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6:58:14 PMSashaD2 Hello :)
6:58:18 PMGarbee That's a big button RobbieF...
6:58:32 PMGarbee YES!
6:58:45 PMGarbee ah cool
6:59:03 PMGarbee That's a nice trick.
6:59:08 PMGarbee To not need to touch the screen as much.
6:59:23 PMGarbee The CA knock-off of America's Thunderbirds.
6:59:28 PMGarbee ;)
6:59:33 PMGarbee Or our Blue Angles.
6:59:36 PMGarbee Angels*
6:59:51 PMGarbee Blue Angel's are our Navy.
6:59:59 PMGarbee Thunderbird's are Army iirc.
7:00:14 PMGarbee Oh no, Air Force is Thunderbirds.
7:01:00 PMGarbee Keyboard Cat!
7:01:11 PMABQTKY That's right Garbee, after 1947 they became a separate service.
7:01:55 PMGarbee ABQTKY: Yup. I just forgot whether the T-birds went with the AF or if they stayed as a part of the Army technically. Clearly, they separated with the branch.
7:02:22 PMGarbee And this is why you show up live for the chatroom. Random history.
7:02:28 PMGarbee especially the fun kind involving planes.
7:03:04 PMnapa_polarbear hello all
7:03:16 PMkc0wqh Hi everyone!
7:03:18 PMTheFu Snowbirds?
7:03:33 PMGarbee BlizzardBirds
7:03:56 PMGarbee Yea, SnowBirds TheFu.
7:04:16 PMGarbee
7:04:24 PMTheFu USAF-brat here.
7:04:25 PMABQTKY Garbee, I just heard of a project to develop Aircraft Carriers made I didn't make that up, honest!
7:04:28 PMSolbu SashaD2: You have a kinda red laptop. :-)
7:04:36 PMLyndon Hello!
7:05:14 PMTheFu Lyndon is always tied to "LUKS dump"
7:05:59 PMDennis_Kelley greeting everyone
7:06:18 PMLyndon Hahahaha
7:06:52 PMSolbu Hehe
7:08:02 PMGarbee The Treasure Chest beneath Robbie's desk.
7:08:37 PMLyndon Robbie feels like a super hero
7:08:57 PMTheFu Robbie - is that the HDMI recorder?
7:09:02 PMLyndon Tech Hero!!!
7:09:19 PMTheFu I don't think it plays anything. I have an AGPTek ... HDMI recorder.
7:09:28 PMTheFu It looks like that.
7:09:45 PMTheFu Doesn't play anything. Just records.
7:10:18 PMGarbee It's so chill going back to 2 people from the 3.
7:11:53 PMGarbee Not Family Friendly .... Sounds like John Wick.
7:12:48 PMTheFu You guys need more FLARE!
7:12:51 PMLyndon What??!!
7:13:03 PMTheFu Office- Space ref.
7:13:04 PMLyndon Lol TheFu
7:13:09 PMGarbee OfficeSpace is not on Netflix in the US. :(
7:13:14 PMagamotto Hallo, all
7:13:15 PMGarbee DVD only.
7:13:19 PMGarbee heyo agamotto!
7:13:25 PMSashaD2 I need 15 flares
7:13:51 PMTheFu I think 7 is the min, right?
7:14:00 PMTheFu Did you get the red stapler?
7:14:01 PMagamotto SashaD2: Flares, for what?
7:14:05 PMLyndon I hate Printers...
7:14:18 PMTheFu Get those TPS reports ready!
7:14:42 PMLyndon I have 8 bosses!
7:14:56 PMTheFu All named "Bob?"
7:15:04 PMSolbu C3P0
7:15:08 PMLyndon yes
7:16:18 PMagamotto If you have 8 bosses, you are underpaid!
7:17:05 PMagamotto Thankfully, Unity is dead.
7:17:06 PMTheFu FVWM-Crystal FTW!
7:17:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hello all
7:17:47 PMTheFu Ja, hallo!
7:18:26 PMLyndon SooSeee??
7:18:42 PMTheFu SuSE
7:19:04 PMGarbee SashaD2: When you can ask Robbie where he got that shirt from please. It's a great shirt.
7:19:10 PMagamotto All the options? Even the languages you don't use?
7:19:19 PMTheFu Please cover the dangers of mixing different DEs under a single user login.
7:19:28 PMGarbee OpenSUSE is awesome IMO.
7:19:43 PMGarbee Just wish the Pantheon DE was stable on it.
7:19:44 PMTheFu SashaD2: Mixing DEs can be dangerous to your config files.
7:20:35 PMTheFu Not all related DEs have safe config settings for the others ... gnome2 stuff especially.
7:21:06 PMSolbu RobbieF: Might want to mention that Windows have only one desktop environment, unlike Linux that have a Lot of DE's
7:21:07 PMagamotto So much for the super thunderstorm that was supposed to blow us away this evening... :)
7:21:24 PMTheFu When trying out different DEs, best to use different userids, to prevent incompatible settings.
7:21:59 PMLyndon eh
7:22:10 PMTheFu Solbu: Actually, the end-users can put in a different "shell" on Windows too. It just isn't as popular.
7:22:30 PMagamotto TheFu: Sound advice
7:22:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Windows actually has had multiple desktops for a while. they just made it hard to find or get to
7:22:52 PMLyndon not compatable with everything. sorry
7:22:56 PMTheFu The Ubuntu Guest account was perfect for that, before they killed it off (security issues).
7:23:06 PMLyndon Linux has its limits
7:23:16 PMLyndon time and a place
7:23:19 PMTheFu i have my limits too. ;)
7:23:28 PMLyndon Ha
7:23:31 PMLyndon me too
7:24:05 PMLyndon Mint still has a guest mode doesn't it?
7:24:20 PMGarbee Lyndon: Yes.
7:24:22 PMGarbee And Elementary.
7:24:25 PMGarbee Because they are LTS based.
7:24:33 PMLyndon right
7:24:35 PMagamotto Wow... looking at the news, I am VERY happy to not be running Windows right now.
7:24:36 PMLyndon thought so
7:24:40 PMGarbee Which doesn't have the SystemD issue causing the lockdown to not function.
7:24:58 PMTheFu If they picked up the security patched for 16.04, the randomized guest account shouldn't work anymore.
7:25:49 PMTheFu recoll for full text search on Linux - amazing. Like google for your own storage.
7:25:57 PMnapa_polarbear first, how 2 boot in 2 the distros.
7:26:03 PMGarbee SashaD2: A tool called "Launchy" can search you files for you as well as apps.
7:26:06 PMGarbee That runs on Linux.
7:26:48 PMTheFu I've used launchy - vaguely remember it being nice.
7:27:18 PMGarbee SashaD2: Also Catfish. So a few choices if the in-the-box solution isn't robust enough.
7:27:18 PMTheFu But I'm a shell user - locate. There's always something, often great stuff.
7:27:31 PMagamotto Cinnamon is a bit "too" simple. It hides some of the med/advanced stuff that you might need to tinker with shortly after an install.
7:27:38 PMLyndon My wife and kids can use Mint Cinnamon so...
7:27:41 PMTheFu Thought Canada outlawed Google today?!
7:27:48 PMagamotto Garbee: whereis?
7:27:59 PMagamotto TheFu: No, the EU
7:28:15 PMGarbee agamotto: Looking at GUI solutions to recommend to Sasha.
7:28:20 PMTheFu I'll look for the link. Just saw it 30 min ago.
7:28:23 PMGarbee From the ones I've used before.
7:28:50 PMagamotto RobbieF: Why isn't the browser using DuckDuckGo?
7:28:54 PMTheFu
7:29:09 PMTheFu "Canada's top court backs order for Google to remove firm's website from global searches"
7:29:43 PMagamotto Interesting... I have not caught up on the news in the last few days. I just saw a blipvert about the EU fine
7:29:57 PMgarywhite The EU banned Google?
7:29:58 PMTheFu For calendaring, I use a addon for Thunderbird that links to an enterprise calendar in Zimbra.
7:30:08 PMLyndon looks like a calledar...
7:31:15 PMTheFu Lightning is the addon for Thunderbird. Easy to schedule "every 13 weeks" reoccurring events.
7:31:17 PMagamotto LDXE?
7:31:30 PMagamotto Ahh
7:31:41 PMTheFu KDE
7:31:46 PMTheFu Gnome3
7:32:08 PMTheFu Found LXDE to be bloated on a 2G chromebook.
7:32:10 PMTheFu ;)
7:32:31 PMLyndon I've got to go. Have a good night. See y'all
7:32:35 PMTheFu Mom ran LXDE for a few years.
7:32:39 PMGarbee SashaD2: Your background is a *user* preference.
7:32:52 PMGarbee So it is generally saved in a DE agnostic place in sane setups.
7:33:15 PMSolbu SashaD2: One test that is relevant for this is: What happens when one plugin a USB device, like a usbdisk or a usbkey.
7:33:44 PMTheFu Hopefully nothing. The power to mount is the power to destroy.
7:33:47 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD2 robbief the calculator in linux does do days
7:34:37 PMTheFu Dennis_Kelley: Not every DE will use the same "calculator" program behind the scenes.
7:35:04 PMGarbee NaSC is a fantastic calculating tool.
7:35:11 PMGarbee Not installed by default in any distro afaik. But well worth looking into installing.
7:35:13 PMDennis_Kelley but i noticed the mode button when he does have advanced settings
7:35:25 PMTheFu Desktop alarm?
7:35:35 PMTheFu tool?
7:36:10 PMTheFu Must be Windows doing the capture. reboot?
7:36:45 PMDennis_Kelley I am installing linux mint for my sons laptop!
7:36:53 PMDennis_Kelley Robbie is not in chat
7:37:06 PMTheFu Ubuntu-Mate is similar, with better support. IMHO.
7:37:10 PMGarbee worksapce
7:37:47 PMTheFu Is RobbieF using the AGPTek capture device?
7:37:49 PMGarbee That's it.
7:38:15 PMGarbee Nah it froze.
7:38:18 PMTheFu Try to ssh in.
7:38:42 PMGarbee Tap the num lock key.
7:38:58 PMTheFu A frozen desktop isn't always a frozen computer.
7:39:03 PMGarbee If the light doesn't flash that's an indicator of a kernel crash.
7:39:17 PMGarbee SashaD2: ^^
7:39:25 PMSolbu This is why we watch live. :-)
7:39:42 PMGarbee neat little debugging trick.
7:39:50 PMDennis_Kelley there is no cryptic text on the blue screen! your good
7:40:32 PMGarbee Install Pantheon RobbieF.
7:40:34 PMGarbee That's how I debug it!
7:40:35 PMTheFu I use lxrandr to manage multiple displays.
7:40:40 PMGarbee :P
7:40:48 PMGarbee Yea, That sounds about right.
7:41:00 PMGarbee Gnome 3 being a problem with the display drivers.
7:41:02 PMTheFu Simple, bonehead, resolution/hz/display choice tool.
7:41:22 PMGarbee caps lock will work too instead of num lock.
7:41:24 PMGarbee ;)
7:41:42 PMTheFu Don't have capslock on mine - had to make that the "super" key.
7:41:54 PMGarbee They're both Kernel-level things for the input. So that let's you know whether Linux is still running or something higher-up is the crash source.
7:42:19 PMTheFu LIVE is fun!
7:42:27 PMTheFu The demo-gods strike!
7:42:46 PMGarbee Yea, that's a good trick too. Wasn't trying to get that deep with debugging!
7:43:06 PMGarbee Ctrl + Alt + F{1-11} keys tend to confuse people tons.
7:43:43 PMSolbu SashaD2: If the kernel crashes, the numlock light shuts off, and the caps and scroll lights starts blinking.
7:44:02 PMTheFu Locking and kill X
7:44:06 PMGarbee That was me.
7:44:09 PMGarbee Loving the shirt.
7:44:12 PMTheFu s/locking/login/
7:44:17 PMGarbee And wanting to know where to get one.
7:44:20 PMGarbee :D
7:44:44 PMSashaD2 I'll ask when he is less focused on solving this!! :)
7:44:55 PMTheFu Pulse audio issue?
7:45:02 PMagamotto Well, poo.
7:45:05 PMTheFu Going down the HDMI .... trail.
7:45:07 PMGarbee Yea, this is a hard problem.
7:46:02 PMTheFu PErhaps that AGPTek capture device will work? Even if we can't see it live, the post video will have it. ;)
7:46:21 PMGarbee Thank you!
7:47:15 PMTheFu had a huge sale yesterday. Lots of printed Tees. Think it goes until 6/30.
7:47:54 PMSolbu SashaD2: Instead of mirroring the displays, he could switch which is primary and secondary display.
7:47:55 PMGarbee
7:48:09 PMGarbee No cat5 referral code that I know of for that one.
7:52:13 PMGarbee Pantheon has Super + Right/Left arrow bound to workspace switching.
7:52:22 PMGarbee It doesn't do window snapping.
7:52:40 PMTheFu Certainly that is all configurable.
7:52:53 PMGarbee Can't show Pantheon on the show tonight. It doesn't have an easy way to run on Debian.
7:53:05 PMGarbee TheFu: Uh, I think you'd need to first install a tiling window manager.
7:53:16 PMagamotto A scrolling list of mess?
7:53:18 PMGarbee SashaD2: Alphabetical.
7:53:19 PMTheFu twm ruined those for me.
7:53:23 PMGarbee No re-ordering.
7:53:57 PMTheFu F1?
7:55:01 PMGarbee SashaD2: Tell him to click his userame in that menu.
7:55:29 PMTheFu I can see where gnome3 in the hands of someone with a little experience could make it highly productive.
7:56:36 PMTheFu Or more bloated?
7:56:48 PMTheFu Or is it done?
7:57:09 PMGarbee 7:30PM is what the time is.
7:57:17 PMGarbee At least that's what you should tell yourself SashaD2...
7:57:21 PMTheFu 7:57p here.
7:57:46 PMagamotto Fitbits don't have clocks on them? 18:57 Central
7:57:50 PMGarbee You didn't let me finish the joke!
7:57:58 PMGarbee It does the first time.
7:58:06 PMDennis_Kelley two hour show!
7:58:08 PMGarbee K takes some initialization work for all the config on first boot.
7:58:18 PMGarbee It is faster on repeat loads.
7:58:19 PMTheFu Thanks for showing all the desktops. I'm old and crufty, don't usually spend the time looking at new DEs - especially when they don't work well inside a remote VM.
7:58:26 PMSolbu 01.58 am here. :-)
7:58:53 PMTheFu Looks like Windows wanted to look.
8:00:05 PMGarbee Yea, KDE is going for a "Convergence" type thing. Just not by re-inventing a whole new interface.
8:00:24 PMagamotto The pic is just a launcher for the calc?
8:00:30 PMGarbee ^^ Re: Phone-type interface mention.
8:01:06 PMTheFu The calculator seems great - it isn't like we don't have numbers on our keyboards.
8:01:45 PMTheFu I suppose we have the operations on the keyboards too. ;(
8:01:48 PMGarbee SashaD2: You can edit the single-click in the System Settings.
8:01:55 PMGarbee Somewhere dug in there for Dolphin settings.
8:02:01 PMGarbee (Dolphin is the file manager's name)
8:02:03 PMagamotto I prefer the single-click bit myself
8:02:19 PMGarbee Configure Dolphin!
8:02:28 PMGarbee Control
8:03:15 PMGarbee Type to search in the K main menu should also search files like Windows.
8:03:16 PMTheFu Mate DE is the easiest for a Windows-convert, IMHO. As someone gains more exposure, each DE has something to offer. Very enlightening.
8:03:37 PMagamotto The only thing I want a double-tap on is touch interfaces... that and a proper dedicated "menu" button for everything
8:04:32 PMTheFu Really don't want to be forced to use a mouse.
8:05:07 PMSolbu So, can I have Emacs as my desktop environment? ;-)
8:05:15 PMTheFu Certainly, but ..... why?
8:05:42 PMGarbee Solbu: emacs probably isn't sophisticated enough to be a full DE. Try vim!
8:05:43 PMGarbee :D
8:05:47 PMSolbu Hehe. Just nkow Stallman says in some talks that some users never run anything But Emacs.
8:05:52 PMagamotto CR2032?
8:05:57 PMGarbee ^^
8:06:07 PMTheFu CR2025?
8:06:15 PMGarbee Which reminds me I need one of those for my fitness band...
8:06:17 PMDennis_Kelley Cool Two hour Show!
8:06:51 PMGarbee You can eat the DE though!
8:06:53 PMTheFu But emacs has a web browser, calendar, windowing, gopher, WAIS, and more!
8:06:56 PMGarbee And it will taste so good.
8:07:45 PMTheFu Seems like they could ahve just gotten the code from China or Russia easier.
8:08:28 PMTheFu i2p - the dark-net.
8:09:20 PMSolbu iSuper
8:09:40 PMTheFu I wonder how much the NSA is laughing at the list.
8:09:47 PMagamotto I would have thought it would be the fact that you don't have to pay for it, especially by iteration or core.
8:09:51 PMTheFu She got it!
8:10:41 PMTheFu So - is that faster than my iPhone?
8:10:45 PMagamotto Hello, Watson.
8:11:12 PMTheFu Weather prediction.
8:11:30 PMSolbu Play Freecell…
8:11:55 PMTheFu Sudoku?
8:12:03 PMTheFu Soduku?
8:12:52 PMTheFu Lock - HEED Martin. I used to work for them, twice.
8:13:30 PMagamotto Our new I-74 bridge should be finished by then...
8:14:20 PMDooley_da_Vulcan marketing scheme
8:14:41 PMDooley_da_Vulcan SUDOKU.....YAY
8:14:56 PMagamotto What a shame that for 30 years, Nintendo's marketing has not had an effect on me.
8:17:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan agamotto: are you saying they are tugging on your soul again?
8:17:32 PMGarbee Thanks for another great show!
8:17:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Goodnight all
8:17:44 PMagamotto Nah... I have managed to resist for this long. I couldn't get into the whole Nintendo... "feel" of things
8:17:46 PMkc0wqh Bye!
8:17:46 PMSashaD2 You are all so awesome... have a great week :)
8:17:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan dang.....
8:17:58 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks SashaD2
8:17:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hooray....I'm for the other team
8:18:16 PMTheFu1 SashaD2: Have a nice week!
8:18:55 PMTheFu1 Bye.
8:19:09 PMGarbee Blame for what?
8:19:11 PMGarbee I'm a good chioce.
8:19:13 PMkc0wqh intro
8:20:35 PMMik3_0 XChat keeps changing my username to my ham call. I think I got it fixed. We will see :)
8:20:39 PMMik3_0 There we go
8:21:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @RobbieF you could let online guests that have the hardware capabilities give the closing via mic. Of course this requires certain hardware...
8:22:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Your face is just fine SashaD2
8:22:16 PMGarbee Have a good week everyone!
8:22:31 PMMik3_0 You too Garbee!
8:22:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan well there it may have an
8:22:53 PMSashaD2 good night for real now :)
8:23:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hey Garbee do you use a Roku?
8:23:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Or anyone use a Roku
8:24:25 PMABQTKY Not for Cat5, but I have a Roku.
8:24:33 PMDooley_da_Vulcan have you been experiencing lots of issues since an update a few weeks ago?
8:24:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan like certain apps not working?
8:24:50 PMTheFu I use a roku, but not for Cat5. That's kodi on a Pi.
8:24:53 PMABQTKY No, nothing!
8:25:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I have had to uninstall and reinstall certain ones. Or just have ones that just wont work at all
8:25:13 PMABQTKY What's happening...or what's NOT happening??
8:25:15 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hmmmm
8:25:35 PMTheFu The roku needed to be rebooted yesterday. Can't remember needing to reboot in about a year previously.
8:25:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I wonder. I mean I had 0 issues then the update and issues by the s core
8:26:08 PMTheFu Hasn't been an issue for APV, just "free" channels with ad support.
8:26:29 PMABQTKY Ethernet of wifi? HDMI or composite?
8:26:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan apps not running, saying stuff like not enough room to install the app, and it is installed and has been with no issues at all
8:26:59 PMGarbee No I don't have a Roku.
8:27:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan wifi, about 40 to 70 Mbit and HDMI
8:27:05 PMTheFu I'm wired and HDMI. Roku3.
8:27:10 PMGarbee I stream from the website.
8:27:19 PMABQTKY Mine is on a UPS, maybe summertime power issues??
8:27:29 PMTheFu Mine is on a UPS too.
8:27:46 PMABQTKY That's two of us.
8:28:09 PMTheFu And the roku connects to an AGPTek ... device.
8:28:14 PMTheFu ;)
8:28:17 PMDooley_da_Vulcan It was immediately following the update, like update on Tuesday morning and tuesday morning I am having issues
8:28:32 PMTheFu What model Roku?
8:28:45 PMTheFu I don't recall any updates.
8:29:04 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I mean I was sitting there watching the Roku3, and there was an update. I do it. it come back on and there are problems
8:29:12 PMDooley_da_Vulcan and it started that immediately
8:29:27 PMDooley_da_Vulcan this was about 2-3 weeks ago
8:29:41 PMTheFu Let me go to the other room and get the release it is running ....
8:30:15 PMABQTKY Is there a complete reset command or switch? Like for a paperclip to reset it?
8:30:49 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I will have to go up 2 flights of stairs, so give me a few moments. Yeah I know but then I will have to reinstall all my apps.
8:31:40 PMTheFu v7.6.0. xxxxx-4
8:31:49 PMABQTKY Yeah, but sounds like that may be what it needs. "Press the following 37 buttons withing 5 seconds to reset your device."
8:32:53 PMTheFu
8:33:01 PMTheFu It is in the menus.
8:33:33 PMTheFu There is also the hole for a paper-clip insert.
8:33:49 PMTheFu According to that link. I've never needed to use either in 4+ yrs owning it.
8:34:14 PMTheFu It did act flaky last week - new batteries in the remote solved that.
8:34:22 PMTheFu s/flaky/flakey/
8:34:57 PMABQTKY My '3' goes through remote batteries very quickly!
8:35:34 PMTheFu Think mine uses 2 every year or so. I don't use it for audio listening and it sits on a desk 99.999% of the time.
8:35:46 PMTheFu 2-batteries
8:35:49 PMTheFu that is.
8:36:00 PMTheFu not 2-sets.
8:36:39 PMTheFu I much prefer the Kodi interface over the Roku one.
8:36:56 PMABQTKY Wow! Mine must have developed a taste for batteries. Maybe because it uses RF? Other Rokus use infrared.
8:37:17 PMTheFu Roku3 uses RF/Wifi
8:37:58 PMTheFu If you look on another wifi-scanner, you can see the roku on the same channel as your normal wifi (probably).
8:38:44 PMTheFu Dooley_da_Vulcan: did you get lost in the east wing?
8:38:55 PMDooley_da_Vulcan back....pant pant pant
8:39:08 PMABQTKY Infrared remote batteries last. the Roku3 batteries don't. (But the Roku 3 responds to infrared commands if you have a remote for another Roku.
8:39:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 2 flights up and 2 flights down
8:39:49 PMTheFu and ...
8:40:47 PMABQTKY I wonder if there's a way to offload your customized apps and settings to an SD card so you can then do a factory reset??
8:40:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan 7.6.0 build 4125-04
8:41:15 PMTheFu Same as mine.
8:41:31 PMTheFu Issue with specific channels or all of them?
8:41:41 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yeah, I notice. is there a way to do a backup of your apps like on kodi?
8:41:52 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lots of them,
8:41:59 PMTheFu Does google know?
8:42:47 PMTheFu ARen't the apps controlled by the website? If you do a reset, seems they'd automatically push the previously registered apps down, but I don't know.
8:42:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan nothing that seems directly aimed at the problem
8:43:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan that is true. since the apps are still on my 2nd roku 3
8:43:37 PMTheFu You can certainly grab the text from the roku website.
8:43:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan you are very right
8:43:53 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the text?
8:44:13 PMTheFu list-o-install-ed-apps?
8:44:14 PMDooley_da_Vulcan he asks with a half awake look
8:44:20 PMDooley_da_Vulcan ah, yeah
8:44:32 PMDooley_da_Vulcan different than half asleep
8:44:35 PMTheFu Dooley_da_Vulcan: do you use linux?
8:44:41 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yes
8:44:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan using it right now
8:45:17 PMABQTKY Perhaps the solution would be to get a Roku ULTRA. If you have to redo everything, you might as well redo EVERYTHING 8-)
8:45:20 PMTheFu Use the mouse to select the text - just select it. Open an editor. Use the middle mouse button to paste it.
8:45:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am impressed that I took a SSD from a hp and stuck it in a ASUS laptop and it just booted and ran
8:45:33 PMTheFu ABQTKY: If you are buying - sure.
8:45:49 PMABQTKY Oh, sure, be that way. Hrrmph!
8:46:13 PMTheFu I struggle to pay for ACA mandated health insurance monthly.
8:46:30 PMTheFu It costs more than the mortgage and car payments.
8:46:49 PMTheFu It was 300% less pre-ACA.
8:46:57 PMDooley_da_Vulcan select what text? the list of apps on my roku? I have a SD card and lots of apps. But no issue till immediately following the update. true it could have been hit by a stray cosmic ray that trashed the update
8:48:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hey ABQTKY I will take one while you are buying. Disabled or at least I have issues that make days following a working suck real bad.....
8:49:55 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I go do some light electrical for a day and cant move for 3 to 4 days
8:50:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan but the SSDA says I can do other work.
8:50:52 PMABQTKY Hey wait!! Would you believe I got a lot of three Rokus on eBay. Three 'parts or not working' condition Roku gizmos. Turned out all three worked fine.
8:51:57 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lucked out
8:53:09 PMABQTKY Of course they're older models. But I suspect they still work fine. Roku did send out emails about 'new features' that were supposed to be coming from channel providers. I have no idea if anybody actually updated their channels to use those 'new features.'
8:56:56 PMDooley_da_Vulcan how old of models are they?
8:57:09 PMTheFu Dooley_da_Vulcan: so I logged into the roku website, visited the channel storage and found 3 ways to get a list of all the channels.
8:57:27 PMTheFu File--
8:57:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I noticed my older ones were much slower than the 3 when I got it
8:57:42 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Cool thanks.
8:57:52 PMTheFu Select all the text, go to an editor (I use vim) and paste. Got ... 4700+ lines
8:58:08 PMTheFu File --
8:58:40 PMTheFu Got 254 pgs.
8:59:02 PMTheFu While I was in there, added a few questionable channels.
8:59:04 PMTheFu ;)
8:59:33 PMTheFu The print-to-PDF is probably the prettiest.
8:59:54 PMDooley_da_Vulcan lol
9:00:58 PMABQTKY My older ones are Model 2100X, aka Roku XD/S. Do some research to see if your apps can run on it. If it'll work, send me an email and I'll sent the gizmo to you. This thing has HDMI, Composite, Component, Ethernet, SP/DIF and a USB port. Oh, and Wifi.
9:02:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I have one of the XD/S and from what I believe some of what I do run I do not think will. I thank you very much kind sir
9:03:07 PMDooley_da_Vulcan the newest youtube, might be difficult
9:03:50 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I run WEATHER4US
9:04:07 PMDooley_da_Vulcan NETFLIX, and Sling
9:04:12 PMABQTKY Ask Roku how to make 'em run on a 2100X, not just do they run. Might be a trick or two to convince stuff to run.
9:04:51 PMABQTKY Or better yet, look for a wiki or a Roku chatroom or some such.
9:05:42 PMbenrob0329
9:05:46 PMbenrob0329 The systems presented above, other than GNU/Linux, are deprecated by the Free Software community, due to a grave ethical flaw.
9:06:10 PMbenrob0329 This, ladies and gentleman, is why you don't let the GNU take over your project.
9:07:37 PMABQTKY Roku is proprietary, we weren't talking about open hardware or software. The CAT5 stuff we all follow is Linux stuff so that IS open source stuff.
9:10:02 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yeah roku is written in...... hell I knew
9:10:44 PMABQTKY Dooley, benrob has a point. You could get a gizmo that uses Android or actually uses Linux...but you'd have to finnagle a bit to get stuff similar to what you had with the Roku. to run
9:11:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan oh, I have an android MiBox also
9:11:14 PMTheFu Roku is based on BSD.
9:11:24 PMTheFu Like OSX/iWhatever.
9:11:25 PMDooley_da_Vulcan it has a some of the same channels
9:11:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan not osx, google/android
9:12:02 PMTheFu Really need a roku-spoofing Kodi addon.
9:12:35 PMDooley_da_Vulcan yeah, that would be great. had Kodi issues last few days?
9:12:57 PMTheFu Nope, but I don't patch it constantly.
9:13:09 PMABQTKY A Roku analog device? Hmmm.
9:13:12 PMTheFu Mainly use PlexBMC to access local content on tehe LAN.
9:13:33 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I use Plex and Kodi
9:13:56 PMTheFu I don't use any plex clients and don't have a plex login.
9:14:08 PMABQTKY Any way to set up a Raspberry Pi to behave like a Roku??
9:14:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan really, you sound against it? something I should know?
9:14:25 PMTheFu Besides kodi?
9:14:54 PMTheFu Plex isn't F/LOSS.
9:15:07 PMTheFu I much prefer F/LOSS over proprietary.
9:15:10 PMDooley_da_Vulcan is there a kodi app to that makes the Pi work like a roku
9:15:32 PMDooley_da_Vulcan F/LOSS? sorry I do nnot know
9:15:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan not either
9:15:56 PMTheFu Not that I know, but I haven't searched. Roku has DRM which makes using it for DRM-content possible/easy. Think Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
9:16:38 PMTheFu R-pi's don't have DRM hardware (to my knowledge), so DRM channels don't want to allow those players.
9:17:02 PMSolbu Dooley_da_Vulcan: It depends on what you mean by «work like a roku»
9:17:16 PMTheFu
9:17:37 PMTheFu I much prefer the Kodi interface over the Roku one.
9:18:18 PMDooley_da_Vulcan for what application
9:18:29 PMTheFu But that's because I generally don't stream content from the internet and don't use lots and lots of DRM'd streaming services.
9:18:30 PMDooley_da_Vulcan or applications
9:18:42 PMTheFu Watching video.
9:19:29 PMABQTKY You can have Netflix on an Android box or a Pi, I think. Dooley, you have some specific channels that may or may not be accessible to a non-Roku device.
9:19:37 PMTheFu I tend to pre-download video from the the internet before watching it.
9:19:44 PMDooley_da_Vulcan well I am watching lost right now from own stuff. just trying to find fastest ripping system setup I have
9:19:51 PMTheFu **can** doesn't mean it "just works".
9:20:19 PMTheFu I'm watching S5 of Angel on my Kodi box - pulling content from the local Plex server.
9:20:28 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I am not sure, I have not tried since I do have both
9:20:42 PMTheFu vobcopy
9:21:07 PMSolbu I like that one can change the Kodi interface using themes.
9:21:15 PMTheFu vobcopy -F 5 -m /cdrom/
9:21:19 PMTheFu $ vobcopy -F 5 -m /cdrom/
9:21:44 PMSolbu I actually have a Kodi test system running an LCARS theme. :-)
9:22:05 PMTheFu Oddly, I find the different themes are mostly complete failures and make the r-pi R-E-A-L-L-Y slow.
9:22:20 PMTheFu Confluence works great here.
9:22:26 PMDooley_da_Vulcan TheFu: what size files does that produce for a 1 hr tv show? I could ask movie but they are all different lengths
9:22:37 PMTheFu OSMC is dog slow, which doesn't make any sense.
9:22:40 PMSolbu Yea, Confluence is really nice.
9:22:55 PMTheFu Dooley_da_Vulcan: huh?
9:22:58 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Yeah, I like confluence myself and they tend to disable it often
9:23:29 PMTheFu I only patch my OSMC pi quarterly and only after making a mirror SD copy.
9:23:36 PMTheFu Been burned too many times.
9:23:39 PMDooley_da_Vulcan TheFu: oh you are just copying.....duh
9:24:23 PMDooley_da_Vulcan I do not do whole systems. I add individual channels and thats it
9:24:28 PMTheFu Post-clone, I use handbrake to h.264/vorbis/mkv it - retaining all languages and subs and srts.


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