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6:58:14 PMSashaD2 Hello :)
6:58:18 PMGarbee That's a big button RobbieF...
6:58:32 PMGarbee YES!
6:58:45 PMGarbee ah cool
6:59:03 PMGarbee That's a nice trick.
6:59:08 PMGarbee To not need to touch the screen as much.
6:59:23 PMGarbee The CA knock-off of America's Thunderbirds.
6:59:28 PMGarbee ;)
6:59:33 PMGarbee Or our Blue Angles.
6:59:36 PMGarbee Angels*
6:59:51 PMGarbee Blue Angel's are our Navy.
6:59:59 PMGarbee Thunderbird's are Army iirc.
7:00:14 PMGarbee Oh no, Air Force is Thunderbirds.
7:01:00 PMGarbee Keyboard Cat!
7:01:11 PMABQTKY That's right Garbee, after 1947 they became a separate service.
7:01:55 PMGarbee ABQTKY: Yup. I just forgot whether the T-birds went with the AF or if they stayed as a part of the Army technically. Clearly, they separated with the branch.
7:02:22 PMGarbee And this is why you show up live for the chatroom. Random history.
7:02:28 PMGarbee especially the fun kind involving planes.
7:03:04 PMnapa_polarbear hello all
7:03:16 PMkc0wqh Hi everyone!
7:03:18 PMTheFu Snowbirds?
7:03:33 PMGarbee BlizzardBirds
7:03:56 PMGarbee Yea, SnowBirds TheFu.
7:04:16 PMGarbee
7:04:24 PMTheFu USAF-brat here.
7:04:25 PMABQTKY Garbee, I just heard of a project to develop Aircraft Carriers made I didn't make that up, honest!
7:04:28 PMSolbu SashaD2: You have a kinda red laptop. :-)
7:04:36 PMLyndon Hello!
7:05:14 PMTheFu Lyndon is always tied to "LUKS dump"
7:05:59 PMDennis_Kelley greeting everyone
7:06:18 PMLyndon Hahahaha
7:06:52 PMSolbu Hehe
7:08:02 PMGarbee The Treasure Chest beneath Robbie's desk.
7:08:37 PMLyndon Robbie feels like a super hero
7:08:57 PMTheFu Robbie - is that the HDMI recorder?
7:09:02 PMLyndon Tech Hero!!!
7:09:19 PMTheFu I don't think it plays anything. I have an AGPTek ... HDMI recorder.
7:09:28 PMTheFu It looks like that.
7:09:45 PMTheFu Doesn't play anything. Just records.
7:10:18 PMGarbee It's so chill going back to 2 people from the 3.
7:11:53 PMGarbee Not Family Friendly .... Sounds like John Wick.
7:12:48 PMTheFu You guys need more FLARE!
7:12:51 PMLyndon What??!!
7:13:03 PMTheFu Office- Space ref.
7:13:04 PMLyndon Lol TheFu
7:13:09 PMGarbee OfficeSpace is not on Netflix in the US. :(
7:13:14 PMagamotto Hallo, all
7:13:15 PMGarbee DVD only.
7:13:19 PMGarbee heyo agamotto!
7:13:25 PMSashaD2 I need 15 flares
7:13:51 PMTheFu I think 7 is the min, right?
7:14:00 PMTheFu Did you get the red stapler?
7:14:01 PMagamotto SashaD2: Flares, for what?
7:14:05 PMLyndon I hate Printers...
7:14:18 PMTheFu Get those TPS reports ready!
7:14:42 PMLyndon I have 8 bosses!
7:14:56 PMTheFu All named "Bob?"
7:15:04 PMSolbu C3P0
7:15:08 PMLyndon yes
7:16:18 PMagamotto If you have 8 bosses, you are underpaid!
7:17:05 PMagamotto Thankfully, Unity is dead.
7:17:06 PMTheFu FVWM-Crystal FTW!
7:17:11 PMDooley_da_Vulcan hello all
7:17:47 PMTheFu Ja, hallo!
7:18:26 PMLyndon SooSeee??
7:18:42 PMTheFu SuSE
7:19:04 PMGarbee SashaD2: When you can ask Robbie where he got that shirt from please. It's a great shirt.
7:19:10 PMagamotto All the options? Even the languages you don't use?
7:19:19 PMTheFu Please cover the dangers of mixing different DEs under a single user login.
7:19:28 PMGarbee OpenSUSE is awesome IMO.
7:19:43 PMGarbee Just wish the Pantheon DE was stable on it.
7:19:44 PMTheFu SashaD2: Mixing DEs can be dangerous to your config files.
7:20:35 PMTheFu Not all related DEs have safe config settings for the others ... gnome2 stuff especially.
7:21:06 PMSolbu RobbieF: Might want to mention that Windows have only one desktop environment, unlike Linux that have a Lot of DE's
7:21:07 PMagamotto So much for the super thunderstorm that was supposed to blow us away this evening... :)
7:21:24 PMTheFu When trying out different DEs, best to use different userids, to prevent incompatible settings.
7:21:59 PMLyndon eh
7:22:10 PMTheFu Solbu: Actually, the end-users can put in a different "shell" on Windows too. It just isn't as popular.
7:22:30 PMagamotto TheFu: Sound advice
7:22:46 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Windows actually has had multiple desktops for a while. they just made it hard to find or get to
7:22:52 PMLyndon not compatable with everything. sorry
7:22:56 PMTheFu The Ubuntu Guest account was perfect for that, before they killed it off (security issues).
7:23:06 PMLyndon Linux has its limits
7:23:16 PMLyndon time and a place
7:23:19 PMTheFu i have my limits too. ;)
7:23:28 PMLyndon Ha
7:23:31 PMLyndon me too
7:24:05 PMLyndon Mint still has a guest mode doesn't it?
7:24:20 PMGarbee Lyndon: Yes.
7:24:22 PMGarbee And Elementary.
7:24:25 PMGarbee Because they are LTS based.
7:24:33 PMLyndon right
7:24:35 PMagamotto Wow... looking at the news, I am VERY happy to not be running Windows right now.
7:24:36 PMLyndon thought so
7:24:40 PMGarbee Which doesn't have the SystemD issue causing the lockdown to not function.
7:24:58 PMTheFu If they picked up the security patched for 16.04, the randomized guest account shouldn't work anymore.
7:25:49 PMTheFu recoll for full text search on Linux - amazing. Like google for your own storage.
7:25:57 PMnapa_polarbear first, how 2 boot in 2 the distros.
7:26:03 PMGarbee SashaD2: A tool called "Launchy" can search you files for you as well as apps.
7:26:06 PMGarbee That runs on Linux.
7:26:48 PMTheFu I've used launchy - vaguely remember it being nice.
7:27:18 PMGarbee SashaD2: Also Catfish. So a few choices if the in-the-box solution isn't robust enough.
7:27:18 PMTheFu But I'm a shell user - locate. There's always something, often great stuff.
7:27:31 PMagamotto Cinnamon is a bit "too" simple. It hides some of the med/advanced stuff that you might need to tinker with shortly after an install.
7:27:38 PMLyndon My wife and kids can use Mint Cinnamon so...
7:27:41 PMTheFu Thought Canada outlawed Google today?!
7:27:48 PMagamotto Garbee: whereis?
7:27:59 PMagamotto TheFu: No, the EU
7:28:15 PMGarbee agamotto: Looking at GUI solutions to recommend to Sasha.
7:28:20 PMTheFu I'll look for the link. Just saw it 30 min ago.
7:28:23 PMGarbee From the ones I've used before.
7:28:50 PMagamotto RobbieF: Why isn't the browser using DuckDuckGo?
7:28:54 PMTheFu
7:29:09 PMTheFu "Canada's top court backs order for Google to remove firm's website from global searches"
7:29:43 PMagamotto Interesting... I have not caught up on the news in the last few days. I just saw a blipvert about the EU fine
7:29:57 PMgarywhite The EU banned Google?
7:29:58 PMTheFu For calendaring, I use a addon for Thunderbird that links to an enterprise calendar in Zimbra.
7:30:08 PMLyndon looks like a calledar...
7:31:15 PMTheFu Lightning is the addon for Thunderbird. Easy to schedule "every 13 weeks" reoccurring events.
7:31:17 PMagamotto LDXE?
7:31:30 PMagamotto Ahh
7:31:41 PMTheFu KDE
7:31:46 PMTheFu Gnome3
7:32:08 PMTheFu Found LXDE to be bloated on a 2G chromebook.
7:32:10 PMTheFu ;)
7:32:31 PMLyndon I've got to go. Have a good night. See y'all
7:32:35 PMTheFu Mom ran LXDE for a few years.
7:32:39 PMGarbee SashaD2: Your background is a *user* preference.
7:32:52 PMGarbee So it is generally saved in a DE agnostic place in sane setups.
7:33:15 PMSolbu SashaD2: One test that is relevant for this is: What happens when one plugin a USB device, like a usbdisk or a usbkey.
7:33:44 PMTheFu Hopefully nothing. The power to mount is the power to destroy.
7:33:47 PMDennis_Kelley SashaD2 robbief the calculator in linux does do days
7:34:37 PMTheFu Dennis_Kelley: Not every DE will use the same "calculator" program behind the scenes.
7:35:04 PMGarbee NaSC is a fantastic calculating tool.
7:35:11 PMGarbee Not installed by default in any distro afaik. But well worth looking into installing.
7:35:13 PMDennis_Kelley but i noticed the mode button when he does have advanced settings
7:35:25 PMTheFu Desktop alarm?
7:35:35 PMTheFu tool?
7:36:10 PMTheFu Must be Windows doing the capture. reboot?
7:36:45 PMDennis_Kelley I am installing linux mint for my sons laptop!
7:36:53 PMDennis_Kelley Robbie is not in chat
7:37:06 PMTheFu Ubuntu-Mate is similar, with better support. IMHO.
7:37:10 PMGarbee worksapce
7:37:47 PMTheFu Is RobbieF using the AGPTek capture device?
7:37:49 PMGarbee That's it.
7:38:15 PMGarbee Nah it froze.
7:38:18 PMTheFu Try to ssh in.
7:38:42 PMGarbee Tap the num lock key.
7:38:58 PMTheFu A frozen desktop isn't always a frozen computer.
7:39:03 PMGarbee If the light doesn't flash that's an indicator of a kernel crash.
7:39:17 PMGarbee SashaD2: ^^
7:39:25 PMSolbu This is why we watch live. :-)
7:39:42 PMGarbee neat little debugging trick.
7:39:50 PMDennis_Kelley there is no cryptic text on the blue screen! your good
7:40:32 PMGarbee Install Pantheon RobbieF.
7:40:34 PMGarbee That's how I debug it!
7:40:35 PMTheFu I use lxrandr to manage multiple displays.
7:40:40 PMGarbee :P
7:40:48 PMGarbee Yea, That sounds about right.
7:41:00 PMGarbee Gnome 3 being a problem with the display drivers.
7:41:02 PMTheFu Simple, bonehead, resolution/hz/display choice tool.
7:41:22 PMGarbee caps lock will work too instead of num lock.
7:41:24 PMGarbee ;)
7:41:42 PMTheFu Don't have capslock on mine - had to make that the "super" key.
7:41:54 PMGarbee They're both Kernel-level things for the input. So that let's you know whether Linux is still running or something higher-up is the crash source.
7:42:19 PMTheFu LIVE is fun!
7:42:27 PMTheFu The demo-gods strike!
7:42:46 PMGarbee Yea, that's a good trick too. Wasn't trying to get that deep with debugging!
7:43:06 PMGarbee Ctrl + Alt + F{1-11} keys tend to confuse people tons.
7:43:43 PMSolbu SashaD2: If the kernel crashes, the numlock light shuts off, and the caps and scroll lights starts blinking.
7:44:02 PMTheFu Locking and kill X
7:44:06 PMGarbee That was me.
7:44:09 PMGarbee Loving the shirt.
7:44:12 PMTheFu s/locking/login/
7:44:17 PMGarbee And wanting to know where to get one.
7:44:20 PMGarbee :D
7:44:44 PMSashaD2 I'll ask when he is less focused on solving this!! :)
7:44:55 PMTheFu Pulse audio issue?
7:45:02 PMagamotto Well, poo.
7:45:05 PMTheFu Going down the HDMI .... trail.
7:45:07 PMGarbee Yea, this is a hard problem.
7:46:02 PMTheFu PErhaps that AGPTek capture device will work? Even if we can't see it live, the post video will have it. ;)
7:46:21 PMGarbee Thank you!
7:47:15 PMTheFu had a huge sale yesterday. Lots of printed Tees. Think it goes until 6/30.
7:47:54 PMSolbu SashaD2: Instead of mirroring the displays, he could switch which is primary and secondary display.
7:47:55 PMGarbee
7:48:09 PMGarbee No cat5 referral code that I know of for that one.
7:52:13 PMGarbee Pantheon has Super + Right/Left arrow bound to workspace switching.
7:52:22 PMGarbee It doesn't do window snapping.
7:52:40 PMTheFu Certainly that is all configurable.
7:52:53 PMGarbee Can't show Pantheon on the show tonight. It doesn't have an easy way to run on Debian.
7:53:05 PMGarbee TheFu: Uh, I think you'd need to first install a tiling window manager.
7:53:16 PMagamotto A scrolling list of mess?
7:53:18 PMGarbee SashaD2: Alphabetical.
7:53:19 PMTheFu twm ruined those for me.
7:53:23 PMGarbee No re-ordering.
7:53:57 PMTheFu F1?
7:55:01 PMGarbee SashaD2: Tell him to click his userame in that menu.
7:55:29 PMTheFu I can see where gnome3 in the hands of someone with a little experience could make it highly productive.
7:56:36 PMTheFu Or more bloated?
7:56:48 PMTheFu Or is it done?
7:57:09 PMGarbee 7:30PM is what the time is.
7:57:17 PMGarbee At least that's what you should tell yourself SashaD2...
7:57:21 PMTheFu 7:57p here.
7:57:46 PMagamotto Fitbits don't have clocks on them? 18:57 Central
7:57:50 PMGarbee You didn't let me finish the joke!
7:57:58 PMGarbee It does the first time.
7:58:06 PMDennis_Kelley two hour show!
7:58:08 PMGarbee K takes some initialization work for all the config on first boot.
7:58:18 PMGarbee It is faster on repeat loads.
7:58:19 PMTheFu Thanks for showing all the desktops. I'm old and crufty, don't usually spend the time looking at new DEs - especially when they don't work well inside a remote VM.
7:58:26 PMSolbu 01.58 am here. :-)
7:58:53 PMTheFu Looks like Windows wanted to look.
8:00:05 PMGarbee Yea, KDE is going for a "Convergence" type thing. Just not by re-inventing a whole new interface.
8:00:24 PMagamotto The pic is just a launcher for the calc?
8:00:30 PMGarbee ^^ Re: Phone-type interface mention.
8:01:06 PMTheFu The calculator seems great - it isn't like we don't have numbers on our keyboards.
8:01:45 PMTheFu I suppose we have the operations on the keyboards too. ;(
8:01:48 PMGarbee SashaD2: You can edit the single-click in the System Settings.
8:01:55 PMGarbee Somewhere dug in there for Dolphin settings.
8:02:01 PMGarbee (Dolphin is the file manager's name)
8:02:03 PMagamotto I prefer the single-click bit myself
8:02:19 PMGarbee Configure Dolphin!
8:02:28 PMGarbee Control
8:03:15 PMGarbee Type to search in the K main menu should also search files like Windows.
8:03:16 PMTheFu Mate DE is the easiest for a Windows-convert, IMHO. As someone gains more exposure, each DE has something to offer. Very enlightening.
8:03:37 PMagamotto The only thing I want a double-tap on is touch interfaces... that and a proper dedicated "menu" button for everything
8:04:32 PMTheFu Really don't want to be forced to use a mouse.
8:05:07 PMSolbu So, can I have Emacs as my desktop environment? ;-)
8:05:15 PMTheFu Certainly, but ..... why?
8:05:42 PMGarbee Solbu: emacs probably isn't sophisticated enough to be a full DE. Try vim!
8:05:43 PMGarbee :D
8:05:47 PMSolbu Hehe. Just nkow Stallman says in some talks that some users never run anything But Emacs.
8:05:52 PMagamotto CR2032?
8:05:57 PMGarbee ^^
8:06:07 PMTheFu CR2025?
8:06:15 PMGarbee Which reminds me I need one of those for my fitness band...
8:06:17 PMDennis_Kelley Cool Two hour Show!
8:06:51 PMGarbee You can eat the DE though!
8:06:53 PMTheFu But emacs has a web browser, calendar, windowing, gopher, WAIS, and more!
8:06:56 PMGarbee And it will taste so good.
8:07:45 PMTheFu Seems like they could ahve just gotten the code from China or Russia easier.
8:08:28 PMTheFu i2p - the dark-net.
8:09:20 PMSolbu iSuper
8:09:40 PMTheFu I wonder how much the NSA is laughing at the list.
8:09:47 PMagamotto I would have thought it would be the fact that you don't have to pay for it, especially by iteration or core.
8:09:51 PMTheFu She got it!
8:10:41 PMTheFu So - is that faster than my iPhone?
8:10:45 PMagamotto Hello, Watson.
8:11:12 PMTheFu Weather prediction.
8:11:30 PMSolbu Play Freecell…
8:11:55 PMTheFu Sudoku?
8:12:03 PMTheFu Soduku?
8:12:52 PMTheFu Lock - HEED Martin. I used to work for them, twice.
8:13:30 PMagamotto Our new I-74 bridge should be finished by then...
8:14:20 PMDooley_da_Vulcan marketing scheme
8:14:41 PMDooley_da_Vulcan SUDOKU.....YAY
8:14:56 PMagamotto What a shame that for 30 years, Nintendo's marketing has not had an effect on me.
8:17:00 PMDooley_da_Vulcan agamotto: are you saying they are tugging on your soul again?
8:17:32 PMGarbee Thanks for another great show!
8:17:38 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Goodnight all
8:17:44 PMagamotto Nah... I have managed to resist for this long. I couldn't get into the whole Nintendo... "feel" of things
8:17:46 PMkc0wqh Bye!
8:17:46 PMSashaD2 You are all so awesome... have a great week :)
8:17:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan dang.....
8:17:58 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks SashaD2
8:17:59 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hooray....I'm for the other team
8:18:16 PMTheFu1 SashaD2: Have a nice week!
8:18:55 PMTheFu1 Bye.
8:19:09 PMGarbee Blame for what?
8:19:11 PMGarbee I'm a good chioce.
8:19:13 PMkc0wqh intro
8:20:35 PMMik3_0 XChat keeps changing my username to my ham call. I think I got it fixed. We will see :)
8:20:39 PMMik3_0 There we go
8:21:40 PMDooley_da_Vulcan @RobbieF you could let online guests that have the hardware capabilities give the closing via mic. Of course this requires certain hardware...
8:22:09 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Your face is just fine SashaD2
8:22:16 PMGarbee Have a good week everyone!
8:22:31 PMMik3_0 You too Garbee!
8:22:47 PMDooley_da_Vulcan well there it may have an
8:22:53 PMSashaD2 good night for real now :)
8:23:01 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Hey Garbee do you use a Roku?
8:23:51 PMDooley_da_Vulcan Or anyone use a Roku
8:24:25 PMABQTKY Not for Cat5, but I have a Roku.
8:24:33 PMDooley_da_Vulcan have you been experiencing lots of issues since an update a few weeks ago?
8:24:45 PMDooley_da_Vulcan like certain apps not working?
8:24:50 PMTheFu I use a roku, but not for Cat5. That's kodi on a Pi.
8:24:53 PMABQTKY No, nothing!


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