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6:59:47 PMsparklyballs i'm the REAL sparklyballs
6:59:54 PMSashaD We are just about ready :)
7:00:06 PMSashaD I missed you guys last week!
7:01:50 PMsparklyballs it wasn't till i put my glasses on that i was about to ask if you had done something with your hair last week SashaD
7:02:09 PMGarbee Ok so I'm not late...
7:02:14 PMGarbee ah, network issues.
7:02:21 PMlichenx1 always a good sign
7:02:25 PMgarywhite Is it on or did I miss something?
7:02:36 PMgarywhite or is ther something on my end?
7:02:41 PMlichenx1 not on yet for me
7:02:54 PMsparklyballs nothing on kodi yet
7:04:21 PMGarbee Network issues everyone.
7:04:43 PMABQTKY For some unexplainable reason I thought I might mention I'm on Ubuntu Mate 17.04 ( popey ) 8-)
7:06:32 PMHenryBB Hey all! Almost there! ;)
7:07:13 PMGarbee Refresh the web page.
7:07:16 PMGarbee Should be up now.
7:07:34 PMsparklyballs sasha sounds like she has a cold
7:07:36 PMGarbee I can't whistle either.
7:07:47 PMGarbee Oh, you're making her work with a mostly-lost voice?
7:07:51 PMgarywhite Hey Robbie, the Mr. Coffee is in view rn
7:07:54 PMGarbee RobbieF, That is so un-canadian of you.
7:07:57 PMgarywhite Or was
7:08:30 PMsparklyballs i can whistle through my teeth HenryBB
7:08:56 PMHenryBB :D
7:09:11 PMABQTKY Who pushed THAT button??
7:09:27 PMsparklyballs i'm insanely talented HenryBB , lol
7:09:27 PMGarbee Robbie.
7:09:34 PMgarywhite beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
7:09:36 PMGarbee He's still prepping.
7:09:40 PMSashaD I don't doubt that one bit!!!
7:09:51 PMSashaD He is almost ready
7:09:57 PMGarbee Yes.
7:09:59 PMGarbee No crackling.
7:10:12 PMGarbee Yup. Levels are all good too here.
7:10:24 PMGarbee Although, Sasha needs some tea!
7:10:26 PMlichenx1 no crackling except sasha lol
7:10:36 PMGarbee Um slight crackling when Robbie moves.
7:10:43 PMalpeck SashaD: you sound a little horse tonight
7:10:51 PMGarbee Ok, bad crackling now.
7:11:02 PMsparklyballs little horse alpeck , like a pony ?
7:11:03 PMGarbee Yes.
7:11:06 PMGarbee Actual crackling.
7:11:07 PMlichenx1 yes actual now sorry lol
7:11:11 PMlichenx1 it's gone
7:11:13 PMGarbee Just stopped when you stood still.
7:11:20 PMCee128d Audio is crackling bad and cutting out
7:11:25 PMGarbee Yup, RobbieF.
7:11:26 PMgarywhite Welcome to the big 500 TSmith1 & Cee128d
7:11:30 PMGarbee He was the only one moving!
7:11:34 PMsparklyballs heavy crackling
7:11:42 PMalpeck crackling is gone
7:11:47 PMGarbee Yea, no crackling now.
7:11:54 PMlichenx1 I bet it wouldn't crackle if robbie was making coffee LOL
7:11:55 PMGarbee Put a label on that one.
7:12:07 PMCee128d Crackling gone.
7:12:14 PMHenryBB Thanks all!
7:12:15 PMGarbee I'm sorry.
7:12:17 PMTSmith1 Poor Sasha...
7:12:50 PMGarbee SashaD, I'm more worried you're going to make it worse on yourself.
7:12:50 PMlichenx1 Sasha is going to do a lot of singing this show right?
7:13:01 PMTSmith1 It is the Sasha show!
7:13:15 PMSashaD I didn't want to miss two weeks in a row
7:13:23 PMABQTKY That's dedication, SashaD What a trooper!
7:13:26 PMlichenx1 Welcome back
7:13:30 PMsparklyballs if mickey mouse and donald duck had a baby it would talk like SashaD is now
7:13:40 PMlichenx1 ooo roasted
7:13:42 PMGarbee Yup, crystal clear!
7:13:57 PMTSmith1 no crackle!
7:13:57 PMalpeck do jumping jacks RobbieF
7:14:02 PMHenryBB awesome!
7:14:04 PMGarbee He doesn't need to.
7:14:11 PMGarbee The last one had a slight crackle as he plugged it in.
7:14:17 PMGarbee But it went away quick while he was still.
7:14:23 PMGarbee This one didn't have it at all when he plugged in.
7:15:03 PMGarbee Thanks for being here.
7:15:46 PMGarbee He left though.
7:15:50 PMGarbee He LEFT US!
7:16:05 PMSashaD Thank you for your patience, I know it's not the best idea to sound so bad on air
7:16:07 PMGarbee And returned when it wasn't so "boring".
7:16:36 PMHenryBB #throwbackwed
7:16:52 PMSashaD Oh my... this is awesome
7:16:55 PMGarbee Find that laptop Jeff is using and let him have it on the next show.
7:17:05 PMRobbieF2 hahaha
7:17:08 PMRobbieF2 HEY ALL!
7:17:13 PMlichenx1 I bet jeff is strong after lugging around that laptop.
7:17:20 PMGarbee "Pentium 4 laptop"
7:17:27 PMGarbee 256MB RAM
7:17:46 PMRobbieF2 Screaming Garbee
7:18:10 PMGarbee 4800 RPM HDD with 80GB Capactiy.
7:18:17 PMGarbee 80GB! You'll never run out!
7:18:18 PMRobbieF2 hahahaha
7:18:32 PMRobbieF2 about 1 fpm
7:18:35 PMRobbieF2 LOL
7:18:36 PMlichenx1 I feel sick Garbee
7:18:39 PMGarbee Yup.
7:18:40 PMHenryBB 10/10
7:18:40 PMRobbieF2 is frames per minute a thing?
7:18:51 PMlichenx1 with my old computer, yes
7:18:56 PMGarbee Not back then RobbieF2. It was Frame per 2nd minute.
7:19:01 PMRobbieF2 :D
7:19:24 PMGarbee Gonna show some of Episode 11?
7:19:25 PMGarbee :P
7:19:30 PMGarbee Had to pull it out, couldn't resist.
7:19:43 PMRobbieF2 GARBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [shakes fist]
7:19:47 PMRobbieF2 thanks for the painful reminder
7:19:53 PMCee128D Those 300 baud modems were the pits eh.
7:19:53 PMGarbee RobbieF2, At least you're on Kingston stuff now.
7:19:53 PMSashaD What happened episode 11?
7:19:57 PMGarbee No more Ep 11 problems.
7:20:01 PMGarbee SashaD, He lost it.
7:20:04 PMGarbee No really.
7:20:06 PMGarbee Lost it.
7:20:12 PMHenryBB The lost episode...
7:20:13 PMSashaD What? Like, cried?
7:20:20 PMRobbieF2 to be fair there's like 4 minutes of it in existence.
7:20:22 PMGarbee He'll be crying now.
7:20:24 PMSashaD I need to see it!
7:20:30 PMRobbieF2 everyone does
7:20:32 PMGarbee I just opened that wound up and added salt.
7:20:41 PMRobbieF2 Thanks, jerk. :D
7:20:45 PMHenryBB dang... ;)
7:20:46 PMGarbee You're welcome.
7:20:50 PMRobbieF2 Time flies eh?!
7:20:52 PMSashaD Please, we really really want to watch it... can we Robbie?
7:20:57 PMRobbieF2 look at that LD video!
7:21:10 PMlichenx1 yea which pixel is jeff?
7:21:10 PMGarbee yay, SashaD has joined me in bugging Robbie to see the lost episode!
7:21:16 PMRobbieF2 SashaD sure. Just put yourself in a dark room and think hard. That is Episode 11.
7:21:23 PMGarbee SashaD, FTR I only lasted about 4 months of asking before getting bored. Have fun.
7:21:37 PMsparklyballs oh hell no, 3 lost episodes of dad's army AND a lost episode of cat 5, i don't want to live in a world like this....
7:21:48 PMSashaD Wait... episode 11 doesn't exist?
7:21:58 PMRobbieF2 hahaha sparklyballs. We won't even talk about Dr. Who.
7:22:02 PMGarbee SashaD, Nope. As far as we know no one has a copy.
7:22:08 PMgarywhite I was just about to mention that Robbie
7:22:11 PMlichenx1 anybody see that RobbieF2 blue steel?
7:22:15 PMSashaD We could do a dramatic reenactment
7:22:16 PMGarbee I don't think it ever got to distribution on re-run.
7:22:27 PMHenryBB *as far as we know* no one has a copy ;) lol jk\
7:22:31 PMRobbieF2 Episode 12 reenacts it :p
7:22:38 PMGarbee I can't remember what happened to cause the failure. But something failed causing the recording to get lost before he processed it.
7:22:39 PMSashaD ahhhhh
7:22:50 PMRobbieF2 the software crashed, corrupting the recording.
7:22:56 PMSashaD Always back up your work
7:22:58 PMCee128D Ep11 does indeed exist. The problem is although it's 30 minutes long it only has 5 frames total.
7:23:05 PMSashaD hahaha
7:23:05 PMGarbee I think I joined around ep 80 or 90ish.
7:23:16 PMGarbee Can't remember anymore. It's been too long.
7:23:26 PMgarywhite I joined around...450
7:23:27 PMRobbieF2 That laptop jeff is on cost me $1700....
7:23:41 PMSashaD wowsers
7:23:43 PMGarbee RobbieF2, WOW. That's more than a modern-day Mac.
7:23:54 PMlichenx1 probably more powerful too
7:23:54 PMRobbieF2 to be fair, it was a beast.
7:24:07 PMGarbee Yea, all 80GB of the HDD was a beast.
7:24:09 PMCee128D And it actually had some USB ports
7:24:37 PMGarbee RobbieF2, Still has no hair...
7:25:01 PMsparklyballs my first home pc had 2 x 40MB hard drives and i thought i had so much storage...
7:25:19 PMlichenx1 mine was 33mhz with a turbo button.
7:26:01 PMGarbee I think Jeff just didn't mind. All he wanted was a beer after.
7:26:13 PMGarbee We can ask him next time he's on.
7:26:33 PMCee128D My first computer didn't even have hard drives. I had to use a cassette recorder. There were no hard drives for home computers back then.
7:27:29 PMsparklyballs nor mine Cee128D , but my first pc had hard drives
7:27:36 PMSashaD I love this
7:27:44 PMsparklyballs i had a vic20 then a C64
7:28:23 PMCee128D Never had a Vic 20, but had several PET's, C64's and C1278s (hense the name)
7:28:38 PMCee128D ^C128s
7:28:45 PMsparklyballs we had a commodore pet at school
7:28:52 PMalpeck TI99/4A - ran for about 1 minute
7:29:14 PMGarbee I remember that.
7:29:22 PMCee128D I went to school in the 60's so we didn't have computes at school
7:29:26 PMGarbee Jodi Kringle.
7:29:32 PMGarbee (Probably spelled wrong.)
7:29:43 PMgarywhite I'm not old enough for that, but my first PC had...Windows Me...
7:29:47 PMABQTKY Cee128D, I used one for CP/M...Wordstar, DB2. 8-|
7:29:58 PMalpeck in school we used punch cards
7:30:53 PMsparklyballs i was born in 1966 Cee128D
7:30:54 PMCee128D The first computer I eve used was an IBM System 3 mainframe.
7:30:56 PMGarbee OH
7:30:59 PMGarbee I remember this!
7:31:03 PMalpeck they had to send the punch cards away to process them so it took a couple of days just to find out you had a syntax error
7:31:09 PMGarbee :D
7:31:33 PMHenryBB the flashbacks!!!
7:31:33 PMRobbieF2 Really Garbee?!
7:31:34 PMRobbieF2 nice
7:31:38 PMGarbee Even then, Star Trek noob.
7:31:41 PMGarbee Oh hell.
7:31:46 PMGarbee Network issues.
7:31:48 PMGarbee Sorry everyone.
7:31:58 PMlichenx1 I bet they're actually on windows me right now.
7:32:01 PMsparklyballs day lek
7:32:11 PMGarbee lichenx1, The internet might as well be from that age.
7:32:16 PMCee128D I remember punchcards. Both the larger 80 collumn cards and the smaller 96 collumn cares
7:32:17 PMTSmith1 Sasha is still just as cute...
7:32:18 PMGarbee It's a 4G connection.
7:32:22 PMsparklyballs show went poof
7:32:30 PMlichenx1 firing up the chrome auto refresh
7:32:30 PMGarbee My screen paused right on her doing the vulcan hand bit.
7:32:41 PMgarywhite beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
7:32:45 PMTSmith1 ME Too Garbee
7:33:06 PMCee128D Guess the stream didn't live long or prosper
7:33:20 PMHenryBB Hey all, We're hack!
7:33:31 PMsparklyballs it's been assimilated Cee128D
7:33:40 PMGarbee Off the air still on live..
7:34:07 PMlichenx1 it's on now
7:34:18 PMCee128D I'm giving 'er all she's got cappin
7:34:55 PMsparklyballs i swear if SashaD ever says day lek again i'm probably going to kick the television
7:34:56 PMGarbee She is doing better.
7:35:11 PMGarbee It's just hilarious even on her first episode she didn't know and it came up on air.
7:35:29 PMlichenx1 I say anime like lime
7:35:36 PMlichenx1 lol
7:35:46 PMGarbee HenryBB, Why give her Netflix when she has us?
7:36:11 PMGarbee Yup, too old.
7:36:20 PMGarbee Star Trek ToS is very ancient.
7:36:24 PMHenryBB true true ;)
7:36:35 PMCee128D I remember watch the original series when it first aired
7:36:36 PMHenryBB I actually love tos!
7:36:54 PMGarbee HenryBB, You're a monster of creation to be so young.
7:36:59 PMGarbee :D
7:37:17 PMSashaD HenryBB is amazeballs!!!
7:37:59 PMTSmith1 I refreshed...I'll have to watch tomorrow to see the full Sasha rewind...
7:38:40 PMHenryBB
7:38:40 PMlichenx1 sounds scary
7:39:28 PMlichenx1 christa worked on that box every week...
7:39:56 PMRobbieF2 never actually accomplished anything! :p
7:40:27 PMsparklyballs christa needed a sonic screwdriver
7:40:32 PMlichenx1 Get her back on lol, I miss the trash talking haha.
7:40:37 PMSashaD Man, this show rocks
7:40:40 PMHenryBB Man... Flashbacks!
7:40:40 PMRobbieF2 the intro was shot in my garage
7:40:49 PMRobbieF2 so she only had access to a set of vicegrips :D
7:41:05 PMlichenx1 haha it all makes sense now
7:41:11 PMHenryBB everything great starts in a garage!
7:41:55 PMlichenx1 what year is this ep from?
7:42:12 PMHenryBB I think 2 years ago?
7:42:20 PMHenryBB ep 408
7:42:20 PMRobbieF2 Episode 408
7:42:23 PMHenryBB ^
7:42:24 PMlichenx1 ah
7:42:33 PMCee128D About 90 weeks ago. So late 2015
7:42:35 PMRobbieF2 92 weeks ago
7:45:16 PMSashaD This was a great episode
7:45:53 PMalpeck and strong beer
7:46:22 PMSashaD I love strong beer
7:46:28 PMHenryBB beer is good
7:46:40 PMRobbieF2 I feel like I have to chime in and give my support for beer.
7:46:50 PMsparklyballs we have beer in the uk
7:46:53 PMHenryBB #beer4life
7:47:01 PMRobbieF2 500 episodes of Category5. 498 of which are powered by ... strong beer.
7:47:02 PMHenryBB you have GOOD beer in the UK!
7:47:05 PMSashaD All in favour, say aye
7:47:15 PMalpeck aye
7:47:22 PMSashaD :)
7:47:22 PMCee128D Nay
7:47:26 PMHenryBB I LOVE Landcaster Bomber beer!!
7:47:39 PMSashaD I also love wine...
7:47:42 PMRobbieF2 :p she didn't give that as an option Cee128d ;)
7:47:55 PMsparklyballs we are talking about beer though SashaD
7:48:01 PMSashaD and potatoes and cheese
7:48:18 PMlichenx1 now I'm hungry
7:48:20 PMRobbieF2 I'm not even sure how, or why.
7:48:26 PMHenryBB red win is good ;)
7:48:36 PMSashaD red wine for the red win
7:48:50 PMalpeck don't forget about Hawaiian Pizza SashaD
7:48:52 PMlichenx1 beer is not good when you don't know the definition of moderation :(
7:49:03 PMRobbieF2 agreed lichenx1
7:49:19 PMHenryBB oui oui
7:49:27 PMSashaD then you drink American beer, there isn't much alcohol in it!
7:49:38 PMGarbee heh, just wrote this...
7:49:43 PMGarbee Warning don't open on slow systems.
7:49:51 PMsparklyballs if you can still pick your beer up, you haven't had enough, lol.
7:50:06 PMGarbee That has a 20003 line CSS file in it.
7:50:09 PMSashaD Hawaiian pizza is Canadian :)
7:50:09 PMRobbieF2 or via studio computers that are susceptible to bad internet.
7:50:18 PMSashaD 10-4
7:50:26 PMlichenx1 Why Garbee ?
7:50:28 PMalpeck created in Chatham Ontario Canada
7:50:39 PMSashaD :)
7:50:50 PMGarbee lichenx1, Race to the bottom, helping a friend.
7:51:06 PMlichenx1 ahh nice lol
7:51:24 PMsparklyballs marvin is depressed
7:52:15 PMRobbieF2 wb Cee128D :)
7:55:03 PMlichenx1 fly it into sasha's hair
7:57:40 PMlichenx1 That is a terrible name out of context.
7:58:21 PMgarywhite What do you guys consider as the best episodes?
7:59:22 PMRobbieF2 So hard to rank.
7:59:41 PMRobbieF2 Jeff submitted the recent interview about the lost city of the monkey god as his favorite
7:59:46 PMHenryBB Can't they ALL be awesome? ;)
7:59:47 PMsparklyballs my favourite was the first one i watched when you did the announce of unraid 6
7:59:54 PMRobbieF2 For me? Hmmm... I've been here for all but 1 :D
8:00:02 PMHenryBB lol
8:00:09 PMRobbieF2 cheers sparklyballs - that was a great episode. Very informative (which I love)
8:00:17 PMRobbieF2 I think it was awesome having Martin Wimpress on the show
8:00:23 PMRobbieF2 and of course Mark Shuttleworth
8:01:00 PMSashaD I love every Halloween special also :)
8:01:05 PMHenryBB Sasha! Still 4-1 :(
8:01:12 PMsparklyballs mark shuttleworth is both villain and hero on a lot of the tech boards at them moment after the unity announcement
8:01:16 PMRobbieF2 oh man - when we were actually ON the bridge of NCC-1701-D - that was awesome.
8:01:26 PMRobbieF2 Yeah Sparkly.. yeah.
8:01:39 PMRobbieF2 but a visionary none the less, with excellent ideas and a kind heart.
8:01:55 PMsparklyballs yeah gotta respect ubuntu
8:02:09 PMRobbieF2 The whole "idea" of Ubuntu is revolutionary.
8:02:14 PMCee128D Ideas yes, but not so sure about them being excellent
8:02:22 PMgarywhite You were on the real bridge of the Enterprise-D?
8:02:38 PMRobbieF2 garywhite we did a whole episode on the bridge, via greenscreen
8:02:59 PMHenryBB Does anyone know what version of Linux that NASA is using on the ISS now? Or are they using their own native version?
8:03:31 PMCee128D Windows ME Henry
8:03:39 PMsparklyballs OS/2
8:03:47 PMgarywhite Cool...Reason I asked is cause I was gonna create a playlist of the favorites, so if someone can get me the episode# & I will add that one
8:04:06 PMCee128D Loved OS/2 3 Warp sparklyballs
8:04:29 PMHenryBB cool beans! Merci :)
8:05:01 PMRobbieF2 OS/2 Warp 4 was my first "non Microsoft" OS experience
8:05:08 PMRobbieF2 (unless you count things like Vic-20
8:05:17 PMRobbieF2 ... so we'll say, On PC
8:06:43 PMGarbee sparklyballs, So just like when it was announced originally.
8:06:56 PMGarbee Anything he does he's either the most hated or loved.
8:07:52 PMsparklyballs like oscar wilde said about being talked about...
8:08:05 PMCee128D Henry, from what I can find the ISS is running Debian. They ran Scientific Linux at one time, but seems currently Debian 6 (at least account from FSF).
8:08:29 PMGarbee Debian makes sense for the ISS.
8:09:04 PMSashaD I flippin loved this episode
8:09:13 PMCee128D The reports wee from mid 2015 and also stated they would run one step back so they might be up to 7 by now.
8:09:22 PMGarbee SashaD, the toy one or the current one you're making?
8:09:38 PMSashaD haha... well, both!
8:09:39 PMHenryBB Awesome possum! Thanks for the info. I asked because I remembered a short time ago hearing about that they FINALLY switched from windows
8:10:27 PMGarbee RobbieF2, Why not show a clip from when you had some hair?
8:10:34 PMCee128D Windows 8 and the lack of a start button pushed them over the edge Henry. The FSF helped them make the transition.
8:11:10 PMCee128D Garbee, we don't want to see any baby pics of Robbie
8:11:27 PMGarbee ouch
8:11:29 PMGarbee haha
8:11:41 PMsparklyballs the iss crashed back into the atmosphere because it was automatically updating to windows 10
8:12:28 PMHenryBB LMAO
8:12:34 PMGarbee Yearbook?
8:12:43 PMGarbee RobbieF2 has a yearbook for Cat5?!
8:13:08 PMHenryBB apparently? hehe
8:13:15 PMHenryBB it's actually really cool\
8:13:32 PMGarbee I'll get to that the next day I see him in the chatroom.
8:13:59 PMHenryBB Hmm, I'll find out for you ;)
8:14:10 PMHenryBB standy by...
8:14:12 PMGarbee It's fine. I see him in IRC all the time.
8:14:22 PMHenryBB ahhh Ok :D
8:14:29 PMTSmith1 I'm a volunteer. I don't get paid to watch. But I receive so much from the show!
8:14:29 PMGarbee I'm literally the one here all week.
8:14:56 PMHenryBB nice
8:16:14 PMHenryBB 2008... Almost 10 years ago!!!
8:16:17 PMGarbee Nailed the easy install.
8:16:39 PMRobbieF2 Isn't that unreal? 10 years... wow.
8:17:00 PMGarbee That's one of the main reasons I got into Linux. Ubuntu made it where I was capable to install it at the time.
8:17:11 PMsparklyballs ubuntu has to be probably a lot of people's first experience of linux
8:17:15 PMRobbieF2 fantastic. that's the story for many people. Ubuntu got that.
8:17:22 PMGarbee Every other distro I initially tried wasn't clear or just had a broken install process.
8:17:28 PMTSmith1 it was mine!!
8:17:33 PMalpeck ubuntu started it for me as well
8:17:42 PMCee128D Technically they never left Gnome. Unity is Gnome 3 with a Compiz shell. With them dropping support for Unity we'll now lose Compiz as well. The Compiz Devs have stated the only reason it's survived this long has been for Unity.
8:17:45 PMGarbee Carrie!
8:18:45 PMSashaD Carrie is great!
8:18:47 PMCee128D Plus Compiz won't be ported to Wayland so dropping Mir will kill Compiz as soon as X goes by the wayside.
8:18:56 PMGarbee Cee128D, Compiz is already dead.
8:18:58 PMGarbee And was dead.
8:19:21 PMGarbee Compiz doesn't have the dev time to be ported to Wayland.
8:19:23 PMCee128D No it isn't Garbee. They released a new version last year.
8:19:49 PMGarbee Cee128D, They can release new stuff all they want, anything on X at this point is becoming rapidly deprecated.
8:20:10 PMGarbee Unless they can update to the Wayland stack, it will be gone. And that isn't an easy undertaking for just one or two devs to handle on their own in their spare time.
8:20:41 PMCee128D Not until Waykland goes mainstream, and who knows how long that is going to take. They've been promissing it for how many years and it still isn't ready for prime time.
8:22:20 PMGarbee Fedora is on wayland now and Ubuntu will most likely be on it with 18.04 (if not 17.10.) From there others will rapidly join in since many follow to new stuff after the big 3/4 distros.
8:22:56 PMsparklyballs i prefer krusader to dolphin
8:22:58 PMGarbee Within 18 months - 2 years most distros being released will be on Wayland. Except for those holding out, same as not using Systemd.
8:23:23 PMCee128D Fedora is running Wayland, but it isn't as stable as X is at the moment. Ubuntu won't have it by 18.04, let alone 17.10


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