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6:58:07 PMbp9 I also thought I could spell better than that! LOL
6:58:29 PMSolbu SashaR: Yes, you are actually live. :-)
6:58:38 PMM1k3_0_ Hello everyone!
6:59:13 PMGOTM We have time
6:59:16 PMGOTM read fast
7:00:16 PMrrdevcoder No sir!
7:00:33 PMbp9 GROAN!
7:00:49 PMSolbu Chatroom is Go for launch
7:01:08 PMbp9 hee hee
7:01:10 PMGarbee[m] haha
7:02:42 PMGarbee[m] If you have lip sync problems on youtube live (or try refreshing.
7:03:00 PMsr_wences mine is OK.
7:04:19 PMsr_wences Hi everyone! Watching the show live, for once.
7:05:07 PMsr_wences Oh no! Another Raspberry Pi killer!
7:05:21 PMSashaR bahahaha
7:06:27 PMsr_wences OK. Anybody doing any techy stuff as Christmas gifts?
7:07:39 PMGarbee[m] sr_wences: Forcing my dad to move to Squarespace for the website hosting.
7:07:54 PMGarbee[m] Not quite a "gift" per say, but that's the closest he'll get. :P
7:08:05 PMSolbu Yea!
7:08:06 PMsr_wences (ok, I'll start...) I'm ripping all the DVDs that we have (and never watch because its a drag to go into the closet) and putting them into a Plex server.
7:08:11 PMGarbee[m] Yea, the Youtube Live feed is crystal clear.
7:08:23 PMGarbee[m] Super good quality considering the main feed is coming over 4g.
7:08:34 PMsr_wences I recommend SquareSpace all the time.
7:09:00 PMalbertr Hi all
7:09:40 PMsr_wences This must be the first thing that's ageing, yet it's stream is getting" better and better."
7:09:50 PMbp9 Can BH help me convert my remaining 35mm negatives to data CD?
7:11:37 PMsr_wences Hey Sparklyballs, can you come shoot me - I just had to rip "Letters to Juliet" - yuck!
7:14:04 PMbp9 Oh no, I love the music!!
7:15:16 PMsr_wences I'm expecting Santa.
7:15:36 PMGOTM tomato tomato
7:15:46 PMGOTM or tomatoe
7:15:47 PMSolbu Jeff: I say SATA, like you did.
7:16:30 PMGOTM everyone is a critic
7:16:43 PMGarbee[m] Jweston: You'll never win the pronunciation stuff.
7:16:54 PMM1k3_0_ True
7:16:58 PMsr_wences Oh no, it's a "zed" killer!
7:17:48 PMrrdevcoder NICE!
7:18:03 PMGarbee[m] Wow, I would have never noticed that green screen setup.
7:18:24 PMsr_wences Maybe it's Mar Ka!
7:18:28 PMGarbee[m] Ya'll are really good at making it mostly fluid throughout the show.
7:18:57 PMTheFu Banned?
7:19:04 PMGOTM wha?
7:19:48 PMbp9 Suddenly I'm glad I'm not on the commenters list :-)
7:20:02 PMsr_wences Sasha can be Marcie
7:20:46 PMSashaR The YouTube comments can be a great read :)
7:20:48 PMSolbu Seriously, this reading of posts, is awesome. :-)
7:20:50 PMGOTM I guess youtube has drawbacks
7:21:09 PMTheFu And bullies?
7:21:10 PMrrdevcoder Sad actually Jeff.
7:21:18 PMM1k3_0_ This is why I can't read youtube comments. Too many morons. Ends up raising my blood pressure. Abstain!!!
7:21:33 PMM1k3_0_ But sometimes I cant help myself...
7:21:40 PMGOTM Darwin must be on vacation
7:22:24 PMrrdevcoder Nice Jeff!
7:22:28 PMbp9 Hey Jeff: LUKSDUMP :-)
7:22:33 PMM1k3_0_ LOL
7:22:37 PMGOTM LOL
7:22:58 PMsr_wences We'
7:23:39 PMsr_wences weren't there pig aliens in ST;TOS? And also in ST:TNG?
7:23:45 PMTheFu $ find / -type f -size +4G -print ????
7:24:00 PMbp9 Nah, `du` will do it.
7:24:17 PMTheFu du ... won't find deep, buried files.
7:24:19 PMGOTM Pac Led
7:24:27 PMbp9 and if you want a graphical version, write the output of du to a file, and then run xdu against the file
7:24:41 PMsr_wences LOL!
7:24:44 PMbp9 TheFu, true, but xdu will do
7:24:46 PMTheFu 'servers' don't have a GUI.
7:25:18 PMbp9 TheFu, you can forward X11 through SSH (even PuTTY)
7:25:29 PMsr_wences TheFu has excellent Linux-Fu.
7:25:38 PMGOTM Jeff is a creaper, looking through windows
7:25:44 PMJweston hahaha
7:25:50 PMTheFu bp9: X11 isn't installed on servers.
7:25:54 PMSolbu Jweston: Nice one. :-)
7:26:01 PMJweston i look OUT windows. watching the snow fall
7:26:10 PMTheFu No client libs either. Don't want the wasted storage and security issues.
7:26:17 PMGOTM back track, ok
7:26:43 PMsr_wences There will be much editing on this one... late into the night. Wooo-ooo-ooo
7:26:49 PMGOTM jweston you missed someone say luksdump
7:26:53 PMSashaR Poor Robbie!!
7:26:56 PMTheFu Can't read the putty window.
7:27:00 PMJweston HAHAHA luksdump
7:27:04 PMTheFu Need to increase the font, please.
7:27:16 PMM1k3_0_ it is small
7:27:22 PMGOTM zoooom
7:27:26 PMsr_wences Zoom, brother, ZOOM!
7:27:41 PMTheFu Can't easily zoom on a kodi system.
7:28:17 PMGOTM the bald man can doith anything
7:28:51 PMJweston ask and you shall receive\
7:28:52 PMGOTM yes
7:28:59 PMTheFu no. we can't see it.
7:29:07 PMGOTM see, he can do it
7:29:12 PMM1k3_0_ there we go
7:29:15 PMsr_wences Two quatlos on the bald nerd.
7:30:06 PMTheFu way slow.
7:30:08 PMalpeck can't see command prompt RobbieF
7:30:16 PMbp9 OK about no X11 on servers, thanks :-)
7:30:41 PMbp9 I have X11 on all my machines and I guess I just assume that exists.
7:30:51 PMTheFu bp9: and using ssh -X on a remote server on a different continent sucks.
7:31:31 PMTheFu Especially if that server is ISDN or dialup connected.
7:31:40 PMbp9 TheFu: Well it does depend on how fast your communication channel is both ways.
7:32:17 PMTheFu Basically, I don't use X11 outside the corp network or home LAN.
7:32:36 PMbp9 For the X11 problem, you could always run du and pipe to a file, scp the file to your local machine, and then run xdu against the file locally.
7:32:48 PMbp9 xdu does not require root permission.
7:33:01 PMTheFu There are 1,000 solutions, including the 'find' command I posted.
7:33:45 PMbp9 SashaR is on fire today :-)
7:33:50 PMbp9 Too much coffee LOL
7:33:59 PMTheFu Anyone else hear that muppets song?
7:34:19 PMJweston always
7:34:27 PMJweston ear worm!!!
7:35:47 PMTheFu Japan culture requires long hours.
7:35:56 PMbenrob0329 Hey, you guys have a chat window now :D
7:36:03 PMalpeck That is fine if your employer respects you
7:36:13 PMsr_wences Dude, People have a family to feed, and a mortgage to pay. No one wants to risk getting fired.
7:36:18 PMTheFu These are all salaried.
7:36:37 PMTheFu You don't want to be the first to leave.
7:37:07 PMSolbu benrob0329: It's the new community contributed subtitles feature. ;-)
7:37:08 PMTheFu I worked with a major Japanese company for 3 yrs and worked in Tokyo about 26 weeks a year.
7:37:46 PMTheFu Nobody left before 7p.
7:38:29 PMalpeck Did company show the same loyalty towards the employees as well TheFu
7:38:36 PMTheFu These were IT workers, not in a factory. They did ignore the daily morning and afternoon company stretch intercom calls.
7:38:54 PMbenrob0329 You guys need a YouTube
7:39:16 PMsr_wences Oh yeah, the robotos are nice now. But wait until they get the message from the mothership and then - Robo-apocalypse. THey speed up from 6 MHP to 60mph.
7:39:44 PMTheFu I avoid google stuff as much as possible. Youtube is google.
7:40:08 PMGarbee[m] Benrob0329: I don't think Google provides an API to allow for that kind of a bridge to be built.
7:40:21 PMbenrob0329 TheFu: they are streaming to YouTube
7:40:28 PMGOTM Maximum Overdrive
7:40:30 PMbenrob0329 Garbee: that is possible
7:40:32 PMGOTM just sayin
7:40:35 PMsr_wences CHristine.
7:40:49 PMGarbee[m] Did I hear pizza?
7:41:10 PMsr_wences Tie a tin can to them.
7:41:37 PMGOTM aluminum foil hat
7:42:30 PMSolbu sr_wences: It's no problem regarding the robo-calypse. According to the 1996 independence ┬źdocumentary┬╗, we just have to fly a drone up the open hole in the bottom of the alien mother ships, after uploading a virus, and voila.
7:43:03 PMTheFu Don't people in cities have wheeled bags?
7:43:27 PMnapa_polarbear1 HI All
7:43:35 PMsr_wences Oh, in that case. I take it back. (P.S welcome to EARTH!)
7:44:17 PMGarbee[m] Oh hey, now I can have youtube alert me when a live stream happens!
7:44:27 PMTheFu who?
7:44:30 PMGarbee[m] More likely to remember to be here.
7:45:11 PMsr_wences (holy cow. I just ripped - Darby O'Gill and the Little People - when did she buy this crap?)
7:45:35 PMTheFu Thought youtube required a person to be 13+ yrs old?
7:45:47 PMGOTM suuurrrreeee
7:45:55 PMGarbee[m] Realistically part of that needs to be going into a college fund.
7:46:12 PMGarbee[m] By the time he gets there, he just maid the first 3 months tuition last year.
7:46:19 PMGOTM yep, and i would not be buying him anymore extras
7:46:42 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: Not really. You can have a "child account" under your adult account.
7:46:54 PMGOTM its all about parenting, if you watch the kids, its not bad
7:47:11 PMGarbee[m] It links the child's account to yours as a parent so you can control what they can do until they are 13 and legally able to have their own full account.
7:49:26 PMbenrob0329 Why were permissions client side??
7:49:51 PMsr_wences Thank god - "The Matrix" - that's worth ripping.
7:49:52 PMGOTM handshake type of connection
7:50:05 PMGOTM yes, the matrix is the bomb
7:50:13 PMTheFu DLL --
7:50:49 PMbp9 TheFu: That clears things up, thanks :-)
7:51:21 PMGOTM set teamviewer to drop the background
7:51:28 PMGOTM then you know
7:52:00 PMGarbee[m] I just removed teamviewer entirely after the first hack they had.
7:52:58 PMsr_wences yay! RoyWNash!
7:53:01 PMSolbu Why use TeamViewer when we have SSH. :-)
7:53:03 PMGarbee[m] That hack though very well may have lead to the paypal account being drained though.
7:53:11 PMTheFu bp9: The attack vector isn't limited to just teamviewer. Other programs are just as hackable based on the types of access they provide.
7:53:39 PMGOTM the other idea is to change the standard port
7:54:18 PMsr_wences I'm ure the t folks will be looking for similar hacks in other applications now that the first one has been revealed.
7:54:53 PMTheFu Solbu: Windows doesn't really have ssh.
7:54:54 PMGOTM i changed my patreon this am
7:55:20 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: Next version will have it available.
7:55:22 PMGarbee[m] Direct
7:55:42 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: Sure it will. They promised ssh in 2012. I'm still waiting.
7:56:02 PMTheFu Ok - not really.
7:56:03 PMGOTM linux shell in windows
7:56:05 PMGOTM lol
7:56:25 PMsr_wences Every time she says "I'm Sasha Rickman" a little part of my heart dies.
7:56:38 PMGOTM I know, right?
7:58:36 PMSashaR oh my.. you guys are sweet
7:58:51 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: No it is in the preview builds now.
7:59:06 PMGarbee[m] You just need to toggle it in the "Extra Features" of the programs section.
7:59:16 PMGarbee[m] Full OpenSSH running on Windows native.
7:59:25 PMTheFu Win7?
7:59:44 PMTheFu None of the new versions provides the same capabilities.
7:59:54 PMGarbee[m] No Windows 10 only.
8:00:01 PMGarbee[m] Win 7 is basically ice to MS at this point.
8:00:03 PMTheFu Win10 was DOA.
8:01:21 PMGOTM I started watching when Robbief had hair
8:01:24 PMGarbee[m] ahhaa
8:01:29 PMGarbee[m] Good one SashaR.
8:01:32 PMGarbee[m] Hadn't heard that one before.
8:01:37 PMsr_wences GROAN!
8:01:40 PMTheFu Uuuuuug.
8:01:52 PMbp9 LOL!
8:02:01 PMsr_wences That was almost as bad as having to rip Letters to Juliet!
8:02:16 PMSolbu NICE
8:02:42 PMTheFu We can't wait, Sasha!
8:02:50 PMsr_wences That's what I menat!
8:02:54 PMsr_wences meant!
8:02:56 PMGarbee[m] #notburn
8:03:53 PMRaughnbo Awesome joke Sasha!
8:04:20 PMsr_wences (^ - teacher's pet)
8:04:31 PMJweston agreed
8:04:55 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: My brother liked it as well.
8:04:56 PMJweston truthfully im just jealous she has dead effect 2 vr4
8:04:59 PMSashaR You are all so super great.... I already can't wait for next week
8:05:06 PMGarbee[m] Just told him. He wasn't pleased with how direct the pun was.
8:05:20 PMRaughnbo Mom said she's going to use it at work tomorrow
8:05:24 PMsr_wences Bye all - Great show!
8:05:37 PMGarbee[m] That is a good thing from my brother.
8:06:02 PMSashaR :) Tell him I say thank you!!
8:06:10 PMbp9 ANd now we lipread
8:06:13 PMbp9 LOL
8:06:26 PMSashaR Good night my lovelies!!!
8:06:40 PMbp9 And that's the end of the show.
8:06:48 PMGarbee[m] Goodnight everyone.
8:06:49 PMbp9 Thanks again for a great show!
8:07:21 PMTheFu $ more ~/bin/hogs
8:07:21 PMTheFu #!/bin/sh
8:07:21 PMTheFu find . -type f -size +3G -exec ls -lh {} \;
8:22:16 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF how was the show? Sorry I missed it


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