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6:59:54 PMSashaD Howdy my Wonderful Wednesdayonians
7:00:04 PMGarbee I'm getting some stuff.
7:00:22 PMGarbee Someones cable is bad again.
7:00:41 PMGarbee I think it's Henry.
7:01:46 PMGarbee Good for the past minute or so.
7:01:53 PMGarbee Echo only heard it once.
7:02:07 PMGarbee So cables sound good now. The glitchy is gone.
7:02:18 PMGarbee Sure.
7:02:28 PMGarbee Yea, echo when Robbie talks.
7:02:29 PMnapa_polarbear ya
7:02:40 PMGarbee Fixed now. Clear on Robbie.
7:02:46 PMagamotto Hallo, everyone!
7:02:49 PMGarbee Yo agamotto!
7:02:51 PMGarbee Long time no see.
7:03:33 PMnapa_polarbear hello all
7:04:11 PMnapa_polarbear more pi?
7:04:37 PMagamotto No kidding. I am usually working most Wednesdays.
7:05:26 PMagamotto All the joys of making due with a budget...
7:06:45 PMTheFu Noob here.
7:06:57 PMSashaD Hi TheFu :)
7:07:20 PMTheFu Hi.
7:07:22 PMHenryBB Howdy!
7:07:24 PMagamotto Don't tell me you let the blue smoke out of the server!
7:08:16 PMagamotto Wow.. what are the odds on that?
7:09:17 PMTheFu Anyone seen the Backblaze HDD reliability report just out?
7:10:14 PMTheFu
7:10:15 PMgarywhite Has anyone heard of the new Echo Show from Amazon?
7:10:27 PMagamotto The talk-box with a screen?
7:11:03 PMgarywhite yeah
7:11:13 PMGarbee And connection is down at the studio...
7:11:17 PMTheFu Yep.
7:11:47 PMTheFu Guess we know who is 'in-studio'
7:11:51 PMnapa_polarbear all
7:12:12 PMTheFu Sorry guys, must have been me. ;)
7:12:49 PMnapa_polarbear roku down
7:12:55 PMGarbee napa_polarbear, Everything is.
7:13:01 PMGarbee Network is coming back online at the studio now.
7:13:22 PMTheFu Yep.
7:13:31 PMHenryBB yaaayyy Internet :P
7:13:33 PMnapa_polarbear ya
7:13:52 PMTheFu Thunderbird IRC ....
7:13:52 PMnapa_polarbear roku up
7:13:56 PMagamotto Ahh, the joys of live TV
7:14:09 PMHenryBB ikr?
7:14:20 PMGarbee RobbieF, Because of the way 4g is designed.
7:14:29 PMGarbee I can explain one day if you want.
7:14:51 PMTSmith1 hey !
7:15:07 PMGarbee take two
7:15:09 PMnapa_polarbear mush be in canada?
7:15:30 PMTheFu eh?
7:15:40 PMSashaD Canada rocks!
7:16:19 PMnapa_polarbear needs update!
7:16:53 PMTheFu Agreed. Almost everyone I've met from CA was good people.
7:16:59 PMTheFu Analytics?
7:17:12 PMnapa_polarbear my kids are up in penticton.
7:17:15 PMSashaD Where are you from TheFu?
7:17:37 PMTheFu Not an easy question. Currently living near ATL
7:17:54 PMTheFu Lived in 11 states, 13 cities all over the USA.
7:17:54 PMSashaD That's awesome :)
7:18:45 PMTheFu So ... Toronto area? Never been there. Only BC. Have a reason to visit Windsor 1-2 times a year.
7:20:13 PMSashaD We are an hour north of Toronto.... I've been to BC, it's beautiful! (I've also been to Atlanta on a work conference once, and it was great too!
7:20:52 PMSashaD I've never been to Penticton :(
7:21:33 PMnapa_polarbear lived in alta,bc nova s and ont
7:22:48 PMTheFu Had to look up Penticton ... never been there, that I know. Vancouver and Whistler areas.
7:22:57 PMSashaD I've lived in BC, Quebec and (obviously) Ontario... and plan on moving to Nfld
7:22:58 PMTheFu Napa - full east and full west!
7:23:29 PMTheFu Lived in Fargo, ND. Nice place in the summer, but ...
7:24:01 PMTheFu Love the privacy reminders! I'm more a self-hosting guy.
7:24:12 PMnapa_polarbear penticton about 3 hr east of van
7:25:59 PMTheFu Windows!????
7:26:29 PMnapa_polarbear linux
7:26:44 PMTheFu Does that tool require JS to work?
7:27:19 PMTheFu I allow only minimal JS, if even that. Dillo user here.
7:27:35 PMTheFu For general browsing
7:28:48 PMTheFu Hey!!! That's me!
7:29:41 PMGarbee I'm not normal.
7:29:47 PMGarbee I don't use my mouse like that.
7:29:48 PMTheFu I need to block more JS.
7:29:53 PMTheFu ;)
7:30:09 PMGarbee TheFu, Yes it requires JS to work. Hence why the site author embeds the script.
7:30:57 PMTheFu Probably on a touchpad at that time. 2-finger scroll.
7:31:17 PMTheFu Good fun.
7:31:37 PMRobbieF :D
7:31:45 PMRobbieF Thanks for participating TheFu!
7:32:38 PMnapa_polarbear i do,but can!t find ex number
7:32:44 PMagamotto Amazeballs?
7:32:49 PMTheFu Actually, it looked like my screen. I block most google stuff - youtube too.
7:33:20 PMTheFu And a shot of rum!
7:37:42 PMSkywriter64 hj everybodt From Brooklyn with love
7:39:22 PMHenryBB Hey! Welcome to the Show! :D
7:40:08 PMagamotto Helium inside... ahhahhahahah
7:40:24 PMnapa_polarbear thats in uk?
7:41:08 PMHenryBB the rules? EU I believe :P
7:43:07 PMGarbee RobbieF, No patent issues. A court ruled (at least in the US) their patents invalid.
7:43:24 PMHenryBB Awesome! :D
7:43:26 PMTheFu So SurroundSound from 1995?
7:45:03 PMTheFu Guess not. Good for FPS game play, since someone snuck up and stabbed me in the back.
7:45:28 PMTheFu Ah ... THAT IS KEWL!
7:46:32 PMHenryBB stabbing in back,,, Does not sound healthy ;) Yay Tech!
7:53:07 PMTheFu The r-pi music server got me here too.
7:55:34 PMTSmith1 I hope weall love Sasha!
7:57:19 PMTSmith1 Thats me!
7:57:23 PMGarbee heyo
7:57:39 PMnapa_polarbear knit & tat
7:57:54 PMSashaD You know I love you all :)
7:58:51 PMTheFu Should have a Pi-v3 in the mail today - delivered by 8p. Think they missed that 2m remaining.
7:59:59 PMTheFu My corpse pose rocks!
8:00:54 PMagamotto Well, I must away. I have a dinner date tonight!
8:01:16 PMTheFu You guys are having too much fun.
8:01:18 PMagamotto Catch you all later!
8:02:56 PMTSmith1 Great show.I'll look into making a toque, Robbie!
8:05:09 PMGarbee Bye all.
8:05:11 PMGarbee Thanks for the show.
8:05:15 PMHenryBB G'night!
8:05:22 PMHenryBB Thanks for coming!
8:05:22 PMTheFu Thanks!
8:05:28 PMGarbee oh SashaD The baby came Friday I think.
8:05:34 PMSashaD Goodnight all y'all :) See you next week !!
8:05:50 PMSashaD congratulations!!
8:05:51 PMGarbee They did end up doing a C-section. But they induced her Wednesday to try and get a natural birth first.
8:06:31 PMGarbee The baby girl is all healthy thus far. Simply tiny (only like 4 pounds 15 ounces or something like that.)
8:06:49 PMSashaD As long as baby and momma are healthy, I'm over the moon happy that another human has joined our great planet
8:07:15 PMGarbee Enjoy your week.
8:07:27 PMSashaD You too!
8:07:42 PMSashaD Off to get a burrito!
8:14:55 PMTheFu That was weird seeing my session. Looked at the traffic stuff after seeing something related to GeoIP somewhere. Wanted an easy solution for some of my self-hosted sites.
8:16:14 PMRobbieF Neat stuff eh?


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