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6:58:09 PMGarbee[m] It works
6:58:12 PMGarbee[m] No echo out here.
6:58:14 PMSolbu Check!
7:00:52 PMSolbu Lookes like sasha got a good chair.
7:01:06 PMGarbee[m] Oh you're sitting again!
7:01:08 PMGarbee[m] I will now complain you aren't getting as much cardio as you were.
7:02:09 PMSolbu And we have lift off.
7:06:07 PMGarbee[m] Where is this going?
7:07:20 PMSolbu Gaah! Kodi still frack up!
7:07:35 PMalpeck you are actually number six if you go to images
7:07:43 PMGWG You own the domain, don't you?
7:07:45 PMGWG Just tuned in
7:08:25 PMalpeck go to google images besause Sasha Rickman if number 1
7:08:32 PMalpeck ^is
7:08:56 PMGarbee[m] So you've been lieing to us all this time!
7:09:00 PMGWG Also, I can spell Rickman
7:09:01 PMGarbee[m] SashaR: That is so rude.
7:09:25 PMGWG I never remembered how to spell her maiden name
7:09:38 PMSashaR dirmeitis :)
7:09:47 PMSashaR dir Me It Is
7:09:47 PMGWG RobbieF: So try it through a VPN
7:09:56 PMalpeck actually SashaR you are number 1 thru 6
7:09:56 PMGWG SashaR: No one remembers how to spell my name either
7:10:03 PMbp9 Bald Nerd is #1 on duck duck go as well
7:10:24 PMbp9 in the usa :-)
7:11:11 PMGWG I have to check to see if I'm #1 on my name when I search
7:11:23 PMGWG Lately, my cousin the tax lawyer keeps coming up, even though we don't share a first name
7:12:33 PMGWG Darn, he's still on the first page of results
7:15:10 PMalpeck check your hd smart data to see if anything is increasing
7:15:10 PMRobbieF For the win!
7:16:46 PMMikeyMike2018 Ball nerd is number 1in Florida
7:16:50 PMalpeck SAP is always laggy
7:17:11 PMbp9 I had to turn off secure boot to install xubuntu on a new 6-core Dell desktop
7:18:10 PMbenrob0329 When wouldnt you turn off secure boot though?
7:18:19 PMbp9 in the BIOS
7:18:33 PMMikeyMike2018 Sacher Rickman is number one in Florida also.
7:18:48 PMbp9 The xubuntu website explains how to do it.
7:18:57 PMMikeyMike2018 I mean sasha
7:19:06 PMSolbu I explicitly shose a system where secure boot can be disabled, otr my distro (Mageia) can't be installed on it
7:19:09 PMSolbu *chose
7:21:09 PMbp9 Sasha you literally rock. Well done!
7:21:11 PMbp9 :-)
7:22:07 PMbenrob0329 bp9: I mean, why on earth would you not disable it?
7:22:18 PMSolbu Dawn of mankind, no less. :-)
7:23:20 PMbp9 benrob0329: Actually I've only ever installed linux on laptops or desktops that either did not have secure boot on or was not implemented.
7:23:31 PMbp9 Yes, I install linux on old as dirt machines.
7:23:47 PMbenrob0329 Hey, it works
7:24:13 PMbp9 I recently splurged on a higher performance machine and secure boot was there, and xubuntu would not run until I turned off secure boot
7:25:05 PMbp9 Still deciding if I want to dual book (gack!) Win10 and linux
7:25:19 PMSolbu bp9: Speakng of old systems: A few weeks ago I watched someone start a modern GNU/Linux distro in an old 486. It used 11 minutes to boot to the terminal login.
7:25:23 PMGarbee[m] I'd wheel into the bathroom.
7:26:07 PMbp9 Solbu: That would work too but soooo s-l-o-w
7:26:18 PMSolbu Hehe.
7:26:39 PMGarbee[m] Carrie Webb!
7:26:42 PMGarbee[m] For those of us old enough to remember her.
7:26:56 PMbenrob0329 Solbu: hmm..might want to disable a few services..and by that I mean all of them
7:27:15 PMSolbu They launced apache, started playing a wave file, and opened a html text only page. The player strugled. :-)
7:27:41 PMbp9 Yah it would struggle. Try running plex on it!
7:27:55 PMSolbu as in, they opened a page on the 486 system, from an external system. Serving the single html page was to much for the system. hehe
7:29:27 PMbenrob0329 MediaGoblen and other decentralized platforms FTW! No YouTube dictatorship!
7:29:59 PMSolbu RobbieF: I don't have a youtube account (for privacy reasons), so i cant subscribe even if I wanted to.
7:30:08 PMbp9 Hmm, so browsers are far more complicated than they used to be, and webpages have so much more content behind them, that you need a high performance machine to get any kind of decent ... well... performance.
7:30:35 PMGarbee[m] Decentralized platforms don't solve the core problem of monetization though.
7:31:13 PMbenrob0329 They do and they dont
7:31:41 PMbenrob0329 You can choose different methods that better suit your content
7:31:42 PMbp9 RobbieF: You'd get more views if you did another "cardigan" music video! LOL LOL
7:31:48 PMRobbieF haha!
7:32:22 PMbp9 Fix the /etc/hosts file on the machines
7:32:46 PMbenrob0329 Ads, Paid Content, Free, Subscriptions. Its all options once you are in control of your content.
7:33:30 PMbenrob0329 Not only that, but because MediaGoblen, Mastodon, and others helped create ActivityPub things are about to get a lot more federated than they used to be
7:36:26 PMTheFu say "Hello World!";
7:37:36 PMGarbee[m]
7:37:41 PMalpeck i us to have this problem and once i setup a domain on my network problem went away
7:37:43 PMGarbee[m] Best addition to `/etc/hosts` ever.
7:38:01 PMbp9 Garbee: heck yeah!
7:38:46 PMTheFu Garbee[m]: +1
7:38:51 PMGopher2 it would be if it was the other way around Garbee[m]
7:39:18 PMBobK54 what is this "windows" you speak of?
7:39:22 PMGarbee[m] oh yea, ips before names.
7:39:28 PMGarbee[m] Good catch gopher2.
7:39:31 PMTheFu I use a curated /etc/hosts file with something like 32K entries to help block unwanted parts of the internet. Have like 150 facebook-related tracking entries.
7:40:22 PMTheFu If you don't use android, then you can setup a local DNS server to handle blocking ... pi-hole is the project.
7:40:34 PMbp9 /etc/hosts... Called it! :-)
7:41:11 PMTheFu New android releases ignore local DNS settings - at least mine do. To access internal web services, I have to use a VPN!
7:41:24 PMTheFu Sasha is on the wrong side?
7:41:57 PMbp9 Well, she's on the other side...
7:42:04 PMSolbu I use bind9 to run a local domain.
7:42:22 PMTheFu
7:42:36 PMTheFu Solbu: Android 7+ ignores it.
7:42:44 PMalpeck I just setup local domain on my router
7:42:51 PMSolbu TheFu: Not the dns server, it does not.
7:43:09 PMbp9 BaldNerd, don't mess her up now!
7:43:18 PMTheFu It does here.
7:43:31 PMTheFu I'm positive.
7:44:00 PMSolbu TheFu: Are you telling me that android Does Not use dns servers?
7:44:28 PMSolbu my bind server _is_ the dns server in use. It is even assigned by dhcp.
7:44:37 PMSolbu :-)
7:44:38 PMTheFu No. I'm saying that if you set DNS in DHCP to be used, Android ignores those settings and uses Google's DNS instead.
7:45:19 PMTheFu Older Android systems (which are out of date), do use DNS settings provided by DHCP servers.
7:46:05 PMTheFu And credit cards allow 60 days to notify them - so 2 statements.
7:46:58 PMGWG Usually, the compromised company offers monitoring services to avoid lawsuits
7:47:01 PMTheFu The only company who notified me of credit card fraud was Apple Computer.
7:47:40 PMbp9 Sasha: OnePlus should be advising the customer, not the card issuers.
7:47:48 PMGarbee[m] Banks don't have tokens, at least not for this.
7:47:57 PMGarbee[m] It is a middle-man merchent services provider.
7:48:08 PMTheFu GWG: With an automatic $19.95 charge after 12 months. That's common. The best answer for credit protection in hte USA is something called a "credit freeze".
7:48:37 PMTheFu has more details.
7:48:40 PMSongbird Hi everyone! I am very late.
7:48:48 PMGWG TheFu: There are a few options
7:49:55 PMGWG It's Coop, not Cup
7:52:16 PMTheFu Parking, Sasha.
7:53:14 PMTheFu Johny-Cab
7:53:53 PMbp9 The public transport system in Melbourne is so well developed that you don't need a vehicle to get (almost) anywhere in the city
7:54:44 PMTheFu Melbourne,FL?
7:54:53 PMbp9 Melbourne Australia
7:55:06 PMGWG bp9: Should I come to Australia?
7:55:24 PMbp9 Sure, why not?
7:55:41 PMGWG bp9: Because it's a long flight?
7:55:52 PMTheFu It is on my travel list. Already hit 5 continents.
7:56:14 PMbp9 only 17 hrs non-stop LAX to Melbourne.
7:56:28 PMGWG bp9: I have a free ticket.
7:56:40 PMTheFu Think the longest segment I've done is only 14 hrs.
7:57:00 PMGWG Longest I did was NRT-DTW
7:57:01 PMTheFu But I've spent 36+ hrs traveling to a few different places.
7:57:15 PMTheFu ATL-NRT here.
7:57:30 PMGWG TheFu: Did you stay in NRT or connect?
7:57:31 PMTheFu Ah ... ATL-ICN was longer.
7:57:39 PMbp9 BHM-
7:57:41 PMbp9 and back
7:57:45 PMGWG Because I did MNL-NRT-DTW-LGA
7:58:06 PMTheFu Yes. I've been through NRT a number of times AND worked in Tokyo 2-weeks at a time for a year.
7:58:26 PMGWG TheFu: I think you said that when I was stranded there
7:58:31 PMGWG I'm afraid they might send me back
7:58:49 PMSolbu Hmm. There is a «stable» focus flickering. Anyone else see that?
7:58:56 PMTheFu Use to do ATL-PDX-NRT for work.
7:58:57 PMbp9 There's a typical Australianism: You Little Ripper!
7:59:13 PMGWG Happily, I can't leave the country right now
7:59:23 PMbp9 Solbu: Yes. I think it might be a streaming artifact, not focus related?
7:59:35 PMTheFu "ripper" has 2 topic areas for me - John-the-Ripper and Jack the Ripper.
8:00:36 PMTheFu
8:00:59 PMbp9 I guess if we download the video later, we'll see if it's focus or streaming artifact
8:01:06 PMGWG No thank you to our pronunciation correctors?
8:02:40 PMGWG RobbieF: You need to spell things phonetically on the prompter
8:03:17 PMRobbieF But I pronounce them wrong, phonetically.
8:03:50 PMGWG RobbieF: I'll teach you one day
8:03:52 PMTheFu RobbieF: I always assumed it was the Canadian accent.
8:04:47 PMTheFu Sasha - was Ender's Game book or movie better?
8:04:59 PMTheFu Dune? Book or movie(s)?
8:05:30 PMGWG Sometimes, I try to pick words to test them on
8:05:57 PMGarbee[m] Great live show.
8:06:05 PMGarbee[m] Thank you.
8:06:14 PMbp9 Excellent show!
8:06:15 PMGWG Like Diathermy
8:06:40 PMSolbu I have a favourite book. The holy Bible. :-)
8:07:04 PMTheFu I enjoy folk tales.
8:07:47 PMbp9 Bye Sasha!
8:08:03 PMSongbird Bye Robbie and Sasha...
8:08:21 PMRobbieF Songbird!
8:08:24 PMRobbieF Been forever!
8:08:39 PMSongbird Yes it has! I will be back next week! :D
8:08:49 PMTheFu Wow - my delay is like 60sec.
8:08:50 PMbp9 And now we have a silent post-show! :-)
8:09:14 PMRobbieF Nice, WB Songbird, we've missed ya
8:09:31 PMSongbird Thanks so much ...glad to be back. Have a great night all!
8:09:38 PMRobbieF You too
8:09:42 PMSongbird :D
8:10:13 PMGWG RobbieF: Playing with your beard?
8:10:22 PMRobbieF my lips are sore
8:10:28 PMRobbieF and I don't have lipbalm
8:10:30 PMGarbee[m] It's so dark.
8:10:43 PMbp9 That;s so messed up with the reversed text
8:10:47 PMGarbee[m] Things are getting kinda intimate now between Robbie and the chatroom...
8:10:50 PMGWG I miss episodes of This Old Nerd...
8:10:59 PMGWG Where RobbieF built a studio
8:11:09 PMGWG Excuse me. This Bald Nerd
8:11:36 PMGWG I wish I read lips right now, I guess
8:11:43 PMGarbee[m] I just played runescape with the show off to the other monitor.
8:12:45 PMbp9 RobbieF: Solbu and I noticed some focus artifacts on the stream, you may want to watch for them in post
8:13:05 PMRobbieF thanks, not sure I can fix such a thing
8:13:33 PMRobbieF unfortunately that's something I'll just have to look at and hopefully have fixed for next show :(
8:13:34 PMGWG I think I should turn this off. Silent RobbieF cast is a bit weird.
8:13:36 PMGarbee[m] If he can't recover ep 11. he can't fix that.
8:13:38 PMRobbieF wish I'd known, sorry.
8:13:51 PMbp9 True but since you've changed a bunch of stuff around, maybe you can figure out what's causing it
8:14:08 PMRobbieF I had quite the rush today to rebuild the set. Had to tear EVERYTHING down (including ALL the wiring) and rewire before the show.
8:14:21 PMRobbieF so I probably screwed something up with the cameras... plus just getting used to the new camera...
8:14:31 PMGarbee[m] so, will there still be shows with 2 co-hosts?
8:14:34 PMbp9 Hopefully your local recording will be fine.
8:14:37 PMSolbu RobbieF: I like the new chairs. :-)
8:14:53 PMRobbieF Cheers
8:15:06 PMSolbu Heh.
8:15:23 PMRobbieF Gonna have to sign off the feed now - gotta post-process this to the best of my limited ability :p
8:15:26 PMRobbieF Will keep the chat up
8:15:48 PMGarbee[m] Have a good evening RobbieF.
8:15:49 PMCee_128d RobbieF All of that stuff I mentioned in that post was what you need to do to be able to disable secure boot on Old Salts laptop.
8:16:03 PMbp9 RobbieF: Looks like you're getting ready to settle in for a night of video editing. Fun!
8:16:17 PMRobbieF thanks Cee_128d - it was great info and I'm glad I caught the post on the live feed.
8:16:23 PMRobbieF yep bp9 :)
8:16:33 PMRobbieF with a new set to boot - so means redoing all the newsroom assets
8:16:41 PMRobbieF how'd ya's like the teleprompter?
8:16:43 PMTheFu I was 30 min late. Need to watch the finished show in a few days. ;)
8:16:48 PMCee_128d I'm glad too as I didn't really want to retype it again
8:16:57 PMMikeyMike2018 Robbie or anyone, Is there a small form factor PC that can handle a smallhome server
8:17:07 PMGWG What is smallhome?
8:17:11 PMSolbu RobbieF: Out of quriosity: How long does it usually take to edit an episode?
8:17:14 PMRobbieF Thanks Cee_128d - I appreciated it very much (which is why we went back to the same question)
8:17:14 PMbp9 I liked it. Not sure how Sasha liked it. Still getting used to it, I'm sure. :-)
8:17:26 PMMikeyMike2018 Small server
8:17:30 PMCee_128d I have trouble typing since my strokes a coople of years ago.
8:17:38 PMTheFu MikeyMike2018: physically small or CPU small or cheap?
8:17:41 PMRobbieF Solbu I am here until 9:30pm which gets me to roughly the news. Then I come in at 5am Thursday and am here until 8.
8:18:01 PMTheFu A 2-shoebox system is half the price of anything smaller.
8:18:04 PMRobbieF Yeah it really depends what you wanna do MikeyMike2018
8:18:12 PMRobbieF like a nas box would be find for sharing / storage.
8:18:18 PMMikeyMike2018 Small and cheap
8:18:20 PMRobbieF but if you want Plex, you might need more cpu / ram
8:18:47 PMTheFu MikeyMike2018: Those 2 choices don't go together.
8:18:52 PMCee_128d RobbieF, one thing you might want to consider is disabling the YouTube chat and post a link to the main chat here on the live streams.
8:19:02 PMTheFu A NUC isn't cheap, but it is small.
8:19:14 PMRobbieF I wonder if the teleprompter is what was setting off the auto-focus. next week we'll set the focus and turn off auto (which I would have done if I knew how) - haha
8:19:21 PMRobbieF I hope it didn't ruin the show for yas
8:19:23 PMMikeyMike2018 Store files
8:19:30 PMTheFu OTOH, a microATX-based system can be pretty cheap and is relatively small, but nowhere near like a NUC.
8:19:37 PMRobbieF Store Files - get a wee NAS
8:19:50 PMRobbieF 2 drives in a mirror would be my suggestion for cheap and chearful with a bit of protection
8:19:54 PMbp9 RobbieF: I was wondering the same thing. You changed out a lot of stuff by the sounds of it.
8:20:05 PMRobbieF bp9 - changed out EVERYTHING
8:20:12 PMRobbieF tore the whole studio apart
8:20:16 PMRobbieF all today.
8:20:30 PMbp9 RobbieF: setting the focus manually sounds like a good plan.
8:20:37 PMTheFu MikeyMike2018: For file storage and nothing else, then a GigE network and sufficient SATA ports is really the requirements.
8:20:50 PMSolbu Tomorrow could be interesting. The local power company is shuting down the grid for about an hour in our road for maintenance. My UPS can't handle that much outage.
8:21:08 PMTheFu Solbu: Ouch. Read a book?
8:21:31 PMTheFu
8:21:36 PMSolbu TheFu: Hehe, I'm supposed to be at work, but I need to stay home for this.
8:21:52 PMCee_128d @Solbu, Laptop and plug the modem/router into the UPS
8:22:19 PMDjwheels I saw a NUC on Amazon $126 USD
8:22:22 PMRobbieF Dang, focus issues or not, that camera looks hot!
8:22:23 PMSolbu Cee_128d: The laptop can handle it fine. But I have 4 desktops that can't. :-)
8:22:29 PMbp9 Cee_128d: Good thinking, 99!
8:22:37 PMTheFu Cee_128d: A laptop with 10+ hrs of battery would cover it, but ... none of my public services can run on my cheapo-laptop.
8:23:01 PMDjwheels Sorry the server told me to change my user name
8:23:20 PMCee_128d Hook the UPS to a couple of car batteries and cut down on the number of desktops.
8:23:26 PMTheFu Had a 6 hour power outage here last snowstorm. After 45 min, all the servers shut down so the phone system would stay up 12+ more hrs.
8:23:27 PMSolbu TheFu: LAst week I read an article on new arm based laptops that have 22 hours battery life.
8:23:57 PMTheFu Djwheels: Check the CPU. Bet is was a terrible Atom with "issues."
8:24:18 PMTheFu Solbu: and calculate pi to 5 decimal points in 3 days?
8:24:31 PMSolbu Have no idea. hehe
8:24:36 PMCee_128d @Solbu I worked on one of them last week for someone who just bought it. Took 5 minutes to boot up and was slower than molassas in the dead of winter
8:25:02 PMSolbu An arm based system have to little juice for my need. I often need to compile packages.
8:25:04 PMTheFu A r-pi v3 with plenty of USB power?
8:25:20 PMCee_128d Their 7 year old Netbook ran circles around it.
8:25:24 PMTheFu Solbu: APU2c4 - is that an option?
8:25:28 PMTheFu 10W of power.
8:26:17 PMTheFu Oh - you live in Europe - they can't sell those directly over there for some reason. Got mine shipped from Sweden - 3 days. $144.
8:26:27 PMSolbu What is that?
8:26:35 PMSolbu a mainboard?
8:26:45 PMDjwheels raspberry pi 3 as an NAS.
8:26:46 PMTheFu
8:26:53 PMTheFu Djwheels: Bad idea.
8:26:56 PMCee_128d Later folks. Have an old HP mini to fix for a client.
8:27:06 PMTheFu g'night.
8:27:24 PMSolbu TheFu: I have no clue as to what mainboards my systems use. :-)
8:27:39 PMTheFu Djwheels: r-pis don't have much network capacity and USB2 disks are slow, slow, slow.
8:28:16 PMDjwheels I gotta go all. Night
8:28:18 PMSolbu I have really just one requirements for mys systems, it need to be an amd or intel cpu, and it need to be intel graphics.
8:28:21 PMSolbu *my
8:28:32 PMRobbieF Let me tell you about a Pi Killer NAS unit :)
8:28:41 PMTheFu Solbu: The APU2C4 is an AMD-64, low watt, designed for router use, but also supports AMD-v, so it can run virtual machines.
8:29:21 PMTheFu Solbu: A GPU? Why? The APU2 line only has console access. Though you wanted servers?
8:29:25 PMSolbu TheFu: I like that they use coreboot.
8:29:47 PMSolbu TheFu: I don't use headless servers.
8:30:06 PMTheFu Solbu: connect a console, then it isn't headless. ;)
8:30:16 PMSolbu I dont care. :-)
8:30:39 PMSolbu My router is a desktop PC.
8:30:48 PMSolbu … running Mageia 5.
8:30:49 PMTheFu In the case, it is home router sized. Silent. The case provides all the cooling.
8:31:04 PMTheFu Did I mention 10W of power, peak?
8:31:42 PMTheFu 2 USB3 ports and an internal m2.SATA slot with an internal SDHC slot.
8:31:53 PMSolbu My, uhm, 5 running systems use aprox 550W power.
8:32:07 PMRobbieF
8:32:15 PMTheFu My 7 systems use about 300W of power, if I'm transcoding on an i7.
8:32:40 PMSolbu TheFu: Combined?
8:32:48 PMTheFu RobbieF: "Unable to connect" - ah ... twitter. blocked.
8:32:51 PMTheFu Solbu: yep.
8:32:58 PMSolbu Nice.
8:33:07 PMTheFu I have 2 UPSes which report power used.
8:33:13 PMSolbu My systems also heat the flad during the winter.
8:33:20 PMSolbu *flat
8:33:21 PMRobbieF TheFu is facebook blocked too?
8:33:27 PMTheFu RobbieF: Yep.
8:33:57 PMSolbu Hmm. I suspect that TheFu is in China.
8:34:14 PMRobbieF May as well be if you can't follow our social media profiles!
8:34:15 PMRobbieF :p
8:34:30 PMTheFu And 130K+ other sites ... $ wc -l /etc/hosts
8:34:30 PMTheFu 131538 /etc/hosts
8:35:05 PMTheFu Solbu: Not this week. ;)
8:35:26 PMTheFu I'm back in the USA - outside Atlanta, Ya'll.
8:35:59 PMTheFu Haven't been to China since ... 2008.
8:36:28 PMSolbu A few months ago I watched a movie, where the plot took place in Atlanta: «Who killed Atlantas children»
8:37:34 PMTheFu Lots and lots of major TV shows are shot here these days. Read that Georgia was the 2nd largest film/TV producer in the USA.
8:38:47 PMTheFu Every few months, I'll look through the casting calls to see what is shooting. Missed my chance to be on The Gifted - ok - I had no chance, but I missed the calls for people like me.
8:39:39 PMTheFu Many of the super-hero movies are shot here. Hunger Games series was. Deadshot ...
8:40:48 PMSolbu Aprox 35 years ago dad came hhome saying we whould watch the evening news, as he was in it. Our prime minister was touring the premisses of his workplace.
8:40:56 PMTheFu MacGyver, Black Lightning, The Resident all have open casting now.
8:41:02 PMTheFu Solbu: Very cool.
8:41:24 PMSolbu When the evening news came, and the report was on, we didn't see him, and asked where he was. He said that: Oh, I was behind the camera guy.
8:41:37 PMTheFu I met Gov. Clinton in Arkansas - 10 seconds was it.
8:42:12 PMTheFu Met President Carter as he got off AF1 on his way to Plains, GA in 1979.
8:42:41 PMTheFu Had a conversation with a few Astronauts - John Young is the most famous.
8:44:01 PMTheFu My boss's boss was Michael Coats - he headed the JSC Astronaut Office before coming to work as a VP a Loral, where I worked.
8:44:14 PMRobbieF I've met Sasha Rickman.
8:44:55 PMTheFu But there are amazing people everywhere. You never know who you are sitting next to on a plane or on some vacation, or on the subway.
8:45:42 PMTheFu RobbieF: And I see Robbie Ferguson almost every week!
8:45:56 PMRobbieF Isn't that the Bald Nerd?
8:45:58 PMSolbu RobbieF: No way. Really? :-)
8:46:13 PMTheFu OMG!@ You are famous!
8:47:30 PMbp9 Solbu: Howdy Neighbor. I'm in Alabackwards
8:48:03 PMbp9 Solbu: A lots of movies are filmed in Louisiana as well.
8:48:15 PMTheFu Who are the most amazing people you've run into, accidentally, in life? Not famous, just people with interesting stories and lives?
8:48:42 PMbp9 RobbieF: Thank you for the twitter link... you sent me off into the void (twitter) for about 20 minutes :-)
8:48:55 PMTheFu bp9: Yep. Lots a music history in Alabama and Mississippi.
8:49:24 PMRobbieF haha, whoops, bp9 :P
8:49:36 PMTheFu And a pilgrimage to Huntsville is always good.
8:49:53 PMbp9 TheFU: LOVE the space center there.
8:50:28 PMbp9 Used to watch live NASA feeds right off the C-band satellite until the final shuttle mission.
8:50:36 PMTheFu bp9: Yep. Finally got there physically a few yrs ago. Nice trip.
8:51:12 PMbp9 and they stopped the analog feed on the C-band satellite so streaming is really the only option now.
8:51:13 PMTheFu I installed MCC software on their POCC workstations virtually for a few years.
8:52:41 PMTheFu During the POCC tour, I asked about the OS and software and tools used 15 yrs after I'd last touched anything there. They were doing a space walk at the time, so the controllers didn't have time to deal with tourists and the guide didn't know.
8:53:36 PMTheFu In 1996, they had DEC Alphas running OSF/1 networked into the JSC MCC for all TLM.
8:55:09 PMTheFu mentions them.
8:55:53 PMbp9 Yeah, I got some of those acronyms but it's been too long.
8:56:06 PMRobbieF did the auto focus issue happen throughout, or only during the news?
8:56:24 PMbp9 RobbieF: I want to say throughout but not sure.
8:56:30 PMRobbieF k
8:56:41 PMRobbieF I think it was the teleprompter confusing the cameras
8:56:41 PMRobbieF camera
8:56:50 PMbp9 I'm sure you'll see it on the recording
8:57:12 PMbp9 and yes, I've seen an autofocus camera do that before.
8:57:48 PMRobbieF DSLR are the worst
8:57:59 PMRobbieF but in this case, I think putting a screen in front of the lens made it confused.
8:58:10 PMbp9 makes perfect sense
8:59:49 PMbp9 at first I thought it was a streaming artifact (maybe the roku dynamically changing resolution) but when Solbu mentioned it too, we realized it might be the camera
9:00:48 PMRobbieF gotcha
9:00:54 PMRobbieF will fix 'er up for next week's show.
9:01:06 PMbp9 no worries, we know you will. :-)
9:02:27 PMRobbieF How'd you like the "sit down" set?
9:02:46 PMbp9 BTW well done for causing Sasha to get a blank stare when you asked her what the hosts file was for. hee hee hee
9:02:55 PMRobbieF ha!
9:03:08 PMTheFu RobbieF: I like it.
9:03:19 PMTheFu But I miss the green screen graphics.
9:03:23 PMbp9 I dunno about the sit down set yet. I liked the stand up one.
9:03:24 PMRobbieF Cheers TheFu
9:03:43 PMRobbieF our broadcast system cannot handle chromakey at 4k...
9:03:51 PMbp9 I feel like you had more flexibility with the stand up set esp.. with different cameras
9:04:01 PMRobbieF do you guys remember when we had the brick wall sit down set here at Studio D?
9:04:11 PMTheFu I'm too new for that.
9:04:24 PMbp9 but if you're doing it all with one 4K camera then less moving around on set.
9:04:30 PMTheFu But I did watch about 15 older episodes.
9:04:33 PMbp9 Brick wall. Yes.
9:05:02 PMRobbieF We still have the 1080p cameras
9:05:47 PMTheFu Mine shut off every 30 minutes - something about the mpeg4 license for the PnS cameras.
9:06:15 PMRobbieF so the intention is to use the 4K camera here (new sit down set) and I'm moving the stand up set to the old brick wall area - give it a nicer look, and then also using the green screen again for news.
9:06:16 PMRobbieF So 3 sets.
9:06:17 PMTheFu Have a C920 webcam ... meh. Doesn't compare.
9:07:15 PMbp9 Oh nice. Keeping the stand up set? Good, that will give you LOTS of flexibility.
9:08:15 PMbp9 Uh oh looks like Robbie lost his interwebs.
9:08:48 PMTheFu It is 9pm.
9:09:14 PMbp9 In Atlanta, but I think they are on Central time, aren't they?
9:09:36 PMTheFu Nope. ET.
9:10:16 PMbp9 OK I guess he had to shut it off so he could focus on his post tasks. :-)
9:10:31 PMbp9 Us distracting him cannot be helping any. :-)
9:10:44 PMTheFu And they use cellular data from the studio.
9:10:59 PMTheFu Not DSL or fibre or Cable for the ISP.
9:11:17 PMbp9 Yes, I'd forgotten that.
9:11:35 PMTheFu I suppose many people have nearly unlimited cell-data.
9:11:46 PMTheFu I don't have any data on my $2.95/month cell plan.
9:12:28 PMTheFu Why are you in AL?
9:20:51 PMbp9 I live here now. Moved here 20 yrs ago from Australia


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