23 PMJeffWeston hi nelson1. welcome to the chat room
8:00:46 PMNelson1 Hey Jeff
8:01:33 PMNelson1 Robbie, I'm back from Florida if you want me on the show next week to do that demo we talked about
8:01:56 PMJeffWeston we are still live. ill pass on the comment to him Nelson1
8:02:21 PMNelson1 ok
8:03:23 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Seems that those were put out with that intentionally set up that way
8:04:06 PMdooley_da_Vulcan and the response is..... WHAT NOW?
8:05:20 PMdooley_da_Vulcan You will have to purposely buy non connected hardware or toys
8:05:56 PMJeffWeston pokemon cards
8:06:12 PMsparklyballs i got sent an echo dot for a bounty, it's just sitting there listening and stuff
8:06:14 PMJeffWeston hack my vine whip
8:07:03 PMdooley_da_Vulcan basically. A Slinky...., Rockem Sockem Robots, Evil Knevil Stunt Cycle
8:07:18 PMJeffWeston stretch armstrong
8:07:29 PMdooley_da_Vulcan exactly
8:07:41 PMsparklyballs scalextric
8:10:35 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Just told my ANY hardware that has voice capabilities can listen in. What about my MiBox remote that has audio or any streaming box that has audio search? you could have an evil application just listening through your remote.
8:10:46 PMdooley_da_Vulcan just told my wife
8:12:29 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Think about that any REMOTE with audio capabilities can be listening to your conversations
8:12:38 PMNelson1 yes i can do the demo next week Robbie
8:12:54 PMJeffWeston its a go
8:13:00 PMNelson1 awesome
8:13:15 PMNelson1 st tng
8:14:30 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Good night all, Enjoy everyone and have a good week
8:15:06 PMJeffWeston night


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