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6:58:30 PMGarbee SashaR_ dancing a jig...
6:58:39 PMGarbee You should be on actual cable tv.
6:58:45 PMSkywriter64 Hieveryone, from BrooklynNY
6:58:55 PMGarbee Hello Skywriter64.
6:59:08 PMGarbee I take it the Nintendo 64 was your favorite console?
6:59:12 PMGWG MarshMan, better without the snow
6:59:18 PMMarshMan Yo! Brooklyn
6:59:26 PMMarshMan GWG: Always
6:59:31 PMSashaR_ Did anyone see Ready Player 1 yet?
6:59:32 PMSkywriter64 Is that book a SCIFI ?
6:59:43 PMGarbee uh-oh. All black.
6:59:47 PMGarbee Robbie is in serious mode today.
7:00:13 PMMarshMan We have the favorite brick wall too
7:00:20 PMGarbee Skywriter64: No, it's a book on Astronomy.
7:00:33 PMMarshMan I HEAR YOU
7:00:35 PMGarbee
7:00:42 PMSashaR_ They were both in green
7:01:05 PMGarbee I want to greenscreen Jeff's shirt with brick...
7:01:13 PMGarbee So he just looks like a floating head the whole show.
7:02:15 PMTheFu audio seems fine here.
7:02:22 PMlichenx1 RED HEADED HULK
7:02:30 PMSashaR_ We did that once... it was uncomfortable
7:02:34 PMGarbee yes
7:02:37 PMGarbee We hear you.
7:02:39 PMGarbee Or at least I do.
7:02:40 PMGarbee Sadly.
7:03:19 PMGarbee Jeff's kid is gonna love stepping on dad.
7:03:29 PMGarbee He does have children... right?
7:03:35 PMTheFu Y
7:03:39 PMGarbee I think I recall him having them.
7:03:44 PMlichenx1 Robbie could be a magician and doesn't even need a costume
7:03:46 PMTheFu At least 1 girl.
7:04:07 PMSkywriter64 Lego Wonder Woman
7:04:15 PMGarbee SashaR_: tell Robbie to stop picking my nose!
7:04:19 PMBobK54 up close and personal!!
7:04:54 PMMarshMan SashaR_: You can be Lego Hermione
7:06:05 PMSashaR_ great idea!
7:06:16 PMGarbee 50 cars?!
7:07:02 PMGarbee A friend of mine was in a car accident yesterday. Broke her back and an elbow.
7:07:13 PMGarbee Another person in the vehicle died when they all got ejected. :(
7:07:28 PMSashaR_ I'm so sorry :(
7:07:29 PMBobK54 But does it say "Tim Hortons" on BOTH sides of the cup????
7:07:54 PMGarbee SashaR_: Sadly, we accept this as society that we drive dangerous things daily.
7:08:22 PMTheFu Not here. All the TH closed- permanently.
7:08:40 PMGarbee It's spray-on tan.
7:08:55 PMlichenx1 Tim Horton's official Canadians
7:09:09 PMGarbee Speaking of level...
7:09:36 PMGarbee Is it just me or is the camera slightly tilted. Having an small decline from left to right?
7:09:53 PMGarbee Oh it is just me.
7:10:16 PMMarshMan They're making Sasha shorter
7:10:22 PMBobK54 nope, not just you Garbee! check out the line in the bricks up top against the camera frame
7:10:23 PMGarbee My monitor vesa mount is un-level for some reason. Must have gotten hit moving some stuff around earlier.
7:10:36 PMGarbee Oh, nice catch BobK54.
7:10:42 PMBobK54 :)
7:10:56 PMGarbee Yea, ok. So my monitor tilt just exaggerates the issue for me. But I'll need to fix it later.
7:11:47 PMlichenx1 vr ps4 is awesome, I really thought it was a gimmick at first.
7:11:53 PMlichenx1 it's not!
7:11:56 PMlichenx1 but $$$
7:12:17 PMMarshMan Killing zombies while sporting a tan
7:12:44 PMTheFu CDC Zombie info:
7:13:32 PMGarbee We just got a PS4 Pro (Star Wars edition) the other week.
7:13:34 PMlichenx1 it's gone!
7:13:38 PMTheFu Dropped.
7:13:39 PMGarbee I've been playing Warframe like crazy.
7:14:10 PMBobK54 it dropped, but they all look so happy!
7:14:20 PMGarbee Except Robbie who looks kinda terrified.
7:14:25 PMTheFu kicked me back to the menu on kodi.
7:14:35 PMGarbee It's like, they're both happy because they're talking about eating him for dinner.
7:14:43 PMGarbee I so hope SashaR_ is getting this chat log...
7:14:44 PMlichenx1 lol
7:15:05 PMBobK54 I went to that cdc zombie page. who knew the USG had a sense of humor???
7:15:30 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:15:34 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:15:36 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:15:51 PMTheFu BobK54: A few friends work there. NASA has a sense of humor too.
7:16:17 PMBobK54 I suspect with the serious nature of the main work you HAVE to have some humor in there
7:16:24 PMTheFu Can someone post a huge banner here to get Sasha's attention?
7:16:31 PMSashaR_ I don't have any steam friends.... so if anyone wants to play table tennis with me.....
7:16:36 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:37 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:39 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:39 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:40 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:41 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:42 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:42 PMMarshMan Live stream offline
7:16:43 PMGarbee MarshMan: They know
7:17:02 PMGarbee MarshMan: It only needs to be said once. Repeating it helps nothing.
7:17:09 PMTheFu What's steam? Some new F/LOSS platform?
7:17:29 PMSashaR_ He is fixing it now
7:17:44 PMTheFu seems back ... ish ...
7:17:44 PMGarbee
7:17:48 PMGarbee Youtuber's new stream id.
7:17:59 PMGarbee Kodi and other people... refresh please.
7:18:09 PMTheFu So we missed all the excitment from Sasha.
7:18:17 PMGarbee oh wiat what
7:18:34 PMGarbee Yea, new stream ID for youtube.
7:18:42 PMGarbee SashaR_: no audio on Youtube.
7:18:50 PMGarbee oh no it's there.
7:18:57 PMGarbee Somehow opening the new link muted it...
7:19:27 PMTheFu Did someone tell Sasha that google drive has been deleting images without warning? The ToS says clearing which sorts aren't allowed.
7:19:52 PMSashaR_ :(
7:20:03 PMGarbee SashaR_: Let Jeff know that silicon gel packs (like the ones that come in electronics) are way better than rice. Just save those to re-use them.
7:20:16 PMGarbee Rice does effectively nothing.
7:20:29 PMTheFu Don't people have 60-120 days of versioned backups?
7:20:37 PMSashaR_ I'll let him know :)
7:21:55 PMBobK54 there's agreat XKCD comic about deleting social media accounts....
7:23:12 PMTheFu Saw that students with smartphones don't do as well in school as students without. The phones can't be with them. Seems it is like having a bottle of alcohol near an alcoholic.
7:23:22 PMTheFu Even if they never touch it, it is there.
7:23:29 PMTheFu And all they think about.
7:25:17 PMGarbee TheFu: But in the real world they will have the phones around. Part of the education experience should be learning how to cope with not being able to mess with it or think about it and focus on the task at hand.
7:25:53 PMGarbee Like, high schools banning cell phones is defeating the point. The kids do it anyways. They aren't stopping anything. Instead, make it a real educational experience on life. You got it, but you also gotta pass this test.
7:26:12 PMGarbee You chose what is more important and figure out how to get yourself to where you need to be.
7:26:16 PMTheFu Garbee: It isn't the kids decision. It is the parents.
7:26:33 PMTheFu Kids aren't known for making great choices.
7:26:38 PMGarbee TheFu: It's sad you think that matters.
7:26:44 PMBobK54 bring back ICQ
7:26:45 PMGarbee Kids will get them if they want them.
7:27:00 PMGarbee All it takes is classmate to pick up a $20 burner phone for them. Boom.
7:27:24 PMTheFu Garbee: A $20 phone isn't the same as a $300 smartphone.
7:27:28 PMGarbee I literally have dealt with a kid that always gets them if she wants them. Trust me, parents have no say in the matter if the kid wants it after a certain age.
7:27:43 PMGarbee TheFu: Smartphones are in the $20-50 range now easily.
7:27:50 PMGarbee Crappy, but workable for most apps.
7:27:52 PMTheFu Garbee: And parents can't stop drug use either.
7:29:12 PMTheFu I have a $40 smartphone. No data. $3/month.
7:30:05 PMMarshMan SashaR_: I follow you guys on twitter and since you stream several places Facebook is no great loss
7:30:17 PMTheFu Parents set the rules and punishment for NOT following them. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Parents seem to be more concernedabout other things. Which I can completely understand.
7:31:10 PMTheFu Aren't all of those "B" models?
7:31:53 PMGarbee ugh, that's why I don't have FB SashaR_.
7:32:06 PMGarbee "Don't you read my updates?" ... No, I honestly don't.
7:34:03 PMTheFu r-pi v2 works fine with OSMC/Kodi for a media player for upto 1080p content.
7:35:00 PMSashaR_ I'm really looking forward to "catching up" with people again
7:36:34 PMTheFu chmod doesn't work on NTFS, does it?
7:37:04 PMTheFu All permissions for NTFS/FAT-whatever are controlled by the mount options ... except if the Linux is integrated with SD.
7:37:10 PMTheFu s/SD/AD/
7:38:38 PMTheFu SashaR_: Are we supposed to see the screen on Robbie's laptop?
7:39:42 PMSashaR_ I think that's post
7:40:08 PMTheFu TY
7:43:15 PMTheFu So ... the v3+ is what to buy if you NEED a new box, but most current uses aren't worth the upgrade?
7:54:35 PMGarbee SashaR_: Has Robbie done plays?
7:54:40 PMGarbee Like, acted in them.
7:55:01 PMGarbee haha, Robbie and Jeff's expressions while she is doing this.
7:55:21 PMGarbee They're like, we can't screw this up. Just look serious and don't laugh.
7:55:45 PMGarbee sigh. They can't see this. I don't know why I'm trying to throw them off.
7:56:20 PMBaldricTheBrave Hi guys...
7:56:32 PMGarbee Hell Baldric.
7:56:42 PMGarbee I won't say TheBrave since that is yet-to-be-proven here.
7:57:38 PMTheFu LEO
7:57:45 PMTheFu Low Earth Orbit.
7:57:53 PMTheFu Not geostationary.
7:58:21 PMTheFu 200 KM isn't the same as 22K miles.
7:59:24 PMBobK54 your studio IS a 3rd world nation!
7:59:50 PMTheFu Jeff is off - the same sort of antenna as sat-phones can be used.
7:59:51 PMGarbee BobK54: As far as the internet service, yes it basically should be considered that.
8:00:47 PMTheFu Normal Sat-Internet is 22K miles - geostationary.
8:00:52 PMBobK54 Garbee - yep, that's what I meant of course!
8:01:21 PMBobK54 skynet!!!!!
8:01:40 PMGarbee Oh, did ya'll see where part of Africa's tectonic plate is shifting off into it's own piece?
8:01:57 PMGarbee Like, we are live seeing the early stages of a new plate forming it looks like!
8:02:03 PMTheFu Jeff is off on the security too. The satellites know where they are over the planet. Subnetting will be likely determined by location on Earth. That's how I'd do it.
8:04:07 PMTheFu firejail is an easy to use sandbox on Linux.
8:04:26 PMTheFu $ firejail --private firefox
8:04:31 PMGarbee This is a report on it from a few years ago. But I just saw a new article today that was reporting the land itself now splitting apart and even destroying some infrastructure.
8:04:48 PMTheFu Nothing will be written to any storage that way.
8:05:43 PMGarbee How would Facebook do something different though?
8:06:03 PMGarbee They can't charge to make your data really private. It would kill their business.
8:06:11 PMTheFu Or doubleclick?
8:06:16 PMGarbee And they can't control the data once it is handed out to someone else.
8:06:54 PMGarbee Companies need to be regulated so when they are sharing your info they inform you and ask explicit permission for your info to be shared.
8:07:09 PMGarbee Not these general, "We may share.." in the EULA's and Privacy Policies.
8:07:11 PMTheFu Hey ... 50+ isn't "and older generation" ... is it?
8:07:24 PMGarbee Regulate explicit sharing notifications. And not just tech companies.
8:07:35 PMGarbee Credit Reporting stuff, same rules.
8:08:08 PMTheFu I think Germany has the best privacy laws today.
8:08:27 PMGarbee Germany goes to a far extreme though.
8:08:34 PMGarbee We don't need to be that heavy handed IMO.
8:08:58 PMTheFu But you can always "opt-in", if you like.
8:10:03 PMGarbee TheFu: Networks were originally done by region/location until the v4 shortage happened.
8:10:11 PMGarbee For subnetting public IPs to route.
8:10:25 PMGarbee With IPv6 though, it can easily change.
8:10:45 PMGarbee Since we have so many. They don't need to be tied to geography to break them down for initial assignment.
8:11:05 PMGarbee Also, people can get a *huge* chunk of IPs. And they can be ported once you have a block assigned to you.
8:11:30 PMGarbee So theoretically, there could be an "IP Block market" for normal people to just buy an IP block.
8:11:42 PMGarbee Then it isn't tied to assigned location directly to group things.
8:11:44 PMTheFu IPv6 will probably be the only stack for SpaceX internet. If they use IPSec for security, I can't think of a better method.
8:12:05 PMTheFu Comcast was giving out /54 subnets.
8:12:25 PMTheFu pokey-coins?
8:12:49 PMGarbee TheFu: I think they're doing it wrong. You should get like a /80 which has a *ton* more address space.
8:13:03 PMGarbee iirc the sub range amount correctly.
8:13:28 PMTheFu I thnk a /80 is smaller than a /64 and smaller than a /54.
8:14:04 PMTheFu A /64 in IPv6 is over 4B IPs.
8:14:12 PMGarbee Oh, maybe /80 is what they were assigning when it should have been a /54.
8:14:26 PMTheFu Here, /54.
8:14:47 PMGarbee Either way, once upon a time, if they were even giving you a v6 block it wasn't the standard size they should have been giving by the specs.
8:15:25 PMTheFu Any chance Sasha is following this subnetting?
8:15:49 PMSashaR_ nope
8:16:02 PMSashaR_ lol
8:16:05 PMGarbee lol, Subnets are way to geeky for her right now.
8:16:19 PMGarbee She's good. But this is a few levels of hell to deep right now.
8:16:25 PMTheFu
8:17:44 PMTheFu More than anyone wants to know about IPv6.
8:18:12 PMTheFu Intro?
8:18:16 PMGarbee Ah, here is the info on what ISPs should assign.
8:18:24 PMBaldricTheBrave Well done Sasha...
8:18:57 PMGarbee SashaR_: Great air quotes on "learned" there.
8:19:01 PMSashaR_ Thank you :)
8:19:03 PMGarbee Perfect use of them.
8:19:31 PMBaldricTheBrave Ur not the only one who gets losts on some of Robbies tek stuff...
8:19:56 PMGarbee hahaha Lost it not even a year in.
8:20:00 PMGarbee That's a keeper SashaR_.
8:20:04 PMGarbee A true man.
8:20:50 PMTheFu Dress like Princes Leia?
8:21:47 PMTheFu g'nite;
8:21:53 PMGarbee Goodnight everyone at the studio!
8:21:59 PMTheFu drive safe.
8:22:14 PMSashaR_ I just flippin adore you all! good night!
8:22:28 PMBobK54 Sasha....I left me ring at security at the Laguardia airport many years ago.
8:22:34 PMGarbee Man, seeing the camera is actually tilted. Or the wall bricks are...
8:22:36 PMGarbee Ouch.
8:22:39 PMGarbee My OCD is going crazy.
8:22:56 PMTheFu My head is tilted, I think. Can't tell.
8:22:57 PMBobK54 night all !!
8:23:16 PMGarbee TheFu: Look up top at the bricks at the very top of the wall in the video.
8:23:23 PMGarbee They slowly get bigger going from left to right.
8:23:26 PMTheFu Ah ...
8:23:42 PMBaldricTheBrave Ooh wonky woo...
8:23:43 PMTheFu assuming they were built level.
8:23:59 PMGarbee Yea, it's either camera is un-level. Or the bricks on the wall are.
8:24:00 PMTheFu and assuming my projector is level too.
8:24:24 PMGarbee I don't know if that is just like brick wallpaper or something. Or if it's actual bricks on that wall at the studio.
8:24:35 PMGarbee I think it's a fake wall cover.
8:24:37 PMTheFu Looks like real brick to me.
8:24:59 PMGarbee NO it's fake. Too much duplication of patterns.


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