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6:58:28 PMGarbee time to switch some laundry up and to grab the oreos before the show starts.
6:59:41 PMGarbee I got the Oreos!
6:59:59 PMGarbee Now you're not.
7:00:05 PMGarbee :(
7:00:35 PMDBLK Bingo jeff
7:00:54 PMGarbee garywhite, Well I didn't expect to be wrong...
7:00:57 PMGarbee ;)
7:01:04 PMsparklyballs i''m going for a beverage
7:02:28 PMABQTKY Wow, the gang's all there!!
7:02:40 PMDBLK Yes
7:02:40 PMSr_wences Hi Folks!
7:02:44 PMHenryBB hey!
7:03:06 PMGarbee Robbie is now literally trial-running the hand-over.
7:03:08 PMGarbee :D
7:03:12 PMSr_wences Where's Robbie?
7:03:16 PMGarbee ssh.
7:03:21 PMGarbee Co-host night Sr_wences.
7:03:26 PMGarbee Robbie is behind camera.
7:03:29 PMSr_wences Did I miss something in the last few weeks. I'm way behind!
7:04:14 PMSr_wences I want to know who does Jeff's hair?
7:04:31 PMDennis_Kelley so JeffWeston did you mention that Robbief does nothing on the show! that is why he made you run the show!
7:04:32 PMGarbee Someone needs to learn stage left/right terms.
7:04:40 PMGarbee Those were completely backwards directions for viewers.
7:05:33 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF night off! Right who set up the show!
7:06:58 PMSashaD Robbie is actually working harder than he would on a normal night, keeping everything under control :)
7:10:01 PMsparklyballs when i was a kid SashaD , we had chemistry sets and we tried to blow things up with them, lol.
7:11:03 PMSashaD That's an awesome childhood!
7:11:10 PMSr_wences I thought that was what you sliced bread on.
7:11:41 PMABQTKY Small loaves only, Sr_wences.
7:12:10 PMSr_wences SashaD we also had erector sets and legos that were plain so you had to use your imagination to do stuff. And we lived in caves.
7:12:24 PMSr_wences And battled dinosaurs.
7:12:54 PMsparklyballs you had a cave ? you lucky b*****ard
7:13:00 PMSr_wences I got a new laptop (to me, at least)
7:13:24 PMSr_wences Yeah, but we had to eat dirt.
7:13:33 PMSr_wences Looo-xury!
7:14:33 PMSr_wences And when we wanted to get clean, we didn't have a tub, we had to go beat our bodies against the rocks down by the river.
7:14:38 PMSashaD Oh my.... Did you even have the Internet?!?!
7:14:49 PMSashaD I'm kidding
7:15:04 PMSr_wences Yeah, but we called the internet smoke signals...
7:15:10 PMsparklyballs social media when i was a kid , we had to shout really loud
7:15:35 PMSr_wences Soclai media - 2 cups and a string.
7:16:19 PMSashaD I loved how low tech my childhood was compared to how amazingly techie it is now...makes me really appreciate how far we've come!
7:17:26 PMSr_wences Ponies and unicorns!
7:17:32 PMSr_wences side scroller
7:17:35 PMSr_wences !
7:18:35 PMHoloIRCUser2 \o
7:18:37 PMSr_wences Q-Bert meets lunar rover.
7:19:24 PMRobbieF
7:19:33 PMGarbee ah, so Mir development is done.
7:19:35 PMGarbee
7:19:46 PMGarbee Canonical said that to Ars technica pretty straight.
7:19:58 PMGarbee uhoh.
7:20:02 PMGarbee Internet outage.
7:20:05 PMsparklyballs yeah, i read that earlier Garbee
7:20:09 PMSr_wences what happened to the show?
7:20:10 PMABQTKY Double uh-oh.
7:20:17 PMGarbee Sr_wences, Internet problems.
7:20:19 PMSr_wences Everyone froze!
7:20:42 PMGarbee Video cut out and 3 in-studio people dropped from IRC at once.
7:20:44 PMSr_wences Excellent Maniquine challenge!
7:21:05 PMSr_wences mannequin???
7:21:08 PMsparklyballs jeff blew up the internet
7:21:17 PMSr_wences His hair blew up the internet.
7:21:23 PMsparklyballs he probably licked the modem
7:21:37 PMSashaD It'll come back
7:21:37 PMDennis_Kelley he pressed the red button! Told him not too!
7:21:42 PMSr_wences He wanted to see how many baud it was. 300 or 600.
7:22:07 PMSr_wences the red button the shin button - the candy-like button!
7:22:18 PMSr_wences shuny button.
7:22:22 PMSr_wences shiny...
7:22:28 PMsparklyballs show me the button
7:22:32 PMGarbee Robbie is so hustling right now...
7:22:55 PMSr_wences at least SashaD isn't making a weird face...
7:22:57 PMABQTKY Whatever kind of red button - don't touch during the show!
7:23:14 PMSr_wences too late. someone touched it.
7:23:52 PMsparklyballs we back
7:24:01 PMSr_wences If show then
7:24:04 PMSashaD Robbie saved the day :)
7:24:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan ello, why does the watch live take me to an OFF THE AIR page
7:24:54 PMSr_wences I hit refresh and it came back.
7:25:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Thanks
7:25:28 PMSr_wences everyone swithc positions and make a huge continuity error.
7:25:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan It was what I had when it loaded to begin with. are they having issues ??
7:26:03 PMHenryBB We woulf... but the wires for the mics would get tangled ;)
7:26:38 PMSr_wences I still blame Jeff's hair...
7:26:55 PMDooley_da_Vulcan So what is going on tonight? have I missed much?
7:27:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan WHERE IS ROBBIE
7:27:22 PMABQTKY Robbie better make another pot of coffee.
7:27:49 PMHenryBB haha coffee
7:28:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Still Henry ....
7:28:42 PMHenryBB or am I?!
7:28:43 PMSr_wences Robbie the Barrista
7:29:09 PMSr_wences 42 Classic.
7:29:24 PMlichenx1 What kind of shampoo does robbie use?
7:29:43 PMsparklyballs why is HenryBB the only one not wearing glasses ?
7:29:56 PMDennis_Kelley HenryBB the answer to everything?
7:30:54 PMsparklyballs i'd buy up the entire stock of the local cheese shop
7:31:00 PMSr_wences SashaD - would you rather have your fingers replaced by mice? Or would you rather only be able to speak backwards?
7:31:26 PMGarbee I love how quickly SashaD answered that one.
7:31:31 PMGarbee It was instant.
7:31:42 PMSr_wences For her, the answer was obvious...
7:31:56 PMGarbee Forest Gump is actually a pretty great answer.
7:32:03 PMSr_wences A walk in the clouds, to get picky.
7:32:29 PMHoloIRCUser2 I'm Robbie but phone IRC sucks! :D
7:32:40 PMSr_wences Animal mice...
7:32:52 PMSr_wences LOL!
7:33:06 PMGarbee SashaD, The answer is RetroPi games.
7:33:41 PMHoloIRCUser2 :D
7:34:04 PMsparklyballs i am scared of moths
7:34:21 PMDooley_da_Vulcan if you work a job with 40 hrs a week with computers and then when not working you mess with computers.... OR if you have owned a computer that cost more than your car at that time.... I fit that one too
7:34:59 PMSr_wences It's weirder if they're coming from inside you...
7:35:09 PMRobbiePhone Lol
7:35:44 PMRobbiePhone Oh my
7:35:53 PMRobbiePhone What has happened to my show?
7:35:57 PMRobbiePhone Lol
7:36:02 PMSr_wences Thata messed up
7:36:31 PMSr_wences I must be a million years old.
7:36:36 PMGarbee JeffWeston, There are certain sound frequencies that get lost as specific ages.
7:36:36 PMlichenx1 if you hear screams you may be as old as JeffWeston is
7:36:53 PMsparklyballs show needs a disclaimer that no animals were harmed in the making of this episode
7:37:15 PMSr_wences Potato
7:37:20 PMSr_wences very versatile.
7:37:33 PMsparklyballs SashaD reading the questions before the show airs is cheating
7:37:48 PMRobbiePhone I know right?!
7:37:57 PMGarbee Watermelon is fruit.
7:38:00 PMRobbiePhone At least pretend to be surprised!
7:38:09 PMGarbee Yes!
7:38:11 PMGarbee FRENCH FRIES
7:38:16 PMRobbiePhone Ha Sr wences!
7:38:17 PMGarbee I shall feast on JeffWeston!
7:38:24 PMRobbiePhone Bahahhaa
7:39:16 PMlichenx1 If I were invisible I'd slap all the telemarketers
7:39:42 PMGarbee SashaD, You have the invisibilty cloak from Harry Potter. You are absolutely invisible in all regards.
7:39:47 PMRobbiePhone Hahaha since when can you fly if you're invisible?!
7:39:51 PMSr_wences C'mon, everyone wants to say girls locker room. Except Sasha.
7:40:00 PMSr_wences WOnder woman's jet is invisible.
7:40:04 PMGarbee omg
7:40:13 PMRobbiePhone What just happened?
7:40:19 PMSr_wences And SUe storm is invisible.
7:40:20 PMGarbee RobbiePhone, Best show clip ever.
7:40:22 PMDooley_da_Vulcan you know if you were truly invisible you would not be able to see. because if all light goes through you 100% then none would end up in your optic center so you would not be able to see
7:40:24 PMGarbee That's what just happened.
7:40:31 PMSr_wences Dooley is right.
7:40:36 PMRobbiePhone Lol
7:40:56 PMSr_wences I liek Belle becasue she loves books.
7:41:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Ty Sr_wences
7:41:15 PMSr_wences peanut butter.
7:41:43 PMSr_wences Janeway
7:41:48 PMSr_wences Mounds
7:42:09 PMSr_wences over so you can see the design.
7:42:13 PMGarbee Over SashaD!
7:42:32 PMlichenx1 Most of the effort doesn't involve the TP LOL
7:42:38 PMSr_wences LOL!
7:42:52 PMRobbiePhone Oh my
7:43:03 PMGarbee SashaD, You betrayed us!
7:43:04 PMSr_wences abacus.
7:43:08 PMGarbee Unix for lyfe.
7:43:12 PMGarbee mac is unix.
7:43:20 PMGarbee It's so close to Leenux.
7:43:28 PMSr_wences all disney content.
7:43:32 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it depends on if you have pets that like to play with the roll. if you do you do then you do under, that way your pet doesn't roll it all off in the floor.
7:44:21 PMsparklyballs ugh disney screw up stories so they're nothing like the original source
7:44:22 PMGarbee She just said she's kinda afraid of being alone.
7:44:27 PMGarbee Why would she go a year w/o people?
7:44:37 PMGarbee Is no one paying attention to what she says?!
7:44:52 PMRobbiePhone It's which would you keep i think
7:45:22 PMGarbee Yea, she said she'd go w/o technology and keep people.
7:45:32 PMRobbiePhone Uh oh
7:45:32 PMGarbee And they were surprised for some reason.
7:45:45 PMGarbee Like, she didn't answer it already 10 minutes ago. :P
7:45:47 PMlichenx1 lol
7:45:51 PMsparklyballs babelfish
7:45:55 PMlichenx1 poor robbie
7:46:16 PMDooley_da_Vulcan SUCK UP AWARD goes to.........HENRY
7:46:21 PMGarbee Patience
7:47:00 PMRobbiePhone Im in the room. This is awkward
7:47:01 PMRobbiePhone Lol
7:47:11 PMlichenx1 RobbiePhone, can you please sneak in that clip of JeffWeston fighting with the ice again lol
7:47:26 PMGarbee I learned two don't pay attention.
7:47:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan LOL, nothing like being the target of peoples sucking up to someone in the room
7:47:45 PMRobbiePhone How would i work it in lichenx1?
7:48:05 PMGarbee UNITY is dead!
7:48:16 PMlichenx1 Not sure lol
7:48:19 PMGarbee Or is it "oonutee"?
7:48:23 PMRobbiePhone Ima save that for when im on!
7:48:40 PMlichenx1 ^
7:48:51 PMRobbiePhone :D
7:48:57 PMGarbee Sure RobbiePhone. Keep all the good ones for yourself.
7:49:04 PMGarbee And by good ones I mean super meaty.
7:49:10 PMGarbee That will probably be next weeks entire show.
7:49:16 PMGarbee An hour of "unit is dead" party time.
7:49:27 PMRobbiePhone Lol
7:49:42 PMGarbee The mouse is in the picture on the news.
7:49:51 PMGarbee oh no.
7:49:55 PMRobbiePhone Jeffs mouse?
7:50:02 PMRobbiePhone Oh the cursor?
7:50:03 PMGarbee That was my mouse on my screen in just the right place.
7:50:05 PMlichenx1 That logo is making me nauseous
7:50:18 PMGarbee I need to change my mouse theme on the laptop.
7:50:26 PMlichenx1 nooo
7:50:30 PMsparklyballs show gone again, lol
7:50:36 PMGarbee It will be back momentarily.
7:50:39 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so not just me
7:50:57 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it went when I had a large blast of thunder
7:51:00 PMGarbee This is what happens when Jeff is put in charge...
7:51:01 PMlichenx1 Somebody tell me when to refresh?
7:51:05 PMDooley_da_Vulcan so I thought my internet was gone
7:51:08 PMSr_wences Jeff's hari broke the internet again!
7:51:24 PMSr_wences hair...
7:51:32 PMDooley_da_Vulcan The hair again
7:51:39 PMsparklyballs microsoft logo broke the show
7:51:48 PMsparklyballs BSOD for cat5
7:51:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan that could be his new handle....... The_Hair
7:51:53 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
7:51:55 PMSr_wences Someone v=cut Jeff's hair. Its liek a weird Samsonthing.
7:52:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan just kidding
7:52:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan now it is saying off the air, was just an empty player
7:52:40 PMGarbee SashaD, How are you staying online when every other connection is out?
7:52:43 PMSr_wences Nomore frozen Sasha.
7:52:55 PMGarbee Is your phone not on the weefee?
7:53:28 PMHenryBB we had another Internet bump, if you refresh the page you should be good :)
7:53:33 PMSr_wences Robbie is frantically scurrying about...
7:53:36 PMsparklyballs she's prolly still reading the news
7:53:45 PMHoloIRCUser2 Robbie here
7:53:48 PMlichenx1 off the air for me
7:53:48 PMHoloIRCUser2 Whats up
7:53:50 PMSr_wences Now he probably wishes he had mice instead of fingers.
7:53:53 PMGarbee HenryBB, Still not up here.
7:54:02 PMHoloIRCUser2 I dont know how to tell jeff
7:54:04 PMHenryBB hmm...
7:54:13 PMHenryBB I'll get a hammer, one sec...
7:54:16 PMSr_wences F5 F5 F5 F5 F5....
7:54:20 PMHoloIRCUser2 Henry tell jeff to actuvate feed
7:54:22 PMGarbee It's full "off the air" here.
7:54:27 PMGarbee Not even the video iframe.
7:54:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan They are getting ready to get the storm I am in but not yet
7:54:52 PMGarbee It's probably the 4g for the studio.
7:55:07 PMSr_wences Quick, someone rub Jeff's hari ont he modem.
7:55:39 PMRobbieF No feed?
7:55:39 PMsparklyballs HenryBB needs to get busy with the maker kit and fix it
7:55:44 PMGarbee None RobbieF. :(
7:55:46 PMRobbieF Internet is up
7:55:52 PMDennis_Kelley roku not working!
7:55:53 PMHenryBB haha too true
7:55:53 PMDooley_da_Vulcan No feed as of yet
7:56:02 PMRobbieF Henry is the broadcast button off?
7:56:12 PMGarbee Well, we can't say it isn't live anymore RobbieF.
7:56:20 PMHenryBB its green
7:56:29 PMRobbieF Ok cool
7:56:32 PMRobbieF Thanks
7:56:36 PMSr_wences Did someone cut the green wire, or the red wire?
7:56:42 PMABQTKY Maybe some duct tape over that red button???
7:56:43 PMRobbieF Refresh feed if its down folks
7:57:03 PMSr_wences F5 it's still down for me.
7:57:08 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Refreshing the page is not doing it for me
7:57:11 PMGarbee hard refresh still no good.
7:57:12 PMSr_wences I blame the Rooskies.
7:57:23 PMGarbee and just shows the main site.
7:57:34 PMRobbieF I think jeff finally noticed :D
7:57:41 PMGarbee but we'll go over that tomorrow.
7:57:44 PMSr_wences Refreshing the page is doing it for me... oh, you mean the show coming back? Never mind.
7:57:44 PMRobbieF Well done henry haha
7:57:45 PMsparklyballs and back
7:57:45 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF see what happens when you let the kids run the show! JK!
7:57:58 PMRobbieF Hehe
7:58:04 PMGarbee I still don't have anything on
7:58:10 PMGarbee ah, just came back.
7:58:22 PMABQTKY Ooh, here is!!
7:58:34 PMSr_wences I like that the microsoft logo is gone.
7:58:35 PMGarbee at least the recording is all local.
7:58:38 PMRobbieF Sorry about that folks
7:58:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Finally back here
7:58:55 PMRobbieF As long as jeff pushed record - hahahahaha
7:59:44 PMDennis_Kelley HenryBB what is the broadcast button for?
8:00:17 PMSr_wences Veggie burgers are ready. Who's hungry?
8:01:36 PMRobbieF Add some bacon!
8:02:05 PMsparklyballs Sr_wences is there a carnivore option ?
8:02:41 PMSr_wences Finger mice...
8:02:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan you would need a ROBBY the ROBOT...???
8:04:50 PMRobbieF Thanks all!
8:04:54 PMsparklyballs grrr SashaD you did it again with the dalek pronounciation
8:05:10 PMSr_wences See you everyone! NUMMM NUMMM NUMMM!
8:06:30 PMSashaD You guys are so awesome
8:08:17 PMGarbee I always overrule jeff!
8:08:22 PMDooley_da_Vulcan but you would be blind SashaD
8:08:45 PMGuest_6398 no matter what happenss, catagory 5 technology tv is the best!!!
8:09:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan If you were really fully invisible you would not be able to process light in your visual center you would be blind
8:10:02 PMsparklyballs they are a berry , which are fruit
8:10:12 PMDooley_da_Vulcan and tomato is a fruit
8:10:15 PMsparklyballs vegetable is not a botanical term
8:12:30 PMSashaD I know that tomatoes are fruit... But I really feel like I may be right about the watermelons. Unless squash are fruit too
8:12:47 PMSashaD I don't know what is real anymore
8:12:54 PMsparklyballs squash are fruit, they're berries
8:13:18 PMsparklyballs and strawberries are not berries, lol.
8:13:33 PMDooley_da_Vulcan google says it is a fruit and a veggie
8:13:39 PMsparklyballs peanuts are also not nuts, lol
8:16:11 PMHenryBB Good night, everyone!!!
8:16:20 PMHenryBB Thanks for coming out!!
8:16:21 PMGarbee Thanks for a great show!
8:16:32 PMSashaD That's right about peanuts... But now, as a vegetarian, I feel like I need to study up!
8:16:41 PMDennis_Kelley Great Show guys!
8:16:48 PMGarbee SashaD, You need a good pepperoni pizza.
8:16:49 PMSashaD Thank you for watching :)
8:17:27 PMSashaD I do trust your knowledge on the sparklyballs :)
8:17:40 PMSashaD On this, lol
8:17:58 PMsparklyballs that could be unwise SashaD


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