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6:58:57 PMorangeman i use a version 4.3 on wife linix box it work ok an was only Skype i sould get to work on linix
6:58:59 PMsparklyballs evening all
6:59:34 PMsparklyballs i use textual on my macbook M1k3_0
6:59:43 PMbenrob0329 orangeman: nowadays you need to use the skype electron app (which still doesnt support video calling)
6:59:54 PMsparklyballs what they have done with RobbieF ?
7:00:16 PMorangeman ok
7:00:34 PMLyndon hello
7:00:42 PMbenrob0329 thankfully i managed to ditch skype a while ago
7:00:45 PMorangeman i want simple becase wife sight problems
7:01:07 PMM1k3_0 same here sparklyballs. using macbook for chat and desktop for the video
7:01:29 PMsparklyballs kodi for the show here
7:01:32 PMbenrob0329 orangeman: text or calls?
7:01:35 PMLyndon we use video chat thru FaceBook
7:01:41 PMbenrob0329 eww
7:01:44 PMM1k3_0 I can't get kodi to work right yet
7:01:56 PMorangeman we only use video call my brother in madrid
7:02:17 PMorangeman once or twice year
7:02:37 PMbenrob0329 you could use XMPP, or Google Hangouts, or something web based like
7:02:42 PMLyndon its just so handy since we have messenger already on all our phones
7:02:50 PMTheFu Lyndon: We block all facebook access on the network.
7:02:57 PMbenrob0329 Lyndon: not all of us would like to though
7:03:03 PMbenrob0329 its a huge space hog
7:03:14 PMLyndon ah
7:03:14 PMbenrob0329 and not exactly private
7:03:19 PMLyndon ;)
7:03:25 PMLyndon no
7:03:26 PMorangeman i wont have facebook on any my computors
7:03:47 PMorangeman as i have band for my house hold
7:03:51 PMbenrob0329 id much rather everyone use XMPP, or Wire, or something
7:04:08 PMbenrob0329 not Telegram, thats not even encrypted
7:04:15 PMLyndon are we not live yet?
7:04:28 PMTheFu We are. Don't know about you.
7:04:49 PMM1k3_0 not here
7:04:55 PMbenrob0329 web is not live
7:05:07 PMorangeman is show start yet
7:05:16 PMTheFu r-pi is live. Has been since :01
7:05:37 PMTheFu Sasha is doing news leader.
7:05:40 PMtechstudier there's no live stream so far
7:05:46 PMABQTKY DreamHost says "Site not found"
7:05:58 PMLyndon huh
7:06:00 PMTheFu Working here. Don't know what to say. Using Kodi.
7:06:02 PMSolbu techstudier: THe live stream works on my Kodi system.
7:06:11 PMbenrob0329 huh, kodi's new theme is fancy
7:06:12 PMorangeman it not live for me still
7:06:36 PMTheFu We should scream that they didn't turn something on!!!!
7:06:37 PMLyndon push the button Robbie
7:06:42 PMSashaD2 is everything working okay?
7:06:45 PMTheFu Robbie is off tonight.
7:06:56 PMsparklyballs i'm watching on kodi
7:06:56 PMTheFu Seems only kodi people are working.
7:06:57 PMfking Nothing here either.
7:06:57 PMLyndon WWW...What?
7:07:06 PMorangeman cant get show
7:07:33 PMsparklyballs feed just froze lol
7:07:38 PMM1k3_0 kodi errors for me
7:07:38 PMSolbu Kodi stream died..
7:07:43 PMTheFu If they don't use kodi, they aren't seeing anything. But kodi jsut froze. .. and dropped.
7:08:02 PMsparklyballs spooky considering the last thing they were talking about was the stream not working
7:08:03 PMgarywhite Feed is off the air
7:08:09 PMTheFu Ok ... back up.
7:08:20 PMLyndon Start over
7:08:35 PMTheFu Didn't we do that already?
7:09:02 PMtechstudier still no live stream
7:09:46 PMSolbu Works in Kodi again.
7:10:16 PMorangeman i got to bed as just long trip and what show on Friday when watch on web page
7:10:49 PMorangeman good night all
7:10:52 PMsparklyballs how many jumping kangaroos at sea ?
7:11:24 PMLyndon night OM
7:11:30 PMTheFu Just huge containers that US Navy ships can't move out of the way from?
7:12:00 PMgarywhite Is the show live rn?
7:12:16 PMTheFu rn?
7:12:39 PMgarywhite right now
7:12:43 PMTheFu working here.
7:12:49 PMTheFu via kodi.
7:13:10 PMtechstudier not working here via browser
7:13:20 PMfking Working on kodi here.
7:13:47 PMGuest_6823 Browsers say off the air.
7:13:53 PMLyndon anyone on roku?
7:13:59 PMTheFu sudo apt install kodi.
7:14:01 PMTheFu ?
7:14:24 PMGuest_9405 Browser says off air on smart tv too
7:14:48 PMsparklyballs add the ppa first or you'll get a well old version TheFu
7:14:57 PMbenrob0329
7:14:59 PMRonnicat It is off air on the Roku too
7:15:00 PMbenrob0329 oh joy
7:15:08 PMLyndon K
7:15:18 PMLyndon just wondering
7:15:41 PMGuest_6823 What did Robbie screw up this time?
7:15:52 PMRonnicat That is what I was wondering too
7:15:55 PMTheFu Bats eat misquitoes.
7:16:10 PMTheFu Probably not lots of bats in Canada.
7:16:11 PMGuest_9405 I wish they'd just stream it over youtube and make it easy
7:16:16 PMLyndon well, I'll check back later. i got a book to read
7:16:22 PMbenrob0329 Youtube streaming sucks
7:16:30 PMbenrob0329 Twitch might be good though
7:16:51 PMsparklyballs anytime we humans mess with nature's checks and balances it always turns out bad
7:16:58 PMGuest_6823 And this doesn't? ASt least YouTube Streaming works most of the time unlike this crap
7:16:58 PMtechstudier why are the cast of the show not interacting in this chat room this week is there no live show this week
7:17:07 PMRonnicat Twitch would be better to stream
7:17:27 PMGuest_5942 is the show on?
7:17:31 PMGuest_9405 Youtube streaming doesn't sucj as much as this streaming sucks. It's always going down
7:18:05 PMbenrob0329 Guest_9405: well they stream from a hotspot
7:18:09 PMRonnicat the show is a wall so for
7:18:10 PMTheFu Kodi is like bittorrent or ftp or http ... there are legal uses.
7:18:45 PMRonnicat yes but sometimes it is human error the reason it goes down
7:19:04 PMsparklyballs it's more like the other way around TheFu kodi is legal but has illegal uses
7:19:17 PMGuest_5942 why is there no show?
7:19:34 PMGuest_6823 One should not have to install Kodi just to watch the stream. There are a LOT of better solutions that don't require special programs.
7:19:45 PMRonnicat lmbo sparklyballs
7:19:48 PMGuest_9405 Anyone from the show said what's going on?
7:19:54 PMTheFu No ... kodi may be used in illegal ways, if the end-user sets it up that way. Sort like I can use a car to drive away from a bank robbery, but that is hardly Ford's fault.
7:20:08 PMTheFu They think everything is fine.
7:20:12 PMtechstudier well I hope the cast of the show are all well but it seems theres's no show this week
7:20:26 PMABQTKY Chat shows no Robbie, no Jeff, no Henry. Sasha appears to be logged in the chatroom.
7:20:34 PMRonnicat no one has said anything
7:20:46 PMTheFu They restarted the stream.
7:20:52 PMsparklyballs that's what i said TheFu the difference with kodi is that it is legal and is designed to play your media 3rd party addons are the source of the illegality
7:21:12 PMRonnicat I know last week there were some issues while watching the show.
7:21:14 PMTheFu Agreed.
7:22:41 PMRonnicat I am going to go play games. I will check back later.
7:23:12 PMsparklyballs i'm watching
7:23:16 PMsparklyballs go kodi lol
7:23:19 PMSolbu SashaD2: THe kodi feed is working.
7:23:19 PMTheFu The stream is only working for Kodi viewers.
7:23:34 PMRonnicat ah what about plex viewers
7:23:50 PMTheFu Web streaming isn't working.
7:23:55 PMTheFu Roku isn't working.
7:24:13 PMsparklyballs i don't care TheFu kodi's working lol
7:25:01 PMRonnicat I will check the plex
7:25:14 PMgarywhite Browser is not working
7:25:28 PMTheFu garywhite: They are aware.
7:25:42 PMSolbu The crew is aware, they did some checking. Sasha apparently sendt an sms to someone about it.
7:26:06 PMSolbu This is the link Kodi streams from:
7:26:10 PMTheFu Flash Gone! Amen!
7:26:18 PMGuest_6823 Well enough of this clown show.
7:26:30 PMTheFu Zynga - is toast.
7:26:34 PMSashaD2 I don't know exactly how I can figure this out
7:26:34 PMsparklyballs we need brian blessed booming out that flash is alive
7:26:44 PMM1k3_0 Thanks Solbu trying to fix my Kodi now
7:26:58 PMgarywhite TEMPORARY FAULT
7:27:24 PMsparklyballs so photoshop is just a flash in the pan for adobe jeff ?
7:27:29 PMTheFu Next ... we need adobe to kill off all the non-secure PDF stuff.
7:27:47 PMTheFu They made Adobe-AIR.
7:28:58 PMRonnicat Flash will be gone for good in 2020 according to Adobe. So Zynga best go to HTML5 or be left for dust.
7:29:01 PMTheFu SashaD2: What have you been smoking? Electricity from pyramids? Is that a thing?
7:29:22 PMSashaD2 It really is... it's crazy. Watch the documentary
7:29:53 PMsparklyballs i take things like that with a massive pinch of salt SashaD2
7:30:05 PMGuest_2466 This live show is hopeless! No wonder they don't get many viewers. They try to be too clever. Just use OBS and stream direct to youtube. Simples!
7:30:26 PMTheFu SashaD2: - electricity ... not true
7:30:48 PMsparklyballs this is probably only the 3rd time there has been issues with the live stream in 18 months Guest_2466
7:30:51 PMGuest_6823 Ronnicat, no that is just when they will stop supporting it. That doesn't mean it will stopped being used. Just like Windows XP, Flash will remain to haunt us for years after end of support.
7:30:52 PMSashaD2 oh :(
7:30:57 PMsparklyballs slight overreaction there matey
7:31:25 PMRonnicat said we thought all our problems would be over
7:31:31 PMRonnicat :(
7:31:55 PMGuest_2466 There are issues with the live stream nearly every week. It's terrible on certain platforms.
7:31:58 PMRonnicat so upset I typed said instead of sad
7:32:09 PMTheFu Go girls!
7:32:33 PMLyndon just put some solar panels on a pyramid and you could get all the electricity you want
7:32:46 PMTheFu Lyndon: Depends on where you live.
7:33:01 PMRonnicat lol
7:33:10 PMLyndon well you got three sides so ..
7:33:19 PMTheFu "Go" - is a game.
7:33:22 PMLyndon ;)
7:33:29 PMtechstudier a few thousand gallons of lemon juice and some electrodes
7:33:36 PMTheFu and a potato?
7:33:37 PMLyndon yup
7:33:50 PMLyndon i think myth busters did that
7:33:55 PMRonnicat it is had to leave this chat every time I get on here
7:33:56 PMsparklyballs girl scouts on bicycles with dynamos can generate electricity
7:34:26 PMTheFu Nuclear waste from old fission plants can be used for power ...
7:34:48 PMLyndon wow, that sounds aweful
7:34:54 PMTheFu The car thing is bunk.
7:35:09 PMTheFu Rural places will always need their own vehicles.
7:35:21 PMRonnicat okay now all I can think about was the girl scout cookies I use to buy ages ago
7:35:21 PMTheFu Inside a city, I can see that happening.
7:35:26 PMsparklyballs i wouldn't say always TheFu
7:35:43 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Would depend on your location.
7:35:50 PMTheFu I've lived in the boonies.
7:36:16 PMsparklyballs some kind of point to point travel akin to folding time and space would eliminate the need for any vehicle
7:36:32 PMsparklyballs it's theoritically possible
7:36:39 PMTheFu sparklyballs: They'd need to "balance the equation" if you know what I mean.
7:36:49 PMsparklyballs and i can't spell theoritically
7:37:07 PMTheFu Anyone need a spatula - 3D print it.
7:37:20 PMLyndon that would take so much energy
7:37:23 PMGuest_6823 Is anything besides Kodi working at the moment?
7:37:32 PMRonnicat not yet
7:37:32 PMnapa_polarbear wears the show?
7:37:47 PMLyndon nope, just having fun chatting
7:37:57 PMTheFu They are talking about how the world will change in 20 yrs.
7:37:59 PMsparklyballs SashaD2 3d print grandma's lasagne
7:38:42 PMnapa_polarbear the show on ??
7:38:47 PMLyndon That makes me think of the Thomas Sanders skit where he goes to BestBuy and 3D prints a Pizza
7:39:00 PMTheFu Companies have been putting in RFID chips for data center access for about 10 yrs - sorta like how pets get a chip.
7:39:11 PMGuest_6823 Robbie better upload ALL of the show, including whatever they are doing now tomorrow (or whenever he get's around to it) and not leave ANYTHING out. Those of us who have tried to watch the stream shouldn't be penalized for his problems.
7:39:14 PMLyndon "we're in the Future"
7:39:25 PMsparklyballs was watching a show about endangered animals recently and one of the vets on the show had chipped herself cos she got fed up with having no way of testing the equipment
7:39:45 PMTheFu US passports have a chip.
7:39:57 PMsparklyballs so do EU passports
7:40:06 PMTheFu They can be used to specifically target Americans with IEDs.
7:40:20 PMTheFu Youtube videos
7:40:26 PMSolbu sparklyballs: THat is because the US now requires chipped passports in order to enter.
7:40:48 PMgarywhite Well, I give up on trying to watch, the show's already 40 minutes in
7:40:56 PMsparklyballs yeah cos everyone in the EU only ever travels to the US
7:40:56 PMTheFu Solbu: They force other countries to chip their passports?
7:41:22 PMsparklyballs we have been chips here for longer than us legislation lol
7:41:30 PMsparklyballs been using*
7:42:17 PMTheFu RFID has been around for decades.
7:42:20 PMsparklyballs my passport was last renewed in 2007 and it has a chip
7:42:34 PMTheFu Mine expires TODAY.
7:42:48 PMsparklyballs and is about to run out later this year
7:43:15 PMTheFu Jeff just said what?
7:43:23 PMTheFu Jeff just said what?
7:43:24 PMTheFu Jeff just said what?
7:44:31 PMRonnicat I got kicked but I am back
7:44:41 PMTheFu
7:44:48 PMTheFu is the news they are discussing.
7:44:58 PMRonnicat oh wow
7:45:04 PMTheFu But from the
7:45:13 PMSolbu TheFu: No, they ddn't force it. They just deny travelers who don't have a chipped passport, entry into the US. :-)
7:45:42 PMTheFu How rude.
7:46:03 PMTheFu As a US citizen, I'm unhappy about having a chip in my passport.
7:46:15 PMRonnicat Especially when you were born in the US
7:46:15 PMsparklyballs trump allegedly is going to ban anyone who didn't vote for his tiny little hands from reentering the US if they go on holiday
7:46:40 PMRonnicat I am not happy with that either TheFu
7:46:56 PMnapa_polarbear a tax for leaven the county
7:47:43 PMsparklyballs kodi is awesome
7:48:08 PMTheFu I keep my chipped cards/passport in an EM-blocking thingy.
7:48:14 PMsparklyballs used it on the original xbox then had some time away and came back to it for dharma
7:48:58 PMTheFu Doesn't the UK have freedom of speech rights?
7:49:15 PMTheFu G'night.
7:49:18 PMnapa_polarbear no
7:49:36 PMLyndon gotta go. cya all
7:49:39 PMSashaD2 Sorry about the lack of feed... without Robbie here it was very difficult to diagnose. I'm certain it will be better next week.
7:49:51 PMRonnicat Later Lyndon
7:49:51 PMSolbu So SashaD2: When is your big day?
7:49:54 PMLyndon cool
7:50:08 PMSashaD2 It's September 9th :)
7:50:16 PMLyndon Bye Ronnicat
7:50:24 PMgarywhite Is the show over already?
7:50:25 PMTheFu SashaD2: But you're doing it in a foreign country, right?
7:50:33 PMSashaD2 I'm getting really excited now.
7:51:06 PMTheFu SashaD2: No nerves?
7:51:18 PMsparklyballs you are free to say what you like here as long as you abide by the laws of the land and don't incite violence promote or spread information about illegal activities
7:51:38 PMSashaD2 It will be in Newfoundland... which is still Canada, just very far from Ontario :)
7:51:44 PMRonnicat Canada sounds pretty good about now.
7:51:52 PMTheFu So - no freedom of speech. Good to know. What about on Speaker's Corner?
7:51:54 PMtechstudier thanks for the update SashaD2 hope everyone is well
7:52:01 PMSolbu SashaD2: Just remember that marriage it's a work in progress, and you'll be fine.
7:52:03 PMSolbu :-)
7:52:08 PMsparklyballs we have freedom of speech
7:52:23 PMSashaD2 I don't feel nervous, I am more excited than anything!!!
7:52:23 PMsparklyballs there are things you cannot say in merika too yanoo lol
7:52:29 PMTheFu sparklyballs: spread information about illegal activities ....
7:53:01 PMsparklyballs you can for instance stand up and tell people how to rob a bank etc
7:53:03 PMnapa_polarbear lived in bc & alta
7:53:06 PMTheFu That would force me into a completely different career.
7:53:09 PMsparklyballs can't even lol
7:53:11 PMtechstudier hopefully there's a live stream with all the cast next week SashaD2
7:53:19 PMsparklyballs damn unfortunate typo there lol
7:53:45 PMSolbu TheFu: Heh. Banning the spread of information about illegal activities might shut down the news industry. :-)
7:53:49 PMRonnicat Good Luck Sasha and just remember communicate even when you really just want to knock him off his socks.
7:53:58 PMTheFu And security researchers.
7:54:07 PMRonnicat Marriage takes a lot of patience
7:54:28 PMSashaD2 It was a bit of a shorter show due to some tech issues :(
7:54:28 PMsparklyballs no you can talk about illegal activities but you can spread knowledge of how to do something illegal big difference
7:54:48 PMsparklyballs can't even
7:54:52 PMM1k3_0 Been married for 20 years. It does get better over time :)
7:55:00 PMsparklyballs grrr can't type at all today and my fingers are type you can from muscle memory lol
7:55:08 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Uh .... there's a conference happening this week in Las Vegas all about how to break into computer systems around the world.
7:55:15 PMM1k3_0 LOL... I hate those days
7:55:31 PMnapa_polarbear left my bag in canada
7:55:44 PMsparklyballs i didn't say you have the same restrictions now did i ?
7:55:45 PMTheFu London has a group that does this too. I've attended their meetings. Didn't realize it was illegal htere.
7:55:49 PMsparklyballs but you have restrictions
7:55:52 PMtechstudier the show featuring the ai music software was good hopefully there are more like that in the future SashaD2
7:56:06 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Definitely.
7:56:32 PMTheFu I cannot publish how to make a nuclear bomb or yell fire in a crowded theatre.
7:56:37 PMRonnicat It not about how the info spread it is how the next person use it to do harm
7:56:46 PMTheFu I can yell fire in an open space.
7:57:10 PMRonnicat you are not alone sparklyballs on bad typing tonight lol
7:57:27 PMSashaD2 I really love that Dave and I understand that communication is a big part of our relationship... I am really lucky to have him
7:57:40 PMTheFu I can train people how to build their own cell tower and use it for whatever they like. I just cannot turn mine on where it would interfere with others.
7:58:04 PMSashaD2 I'm also really lucky to be a part of this show. It may not be perfect every week, but I would hate to miss the opportunity to be in the chat room
7:58:30 PMTheFu SashaD2: Some good stories this week.
7:58:39 PMRonnicat SashaD2 that is the main thing and the next one is compromise.
7:58:48 PMRonnicat Yes
7:59:45 PMsparklyballs you need more uk stories especially from some of our rural areas so i can giggle at you murdering the place names SashaD2
8:00:08 PMSashaD2 And also giving 100% all the time... Dave is my life partner, so I want him to enjoy being a part of my life, as much as I enjoy being a part of his :)
8:00:20 PMTheFu Like "Bath" isn't pronounced "Bath?"
8:00:23 PMsparklyballs you weren't too bad with liverpool but you kinda added an extra syllable
8:00:41 PMtechstudier its created some good chat in the room the show not being live this week SashaD2 :)
8:00:44 PMSashaD2 I hate that I ruin the names... I literally thing of you the whole time I'm muddling through
8:01:17 PMSashaD2 Thank you for your positive feedback techstudier :)
8:01:20 PMRonnicat That is the key SashaD2 :)
8:02:05 PMsparklyballs if they ever had a story from Ashby-de-la-Zouch that would be funny
8:02:23 PMRonnicat lmbo already
8:03:47 PMRonnicat that looks like it would have some difficulties pronouncing
8:04:39 PMSashaD2 I really appreciate all of you. Have a super great couple weeks (I won't be here next week officially, but I will pop into the chat room!
8:05:13 PMsparklyballs most of the american difficulties with our place names comes from emphasis on the wrong syllable or pauses between them
8:05:16 PMTheFu SashaD2: be prepared. Use kodi!
8:05:28 PMsparklyballs win-chest-er being the most common
8:05:43 PMRonnicat I am sure I would murder it.
8:05:47 PMTheFu Thought that was winc-hest-er
8:06:05 PMRonnicat ok SashaD2 what is the kodi url again
8:06:11 PMtechstudier thanks SashaD2 great show as always
8:06:27 PMTheFu Ronnicat: I might be able to help.
8:06:32 PMTheFu What about kodi?
8:06:48 PMsparklyballs it's more like winchastia said in one go with no breaks
8:06:51 PMSashaD2 it's on the website... click subscribe and it'll show up there :)
8:07:09 PMRonnicat just need a reminder of the url to find Category 5 through dodi
8:07:09 PMRonnicat kodi
8:07:12 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Well, there's this famous rifle company over here ... Winchester.
8:07:57 PMsparklyballs it's said the same as that which is why we find it confusing that merikans routinely murder it
8:08:00 PMTheFu And since every American has 20 guns, we probably got to thinking that was the name pronunciation.
8:08:30 PMTheFu If they have a Boston accent, I suppose?
8:09:28 PMsparklyballs my ex wife was american and i used to read the bbc news site for stories from home and it was so funny if she was reading one our loud to me if i was doing something else
8:09:44 PMRonnicat TheFu What is the URL to the category5 on the kodi
8:10:07 PMRonnicat yes I know that was a run on sentence
8:10:35 PMTheFu It is an addon that you install. The addon is on Robbie's github (probably search for "category5 github" to find it.
8:10:49 PMsparklyballs there's a link on the cat5 site
8:10:50 PMRonnicat ok
8:11:21 PMTheFu Ronnicat: Didn't Robbie put it into the page footer?
8:12:11 PMRonnicat I have the github now
8:13:13 PMTheFu Ronnicat: Are you good? Know what to do?
8:13:27 PMRonnicat Wizardboi is working on that while I chat now.
8:13:55 PMTheFu Been reading more on that tick story (red meat)
8:13:57 PMRonnicat We will figure it out
8:14:17 PMTheFu Interesting. CDC thinks only 200 people have been impacted in the SE USA (where I live).
8:14:22 PMRonnicat the tick story is scary
8:14:37 PMTheFu Some people end up in ICU over it.
8:15:47 PMTheFu I was out yesterday clearing some more land ... didn't use any deet. I will going forward!
8:15:49 PMRonnicat TheFu that means I have to be careful on my trip back home(S. USA).
8:16:27 PMTheFu Only in warmer months and if you are likely to come into contact with ticks.
8:16:43 PMTheFu Basically, stay out of the brush and tall grass.
8:17:36 PMRonnicat Saying that to me I only see say inside under AC until you go shop somewhere
8:18:05 PMTheFu you lost me.
8:18:24 PMRonnicat I am going to stay inside until it is time to go shopping
8:18:58 PMTheFu So ... not really an issue for you. No huntin', campin', fishin'?
8:19:28 PMTheFu or off trail hikin'?
8:19:54 PMRonnicat exactly just a family gathering at a cabin but I am sure it is harmless too
8:23:43 PMRonnicat I am going to go now but I will be careful in the Southern USA
8:24:05 PMRonnicat Goodnight
8:24:34 PMTheFu Not really any more danger here than anywhere else on the planet. g'night


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