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6:58:32 PMsparklyballs i have audio but no video
6:58:41 PMsparklyballs oh here we go
6:58:59 PMTheFu Video is stopping ... oops - gone.
6:59:40 PMTheFu Live at 7pm?
6:59:54 PMRobbieF yep
6:59:56 PMRobbieF hi all
7:00:06 PMTheFu Wed Aug 9 19:00:00 EDT 2017
7:00:33 PMTheFu BTW, I didn't edit that last post.
7:00:41 PMsparklyballs i saw SashaD2 with the pulled back hair and hair band and it reminded of a movie but i can't remember the name of it or what happened in it, how bad is my memory lol
7:01:06 PMM1k3_0 Hello everyone!
7:01:08 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Should we guess?
7:01:09 PMGarbee[m] I still have no stream on the web.
7:01:14 PMTheFu Logan's Run?
7:01:24 PMsparklyballs that could take forever TheFu
7:01:28 PMGarbee[m] Fifth Element
7:01:31 PMGarbee[m] Star wars
7:01:32 PMGuest_9568 is show on air ?
7:01:35 PMGarbee[m] Star Trek
7:01:38 PMtechstudier kodi plugin not working no stream on web
7:01:41 PMsparklyballs logan's run, damn you're showing your age
7:01:55 PMsparklyballs i have pre show screen on kodi techstudier
7:01:55 PMGarbee[m] My Dog Marly
7:02:00 PMTheFu techstudier: I'm with you - no kodi stream - though it was working 5 min ago.
7:02:09 PMTheFu Back!
7:02:11 PMTheFu !!!
7:02:13 PMGuest_9568 is show on air yet
7:02:15 PMGarbee[m] Goosbumps
7:02:16 PMSolbu Yay, sound and video on Kodi.
7:02:22 PMGarbee[m] BeetleJuice
7:02:33 PMGarbee[m] getting any closer sparklyballs?
7:02:34 PMTheFu RobbieF: Seems to be working now ... here.
7:02:40 PMsparklyballs we're not panicking RobbieF
7:02:56 PMGuest_9568 not get the show
7:03:00 PMGarbee[m] Don't panic. Robbie is just getting tense again from vacation.
7:03:04 PMHenryBB Hello hello hello!
7:03:12 PMTheFu HenryBB: working here.
7:03:17 PMTheFu Spaceballs?
7:03:21 PMLyndon hi yall
7:03:21 PMGarbee[m] He relaxed too much over the cottage weekend.
7:03:35 PMGarbee[m] Yup site stream is up.
7:03:42 PMHenryBB Yaaay!
7:03:45 PMsparklyballs i think it might be a natalie portman movie
7:03:46 PMTheFu The LUKS dump crew is back!
7:04:04 PMGarbee[m] YES I DO CARE!
7:04:17 PMgarywhite working here
7:04:19 PMTheFu Sure, blame Sasha.
7:04:38 PMTheFu Perl - oh lovely perl!
7:04:40 PMbenrob0329 I forgot the stream was tonight XD
7:04:43 PMLyndon Speak of..
7:04:44 PMGarbee[m] Double check the timezone on the server RobbieF.
7:04:50 PMsparklyballs Sasha broked the interwebs
7:04:53 PMGarbee[m] Just in case it is set to something where DST is off.
7:05:46 PMtechstudier using latest version of kodi and plugin is not working no web steam also
7:05:51 PMsparklyballs howdee SashaD-G6
7:06:10 PMsparklyballs i see the stream on kodi here in the uk techstudier
7:06:19 PMSashaD-G6 we go!!!!
7:06:38 PMSolbu SashaD-G6: That is a nice blue color on your shirt.
7:07:03 PMsparklyballs that was scotland via ireland
7:07:14 PMLyndon I'm still looking at a sleeping robot...
7:07:40 PMsparklyballs is that primetime entertainment for you Lyndon ? lol
7:07:50 PMLyndon oh yeah
7:08:01 PMSashaD-G6 Thank you :)
7:08:02 PMLyndon doesnt get any better than this
7:08:16 PMtechstudier me also dreamhost sleeping robot and no kodi stream is there a new plugin for the show
7:08:34 PMLyndon kinda like watching the eagle nest
7:08:42 PMLyndon or baby giraffe
7:09:03 PMLyndon ;)
7:11:21 PMtechstudier i noticed on a previous show of cat5 tv the plugin did not work during the test peace for the show is it broke
7:12:07 PMGarbee[m] Chromecast is built into Android. Not MiraCast.
7:12:30 PMtechstudier dream host still down
7:12:46 PMtechstudier sleeping robot
7:12:47 PMsparklyballs sounds more like a nightmare then techstudier
7:12:47 PMGarbee[m] OH MiraCast is it too. They just re-brand it a little.
7:13:05 PMGarbee[m] So ChromeCast is ChromeCast + MiraCast specifications.
7:14:10 PMtechstudier any one got plugin working on new kodi and how all my other plugin are working fine
7:14:48 PMsparklyballs i'm on kodi krypton with the plugin and watching the show techstudier
7:15:10 PMGarbee[m] Phone app.
7:16:35 PMtechstudier is that the pulse build 17.3
7:17:06 PMsparklyballs pulse is audio what do you mean pulse build ?
7:17:08 PMtechstudier krypton
7:17:12 PMSolbu techstudier: I'm watching on Kodi 17.3.
7:17:20 PMSolbu … on GNU/Linux.
7:17:25 PMGarbee[m] Wedding?
7:17:34 PMGarbee[m] I GUESSED RIGHT!
7:17:36 PMsparklyballs i'm using LibreElec
7:18:15 PMsparklyballs exactly one month today is exactly one week after my birthday SashaD-G6
7:18:58 PMGarbee[m] Do you have to ask if I've used Chromecast?
7:19:05 PMBobK54 chromecast
7:19:21 PMSashaD-G6 Happy almost birthday!!! Garbee , great guess!
7:19:23 PMTheFu UPnP - chromecast, DLNA here.
7:19:52 PMTheFu Chromecast is extremely specific on what video it can handle.
7:23:27 PMTheFu Anyone have a Plex Server?
7:23:28 PMsparklyballs for the new year countdown on my tv i just use a tv station lol
7:23:39 PMtechstudier i have the stream back thanks for your help guys i see the star ship enterprise
7:25:41 PMTheFu How's the battery life doing that?
7:26:35 PMGarbee[m] It drains.
7:26:47 PMGarbee[m] Remember, you're running your screen as it is to the remote device.
7:26:52 PMGarbee[m] So the screen needs to always be on.
7:26:59 PMGarbee[m] Which is the biggest drain on battery.
7:27:27 PMGarbee[m] Keep it plugged in when casting for long periods.
7:27:46 PMtechstudier portable chargers are very cheap now
7:28:11 PMTheFu SashaD-G6: Plus everything is video, so the screen will be on. That will use most of the battery ... but if you are gaming ... probably not much more. Thanks!
7:28:18 PMGarbee[m] techstudier: Only for devices that don't have fast charging.
7:28:28 PMGarbee[m] Fast charge devices can cost a little bit more.
7:29:39 PMsparklyballs we had a stick with a nail in it and that was our only toy RobbieF lol
7:30:48 PMRobbieF bahahaha sparkly!
7:30:55 PMTheFu
7:31:06 PMRobbieF thanks thefu
7:31:06 PMHenryBB I had a rock :P
7:31:32 PMsparklyballs you lucky b**tard HenryBB
7:31:50 PMHenryBB xD
7:32:10 PMtechstudier i noticed when doing a virus scan the other day there was a virus call dloadsponser win32 inside malware bytes 7 and music bee
7:32:45 PMtechstudier did a boot scan using avast
7:33:05 PMTheFu Never mix your public persona and your blackhat personas. NEVER. SecOPS is hard.
7:33:51 PMTheFu HenryBB: I had/have a pet rock - srsly. It was a gift.
7:33:53 PMTheFu ;)
7:35:23 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: gaming and casting may slow it down some.
7:35:27 PMHenryBB That just sounds amazing...
7:35:31 PMGarbee[m] Your FPS on device will suffer.
7:35:49 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: That is completely unproven currently.
7:36:03 PMGarbee[m] The US Government hasn't shown any evidence of him being a part of it.
7:36:17 PMTheFu RobbieF: That's a great story. Did you get any photos for future embarrassment?
7:36:19 PMGarbee[m] They're currently just claiming he is and interrogating him about it.
7:36:58 PMsparklyballs you don't let a murderer off because the week after he helped an old lady cross the road
7:37:40 PMTheFu SashaD-G6: If you don't want banking data leaked, don't ever, ever, ever, use a smartphone.
7:37:46 PMTheFu to access it.
7:38:47 PMtechstudier ssd drives are getting alot better than when they first arrived they tended to fail fast
7:39:01 PMTheFu Advice from a buddy who works in security at Fiserv.
7:39:40 PMLyndon nanoparticles. what a cool word
7:39:57 PMLyndon no
7:40:11 PMTheFu Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon going down the freeway.
7:40:14 PMsparklyballs i had a vic20
7:40:25 PMBobK54 I HAVE some Vic20 tapes downstairs right now!!
7:40:29 PMSolbu Linus Torvalds did, I believe.
7:40:33 PMTheFu I used cassettes on a TRS-80 color.
7:40:53 PMTheFu Had a QIC-80 and QIC-250 and 4mm tape drives.
7:41:01 PMBobK54 I also have the tape player for the Vic20. I dont throw out anything. :(
7:41:56 PMGarbee[m] Wayland is default for 17.10 and they will assess whether to keep it for 18.04 or revert to Xorg by default for that.
7:41:59 PMbenrob0329 Wayland doesnt support recording :-(
7:42:14 PMbenrob0329 (Via OBS)
7:42:14 PMtechstudier also with a early cartridge slot fitted to the vic 20
7:42:17 PMTheFu BobK54: I have some 4mm around here somewhere.
7:42:20 PMGarbee[m] Right now, they are going for collecting the most data to prepare for the LTS.
7:43:01 PMtechstudier memory expansion to a amazing 64k
7:43:40 PMTheFu Kodi doesn't bypass DRM to my knowledge.
7:45:23 PMTheFu In the USA, tell police "I don't answer questions." If taken into custody, ask for a lawyer, food, drink and bathroom break. Do not talk about ANYTHING else.
7:46:09 PMLyndon a computer can be used for eveil too!!
7:46:15 PMtechstudier many of the addon sites are shutting down
7:46:39 PMErikas Nice Chairs
7:46:53 PMTheFu And forced some MAPLE Syrup on the pancakes.
7:46:57 PMSolbu Electricity can be used to run pirated equipment!!oneone
7:47:23 PMLyndon thats right
7:47:29 PMsparklyballs eyeballs watch pirated content Solbu remove eyeballs from people
7:48:20 PMTheFu Anyone seen the 2016 movie "Hacker"?
7:48:29 PMTheFu Set in Toronto for part of it.
7:48:42 PMsparklyballs awful movie TheFu
7:49:33 PMBobK54 mediocre movie with a good cast; check out "The Circle". We're living it.
7:49:43 PMTheFu sparklyballs: have to ignore the plot and just watch the tech stuff.
7:50:28 PMtechstudier just finished a hyperspin front end arcade setup using mame works well off a memory stick
7:50:37 PMTheFu BobK54: about evil in Sweden?
7:50:49 PMsparklyballs they spent all the money on the cast with that one BobK54 and didn't pay for a decent writing team
7:50:57 PMBobK54 haha, agreed
7:51:57 PMErikas gratz sasha
7:51:57 PMBobK54 The Circle (2017) was a dramatization of Google/Apple and how they have to get into every molecule of our existance.
7:52:28 PMtechstudier the amount of emulators available now is amazing i just hope they stay free
7:53:14 PMtechstudier many are being sold now
7:53:15 PMTheFu BobK54: ah ...
7:54:16 PMTheFu Raspberry Pi v3 for Dave!
7:54:20 PMLyndon Robbie is like. yes? yes?
7:54:47 PMLyndon PC part picker!
7:54:52 PMsparklyballs some surnames have weird histories fitzroy used to be a surname given to illegitimate children of kings in the uk
7:54:55 PMBobK54 You ROCK Sasha!
7:54:59 PMLyndon lol
7:55:15 PMLyndon do it on the show!!
7:55:20 PMTheFu Put OS/2 Warp on it!
7:55:31 PMtechstudier a raspberry pi inside a corsair computer case
7:55:34 PMLyndon I do
7:55:37 PMsparklyballs drDOS
7:55:38 PMTheFu Budget?
7:55:47 PMGarbee[m] SashaD-G6: Any size requirements?
7:55:53 PMGarbee[m] As in physical space size.
7:55:54 PMTheFu $500 goes a LONG way.
7:56:04 PMLyndon $800 then?
7:56:07 PMTheFu Any parts that can be reused?
7:56:07 PMSolbu How about going crazy, and find a PDP 11.
7:56:17 PMgarywhite what did I miss?
7:56:26 PMBobK54 damn...I did paper tape on a PDP 11
7:56:47 PMLyndon Sasha is going to make a PC for Dave for his Bday
7:57:00 PMTheFu Physical size limits? mini-PC? Breadbox? Mid-tower? Full-tower?
7:57:04 PMgarywhite & what budget is it?
7:57:23 PMLyndon she didnt say really
7:57:32 PMtechstudier i9 and ryzen 7 dual motherboard setup
7:57:43 PMtechstudier :)
7:57:43 PMLyndon something as a daily driver and with a little WOW factor
7:57:54 PMLyndon ??
7:57:59 PMTheFu Ryzen has some issues with Linux, but the Ryzen 1600 looks very important.
7:58:29 PMTheFu Noise an issue? Want a silent PC? Water cooled?
7:58:31 PMLyndon AMD FX series is still Viable
7:58:51 PMLyndon Please NOOO!!
7:59:52 PMTheFu I generally keep everything except swap the MB+CPU+RAM and keep everything else.
8:00:06 PMsparklyballs hw accellaration on kodi is solid
8:00:10 PMTheFu $400 is my typical 7 yr upgrade period.
8:00:20 PMTheFu Which OS?
8:01:35 PMtechstudier vector linux
8:01:53 PMTheFu Puppy Linux?
8:02:20 PMtechstudier damn small linux
8:02:23 PMTheFu 32-thread monster? Get a Xeon workstation.
8:02:54 PMtechstudier 1k challenge
8:03:10 PMErikas 4tb I only have 2tb :{
8:03:30 PMTheFu Facebook was dumping some Xeon CPUs about a year ago - $80/ea.
8:03:38 PMsparklyballs my server has 60TB currently
8:03:39 PMLyndon
8:03:49 PMTheFu sparklyballs: Mine only has about 26T
8:04:11 PMTheFu 50% is a delayed mirror.
8:04:18 PMtechstudier 20k amd super computer
8:04:24 PMtechstudier :)
8:04:29 PMLyndon Linux mint??
8:04:39 PMLyndon Zorin?
8:05:09 PMgarywhite How do you have 26TB or 60TB of storage on your servers??? I have...320GB on my laptop, that's it
8:05:15 PMBobK54 wobbly windows! the CUBE!! oh joy!!
8:05:17 PMtechstudier build your own debian operating system
8:05:34 PMLyndon Yess!
8:05:51 PMTheFu - Ryzen CPUs under heavy load is segfaulting.
8:06:07 PMLyndon 1050ti
8:06:11 PMGarbee[m] SashaD-G6: Take Robbie's work computer.
8:06:15 PMGarbee[m] It'll be plenty.
8:06:18 PMTheFu Backup solution?
8:06:28 PMSolbu RobbieF: About the joke computer: There is a «Satanic edition» distro out there. :-)
8:06:43 PMLyndon 2tb x 2 raid
8:06:52 PMLyndon raid1
8:07:13 PMTheFu RAID solves 3 issues. Most home users aren't helped by RAID.
8:07:22 PMErikas you can ship it to my house I live in barrie
8:07:27 PMLyndon Mother Board - ASUS 970 PRO GAMING/AURA
8:07:27 PMLyndon Case - Corsair Obsidian Series Black 450D
8:07:27 PMLyndon Processor - AMD FX 4350 Unlocked Quad Core 4.2/4.3GHZ ---------------(Base/Overdrive)
8:07:27 PMLyndon Ram - Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 CL10 DIMM
8:07:27 PMLyndon PSU - Corsair CX550M
8:07:30 PMTheFu Solid, versioned, daily, automatic backups are 1000x more important.
8:07:54 PMLyndon easy to setup too
8:08:23 PMtechstudier looking forward to the build
8:08:31 PMLyndon me too
8:08:42 PMLyndon =)
8:08:53 PMsparklyballs corsair psu are solid have one in my server and it's never let me down
8:08:58 PMLyndon Core i5 is fine
8:08:58 PMTheFu
8:09:23 PMGarbee[m] i7 for 4k+.
8:09:30 PMLyndon well ok
8:09:32 PMErikas nice chairs
8:09:42 PMLyndon im thinking budget
8:10:06 PMGarbee[m] There are some decent i7's for not too much more than an i5.
8:10:39 PMGarbee[m] The HT they add to i7's is super duper useful though to use as much of the CPU as possible.
8:10:43 PMRobbieF sounds like she's willing to pay, so i7+ is good
8:10:59 PMHenryBB Out of personal opinion, it's probably going to be around 1000-1200 :P
8:11:04 PMGarbee[m] Plus, building the good system now means it will last that much longer for them.
8:11:14 PMHenryBB i7 with good case and graphics
8:11:29 PMLyndon I try to reserve $$ for GPU but your right Garbee[m]
8:11:32 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: Do look at the HW Leaderboard here:
8:11:57 PMLyndon I didnt even realize y'all were sitting
8:11:58 PMtechstudier good show guys as always
8:11:59 PMGarbee[m] Lyndon: General rule of thumb, GPU and CPU should cost about the same generally. And they're going up there in GPU because of the 4k push.
8:12:15 PMLyndon ahh, right
8:12:18 PMGarbee[m] SashaD-G6:
8:12:25 PMGarbee[m] Check that out when you can too to get some ideas.
8:13:04 PMRobbieF thanks techstudier
8:13:06 PMRobbieF oh
8:13:09 PMRobbieF goodbye then :p
8:13:15 PMSashaD-G6 Good night....and thank you all! :)
8:13:27 PMLyndon ok cya you guys
8:13:31 PMLyndon ;)
8:14:32 PMsparklyballs cya folks
8:14:33 PMTheFu I generally pick a $200-ish CPU, then work backwards from that for all my upgrades. Still using cases from the 1990s. Don't see any reason to blow $10 on something newer there.
8:16:10 PMTheFu Benchmarks suck, but they are better than nothing for comparing CPUs.
8:16:12 PMTheFu
8:21:37 PMgarywhite TheFu: FYI, $200 in the US is about $255 in Canada
8:21:59 PMTheFu You mean CA$255?
8:22:50 PMTheFu I'm not into blowing my money on overpriced systems, just because (anymore).
8:23:35 PMTheFu But I can understand why some people might. Nothing wrong with it.
8:23:43 PMgarywhite My only tower is a P4 that boots very slowly into WinXP
8:23:49 PMGWG Did I miss anything?
8:24:50 PMTheFu GWG: No. Back from Manila?


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