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6:59:59 PMSolbu Kodi-stream is Go for launch. :-)
7:00:44 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF your so twelve sometimes!
7:00:46 PMGarbee[m] hiya
7:01:29 PMGarbee[m] West Virginia isn't a state!
7:01:57 PMDennis_Kelley woop woop
7:02:08 PMDennis_Kelley oh nevermind
7:03:18 PMbp9 Hmm, so Canadian $ is about the same as Aussie $??
7:06:02 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks to the Post Office we will deliver your amazon packages for you!
7:06:19 PMSashaR Big thank you!!!!
7:06:23 PMGarbee[m] I hate it when game console controllers get sticky buttons from being pressed too much.
7:06:46 PMGarbee[m] It's like the controllers hate being used for their only purpose to exist.
7:06:48 PMSashaR I know what you mean!!
7:07:09 PMbp9 Stop dripping coffee and soft drink on your controller buttons! LOL LOL LOL
7:07:22 PMrrdevcoder Hello, first timer here.
7:07:31 PMGarbee[m] Coffee never, soft drink nope.
7:07:45 PMGarbee[m] The problem is a lot of games i play have long-press effects.
7:07:52 PMBobK54 @DK: my son complains about all the amazon packages. he works at a small PO near one of the amazon distribution facilities.
7:08:06 PMGarbee[m] So over time, the buttons just decide "Oh, I'll stay pressed for you for the next 10 seconds." which messes up commands.
7:08:13 PMrrdevcoder Watching on web site from NY
7:08:30 PMSashaR My laptop space bar has that same attitude
7:08:57 PMrrdevcoder You haven't switched to commercial
7:09:17 PMrrdevcoder Cooooooool!!!
7:09:22 PMbp9 They put commercials in post production
7:09:29 PMrrdevcoder Who cares.
7:09:30 PMb_withage contest address again pls
7:09:45 PMrrdevcoder I've been watching for 30 hours
7:10:09 PMGarbee[m] Good to have you back Jeff.
7:10:21 PMGarbee[m] I did miss you for the like 2 years you left us.
7:11:00 PMSashaR hahaha... it feels like it's been forever
7:14:27 PMSolbu … sometimes it's perfect…
7:14:34 PMrrdevcoder The full rule is I before E except after C except when it's A as in neighbor or weigh and weird is just weird.
7:14:51 PMSashaR and Dirmeitis
7:15:01 PMrrdevcoder touche
7:15:08 PMSashaR ;)
7:15:13 PMbp9 LUKSDUMP!
7:15:22 PMSashaR oh my
7:16:09 PMbp9 I'm guessing Jeff isn't watching the chat room :-)
7:16:54 PMGarbee[m] Youtube is doing that now.
7:17:03 PMSashaR Nope... or he would be rolling on the floor
7:17:05 PMGarbee[m] Commercials are so loud, videos are quiet.
7:17:15 PMbp9 yup :-)
7:17:23 PMSolbu I was a sound engineer / technician on radio before anyone used compressors in broadcasting.
7:17:32 PMGarbee[m] Thankfully, the US has regulated commercial volume levels for a few years. So the cable side of that has been solved. Sadly, doesn't affect YouTube or other things like it online.
7:17:36 PMSashaR It's on my list of things I would change if I had some wishes granted
7:18:17 PMDennis_Kelley BobK54 I work at a small PO here in Michigan, and we get a ton of packages!
7:19:10 PMBobK54 DK, he's in Borden Indiana but was closer to lousiville where the amazon facility dumped most of their shipments for while.
7:19:32 PMBobK54 the jeffersonville IN amazon facility that is....
7:20:22 PMSolbu So, wine? :-)
7:20:49 PMbp9 @Solbu, that would be my guess
7:23:28 PMbp9 I tend to wonder about Windows and Mac... since the Mac is BSD unix under the covers, surely a linux port would be almost trivial?
7:24:13 PMSashaR great guess!!!
7:24:19 PMRobbieF yu would think so
7:26:10 PMbp9 @Solbu, you called it. Well done.
7:26:15 PMbp9 :-)
7:26:24 PMSolbu :-)
7:26:33 PMSolbu Personally I stay away from wine.
7:26:48 PMSashaR why?
7:27:03 PMSolbu It have a bad tendency of associating filetypes with it own wine equivalents.
7:27:37 PMSashaR what do you use instead?
7:27:41 PMSolbu Like, it will often associate audio files with a wine app.
7:28:19 PMbp9 @Sasha, I will always try to find a linux app with equivalent functionaliity.
7:28:32 PMbp9 Failing that, I guess I'd write it.
7:28:34 PMSolbu SashaR: I am a Free Software activist, so I never use proproetary Windows programs.
7:28:54 PMSashaR ahhhh, Solbu! you are awesome!
7:29:11 PMbp9 But I'd really want to want that functionality before opting for the "develop -it" approach.
7:29:40 PMSolbu SashaR: THis means I don't even use proprietary linux drivers. If i can't do something with Free software, I am not doing it.
7:29:53 PMGWG Oh, I just got home, but there is still show left, isn't there?
7:30:08 PMSolbu SashaR: So my laptops usually don't have wifi as a result.
7:30:12 PMSashaR there is!!! the news room hasn't even started yet :)
7:30:45 PMGWG More non-pronounciation theater?
7:31:07 PMbp9 Oh that windows screen looks scarey
7:31:50 PMSashaR yep.... I'm fairly horrible at names. I try though!!
7:32:19 PMGWG SashaR: I challenged you and RobbieF to pronounce the places I went on my last business trip and didn't get a bite.
7:32:52 PMSashaR That would be a great game!!!!! I'm all in :)
7:35:35 PMGWG SashaR: I started in Bunratty, and took Busreireann to Limerick Station, where I changed at Limerick Junction and Mallow before getting to Killarney. From Killarney I took a bus to Cahersiveen and walked a mile to my hotel dragging a 23KG suitcase. After two nights in Cahersiveen, I got a lift to Killorgin where I spent a night at the Bianconi, then got a lift to the airport in Farranfore.
7:35:41 PMGWG SashaR: Try pronouncing that.
7:36:00 PMSashaR after the show... or on the next break I will!!!!
7:36:16 PMGWG SashaR: Prouncing it is easier than doing it.
7:36:27 PMSashaR GWG... you will laugh
7:36:28 PMGWG I will skip the visit I made to Sneem.
7:36:42 PMbp9 So I'd pronounce it: Bunratty, Busreireann... LOL
7:37:02 PMSashaR bahaha bp9
7:37:25 PMGWG Watching ELY002 ascend through 10,3000 feet.
7:37:38 PMGWG I have my ADS-B scanner up.
7:38:08 PMGWG JBU356 is descending through 26500
7:38:49 PMbp9 GWG, I can't see anything around you, only about 30-50 miles away from me. Mine is just a USB stick and I can't believe how well it works.
7:39:13 PMGWG bp9: Mine is a USB stick connected to a large antenna, hooked into a Pi.
7:39:31 PMGWG I'm getting about 50-60 miles
7:39:53 PMbp9 I love Jeffs fake response!
7:39:56 PMSolbu Ahh, so it mutes the audio. ;-)
7:39:56 PMGWG But I'm equidistant from LGA and JFK, so I get some nice traffic. If I moved my antenna to the roof, I could do better
7:40:28 PMGWG Hmm..there's ACA549 taking off for YVR
7:40:33 PMBobK54 GWG: Lawn Guy Land?
7:40:37 PMbp9 GWG, I'm not sure a huge antenna makes that much difference because you're tuned to 1090MHz
7:40:48 PMGWG bp9: It isn't huge
7:40:56 PMbp9 Sasha get your thingy ready
7:41:18 PMbp9 GWG, my bad, I meant "large" :-)
7:42:04 PMrrdevcoder out loud
7:42:28 PMGWG SashaR: I started in Bunratty, and took Busreireann to Limerick Station, where I changed at Limerick Junction and Mallow before getting to Killarney. From Killarney I took a bus to Cahersiveen and walked a mile to my hotel dragging a 23KG suitcase. After two nights in Cahersiveen, I got a lift to Killorgin where I spent a night at the Bianconi, then got a lift to the airport in Farranfore.
7:43:00 PMbigkitty hi
7:43:34 PMSolbu SashaR: Well played! :-)
7:43:34 PMGWG Not even close
7:43:53 PMbp9 Sasha, Nice job!
7:43:55 PMBobK54 Bazinga!
7:44:35 PMRobbieF she just said edinborough
7:45:00 PMbp9 @Robbie I'm glad you clarified that :-)
7:45:01 PMGWG RobbieF: I'll be happy to send you to Ireland. But...I assume you want to come back.
7:45:52 PMGWG I think I was happier when the farthest they sent me was 20 minutes from my house.
7:46:15 PMbp9 Oh wow, I have about a 15 second lag in the video
7:46:40 PMSolbu BIOS password…
7:47:44 PMbp9 The zaps will continue until morale improves :-)
7:50:10 PMSolbu Hehehe.
7:50:57 PMGWG RobbieF: Speaking of technical speak, what you want to do is connect your Atomic Vector Plotter into a small brownian motion producer.
7:51:53 PMGopher2 There is evidence that your gut bacteria is linked to parkinsons disease.
7:53:08 PMbp9 Jeff, Robbie made the perfect point earlier: we must understand the brain far more than we do now before any of what you suggest can happen.
7:54:02 PMRobbieF true, but when has "lack of understanding" stopped researchers from pushing hte limits as it is
7:54:37 PMbp9 Agreed. No argument there.
7:54:54 PMSolbu jeff: Researchers never publish or test anything without fully understanding the subject. ;-)
7:54:56 PMbp9 Just because we can do it doesn't mean we should.
7:55:24 PMRobbieF hahaha true Solbu, but thats just the ones they write about
7:56:04 PMTheFu Looks like I missed the show. ;(
7:56:49 PMGopher2 I thought uber said it was a bug bounty payment
7:57:11 PMrrdevcoder Regarding drones there is an ipad app called B4UFly giving details on laws regarding flying them in the US.
7:58:37 PMRobbieF yes i am...said that at the beginning haha
7:59:06 PMRobbieF oh thats a cool app. we will have to look at it
7:59:50 PMbp9 Jeff, I missed that. Laughing so hard at your pronunciation efforts LOL
8:03:01 PMbp9 Yay, good job Sasha!
8:03:20 PMSashaR thank you!!!
8:03:46 PMGWG bp9: I made the people in Cahersiveen tell me how to pronounce it.
8:04:35 PMbp9 GWG: LOL! Same was true of the people in the town of Albany, Western Australia.
8:04:55 PMbp9 The first A is stressed in their pronunciation.
8:05:25 PMGWG bp9: How do you pronounce Chili, NY?
8:05:52 PMbp9 Chili, NY.
8:05:58 PMTheFu ;)
8:06:06 PMGWG bp9: Phonetically?
8:06:20 PMbp9 I would pronounce it the same as the dish.
8:06:22 PMGWG Nope.
8:06:23 PMGarbee[m] Chilley No Yark
8:06:25 PMGWG Chy-lie
8:06:28 PMTheFu I'd try "chil - eeeee"
8:06:32 PMbp9 Yep, Sasha got Albany correct
8:06:37 PMGWG You call it Chili, they beat you up
8:06:59 PMbp9 'causa Sasha rocks. :-)
8:07:02 PMGarbee[m] I found a PS2 emulator and it plays my fav game ever mostly fine on my desktop.
8:07:02 PMTheFu Rough place?
8:07:06 PMGarbee[m] I've been very happy the past 6 hours.
8:07:29 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: SOCOM?
8:07:49 PMGarbee[m] The game is: Star Ocean - Till the End of Time
8:07:55 PMGarbee[m] Massive RPG game.
8:08:00 PMSolbu RobbieF, SashaR: 13C? Here in Trondheim (Norway) it's -5C
8:08:06 PMGarbee[m] Two full discs of content.
8:08:41 PMGopher2 13C would be nice
8:09:14 PMSashaR It was a one day thing... it's cold today!!!
8:09:38 PMSolbu jeff: Close enough. :-)
8:09:40 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: I don't think it will handle shooters well on my system. It laggs a bit at times with this game. And with Sly Cooper and the Thevious Racounus it is jittery to all hell.
8:09:53 PMTheFu here in Punta Natales, Chile ... it is 10C
8:11:01 PMbp9 A great show guys and gals.
8:11:11 PMGopher2 Aren't you in summer in chile?
8:11:45 PMTheFu Gopher2: Just starting summer. Sunset was at 9:42p - about 30min ago.
8:12:10 PMGopher2 oh night temperature
8:14:26 PMTheFu I'm pretty far south. ... S 51 deg 13 min.
8:14:41 PMTheFu Walked on a glacier yesterday.
8:15:03 PMTheFu for a few hrs.
8:15:42 PMGopher2 cold up their then on glacier even in summer
8:15:48 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: my ps2 is still working great.
8:16:13 PMGarbee[m] Mine broke a long time ago.
8:16:25 PMGarbee[m] But one game isn't worth getting another really.
8:16:38 PMGarbee[m] Nor is it to get a PS4 and buy the digital copy on there.
8:16:44 PMTheFu Gopher2: Layers ... on the glacier, it wasn't very cold. Just windy. On the zodiac to get to the glacier, it was 2-4 layers including extra pants.
8:17:10 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: nobody selling their old PS2?
8:18:45 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: People are but, $80+ish then the game which is hard to find new from a trustworthy place is not worth it still.
8:20:31 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: I can understand. I haven't powered mine on in years. Picked up a few of those "Best of" PS2 games from a used game place for $0.50 each. 1 of the games never worked. The others did, but I'm 10+ yrs behind and would prefer real life action.
8:20:42 PMTheFu If it is safe enough.
8:21:13 PMGarbee[m] I'm really just replaying this one a bit for funzies. Testing it on my laptop tomorrow and praying it will be decent enough (but I doubt it.)
8:21:25 PMGarbee[m] If it will run, then I'll be playing this on my flight to California next week.
8:21:34 PMTheFu I was addicted to Spy HUnter.
8:21:37 PMGarbee[m] Otherwise, i'll be playing old Game Boy Advance games to pass the time.
8:22:29 PMTheFu I like to play ATC games when sitting on long flights.
8:23:05 PMTheFu Have a few flights Sat... 4 hrs to Santiago, then a 10+ hr overnight back to the USA.
8:23:34 PMbp9 I got retropi working a while ago and I found out that I suck at playing those games now just like I did then. LOL LOL LOL
8:24:27 PMTheFu bp9: I can wipe anyone on Space Invaders on an Atari 2600, but that doesn't help with newer games or consoles.
8:25:22 PMbp9 TheFu: Yeah, I never really got into the new first person shooters. Looking at some of the twitch streams I'm often wondering what the point of some of those games are?
8:26:01 PMSolbu Speaking of games, I played a few rounds of minesweeper just before the show went live.
8:26:25 PMSolbu I played the advanced level and won 2 times. :-)
8:26:32 PMbp9 Solbu: Nice!
8:26:35 PMTheFu bp9: I enjoyed SOCOM .. 2, 3, and Ace Combat games. Tried MGS, but found it less than gripping. Pherhaps if I had a teen to help.
8:27:18 PMbp9 The old DOOM game was about as far as I got with that genre of games.
8:27:37 PMTheFu I didn't have a system that could do DOOM.
8:27:48 PMbp9 I do enjoy minetest but not much fun when you're the only person in the world. :-)
8:28:02 PMbp9 TheFu: Got linux? then you can do doom.
8:28:02 PMTheFu My gaming these days is mostly Android tablets - Endless ATC.
8:28:22 PMbp9 I think it's called chocolate-doom (of all things) on linux.
8:28:59 PMbp9 ATC: Air Traffic Control?
8:29:04 PMTheFu bp9: I'm almost 100% linux. Just use Windows to record TV (free schedule data for USA locations) and edit out all the commercials (video redo plus).
8:29:18 PMTheFu Yep. ATC.
8:29:38 PMTheFu I enjoy pushing tin.
8:30:22 PMbp9 Ah, so you're the feller on the other end who won't give me Flight Following? :-)
8:32:02 PMTheFu bp9: Probably not. These are stand-alone android games.
8:33:22 PMbp9 I've been playing with a linux flight sim called FlightGear. It's a lot of fun especially if you have the proper control yokes, etc.
8:33:45 PMbp9 Some of the players can act as ATC if they network in to the game.
8:34:12 PMbp9 ...although I've never tried that, I like to do the actual flying.
8:35:59 PMTheFu I played with Flight Gear one afternoon. Picked an island somewhere and a mustang - something simple for me to fly. Those guys seem pretty serious. Basically, they treat the big airports just like the big airports work. from what I can tell.
8:36:53 PMbp9 True enough but you don't have to play by their rules; you can pretty much do what you want.
8:37:53 PMbp9 I'd pick a small airport and just go play around there.
8:38:15 PMTheFu Sorry - I'm completely wiped. Can't keep my eyes open. More hiking tomorrow. Did 18.5 miles today according to the fitbit. Did to the base of Torres del Paine today.
8:38:20 PMbp9 I've also got an old book of flight sim adventures, and I've been having fun re-creating those flights.
8:38:40 PMbp9 No worries, enjoy the hike.
8:38:46 PMTheFu So ... I can land a V-tail bonanza on the taxiway (like someone famous) and not get into trouble?
8:39:00 PMbp9 sure!
8:39:33 PMTheFu 'uh ... I think I just landed on the taxiway. Missed a 7-heavy.'
8:39:43 PMTheFu I'm a smuck.
8:39:53 PMbp9 LOL!
8:40:47 PMTheFu
8:53:52 PMSolbu Speaking of flying: Bruce Dickinson, the Iron Maiden singer, was on a norwegian talkshow (Skavland) last friday, where he was asked why they always fly their own jet when they have concerts. He said it was because one of the members have a fear of flying, but that he trust Bruce to do the job.


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