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7:00:24 PMHenryBB Have you all see the google drawing today?!
7:03:21 PMDennis_Kelley Welcome SashaR
7:03:43 PMSashaR Helloooo :)
7:04:03 PMalpeck Sasha has her lovely voice back
7:04:08 PMsparklyballs my niece just got engaged and i asked here when she getting married and she said 2019, and i said 2 years is a hella long engagement
7:04:12 PMABQTKY SashaR Umm, SashaR??
7:04:26 PMHenryBB LOL
7:05:36 PMsparklyballs i think eureka was the first bodcast when he leapt out of the bath naked
7:05:38 PMalpeck Sasaha didn't have colour tv
7:06:19 PMlichenx1 Sasha has that band on too tight
7:07:00 PMSr_wences Hey Guys!
7:07:03 PMSr_wences (and gals)
7:07:08 PMHenryBB howdy!
7:07:33 PMalpeck you have a game system name to go with the game in question
7:07:41 PMSr_wences I loves that one on the arcade machines.
7:08:13 PMSr_wences Sasha cracks me up.
7:08:25 PMalpeck I still think you are thinking of Q-Bert Sasha
7:08:51 PMsparklyballs sasha codes games in her imagination
7:09:15 PMalpeck way to many games for C64
7:11:28 PMSr_wences SashaR: google Haunted House II 3D
7:13:42 PMsparklyballs so don't put a chipolo on your dog's collar or your phone will be ringing everytime the dog gets wet
7:14:57 PMsparklyballs SashaR welcome back
7:15:00 PMalpeck SashaR: lookup Keystone Kapers
7:15:08 PMSashaR I don't know why I keep getting disconected... sorry
7:15:13 PMHenryBB :(
7:15:39 PMsparklyballs irc thinks it some kind of identity stealing thing since you're not married yet....
7:16:58 PMSashaR Keystone Kapers... okay, and there was another comment I missed, what was that one?
7:17:35 PMsparklyballs i said that irc probably keeps booting you for identity fraud since you're not married, :P
7:17:45 PMalpeck I brought up Q-Bert again but no side scroller
7:18:49 PMSr_wences Google Haunted House @ 3D
7:18:55 PMSr_wences 2 3D
7:19:35 PMsparklyballs da hell is le nux ?
7:21:10 PMSr_wences My first episode was the anniversary episode tht you had in a Chruch - with some people in the audience (but not too many, IIRC)
7:21:17 PMSr_wences BTW, I run Unraid based on the show.
7:22:09 PMHenryBB No way - awesome, possum!
7:24:34 PMalpeck I found Category 5 when RobbieF built UnRaid server around episode 103
7:25:32 PMalpeck still running UnRaid
7:25:39 PMsparklyballs SashaR bug RobbieF for a BNC like znc or quassel
7:26:12 PMsparklyballs then you can disconnect/connect and keep track of stuff when you're offline
7:26:13 PMDennis_Kelley I have watched every episode! Starting live around 98
7:26:58 PMSashaR That's awesome :)
7:27:21 PMsparklyballs one of our build nodes for is on a dual cpu xeon
7:27:38 PMlichenx1 I have 1 xeon lol
7:27:53 PMsparklyballs yeah, i have one xeon on my server at home
7:28:31 PMlichenx1 hp z210 cheapo upgrade for $150 shipped, a huge upgrade over my amd garbage
7:29:04 PMABQTKY RobbieF, octa-core XEONS have EIGHT cores, WAIT - did you say 24 cores total...wouldn't that be TWELVE core Xeons??? Whatever, nice, but it probably sounds like a 747 on it's takeoff run.
7:29:13 PMlichenx1 RobbieF, which version is it!?
7:29:26 PMlichenx1 CS2 is free from adobe
7:29:45 PMlichenx1 well "free" if you had a license
7:35:02 PMsparklyballs i always prefer sudo apt-cache policy
7:37:05 PMHenryBB Single window mode is like a "copy and paste" of Photoshop! Pardon the pun :P
7:38:48 PMsparklyballs nohalo and lohalo sounds haiwaiin
7:39:00 PMSr_wences There's NoHalo, LoHalo, and Sasha'sHalo! SashaR
7:40:00 PMsparklyballs and for clown images there's jugalo
7:40:03 PMSr_wences There's NoHalo, LoHalo, and Sasha'sHalo! SashaR
7:40:54 PMRobbieF :p
7:41:33 PMHenryBB
7:42:06 PMsparklyballs tin of paint and a canvas with numbers on
7:42:26 PMHenryBB or like, REALLY small lego bricks :P
7:46:48 PMsparklyballs my tricorder just diagnosed me as dead....
7:47:29 PMsparklyballs not an exploding fitbit i hope...
7:48:20 PMSr_wences The question with the TriCorder is, are people ready for tht interpretation. Bad news? Can they interpret the data?
7:49:08 PMSr_wences The issue is, does it cost more energy to replicate it thatn it would cost to grow it and trqansport it.
7:49:42 PMHenryBB True true
7:50:19 PMHenryBB What about a "quad"Corder? :P
7:50:44 PMsparklyballs depends what your energy source is though... Sr_wences
7:52:32 PMSr_wences True, but it is likely to be less energy costly to grow it in a hothouse or something if you are asembling food at a molecular level. Breaking bods is costly!
7:52:46 PMSr_wences Breaking chemical bonds is costly.
7:52:46 PMsparklyballs wonder when there will be a ransomware disguised as one of these ransomware apps
7:52:55 PMSr_wences LOL!
7:53:44 PMsparklyballs but if you cheap renewable energy....
7:53:51 PMsparklyballs *have cheap
7:53:53 PMSr_wences Yeah, if....
7:54:25 PMsparklyballs if you're in the space travel business, you better have solved your energy issues
7:55:00 PMSr_wences If doggies had wings, they'd be little flying SOBs!
7:55:20 PMSr_wences LOL! - space travel business!
7:55:37 PMsparklyballs yeah, but one of the prerequsites for space travel would be energy
7:55:42 PMSr_wences Ooops! Have to add the last ingredient to dinner...
7:57:20 PMsparklyballs the buses here even have wifi
7:57:55 PMHenryBB #futureproblems
7:58:12 PMsparklyballs i have a bus stop outside my house, and when there's a bus there i get these odd wifi networks show up... took me ages to work out what the hell was going on.
7:58:43 PMHenryBB They actually have them at every stop?!
7:58:57 PMsparklyballs they have wifi on the buses
7:59:18 PMHenryBB wow...
7:59:32 PMHenryBB That would be cool, but I'm not too sure how much I would trust it
7:59:37 PMsparklyballs so a bus pulls in to the stop and suddenly new wifi network shows up on my laptop
8:01:59 PMsparklyballs RobbieF prerecord some clips of Sasha , and if it happens again she can mime to the recordings.
8:02:05 PMRobbieF :P
8:02:08 PMRobbieF Hope ya'll had fun!
8:02:12 PMBobK54 night all!
8:02:18 PMsparklyballs gnite
8:02:19 PMHenryBB Bonsoir!
8:02:30 PMsparklyballs it's 1 am here HenryBB
8:02:51 PMSr_wences I blame Sparklyballs for Sashas Problems
8:02:52 PMBobK54 hi Robbie! I was in Ottawa two weeks ago on a job interview. :)
8:02:54 PMSr_wences Or Jeff's Hair!
8:03:06 PMDennis_Kelley Hi!
8:03:45 PMsparklyballs 30 miles from liverpool
8:03:59 PMDennis_Kelley england is so cool! sparklyballs
8:04:04 PMSr_wences Well now it all makes sense... Sleep deprivation.
8:04:13 PMRobbieF The Arctic is so cool!
8:04:15 PMHenryBB I'm so jelly
8:04:18 PMsparklyballs and wet Dennis_Kelley
8:04:26 PMSr_wences Liquid nitrogen is so cool.
8:04:45 PMsparklyballs space is so cool Sr_wences
8:04:52 PMSr_wences Def!
8:04:59 PMSr_wences Space is the coolest.
8:05:10 PMSr_wences OK, time to feed the barbarians! TTYL!
8:05:19 PMHenryBB C ya!
8:05:29 PMsparklyballs no need for refrigeration in the space business
8:05:41 PMHenryBB SPAACEEE!
8:07:19 PMDennis_Kelley Great Show RobbieF, SashaD, and HenryBB
8:07:37 PMHenryBB Thank you, Dennis! :D
8:18:29 PMRobbieF it's almost like DBLK is using Sasha's computer!


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