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7:01:35 PMRobbieF Hi all!!
7:01:49 PMM1k3_0 Hi Robbie!
7:01:49 PMRobbieF Apologies for delay... almost there.
7:02:11 PMTheFu Life, don't talk to me about life.
7:02:41 PMM1k3_0 LOL... my favorite android
7:02:45 PMGuest_9721 show?
7:02:50 PMsparklyballs howdee
7:03:01 PMRobbieF almost guest_9721
7:03:44 PMTheFu hint: Marvin the paranoid android.
7:04:26 PMbenrob0329 hello everyone
7:04:29 PMM1k3_0 I won't enjoy it
7:04:35 PMDennis_Kelley Hello Gang!
7:04:44 PMTheFu M1k3_0: nice.
7:04:45 PMsparklyballs i was wondering if there was an issue with my new dns setup so i checked out some other cat5 content in the kod plugin and discovered that RobbieF doesn't know the difference between badgers and foxes lol
7:05:32 PMSolbu We have connection
7:06:13 PMalpeck lets get ready to rumble
7:06:16 PMTheFu RobbieF: Looking loanly.
7:06:21 PMTheFu and lonely.
7:06:26 PMsparklyballs flying solo this evering ?
7:06:40 PMDennis_Kelley evening even!
7:07:18 PMDennis_Kelley he has to read off paper! So last season!
7:07:41 PMDennis_Kelley Hi RobbieF
7:08:04 PMsparklyballs paper is so last millennium Dennis_Kelley
7:08:11 PMDennis_Kelley true sparklyballs
7:08:57 PMbenrob0329 hey look a beard
7:09:00 PMTheFu They shutdown the entire Atlanta area here for 2 days - over a little rain and 30 mph winds.
7:09:12 PMTheFu Burrrrrrr.
7:10:46 PMTheFu My former place in Houston was flooded out. Everyone I know was fine and so were their homes. Buddy in Tampa got back home today - no power. Lots of debris, but no real damage.
7:12:24 PMSolbu I can't come. The transporter is malfunctioning. :-)
7:12:33 PMbenrob0329 You mean my face to the internet?
7:12:51 PMTheFu My face is made for radio.
7:13:21 PMTheFu Couch Surfing .com
7:13:23 PMsparklyballs my face is made for braiile
7:13:48 PMbenrob0329 my TARDIS is on the fritz
7:14:06 PMTheFu I can't leave the country for a few months.
7:14:50 PMdooley_da_vulcan Hello all
7:15:30 PMTheFu SSD --
7:17:05 PMTheFu Last 2 chromebooks used m.2 SSDs.
7:17:08 PMbenrob0329 I thought m.2 was NVMe
7:17:21 PMTheFu Don't think so.
7:17:24 PMRonnicat Hello RobbieF Wizardboi and I are fine in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
7:17:55 PMTheFu Ronnicat: Did St. Thomas and St. John get through ok?
7:18:02 PMDennis_Kelley i love unboxing time!
7:18:32 PMTheFu benrob0329: there are different m.2 forms.
7:18:54 PMbenrob0329 audio is a little hot
7:18:54 PMsparklyballs benrob0329 notice NVMe written on the card ?
7:19:01 PMTheFu Yep.
7:20:09 PMRonnicat This is great. I have to upgrade also lots of work to pick out what you want and need
7:22:38 PMbenrob0329 RobbieF: Audio is a little hot
7:23:32 PMRonnicat sounds great to me
7:25:17 PMTheFu Dead air? Is that bad?
7:25:29 PMRonnicat no
7:25:56 PMSashaD-G6 I just got home.... Just wanted to pop in quick and say hello- and that I miss you all
7:25:59 PMdooley_da_vulcan Is this SashaD ? Hello
7:26:10 PMsparklyballs hello SashaR
7:26:17 PMRonnicat congrats sasha miss you
7:26:35 PMalpeck hi Sasha
7:26:37 PMSolbu s/Make it happen/Make it so/
7:26:38 PMSashaD-G6 Thank you for all your love and well wishes! I got hitched without a hitch!
7:27:13 PMdooley_da_vulcan Congrats SashaD ===
7:27:21 PMRonnicat lol
7:27:58 PMSashaD-G6 Ill have Robbie change my name (before next week)
7:29:09 PMDennis_Kelley Congrat SashaD-G6
7:29:21 PMSashaD-G6 Thank you :)
7:31:01 PMSashaD-G6 I better grab some dinner...its been a long day of travel! I cant wait to see you all next week!!!
7:35:01 PMdooley_da_vulcan what benchmark software is recommended for linux to test systems?
7:35:28 PMnapa_polarbear1 hello all
7:35:33 PMRonnicat hello
7:36:10 PMRonnicat @dooley_da_vulcan that is a good question
7:37:15 PMSolbu The bottleneck is the human operator. ;-)
7:38:05 PMTheFu Solbu: My wallet is the bottleneck here.
7:38:28 PMSolbu Hehe, same here. :-)
7:38:51 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: I use bonnie++
7:39:01 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF did you record it earlier?
7:39:14 PMRobbieF I feel so alone - hahahaa!
7:39:55 PMdooley_da_vulcan TheFu, Work pretty well? test most of the system?
7:39:57 PMTheFu Hook 'Em!
7:40:06 PMTheFu Texas Ex here.
7:40:27 PMRobbieF Haha DK - ONLY the news segment so I could use the camera for the computer :p
7:41:03 PMTheFu Pre-recorded? I'm not seeing you typing. ;)
7:41:13 PMsparklyballs is it live or is it memorex ? blast from the 80's lol
7:41:47 PMTheFu The Douglas Adams refs just keep coming today. ;)
7:41:52 PMRobbieF I only recorded the news so I could pull this off live - shutting down the server live, doing closeups, etc.
7:41:53 PMDennis_Kelley Your so smart RobbieF
7:42:02 PMTheFu "section 42"
7:42:11 PMTheFu Milleeeeeeeon.
7:42:21 PMTheFu pink to cheek.
7:42:27 PMTheFu s/pink/pinky/
7:43:27 PMdooley_da_vulcan Us older chatters may see the Memorex chat and think nothing about it until its mentioned that its old as
7:43:42 PMTheFu That site gives different answers.
7:43:45 PMdooley_da_vulcan Myself included
7:43:56 PMRobbieF hahaha yeah I guess so eh? :p
7:43:57 PMTheFu Enter the same data and get different answers.
7:44:00 PMRobbieF who added that camera?!
7:44:29 PMdooley_da_vulcan Yeah, lets hire Equifax to protect our privacy....wait
7:44:36 PMTheFu
7:45:34 PMTheFu Equifax is offering free credit freezes now. Still have to pay the other 2 companies, depending on your location. Don't know what Canadians/Mexicans need to know.
7:46:30 PMTheFu My 50 facebook accounts must be a common thing?
7:46:44 PMRobbieF hahahahah!
7:47:07 PMTheFu Or they are illegal immigrants.
7:47:21 PMsparklyballs they're coming from mexico and that's why drumpf needs the wall
7:47:56 PMTheFu Or other places by going thru Mexico.
7:49:38 PMTheFu Don't run php on internet facing systems.
7:49:45 PMRobbieF bahahahahaha as if
7:50:11 PMTheFu Works here. We require a vpn be used to access any php web-apps.
7:50:27 PMTheFu OWASP warns against php webapps.
7:50:43 PMdooley_da_vulcan system freaked out
7:50:56 PMTheFu
7:51:32 PMdooley_da_vulcan anyone else here using Solus 3 ???
7:51:42 PMDennis_Kelley great Job RobbieF
7:52:28 PMdooley_da_vulcan I've a 7 second reboot time from grub to login
7:52:33 PMRonnicat Awesome Job RobbieF
7:53:34 PMTheFu RobbieF has a wide range of knowledge. I always learn something new here every week - after 25+ yrs doing Linux and Unix admin.
7:54:04 PMRonnicat @dooley_da_vulcan I think my grub is about the same
7:54:16 PMTheFu Comcast says I can have 1Gbps service as of this month!!!!! Only $499/month.
7:54:28 PMdooley_da_vulcan Ronnicat, what distro do you use?
7:54:32 PMTheFu With an $800 setup fee.
7:54:41 PMRonnicat Mate
7:54:52 PMRonnicat Ubuntu Mate
7:55:10 PMdooley_da_vulcan I can get 1 gig here in Indianapolis, In for about $100 a month
7:55:31 PMRonnicat I have been using Linus since Mandrake days
7:56:04 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: They don't offer Gig service for residential customers here yet.
7:56:06 PMdooley_da_vulcan I am currently getting a 300mb connection for $90 a month, so no need to switch and have possible switching problems.
7:56:07 PMsparklyballs poor linus he needs a rest from the abuse
7:56:22 PMdooley_da_vulcan TheFu, that really sucks
7:57:03 PMdooley_da_vulcan Over using Linus might burn him
7:57:22 PMTheFu Well, I have a business and multiple static IPs, so .... no data caps or lots of other little things that residential people have to deal with.
7:57:24 PMRonnicat @sparklyballs lol you are so funny
7:57:54 PMdooley_da_vulcan WooHoo......OWWWWW
7:58:04 PMTheFu LAN parties?
7:58:10 PMTheFu s/LAN/WAN/
7:58:59 PMdooley_da_vulcan sounds like they are still screwing you folks up north....
7:59:02 PMTheFu And monthly costs?
8:00:00 PMdooley_da_vulcan offering the public here if you qualify for say elderly service.... 10 mb for 9.99 a install. thats crazy
8:00:41 PMdooley_da_vulcan Won't have to use Dreamhost?
8:02:27 PMdooley_da_vulcan No live persons to play off of
8:02:37 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: Business internet is different from residential best effort.
8:02:47 PMRonnicat great show tonight but that is every week
8:02:53 PMdooley_da_vulcan you could cut your dreamhost fees couldnt you?
8:02:58 PMTheFu I called my ISP 3 times today - got directly into a person, without any accent.
8:03:09 PMdooley_da_vulcan yes
8:03:12 PMsparklyballs shouldn't be hampered with contention rates on a business account
8:04:20 PMTheFu sparklyballs: My provider does different physical infra for business vs residential.
8:05:04 PMdooley_da_vulcan Thanks, sounds like you get more than I thought
8:05:32 PMdooley_da_vulcan Great show, entertaining and informative as usual.
8:06:04 PMTheFu If I didn't run 20 VMs, I'd move to residential and use 1 VPS as a front-end for my needs.
8:06:44 PMTheFu 20 VMs tips the pricing from VPS towards self-hosting, for me.
8:06:55 PMalpeck great show Robbie...brings back memories of days past.
8:07:01 PMdooley_da_vulcan my kid just bought a gigabit linksys router for $30 at Wally World a 1.3 gb router for $34 because it's being discontinued
8:08:20 PMsparklyballs i use pfsense here and a pi3 for dnscrypt and phole
8:08:27 PMdooley_da_vulcan did robbie cut his own feed?
8:08:34 PMRonnicat oh wow
8:08:50 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks RobbieF
8:08:56 PMdooley_da_vulcan thanks RobbieF
8:08:58 PMRobbieF :)
8:09:03 PMRobbieF oh was it buffered?
8:09:06 PMRobbieF did I cut myself off?
8:09:12 PMRobbieF sorry :p
8:09:18 PMTheFu thanks RobbieF ...
8:09:21 PMbp9 Yup, we lost your video feed :-/
8:09:26 PMRobbieF lach sorry
8:09:27 PMTheFu I hate long goodbyes.
8:09:37 PMRobbieF I was talking, then finished, then signed off, then turned it off...
8:09:41 PMRobbieF guess the feed was buffered :(
8:09:44 PMRobbieF hope you didn't miss too much
8:10:03 PMRobbieF did you hear about the PTZ?
8:10:03 PMTheFu I'm guessing 15 - 45 sec
8:10:05 PMSolbu RobbieF: What was the issue with a contract vs no contract?
8:10:06 PMsparklyballs it's about 10-15 seconds behind live on kodi
8:10:08 PMRonnicat you did wonderful still
8:10:15 PMRobbieF Thanks so much Ronnicat
8:10:18 PMbp9 The nice thing about the live feed is the outtakes, and the in-between bits LOL
8:10:28 PMRobbieF :p
8:10:31 PMSolbu bp9: Yes. :-)
8:10:37 PMRobbieF yeah I enjoy the "us" time as well bp9
8:10:40 PMdooley_da_vulcan I am thinking of plugging my plex drie into the router, that way anydistro I use has access and I can stream directly from it anywhere locally at high speeds and even tap into it using my own vpn
8:10:49 PMRonnicat We watch you each week from St.Croix but we missed you last week thanks to Irma
8:11:07 PMRobbieF Glad you are safe Ronnicat.
8:11:15 PMRonnicat thanks
8:11:19 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: Don't connect storage into an internet connected router.
8:11:25 PMTheFu Terrible for security.
8:11:39 PMdooley_da_vulcan its the difference between the polished file and the live feed that makes it feel like a group of friends just hanging out together
8:12:02 PMRobbieF agreed
8:12:20 PMRonnicat so true
8:12:37 PMdooley_da_vulcan I was gonna hook it up as a second router tapped into the main one with password access only
8:13:32 PMTheFu Passwords aren't sufficient protection over the internet. If you use a VPN, fine. If you don't, just use ssh/scp/sftp. IMHO.
8:13:35 PMRonnicat It has been great good night to all
8:13:35 PMdooley_da_vulcan do you think I can have a secure enough access point with say 25 alpha numeric pw
8:13:38 PMbp9 I wish I could get home in time for the start of the live show... I feel like i miss a lot as a result.
8:13:48 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: no.
8:14:05 PMRonnicat 32 better
8:14:07 PMTheFu Use a VPN with certs or ssh-based with ssh-keys.
8:14:13 PMdooley_da_vulcan I always listen to opinions of others with more knowledge and experience than I have
8:14:18 PMbp9 dooley: definitely NOT. I use SSH with at least 4096-bit key.
8:14:32 PMTheFu bp9: Exactly.
8:14:52 PMTheFu Be certain your ssh is using one of the newer ciphers too.
8:14:56 PMdooley_da_vulcan what about my own vpn with open vpn that is available through the router?
8:15:01 PMbp9 But as Robbie was saying earlier in his podcast, DSL sucks because the out speed is s-l-o-w vs the inbound speed.
8:15:03 PMTheFu There are some dangers with RSA
8:15:32 PMbp9 So I'm limited with what I can do when I ssh in. Typically stay on the command line.
8:15:34 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: openvpn is fine if you use IPSec, not pptp.
8:15:52 PMbp9 @RobbieF: linux all the way, baby! :-)
8:15:54 PMTheFu ssh usually includes scp, sftp, and sshfs.
8:16:11 PMdooley_da_vulcan well right now I have 350mb down and 25mb up
8:16:22 PMbp9 I use scp on my internal network but not usually over DSL.
8:16:30 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: I have 15M/3M.
8:16:54 PMTheFu bp9: Every Linux file browser supports sftp:// ... and will honor ssh keys.
8:17:10 PMdooley_da_vulcan TheFu, you meaning 15 meg bit or byte
8:17:17 PMTheFu Mb.
8:17:28 PMTheFu $112/month.
8:17:47 PMTheFu No data cap. 5 static IPs.
8:17:49 PMbp9 Thanks TheFu. I still typcally want to restrict what I do when I'm connecting in just because of the poor outbound rate.
8:18:09 PMbp9 (over DSL)
8:18:30 PMbp9 I'm sure that would work reallly well on the internal network.
8:18:45 PMTheFu Solbu: Not quite enough to stream hidef video, but fine for music.
8:19:03 PMdooley_da_vulcan yeah, brighthouse here has no caps, 300/25 Mb for $100 that is why I am not switching to the fiber with At&t for about the same price, its more than I need either way
8:19:07 PMSolbu TheFu: I stream 1080p just fine.
8:19:20 PMTheFu At what compression / quality?
8:19:38 PMSolbu TheFu: Uhm, ask Youtube. :D
8:20:04 PMTheFu With your house as the source?
8:20:13 PMSolbu No.
8:20:51 PMSolbu All streaming is inbound.
8:20:51 PMTheFu Ah ... down isn't a big deal. It is the UP that is an issue for most non-business ISP connections. They are asymmetric.
8:21:03 PMTheFu Not all streaming is inbound.
8:21:12 PMSolbu In my household it is. ;-)
8:21:16 PMTheFu Look at RobbieF
8:21:26 PMTheFu Solbu: No video chats?
8:21:31 PMSolbu Nope.
8:21:35 PMTheFu Teleconferences?
8:21:46 PMSolbu Once a month, using Mumble.
8:21:46 PMdooley_da_vulcan I stream from my plex in home to my 4g phone with no issues at 2 and 4 mb
8:21:47 PMTheFu Skype - sorry - dumb question.
8:22:26 PMbp9 Dooley, you are probably using WiFi in that case, not the cell network
8:22:33 PMSolbu I can't use Skype, as there isn't a Free client for it yet. (Free as defined by the FSF)
8:22:33 PMTheFu I usually turn the plex video bitrate down to watch stuff when away from home.
8:22:40 PMbenrob0329 YouTube butchers the quality :-(
8:22:41 PMdooley_da_vulcan nope, I turn off the wifi
8:22:52 PMbenrob0329 Both color and bitrate
8:23:11 PMdooley_da_vulcan I use it when out and about also
8:23:16 PMbp9 Dooley, really? So you're streaming out to the interwebs?
8:23:41 PMTheFu bp9: I do too.
8:23:55 PMdooley_da_vulcan yesss?
8:24:07 PMTheFu Just connect to my plex system using a socks proxy for streaming. No need for a plex userid.
8:24:40 PMSolbu I had an icecast stream running from my house at one point. 24/7 for about 8 years or so.
8:24:44 PMTheFu Did everyone running plex see the change to their privacy policy?
8:25:16 PMbp9 OK... I'm surprised because to me that would mean allowing incoming connections (maybe not with socks proxy) and also using up all that limited outbound bandwidth
8:25:31 PMbp9 Both are things I just won't do. :-)
8:25:37 PMdooley_da_vulcan did you see the modification to the policy right after
8:25:55 PMTheFu bp9: it is all ssh, using ssh-keys.
8:26:23 PMbp9 TheFu and Dooly: Does the policy hold if you have a plex account? (I don't)
8:26:27 PMSolbu I streamed our county police band, to the internet, having up to 5 external servers, with a combined capacity of about 5000 listeners.
8:26:36 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: I saw they backed off some of the most offensive things, but ... not everything.
8:27:13 PMTheFu Solbu: audio is 1000x easier than video, but 5K listeners **is** impressive.
8:28:23 PMTheFu I've accessed streamed video using mbone/multicast at one work campus. It was pretty impressive. They controlled the TTL so video wouldn't leave our facility.
8:28:28 PMSolbu Before I took over the source stream, there was a max capacity of 20 listeners.. heh
8:28:55 PMTheFu The 5 external servers were in a DC somewhere?
8:29:10 PMSolbu I have no idea. :-)
8:30:01 PMSolbu One of the servers were mine, which had a cap of 30. We had a bandwith usage of 300Gb per month, the stream used 90% of that. :-)
8:30:05 PMTheFu At 48kbps ... a 1 Gbps server should be able to handle .... X clients, where X is ... .
8:30:54 PMTheFu 18K concurrent users.
8:30:59 PMTheFu -ish.
8:31:04 PMSolbu After a while someone wanted to provide two stream servers, so i gave them access to the main stream, wich required username and password.
8:31:43 PMTheFu What bitrate? Mono?
8:31:57 PMSolbu 32 kbps, mono.
8:32:18 PMSolbu The source was a police scanner.. :-)
8:32:29 PMTheFu So even more concurrent streams. Running out of ports on a server would be the issue. ;)
8:33:36 PMdooley_da_vulcan well, sorry my food is here, Good night all. Have a great week!
8:34:13 PMTheFu A brother-in-law runs a 1W FM music station. He likes to listen when jogging in the neighborhood.
8:34:19 PMTheFu dooley_da_vulcan: g'night.
8:34:20 PMRobbieF take care dooley
8:34:33 PMbp9 Good night Dooley
8:34:43 PMSolbu Just before we got the two high capacity streams, we had a capacity of about 250 listeners. Our citys main highway was closed in both directions for 8 hours. It was the only time I got complaints of people not being able to connect. :-)
8:34:46 PMdooley_da_vulcan Thanks RobbieF good night all
8:35:47 PMTheFu So the servers were 10Mbps connected?
8:36:00 PMTheFu Was this pre-2000?
8:36:03 PMSolbu No, 100Mbit
8:36:20 PMSolbu I streamed from 2006 to about 2014
8:36:27 PMTheFu Is my network calc off?
8:36:49 PMSolbu …when the police band was replaced with an encrypted system.
8:37:00 PMTheFu I'm getting 8Mbps needed for 250 @ 32Kbps.
8:37:22 PMSolbu Sounds about right.
8:37:46 PMSolbu I had a 450 kbps uplink. :-)
8:38:02 PMSolbu Hence the need for external stream servers.
8:38:22 PMTheFu I think in the USA, since 2001, all police/fire/emergency services have the ability to use the same encryption across the country. I think the feds mandated it for interoperability ... with the federal grants to buy the new equipment.
8:38:27 PMTheFu But I could be wrong.
8:40:25 PMSolbu It was a good learning experience running an icecast streaming service for 9 years.
8:40:52 PMSolbu Just checked, the stream was closed march 13, 2015.
8:42:56 PMSolbu I remember someone actually made an Android app so people could connect to our Ogg Vorbis encoded stream. :-)
8:51:40 PMbp9 Solbu: Encrypted radio: are you thinking of trunked radio?
8:52:13 PMbp9 Regular scanners cannot receive trunked signals, but a special trunk-capable scanner will.
8:52:25 PMSolbu bp9: No, the communication is actualy encrypted using encryption keys.
8:53:10 PMSolbu Our country is using the TETRA system, which is a kind of mobile phone system.
8:53:53 PMSolbu And since breaking the encryption in order to listen is a crime, there will be no more streaming of the police band in our country. :-)
8:59:14 PMSolbu Here is the wikipedia article on the subject:
9:00:48 PMbp9 Solbu: Interesting. Here in the USA most law enforcement, etc. is still on regular VHF radio, and some have moved to trunking systems, but as far as I know none have gone the encrypted route.
9:01:36 PMbp9 Trunking and encryption are basically data systems which utilize the bandwidth much more effectively. Thanks for the link. :-)


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