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6:58:24 PMGWG RobbieF: Nice sweatervest
6:58:51 PMTheFu1 I use thunderbird ... there's IRC built-in.
6:59:04 PMGWG I had to upgrade to a 4K TV so I could see more Category 5 detail.
7:00:03 PMTheFu1 and the dealy bopper too.
7:00:13 PMGWG TheFu1: Atomic vector plotter?
7:00:33 PMGWG You shouldn't go to Hawaii. They have ballistic missiles, I hear
7:01:03 PMGarbee[m] I'm working on figuring out VueJS to build a front-end single page application.
7:01:06 PMTheFu1 GWG: That's ND, SD, Neb, Ark, KS ... with the missiles. I hear.
7:01:10 PMGarbee[m] :/
7:01:25 PMGWG Not if you put your atomic vector plotter into a strong brownian motion producer, such as a nice hot cup of tea
7:01:44 PMTheFu1 Bad accident in Ark in the early 1980s. Almost killed everyone in the midwest.
7:01:45 PMGarbee[m] Like, I'm kinda cool with it. I'm just trying to do some weird stuff to keep the front-end where I can keep it public and others can use it while keeping the backend system entirely separated.
7:02:00 PMGWG TheFu1: I remember the documentary on that
7:02:29 PMlichenx1 stutter on stream or my net?
7:02:45 PMGWG Not here
7:02:49 PMTheFu1
7:03:16 PMDennis_Kelley hello everyone!
7:03:25 PMTheFu1 Kodi stream is nice, though Robby looks exceptionally white tonight.
7:03:31 PMGWG TheFu1: I saw the Command and Control documentary
7:03:52 PMTheFu1 GWG: Yep. Scary.
7:03:58 PMGWG TheFu1: RobbieF reflects more than the others due more white surface area.
7:04:23 PMTheFu1 And the contrasting clothing?
7:04:43 PMTheFu1 Ok, viewer questions ...
7:05:04 PMGWG Didn't RobbieF used to let his hair grow in the winter?
7:05:45 PMGWG I didn't prepare a question in advance. Darn
7:06:23 PMGWG Except for Wirecast
7:07:37 PMTheFu1 Kodi is like a telephone or a vehicle.
7:07:51 PMGarbee[m] Don't forget to make fun of RobbieF being bald too!
7:07:57 PMTheFu1 You can drive to a bank to rob it, so is the vehicle illegal?
7:08:39 PMGWG Garbee[m]: I can't see your comment as the reflection off of RobbieF is shining in my eyes.
7:08:46 PMGWG Okay, no more RobbieF jokes
7:08:54 PMSolbu Gaah, again the stream is unreliable!
7:08:55 PMGarbee[m] hahaha
7:08:57 PMGarbee[m] Good one GWG.
7:09:03 PMSolbu (on kodi)
7:09:23 PMTheFu1 Solbu: It has been perfect here.
7:09:26 PMGarbee[m] Yea, the 4k does improve the shine...
7:09:45 PMGWG Garbee[m]: They have powder for that
7:10:03 PMGarbee[m] Robbie is so going to revoke my op privs after tonight.
7:10:37 PMGWG I had this idea that for one episode, RobbieF tries to be the 'sidekick' and gets one of the others to be the lead host. I wonder if that's ever happened.
7:10:45 PMTheFu1 Nice.
7:10:56 PMGWG The episodes blur together in my mind after a while
7:10:58 PMGarbee[m] Yup, Jeff was keeping up.
7:11:47 PMGWG I must have forgotten
7:11:52 PMGarbee[m] JeffWeston: But when you blow it up he can get a new one!
7:11:54 PMGarbee[m] No
7:11:55 PMABQTKY The JVC may have HDR and wide color gamut...sooo, Robbie may be reflecting at P3 Garbee(m) GW
7:11:55 PMGarbee[m] Bad idea.
7:11:57 PMGarbee[m] Do not let me on camera.
7:11:57 PMGarbee[m] RobbieF: gets it!
7:12:18 PMGWG I've been here for so long, I'm still calling out the temperature at my location.
7:12:47 PMGarbee[m] ABQTKY: Way too technical for a joke.
7:12:50 PMGarbee[m] Dumb it down some.
7:12:54 PMGarbee[m] I no smart man.
7:13:06 PMTheFu1 17.04 support ends ... like ... this week.
7:13:17 PMGWG By the way, I'm happy to host the show
7:13:17 PMGarbee[m] Wasn't 17.04 last week?
7:13:43 PMTheFu1 No kernel fixes, ever, for 17.04. Don't know.
7:14:17 PMGarbee[m] Yea, it was last week.
7:14:18 PMGarbee[m] The 13th.
7:14:22 PMTheFu1 No Xmas cards?
7:14:43 PMGarbee[m] yea, make GWG the guest host. He'd do much better keeping it PG-13 than I would.
7:14:53 PMSolbu Kids, if you want to know what snailmail or stamps are, ask your grandpa. :-)
7:14:59 PMBillm Is 17.10 back online? I heard it was bricking laptops.
7:14:59 PMGWG Garbee[m]: I've been co-hosting my own show for years.
7:15:14 PMGarbee[m] I know, that's why you'd be better at it.
7:15:15 PMGarbee[m] ;)
7:15:27 PMGWG We just decided to start talking about Home Automation and such because Android has not filled our time
7:15:36 PMTheFu1 Billm: the fresh, better, release was re-released last week.
7:15:37 PMGarbee[m] Cool.
7:15:54 PMGarbee[m] I do need to check in again. Just so little time to keep up with everything I want to.
7:16:04 PMGWG I turned off our live stream. No one tuned in
7:16:12 PMBillm TheFu1: Cool!
7:16:17 PMGarbee[m] Is there an Apple Pi?
7:16:26 PMGarbee[m] Or Chocolate Pi?
7:16:29 PMTheFu1 Java on an SBC isn't a great idea.
7:16:54 PMGarbee[m] Speaking of Chocolate... I have Ice Cream.
7:17:08 PMTheFu1 Having hot cocoa here. ;)
7:17:53 PMGarbee[m] TheFu1: Somehow I keep failing at making hot cocoa. It always ends up nasty now.
7:18:02 PMGarbee[m] I used to be pretty good at it. No idea how i lost it.
7:18:24 PMTheFu1 Garbee[m]: I just run the milk through the coffee maker.
7:18:34 PMGWG I gave up ice cream. I'm having schwarma
7:18:50 PMSolbu RobbieF: Next question then becomes, what is dmips, or what you called it.
7:19:05 PMGarbee[m] TheFu1: See I don't do milk. I just use hot water.
7:19:12 PMGarbee[m] The time I did try milk I ended up burning it.
7:19:17 PMTheFu1 Garbee[m]: well, there's the issue.
7:19:17 PMGarbee[m] So I stopped.
7:19:36 PMGWG It depends on what you are doing
7:20:01 PMTheFu1 Anything less than an i7 with 16G and java is a hog. ... IMHO.
7:20:33 PMjcmorris He said Java
7:21:05 PMGWG I'm playing with Pi Zero W's for reporting sensor data
7:21:25 PMGarbee[m] JeffWeston: Chocolate!
7:21:39 PMTheFu1 If you need transcoding for plex clients, don't get a SBC.
7:21:57 PMTheFu1 A $50 Intel or AMD CPU will handled transcoding.
7:22:00 PMGarbee[m] No, Reddit will come after you for killing bannanas.
7:22:02 PMTheFu1 for plex.
7:22:18 PMBillm WOW SashaD-G6
7:22:23 PMBluenoseguy Oh my
7:22:29 PMGWG I want to do this.. with some SBC
7:23:11 PMTheFu1 SBC are a good solution for many, many, things.
7:23:27 PMSashaD-G6 Hi Bill!!!
7:23:43 PMGWG TheFu1: There is a place that sells the PI Zero W for $5, but only one per customer
7:23:48 PMGWG So, I buy one every time I go there
7:23:50 PMGWG I have a stack now
7:23:57 PMTheFu1 GWG: per day.
7:24:03 PMTheFu1 Microcenter is like that.
7:24:09 PMBillm The site sells the 15V supply both 4A and 6A
7:24:13 PMGWG TheFu1: That is the place I was talking about
7:24:45 PMSashaD-G6 One bad joke... I get cut!
7:24:50 PMTheFu1 They also sell CPU+MB combos with pricing that is better than online ... 50% of the time.
7:25:04 PMGWG TheFu1: I want a Pi Zero WH
7:25:14 PMTheFu1 SashaD-G6: it was a little off-color.
7:27:20 PMTheFu1 Swedish chef - JeffW?
7:27:25 PMJeffWeston HAHA
7:28:17 PMGWG TheFu1: I think the Swedish Chef doesn't get respect.
7:29:14 PMBluenoseguy More than the lobsters... that episode was hilarious!
7:30:17 PMTheFu1 mount
7:30:52 PMSolbu df -T
7:31:27 PMTheFu1 mount|grep ext
7:31:39 PMTheFu1 Solbu: nice!
7:32:40 PMTheFu1 THAT is very, very, nice.
7:33:26 PMTheFu1 Probably does have vt-x.
7:33:41 PMTheFu1 My i3-5015U has vt-x
7:33:51 PMTheFu1 Which OS?
7:36:12 PMGWG I made a mistake at getting the wrong voltage
7:36:44 PMTheFu1 GWG: I've done that - decades ago.
7:37:04 PMSolbu Could it be SecureBoot problems?
7:37:05 PMTheFu1 DDR4 systems seem to be much pickier about RAM. Ryzen seems to be.
7:37:36 PMTheFu1 Solbu: probably not with mainstream Linuxen.
7:38:09 PMSolbu TheFu1: Not all mainstream distros support secureboot.
7:38:16 PMSolbu Mine doesn't
7:38:21 PMTheFu1 Check the MB manual for RAM compatibility.
7:38:34 PMTheFu1 Solbu: what do you call 'mainstream?"
7:38:40 PMGWG TheFu1: I wasn't paying attention.
7:40:42 PMTheFu1 Roku does change the stream as needed. ... individual hair, not hairs.
7:41:46 PMGarbee[m] Alrighty, I'm out for the night. Ya'll enjoy the rest of the show.
7:41:54 PMTheFu1 Just noticed. Audio stream is mono. Is that planned?
7:42:19 PMTheFu1 Or someting on my end?
7:43:52 PMTheFu1 HDMI capabilities being negotiated between the different devices?
7:44:22 PMBillm RobbieF: All 12 torrents should be up by tomorrow morning
7:44:30 PMTheFu1 Sasha is on the left. Robbie is on the right.
7:44:48 PMGWG You too? People did that on mine
7:46:57 PMSolbu TheFu1: Yes, it is intentional having live stream in mono.
7:48:40 PMSolbu NTSC – Not The Same Color
7:50:24 PMTheFu1 h.265 ... the reason that a Plex that can transcode is needed. ;)
7:53:17 PMGWG I had to step away, and RobbieF changed his shirt and the people around him changed.
7:53:22 PMGWG Have I entered an alternate universe?
7:54:06 PMSolbu The advice seems to be, keep it simple. ;-)
7:56:42 PMSolbu Heh, does that carrot comment count as a healthy comment? :-)
7:57:27 PMGWG I like the dramatic readings here
7:58:11 PMGWG I'm reminded of dramatic readings of the Apple EULA
7:58:27 PMRobbieF nice
7:58:38 PMRobbieF Solbu ... ^^
7:58:41 PMRobbieF oh
7:58:42 PMRobbieF ^ ^
7:58:55 PMSolbu GWG: I have a dramatic reading of the DeCSS source code. :-)
7:59:11 PMTheFu1 Solbu: by Spock?
7:59:18 PMSolbu No. heh
7:59:25 PMGWG I met Leonard Nimoy once
7:59:49 PMRobbieF very cool
8:00:00 PMTheFu1 GWG: nice.
8:00:09 PMGWG RobbieF: I also met someone who used to get his hair cut by his father
8:01:02 PMTheFu1 suck-cut?
8:01:18 PMRobbieF I cut liam's hair once. my wife cried
8:01:19 PMRobbieF :p
8:01:33 PMGWG TheFu1: Max Nimoy was a barber
8:02:17 PMSolbu RobbieF: Hehehe.
8:02:28 PMBillm Which is the Barbie episode? I NEED to see that one.
8:02:52 PMSolbu Billm: I was thinking the same thing. That sounds like a fun watch.
8:03:46 PMalpeck that not very smart RobbieF
8:03:54 PMTheFu1 RobbieF: say it isn't so!!!!
8:04:14 PMTheFu1 In email? Really?
8:04:16 PMalpeck email is plan text as well
8:04:47 PMRobbieF I know, I'm dumb sometimes!
8:05:00 PMRobbieF but I'm sure there are some who are nodding going, Oh, I do that too...
8:05:01 PMjcmorris enpass works well, android, windows, linux clients
8:05:05 PMTheFu1 RobbieF: nextcloud + keepassX
8:05:13 PMRobbieF good idea TheFu1
8:05:21 PMRobbieF That sounds show-feature worthy.
8:05:31 PMGWG What is the difference between nextcloud and owncloud? I always confuse them
8:05:55 PMRobbieF apparently NextCloud is a fork?
8:06:00 PMTheFu1 nextcloud is a fork. Former OC leader is running NC now.
8:06:05 PMGWG How dare Apple prevent people from hacking their devices?
8:06:10 PMGWG TheFu1: Which do I want though?
8:06:33 PMTheFu1 I chose NC, but ... you might have different requirements.
8:06:50 PMGWG TheFu1: Why?
8:06:54 PMTheFu1 Probably want a VPN first.
8:07:20 PMTheFu1 GWG: Becuase you and I are differnt people? Is that a trick question?
8:07:35 PMBillm Live feed from web page has dropped a couple of times.
8:08:47 PMTheFu1 If the different govts weren't violating privacy rights, we wouldn't be so crazy about strong encryption.
8:08:59 PMGWG TheFu1: I meant, what requirements did you have?
8:09:07 PMTheFu1 Too many to list here.
8:09:39 PMGWG TheFu1: Another time then
8:09:42 PMTheFu1 The dropbox-like stuff was really a minor consideration.
8:09:54 PMTheFu1 I can use rsync.
8:09:54 PMalpeck way to flip that around SashaD-G6
8:10:09 PMRobbieF Oh, she's good. :p
8:10:26 PMJeffWeston this is more so an ethics issue than an encryption issue\
8:10:27 PMTheFu1 NO! Not without a public, court order.
8:10:46 PMRobbieF right, but if they HAVE a court order, should they be allowed?
8:11:17 PMTheFu1 RobbieF: Only after they prove for years they aren't violating rights like they have since 2002-ish.
8:11:22 PMJeffWeston the root issue is that by accessing hte phone it opens hte door to non-suspect public
8:11:26 PMTheFu1 Trust needs to be re-re-re-earned.
8:11:38 PMjcmorris From the law point of view if you have nothing to hide, from our point of view, they don't need to know if I have anything to hide
8:12:07 PMTheFu1
8:12:31 PMTheFu1 Solar and wind energy is a way to pre-pay for energy.
8:13:06 PMJeffWeston right, jcmorris
8:13:28 PMRobbieF I've heard some issues re. wind like how it absorbs the wind, causing lack of rain ...
8:13:58 PMBillm It's always something
8:14:08 PMTheFu1 Amazon video has a doc about solar and wind power in Canada. Very interesting.
8:14:10 PMRobbieF Always, Billm
8:14:14 PMJeffWeston i always personalize it this way, if your friend is a drug trafficer but you dont know and have nothin to do with that lifestyle, why should the police have a rioght to via your interactions with that friend. thats the big privacy issue i think
8:14:26 PMSolbu RobbieF: Regarding passwords; You need a system for creating passwords. One part that varies and one part that is the same. That way you have a uniqe passord for each site, that is simultaneously the same password. I learned this from TWiT's Security Now netcast. I can give examples in private/email on what I do.
8:15:12 PMSolbu RobbieF: And you'll allways be able to remember it. I can remembewr all my 50 different passwords because of this.
8:16:20 PMTheFu1 Solbu: I know fewer than 3 passwords. The rest and sometimes the username/login aren't something I know. Password managers rock.
8:16:51 PMSolbu TheFu1: I don't trust password managers.
8:17:08 PMTheFu1 Solbu: txt file and openssl?
8:17:23 PMGpop7 Great show. Goodnight all. Have a good week.
8:17:28 PMSolbu TheFu1: No, brain memory.
8:17:58 PMBillm RobbieF: Barbie episode number?
8:18:00 PMSolbu TheFu1: I'm serious. i have at least 50 Different passwords, and I remember them all, because I have a system for how they are constructed.
8:18:07 PMalpeck isn't password managers like putting all your eggs in one basket
8:18:17 PMSolbu alpeck: My point exactly.
8:18:29 PMTheFu1 Solbu: I used to do that. Stopped when I had to use random logins too.
8:19:31 PMalpeck i love digital legacy but then intel bought them
8:19:47 PMBillm NICE!!
8:19:48 PMalpeck so that means NSA has unrestricted access
8:20:09 PMDennis_Kelley thanks guys!
8:20:17 PMalpeck bye
8:20:25 PMDennis_Kelley Robbie JeffWeston and SashaD-G6 Great show!
8:20:43 PMTheFu1 Dennis_Kelley: +1
8:23:50 PMRobbieF how was that camera?
8:24:02 PMSolbu it was nice. :-)
8:24:22 PMSolbu Looked fine on the 720p live stream. :-)
8:24:26 PMRobbieF cool
8:24:36 PMRobbieF This one is definitely my favorite as far as form factor goes
8:28:16 PMSashaD-G6 Good night everyone..see you next week!


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