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6:58:01 PMGarbee nope. No high intellect here.
6:58:14 PMGarbee That should be the intro the show RobbieF.
6:58:26 PMGarbee "Welcome to Cat5 TV. Tonight, we have no high intellect."
6:58:55 PMGarbee Sound all seems fine tonight.
6:59:08 PMdooley_da_Vulcan even with docker an external drive with my media on it would still have the same permissions issue as I am having now....
6:59:13 PMsparklyballs error... intellect not found. you can install intellect with apt-get install intellect
6:59:21 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I fixed it before with 1 line in the terminal
6:59:22 PMdooley_da_Vulcan lol
6:59:36 PMm0p73 Hello everyone. First time in this chat room! Trying on XChat.
6:59:41 PMsparklyballs thanks for saying alexa and waking up my echo dot RobbieF
6:59:49 PMdooley_da_Vulcan should have sudo in front of that install command
6:59:58 PMsparklyballs not if you're root
7:00:24 PMdooley_da_Vulcan i'm not root....I am ...... Groot
7:00:30 PMHenryBB ^
7:01:00 PMsparklyballs it's may the 4th now...
7:01:03 PMGarbee Just get a feather.
7:01:25 PMHenryBB or look into a light?\
7:02:31 PMSashaD Saprklyballs... may the 4th be with you|!
7:02:38 PMSashaD Sparkly.... lol
7:02:40 PMABQTKY HenryBB - I hope you gave your barber a good tip!! I'm sure Robbie takes care of his, too!
7:03:16 PMsparklyballs i'm sparklyballs
7:04:32 PMsparklyballs monk cut RobbieF
7:04:39 PMGarbee I sent my email via the post office!
7:04:46 PMGarbee At least I think it was an email.
7:04:55 PMHenryBB Good 'ol snail mail ;) haha
7:05:12 PMGarbee Wait, snails deliver the mail?
7:05:21 PMGarbee When did they get the thumbs to do that?
7:05:32 PMsparklyballs snail mail leaves a trail
7:06:36 PMHenryBB remind me to say the snail joke during break... lol
7:07:06 PMSashaD oh my, today is fun :)
7:07:33 PMGarbee SashaD, You have no idea...
7:07:39 PMsparklyballs i backup our jenkins config with rdiffbackup, i have no clue how to do a restore though, luckily so far haven't needed to.
7:08:08 PMGarbee My sister is, well normally you'd say "giving birth" but the doctors are doing a c-section.
7:08:24 PMGarbee Ransomeware!
7:09:25 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I just had a cousin at 12 something this afternoon have a c-section
7:10:03 PMGarbee My sister's was planned in advance if she didn't go into Labor by today.
7:10:13 PMGarbee I think they were worried about the baby being overdue.
7:10:21 PMABQTKY We hope they're all doing okay now!!! We like good news around here, you know.
7:10:22 PMSashaD congratulations to both of you :)
7:11:43 PMGarbee Congrats to me? I have had nothing to do with that situation.
7:11:47 PMGarbee :P
7:12:10 PMABQTKY Yeah, well.... +Garbee
7:12:36 PMsparklyballs you know what is worse than watching over people game ? watching other people talk about a game they're watching a video about and not being able to see the video.
7:12:40 PMGarbee ABQTKY, I mean literally. I'm barely touching the thing until it is 5 and can go to the bathroom by itself.
7:13:08 PMABQTKY Good point!!! +Garbee
7:13:14 PMsparklyballs is it a gigawatt now RobbieF ?
7:13:23 PMSashaD wait... you couldn't see the game?
7:13:26 PMdooley_da_Vulcan thanks and she was given today to give birth but the baby was having some issues so they said its time
7:13:29 PMGarbee SashaD, Nope.
7:13:41 PMGarbee He'll put it in in post most likely.
7:13:43 PMdooley_da_Vulcan We could not see the game
7:13:45 PMSashaD :(.... I don't think that was intentional
7:14:06 PMdooley_da_Vulcan maybe, depending on copyright issues
7:14:59 PMBobK54 with a logo on BOTH sides?
7:15:02 PMBobK54 :)
7:16:24 PMGarbee RobbieF, I think GWG and popey may inch out ahead of me in attendance.
7:16:27 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Awesome email
7:16:28 PMGarbee :P
7:16:41 PMGarbee Just barely but I think one of them has consistently been watching longer.
7:18:35 PMGarbee Linux+ certification books are actually fantastic resources.
7:18:45 PMGarbee Even tough I never took the exam.
7:19:40 PMGarbee RobbieF, You'd be surprised. I get a lot of amazement that I say please and thank you so much.
7:19:49 PMSashaD I seriously miss you guys 6 days a week! Thanks for being in the chatroom every week
7:20:01 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I absolutely cannot tell Robbie has an accent.
7:20:04 PMGarbee SashaD, I know at least one of us is literally here all week.
7:20:12 PMGarbee You just need to come chat sometime during the week.
7:20:27 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I never noticed anyone there having an accent actually
7:20:34 PMsparklyballs i tried a philly cheese steak in philly once and said thank you to the server , and she was shocked and said i didn't have to say it...
7:20:43 PMsparklyballs but i'm english and it's the done thing here
7:21:02 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I pop in occasionally but never seen anyone
7:21:15 PMGarbee dooley_da_Vulcan, I tend to miss you by like 20-40 minutes typically.
7:23:57 PMGarbee I like how sasha actually has a theory about this.
7:24:07 PMsparklyballs spider silk is immensely strong
7:24:57 PMGarbee Yea, it's what they want to get bigger to try and do a space elevator with.
7:25:30 PMGarbee That joke fell flat here HenryBB.
7:25:43 PMBobK54 ggggroan.....
7:27:13 PMGarbee rofl.
7:27:13 PMHenryBB LMAO
7:27:18 PMGarbee Star Trek there.
7:27:59 PMsparklyballs at least SashaD hasn't said day lek
7:28:42 PMsparklyballs blah,, 1984 olympics opening ceremony had a way better jet pack
7:28:46 PMBobK54 those appear to be model aircraft jets...
7:29:33 PMsparklyballs there's free health care in the uk SashaD
7:31:56 PMHenryBB I already don't like windows 10s :P
7:32:32 PMsparklyballs how long till someone gets malware into an app on the windows store ?
7:33:58 PMsparklyballs weird when SashaD says alexa, nothing happens,, but if RobbieF says it my dot wakes up
7:34:40 PMHenryBB oh my!! I guess she likes Robbie?
7:35:09 PMsparklyballs if robbie had been reading this story it would be going mad by now.
7:36:25 PMGarbee Cat5 till 2099!
7:36:32 PMsparklyballs can't play the divison on windows s i bet
7:36:35 PMGarbee C'mon, 2018? You're only giving it that much life?
7:39:38 PMGarbee SashaD, I'm fairly certain McDonalds will still be cooking when I am old and unable to buy from elsewhwere.
7:39:52 PMsparklyballs i've had arthritis since my late teens
7:39:57 PMGarbee I don't that often.
7:40:00 PMGarbee Aside from Breakfast.
7:40:03 PMGarbee That bit is a nasty habit.
7:40:22 PMGarbee I mainly eat pizza and Chick-Fil-A.
7:40:48 PMGarbee Yup.
7:40:54 PMsparklyballs you need something to compare anything against for it to be good/bad etc
7:40:59 PMGarbee It's a southern-US type chicken joint.
7:41:07 PMGarbee They're amazeballs as you'd say.
7:41:14 PMGarbee Yea, but unlike KFC it's good.
7:41:31 PMMike_0_ Much better than KFC
7:41:34 PMGarbee Nope.
7:41:40 PMGarbee NY just got their first late last year.
7:41:43 PMGarbee They're slowly working north.
7:41:56 PMBobK54 I respect and at the same time I'm annoyed Chic-fil-a is closed on Sundays
7:41:56 PMGarbee "They're actually good."
7:41:58 PMGarbee wow.
7:42:32 PMsparklyballs but chick fil a made the news few years ago cos they're a bit right wing ish
7:42:35 PMGarbee Yup, All sundays.
7:42:37 PMGarbee So sad.
7:42:44 PMGarbee (Not really. Just a joke.)
7:42:55 PMGarbee SashaD, Nah. I don't cook. I need to buy fast food from somewhere.
7:42:57 PMCee128d Sasha, not chicken filet, Chick Filet. Nothing like crappy KFC.
7:43:04 PMGarbee :D
7:43:11 PMlichenx11 Chick fil a is the best
7:43:34 PMGarbee SashaD, Most banks are closed all weekend here.
7:43:42 PMsparklyballs not everyone can have sundays off , you don't magically not get sick on a sunday
7:43:43 PMGarbee Very few are open on Saturday and even fewer on Sunday.
7:43:49 PMGarbee Virginia, USA
7:43:57 PMGarbee Lynchburg specifically.
7:44:02 PMGarbee ROFL
7:44:08 PMGarbee Love it SashaD. That was great.
7:44:13 PMGarbee Yup, perfect pronucniation there.
7:44:20 PMGarbee Oh *West* VA.
7:44:23 PMGarbee Yea no.
7:44:25 PMGarbee that's the bad VA.
7:44:27 PMCee128d And Chick Fil A has been open on Sundays during local emergencies. Not for the general public, but to provide free food for emergency workers and volunteers
7:44:32 PMsparklyballs i married someone from WV
7:44:34 PMGarbee It's legal to marry your first cousin ther.e
7:44:56 PMGarbee 2nd cousin is mainland VA.
7:45:14 PMMike_0_ LOL
7:45:15 PMGarbee Uh-oh.
7:45:15 PMsparklyballs which town is the one with the big old train on the street in virginia ?
7:45:47 PMlichenx11 what are they prepping? I'm late...
7:45:48 PMGarbee sparklyballs, Um, not sure. We have a few.
7:46:10 PMsparklyballs it would be quite close the WV border
7:46:28 PMCee128d lichenx11, I even think Robbie knows what he's setting up for.
7:46:29 PMGarbee SashaD, If you know the Liberty University that Hillary Rumball likes... That's where I live sadly.
7:46:44 PMGarbee I can dig the music.
7:46:54 PMCee128d lichenx11, I don't even think Robbie knows what he's setting up for.
7:47:03 PMSashaD Don't be sad... I'm sure Virginia is great :)
7:47:05 PMlichenx11 bow wow, bow wow
7:47:11 PMBobK54 NERDY!!!!
7:47:12 PMGarbee SashaD, No the Liberty U is the bad part.
7:47:20 PMGarbee Not getting into that mess in IRC.
7:47:34 PMGarbee Too much local poltiics.
7:48:03 PMsparklyballs my now ex wife was from WSS in WV but originally from covington VA
7:48:04 PMGarbee I love how that all just rolled out like it was natural for her.
7:48:58 PMlichenx11 WHAT is the site
7:49:31 PMGarbee
7:49:51 PMsparklyballs reborn
7:50:12 PMdooley_da_Vulcan they probably claim rights to any and all music that is created with it. ????
7:50:12 PMCee128d And it's laggy and slow as all get out unless you have a Gigabit Internet connection
7:51:24 PMGarbee dooley_da_Vulcan, Nope.
7:51:25 PMGarbee
7:51:32 PMGarbee
7:51:34 PMGarbee Section 1.4
7:52:51 PMSashaD This is neat
7:53:03 PMGarbee This is very cool.
7:53:18 PMGarbee The performance is actually crazy good.
7:53:21 PMGarbee (Profiling it now.)
7:53:37 PMMike_0_ I like it.
7:55:10 PMGarbee This is an amazing tool.
7:55:20 PMGarbee Fantastic find.
7:58:03 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Garbee, thats cool
8:03:12 PMgarywhite How did I forget about the show?
8:03:28 PMGarbee garywhite, Too late. you missed all the fun stuff.
8:03:35 PMGarbee :P
8:03:39 PMSashaD :(
8:03:51 PMGarbee What is that light behind SashaD...
8:03:57 PMGarbee Looks like a window corner.
8:04:08 PMgarywhite Eh, I don't have sound anyway, better to watch the rerun on YT
8:04:14 PMGarbee Maybe a strong reflection off of something from the studio lights.
8:04:20 PMdooley_da_Vulcan That was a quick hour
8:04:32 PMdooley_da_Vulcan time flies when having fun
8:04:49 PMGarbee haha
8:05:02 PMBobK54 night all !!
8:05:13 PMGarbee Since when does Cat5 need continuity...
8:05:38 PMGarbee I think ya'll should put something off just to see who emails in.
8:05:51 PMGarbee SashaD, Dye your hair real quick.
8:05:55 PMGarbee like cyan.
8:08:01 PMGarbee SashaD, No, just to set off continuity in a weird way.
8:08:01 PMdooley_da_Vulcan no the chunky stripe is great
8:08:11 PMGarbee Really annoy people watching on-demand.
8:08:52 PMGarbee Bye.
8:09:01 PMGarbee Now you have to respond by text SashaD.
8:09:04 PMGarbee No more cheating.
8:09:04 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Good night all...Great show
8:09:08 PMHenryBB night!
8:09:09 PMdooley_da_Vulcan darm
8:09:12 PMSashaD I didn't take any offence Garbee :)
8:09:13 PMdooley_da_Vulcan darn also
8:09:18 PMMike_0_ bye
8:09:34 PMSashaD I should have thrown it into a ponytail
8:09:35 PMGarbee SashaD, Your hair does look good with the mixed coloring though.
8:09:41 PMdooley_da_Vulcan I took a fence once
8:09:49 PMGarbee haha, yea that would have been better than dying it real fast.
8:10:04 PMGarbee It would have just been funny to have something off and count the emails Robbie gets.
8:10:05 PMGarbee :P
8:10:07 PMSashaD Next time... there is always next time!!!
8:10:14 PMdooley_da_Vulcan yes SashaD leave the chunk streaking, highlights underneath???
8:10:38 PMSashaD I should do something like that :)
8:11:07 PMGarbee Well, I'm off to bed.
8:11:13 PMGarbee Tomorrow will be a long day.
8:11:17 PMdooley_da_Vulcan chunkier streaks take less time to do
8:11:21 PMGarbee LLOOOOOOONNGG day.
8:11:25 PMGarbee Goodnight everyone.
8:11:26 PMSashaD I better head on home.... and run some laps to get some steps on this darn fitbit
8:11:29 PMGarbee Thanks for a great show!
8:11:42 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Thanks again for the show
8:12:20 PMdooley_da_Vulcan Good night to all, have a great week. Till next Wednesday....
8:12:28 PMSashaD Have a great night/great week... see you next week!!!


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