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6:58:01 PMRobbieF Oh yes
6:58:38 PMbenrob0329 Solbu: thats understandable then
6:58:46 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: It's 4k enough.
6:59:08 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: Nope.
6:59:11 PMGarbee[m] All good there.
6:59:28 PMGarbee[m] Plus why should anyone look at your glasses when you always have the lovely smile on?
7:00:11 PMTheFu Up-greyddddd?
7:01:16 PMSolbu Lets use the first take. ;-)
7:03:19 PMalpeck still have some dinner on your lapel RobbieF
7:03:36 PMalpeck 4k is great isn't it
7:05:38 PMTheFu CRM?
7:07:28 PMalpeck hope this comes with a pay raise RobbieF
7:08:00 PMSolbu So, is RobbieF automating himself out of a job, soon? :-)
7:08:18 PMTheFu Robbie - don't give your button pushing job away.
7:12:10 PMGWG I keep trying to replace the people in my office with robots, but so far no luck
7:12:30 PMTheFu 0%
7:12:55 PMalpeck My job is secure...I wish AI could do my paper work but it can't
7:13:06 PMTheFu I always try to train my replacement, so I can do more interesting work.
7:13:52 PMBerzerkula I'd be a load balancer with two clones and I'd divy up the work
7:14:17 PMalpeck I always try to train my customer so they can help them selfs
7:14:35 PMTheFu Windows .... cough, cough, cough.
7:15:31 PMSolbu «Noo!» .. hehe.
7:16:11 PMBerzerkula Windows demands a shrubbery!
7:20:46 PMdennis_kelley Robbie is there a phone number to call into the show?
7:20:51 PMTheFu Hey Jeff - use a VPN. No need for a plex account at all.
7:21:13 PMTheFu Streaming via VPN works with Plex too.
7:21:21 PMTheFu No plex account needed.
7:21:40 PMAgamotto Hallo, all... is something going on with FreeNode? I can't get in using HexChat
7:22:42 PMTheFu How well does the r-pi v3 transcode for different client devices?
7:23:30 PMTheFu Free != F/LOSS
7:24:42 PMAgamotto I wonder if Mythbuntu would be considered unknown these days?
7:25:39 PMABQTKY My Mythbuntu machine is now on 17.10 - seems just far: Agamotto
7:25:44 PMGarbee[m] Hack for what on Google Music?
7:25:46 PMAgamotto Google scares a lot of people anymore
7:25:53 PMGarbee[m] I had to listen to something. Missed that part of the conversation.
7:25:59 PMGWG I'm still annoyed that Amazon Cloud Music is dead
7:26:25 PMGarbee[m] Oh, get plex to play it.
7:26:30 PMGarbee[m] Yea, nope.
7:26:31 PMTheFu Live by the cloud, die by the cloud.
7:26:41 PMAgamotto ABQTKY: I wound up giving up on DVR stuff, as I don't watch/record enough to keep me interested. I bought a ChannelMaster DVR+... suits my simple needs.
7:26:58 PMGarbee[m] They fixed the encryption system of the music stream.
7:27:03 PMAgamotto GWG: Agreed... One of the few linux-friendly services
7:27:07 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: They can't.
7:27:10 PMTheFu s/fixed/broke/
7:27:15 PMGarbee[m] It's the Encrypted Media Extension stuff.
7:27:15 PMTheFu fixed that for you Garbee
7:27:36 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: it is a fix based on their legal requirements to continue to have the music to provide to customers.
7:27:50 PMTheFu Live by the cloud, die by the cloud.
7:27:51 PMGarbee[m] It's all music industry lawyers causing it.
7:28:43 PMdennis_kelley is the show on yet
7:28:50 PMGarbee[m] dennis_kelley: Yup.
7:28:59 PMAgamotto If only Ogg Vorbis would just take over... or FLAC
7:29:00 PMGarbee[m] About halfway through.
7:29:03 PMSashaR :) it sure is
7:29:04 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: I don't have those issues with my ripped audio CDs or cassettes.
7:29:11 PMGarbee[m] Agamotto: FLAC is now in Edge!
7:29:17 PMGarbee[m] But that wont' help this problem.
7:29:28 PMGarbee[m] MP3 is now open and free without patent licenses.
7:29:34 PMGarbee[m] And that doesn't help.
7:29:54 PMGarbee[m] This is all about the actual stream being encrypted.
7:30:26 PMAgamotto Ahh
7:30:35 PMTheFu I can listen to my audio files through plex from anywhere in the world.
7:31:02 PMTheFu Or stream local videos.
7:31:46 PMAgamotto I am just happy that my brother has been declared free of cancer, and today they took out his chemo 'port.' He can now go back to working full-time.
7:32:11 PMJeffWeston thats amazing Agamotto. Congrats
7:32:12 PMSashaR That is such a great news story :):)
7:32:48 PMABQTKY Agamotto, great news!
7:32:51 PMAgamotto Very happy family this year
7:33:01 PMSashaR No doubt!!!
7:34:02 PMTheFu Healthy family is always a blessing.
7:34:33 PMAgamotto I am still catching up with November.. now that things are settling down, I should be able to catch up soon. Especially since there isn't much left to watch on TV anymore!
7:35:01 PMTheFu Robbie - your sweater seems brighter this week.
7:35:14 PMdennis_kelley SashaR do you know if the phone number to call in is still working? If it is what's the number
7:35:25 PMAgamotto Very sexy - iz nize....
7:35:34 PMSashaR I think now it's just Skype... would you like to call in?
7:36:04 PMdennis_kelley Yes SashaR
7:36:08 PMAgamotto Don't have anything like that setup, but thanks for the offer.
7:36:16 PMGWG SashaR: I''ve been here all these years and you never invited me to call in
7:36:36 PMdennis_kelley I got connections
7:36:40 PMSashaR :):)
7:36:49 PMSashaR I finally had a chance to ask :)
7:38:10 PMRobbieF all having fun?!
7:38:29 PMSolbu Maybe the entire cat5 team is A.I. and CGI. ;-)
7:38:33 PMGWG RobbieF: I wish I was. It's been hard
7:38:49 PMalpeck remember maxheadroom
7:38:51 PMAgamotto Don't jinkx the stack!!!!
7:39:07 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: Joke of the Week is a great show idea.
7:39:11 PMGarbee[m] She can start with how bald you are.
7:39:12 PMGarbee[m] ;)
7:39:18 PMRobbieF that's not funny Garbee[m]
7:39:23 PMRobbieF :p
7:39:28 PMAgamotto GWG: What's going on?
7:39:33 PMGarbee[m] Really? I'm laughing. Not much mind you, but it's something.
7:39:49 PMRobbieF "Robbie's a bald nerd. Oh, wait a minute."
7:40:10 PMGarbee[m] "That's literally his blog's name."
7:40:16 PMRobbieF Yup
7:40:19 PMRobbieF and his dot-com
7:40:28 PMRobbieF
7:40:49 PMAgamotto Still weird
7:41:38 PMTheFu Plex is closed source too, right?
7:42:31 PMTheFu All software is dependent on humans not to make mistakes. OS doesn't matter.
7:42:41 PMalpeck Free is not really free.
7:42:56 PMSolbu TheFu: It's a mix. Plex is 90% GPL, and the rest proprietary.
7:43:39 PMAgamotto So far, I have only been able to trust KeepassX
7:43:47 PMSolbu TheFu: Plex forked from XBMC/Kodi, so the base code will always be free. THe closed parts are what makes them different from Kodi.
7:44:16 PMTheFu I use KeePassX too, but it isn't perfect. Using normal system tools, if the DB is unlocked, all the passwords can be read from RAM.
7:44:29 PMGarbee[m] "My advice to you is get married: if you find a good wife you'll be happy; if not, you'll become a philosopher." -- Socrates
7:44:31 PMTheFu I use Plex AND Kodi. They are VERY, VERY, different.
7:44:37 PMGarbee[m] Good quote there.
7:44:48 PMRobbieF Yeah, we LOVE plex for our home video library
7:45:05 PMAgamotto TheFu: True, but if I need that level of paranoid...
7:45:20 PMRobbieF anyone watching on YouTube or Facebook Live?
7:45:45 PMAgamotto I am sort-of watching through Youtube...
7:45:46 PMSolbu A new security test just came into existence. «Is it Jeff proof?»
7:45:51 PMSolbu :-)
7:45:54 PMRobbieF cool agamotto
7:46:01 PMJeffWeston haha Solbu
7:46:04 PMRobbieF haha solbu
7:46:05 PMRobbieF woh
7:46:09 PMRobbieF coke jeff, a coke
7:46:33 PMRobbieF how's the video quality in comparison to previous weeks?
7:46:52 PMTheFu Sasha isn't fuzzy. ;)
7:46:53 PMAgamotto Anyone have an idea why Hexchat wouldn't be able to get into FreeNode? Tried to join earlier, but HexChat kept 'loading' w/o getting into channel
7:47:12 PMSolbu RobbieF: On Kodi it's excellent.
7:47:28 PMAgamotto Video quality is good on my end... but my connection is now 20x faster than it was back in October.
7:47:30 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: I'm on YouTube live.
7:47:46 PMGarbee[m] Quality is just as good as last week here.
7:47:48 PMBillM Looking quite sharp to me. Oh wait, could be my new glasses.
7:48:07 PMAgamotto It moves around, squealing a tone at them?
7:48:40 PMAgamotto Ok, but on the other side, how many businesses would you willingly enter if you had to start stepping over people to get to the doors?
7:49:18 PMalpeck I wouldn't have a problem with robots as long as it is on private property
7:49:49 PMBillM We need John Conner!!
7:50:39 PMTheFu Has JEff ever been to SF?
7:50:46 PMJeffWeston nope
7:50:48 PMRobbieF apparently not
7:50:52 PMRobbieF he thinks people don't walk there
7:51:13 PMRobbieF thefu is she usually fuzzy?
7:51:25 PMAgamotto Yes, now we can have Internet service like Portugual, and have mobile prices like Canada!
7:51:36 PMRobbieF cheers Garbee[m]
7:51:43 PMTheFu To me, yes. I downsample to 720p, and throw that on the projector.
7:53:07 PMAgamotto JeffWeston: Already happening in the mobile services
7:53:25 PMTheFu Will Comcast (NBC) start blocking access to
7:53:45 PMTheFu Or slow that content down to 1Mbps or less?
7:54:20 PMTheFu RobbieF: But there are only 2 real ISPs in the USA.
7:54:33 PMTheFu The phone company and the cable TV company.
7:54:58 PMBillM Switching ISPs is not an option in some areas.
7:55:00 PMSolbu TheFu: And in a lot of the rural areas and small cities there s only 1 ISP.
7:55:28 PMAgamotto AT&T certainly throttled things on their DSL connections... one of the biggest reasons I left.
7:55:32 PMTheFu Solbu: 1 "broadband" ISP, but they can use dial up. One of my sister's still uses dialup.
7:55:49 PMTheFu She doesn't have even slow DSL available.
7:56:13 PMTheFu OTOH, I can get GigE service for $499/month here. I'm so excited!
7:56:36 PMBillM Actually I can switch to satellite and increase my cost tenfold.
7:57:21 PMTheFu I'm playing devils advocate. I doubt most people will see any issues.
7:57:43 PMTheFu Plus, I really want SIP to be treated as higher priority over torrents, FTP, sftp.
7:58:00 PMGarbee[m] Amazon has the money to pay for that.
7:58:02 PMalpeck if an isp doesn't have the infrastructure to go with the flow then they will eventually be out of business
7:58:23 PMalpeck hopefully we will win in the end
7:58:31 PMTheFu GM paid some ISPs 15 yrs ago to cache their online ads.
7:58:36 PMbigkitty yo
7:58:36 PMJeffWeston i agree TheFu. i think any impact will be minimal so as to not cause an obvious complaint issue
7:58:50 PMGarbee[m] I've been seeing Net Neutrality issues for years.
7:59:09 PMGarbee[m] So... Yea, It's there if your paying attention, can figure it out, and your ISP is abusing their place.
7:59:15 PMGarbee[m] And my ISP isn't even a nationally known one.
7:59:32 PMBillM lately when we threaten to switch providers they actually say "Go ahead".
7:59:37 PMalpeck internet today because of smog
7:59:43 PMJeffWeston same here
8:00:39 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: I had the same kind of speech problem.
8:00:45 PMGarbee[m] Still happens sometimes.
8:00:59 PMCee_128d Robbie, switching ISP's in the US is pretty much impossible. In most locations you have the choice of Broadband or glorified Dial Up.
8:01:56 PMSashaR Garbee... I always find explaining it helps to keep from getting embarrased :)
8:02:05 PMTheFu Ubiquiti has sold GHz stuff that reached 200+ Kms.
8:02:26 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: We all have our speech quirks. It's one of the communication constants.
8:02:33 PMSashaR :)
8:02:41 PMCee_128d By that I mean ONE Broadband provider and maybe one provider up to 1 meg down and 256k up.
8:03:05 PMAgamotto I am waiting for the first 'allergy' to laser activity...
8:03:44 PMAgamotto Ask NASA...
8:03:47 PMBillM SashaR speaking w for r is called rhotacism Kripke on the TV show Big Bang Theory has it.
8:03:58 PMTheFu Used to work over a microwave link. Heavy rain would drop speeds to near zero bps.
8:04:48 PMAgamotto attenuation/interference in atmospheres
8:04:58 PMalpeck keyword...could not normally have weather and pollution will degrade or stop service
8:05:00 PMSashaR of course it is :):)
8:05:10 PMTheFu Speed of light issues matter for all communications connectivity.
8:05:32 PMAgamotto SashaR: I have often called it 'verbal dyslexia'
8:05:32 PMSolbu Forget the moon, we wan't internet om Mars.
8:06:00 PMTheFu Solbu: NASA already has a "deep space" network. It was designed in the mid-1990s.
8:06:11 PMTheFu I think.
8:07:11 PMalpeck or doors
8:07:19 PMMovieBuff
8:07:25 PMGarbee[m] NO!
8:07:34 PMGarbee[m] I will not spend time with my family or make memories.
8:07:49 PMTheFu I was wrong. 1958 for DPN.
8:07:51 PMSashaR hahaha
8:08:09 PMSolbu Computers are like air conditioners. they stop working when you open windows.
8:08:13 PMCee_128d All of my family will be gone for the holidays.
8:08:23 PMalpeck sorry to hear that Garbee[m]
8:08:32 PMBobK54 Yikes, we haveChristmas with ALL 13 grandkids this year. Good thing I have ear plugs.....
8:08:50 PMMovieBuff Sasha
8:08:51 PMTheFu No kids on Christmas this year. Just old people left now.
8:09:37 PMTheFu Everyone in the family lives in different states.
8:09:42 PMalpeck TheFu: well treasure the old people because they will might not be around next year.
8:09:59 PMalpeck merry christmas
8:10:04 PMGWG I plan on being alone and cleaning my house
8:10:08 PMBobK54 Merry Christmas, night all!
8:10:10 PMAgamotto I might show up on the 3rd... busy working next week
8:10:11 PMTheFu alpeck: I hope to be around.
8:10:15 PMSashaR I agree... I have a cherished video of my dad at Christmas that I watch
8:10:16 PMGarbee[m] Morosis: (n) The stupidest of stupidities.
8:10:17 PMGarbee[m] Best word ever.
8:10:23 PMAgamotto GWG: Sometimes, that works just fine!
8:10:31 PMGWG Agamotto: I don't celebrate Christmas
8:10:39 PMGWG It is more of an inconvenience for me
8:10:43 PMTheFu Festivus!
8:11:07 PMGWG TheFu: Don't celebrate that either
8:11:12 PMSolbu JeffWeston: Hehehe. Good one. :-)
8:11:19 PMAgamotto GWG: Ok, well whatever you plan on doing for fun. I am planning on seeing the new Star Wars movie on Christmas.
8:11:46 PMJeffWeston i see badly want ot see it Solbu
8:12:05 PMCee_128d Agamotto, I saw that yesterday. Well worth it.
8:12:20 PMSashaR See you next week my darling friends :):)
8:12:28 PMTheFu Back to watching .... The Right Stuff .... from Plex via Kodi using PlexBMC addon. ;)
8:12:48 PMSolbu JeffWeston: I was refering to your response to SashaR saying she's ready, and you said you're jeff. That made me laugh .:-)
8:13:09 PMAgamotto Imagine if his name was Jiff
8:13:21 PMJeffWeston haha Solbu, dad jokes abound with me
8:14:05 PMTheFu Can anyone read lips?
8:14:08 PMSolbu JeffWeston: Besides, it's the small everyday jokes that can make life fun and interesting. :-)
8:14:16 PMTheFu Or should we just make up what they are saying here?
8:14:52 PMJeffWeston absolutely
8:15:12 PMJeffWeston my kids have come to expect them from me
8:15:20 PMSolbu :-)
8:15:35 PMSolbu I try to make some too, for my friends.
8:15:39 PMJeffWeston ok heading hiome
8:15:42 PMSolbu JeffWeston: Have a nice christmas.
8:15:44 PMJeffWeston night
8:36:43 PMRobbieF \o


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