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6:59:57 PMbp9 Yeah for the demo!
7:02:03 PMbp9 Welcome back Sasha!
7:02:35 PMalket hi
7:03:33 PMTheFu Bong. Gone.
7:03:44 PMbp9 Yup, here too
7:04:24 PMbp9 Although Robbie and Sasha are still in the chat room? Usually they get kicked off as well when the stream dissappears
7:04:47 PMTheFu Maybe Robbie setup tmux/screen?
7:04:50 PMABQTKY Testing, one...two, ahh, two and a half.......two and three quarters................
7:04:51 PMfking Gone on roku also.
7:05:51 PMSashaR I'm still in the chatroom :0
7:06:07 PMTheFu We lost Robbie.
7:06:09 PMbp9 We lost Robbie though, just now
7:06:12 PMTheFu Ok - back.
7:06:19 PMfking Back on roku.
7:07:07 PMTheFu Mug shot? I'd like to hear THAT story.
7:08:22 PMbp9 Robbie has had too much coffee today LOL LOL LOL :-)
7:08:23 PMTheFu Nextcloud?
7:08:45 PMTheFu Single Board Computer?
7:11:01 PMLyndon Sad Bunnys Caged
7:12:01 PMbp9 Plex is a Thing of Beauty :-)
7:13:20 PMTheFu Yep, Fu's use Plex.
7:13:58 PMbp9 RobbieF: Does the RasPi get bogged down when transcoding?
7:14:00 PMTheFu But the server is an Intel G3258 (about $50 CPU).
7:14:11 PMLyndon I'm downloading Plex now
7:14:11 PMTheFu Forgetabout transcoding on a Pi.
7:14:42 PMbp9 that was my thought too. That's why I use plex on my server. :-)
7:14:42 PMTheFu They are silent.
7:15:18 PMSashaR you can't hear us?
7:15:29 PMTheFu The power for plex comes from running it somewhere ON THE NETWORK ... not at the TV.
7:15:51 PMTheFu SashaR: yes.
7:16:06 PMLyndon I miss the leader board
7:16:07 PMbp9 Sasha, we hear you fine
7:16:29 PMbp9 I think TheFu was saying the Raspberry Pi is silent in operation
7:16:43 PMTheFu Yep - sorry. Pi are silent.
7:16:49 PMSashaR ahhh ... I only have half an eye in the chatroom :/
7:17:41 PMTheFu We put PMS - Plex Media Server - on an Intel that supports transcoding. It sits in a closet, connected to the network (wired!!!).
7:17:52 PMABQTKY TheFu, I thought it was supposed to be PI R Squared. Okay, maybe not.
7:18:12 PMbp9 TheFu: Yah I did the same thing.
7:18:31 PMTheFu We put Kodi with PlexBMC addon on a R-Pi v2 or v3 .... and put those next to the viewing screens.
7:18:40 PMbp9 RobbieF: signing into the plex account is optional -- you don't have to do that to use plex locally.
7:18:40 PMTheFu No Plex account necessary.
7:19:04 PMTheFu bp9: Actually, you don't need the plex account to access it remotely either.
7:19:34 PMTheFu It just makes it easier, since you don't need to host your own VPN or SOCKS Proxy.
7:20:02 PMbp9 Got it. Apparently you DO need to log in if you want to use any of the android or iOS agents, but I don't, so not an issue for me.
7:23:00 PMTheFu bp9: Nope. I use a DLNA client/renderers ... no need to use any plex clients.
7:23:34 PMTheFu On Android, BubbleUPnP works.
7:23:51 PMTheFu SashaR: Please have Robbie make the terminal font larger.
7:23:55 PMLyndon yes
7:24:15 PMbp9 TheFu: Thanks for the tip!
7:24:19 PMLyndon We are here!
7:24:21 PMTheFu Even on the 100 inch screen - can't see it.
7:25:09 PMMarshman ctrl shift +
7:25:14 PMbigkitty ya
7:25:26 PMbp9 Or try Edit-
7:25:28 PMTheFu uxterm -sb -fs 18 -bg black -fg yellow -fa 'Monospace' -u8 &
7:25:44 PMMarshman ctrl shift +
7:25:46 PMTheFu No Windows here.
7:26:00 PMLyndon no shift
7:26:21 PMTheFu Perfect at 4.
7:26:24 PMLyndon yes
7:26:24 PMMarshman again
7:26:24 PMMarshman again
7:26:29 PMTheFu Sweet!
7:26:30 PMbp9 Edit-
7:26:44 PMbp9 ...or Crtl Shift + will work too :-)
7:26:47 PMTheFu Looks gut!
7:26:58 PMbigkitty ooooooooo YA
7:27:13 PMMarshman you need shift otherwise you'd get an = sign
7:27:16 PMTheFu TV? That's so 2000. Projector, baby!
7:28:13 PMTheFu If you don't use bluetooth - purge the bluez-*
7:28:37 PMLyndon yeah, like iphone
7:28:53 PMLyndon as soon as you buy one , another one comes out
7:29:45 PMMarshman don't go there!!!!
7:30:00 PMTheFu Or just put PlexMS into a VM?
7:30:01 PMMarshman about Odroid
7:31:30 PMTheFu Look for packages, get the packages, install the packages, setup the packages ...
7:31:31 PMMarshman start the news
7:31:59 PMTheFu LibreOffice on a Pi?
7:32:51 PMLyndon you cant stop it?
7:33:11 PMABQTKY Sooo, Plex does word processing and spreadsheets??
7:33:11 PMbigkitty I DO
7:33:11 PMbp9 Boom
7:33:17 PMTheFu Bong!
7:33:24 PMTheFu ABQTKY: Nope.
7:33:38 PMbp9 ABQTY: Plex does all those things very very slowly :-)
7:33:53 PMbp9 compared to a decent machine.
7:34:01 PMMarshman Armbian
7:34:27 PMfking Lost the feed on roku
7:34:32 PMbp9 Lyndon: Not a good idea to stop apt in the middle of an operation like that; recovery could be painful.
7:34:43 PMlichenx1 I didn't have a beard when this started.
7:34:55 PMbp9 fking: Back on roku
7:35:37 PMABQTKY TheFu Maybe Robbie should pre-order a new Odroid N1.....
7:35:37 PMfking Yep back on.
7:36:02 PMLyndon bp9 ic
7:36:41 PMbp9 RobbieF: We're not even started on the PLEX install yet.
7:36:41 PMlichenx1 can you move the mouse on the pi?
7:36:56 PMbp9 We're still preparing the linux install :-)
7:36:57 PMTheFu ABQTKY: I would say that putting Plex MS on a Pi isn't the best choice. Use Plex Server on Intel.
7:37:06 PMMarshman While this was going I downloaded, burned an SD and booted up the new PlexPi
7:37:23 PMTheFu Turkey-Box!
7:37:41 PMTheFu Wolfram?!!!!
7:38:22 PMlichenx1 move the mouse, is it froze? lol
7:38:46 PMbp9 at 23% LOL
7:38:49 PMlichenx1 oh there it goes
7:38:58 PMTheFu It's fine.
7:39:05 PMABQTKY Yeah, still at 23%
7:39:16 PMMarshman Hey, it's moving.
7:40:27 PMlichenx1 wait what did I win
7:40:46 PMbp9 lichenxq: Congratulations
7:40:49 PMbp9 !!
7:41:14 PMbp9 RobbieF: Quit messing with the teleprompter (again!) :-) :-) :-)
7:42:00 PMlichenx1 I'm not sure what I won but thanks.
7:43:09 PMMarshman lichenx1: You won Dead Effect VR
7:43:22 PMbp9 I keep expecting the news graphics to appear except this is live. :-)
7:45:33 PMTheFu Meeeeellion.
7:46:35 PMbp9 Sasha: Actually, all the guy needs is his private key.
7:46:39 PMbp9 He should have printed it.
7:46:59 PMbp9 Or otherwise stored it in a safe place -- NOT a hard drive!!!
7:47:44 PMTheFu Backups are 3 physically different storage media, in at least 2 different locations, 500+ miles apart. Anything less is "hope", not a backup.
7:49:46 PMTheFu Would a QR code have sufficient storage for a BC private key?
7:51:20 PMbp9 TheFu: Yes of course... most phones and devices show the QR code when you want to transfer bitcoin to another user.
7:52:01 PMbp9 Sasha: Yes but where o you find the drone pilot??
7:55:37 PMTheFu Sasha - planes would need to block 2.4Ghz ... and guess what planes have on them to keep 1st Class customers happy? Wifi internet.
7:58:22 PMTheFu Steel does flex.
7:58:47 PMTheFu Trees flex ... until they snap.
7:58:57 PMGWG Evening.
7:59:00 PMGWG Sorry I missed you guys
7:59:01 PMGWG Traffic
7:59:15 PMGWG Took me 3 times as long to get home
7:59:51 PMTheFu In Asia, they use bamboo for external truss systems as buildings are built and cleaned and repainted/fixed.
8:00:04 PMTheFu I've only seen them up about 20 stories, but ...
8:02:44 PMTheFu I thought FedEx bought the company that was at fault.
8:03:46 PMTheFu FedEx acquired in 2014, Bongo International,
8:06:03 PMTheFu Win7 here. Media Center.
8:06:19 PMTheFu Support for Win7 doesn't end for a few years, BTW.
8:07:29 PMLyndon looks like my office
8:07:52 PMLyndon snavk time
8:08:06 PMTheFu sudo apt purge libreoffice bluez
8:08:39 PMTheFu wolfram
8:13:55 PMLyndon y'all ready for this? da da da..
8:15:42 PMSashaR :)
8:16:43 PMMarshman SashaR: Hello again Sasha-Lee, I keep losing the chat connection
8:16:44 PMTheFu Ready NAS?
8:17:58 PMSashaR That is what usually happens to me... it's annoying to lose connection, but great that you are able to reconnect :)
8:19:50 PMTheFu And from a different device, the PMS webpage isn't THAT sluggish.
8:20:26 PMTheFu But ... all video will need to be h.264/aac or use passthru.
8:20:56 PMLyndon could we install raspian on a usb?
8:21:30 PMTheFu Lyndon: Yes, but since is it USB2, it will be S-L-O-W.
8:22:05 PMLyndon could be boot into a usb/linux on a tv?
8:22:25 PMSashaR Goodnight :) see you next week!!!
8:23:53 PMTheFu Lyndon: Sorry, don't understand the Q.
8:24:30 PMLyndon dont know
8:24:34 PMlichenx1 cheese
8:24:40 PMLyndon ummm
8:25:08 PMlichenx1 SSD
8:25:09 PMLyndon new mac book
8:25:14 PMTheFu SSD m.2?
8:25:19 PMTheFu Kingston?
8:25:25 PMLyndon m.2
8:25:44 PMLyndon cpu?
8:25:54 PMlichenx1 wtf
8:26:31 PMLyndon pi assecories
8:26:38 PMlichenx1 tiny pi
8:26:56 PMLyndon looks like a video game cart
8:27:18 PMLyndon what?? thats tiny!
8:27:46 PMTheFu Wifi Router?
8:27:50 PMLyndon ooohhh
8:27:55 PMLyndon sweet
8:28:02 PMlichenx1 you could make am midi controller etc
8:28:23 PMLyndon onboard storage?
8:29:21 PMLyndon right ok
8:29:23 PMTheFu ZSun makes something like that .... $15 for a tiny Linux computer.
8:29:24 PMlichenx1 you need a whole show of building something with it
8:30:35 PMLyndon use a smart phone as the interface??
8:30:56 PMLyndon hmm
8:31:18 PMTheFu ZSun is network storage, powered by USB, ... meant for adding wifi storage to smartphones that don't support microSD
8:32:18 PMTheFu Can run DD-WRT.
8:32:25 PMTheFu Cheap is good!
8:32:49 PMLyndon yes you do
8:32:50 PMTheFu The ZSun default OS is highly non-secure.
8:33:00 PMLyndon bye
8:33:32 PMbp9 Cheers Robbie!
8:33:41 PMbp9 Sorry I missed the last part of the show -- got a phone call
8:33:50 PMTheFu Pi ... stuff is good. Looking at doing an Alexa clone using F/LOSS 100%.
8:33:56 PMTheFu Bye.


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