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6:59:54 PMTheFu Hey!
7:00:05 PMTheFu Kodi addon is failing for me.
7:00:07 PMM1k3_0 Hi there!
7:00:53 PMM1k3_0 I gave up on Kodi. Could not get it working on any platform
7:01:01 PMM1k3_0 at least for cat5
7:01:18 PMTheFu It has been working the last 4 months for me.
7:01:44 PMM1k3_0 I read instructions well.... still I could not :(
7:02:10 PMTheFu Looks like almost every addon I have installed has an update today.
7:02:18 PMTheFu But not the CAT5 one.
7:03:17 PMTheFu None of those updates are going in either .... looks like I've got to bite the upgrade bullet and have some pain
7:03:38 PMSashaD-G6 We are almost there.... Ive given Robbie a keying challenge with my outfit of choice today :)
7:04:39 PMM1k3_0 Yeah your dress is kinda see through
7:04:41 PMTheFu Ah .., looks like a DNS issue on my LAN. I swapped in a new router yesterday and hven't rebooted a few systems.
7:04:55 PMM1k3_0 that makes sense
7:05:03 PMTheFu See through?
7:05:37 PMM1k3_0 I know
7:05:41 PMM1k3_0 lol
7:06:22 PMSashaD-G6 I'm borrowing a shirt to move things along!!
7:06:24 PMM1k3_0 I was typing and talking to my daughter at the same time. I can't chew gum and walk
7:06:45 PMLyndon nope
7:06:56 PMLyndon kinda
7:07:14 PMLyndon works good enough
7:09:02 PMLyndon Robbie works so hard
7:09:25 PMSolbu He pointed at me!
7:09:26 PMLyndon so do you =)
7:11:01 PMLyndon website looks awesome
7:11:17 PMnapa_polarbear good
7:11:28 PMLyndon yeeees
7:11:30 PMM1k3_0 website has new pic
7:11:30 PMDBLK Did Dave catch on last week?
7:11:44 PMLyndon yes
7:11:45 PMLyndon yes
7:11:46 PMM1k3_0 all good
7:12:51 PMLyndon always wedesdays
7:13:19 PMLyndon Wednesdays. thats how you spell it
7:13:47 PMM1k3_0 I seem to have a spelling problem today as well
7:14:21 PMLyndon cool
7:15:08 PMLyndon i always have spelling problems
7:15:23 PMLyndon my wife is my dictionary
7:16:35 PMdooley_da_vulcan Hello All
7:17:59 PMLyndon god
7:18:02 PMLyndon good
7:18:40 PMLyndon you both look great
7:19:34 PMdooley_da_vulcan SashaD-G6: Your new pc looks like a creature from Aliens
7:20:37 PMLyndon right after getting married....
7:21:31 PMLyndon he still doesnt know anything about the pc though
7:21:42 PMLyndon so still a surprise right?
7:21:52 PMTheFu Just buy a raspberry-pi for Dave and hand it to him first.
7:22:00 PMLyndon hahaha
7:22:16 PMLyndon oh... coool...
7:22:20 PMM1k3_0 Like that idea!
7:22:31 PMLyndon =O
7:22:32 PMTheFu Robbie - don't touch anything.
7:22:40 PMTheFu Let SashaR do it!
7:23:30 PMLyndon mother board shoud com with.. thats weird
7:23:33 PMTheFu My LUG does installfests every year. We have 1 rule. The 'helpers' don't touch the keyboard or mouse. PERIOD. The owner gets to type everything - so they learn,
7:25:13 PMLyndon what...
7:26:01 PMLyndon I will build my PC with my 10lb screwdriver.. Mwahahaha
7:26:21 PMTheFu Screw drivers are either philips or flat. Does it fit? Use it.
7:26:29 PMLyndon yes
7:26:34 PMLyndon i concer
7:27:41 PMLyndon we have been talking about you C128D
7:27:58 PMC128D The Thermal Compound that was included with the CPU Heatsink is just as good as the AS5 and will last for several years.
7:28:34 PMTheFu I've never had any issue with any thermal compound over the decades. But I don't overclock.
7:28:37 PMC128D I know Lyndon. I heard Robbie
7:29:19 PMTheFu I always put RAM, CPU, Cooler on the MB **before** putting it into a case.
7:29:30 PMLyndon as long as you apply it right and you have a good cooler, you should be just fine
7:30:00 PMLyndon not rocket science
7:30:18 PMTheFu Definitely not. - Rocket scientist here. ;)
7:30:19 PMdooley_da_vulcan @RobbieF and whomever else may have input: I was just sitting here ans watching my tv where the show is on and a page popped up saying something about youtube and HD but was not youtube URL I'm using Linux
7:30:26 PMC128D So do I TheFu. I also test run it before I put it in the case to make sure it actually works, especially with Asus boards. Plus the Heatsink makes a nice handhold for mounting the motherboard.
7:30:48 PMdooley_da_vulcan this page was on laptop
7:30:57 PMLyndon play games...
7:31:00 PMTheFu I haven't used Asus since the 1990s when they refused an RMA.
7:31:52 PMTheFu So .... she's planning to run Linux on this gaming rig? What happens to the $500 in games Dave already bought?
7:32:17 PMLyndon mis fire
7:32:19 PMC128D That;s one of the reasons I stopped using Asus boards as well TheFu.
7:32:35 PMLyndon dont slip off and scratch the MOBO
7:33:14 PMTheFu Fantastic top-of-head views!
7:34:25 PMLyndon im definitely watching this after post production
7:35:16 PMC128D Lyndon, I would but I get too stressed out watching people make this many mistakes building PCs.
7:35:51 PMTheFu Whatever works.
7:35:55 PMC128D No it isn't Robbie. Both of them are pretty much crap.
7:36:59 PMTheFu C128D: If you use a screwdriver once every 6 months, anything more than a $2 screwdriver is overkill.
7:37:38 PMC128D Not true TheFu. ANYTIME you use a tool you need to use the RIGHT tool.
7:37:42 PMTheFu OTOH, if you do it for a living or a few times a week - spending the money for something that fit the screws, your hands, etc.
7:37:58 PMLyndon good grief thats allot of memory
7:38:02 PMTheFu C128D: Nope. There is a price consideration - always.
7:38:27 PMTheFu IMHO.
7:38:31 PMC128D The proper screwdriver would cost less than $5, so cost isn't an issue.
7:38:39 PMalpeck a screw driver is not rocket science
7:38:58 PMLyndon should be 1st and 3rd
7:39:00 PMTheFu alpeck: unless you are working on a rocket.
7:39:01 PMC128D Especially when it puts a computer this expensive at risk.
7:39:27 PMalpeck well then your talking several thousands of dollars then
7:39:28 PMLyndon dual channel
7:39:29 PMTheFu C128D: But they are using Canadian dolares ...
7:39:58 PMM1k3_0 hahahaha OMG
7:40:04 PMalpeck true a million canadian is worth about 20 dollars us
7:40:23 PMC128D And also when you are doing a tutorial to teach others. And Canadian dollars wouldn't make it cost that much more.
7:40:25 PMLyndon lick it first
7:40:34 PMLyndon for luck
7:40:56 PMTheFu Lyndon: I only do that with my bullets.
7:41:02 PMLyndon lol
7:41:47 PMalpeck where did you go for your honeymoon Sasha???
7:41:59 PMLyndon i was talking about the ram stick
7:42:51 PMTheFu Helps with cooling.
7:42:56 PMSashaD-G6 We will go to Jamaica :)
7:42:59 PMLyndon yeah!
7:43:32 PMTheFu SashaD-G6: Make sure they have power.
7:43:40 PMLyndon so cpu next?
7:44:08 PMLyndon i didnt
7:44:14 PMLyndon but i will
7:44:20 PMLyndon cooler
7:44:23 PMalpeck nice to see you using the green screen again
7:44:29 PMLyndon cool... haha
7:44:53 PMalpeck this is the longest build i have ever seen
7:44:57 PMLyndon the wires are a little teadious
7:45:05 PMTheFu What about all the LED connections?
7:45:11 PMTheFu 2wks ago?
7:45:40 PMTheFu alpeck: Usually take about 30-45 min ... but I'm not explaining or videoing.
7:46:03 PMLyndon hyper T2?
7:46:08 PMTheFu And usually have some blood from inside the case cuts.
7:46:11 PMalpeck I wouldn't be able to wait and would have to disassemble before each show
7:46:15 PMLyndon 212 evo
7:46:17 PMLyndon ?
7:46:31 PMLyndon no not 212 evo
7:46:32 PMC128D Nope alpeck. It's some cheapo thermaltake unit.
7:46:38 PMLyndon oh
7:46:58 PMLyndon i'm sure in will do the job
7:48:26 PMLyndon by everybody. i have to run. keep it real
7:52:45 PMJoeInNH Hello. I can't watch because my android tablet doesn't have flash, but I cannot chat.
7:53:15 PMJoeInNH I can chat that is...
7:53:24 PMTheFu Which is why connecting all of this on the MB OUTSIDE the case is so much nicer.
7:53:46 PMC128D Got that right TheFu.
7:54:05 PMTheFu I did it the hard way for about 8 yrs.
7:54:24 PMalpeck with aftermarket heatsinks they very often cover mobo screws
7:54:38 PMC128D Also reading the instructions that came with cooler also helps as it covers the problem he is having.
7:55:16 PMTheFu I've been specifically buying CPUs that come with coolers for a long time.
7:55:32 PMalpeck sucking versus blowing...any thoughts C128D
7:55:45 PMTheFu I like both.
7:56:05 PMalpeck my is till blowing
7:56:17 PMC128D alpack, not this type of heatsink. I prefer pulling as you don't need to remove the fan to clean the fines. It's only 1 to 2C difference.
7:56:46 PMalpeck good point C128D
7:57:50 PMC128D I've learned a thing or three building and repairing computers over the past 40 years.m
7:58:39 PMTheFu I can hear the noise from here seeing all those fans.
7:59:30 PMC128D TheFu more fans normally results in less noise as they don't have to spin as fast to provide appropriate cooling.
8:00:08 PMalpeck i find that modern computers are much more efficient then they were say about 10 years ago
8:00:18 PMC128D I have 12 fans in my main system and you can't hear any of them.
8:00:21 PMTheFu Even 5 yrs ago.
8:00:49 PMTheFu My main system is fanless.
8:01:14 PMTheFu The noisy systems are in a room away from people.
8:02:01 PMalpeck i have modified molex connector on my system so i can run fans on 5V rail
8:02:04 PMC128D They should have installed the PSU, hooked up it's power cables (except the graphics card), connected the sata cables, front panel cables, etc. before putting the Graphics Card in. Makes things a LOT easier.
8:02:34 PMTheFu Or just used the onboard GPU and been happy.
8:02:57 PMC128D No you don't Sasha. You need someone a LOT more qualified than he is to do it right.
8:03:42 PMC128D TheFU, onboard graphics wouldn't allow them to play any games more demanding than Solitaire.
8:04:10 PMTheFu C128D: You can play any game - just with reduced graphics.
8:04:31 PMC128D Not true TheFu. Not at a playable framerate.
8:04:52 PMTheFu C128D: that is a matter of opinion.
8:05:14 PMdooley_da_vulcan and some games require certain sets of cards
8:05:20 PMC128D No, that's a fact. 8 frames per second with stuttering galore isn't playable.
8:05:23 PMTheFu But I won't disagree that new games (since 2000) have higher GPU requirements.
8:06:11 PMC128D TheFu, she isn't building this rig to play twenty year old games. She has her RetroPi for that. This is for more modern games.
8:06:14 PMTheFu All my games completely rock with onboard graphics.
8:07:38 PMC128D You will still be able to do a 32bit NetInstall for 17.10. Pope already stated that.
8:08:09 PMalpeck it was hard to get 64-bit drivers
8:08:14 PMTheFu I use a 32-bit kernel on my main desktop.
8:08:42 PMTheFu pointers are halve the size - on memory limited systems, no reason to have 64-bit.
8:08:52 PMTheFu s/halve/half/
8:09:09 PMTheFu Also, for the LX800 CPUs used in old routers, 32-bit is it.
8:09:57 PMTheFu Or just use lubuntu for the install to begin.
8:10:00 PMalpeck just have a seat on the stage behind you RobbieF
8:11:00 PMTheFu Dillo FTW!
8:11:32 PMTheFu It solves all sorts of issues - no javascript.
8:11:47 PMC128D Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ububntu Mate, Linus Lite, Mint, and a host of others will still be releasing new 32bit ISOs for the forseable future. It's only Ubuntu Proper that won't. Kubuntu hasn't made the announcement one way or the other yet that I have seen.
8:12:39 PMC128D Internet Exploder IS still supported.
8:12:53 PMC128D Only version 11 though.
8:13:29 PMGopher2 And IE is in Windows 10
8:13:34 PMTheFu We are Linux people. IE - just doesn't matter.
8:13:55 PMC128D They even released a security update for IE11 in September of this year.
8:15:03 PMTheFu I stopped patching my remaining Windows systems when MSFT decided to change the ToS. Much easier to just remove the networking and keep using them as is.
8:15:43 PMC128D TheFu, not all of us are. I use Windows 90% of the time as there are no Linux alternatives to the software I need to use and it can't run under WINE or in VMs.
8:16:46 PMTheFu I only need Windows for video editing. Tht doesn't need network access. Completely understand that some people are stuck. At a prior job, my boss begged me for a way to replace Windows on 22K laptops. I couldn't.
8:17:30 PMalpeck powered by spinning Tasmanian devil name tas
8:17:39 PMGopher2 I am thinking a mobile vacuum cleaner service truck which was a thing before you could buy a vacuum cleaner for your home.
8:17:57 PMTheFu This story convinces me that Dyson stuff is entirely too expensive.
8:18:13 PMC128D The Dyson vacuum was bad enough. One of the worst vacuums ever built. I can't imagine them making a working automobile.
8:18:26 PMalpeck just started their free fall
8:18:58 PMC128D Wrong URL Sasha
8:19:58 PMTheFu Free your credit - use the snail-mail forms. Send them to the big 3 with a check.
8:20:06 PMTheFu s/free/freeze/
8:22:02 PMC128D is the correct URL.
8:22:28 PMTheFu did they do the intros?
8:22:38 PMTheFu I was late.
8:22:44 PMC128D Sashas reminded him TheFu
8:23:51 PMTheFu - clark howard is a reputable "consumer action" guy here.
8:27:04 PMdooley_da_vulcan Good Night Robbie, Have a good weekend


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