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6:58:32 PMbp9 Howdy
6:58:52 PMNicd- wow this is the first time ever I'm awake when you start
6:59:00 PMNicd- and I should get to bed... :D
6:59:21 PMGarbee[m] Yea, that's not a good idea at dinner time...
6:59:26 PMNicd- I have tooo! it's 2 am!
6:59:53 PMFreeway 2 am is bedtime
7:01:02 PMNicd- I'm stuck programming
7:01:17 PMbp9 And the feed went... splat!
7:01:37 PMrrdevcoder too much nutmeg kills the show
7:04:51 PMalbertr hi all
7:07:46 PMSolbu THere is a CD/record store in my city, Trondheim :-)
7:07:47 PMSashaR2 :)
7:08:27 PMFreeway What's a record lol
7:10:01 PMABQTKY They're round and flat and made of shellac. The modern ones (fifty or sixty years) are made of vinyl...but still round and flat!!
7:10:15 PMSashaR2 like the earth ;P
7:10:51 PMABQTKY Precisely, SashaR2 !!
7:11:00 PMSolbu Something is wrong with the kodi stream. It keeps buffering..
7:11:29 PMFreeway ok , I read that in my history book
7:11:37 PMbp9 I backup to file server, then back *that* up to three drives (rotating through each drive)
7:11:48 PMbp9 and then I backup the fileserver to tape as well
7:11:52 PMbp9 fun!
7:14:21 PMABQTKY SashaR2, the Pi Killer has one SATA port, but there are TWO hard drives in it. How do dey do dat?? And can it run more than two drives??? Inquiring minds want to know!!
7:14:55 PMSashaR2 I'll ask Robbie :)
7:15:08 PMbp9 Except for that big honkin heat sink! LOL
7:15:25 PMalbertr See should see my IBM S390 :)
7:15:28 PMSolbu SashaR2: Something is wrong with the kido stream. Maybe it need to be restarted. I keep having to restart it.
7:15:32 PMSolbu *kodi
7:16:15 PMrevdjenk And I'm your biggest fan!!!
7:16:15 PMSashaR2 I can see if Robbie can reset it ;)
7:16:41 PMalbertr I'm a big FAN
7:18:12 PMrevdjenk Sean Shawn Shaun sian
7:18:44 PMSolbu It's getting ridicilous. I have to restart my kodi stream every 10 seconds sometimes, to be able to watch the show..
7:18:47 PMSolbu :-)
7:19:16 PMrevdjenk Solbu: the youtube stream is doing well
7:19:28 PMSolbu revdjenk: I don't care. :-)
7:19:35 PMrevdjenk hee hee Solbu
7:20:34 PMbp9 SATA that's weird LOL
7:21:26 PMSashaR2 I'm weird (and also I don't mind how Shawn is spelled... my brother's name is Shamus, clearly bastersized!)
7:21:39 PMbp9 :-)
7:22:45 PMABQTKY SashaR, I'm beginning to get the picture. Thanks! So can we get USB hubs with UAS or whatever it's called??
7:23:05 PMABQTKY Woops, you're SashaR2.
7:23:35 PMSashaR2 :)
7:25:17 PMrevdjenk ABQTKY: do you know about the chat shortcut with autofill of names? type as much of a name that makes it unique, then hit
7:26:02 PMrevdjenk so you'll never mispell SashaR2 again!
7:26:16 PMbp9 revdjenk: How cool. It even works on pidgin. Thanks!
7:26:24 PMrevdjenk tah dah
7:26:32 PMABQTKY revdjenk, once the fingers get warmed up I don't pay attention to 'shortcuts.' (Besides, I forgot.) 8-)
7:26:40 PMrevdjenk hee hee ABQTKY
7:26:41 PMSashaR2 To be fair, I do change my name from time to time :)
7:26:59 PMbp9 revdjenk: and I learned something new! Cool...
7:27:00 PMrevdjenk someone taking verticle smartphone shots!!!
7:27:20 PMrevdjenk bp9: yes, learning is wonderful... why I'm here!
7:28:07 PMrevdjenk hee hee SashaR2
7:29:00 PMbp9 RobbieF: your title bar is off the top of the screen
7:31:15 PMbp9 I'd be trying to move the border instead of sliding the image underneath it
7:31:28 PMSashaR2 haha
7:32:41 PMTheFu What did I miss?
7:33:43 PMrevdjenk there is an image properties which gives all the information on a picture, also
7:34:00 PMSwamig007 Hi, I have recently come across the need to reduce the size of image ( potrait ) to 100 KB
7:34:15 PMTheFu ImageMagick?
7:34:26 PMSwamig007 and onwhat would be the bext approach for it in Gimp
7:34:32 PMbp9 TheFu: GIMP
7:34:35 PMrevdjenk TheFu: the studio camera test, commparisons on the little computers
7:34:51 PMTheFu Aaaaah.
7:35:17 PMSashaR2 The little computers.... love it!
7:35:27 PMTheFu I struggle with The Gimp. Generally prefer CLI tools.
7:37:05 PMTheFu Image "optimization" is an art form.
7:37:17 PMrevdjenk TheFu: yes!
7:37:53 PMbp9 SashaR2: You might consider putting the pictures on a website somewhere then email a link to the recipients.
7:38:13 PMbp9 Then they can choose if to download the high quality pictures
7:38:15 PMTheFu for img in "[email protected]"; do
7:38:15 PMTheFu NEW=${img/%.???/-opt.jpg}
7:38:15 PMTheFu echo " Working on $img ..."
7:38:15 PMTheFu convert -quality $QUAL "$img" "$NEW"
7:38:21 PMTheFu done
7:38:26 PMSashaR2 good idea :)
7:38:38 PMTheFu $QUAL - is normally around 40 for web uploads.
7:39:25 PMSolbu SashaR2: Ask why he aborted / canceled the save question wne closing Gimp. Some people need to know why, why not.
7:39:28 PMrevdjenk TheFu: but can you crop a certain part, that way... not easily or accurately I think
7:39:51 PMTheFu The Gimp is an amazing tool when you need non-trivial stuff.
7:40:02 PMFreeway Anyone have any suggestion for open source for Quickbooks
7:40:13 PMFreeway replacement
7:40:41 PMTheFu Freeway: Most businesses I know have outsourced that - accounting services.
7:41:21 PMTheFu When I was CFO at a tiny company, we didn't use Windows anywhere, ..... except .... Quickbooks.
7:41:22 PMSolbu RobbieF: It looks great in 720P.
7:41:24 PMFreeway well i have a small business
7:41:42 PMrevdjenk freeway, just started looking myself... homebank gnucash are top recommends by reviewers
7:42:02 PMFreeway I looked at gnucash
7:42:32 PMTheFu Is this a retail business that needs to deal with ever changing tax rates every quarter?
7:42:50 PMrevdjenk check out
7:43:10 PMrevdjenk they will give recommends on software
7:43:31 PMFreeway thanks, for recoomendations
7:43:32 PMrevdjenk includes commercial and free
7:43:35 PMTheFu "Ask Noah" ep 25 or 26 was about tools for small businesses that want F/LOSS solutions.
7:44:22 PMTheFu He runs an IT services company.
7:45:27 PMFreeway Ill do that
7:46:00 PMSolbu CAAS…
7:46:05 PMTheFu also provides options.
7:46:39 PMFreeway I am just worried about security
7:47:54 PMTheFu D.C. cameras ... a few yrs ago, I saw a demo from a DoD company showing off their integrated, live, Washington DC tools ... police, fire, city vehicles, cameras, gunshot sensors, etc were all part of this demo - live. It was posted to youtube with IP addresses.
7:48:21 PMbp9 RobbieF: I would not be surprised if they were remote desktop-ing into the cameras as the normal part of doing business.
7:48:46 PMbp9 (they means the owners of the traffic cameras)
7:49:21 PMTheFu I was able to ping an IP camera and fingerprint the device as a camera from the IP shown on youtube.
7:49:36 PMbp9 wow...
7:49:41 PMSolbu And kodi is acting up again.
7:49:53 PMTheFu Solbu: Fine here ... still.
7:50:19 PMTheFu So Sasha can be bought?
7:52:00 PMSolbu TheFu: I think you're to late. Dave(?) won the bid. :-)
7:53:40 PMTheFu ;) ... she said on the show that if she controlled the traffic lights, that a small payment would get her to make them change for you.
7:54:07 PMTheFu The mounteeeeeees?
7:54:57 PMGWG I'm attending the Virtual Homebrew Website Club Americas. We're in the midst of quiet writing hour till half past, when we start the club meeting if anyone is interested
7:55:31 PMTheFu They are a car finance company. Not much computer expertise there, beyond accounting programs, I bet.
7:58:07 PMBobK54 I'll be in Ottawa the week of the 14th....would you kindly warm it up a bit before I get there?
7:58:37 PMTheFu For driving, only 1 thing .... if you aren't passing, get out of the left lanes!!!!
7:58:59 PMrevdjenk TheFu: thanks for the ask noah site...
7:59:29 PMTheFu YW.
7:59:54 PMSolbu Imagine having Mr.T. yelling back: «You didn't signal, fool!»
7:59:58 PMBobK54 electricity into radio waves.....Nikola Tesla all over again
8:00:25 PMTheFu Aren't those call microwaves? Ever had a microwave burn? I have.
8:00:47 PMbp9 Wireless charging can't be very efficient -- can it?
8:00:48 PMTheFu s/call/called/
8:01:03 PMTheFu Maxwell's law, right?
8:01:40 PMBobK54 microwaves....or lightning
8:02:08 PMTheFu microwaves do cook meat.
8:02:35 PMTheFu s/meat/humans/
8:02:50 PMbp9 TheFu: I guess you're talking about the law that says the power of a radio signal weakens a lot over distance -- squared rule?
8:03:20 PMTheFu No. I was thinking about how A/C power is created using coils.
8:03:42 PMbp9 Ah a transformer
8:04:25 PMTheFu
8:07:33 PMbp9 Nice job, SashaR2!
8:07:45 PMBobK54 Happy New Year all !!!!
8:08:13 PMbp9 Yay!
8:08:30 PMbp9 Not much difference between the two cameras so far.
8:08:34 PMTheFu Time to get that amazon order for all the things that Santa didn't bring ...
8:08:56 PMbp9 Both 4K cameras so it'll more about what features they have and how they help RobbieF :-)
8:09:09 PMrevdjenk Santa brought us our two great granddaughters!
8:09:15 PMrevdjenk fun to play with
8:09:34 PMSolbu RobbieF: It looks great in 720P.
8:09:36 PMrevdjenk hee hee
8:11:28 PMSashaR2 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! :)
8:11:54 PMSashaR2 Have a great night, and week my sweet friends :)
8:12:15 PMrevdjenk just of your face
8:13:09 PMbp9 RobbieF: you should get those moles looked at LOL LOL LOL
8:14:10 PMrevdjenk bye everyone... see you next week...
8:14:23 PMTheFu Can't wait for the edited version, to see the stuff I missed!
8:14:25 PMbp9 Have a good night and Happy New Year everyone
8:14:44 PMTheFu And if you aren't passing, please stay in the right lanes. Please.
8:14:49 PMTheFu ;)
8:20:44 PMTheFu Has anyone played with qTox or uTox?


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