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6:59:05 PMfking I use a Windows Media Center remote.
6:59:13 PMSashaR This is a full moon sort of night
6:59:25 PMMarshman Woooooooooo
6:59:38 PMTheFu fking: So an RC6 or something else?
7:00:10 PMfking Yes an rc6 will work.
7:01:11 PMTheFu I have an rc6 today. Looking to replace it as it is showing issues. A mini-keyboard would be helpful.
7:02:12 PMTheFu I miss the Blackberry 950 thumb-pad. Could type almost as fast on that as with 10 fingers on an IBM 101M. ;)
7:02:34 PMTheFu SashaR: BTW, no streaming yet?
7:03:17 PMMarshman No Roku or web yet
7:03:25 PMorangeman i am not geting show
7:03:56 PMBobK54 website doesnt say "LIVE" yet either
7:04:14 PMorangeman is busted
7:04:24 PMTheFu Sasha reported issues about 10 min ago.
7:04:28 PMalbertr no show?
7:05:05 PMTheFu Seems to be stuck, but streaming now ...
7:05:23 PMTheFu Definitely pink.
7:05:27 PMGarbee[m] heyo
7:05:38 PMalbertr ok on youtube
7:05:39 PMalbertr
7:05:49 PMTheFu No audio on Kodi stream.
7:05:54 PMalbertr but no audio
7:06:43 PMorangeman no audio yet
7:06:51 PMABQTKY Dreamhost says "Site not found." Wait, now the video is up...but no audio. 8-(
7:06:56 PMalpeck no audio on youtube
7:07:26 PMorangeman dont mencen war or hockey
7:07:53 PMTheFu Audio?
7:08:08 PMSashaR not yet.. sadly
7:08:11 PMSashaR soooooon
7:08:17 PMSashaR ish
7:08:25 PMJeff_Weston the box says chat i think i shall
7:08:25 PMBobK54 cant resist: "have you tried turning it off and on again?"
7:08:40 PMTheFu Party on Wayne!
7:08:45 PMJeff_Weston sadly we did turn it off and on again
7:08:46 PMSashaR funny enough, it's doing that all on its own
7:09:08 PMBobK54 life happens, we'll all be here!
7:09:14 PMMarshman Party on Garth!
7:09:38 PMTheFu Swaaaaaaaaing!
7:09:51 PMSashaR Thank you for your patience my friends
7:10:08 PMalpeck starfleet we have an issue
7:10:12 PMDennis_Kelley is it me or is there no audio
7:10:18 PMorangeman we all have lean lip read
7:10:25 PMSashaR lol... perfectly timed
7:10:28 PMDennis_Kelley closed caption
7:10:34 PMSashaR we just asked if you could hear us
7:10:45 PMTheFu nope.
7:10:47 PMDennis_Kelley Um No!
7:10:50 PMMarshman SashaR: were you banished to the brick wall?
7:11:07 PMBobK54 maybe this will be the flashcard episode?
7:11:08 PMSashaR yepper
7:11:22 PMalpeck i have audio
7:11:25 PMBobK54 SOUND!!
7:11:27 PMTheFu Well, plugging htat in might be helpful, but I could be wrong.
7:11:27 PMGuest_4236 .we have sound!
7:11:30 PMABQTKY Whoa!!! yes!! Sound!!
7:11:31 PMorangeman i got audio
7:11:40 PMMarshman you tube only so far
7:11:40 PMTheFu Y/n
7:11:49 PMBobK54 Jeff is up
7:11:50 PMalpeck have Jeff_Weston
7:11:50 PMABQTKY That's two out of three!
7:11:56 PMBobK54 Sasha is up
7:12:01 PMDennis_Kelley yes we have sound
7:12:01 PMTheFu check, check
7:12:06 PMGarbee[m] 'ey some sound.
7:12:08 PMJeff_Weston yes youtube only so far
7:12:09 PMGarbee[m] Yea we can hear you.
7:12:11 PMDennis_Kelley check is in the mail
7:12:11 PMJeff_Weston facebook coming
7:12:24 PMABQTKY Now, three out of three....ah, did Robbie plug the wire in...yet??
7:12:27 PMTheFu Kodi audio is working too.
7:12:28 PMDennis_Kelley roku is working
7:12:47 PMTheFu Any scripting?
7:12:57 PMBobK54 gotta love live streaming!
7:13:00 PMTheFu But Robbie isn't.
7:13:08 PMalpeck your mic is not working Robbie
7:13:09 PMBobK54 uh oh...
7:13:13 PMABQTKY Wrong button??
7:13:18 PMJeff_Weston robbie is unmiced
7:13:21 PMorangeman no audio again
7:13:38 PMJeff_Weston no audio for all or just robbie?
7:13:42 PMBobK54 seeing a screen with ifconfig
7:13:43 PMTheFu "now i need my lap ....."
7:13:48 PMDennis_Kelley Robbie is lucky he has no hair, he would have pulled it all out
7:13:50 PMJeff_Weston oh...robbie silenced us....intentionally
7:13:57 PMTheFu 192.168 .... that seems wrong.
7:14:03 PMalpeck be careful what you type robbie - we have a command prompt screen
7:14:08 PMJeff_Weston with great power comes great responsibility
7:14:22 PMorangeman i jush finish off burn my sd cd with plex
7:14:29 PMTheFu But it is windows.
7:14:33 PMalpeck ok
7:14:37 PMJeff_Weston alpeck you are observant
7:14:44 PMJeff_Weston but alas the cursor is not moving
7:14:49 PMJeff_Weston no cursing going on here
7:14:59 PMTheFu no cursing going on here.
7:14:59 PMalpeck ctrl-alt-del
7:15:12 PMBobK54 oh wait...THAT is the problem....its windows!!
7:15:14 PMalpeck where you going SashaR
7:15:23 PMTheFu DR.
7:15:25 PMSashaR Dominican :)
7:15:45 PMDennis_Kelley SashaR where did you get married?
7:15:49 PMSashaR A place called Casa Marina
7:16:05 PMorangeman we got snow hear today
7:16:06 PMDennis_Kelley where was that?
7:16:08 PMSashaR In Newfoundland :) Bonavista,
7:16:11 PMalbertr zurick is in Swiss
7:16:37 PMorangeman it very very cold brass monkey weather
7:16:41 PMDennis_Kelley SashaR where are you going on your honeymoon
7:16:54 PMwildbeachgeek we know that he has a 192 ip address lol
7:16:56 PMGuest_2022 Currently 36 in Wisconsin.
7:16:59 PMTheFu Zurich is .... Switzerland
7:17:26 PMTheFu But the cell delay will be terrible. 2+ sec each way.
7:17:29 PMGuest_2022 Munich is in Germany
7:17:35 PMTheFu Ya!
7:17:42 PMMarshman Last week in NY we had an all time high for Feb of 72F
7:17:44 PMorangeman dont menten the war or hockey
7:17:53 PMTheFu Munchin ... local pronunciation.
7:18:46 PMTheFu Lots of beautiful places around the world. Different sorts of beauty everywhere.
7:19:17 PMalpeck I have pictures from northern Baffin island...very rugged but very beautiful
7:19:27 PMwildbeachgeek Hawaiian BBQ is the best
7:19:46 PMorangeman go france very drty and full rubbish then close swissland very clean
7:19:53 PMTheFu wildbeachgeek: Korean, Texan, KC, NC, BBQ are all great!
7:19:56 PMJeff_Weston can you hear us
7:19:56 PMMarshman yes
7:19:57 PMalpeck yes
7:20:01 PMBobK54 yep
7:20:11 PMorangeman yes
7:20:21 PMMarshman Yikes
7:20:22 PMTheFu yep. wee bit of a delay
7:20:37 PMABQTKY Robbie needs some Jackie Gleason coffee right about now.
7:20:59 PMwildbeachgeek TheFu true
7:21:19 PMalpeck Jeff_Weston: must have looked like an iceberg
7:21:53 PMABQTKY Woops.
7:22:00 PMMarshman NOW we lose audio
7:22:02 PMalpeck lost audio on camera switch
7:22:24 PMBobK54 well, it LOOKS like an interesting story!! :)
7:22:27 PMalbertr audio out in kodi
7:22:33 PMMarshman SashaR: have to tell story again. We didn't hear it
7:22:34 PMTheFu The hands help
7:22:47 PMalpeck love the way SashaR talks with her hands...she should do that mor often
7:23:05 PMMarshman she's not Italian
7:23:07 PMalpeck audio is back
7:23:15 PMTheFu Eventually? Audio?
7:23:19 PMTheFu Ah .. there.
7:23:33 PMalbertr kodi ok now
7:23:42 PMfking Must be talking about the fish that got away.
7:23:43 PMalpeck now you are teasing us Robbie
7:23:49 PMTheFu Audio is lost on camera switch. Hummmm.
7:23:50 PMMarshman Dave was first, struggling and legitimate
7:24:12 PMABQTKY Hmmm, with camera on Jeff we can hear Jeff AND Sasha. But not either when camera is on Sasha.
7:24:12 PMalbertr kodi audio out again
7:24:15 PMorangeman no audio
7:24:30 PMorangeman we have audio
7:24:47 PMBobK54 no audio wjhen on sasha
7:25:04 PMTheFu BobK54: exactly.
7:25:06 PMorangeman no audio on sasha
7:25:20 PMalpeck audio everywhere
7:25:27 PMalbertr audio ok on kodi
7:25:41 PMTheFu Think it is working.
7:25:44 PMBobK54 no worries.
7:26:00 PMABQTKY Wow, we can see AND hear Sasha now!!
7:26:14 PMTheFu Sasha - don't forget to press the foot peddle first.
7:27:13 PMMarshman do it manually. :)
7:28:05 PMMarshman SashaR: your story was better
7:28:05 PMBobK54 and we want pilotless cars and airplanes?
7:28:16 PMTheFu I hold off on all plex and kodi updates for 4 weeks or more, before doing updates here. Been burned. Then use an fsarchiver image BEFORE starting.
7:28:18 PMDJ Missed a story time with Story time with Sasha :(
7:28:36 PMABQTKY SashaR, tell Robbie the word is 'so long as you're happy!!'
7:28:49 PMorangeman take shoes off sasha
7:29:13 PMalpeck need to talk with your hands more often SashaR
7:29:23 PMDJ Record a vlog and update your site dear :)
7:29:48 PMBobK54 mute your audio....we had some of that already!
7:29:48 PMalpeck lost stream youtube
7:29:48 PMTheFu Dropped.
7:29:58 PMMarshman live stream offline
7:29:58 PMDennis_Kelley lost roku
7:30:00 PMalbertr kodi is out
7:30:03 PMABQTKY Live stream offline
7:30:13 PMDJ stream went poof
7:30:19 PMBlueGrit live stream offline
7:30:23 PMTheFu Dropped when Robbie pressed a button, exactly.
7:30:34 PMDJ #changename DJMike
7:30:36 PMalpeck tonight just wasn't meant to be...lets just do SashaR story time
7:30:54 PMorangeman do reburn sd card with plex robbie
7:30:59 PMABQTKY Robbie shouldn't push any buttons...something about his 'electric personality.'
7:31:36 PMBobK54 tech at its best!
7:31:57 PMalbertr youtube is ok
7:32:50 PMalbertr kodi ok
7:32:53 PMMarshman big Jamaican insult
7:33:03 PMDJMikey No spaces in names lol
7:33:47 PMorangeman video is bad
7:34:07 PMSashaR ahhhh
7:34:36 PMTheFu orangeman: No video issues here. Local issue?
7:34:50 PMDJMikey Go to youtube
7:34:57 PMMarshman Roku feed is beautiful
7:34:57 PMorangeman bad video and blued
7:34:59 PMDJMikey its better.
7:35:00 PMSashaR The goog thing about being at another spot in the studio is my ability to commit 100% to the chatroom :)
7:35:38 PMMarshman SashaR: we like that
7:36:25 PMTheFu IT Crowd ... .
7:36:32 PMSashaR I do too... I don't like when I can't participate in the chat.
7:37:03 PMJeff_Weston love the it crowd
7:37:44 PMSashaR This show is going to be great... that's what always happens when it starts rough :)
7:38:24 PMTheFu IT Crowd ... all 3 seasons is on a free Roku channel. Sorry, can't remember the channel. ;(
7:39:00 PMTheFu arp
7:39:24 PMMarshman Netflix has IT Crowd
7:39:48 PMTheFu arp will get a MAC to IP table.
7:39:53 PMDJMikey Why is Sasha name not in green?
7:39:58 PMalbertr nmap -sP
7:40:46 PMTheFu Can also have remote access to Plex/Kodi using a VPN or SOCKS proxy back to your home network.
7:41:08 PMTheFu No paid plex or any plex account needed.
7:42:19 PMTheFu Also, Plex can be watched from any DLNA client.
7:44:34 PMMarshman Hi Sasha-lee. Keeping you in the loop.
7:44:53 PMSashaR :) Hi Marshman!!!
7:46:27 PMSashaR When I booked my tickets for our trip, I couldn't put the hyphen in my name... which is crazy!! I had to call and let the airline know that my passport and tickets don't match!
7:46:48 PMorangeman cant read text on screen bad video
7:47:04 PMTheFu orangeman: It is just plex web gui.
7:47:33 PMMarshman SashaR: Ugh! Hyphenation is bad for computing.
7:48:23 PMSashaR Someone should have let my mom know that!! Almost all her kids are hyphenated!!
7:49:11 PMMarshman SashaR: Yikes!
7:51:49 PMTheFu Which show? Pretty Little Liars?
7:51:57 PMalpeck we don't have ESP SashaR
7:52:12 PMBobK54 how much does the interneet weight?
7:52:20 PMSashaR you can't read my mind? no!!! all this time :)
7:52:42 PMMarshman Best scene is the bomb scene
7:53:17 PMBobK54 agreed Marshman! "Vista...we're all going to die!"
7:53:27 PMMarshman LOL
7:54:15 PMSashaR :)
7:55:37 PMMarshman OMG. 1999 like it was soooo long ago. You youngsters!
7:56:30 PMBobK54 LOVE IT
7:56:33 PMSashaR I shaved my head at midnight new year's 2000. And... there are no pictures (another funny story)
7:56:49 PMalpeck you did SashaR
7:57:08 PMalpeck you must have been a wild child
7:57:40 PMMarshman Y2K head shave
7:57:49 PMTheFu The key to plex is following their directory and file naming requirements.
7:58:14 PMTheFu It's dead, Jim.
7:58:14 PMalpeck lost youtube stream
7:58:25 PMalbertr kodi out
7:58:26 PMABQTKY SashaR, why no pictures, we want pictures from Y2K...of YOU.
7:58:27 PMMarshman lost it all
7:58:44 PMalpeck damint Jim...I am a doctor not a magician
7:59:03 PMBobK54 "Live stream offline" :) Tough night!
7:59:10 PMTheFu Certainly some oxy-hypo will fix it.
7:59:11 PMSashaR I did :) I wasn't too wild... I don't even jaywalk - but I wanted to do something epic.. and that was what I decided was "epic"
7:59:13 PMMarshman I'm giving it all I can Captain
7:59:39 PMTheFu "She cannt' talk muuuuuch more."
7:59:42 PMalpeck you do that Scotty
8:00:20 PMABQTKY SashaR Robbie's REALLY gonna need some Jackie Gleason coffee tonight!
8:00:21 PMDJMikey Stream is offline
8:00:31 PMalbertr kodi ok now
8:00:32 PMMarshman I will never complain about my internet service again
8:00:32 PMBobK54 back!
8:00:37 PMABQTKY now back up
8:00:37 PMalpeck Jack Daniels is more like it
8:00:42 PMTheFu It's like they didn't even know.
8:00:57 PMalpeck Robbie has hair...OMG
8:00:57 PMJ_weston wirecast is acting up. we know
8:00:58 PMABQTKY Ok, The Fu, he can leave out the coffee part.
8:01:29 PMABQTKY Make that alpeck, sorry,
8:01:48 PMalpeck LOL
8:02:28 PMTheFu Bubble UPnP is a nice, free, Android DLNA client/controller. Can use it to push videos from a Plex server to different clients.
8:02:34 PMTheFu Or watch local.
8:04:22 PMTheFu DVDs are either 480p or 576p (EU)
8:04:50 PMSashaR What a crazy time... how great you all are to stick with us!!
8:05:17 PMTheFu h.264/mkv should work on all modern video players.
8:05:23 PMMarshman This is so much fun
8:06:32 PMSashaR I agree wholeheartedly
8:07:05 PMMarshman Especially listening to Robbie and Jeff speaking like that NOW they are old. Wedding video- "he was SO YOUNG."
8:07:15 PMTheFu Plex should handle any video formats that ffmpeg handles. There are some that ffmpeg doesn't support well, like like old .rm and .wmv formats.
8:08:04 PMSashaR I still feel 17... and I'm almost 37. It's crazy how fast time flies
8:08:22 PMTheFu SashaR: I still act 17. ;)
8:08:43 PMSashaR This is why we are friends!
8:08:57 PMBobK54 I'm almost 64 and I will NOT grow up.
8:08:58 PMMarshman Youngster! In two months I will be 55. I feel 102. :)
8:09:41 PMalpeck Robbie...what format does Plex it worth while to purchase an MPEG license???
8:09:44 PMTheFu SashaR: What remote does Robbie suggest for all this?
8:10:00 PMGuest_4236 Video ok on Roku, BUT, no audio
8:10:47 PMMarshman My Roku is fine
8:10:57 PMBobK54 do NOT edit that out!!!!!
8:11:03 PMGuest_4236 I have audio!
8:11:12 PMJ_weston haha too funny
8:12:29 PMTheFu No LukesDump.
8:12:37 PMDennis_Kelley lukespee
8:13:01 PMGuest_4236 We are in a Time Warp...
8:13:28 PMBobK54 a comedy show with a side of linux!
8:14:25 PMTheFu Just grep the IRC logs .... for bloopers.
8:16:25 PMMarshman lmao
8:16:26 PMTheFu ROFL .... Monkey'd movies - Bravehart spoof!
8:17:11 PMTheFu Word for word, the same as from the movie, but with Monkey's ... lightning bolts from my arse.
8:17:25 PMJ_weston HAHA that would be awesome to watch
8:17:49 PMTheFu J_weston: It's on youtube somewhere. I'll look for a link.
8:18:13 PMMarshman don't go there
8:19:00 PMTheFu Can't. My SSD has gone read-only.
8:19:19 PMTheFu sudo touch /forcefsck and a reboot is needed.
8:19:40 PMTheFu touch: cannot touch '/forcefsck': Read-only file system
8:22:36 PMTheFu
8:22:51 PMTheFu found it, Jeff!
8:24:49 PMorangeman not in uk
8:24:52 PMTheFu Didn't Staples have a 3D printing service?
8:26:10 PMJ_weston got it. thanks ill watch after the show
8:29:10 PMBobK54 I just reinstalled win10 after downloading it from MS. When I installed it apparently it called home and recongnized my computer as a valid license holder and activated win10 automatically. I was impressed
8:29:13 PMTheFu He should have used Linux. Duh...
8:29:31 PMDJMikey To me it isnt stealing :(
8:30:04 PMTheFu But to lawyers are all about the nit picking.
8:31:09 PMDennis_Kelley Catch ya all later! Got to Run!
8:31:27 PMDennis_Kelley Great Show SashaR
8:32:17 PMSashaR :)
8:32:23 PMSashaR good night :)
8:32:42 PMTheFu Hey, Robbie. Tip - we are all going to die.
8:33:38 PMTheFu So, if you are 70% pregnant ... is that useful?
8:34:00 PMSashaR bahahaha
8:34:04 PMMarshman Depends on which 70%
8:34:53 PMTheFu Cholesterol testing is like blaming a bandaid for the scratch underneath.
8:34:59 PMalpeck medical information is typically private information and this can be used by the forces of evil
8:35:41 PMJ_weston all it takes is one data breach of the data.
8:35:53 PMTheFu J_weston: Exactly.
8:35:57 PMJ_weston ...but data breaches NEVER happen
8:36:00 PMalpeck exactly J_weston
8:36:05 PMMarshman Completion date is 12018
8:36:34 PMMarshman SashaR: has an itch
8:38:23 PMalpeck people bury time capsules all the time and totally forget them within a decade.
8:38:46 PMTheFu I'm with Jeff. Waste of money that could have been spent on something useful.
8:39:01 PMSashaR My microphone fell off ... I was trying to be smooth
8:39:11 PMalbertr Brian Eno made the audio for Windows 95 login
8:39:29 PMMarshman Because he can
8:39:39 PMABQTKY The 42 million id deductible, SashaR
8:39:40 PMTheFu Time capsules are opened early all the time. The clock wouldn't be wound in 5,000 years.
8:40:18 PMTheFu Will it be like the Pyramids?
8:40:20 PMorangeman hope dont loose the key to wind it
8:40:27 PMMarshman If he was so smart it wouldn't need to be wound
8:41:03 PMTheFu How many people will benefit from this effort at all?
8:42:09 PMTheFu It will be looted, just like the pyramids.
8:42:26 PMJ_weston WHHHYY??????
8:42:31 PMJ_weston GAH!!!!!
8:42:34 PMMarshman Jeff needs to go to bed
8:42:57 PMSashaR I love this :)
8:43:03 PMalpeck youtube trolls
8:43:25 PMBobK54 "mean tweets"
8:44:05 PMMarshman NICE!
8:44:23 PMMarshman ROFL
8:45:28 PMTheFu video has been stuttering the last few minutes, every minute or so here. Just me?
8:45:49 PMABQTKY Just you, TheFu.
8:46:07 PMABQTKY Sorry about that, TheFu.
8:47:39 PMBobK54 bald TURD???
8:47:43 PMalpeck punctuation you not what it is
8:48:10 PMalpeck ^know
8:48:13 PMSashaR oh these people make me cringe so much
8:48:30 PMBobK54 I want some snake oil!!
8:48:42 PMalpeck robbie has snake oil...i'm buying
8:49:05 PMBobK54 congrats on making it through all the "stuff" tonight. I was a GOOD show!
8:49:12 PMalbertr do you have download link for plexpi?
8:49:17 PMMarshman Bald Turd is going to die a looong sloooow death.
8:49:49 PMalpeck don't cut that out robbie
8:50:04 PMMarshman but 1.2 isn't there yet
8:50:12 PMSashaR Thank you ... it's actually quite fun to be in chaos once in a while
8:50:18 PMSashaR :)
8:51:02 PMBobK54 yikes....
8:51:08 PMMarshman SashaR: ROFL!
8:51:24 PMTheFu har har har.
8:51:35 PMBobK54 night!
8:51:39 PMalpeck can't wait to hear the youtube comments next week about this episode
8:51:53 PMSweSG Good night!
8:52:12 PMSashaR Goodnight my sweet friends
8:52:18 PMalpeck great job everybody
8:52:26 PMABQTKY Good point, alpeck!!
8:52:33 PMTheFu Mark this one for bloopers!
8:52:34 PMGuest_4236 GoodNight!!
8:52:40 PMMarshman Night All!
8:52:59 PMalpeck goodnight
8:53:07 PMJ_weston night


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