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6:58:05 PMRobbieF not at all!
6:59:57 PMgarywhite Hey guys, we're at 497 today
7:02:18 PMRobbieF hi
7:03:10 PMJeffWeston hi
7:03:10 PMgarywhite Robbie do you know you're live? All I see is 2 people messing with their smartphones
7:03:20 PMsparklyballs my bouncer has been bouncing in and out of irc all day
7:03:21 PMgarywhite Hi Jeff
7:03:33 PMJeffWeston hi garywhite
7:03:42 PMBobK54 Jeff - I had that problem last week. kept getting disconnected and then it came back and said I was reconnected. Weird
7:03:50 PMJeffWeston very odd
7:04:18 PMgarywhite & idk if this came into the newsroom yet, but 570,000 Fords are being recalled
7:04:47 PMJeffWeston send it to use. [email protected]
7:05:46 PMgarywhite Stupid Windows. I click the link for the email address & instead of launching an email client, it says about allowing some rundll32
7:06:31 PMSashaD Can you see me?
7:10:33 PMBobK54 I bought a model airplane engine years ago and the instructions told me to "beware of gremlins in the fuel". Contamination maybe? :)
7:11:58 PMsparklyballs i had a cheap network switch that helpfully told me in the instructions to not place in rain
7:12:25 PMgarywhite They put that in there because they know someone might actually put it out in the rain
7:13:20 PMsparklyballs deja vu on the sd card
7:15:00 PMgarywhite So this is 496 & a half cause they're doing the same thing they were trying to last week?
7:16:28 PMsparklyballs or an elaborate april fools to see if anyone spots they did this last week gary
7:18:13 PMJeffWeston haha i forgot april fools is this saturday. good catch
7:19:11 PMgarywhite That looked less like Ubuntu & more like macOS
7:27:05 PMsparklyballs small r will work
7:27:10 PMJeffWeston bye sasha
7:27:56 PMsparklyballs -r copy recursively, non-directories as files
7:28:04 PMsparklyballs -R, --recursive copy directories recursively
7:28:11 PMsparklyballs -P, --parents append source path to DIRECTORY
7:28:28 PMsparklyballs -p, --preserve preserve file attributes if possible
7:29:08 PMJeffWeston thanks sparklyballs
7:32:43 PMJeffWeston wb alpeck
7:33:04 PMalpeck had a power blip and computer crashed
7:35:22 PMalpeck if you didn't move roms what would happen if you mounted to it???
7:39:33 PMsparklyballs the world would end alpeck
7:39:50 PMJeffWeston haha
7:41:50 PMBobK54 I would put one fake file in ONE set of files to identfy which was which
7:42:12 PMalpeck it's raining get your UUID
7:42:50 PMJeffWeston haha
7:47:02 PMalpeck a little bit of humble pie
7:48:29 PMsparklyballs i always find my keys in the last place i look too JeffWeston , isn't that weird ?
7:48:30 PMsparklyballs lol
7:49:20 PMJeffWeston haha
7:50:56 PMalpeck haha
7:54:17 PMalpeck quebert???
7:54:35 PMalpeck i don't know
7:55:57 PMRobbieF so, that went a bit better this week :D
7:56:44 PMJeffWeston its cause im here
7:57:29 PMJeffWeston evidence is overwhelming. last week = issue and no jeff. thios week= flawless and jeff
7:58:23 PMalpeck people need to buy robots and rent them out
7:58:32 PMsparklyballs so basically last week was your fault JeffWeston for not being there, thanks....
7:59:17 PMJeffWeston well, i dont want to overstate my importnce but.....yes
8:01:49 PMsparklyballs typical volvo driver
8:02:09 PMRobbieF heh
8:03:12 PMalpeck that's scary...having to worry that your self driving car OS is up-to-date or whether the latest OS update breaks something
8:04:14 PMalpeck and who is going to be liable
8:06:37 PMalpeck how is agptek possible with hdmi drm
8:12:16 PMRobbieF no alpeck, sorry.
8:13:51 PMalpeck good thing there is no clock in the background
8:13:58 PMJeffWeston yup
8:15:39 PMRobbieF that'd be wild! :) TIME TRAVEL!
8:16:36 PMalpeck quebert made funny noises didn't it
8:17:34 PMalpeck what system SashaD
8:18:15 PMalpeck great show...goodbye everybody
8:19:32 PMRobbieF is up now


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