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6:58:37 PMSashaD I'm sorry I wasn't in the chatroom last week :(
6:59:29 PMsparklyballs it was probably interference created by your old person top
6:59:53 PMDennis_Kelley Sorry SashaD! Thats what happens when I play Minetest before the show!
7:00:04 PMSashaD It was grandma chic... I got it for free from an old person
7:00:16 PMSashaD hahaha.. no problem!!
7:01:32 PMDennis_Kelley Welcome Henry!
7:02:03 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD - Henry is not in chat
7:02:27 PMsparklyballs my niece is always unplugging my harmony remote charger to charge up her damn phone
7:02:34 PMDennis_Kelley Hello HenryBB
7:02:39 PMDennis_Kelley Welcome HenryBB
7:02:45 PMHenryBB Boop! G'day!
7:02:51 PMHenryBB Good to be back
7:03:41 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Nelson
7:04:00 PMDennis_Kelley nelson is a double geek!
7:05:54 PMsparklyballs need to get the word flocculate in the news for SashaD to trip her tongue on
7:06:15 PMSashaD nope
7:06:21 PMDennis_Kelley sparklyballs you just want her to say your name over and over!
7:06:43 PMsparklyballs i got a pi zero w when they came out last week
7:06:59 PMHenryBB nice!
7:07:21 PMDennis_Kelley sweet sparklyballs working good?
7:07:27 PMsparklyballs it's running an rss reader for me
7:08:06 PMHenryBB Awesome! :)
7:08:08 PMDennis_Kelley cool
7:10:07 PMHenryBB I want to try to get the Apollo Guidance Program working on my pi ;)
7:10:21 PMsparklyballs damn i was born in 1966
7:10:22 PMDennis_Kelley that would be cool HenryBB
7:10:34 PMHenryBB along with the displays and leds, totally pumped for it!
7:10:51 PMsparklyballs knowing my luck i'd get the apollo 13 setup
7:11:08 PMDennis_Kelley right!
7:11:31 PMHenryBB haha, they actually have the code for that on GitHub too! XD
7:11:33 PMDennis_Kelley at least its the one that came back!
7:13:43 PMsparklyballs i've got quite a collection now of arm boards
7:14:57 PMDennis_Kelley i have a few pis
7:15:44 PMsparklyballs i've got two pi3 one pi2 a pi zero w odroid xu4 and pine a64+
7:18:24 PMDennis_Kelley nice! what do you use them for?
7:18:37 PMSashaD communicating :)
7:19:06 PMDennis_Kelley no the Pi's SashaD
7:19:07 PMSashaD hahaha... likely you aren't asking what the communicator is for!
7:19:17 PMDennis_Kelley for sure
7:19:19 PMsparklyballs the pi2 bedroom HTPC with libreelec pi zero w for rss and everything else is arm build nodes for linuxserver
7:19:32 PMDennis_Kelley awesomee
7:19:37 PMDennis_Kelley awesome!
7:20:19 PMsparklyballs big boys toys
7:20:22 PMSashaD I did realize my mistake a little late
7:20:34 PMalbertr i've got banana pi M3 and use it as Android TV Box with Kodi and so...
7:20:44 PMDennis_Kelley that ok SashaD
7:21:07 PMHenryBB Cool beans - I have a few friends using pi 2s and 3s as gaming chat servers
7:21:09 PMDennis_Kelley just coffee RobbieF?
7:21:09 PMsparklyballs start humming the star wars theme tune SashaD
7:21:32 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF is not in chat
7:21:38 PMHenryBB there might be something else in there...
7:21:40 PMHenryBB jk
7:21:50 PMSashaD I best not... I may get it wrong, I would be thrown out
7:22:40 PMDennis_Kelley I think Robbie just like to press his own boob!
7:23:19 PMHenryBB ;)
7:23:32 PMDennis_Kelley he does have it a bit low!
7:24:03 PMDennis_Kelley the communicator is closer to his mouth
7:24:35 PMSashaD It sounds great :)
7:24:47 PMDennis_Kelley it does
7:28:22 PMDennis_Kelley like it!
7:31:01 PMsparklyballs i want a star trek phaser for the grocery store
7:31:14 PMDennis_Kelley the camera Shows her beauty very well!
7:31:56 PMDennis_Kelley sweet
7:32:27 PMDennis_Kelley that would be cool! We would love to see him!
7:32:36 PMTSmith1 Robbie I have not been able to find Iron Ore on TPSDomes.Is there any?
7:32:50 PMDennis_Kelley yes TSmith1
7:32:58 PMDennis_Kelley i have found it!
7:33:07 PMTSmith1 dennis where where you looking
7:33:25 PMDennis_Kelley underground! Sorry!
7:33:38 PMDennis_Kelley just got to find the biome that has it
7:33:50 PMDennis_Kelley hold on on second, I will look at my map
7:33:51 PMTSmith1 I've dug in at 8 different domes
7:34:11 PMsparklyballs and the tech that doesn't work live
7:34:17 PMNelson1 Thanks Robbie and everyone, it was a lot of fun
7:34:31 PMTSmith1 I've found Mese and diamond
7:35:19 PMDennis_Kelley TSmith1 i found it in a biome that has the stone monster. not sure the actual name
7:35:38 PMDennis_Kelley thank you Nelson1
7:35:57 PMTSmith1 Dennis_Kelley thanks for the help!
7:36:16 PMDennis_Kelley anytime
7:37:53 PMDennis_Kelley so i think they biome also had the acecila tree. not sure how to spell it
7:38:33 PMTSmith1 I'll look for acacia trees and dig there.
7:38:47 PMTSmith1 I was so fustrated
7:38:49 PMDennis_Kelley for sure
7:39:01 PMDennis_Kelley bummer, domes is like that! its hard!
7:39:14 PMDennis_Kelley HUD
7:39:39 PMBobK54 old people village! (I'm 63)
7:43:16 PMsparklyballs there are 4 states though in DNA
7:43:21 PMsparklyballs t a c g
7:44:00 PMDennis_Kelley that would be sweet
7:44:03 PMNelson1 what you're alking about is incredibly scary
7:44:35 PMsparklyballs identical twins have identical dna
7:45:23 PMDennis_Kelley that would be an interesting issue, sparklyballs
7:46:50 PMsparklyballs the robots could double up as data storage as well as skin factories
7:46:54 PMDennis_Kelley thats a good tangent!
7:47:04 PMHenryBB Battlestar Galactica.. irl
7:47:15 PMsparklyballs the robots could exercise by making grandma's lasagne SashaD
7:50:09 PMDennis_Kelley no because they fear another company will come out with something before they will. by next month!
7:50:33 PMsparklyballs next week is old news in tech
7:51:34 PMDennis_Kelley no they will make you buy a upgraded one!
7:52:03 PMDennis_Kelley right
7:52:06 PMHenryBB lol
7:52:31 PMsparklyballs the new switch "it works"
7:52:32 PMDennis_Kelley just like window making you buy a upgraded version of the OS
7:52:58 PMDennis_Kelley adds flavor1
7:53:00 PMDennis_Kelley !
7:53:15 PMalbertr right Dennis_Kelley
7:53:18 PMDennis_Kelley it was aweosme!
7:53:21 PMDennis_Kelley awesome!
7:53:25 PMDennis_Kelley BaldNerd
7:53:28 PMsparklyballs the skin could be the lasagne pasta sheets
7:53:51 PMSashaD so gross. so so so so gross
7:54:01 PMDennis_Kelley those green dudes are a pain!
8:00:31 PMDennis_Kelley good job Nicd-
8:03:56 PMalbertr it's called trusted places I think in Android
8:03:56 PMDennis_Kelley my thigh called china!
8:05:30 PMHenryBB lol, phones every phone in china :P
8:05:53 PMDennis_Kelley right
8:06:05 PMDennis_Kelley all 1 billion of them!
8:06:47 PMHenryBB I hope you have unlimited min with long distance ;)
8:06:50 PMsparklyballs that's a hell of a conference call Dennis_Kelley
8:07:07 PMDennis_Kelley for sure sparklyballs and HenryBB
8:07:25 PMsparklyballs give SashaD 4k
8:08:16 PMDennis_Kelley nose hair!
8:09:10 PMDennis_Kelley what is easier to read 1 or 2
8:09:54 PMDennis_Kelley we like to see you SashaD
8:10:29 PMSashaD Thank you... it's nicer for me to see you though :)
8:10:51 PMDennis_Kelley i will work on a camera on my end!
8:12:18 PMDennis_Kelley how did you guys my combination to my luggage?
8:12:44 PMDennis_Kelley *guess
8:12:50 PMSashaD hahaha :)
8:13:14 PMDennis_Kelley no what move that is a reference to SashaD
8:13:19 PMDennis_Kelley movie!
8:13:59 PMDennis_Kelley combination to a dome and luggage!
8:14:02 PMalbertr thanks - Bye all
8:14:02 PMSashaD oh no... I'm not sure
8:14:10 PMDennis_Kelley Space Balls
8:14:28 PMSashaD darn. I still haven't watched it :(
8:14:34 PMHenryBB Nighty Night!
8:14:36 PMSashaD I blame Dave. and the PS4
8:14:37 PMBobK54 night all !! good show as usual
8:14:45 PMDennis_Kelley what? they play it at Ikea!
8:15:31 PMDennis_Kelley reference to Robbie not going to Ikea
8:15:56 PMDennis_Kelley have a great night1
8:15:59 PMSashaD I can't believe he has never been there!
8:16:07 PMDennis_Kelley its a classic!
8:16:25 PMDennis_Kelley Mel Brooks!
8:16:29 PMSashaD Alrighty... I better skedaddle :) Good night and good week my darlings!


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