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6:59:08 PMsparklyballs did you transition sasha out of this week's episode ?
7:00:34 PMRobbieF test
7:01:36 PMsparklyballs reorder them and it will be sad
7:01:37 PMDennis_Kelley as long as the internet stays up in the studio!
7:02:03 PMJeff_Weston evening all. i almost never get ot watch live...this is exciting
7:02:30 PMDennis_Kelley Welcome Viewer Jeff_Weston!
7:02:39 PMJeff_Weston screen. no show?
7:02:49 PMsparklyballs if you ain't on screen, you ain't here Jeff_Weston ....
7:02:53 PMDennis_Kelley there is a show!
7:03:18 PMJeff_Weston i must be an imposter then
7:03:22 PMDennis_Kelley HenryBB Hello!
7:03:44 PMDennis_Kelley and he is gone!
7:04:50 PMJeff_Weston in al seriousness, is the show feed working. i have a blue screen
7:05:04 PMsparklyballs i'm watching ok on kodi Jeff_Weston
7:06:22 PMsparklyballs that looks like the official case RobbieF
7:06:55 PMJeff_Weston hmm, must be my laptop. boo i wanted to watch live
7:07:50 PMSoundPro69 Hi all! They're not live today?
7:09:21 PMsparklyballs one of our linuxserver guys uses dietpi
7:10:30 PMDennis_Kelley they should be SoundPro69
7:11:10 PMDennis_Kelley Jeff_Weston it is working on Roku
7:11:16 PMSoundPro69 Oh, OK. Thank you Dennis_Kelley. I misunderstood.
7:12:28 PMDennis_Kelley Jeff_Weston try to refresh, it was working for me just now!
7:14:34 PMJeff_Weston boo still blue
7:14:36 PMJeff_Weston oh well
7:14:44 PMGarbee So, something happened in the applications queue system. :/
7:14:49 PMJeff_Weston ill try my phone
7:15:00 PMGarbee I have no clue where the past like two weeks of emails are stopped up in the server.
7:17:09 PMorangeman resistors reduce the current in circuit
7:17:55 PMorangeman rob resistor reduces the current in circuit
7:21:29 PMsparklyballs ha, we call em crocodile clips
7:25:37 PMnapa_polarbear Hello all
7:26:46 PMSoundPro69 Hi napa_polarbear
7:27:02 PMnapa_polarbear hi
7:29:35 PMorangeman Robbie I use mate for pi as disco
7:32:26 PMorangeman robbie diode
7:32:50 PMnapa_polarbear I got 3-4 meaters
7:33:18 PMGarbee RobbieF, HenryBB, that image is "continuity"
7:35:34 PMGarbee I'm gonna go pass out.
7:35:44 PMGarbee Ya'll have a good evening and enjoy the rest of the show.
7:39:33 PMalpeck it is just resistance RobbieF, ohms is the unit of measure
7:40:24 PMorangeman robbie led has arsenic so don't eat then
7:42:24 PMsparklyballs i'm with you HenryBB , i'm on my macbook too
7:45:43 PMalpeck SashaD makes it look easy
7:48:12 PMalpeck would be nice if it interfaced with STEAM
7:49:28 PMRobShad What’s up?
7:53:04 PMnapa_polarbear not too 2 muchhh
7:53:25 PMalpeck just need to close some doors. who needs inertial sensors and such when your phone is locked.
7:56:03 PMnapa_polarbear i use kde unbuntu
7:57:02 PMRobbieF nice
7:57:19 PMsparklyballs damn HenryBB , it's scary you calling events from my lifetime, as history....
7:57:51 PMSoundPro69 RobbieF, what's with Ubuntu dropping the deb package installations? Do you know anything about that?
7:57:53 PMHenryBB lol I am sorry ;) LMAO
7:58:29 PMsparklyballs ubuntu are getting into flatpak SoundPro69
7:59:41 PMSoundPro69 Yes, I guess that's what I read, sparklyballs. So what's that? No longer apt-get etc?
8:08:23 PMalpeck oh boy...a cake with 500 candles!!!
8:08:42 PMRobbieF :D
8:08:46 PMHenryBB XD
8:10:06 PMHenryBB Thanks again, all!
8:10:29 PMgarywhite I was asking before, is there gonna be anything special for #500? (& hopefully not a server error)
8:11:15 PMHenryBB Guess you'll have to tune in to find out! ;)
8:11:22 PMHenryBB *wink* *wink*
8:13:12 PMorangeman Robbie I left you message in robbief


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