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6:59:44 PMABQTKY Wow, things seem so calm, organized and peaceful in Studio D tonight, SashaD
6:59:54 PMagamotto Just got back from visiting the grandparents for a few days. The joys of vacation.
6:59:56 PMSashaD They sure do :)
7:01:16 PMagamotto RobbieF: sounds good here, scratchiness went away
7:01:35 PMsparklyballs hola
7:02:31 PMsparklyballs the only difference here in the last few weeks is slightly warmer rain
7:02:50 PMagamotto sparklyballs: good thing?
7:03:10 PMsparklyballs not warm enough for a shower, lol
7:03:49 PMagamotto Wow... my refund check is already here... that took less than a week!
7:04:12 PMsparklyballs bad news SashaD , i have new glasses and it's like 4k effect for my eyes, lol.
7:04:36 PMagamotto Well, if the government would raise the speed limit higher than 60...
7:04:37 PMSashaD no.. that's bad news
7:04:51 PMagamotto sparklyballs: 4k effect?
7:05:17 PMsparklyballs i can see, lol
7:05:51 PMagamotto sparklyballs: Ahh, so you are being startled by all the dust and stuff around you?
7:05:54 PMSashaD yep... but 4k is way too much!
7:06:15 PMSashaD I'm way better blurry :)
7:07:00 PMsparklyballs not too shabby looking SashaD
7:08:03 PMagamotto Sounds like fun
7:09:00 PMsparklyballs i see it with my glasses now
7:09:11 PMagamotto bigly!
7:09:15 PMstormchaser3000 hello
7:10:16 PMsparklyballs hi stormchaser3000
7:11:10 PMagamotto RobbieF: Watch it with that middle finger, dude!
7:11:36 PMsparklyballs i've seen tutorials adding hdd for storage to RPI
7:11:43 PMalpeck can you not just copy with 'dd' then 'gparted' to expand the partition
7:12:51 PMSashaD I'm pretty sure this is going to end well :):)
7:13:21 PMsparklyballs i like the black case on the pi
7:13:31 PMagamotto You only need ethernet if you are trying to connect an etherbunny...
7:13:40 PMSashaD thank you sparklyballs!
7:13:56 PMSashaD bahahahaha agamotto
7:15:48 PMagamotto FAT16? Ick
7:16:11 PMsparklyballs fat16 for the boot partition
7:16:20 PMagamotto Ok, but still...
7:18:16 PMagamotto Yes, that miniature Amiga will run better w/o the game running... chuckle
7:18:46 PMsparklyballs RobbieF that ? in the dock would drive me nuts, lol
7:20:00 PMsparklyballs write a book, lol
7:21:16 PMagamotto I did not know that... I would have thought that ext2 or something would be preferred, as it would be free to use
7:21:48 PMagamotto Which is why so many of us no longer bother with Windows...
7:22:03 PMsparklyballs pie makes you fat
7:22:03 PMalpeck RobbieF: can you recommend a good wireless AC usb adapter for Raspberry Pi. I realize I will never appreciate to speed benefits of wireless AC but don't want to be tied to wireless N.
7:22:03 PMalpeck ^the
7:22:24 PMstormchaser3000 linux is awesome
7:23:42 PMsparklyballs SashaD it is speeding up
7:24:44 PMalpeck everybody concentrate...the power of the force
7:27:20 PMstormchaser3000 RobbieF, have you ever tried running arch linux on a rpi before?
7:28:37 PMagamotto RobbieF: How are things coming with the fund-raising?
7:29:15 PMsparklyballs arch have a 64bit image for the RPI3
7:29:36 PMagamotto Let's face it, after awhile you get tired of having to relearn how to fix the wheel...
7:32:36 PMagamotto Sounds like it just tried to spank you
7:33:07 PMsparklyballs lol live tv
7:33:56 PMagamotto Verily
7:34:17 PMalpeck fireup gparted
7:34:19 PMagamotto fdisk ?
7:34:44 PMsparklyballs fsck
7:35:04 PMagamotto Did you forget the -fat32 switch when formatting?
7:35:16 PMsparklyballs uid 1000 is pi
7:35:31 PMagamotto Ahh
7:35:51 PMstormchaser3000 have you tried formating it as ext4 or would that not work with raspberry pi?
7:35:55 PMagamotto Does your .deb OS default to ext4?
7:36:26 PMagamotto Ok, so much for that
7:36:29 PMalpeck is it possible sda1 is a reserved word
7:36:47 PMBobK54 diversity? :)
7:36:59 PMagamotto How does that work? Sounds like something encryption would try
7:37:51 PMagamotto So, how does one tell the ext4 driver to switch to ext3?
7:38:25 PMagamotto Sounds likely
7:38:29 PMdooley a stray cosmic ray during formatting
7:38:44 PMsparklyballs format it as ext4
7:39:28 PMagamotto Wow... scrambled eggs
7:39:57 PMsparklyballs does the drive have silly software from kingston when it's formatted ext3 ?
7:43:03 PMRobbieF \o
7:43:20 PMagamotto SashaD: I suppose that all depends on how awake/aware you have to be to do your job :0
7:43:22 PMalpeck this is great...this is how we all learn
7:44:11 PMalpeck maybe there is a problem with the sd card or carrier
7:44:11 PMsparklyballs suse tumbleweed ?
7:44:23 PMBobK54 reality TV!!! Life happens
7:44:24 PMagamotto Nah, just start playing "Thus also sprach Zarathrustra'
7:45:32 PMBobK54 I've used an HP low-level formatting tool on windows to save cards with problems
7:47:58 PMsparklyballs some not so super blocks ?
7:49:58 PMalpeck lets do the news SashaD
7:50:11 PMBobK54 it'll be a 15 minute show after editing. :)
7:50:17 PMsparklyballs first item on the news, the sd card is finished
7:51:18 PMdooley HAL 9000 could lip read
7:52:37 PMRobbieF hehe, sorry for the slow feature tonight folks!
7:52:54 PMagamotto RobbieF: Proof that not everything goes smoothly
7:54:22 PMBobK54 RobbieF: it makes us mere mortals feel better to see you having issues occassionally. THANKS!!
7:54:49 PMABQTKY Good point, BobK54!!
7:55:42 PMRobbieF :D Thanks. Although it is a REALLY GREAT feature and deserves to go well.
7:55:46 PMRobbieF I think this card may be bad
7:56:36 PMRobbieF it worked!!
7:56:41 PMRobbieF was a bad format.
7:57:27 PMagamotto eeek
8:01:03 PMSashaD I'm so happy that it worked... Robbie rocks!!!
8:01:22 PMagamotto An amiga folder... sigh
8:03:13 PMagamotto Yes, but finally a show where things actually go wrong. Users get to see how to deal with the unexpected!!!!!
8:03:32 PMsparklyballs ugh, wrong window, lol
8:03:48 PMSashaD I truly appreciate that you are all so supportive :)
8:03:50 PMgarywhite What did I miss? My internet is wonky, so I can't get the video to work right without freezing
8:04:13 PMsparklyballs garywhite basically nothing working for RobbieF
8:04:36 PMagamotto Drat
8:05:10 PMagamotto garywhite: formatting a 128Gb SD card to use as storage for games with a retroPi
8:06:05 PMdooley I have had sandisk cards go bad from device 1 to device 2 and it causes you to search all kinds of problems. When it is the card unexpectedly of course
8:07:41 PMdooley true tech show that is not a setup to promote ones own ability but truth in tech exploration
8:07:45 PMdooley YAY
8:07:54 PMABQTKY The pi is USB2, so that's also kind of slow.
8:08:21 PMagamotto Exactly
8:08:35 PMdooley correct SashaD and the normal people feel bad at times when something goes bad
8:08:51 PMalpeck better pretest before next week RobbieF
8:09:08 PMalpeck still might be the usb carrier
8:09:09 PMdooley Nobody can screw up a computer like someone with
8:09:20 PMgarywhite I've never had an issue with a Sandisk card, but I'd be lenient about buying an SSD from them
8:09:22 PMalpeck well said dooley
8:09:28 PMBobK54 night! still a fun show!
8:09:43 PMalpeck great show
8:09:50 PMstormchaser3000 oh well. it was a good show
8:09:54 PMalpeck lets see how fast it formats
8:09:56 PMagamotto Think about how many people are relieved that things actually go wrong for you as well!
8:09:57 PMsparklyballs i spent all last night trying to get jenkins to reconnect to remote slaves because of the update to ssh slaves plugin had a new protection against mitm that broked it cos it didn't like ECDSA
8:10:16 PMdooley It will format faster than you think. in the pi
8:10:18 PMSashaD in the pi, or on the laptop?
8:10:39 PMdooley if its a class 10 then it should format fairly fast
8:11:03 PMdooley class 10 is 10 meg a second
8:11:53 PMsparklyballs to be continued........
8:12:13 PMSashaD Thanks dooley :)
8:12:42 PMdooley your welcome SashaD
8:12:54 PMdooley wow
8:13:04 PMdooley so not a class 10?
8:13:15 PMdooley how are they rating the faster cards now?
8:14:19 PMgarywhite I have a question: Could you actually build a PC & have your primary HDD as an external HDD?
8:14:40 PMdooley why not as sda ?
8:15:30 PMdooley ah your os is sda and the second card is sdb
8:15:49 PMstormchaser3000 which is better, etc3 or ext4?
8:15:53 PMstormchaser3000 ext3*
8:16:54 PMgarywhite (I'm ordering a 120GB external SSD for my PC & I was thinking about turning my old Core2Duo laptop into a ultra small form factor
8:18:25 PMsparklyballs i love that funky green bar on gparted
8:18:33 PMdooley how much faster is this card formatting then the other one did? or said it formatted?
8:19:08 PMdooley any time you are watching a progress bar time slows down
8:19:25 PMsparklyballs ssh dooley i like the green bar
8:20:06 PMstormchaser3000 i am running arch at the moment but i would really like to run FreeBSD on my main system
8:20:40 PMdooley I used to think anyone and everyone could whistle. I never had known anyone who couldn't up to that point in my teen years
8:21:04 PMdooley or at least never tested the fact
8:21:17 PMstormchaser3000 i can't properly whistle
8:22:06 PMdooley it is bad when they want to watch ANYTHING else
8:22:47 PMdooley it's in the verification process?
8:22:51 PMagamotto I generally remind them about some movie/show I watched in the past I wasn't thriled with, yet I sat through that...
8:23:05 PMSashaD You are telling me!! Although he is usually very supportive of all tv choices I make :)
8:23:53 PMdooley maybe the contacts of your adapter have worn slightly thinner and now have issues USB port to USB port?
8:24:26 PMdooley like when your mag strip on a credit card does not work in some locals but do in others
8:24:50 PMsparklyballs i refuse to be blamed


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