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6:58:05 PMSolbu And they lost internet access. Stream died too.
6:58:42 PMSweSG :/
6:59:08 PMBillM Maybe they should switch ISPs. Oh wait, we did that one already.
6:59:13 PMGarbee[m] Yup
6:59:20 PMGarbee[m] You can be heard loud and clear.
6:59:48 PMchriskevinlee hey guys, in watching live tonight :)
7:00:40 PMchriskevinlee my gf said hi
7:00:46 PMSashaR2 Hi!!!
7:02:13 PMchriskevinlee hi sasha
7:02:31 PMsr_wences Happy New Year peeps!
7:03:00 PMBillM Happy New Year!!
7:03:56 PMBillM Been going to BH store for decades. Great place.
7:04:23 PMSolbu Stream froze … and startet again.. Hmm.
7:04:23 PMsr_wences Prepping for a big of a snow storm over here in Boston. Yikes.
7:04:29 PMsr_wences
7:04:54 PMSolbu sr_wences: I had that too, I think.
7:05:03 PMSolbu Just now, yest?
7:05:06 PMSolbu *yes
7:05:18 PMBillM RobbieF: you need a remote so you don't need to reach the desk
7:05:42 PMBillM to zoom in and out
7:05:54 PMsr_wences I'm watching the stream on YouTube. We'll keep an eye onit and start squawking to Sasha if it gets out of control.
7:06:06 PMSashaR2 Thank you!!! :)
7:07:01 PMSolbu Ooh. Looks like SashaR2 got herself a smart watch. :-)
7:07:08 PMsr_wences Or to shoot movies of ducks...
7:07:39 PMSashaR2 I did I did!!!
7:09:01 PMAgamotto Hallo all
7:09:19 PMsr_wences HI Agamotto!
7:10:02 PMsr_wences Ugh. I still have some videos of my kids on tape.
7:11:17 PMAgamotto Hello. I would have been in the chatroom earlier, but HexChat doesn't seem to be able to get me in here anymore... it won't connect to the server. I will have to see if my new ISP has something to do with that
7:11:32 PMBillM 8 yes
7:11:41 PMSolbu Agamotto: Are you connecting to Freenode?
7:11:47 PMSashaR2 It was so great chatting with you!!!
7:11:47 PMsr_wences New Year's Project: I had one of the disks in my UnRaid box croaked over the weekend. I had to replace the disk in the array and it seemed to work perfectly. Of course I also had 2 backups.
7:11:54 PMchriskevinlee i watch the hangout on patron, would love to join soon
7:12:45 PMBillM SashaR2: Good to see you survived the snowy traffic. :)
7:12:51 PMAgamotto soibu - no, that is the very problem, it won't connect to any Freenode server
7:13:18 PMSashaR2 It was just as bad on the way home.... crazy!!!
7:13:30 PMSolbu Agamotto: What is the error message oyu get?
7:13:33 PMAgamotto RobbieF: It is a very good show
7:13:46 PMCee_128d In the USA it's Congress, not Parliment
7:13:56 PMAgamotto Soibu -none, the bar just keeps bouncing around, no error
7:14:00 PMsr_wences "Parliament"
7:14:14 PMSolbu Agamotto: Hmm. Sounds like you need to update the server list. Hang on..
7:14:26 PMAgamotto Parliament gets something done, I presume... unlike Congress :)
7:15:14 PMAgamotto That is the point of an anthology series... something for everyone!
7:15:22 PMsr_wences I have them on mute - I dont't want to hear anyh spoilers. Someone tell me whenthey're finished talking about Black MIrror.
7:15:41 PMSashaR2 I'm not giving it away!!
7:15:43 PMSashaR2 :)
7:15:49 PMAgamotto sr_wences: I think they are done.. they have moved on to Ricky Gervais
7:15:56 PMsr_wences Who?
7:16:53 PMSolbu Agamotto: Edit the server in the freenode entry, and enter as the server to connect to
7:17:16 PMSolbu it's a round robbin dns host of all freenode servers.
7:17:34 PMsr_wences I have never heard of a lot of these shows.
7:18:01 PMBillM I'm watching Category5 TV
7:18:06 PMsr_wences I did start watching The Orville - it's fun.
7:18:07 PMSolbu BillM: Hehe
7:18:26 PMCee_128d RobbieF They cancelled "Last Man Standing" well after they aired the last episode so no, they didn't wrap anything up.
7:18:31 PMsr_wences SashaR2 - that's not my accent!
7:19:23 PMsr_wences J_weston that's not my accent!
7:19:45 PMAgamotto I am still not sure about The Orville, but I will give it a try
7:20:16 PMSolbu I watch Andromeda and The Orville, currently.
7:20:29 PMSolbu The Orville is awesome.
7:20:43 PMAgamotto I wonder where else all the data on her Fitbit is going...
7:21:23 PMCee_128d Agamotto The Orville is everything that the latest Star Trek was promoted as being but wasn't. Well worth a look see if you like SciFy shows.
7:21:25 PMsr_wences A wire? How 2016
7:21:29 PMSashaR2 don't make me scared of my fitbit!!!
7:22:21 PMBillM But Jeff didn't have a mic for the Hangout.
7:22:37 PMAgamotto Cee_128d: I have a few episodes recorded, but I haven't had time to watch. Now that the holidays are over, I can catch up on Cat5, TekThing, and other stuff
7:23:51 PMsr_wences I didn't get any hi-tech for Christmas. My favorite gift was a dual drive multi-tip screwdriver.
7:23:54 PMBillM RobbieF: I need to get that keyboard. Mine is getting wonky
7:24:00 PMTheFu Bluetooth hacking is fun.
7:24:25 PMTheFu I've seen demos with people hacking in from almost a mile away.
7:25:12 PMsr_wences Hmmm... bluetooth hacking sounds like a fun visit to StarBucks.
7:25:59 PMAgamotto My gift was my brother being declared cancer-free
7:26:04 PMDennis_Kelley bummer
7:26:12 PMSolbu Was wondering why kodi stopped. :-)
7:26:17 PMTheFu Stream dropped?
7:26:19 PMsr_wences
7:26:28 PMAgamotto everything, it seems
7:26:30 PMsr_wences SashaR2 - live stream offline.
7:26:32 PMBillM It all stopped
7:26:35 PMchriskevinlee live stream offline
7:26:53 PMBobK54 @Agamoto - sounds like you won the Christmas lottery with that new about your brother
7:27:06 PMSolbu Agamotto: THat is a nice message to receive..
7:27:34 PMsr_wences We're back!
7:27:39 PMTheFu Ok ... so that new camera isn't the issue?
7:27:51 PMAgamotto Yes, if you ever get cancer, you want to have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma... highest cure rate of all of them
7:28:07 PMCee_128d Robbie really chose a bad location for the new studio considering how the internet is fairly low quality and way too expensive there.
7:28:10 PMBobK54 Robbie: "have you tried turning it off and on again?" couldnt resist
7:28:51 PMBillM Video quality is bad
7:28:59 PMsr_wences Welcome to Category5 cooking show.
7:29:46 PMBillM You tube is better.
7:29:48 PMAgamotto I am watching through YouTube... does that make a difference?
7:29:53 PMTheFu Video has looked fine here.
7:30:32 PMBillM I was on the Cat5 site. YouTube is better.
7:30:50 PMTheFu I'm using kodi to stream.
7:31:04 PMAgamotto I figured that using YouTube would help cut down on the load
7:31:05 PMTheFu Cell phone?
7:31:16 PMSolbu RobbieF: I think a friend of mine does the same, portable audio recorder.
7:31:28 PMsr_wences Me too. I have decided to try YouTube to reduce their transmission usage.
7:31:49 PMAgamotto Low power bluetooth?
7:31:56 PMBillM TheFu: Couldn't get Kodi working on my Debian laptop.
7:32:29 PMBillM Live TV is great!!!
7:32:43 PMAgamotto Yet another reason not to have social media on your phone...
7:32:44 PMSashaR2 :):)
7:33:15 PMsr_wences Lucky she didn't call him "Sweet Baby Cakes."
7:33:17 PMTheFu SashaR2: Sasha has 2 personal tracking devices now.
7:33:31 PMBillM RobbieF: Pick up some milk on your way home.
7:33:43 PMAgamotto Worse... stud puffin
7:34:23 PMTheFu Are there different options for all the different headphone jacks?
7:34:26 PMSashaR2 It's true :) ... I should have shown my sleep tracking on this new fitbit... it's crazy!
7:34:46 PMAgamotto SashaR2: snoring, or sleep-walking?
7:34:57 PMTheFu SashaR2: and it is constantly sent to "the cloud" where nothing is ever leaked. Not ever.
7:35:01 PMBillM SashaR2: I'm liking that FitBit
7:35:07 PMsr_wences I'm not into this whole smartwatch thing. I have a manual watch that I wind every day. But it will outlive me and maybe even my son if he takes care of it.
7:35:12 PMSashaR2 hey now!!!
7:36:26 PMTheFu What's your highest step count every? I hit 49K in November.
7:36:38 PMSashaR2 wowsers! 23000
7:37:13 PMTheFu It was an epic high up a steep mtn and back down. 19km.
7:37:37 PMsr_wences I love that term "ballots." So canadian.
7:37:38 PMSolbu TheFu: One of the women in my prayer group use a tram to the meating once, and the tram ride logged 4k steps in 15 minutes. :-)
7:38:23 PMsr_wences Ahhhh! The Ruskies are making this buffer!
7:38:25 PMTheFu s/high/hike/
7:38:35 PMsr_wences Anentry.
7:38:41 PMsr_wences an entry
7:38:48 PMBillM SashaR2: I love that wiggle you do when you break
7:40:07 PMAgamotto I am finding that as I am getting older, I am getting more tech-hostile. I increasingly have no use for anything that makes me work for it, instead of it working to fit with me.
7:40:33 PMAgamotto TheFu: chuckle
7:40:48 PMTheFu Coordinates aren't programming errors. They are initial value load errors. Spacecraft programmers don't have anything to do with those loads.
7:41:25 PMAgamotto Someone forgot to convert from Imperial to Metric?
7:41:51 PMSolbu SashaR2: The complication is that it was supposed to launch from the other site, but it had to move to the other location.
7:41:55 PMsr_wences I blame the Rooskies.
7:42:03 PMBobK54 there was that boeing 767 that landed in canada when it ran out of fuel due to metric/english calculations
7:42:25 PMTheFu When I worked in spacecraft industries, these things were loaded long after the software was set for a mission.
7:42:26 PMsr_wences I'd rather land in Canada.
7:42:49 PMTheFu It's definitely gone.
7:42:55 PMsr_wences Space junk!
7:42:58 PMBillM RobbieF: you guys are 807 km from where I live
7:43:10 PMAgamotto Earth2...
7:43:46 PMBillM SashaR2: when I say people are pigs my wife tells me not to insult the pigs
7:44:05 PMBobK54 :)
7:44:14 PMsr_wences Spacelab.
7:44:23 PMsr_wences Crashed in the desert.
7:44:36 PMTheFu There are specific orbits that are required for many satellite uses. Geosynchronous are all at the same altitude, but I've never seen a realistic graphic showing the real distances.
7:44:44 PMAgamotto Frozen blue poo...
7:44:54 PMBobK54 blue juice! that stuff made me a lot of money years ago!!!
7:44:55 PMTheFu A shuttle came down over N and East Texas.
7:45:06 PMsr_wences J_weston said "poo eater!"
7:45:10 PMsr_wences Poo water
7:45:19 PMTheFu Former rocket scientist here, BTW.
7:45:53 PMAgamotto TheFu: Yes... and way too many people at NASA got to walk away from that one.
7:45:58 PMRobbieF that's live tv for ya :D
7:45:59 PMTheFu Heat management is critical for re-entry.
7:46:00 PMRobbieF hahaha
7:46:32 PMTheFu Agamotto: Is was a hardware issue - both of those. I worked in GN&C software.
7:47:28 PMAgamotto Which could all be solved with REMOVABLE batteries...
7:47:29 PMBobK54 my iPhone 4 is still working but S.L.O.W.
7:47:41 PMSolbu TheFu: For a few seconds I was reading «GNU C Software» ;-)
7:47:57 PMTheFu Did a little of that too.;)
7:48:10 PMTheFu Very little. Unix ODBC project.
7:48:18 PMAgamotto You do if you are Apple, Google, or Microsoft...
7:49:01 PMBillM planned obsolescence
7:49:04 PMsr_wences J_weston part of the suit is that they didn't tell the people that a simple and cheaper battery replacemnt would fix the issue.
7:49:06 PMTheFu Would you rather have a phone that lasts longer, but runs a little slower?
7:49:25 PMAgamotto TheFu: Yes, but the refusal to do a walk-around spacewalk around the shuttle still rubs me raw.
7:49:33 PMAgamotto Which could all be solved with REMOVABLE batteries...
7:49:40 PMRobbieF but removal is large
7:49:44 PMTheFu Agamotto: It wouldn't have helped at all.
7:49:49 PMTheFu What could they do?
7:49:52 PMAgamotto I refuse to own a phone with a permanent battery
7:49:53 PMTheFu Nadda.
7:50:15 PMAgamotto TheFu: Kept them on the station until a Soyuz could have been sent up?
7:50:24 PMTheFu Nope.
7:50:36 PMTheFu Not enough power/disposable stuff.
7:51:12 PMAgamotto TheFu: Truly?
7:51:16 PMTheFu Truly.
7:51:42 PMsr_wences I want Sasha's voice to give me directions on Waze.
7:53:27 PMTheFu Shuttle missions were highly orchestrated, planned, with very little extra for unexpected delays. How fast do you think some other rocket, unplanned, could be flown? 6 weeks, best case, but those things are planned 2 yrs out.
7:53:55 PMBillM SashaR2: Just don't pickup the phone
7:54:34 PMTheFu I'm surprised Canadians are understood ... about, not obout.
7:54:37 PMTheFu ;)
7:54:39 PMSolbu But Lt. Data could not contract words.
7:54:48 PMSolbu The A.I seems to do that.
7:54:49 PMsr_wences "oboot"
7:54:57 PMTheFu ;)
7:55:08 PMRobbieF true Solbu!
7:55:39 PMTheFu Solbu: He did a few times. Some were part of the episodes and others were flaws in the writing.
7:55:52 PMAgamotto TheFu: I suppose, but as I said, I still find it very hard to accept.
7:56:57 PMTheFu Jeff - there's more than 1 prince.
7:57:08 PMAgamotto You would think that they would change the country occasionally
7:57:23 PMsr_wences ThFu - everything about the Space fascinates me. I love the heroic Apollo age. I even have an Omega Moon watch (manual wind)
7:58:28 PMSolbu Buffering....
7:58:43 PMsr_wences Nigerian Prince: jsut send him to patreon.
7:58:50 PMTheFu - I've answered a few questions there about shuttle stuff. Lots of others who worked/work in the industry are there too.
7:59:56 PMSolbu I had Corel Linux 1.3.
8:00:00 PMsr_wences I think they sold LinSpire at Walmart.
8:00:08 PMSolbu or was it 1.2
8:00:14 PMAgamotto Mandrake -
8:00:16 PMTheFu Canada makes the arms for the shuttle and space station - and the software, methinks.
8:00:45 PMAgamotto I think I bought my SuSE at Best Buy...
8:01:24 PMTheFu Might have to leave Linux for a BSD.
8:02:10 PMSolbu Something is really wrong on the kodi stream.
8:02:23 PMCee_128d @Solbu Corel Linux 1.2 was the last before Xandros took it over. I still have it installed on an old Pentium 1 along with WordPerfect 8 for Linux.
8:02:53 PMTheFu Solbu: fine here ... so far.
8:03:33 PMSolbu TheFu: I'm restarting the kodi stream 2 times a minute.
8:03:43 PMTheFu Cee_128d: Have you thought about moving that to a virtual machine?
8:03:53 PMBillM Yes
8:04:02 PMTheFu Solbu: It stopped 1 time tonight. No other issues.
8:04:07 PMTheFu Good time.
8:04:37 PMSashaR2 you are all so super awesome!!! Have a great week :)
8:04:52 PMSolbu Bye SashaR2 :-)
8:05:01 PMAgamotto Kodi... I tried it, but I only found out about it at the same time I was giving up on Mythbuntu
8:05:36 PMTheFu SLS --
8:05:50 PMAgamotto With what little recording I do these days, I found that the ChannelMaster DVR+ did 90% of what I needed, and I no longer had to work to 'maintain' my media box.
8:07:07 PMSolbu TheFu: I went this route: Caldera 1.3 -
8:07:45 PMCee_128d TheFu I tried but it wouldn't run. CorelLinux was kinda weird. It wasn't fully follow standard Linux practices and WordPerfect for Linux 8 and later was a botched Windows port using a specialized and proprietary version of WINE. Way too much trouble to get working on a VM or modern hardware.
8:07:45 PMSolbu The installer for Debian 2 is the singlre reason I am not using Debian. heh.
8:08:00 PMAgamotto Well, I am out of here folks... time to rejoin reality
8:08:10 PMSolbu Bye Agamotto
8:08:34 PMsr_wences I've been an Ubuntu or derivative person mostly. Although I'm fascinated by Solus.
8:14:45 PMsr_wences OK, Time to make the donuts - errrr. dinner!
8:14:46 PMRobbieF thanks all
8:14:47 PMTheFu Solbu: I tried more than a few, over the years, but those were my main distros. Today, most of my systems are running Ubuntu 14.04.x server. 16.04 has had enough issues that I just couldn't go there. Hopefully, 18.04 will be better.
8:14:47 PMTheFu Did a few months with Arch. At the time, big changes were a headache. Disrupted my ability to use it for 2/7 days a week for over a month.
8:14:47 PMTheFu Plus it felt like slackware.
8:14:48 PMTheFu RobbieF: Good info this week.
8:14:48 PMSolbu The installer for Debian 2.2 asked aproximately 200 questions during the _default_ install.
8:14:48 PMSolbu And you actually had to answer them.
8:14:49 PMRobbieF cheers TheFu - which parts did you enjoy most?
8:15:56 PMLyndon I'm really late
8:15:59 PMTheFu Cheap audio recorder. I'd tried that and multiple other cheap techniques to record my presentations, but finding a lapel mic that actually has the correct jack type was non-trivial.
8:16:40 PMTheFu Seems different android phone vendors use different 2.5 jack standards.
8:16:57 PMLyndon hello all
8:17:14 PMTheFu Then there's the hole issue of not being able to easily hear the recordings, without pulling the mic out.
8:18:15 PMRobbieF nice!
8:18:15 PMSolbu RobbieF: I really liked the portable audio part of the show. One of my best friends is a video journalist for 2 small local news papers, and he use a digital recorder and connects 2 microphones to it, using XLR connections. The sound is really great.
8:18:17 PMTheFu And lots of voice recording apps limit to 30 minutes.
8:18:23 PMRobbieF I'll have the links up tomorrow afternoon for you
8:18:48 PMRobbieF cool Solbu. Ours is a ... cheaper solution :D
8:18:49 PMRobbieF hehe
8:18:54 PMSolbu Hehe.
8:18:57 PMSolbu Yes. :-)
8:19:05 PMRobbieF $4.49 it cost me
8:19:12 PMRobbieF for a smartphone compatible lapel
8:19:13 PMSolbu Unless you alreaddy have the equipment. ;_)
8:19:20 PMRobbieF I figured, heh; may as well try. Then, mind blown.
8:19:37 PMRobbieF it sounded really, really good
8:20:00 PMTheFu RobbieF: I'm thinking the software had a bunch to do with that.
8:20:07 PMRobbieF oh absolutely
8:20:11 PMRobbieF they know audio.
8:20:11 PMSolbu RobbieF: The audio was clear, no noise to speak of.
8:21:18 PMTheFu I have a cheap USB mic ($35) for desk recordings. Works fantastic, but it bi-directional and picks up neighborhood dogs.
8:21:34 PMLyndon you have an Android phone? RobbieF
8:21:59 PMRobbieF yes. LG G3
8:22:05 PMLyndon k
8:22:05 PMRobbieF traded the Z10 for it a couple years ago
8:22:13 PMRobbieF the app should be on ios too
8:22:16 PMLyndon cool
8:22:42 PMLyndon i tried a lapel mic for my phone but it didnt do anything
8:22:48 PMLyndon idk
8:22:54 PMRobbieF has to be a special type
8:23:00 PMLyndon right
8:23:01 PMRobbieF to work in the combination mic/headphone jack
8:23:20 PMRobbieF and also has to be either self-powered, or like the one I used tonight, no need for power (some - like our headsets - require 48 V power)
8:23:58 PMLyndon oh, ok. do you have one listed in your store
8:24:00 PMLyndon ?
8:24:23 PMRobbieF Lyndon - yes it is coming tomorrow (I add the links to product we review the next day)
8:24:37 PMLyndon sweet!


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