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6:58:01 PMLyndon hey hey
6:58:03 PMJeffWeston i know. its totally useless now
6:58:17 PMGarbee JeffWeston, It was *always* totally useless.
6:58:26 PMGarbee Timezones *did* make sense, but are now useless as well.
6:58:31 PMLyndon what are we talking about now?
6:58:47 PMJeffWeston dayligth saving time
6:58:54 PMGarbee and while we're at it... The imperial measurement system.
6:58:55 PMGarbee ugh.
6:58:59 PMLyndon oh yeah geez
6:59:03 PMJeffWeston haha oh yes
6:59:08 PMHenryBB Metric
6:59:20 PMGarbee Why are you complaining JeffWeston? You live in a sane country where Metric is the standard.
6:59:23 PMGarbee At least afaik.
6:59:31 PMGarbee Or have our bad US ways rubbed off up there too?
7:00:02 PMJeffWeston i may live in a country with metric, but we get so many us products that i have to have tools on hand for both types
7:00:16 PMGarbee Oh, I'm so sorry.
7:00:19 PMGarbee My condolences.
7:00:22 PMLyndon hang on are we starting the show in a min or do i have to wait an hour
7:00:29 PMJeffWeston in a minute
7:00:41 PMLyndon oh good
7:00:47 PMJeffWeston its a super full studio of guests so we are runnign a fw minutes behind on the set up
7:01:01 PMGarbee I see you JeffWeston.
7:01:02 PMLyndon gotchya
7:01:02 PMJeffWeston 17 people in here
7:01:09 PMGarbee I hear RobbieF.
7:01:16 PMGarbee haha
7:01:17 PMGarbee that face.
7:01:22 PMGarbee Like, "You can see what?"
7:01:37 PMABQTKY Is that somebody's new microphone on the desk?
7:01:38 PMJeffWeston haha yup
7:01:46 PMGarbee so Sasha is there. She just as seriously abandoned us.
7:01:48 PMGarbee :(
7:01:53 PMJeffWeston we are using wireless mics tonight because we need mobility on the show tonight
7:02:07 PMGarbee Oh. This will be interesting.
7:02:16 PMABQTKY Oh, those too!!
7:02:18 PMGarbee haha "chatroom" you could have just said "Garbee".
7:02:20 PMHenryBB "Interesting" haha
7:02:27 PMLyndon so how do you guys like standing??
7:02:27 PMGarbee There kinda one-in-the-same at this point.
7:03:07 PMGarbee Ok, at least now I know to not expect Sasha's appearance before my throne.
7:03:13 PMGarbee Tonight.
7:03:58 PMJeffWeston i love standing
7:04:12 PMLyndon good =)
7:04:28 PMJeffWeston we have these thick mats for joint compression absortpion so its super comfortable
7:04:40 PMLyndon sweet!
7:04:46 PMGarbee Doing a battle of the bands tonight?
7:04:49 PMHenryBB Should have trampolines so you could bounce around
7:05:07 PMJeffWeston not a battle of hte bands. its a march break kid focused show
7:05:08 PMGarbee I'm getting a lot of low static (sounds like cable interference) on the stream.
7:05:10 PMJeffWeston super fun
7:05:19 PMGarbee Not sure if Robbie's still working on it and knows.
7:05:29 PMGarbee kk, at least he knows.
7:05:30 PMLyndon I do too
7:05:34 PMGarbee Thank you JeffWeston!
7:05:36 PMLyndon hear static
7:06:03 PMGarbee Which reminds me...
7:06:08 PMABQTKY I odn't hear static, just clicking, maybe from those wireless mics.
7:06:09 PMGarbee Yes it's gone.
7:06:28 PMBobK54 all clean now
7:06:29 PMABQTKY Oh, good, nice and quiet!!
7:06:30 PMLyndon yes
7:06:32 PMHenryBB Woot!
7:06:57 PMLyndon hello Sasha
7:07:02 PMGarbee There we go.
7:07:07 PMGarbee Yea she's good now.
7:07:11 PMHenryBB :D
7:07:14 PMSashaD I hope I can remain in the room.... :)
7:07:19 PMGarbee All 3 are coming through fine for me.
7:07:27 PMLyndon level
7:07:46 PMLyndon sounds good
7:07:51 PMHenryBB Green lights all around!
7:07:54 PMGarbee SashaD, Welcome to my throne room on Cat5.
7:08:07 PMGarbee mwuahahaha
7:08:39 PMGarbee Although, that interview on the Monkey City book was entertaining.
7:08:46 PMGarbee I enjoyed it very much.
7:08:48 PMalpeck hi everyone
7:08:53 PMGarbee Which did actually surprise me.
7:09:01 PMLyndon wow yall do have a full room
7:09:01 PMHenryBB LIDAR is soooo sweet
7:09:49 PMGarbee SashaD, You pronounce things just fine.
7:09:54 PMGarbee As long as they aren't big words.
7:10:01 PMGarbee ;)
7:11:05 PMSashaD Or names of European cities :)
7:11:11 PMABQTKY Whoa, what a gang!!
7:11:11 PMHenryBB OK! Here we go!! :D
7:11:16 PMGarbee Hehe. We'll keep that one a secret SashaD.
7:11:37 PMBobK54 thats quite a bunch in the audience! bananas come in bunches you know.... :)
7:12:38 PMLyndon hey y'all I also have my own YouTube channel now. look me up.
7:12:49 PMGarbee Robbie may need to look into Youtube Live soon...
7:12:55 PMGarbee Since Flash is slowly being killed off.
7:12:59 PMalpeck need an applause sign for the studio crowd
7:13:16 PMLyndon yes I agree
7:13:25 PMHenryBB haha yes!
7:13:54 PMalpeck laugh track as well
7:13:56 PMGarbee haha, that won't happen much for RobbieF.
7:14:02 PMGarbee Like once an episode.
7:14:12 PMHenryBB LEGO
7:14:31 PMalpeck can't go if you don't have a kid with you
7:14:40 PMLyndon I have never been
7:15:07 PMHenryBB pfffttt... Always a kid in heart ;)
7:15:52 PMGarbee Why did no one ship me a life-size lego Batman?
7:16:07 PMGarbee That would be epic once assembled with it's cape.
7:16:12 PMGarbee its*
7:16:37 PMGarbee 4D?
7:16:41 PMGarbee Do they add smell?
7:17:04 PMLyndon that would be 5D
7:17:10 PMLyndon =)
7:17:15 PMalpeck hopefully good smells and not like the smell where i was working today
7:17:58 PMSashaD oh dear ... where do you work?
7:18:10 PMGarbee SashaD, if he's complaining about smell best not ask!
7:18:24 PMSashaD good point!
7:18:39 PMalpeck i travel all over the place fixing stuff and today i was at a waste water treatment plant
7:18:42 PMGarbee SashaD, Fantastic smile.
7:19:04 PMGarbee Oh, they added feel not smell.
7:19:37 PMGarbee alpeck, Thanks for doing the fixing.
7:19:57 PMSashaD Thank you Garbee :)
7:20:06 PMalpeck i kept is clean
7:20:10 PMalpeck ^it
7:20:11 PMGarbee Ooh, we can teach the kids programming tonight!
7:20:13 PMGarbee Captive audience.
7:20:24 PMGarbee PHP for them all!
7:21:13 PMGarbee btw, I do have pizza tonight. Papa Johns.
7:21:26 PMGarbee what are ya'll having or did ya'll eat for dinner?
7:21:37 PMHenryBB What kind 'o Pizza?
7:21:44 PMGarbee Pep and Sausage.
7:21:55 PMGarbee Normal cheese and sauce this time.
7:22:05 PMHenryBB Nice
7:22:19 PMHenryBB Dinner of champs :)
7:22:43 PMGarbee Or just the dinner of a guy that only eats Pizza and chicken mostly. :P
7:23:08 PMHenryBB haha touche
7:23:41 PMSashaD I had pizza tonight as well... spinach :)
7:23:46 PMGarbee Only Robbie would try to go 12k frames on growing crystals.
7:25:21 PMGarbee The green just looks like moss.
7:25:27 PMGarbee Kinda funny to see that.
7:25:36 PMGarbee "We're watching moss grow people."
7:26:37 PMSashaD That is super neat :)
7:26:39 PMGarbee This is a nice relaxed show.
7:26:49 PMLyndon some what
7:26:55 PMLyndon \well enough
7:27:23 PMGarbee SashaD, Yea, you just don't move.
7:27:26 PMGarbee You're stuck with us!
7:27:36 PMSashaD I love you guys :)
7:27:41 PMGarbee Keep smiling too.
7:27:44 PMSashaD So I'll stay with you
7:27:57 PMLyndon thats better
7:28:13 PMLyndon cool its like the science fair
7:28:17 PMLyndon yes
7:28:25 PMGarbee SashaD, I'll ship you a slice of my pizza.
7:28:38 PMGarbee Fedex should get it there same-day and still warm.
7:28:42 PMSashaD sounds great!
7:29:11 PMHenryBB Use a drone! hehe
7:29:32 PMJeffWeston is he loud enough?
7:29:53 PMGarbee Yea, he's fine when he speaks up some.
7:30:00 PMGarbee When he's talking low it comes through fine enough.
7:30:31 PMJeffWeston ok
7:30:31 PMGarbee It's at least picking up. He's just a kid so, of course not the same level as the well-adapted adults to the mics.
7:31:08 PMSashaD It's so great to see them present what they love :)... even though they are a bit nervous
7:31:10 PMGarbee hahah
7:31:20 PMGarbee "They don't have 15 hours"... "Yes. They. Do."
7:31:29 PMGarbee Yes I do. Keep going. 15 hour marathon!
7:31:33 PMSashaD 15 hour special!
7:31:37 PMJeffWeston we will use time lapse to make it happen in 30 seconds
7:31:42 PMGarbee SashaD, You get two bathroom breaks.
7:31:46 PMGarbee And one 30 minute nap break.
7:31:54 PMHenryBB We could make it a 15 hour charity livestream? lol
7:32:23 PMSashaD bahahaha... I would totally be up for that! As a fundraiser for the show!
7:32:39 PMJeffWeston i dont want ot see our internet bill that month
7:32:44 PMGarbee Woah now. If we're doing an actual fundraiser thing I'm going to need to allocate more break time for SashaD.
7:32:59 PMSashaD You are too kind :p
7:33:05 PMLyndon you should do a whole episode in stop motion
7:33:12 PMJeffWeston hahaha
7:33:18 PMGarbee That would take them weeks to do a full episode.
7:33:21 PMSashaD My goodness.. that would be funy
7:33:28 PMHenryBB totally worth it
7:33:36 PMGarbee Oh, or they could just do it with clay instead of actual people.
7:33:39 PMLyndon make it with lego figures
7:33:50 PMGarbee haha yes. Lego stop motion episode.
7:33:50 PMJeffWeston that would be amazing
7:33:57 PMHenryBB We can get some of those custom made lego figs! haha
7:34:12 PMGarbee I'll make RobbieF do it the next time he takes a week off for his Anniversay or something.
7:34:37 PMLyndon hahaha
7:34:56 PMGarbee "You want to take how much more of my husbands time from me?!"
7:35:01 PMGarbee I can hear it now as I'm dying.
7:37:52 PMJeffWeston haha
7:38:34 PMGarbee retro gaming for him is Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
7:38:45 PMGarbee Frogger is "ancient gaming".
7:38:56 PMGarbee Much less centipede.
7:39:14 PMJeffWeston HAHAHA Garbee
7:40:25 PMGarbee Ok ok. Sasha can't be left out.
7:40:40 PMSashaD Thank you!!
7:40:41 PMGarbee There we go, plenty fake in-person respect to go around.
7:40:56 PMJeffWeston i feel so validated
7:41:10 PMGarbee Validated? I gave you Op permissions like 40 minutes ago.
7:41:13 PMLyndon no sonic screwdriver
7:41:34 PMGarbee Fine.
7:41:42 PMLyndon I guess its a winner
7:42:05 PMGarbee We've lost him.
7:42:12 PMGarbee Oh, he's trying to show it to us.
7:42:14 PMJeffWeston haha i never even noticed
7:42:52 PMLyndon hes so focused, I love it
7:42:53 PMGarbee JeffWeston, Stop taking the children's microphone from them.
7:43:01 PMGarbee Hasn't anyone ever taught you to share the toys?
7:43:23 PMGarbee I love how he was trying to show us the screen but it's just too small.
7:43:29 PMGarbee It's adorable.
7:45:18 PMGarbee I think Robbie may set a record for the longest time a show has been done live.
7:45:32 PMGarbee And editing this for Youtube... oh man.
7:45:37 PMGarbee I don't envy him.
7:45:50 PMSashaD I know... poor guy will have a ton of editing to do!
7:46:24 PMGarbee Dead air?
7:46:25 PMGarbee No such thing.
7:46:42 PMGarbee "Plug"
7:46:49 PMGarbee It's called a "Plug" in the industry RobbieF.
7:48:09 PMJeffWeston ....3 youtube channels.before the age of 10....i as eating gluebf the age of 10
7:48:09 PMGarbee Haha, glue eating tips.
7:48:18 PMGarbee yea we heard JeffWeston.
7:48:24 PMLyndon its the windows show
7:48:27 PMJeffWeston and my typing skills attest to my glue consumption
7:48:41 PMGarbee JeffWeston, Not really the typing skills but the complexion of your face.
7:48:46 PMLyndon heeey
7:48:51 PMGarbee I think you're coming through Sasha's mic some JeffWeston.
7:48:54 PMGarbee So you're still pretty clear.
7:49:02 PMGarbee Unless Robbie has a room mic somewhere.
7:49:44 PMGarbee Robbie invented a remote.
7:49:45 PMGarbee ...
7:50:11 PMGarbee JeffWeston, Just go huddle by SashaD.
7:50:14 PMLyndon yes we can hear th game in the background
7:50:22 PMGarbee The SashaD Show!
7:50:25 PMGarbee I'm in.
7:50:46 PMsparklyballs hello
7:51:00 PMSashaD Hi Sparklyballs!!!!
7:51:29 PMHenryBB ayyy!
7:51:38 PMSashaD This is so much fun :)
7:51:47 PMJeffWeston hi jlim
7:51:48 PMjlim hi sasha
7:51:54 PMjlim \o
7:52:01 PMjlim hi jeff
7:52:05 PMjlim \o
7:52:05 PMGarbee jlim, Only 50 minutes late.
7:52:11 PMjlim lol
7:52:14 PMGarbee I see your true feelings.
7:52:16 PMJeffWeston time change is messing with people
7:52:22 PMHenryBB So many people! In chat and studio!
7:52:27 PMsparklyballs robbies copresenters are getting younger
7:52:34 PMSashaD Hi jlim :)
7:52:40 PMGarbee Copresenters? They're invading and taking over.
7:52:43 PMjlim sasha \0
7:52:47 PMHenryBB LOL
7:52:48 PMJeffWeston start em young
7:52:59 PMGarbee This is just the night where they force him to teach them all the tricks.
7:53:09 PMSashaD I guess the time change has made everyone have "sasha brain"
7:53:13 PMjlim canada doesn't do daylight savings, do they?
7:53:29 PMGarbee SashaD, Having your brain might be an improvement over my own.
7:53:29 PMHenryBB yes, we do ;)
7:53:34 PMHenryBB (well, mostly)
7:53:37 PMSashaD Not all of it... but we do
7:53:43 PMjlim oh ok
7:53:44 PMGarbee jlim, They do.
7:53:46 PMSashaD I doubt that highly Garbee
7:53:56 PMGarbee SashaD, I'm a guy... nuff said.
7:54:02 PMGarbee Multi-tasking has no meaning here.
7:54:13 PMjlim lol
7:54:15 PMGarbee I don't understand how Robbie does it.
7:54:36 PMHenryBB magic
7:55:02 PMGarbee I think Robbie has developed a method to clone himself.
7:55:07 PMGarbee And that's how it does it all.
7:55:30 PMJeffWeston hes an episode he will cook like sasha's grandma
7:55:38 PMGarbee SashaD, Ask Robbie for his methods of staying young and cloning the next time you're both on air.
7:55:50 PMSashaD Will do :)
7:55:51 PMsparklyballs free pizza ????
7:55:54 PMGarbee Maybe the young is just a side-effect of the early balding...
7:56:03 PMGarbee Since he lost his hair he got extra youth.
7:56:31 PMSashaD That's the trick? I'm going to shave my head!!!
7:56:42 PMGarbee SashaD, You don't need it.
7:56:52 PMGarbee Just keep smiling.
7:56:54 PMJeffWeston so photoshopping a picture of that SashaD
7:56:55 PMjlim SashaD: no! don't do it! lol
7:57:07 PMGarbee JeffWeston, DO IT!
7:57:12 PMGarbee Show and tell next week.
7:57:13 PMSashaD bahahaha
7:57:29 PMGarbee And present a picture of Golem from LOTR with Sasha's face transposed on it.
7:58:03 PMSashaD hey now... I've been working out!
7:58:18 PMjlim lol
7:58:24 PMHenryBB XD
7:58:24 PMGarbee SashaD, Don't you already have the ring? What more is needed?
7:58:49 PMGarbee All you have do now is not kill the fiance and eventual husband and you're good for life.
7:59:03 PMSashaD I hear if I do it right, then another is on the way!
7:59:16 PMGarbee ...
7:59:32 PMjlim hahaaa
8:00:06 PMjlim SashaD: when is the big day?
8:00:26 PMSashaD That's the only thing I have to do? Just not kill Dave? I feel like that's doable!
8:00:37 PMSashaD September 9th :):):)
8:00:40 PMGarbee Yea, just don't kill him.
8:00:47 PMGarbee All should be good from there legally speaking.
8:00:54 PMjlim SashaD: congrats!
8:01:04 PMGarbee But, if you do kill him... Don't leave a trace.
8:01:06 PMjlim :)
8:01:07 PMSashaD Okay. Do not kill Dave. Check!
8:01:09 PMGarbee Just a tip.
8:01:17 PMjlim lol
8:01:22 PMSashaD oh my!
8:01:30 PMGarbee Also, do it in a way you still get the insurance money.
8:01:35 PMgarywhite Huh, what did I miss?
8:01:46 PMGarbee garywhite, Best not revisit that discussion.
8:02:02 PMjlim hehehehe
8:02:04 PMGarbee This is the part of the day where I am very tired so I just degrade any conversation into nonsense.
8:02:16 PMGarbee And it happens to be show night, so I'm here.
8:03:04 PMGarbee JeffWeston, So... Yea...
8:03:12 PMGarbee These kids are definitely smarter than we were at their age.
8:03:22 PMJeffWeston we will take your interaction any way we cant it Garbee
8:03:29 PMJeffWeston absolutely!
8:03:34 PMGarbee JeffWeston, no no, that's can't happen.
8:03:38 PMGarbee Needs to be kept PG.
8:03:51 PMJeffWeston ...ok ill give you that one
8:04:03 PMGarbee Even I am not above that rule.
8:04:11 PMjlim SashaD: dave's a lucky guy :)
8:04:14 PMHenryBB The golden rule... ;)
8:04:42 PMGarbee I think that's the only reason I am kept around really. I haven't gone off the rails yet.
8:04:46 PMsparklyballs you running a creche ?
8:05:07 PMSashaD Thank you! :) I'm actually the lucky one :)
8:06:02 PMsparklyballs i guess i missed a lot of the show, no one told me your clocks changed
8:06:24 PMGarbee It will be an interesting re-run with all the cuts.
8:06:40 PMGarbee Conversify.
8:06:45 PMGarbee Such a brilliant word.
8:06:52 PMGarbee what another doll spying on them JeffWeston?
8:07:00 PMjlim is that a touch screen monitor?
8:07:09 PMGarbee jlim, The one in front of Robbie?
8:07:13 PMHenryBB It is @Jim
8:07:18 PMjlim Garbee: yes
8:07:22 PMGarbee jlim, Yes.
8:07:31 PMjlim nice
8:07:47 PMLyndon comments
8:08:29 PMLyndon xbox live
8:08:30 PMGarbee JeffWeston, MS offers "Cross-Play" or something like that. Where you buy one copy of certain titles and you just get it for the other.
8:08:43 PMjlim lol
8:08:45 PMGarbee So, it isn't "streaming" the copy to the PC, but you literally get a PC install copy.
8:09:13 PMjlim a smart jacket lol
8:09:21 PMLyndon I'll just stick with ZSNES
8:10:02 PMjlim just get a smart watch
8:10:03 PMsparklyballs if samsung make a smart jacket it will keep you warm in winter
8:10:42 PMGarbee She remembered the communicator.
8:10:43 PMGarbee +1000
8:11:03 PMGarbee Boaty McBoatface is for old people.
8:11:16 PMGarbee Yea, just a ship.
8:11:39 PMjlim lol
8:11:41 PMsparklyballs it was an artic exploration ship
8:11:48 PMjlim mcboatface
8:11:50 PMGarbee So, "just a ship" sparklyballs. ;)
8:12:09 PMGarbee It's called an Armada.
8:12:17 PMGarbee Or Fleet.
8:12:23 PMsparklyballs flotilla
8:12:34 PMjlim david bowie died
8:12:45 PMGarbee JeffWeston, ^^
8:12:57 PMjlim don't think that'll happen
8:13:30 PMGarbee You handed them old video games. They no longer pay attention to you.
8:13:40 PMGarbee They have a new God now.
8:13:44 PMsparklyballs you just woke up my echo dot
8:14:01 PMsparklyballs stop saying alexa
8:14:17 PMGarbee ahha
8:14:22 PMGarbee I bet you're loving this sparklyballs.
8:14:25 PMGarbee Just turn it off.
8:14:27 PMGarbee ?
8:15:32 PMGarbee To those that aren't watching the arcade game.
8:15:45 PMjlim no ipods?
8:17:32 PMjlim oh no
8:17:34 PMjlim lol
8:17:44 PMjlim tangled in hair lol
8:18:05 PMABQTKY Do cats like the Teenie Drones?
8:18:21 PMsparklyballs Robbie is safe
8:18:32 PMjlim watch your eyes when that thing is floatin around
8:19:56 PMjlim lol
8:20:01 PMGarbee Good thing we can't hear it that well.
8:20:06 PMGarbee It would get pulled from YouTube.
8:21:06 PMHenryBB yaaay copyright strikes, lol
8:21:28 PMjlim it's easy to put on
8:21:33 PMLyndon thats cute
8:22:06 PMJeffWeston haha its movie promiotion
8:22:44 PMjlim lol
8:22:52 PMHenryBB Now it's a fitness commercial ;)
8:23:30 PMjlim $70.00 for a new band? sheesh
8:23:52 PMHenryBB Garmin is a great name too
8:24:09 PMHenryBB Good night, all! :D
8:24:18 PMjlim SashaD: bye
8:24:29 PMjlim JeffWeston: bye
8:24:35 PMSashaD Bye jlim :)
8:24:46 PMjlim bye robbie
8:24:47 PMLyndon bye everyone
8:24:55 PMHenryBB Bonsoir!


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