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6:58:01 PMTheFu Kodi just crashed, so I can agree about that.
6:58:06 PMSolbu Hehe.
6:58:24 PMTheFu Rebooted earlier today.
6:58:35 PMTheFu Normally, kodi works for weeks before needing a reboot.
6:58:47 PMSolbu Wow, the blue background and Sashas shirt looks really good together.
6:59:22 PMlichenx1 sound issue or me?
6:59:33 PMSolbu lichenx1: Not turned on yet. :-)
6:59:43 PMlichenx1 ahh thx
7:01:18 PMSolbu Tjenare, SweSG. :-)
7:01:35 PMSweSG Hi
7:01:38 PMTheFu Anyone here in a LUG?
7:01:56 PMSolbu SweSG: I'm guessing by your ISP you're in sweden.
7:02:07 PMSweSG Yep
7:02:17 PMSweSG Kan du svenska?
7:02:22 PMSolbu SweSG: Hi form Norge.
7:02:27 PMSweSG Ok
7:02:48 PMSolbu Yes, I know swedish quite well. Most norwegians do.
7:03:00 PMSweSG Fint! :P
7:03:07 PMSolbu Jeg vet. :-)
7:03:14 PMTheFu Do they all talk like the Swedish chefs on the muppets?
7:04:22 PMSolbu Oh, haven't seen the muppet show in maybe 30 years. :-)
7:04:45 PMSolbu I have sound!
7:04:48 PMTheFu They were the best part!
7:05:54 PMTheFu Sasha - should be using an IRC client, right?
7:06:12 PMSolbu RobbieF: You should teach them to use a prioper client, like HexChat. :-)
7:06:24 PMSweSG Irssi
7:06:24 PMTheFu I use Thunderbird's chat.
7:06:26 PMSolbu Then they only need to set it up once.
7:06:33 PMSashaD-G6 Can you see me?
7:06:41 PMSolbu SashaD-G6: Yes.
7:06:41 PMTheFu Yeppers.
7:06:57 PMTheFu Xmas shirt?
7:08:19 PMTheFu Solbu: Didn't you help with testing Kodi?
7:08:37 PMSolbu TheFu: I implemented the fix. :-)
7:09:00 PMTheFu Great!
7:09:02 PMTheFu Thanks!
7:09:02 PMSashaD-G6 Nope... I just clued in there is no green screen :):)
7:09:34 PMTheFu That would ahve been funny with your current shirt. ;)
7:10:07 PMTheFu I've got some Sheepdog cluster questions for Robbie!
7:10:54 PMSashaD-G6 Send them in!!!!!!
7:11:32 PMSweSG Maybe I look good in 240p :P
7:11:53 PMTheFu Any VPN exit nodes in those countries?
7:12:15 PMTheFu Are any of them connected to a bank? Brokerage account?
7:12:45 PMTheFu Change those email passwords ASAP.
7:14:18 PMTheFu I've been hacked a few times. 2002 and 1995-ish
7:14:32 PMSolbu My email account is only available from home. THe server is in my flat, and pop3/imap is deliberately not available from the internet.
7:14:46 PMTheFu Seems fine.
7:15:56 PMTheFu Solbu: I host my email at home too, but let imaps and SMTP in. Have an SMTP gateway to deal with all in/out traffic.
7:16:52 PMSolbu TheFu: SMTP is open here too, but I can't relay from outside. So I can't send email from anyother location than my flat. But I can receive. :-)
7:17:29 PMTheFu I require authenticated SMTPS on 587/tcp for sending email. I'm not the only guy using the server.
7:18:46 PMTheFu 25/tcp is allowed from anywhere, provided they get through the blocklists.
7:19:17 PMlichenx1 CAT5CEPTION
7:19:26 PMTheFu SLS was my first distro. Slackware was an upgrade in usability. ;)
7:19:35 PMSolbu Take 258, and ACTION!
7:19:39 PMlichenx1 I bought suse in store as a kid
7:19:50 PMsr_wences Whoa! Hi folks!
7:19:58 PMTheFu sr_wences: Howdy!
7:20:13 PMsr_wences I had to connect with HexChat - the link on the websute wasn't loading. Anyoine else having problems?
7:20:26 PMTheFu sr_wences: Sasha was.
7:20:29 PMGuest_6768 fixed now
7:20:53 PMSweSG I like ProtonVPN:
7:21:12 PMsr_wences Too late, I'm already on with HexChat.
7:22:25 PMTheFu Redhat was sold in stores in the 1990s.
7:22:46 PMTheFu Computer stores.
7:22:57 PMlichenx1 I had suse when I was like 11 or 12 and didn't know wtf I was doing
7:23:03 PMGuruofthematrix I used it first, I think it was because of Robby
7:23:12 PMSolbu sr_wences: HexChat is the better choice. :-)
7:23:15 PMsr_wences I bought SUSE in our local computer store. It was 6 CDs and had 3 printed manuals in it.
7:23:25 PMlichenx1 ^^
7:23:43 PMlichenx1 big folding thing, like tri fold
7:23:47 PMTheFu Walnut Creek 6-Disc Linux ... quarterly releases in the 1990s.
7:23:55 PMsr_wences Hey Roberto! Yay! (Muppet arms)
7:24:08 PMSolbu SuSE was my first try with Linux. SuSE 5.2. I still have the ISOs on file.
7:24:10 PMTheFu sr_wences: Any Swedish hter?
7:24:47 PMsr_wences Ack! Youtube bufering!
7:24:48 PMlichenx1 steam died
7:24:51 PMTheFu Dead.
7:24:57 PMSashaD-G6 We will be right back...
7:24:59 PMBobK54 its dead jim!
7:25:02 PMlichenx1 sr_wences
7:25:11 PMsr_wences Stick a fork in it - show's done!
7:25:12 PMNuttypro69 Thanks for the shout out Robbie
7:25:23 PMGuest_6768 user error
7:25:26 PMSolbu Stream is back.
7:25:27 PMTheFu back.
7:25:35 PMsr_wences PEBCAK!
7:26:00 PMStraeger Aha! Made the live show for the first time in years!
7:26:08 PMBobK54 Freespire was the first distro I used from a USb stick while traveling with my company laptop. finish work, reboot with the stick, do whatever I wanted without "mother" knowing anything. :)
7:27:15 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: Yes you can.
7:27:16 PMCee_128d Lindows/Linspire was not the first Linux Distro to go mainstream in stores. Corel Linux (which included WordPerfect) was available in big box stores two years before the Linspire company even started. RedHat was available in Big Box stores before Corel Linux.
7:27:24 PMSashaD-G6 Thanks for your question/comment nuttypro
7:27:38 PMGarbee[m] The HTML5 DRM stuff is built into Chrome. So Netflix works.
7:27:58 PMTheFu Cee_128d: I remember Corel Linux. Never used it, but remember seeing it.
7:28:00 PMGarbee[m] ooh, did they disable the setting by default?
7:28:09 PMGarbee[m] That's rude.
7:28:11 PMsr_wences Yep. And I think FireFox is going to support that soon as well.
7:28:18 PMTheFu Chromium has DRM too?
7:28:40 PMlichenx1 what kind of packaging is linspire
7:28:44 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: Uh, not sure on that off the top. Let me check. But I don't believe so.
7:29:03 PMTheFu I won't have Google-Chrome on my systems. ;(
7:29:04 PMlichenx1 looks a lot like windows 7
7:29:07 PMSweSG Solbu: Vad är klockan i Norge? Är ni 1 timme före eller efter Sverige? Mitt inatten här :/
7:29:10 PMStraeger What's the window manager?
7:29:14 PMlichenx1 xfce
7:29:20 PMSolbu SweSG: Samme som i sverige. :-)
7:29:27 PMSweSG Jaså :D
7:29:30 PMTheFu XFCE is the DE ... what's the WM?
7:29:38 PMTheFu openbox?
7:29:45 PMSolbu SweSG: 01:29:43
7:29:50 PMsr_wences Is there room for Linspire in the age of Zorin?
7:30:04 PMStraeger Explains the speed. I've been using openbox on my old netbook for the speed and functionality. Also running arch for the same reason.
7:30:18 PMGarbee[m] TheFu: So what do you use?
7:30:31 PMTheFu openbox or fvwm-crystal
7:30:41 PMGarbee[m] For web browsing?
7:30:42 PMSweSG Solbu: Samma. Fick för mig att ni låg 1 timme före oss.
7:30:44 PMSolbu Now we know RobbieF's password. It's a series of stars. :-)
7:30:49 PMsr_wences LOL!
7:31:02 PMTheFu Firefox at home, chromium in a firejail --private when out and about.
7:31:21 PMTheFu Lynx sometimes
7:31:26 PMGarbee[m] Firefox has DRM built in. Encrypted Media Extension standard.
7:31:28 PMGarbee[m] ;)
7:31:33 PMTheFu dillo if I don't want any extras.
7:31:39 PMGarbee[m] Every major browser has it.
7:31:40 PMlichenx1 So RobbieF is from Texas, he said Y'all
7:31:45 PMNuttypro69 Robbie check for updates i want thru the same issues
7:31:50 PMsr_wences I've sold my soul to Google - they already know all about me - their computers are going to die of boredom.
7:31:56 PMSolbu RobbieF: Maybe you need to update the index of available packages – update the repo.
7:31:59 PMTheFu Never use dillo for HTTPS, however. It ain't safe.
7:32:34 PMTheFu sr_wences: I block as much google at the network layer as I can.
7:32:45 PMlichenx1 check that skype version
7:32:50 PMTheFu Same for facebook, twitter, and the other 10 "cloudy" things.
7:32:53 PMStraeger Maybe office 2003...
7:33:06 PMlichenx1 RobbieF, is it the new skype?
7:33:40 PMTheFu So ... is Jeff gonna convert to Linux? That would solve his current Windows problem.
7:33:43 PMsr_wences I'm getting ready to set up a pi-hole again. I set it up, but it wouldn't met me access my NAS in default setup.
7:34:27 PMGuruofthematrix what is the kernal version
7:34:30 PMTheFu Looks like a great beginner distro.
7:34:31 PMsr_wences Becasue i had the NAS set up via server-name instead of IP because I'm using DHCP instead of static IP for that.
7:35:19 PMSashaD-G6 Thiswould be great for Dave!!
7:36:01 PMTheFu SashaD-G6: Perhaps UBuntu-Mate ... larger community,.
7:36:10 PMsr_wences Jeff: Just put Lubuntu on it and your laptop will fly and you;ll be able to take advantage of a stable, well supported distro!
7:36:30 PMlichenx1 MX LINUX!
7:36:53 PMTheFu For a FAST distro, TinyCore.
7:37:01 PMTheFu 12MB, includes X11.
7:37:13 PMTheFu 55MB for common stuff.
7:37:22 PMStraeger SANS had a good web talk about meltdown and spectre.
7:37:22 PMlichenx1 is that more toy or can you actually work on it?
7:37:36 PMTheFu
7:38:11 PMTheFu lichenx1: I use it for online banking from an ISO booted via a VM.
7:39:19 PMgarywhite When I use Linux, I use SliTaz Linux in a VM
7:39:28 PMTheFu Ubuntu Wiki page on these:
7:39:32 PMlichenx1 TheFu, my chromebook is very low spec, worth the switch?
7:39:45 PMlichenx1 celeron 2gb ram
7:39:50 PMTheFu lichenx1: Depends on the chomebook.
7:40:05 PMlichenx1 celeron is a mean joke from intel
7:40:09 PMTheFu Tinycore is loaded into RAM at boot, so it flies on every computer.
7:40:28 PMTheFu Actually, the Celeron 2950U is an amazing CPU.
7:40:49 PMStraeger Full writeup:
7:41:31 PMSolbu Heh. It sounded like RobbieF or Jeff yawned. :-)
7:41:34 PMlichenx1 Intel Celeron N3050
7:41:51 PMTheFu I thought that Nuttypro69 leaving ... again.
7:42:18 PMTheFu The N celerons ARE a joke for most laptops.
7:42:20 PMTheFu IMHO.
7:42:43 PMlichenx1 ok so there ya go, I thought there was hope lol
7:43:02 PMlichenx1 $100 chromebook samsung 3
7:43:29 PMTheFu lichenx1: That CPU is about 50% slower than anyone should use.
7:43:50 PMlichenx1 I wouldn't doubt it for a second
7:44:16 PMTheFu I would try tinycore off a flash boot, see how it works. Get the mid-level downlaod, not the 12MB version.
7:44:35 PMlichenx1 gonna try it
7:44:44 PMTheFu lichenx1: That CPU was a cruel joke.
7:45:15 PMTheFu My chromebook is about as fast as a 1st gen Core i5 laptop.
7:45:37 PMTheFu Wiped chromeOS pretty quickly.
7:45:41 PMTheFu OF course.
7:45:55 PMSolbu … and installed Windows! ;-)
7:46:02 PMTheFu NEVER!
7:46:12 PMsr_wences When my Original Pixel goes off support, I'm going to put Xubuntu on it, I think.
7:47:47 PMlichenx1 my pc processor is 553% faster lol
7:47:48 PMTheFu Devices that require internet access to work when they shoudln't need it are warnings.
7:48:20 PMStraeger Same for mobile apps.
7:48:21 PMSolbu Just warnings? It should not be allowed. :-)
7:48:47 PMStraeger Does that spiffy game need access to my contact list? No.
7:49:26 PMStraeger Strip the exif data!
7:49:38 PMTheFu New USgovt recommendations:
7:49:38 PMTheFu
7:49:39 PMSolbu Nuttypro69: You need to fix your IRC client.
7:50:02 PMTheFu Solbu: Can't you bounce him out?
7:50:10 PMSolbu Just did. :-)
7:50:15 PMTheFu Thanks.
7:50:17 PMStraeger There's an online tool called creepy that can aggregate social media public posts and track someone's physical location.
7:50:40 PMStraeger Uses public posts and exif data
7:50:45 PMlichenx1 Sasha is making me hungry
7:51:00 PMRobbieF mmmm pizza
7:51:05 PMlichenx1 ^
7:51:11 PMTheFu Straeger: The DC group I visit has social network challenges ... basically, it is being creepy towards different individuals to see what we can find out.
7:51:20 PMSolbu My camera doesn't have location data in exif, and my Facebook posts doesn't include locations.
7:51:33 PMsr_wences Dinnertime! See ya guys!
7:51:33 PMlichenx1 My brother got me scorpion pepper tabasco, it's insane hot.
7:51:44 PMbp9 LOL the chat is ahead of the video feed and I wondered why folks were getting hungry...
7:51:50 PMbp9 ...for about 40 seconds LOL
7:51:52 PMTheFu I time sync photos with GPS data ... only when outside my home areas.
7:52:13 PMTheFu Do you tip the automatic driver?
7:52:20 PMSolbu bp9: Hehe. The video is about 1 minute behind. .
7:53:10 PMbp9 Solbu: I know, but some folks (lichenx?) are getting the video a bit quicker :-)
7:53:10 PMTheFu They use access codes for those things.
7:53:36 PMStraeger No more tipping drivers.
7:53:39 PMTheFu Jeff - there are 60 yrs olds delivering pizza here.
7:54:06 PMTheFu I always laugh when the pizza kid shows up in a Lexus.
7:55:17 PMStraeger Give me a chance to drop a reverse shell and a written pentest agreement, and we'll see how reliable the machines are.
7:55:29 PMTheFu How will they deliver to places that don't have addresses?
7:55:41 PMStraeger Geolocation
7:55:44 PMTheFu Straeger: They took 2 days to hack into a B757.
7:56:02 PMTheFu Straeger: How does the customer provide the location?
7:56:16 PMStraeger Phone GPS
7:56:23 PMSolbu RobbieF: In 50 years hopefully Christ have returned, and rules. :-)
7:56:24 PMTheFu I like and W3W for those solutions.
7:56:51 PMTheFu
7:57:16 PMTheFu
7:57:28 PMTheFu Much easier than GPS for humans.
7:58:22 PMTheFu But I block location services in apps.
7:58:34 PMStraeger Same here.
7:59:31 PMTheFu Love that my tablet doesn't have a phone or GPS. ;) or any google services ...
8:00:17 PMStraeger I will admit to using Google maps on my phone for GPS while driving on trips.
8:00:29 PMSweSG Good night all! Solbu God natt!
8:00:41 PMTheFu No gang signs in the photos.
8:00:44 PMSolbu SweSG: Sov godt. :-)
8:01:23 PMTheFu Gutten abend, ya'll.
8:01:47 PMStraeger Hopefully I can remember to join online next week. It's been fun. Last time I caught the live show was back in like 2015 or something.
8:01:55 PMbp9 @TheFu you made me think of a mainframe ABEND! :-)
8:02:15 PMStraeger Guten abend, TheFu
8:12:59 PMSolbu RobbieF: The last MP3 patent expired in april last year.
8:16:42 PMRobbieF even still
8:18:02 PMSolbu :-)
8:18:32 PMSolbu Even Fedora and Debian have included MP3 support in the subsequent releases.


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