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6:58:06 PMSashaD bahahahaha
6:58:13 PMHenryBB hehehe
6:58:27 PMsparklyballs oh that's it i'm turning it off
6:58:42 PMsparklyballs it's now asking me what i want to order
6:58:47 PMTheFu Anyone seen this about Trump Resort wifi security?
6:58:48 PMTheFu
6:59:06 PMSashaD You want to order pizza :)
6:59:17 PMMik3_0 someones mic is making a lot of noise
6:59:31 PMsparklyballs STOP SAYING ALEXA !!!
6:59:32 PMMik3_0 thats better
6:59:49 PMMik3_0 gone
6:59:53 PMsparklyballs turned it off
7:00:20 PMMik3_0 Can hear salsa and robbie
7:00:30 PMMik3_0 salsa... omg
7:00:32 PMTheFu I HATE Pulse-Audio!
7:00:56 PMSashaD That's not the first time that's happened!
7:01:11 PMsparklyballs the chip and dip show with salsa
7:01:22 PMHenryBB yum...
7:01:24 PMTheFu ;)
7:01:44 PMABQTKY SashaD - We had an episode where Robbie repaired his daughter's headphone...soldering techniques...should work with microphone cables!!
7:02:06 PMSashaD I'll make sure he checks it out
7:02:18 PMgarywhite almost forgot the show...
7:02:25 PMSashaD I'm certain he can fix it
7:02:45 PMABQTKY SashaD - We shall see!
7:03:55 PMSolbu But I don't wanna cry… ;-)
7:04:56 PMTheFu Been there!
7:05:25 PMTheFu Windows Ransomeware ... only windows, right?
7:05:26 PMABQTKY HenryBB - Don't shoot, it's only me. ESET has a great camera and a really f-a-s-t connection!
7:05:29 PMBobK54 deja vu
7:06:12 PMSolbu TheFu: Yes. It exploits a Windows vulnerability.
7:07:24 PMHenryBB yes! hehe deja vu indeed! and yuppers! #quality
7:07:25 PMTheFu Directly attached Windows and/or phishing files?
7:08:17 PMHenryBB damn scary stuff...
7:08:26 PMTheFu I stopped patching Win7 over a year ago. Not worried about this on my home network. We don't use Windows on the internet.
7:08:33 PMSashaD This is totally scary
7:08:37 PMTheFu Read that China had millions yesterday.
7:09:25 PMHenryBB makes sense though... especially thinking there's a lot of windows xp and illegal windows systems in asia and russia :P
7:10:18 PMSashaD Are non-windows computers on the same network as Windows computers also at risk?
7:10:37 PMHenryBB coming later on in this program ;) ^
7:11:26 PMTheFu So how it spreads will be covered?
7:12:28 PMTheFu golf clap for that question. Nice.
7:13:22 PMHenryBB should be just coming up
7:13:39 PMTheFu Lost Stevens audio.
7:13:47 PMHenryBB got it, merci!
7:13:52 PMTheFu good. now.
7:14:07 PMHenryBB awesome sauce
7:14:27 PMBobK54 its the NSA listening in??
7:14:37 PMTheFu always.
7:14:40 PMSashaD oh dear, maybe ;)
7:15:11 PMHenryBB the NSA made the code, but it got leaked as far as I know :P
7:15:38 PMHenryBB thaht's why some countries and people are blaming the USA and the NSA
7:15:43 PMHenryBB *that's
7:16:00 PMTheFu Windows SMB/CIFS implementation only? What about newer Linux Samba/CIFS implementations?
7:16:11 PMTheFu It is the job of the NSA to make code like this.
7:17:15 PMHenryBB Agreed, minus the leaking part :P and coming soon in the show...
7:18:52 PMTheFu Not the ransomeware, but the break-in parts. Sorry for being imprecise.
7:19:53 PMHenryBB haha all good your point still came across :)
7:20:45 PMTheFu CIFS is generally blocked on the internet, right? It needs WINS to be routed off a subnet.
7:20:48 PMsparklyballs it might have been donald trump pressing the wrong button with his fat little fingers
7:22:00 PMHenryBB lol ^
7:22:05 PMHenryBB any other questions all?
7:22:41 PMTheFu Been seeing many emails of PDF files the last few days.
7:23:05 PMHenryBB same, like random emails from random people
7:23:17 PMTheFu Yep.
7:23:46 PMTheFu Usually spam/phishing has a link to some hacked WP sites.
7:23:54 PMHenryBB yay for not trusting people and not clicking the attachments! :P
7:25:57 PMTheFu Is MSFT shipping individual patches just for this issue?
7:26:24 PMHenryBB actually, their latest set of patches apparently covered these issues
7:26:37 PMTheFu But I don't want their other patches. Just this 1.
7:26:43 PMsparklyballs not sophos lol
7:27:01 PMMik3_0 Seeing a lot of businesses moving to SMB2 today. Not sure if that helps with this but made today interesting.
7:27:46 PMHenryBB interesting to hear that
7:28:12 PMTheFu NFSv4 4TW!
7:28:19 PMHenryBB
7:30:14 PMHenryBB sorry all, technology!
7:30:34 PMTheFu Can someone read lips?
7:30:36 PMMik3_0 unplug USB mic and plug it back in
7:30:40 PMsparklyballs wannahear worm
7:31:25 PMHenryBB haha ^
7:31:34 PMHenryBB one day...
7:34:06 PMMik3_0 have heard that before usually with USB mics
7:34:39 PMHenryBB dang, wonder what causes it... is it like overheating or something?
7:36:16 PMMik3_0 Not sure. Now that I think about it... usually on Skype as well. Where you using Skype during the interview? But unplugging and replugging usb always did the trick.
7:36:45 PMHenryBB yes for both... skype AND unplug
7:36:58 PMTheFu Have a good, cheap, USB mic - never see any issues with it the last 3 yrs. Samson $35. Great for travel and cross-the-table interviews.
7:37:17 PMHenryBB cool beans
7:37:24 PMMik3_0 thats good to know thanks!
7:37:30 PMTheFu Details matter Sasha!
7:37:54 PMsparklyballs google public dns SashaD
7:38:39 PMTheFu Time to time-shift netflix.
7:38:57 PMHenryBB meh, I just watch Youtube anyways...
7:39:42 PMTheFu Not a way to push people to non-peak time use?
7:40:22 PMsparklyballs gently creep the price up and nobody notices until you end up paying silly money
7:40:23 PMTheFu DVD Netflix here. Every 3 days.
7:40:33 PMHenryBB VHS all the way
7:40:56 PMMik3_0 flash bang!
7:41:01 PMTheFu Bought some "hard to find" VHS a few months ago. I'd forgotten how bad the resolution was.
7:41:26 PMHenryBB but the static just brings back soooo many memories!
7:41:34 PMHenryBB just that classic quality
7:41:50 PMHenryBB plus... be kind, rewind
7:41:56 PMTheFu I quickly converted the format. Digital now.
7:42:06 PMTheFu ogg!
7:42:10 PMTheFu Vorbis!
7:42:36 PMTheFu vorbis is MORE efficient than AAC, right?
7:42:54 PMHenryBB acc ogg or vinyl... seems legit
7:43:01 PMsparklyballs DRM too
7:43:06 PMHenryBB :/
7:43:29 PMHenryBB pain in the butt, DRM..
7:44:07 PMMik3_0 used to have a laserdisc years ago. never knew anyone else who had one.
7:44:16 PMHenryBB had huge issues with Office yesterday because of it, and I have a legit copy! *grrr* (DRM)
7:44:19 PMsparklyballs it's not like samsung to copy anything .....
7:44:24 PMHenryBB remember HD DVD?
7:44:40 PMsparklyballs LD2000
7:45:54 PMHenryBB ^^
7:46:15 PMTheFu I still have an XP VM. Haven't used it in a few years. MS-Visio on it.
7:47:38 PMTheFu OS/2 Warp!
7:47:48 PMsparklyballs windows 2 lol
7:48:18 PMsparklyballs silly add on for DOS
7:48:43 PMTheFu Was using Gem around then.
7:49:12 PMgarywhite That's basically all Windows 1-3.1 were
7:50:15 PMTSmith1 Sasha looks lovely tonight!
7:52:51 PMTheFu Won't be able to see it in the USA.
7:52:57 PMTheFu The show ...
7:53:15 PMSashaD Thank you! I was able to dip into my "summer clothes bin"
7:56:30 PMRobbieF Hi all!
7:56:41 PMsparklyballs hola RobbieF
7:56:45 PMMik3_0 Hi Robbie
7:57:10 PMRobbieF Hi Mik3_0 - great to have you here.
7:57:18 PMRobbieF Hi sparklyballs! Also, great having you here! :D
7:57:35 PMSashaD do any of you know people who have been compromised with WannaCry?
7:58:34 PMsparklyballs one of the members of is a doctor for the uk NHS and some of the systems there were compromised
7:59:06 PMMik3_0 no one I know..... yet
7:59:35 PMSashaD It's scary that it's so widespread, it really highlights how a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link
8:01:04 PMsparklyballs you'd think military cyber tech would have military grade security to prevent someone stealing stuff, you'd think.....
8:02:05 PMTheFu Nope. My security group has been talking about it, slightly. But I wouldn't expect them to say anything about internal issues. Only the corporate PR people are allowed.
8:02:23 PMTheFu NSA and military don't talk at the worker-levels.
8:03:43 PMRobbieF Hopefully tonight's video will be a good one to watch at work with the staff. A lot of good info.
8:04:21 PMTheFu Most of my sensitive data was leaked by the US Govt a few years ago.
8:04:48 PMsparklyballs i leak sensitive data after one too many beers
8:04:59 PMRobbieF :p
8:05:02 PMSashaD I hear ya Sparkly
8:05:07 PMMik3_0 most people do not patch all their systems until tested. too many times patches screw things up. makes this even more difficult.
8:05:08 PMHenryBB too true
8:05:13 PMTheFu Long support for an OS is a liability. If MSFT shortened their support, it would get folks used to migrations.
8:05:33 PMRobbieF Good point TheFu
8:05:56 PMTheFu The longer you don't touch an OS, the harder it is to move.
8:06:07 PMHenryBB I think it's a balance. Pretty much, when you need to pay microsoft to update software, that should be a red flag
8:06:17 PMTheFu Pay? Microsoft?
8:06:18 PMSashaD It's actually really super annoying to run the patches.... but I do it
8:06:39 PMHenryBB yeah some organisations are paying microsoft to update xp for their organisations but it is case-by-case
8:07:14 PMTheFu Linux 4.4.0-77-generic #98-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 26 08:34:02 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
8:07:19 PMTheFu ;)
8:08:18 PMsparklyballs -78 is out
8:08:19 PMsparklyballs 4.4.0-78-generic #99-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 27 15:29:09 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
8:08:54 PMTheFu And I'll get it on Saturday AM, during the approved maintenance period.
8:09:27 PMTheFu WinXP is perfectly safe - if it isn't networked.
8:10:01 PMHenryBB ^
8:10:29 PMTheFu Of the UK TV license guys!
8:10:35 PMTheFu s/Of/Or/
8:10:44 PMSashaD Thank goodness I use Linux (which actually all Robbie's doing)
8:11:05 PMSashaD But at work, I'm all Windows
8:11:45 PMTheFu Linux might not be impacted by this, directly, but many storage devices running Linux provide storage to Windows ... which could end up with ransomeware (encrypted) files.
8:11:53 PMMik3_0 I only use windows in a VM.
8:12:00 PMRobbieF sure. I fear for NAS units TheFu
8:12:30 PMRobbieF check out our video:
8:12:36 PMTheFu If the OS on those devices hasn't been patched since Feb, there's a nasty UDP bug.
8:13:16 PMTheFu Routers, media players, all Linux except RHEL/CENT had the UDP bug.
8:13:22 PMTheFu Android too.
8:16:49 PMTheFu Chica bow wow
8:21:35 PMTheFu Good week everyone!
8:21:47 PMSashaD Good night my sweet friends :)
8:21:58 PMsparklyballs gnite all
8:22:19 PMMik3_0 Bye everyone!
8:22:36 PMHenryBB night!
8:27:07 PMRobbieF so how many people left during the fake ending?
8:27:08 PMRobbieF :D
8:35:36 PMstormchaser3000 lol
8:36:22 PMgarywhite What fake ending?
8:43:49 PMRobbieF show was recorded completely out of order, garywhite--so the ending happened 25 minutes before the show actually "ended".
9:07:41 PMgarywhite Oh, it was partially taped
9:23:47 PMRobbieF have a great night everyone! Thanks for being here. Hope you enjoyed the show!


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