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6:58:08 PMSolbu JWeston: Since his name is german for King, why not call him The King? :-)
6:58:30 PMbenrob0329 I squat at regular intervals anyways lol
6:58:43 PMTheFu 18:58:38
6:59:19 PMTheFu With an IRC client, there is a timestamp for each message.
6:59:30 PMMarshMan RobbieF_: you're blocking the logo
6:59:52 PMTheFu 10 sec
7:04:13 PMJWeston hey BobK54
7:04:52 PMSashaR_ MarshMan... it changes. Today was Sugar Sugar (if that's what its called)
7:05:37 PMMarshMan SashaR_: :)
7:06:06 PMJWeston when i work out i have the song "I've gotta head like a ping pong ball" from camp caraboo
7:06:17 PMSashaR_ hahahaha
7:06:23 PMSolbu Nice idea. Cat5 coin. :-)
7:07:00 PMalpeck how many Cat5.coins to get a hug from SashaR_???
7:07:24 PMMarshMan 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
7:07:45 PMalpeck I new it was going to be expensive
7:07:48 PMSashaR_ :)
7:08:06 PMDogeJonkins wow
7:08:54 PMJWeston sashaR is too expensive....DogeJonkins left because of it :0(
7:09:25 PMalpeck I think DogeJohkins just left to mine Cat5.coins
7:09:29 PMSashaR_ Hey now.... I didn't set the price! I'm all for free hugs!
7:09:54 PMSashaR_ But, we do need to ay the bills!!!
7:10:01 PMSashaR_ pay
7:10:08 PMMarshMan SashaR_: worth every coin
7:11:19 PMJWeston head like a ping pong ball song
7:11:20 PMalpeck Another one gone to mine Cat5.coins
7:11:54 PMJWeston anyone have any questions for Robert about blockchain?
7:12:58 PMMarshMan JWeston: Re: that ping pong ball song, you need help.
7:13:43 PMJWeston haha Marshman
7:13:53 PMMarshMan :)
7:14:10 PMalpeck stream down!!!
7:14:17 PMalpeck youtube
7:14:43 PMMarshMan you tube working for me
7:14:58 PMalpeck it's back
7:16:17 PMminer4 Is anyone else having trouble with the miner they set up for turtlecoin? Mine was working but for the last 4 days it keeps saying the hashes are accepted but then it says Boooo rather than Yay
7:16:51 PMJWeston yeah miner4, the algorithm changed on the weekend and the miner has been updated. so you need to update
7:16:55 PMMarshMan Have you upgraded to the latest
7:16:59 PMJWeston are you running on linux or windows?
7:17:09 PMminer4 ah right. Im on Ubuntu
7:17:23 PMMarshMan you need 0.4.2
7:17:36 PMminer4 Ok I'll have a look thanks
7:17:54 PMJWeston as a result of the algo change, the hashrates have inceased as well
7:18:16 PMminer4 that doesn't sound good
7:18:23 PMJWeston for instance a raspberrypi 3 has gone from 6-9h/sec to 18h/s
7:18:25 PMTheFu Banks have protections.
7:18:39 PMminer4 Does that mean it generates less currency?
7:19:09 PMTheFu JWeston: What legal protections are provided by crypt-currency exchanges?
7:19:22 PMminer4 ah so its gone the other way and is better now then
7:19:29 PMDennis_Kelley JWeston what is the best way to upgrade to the latest?
7:19:45 PMMarshMan miner4: it generates more but so does everyone else
7:20:02 PMminer4 so it makes the currency worth less?
7:21:04 PMMarshMan not necessarily. it just means when they divvy it up the pecentages are about the same
7:21:25 PMminer4 ah ok
7:21:37 PMJWeston in general it will also mean bigger payouts per day
7:21:52 PMTheFu Is there a "best practices" document that people follow? So, keep private keys offline seems like 1.
7:21:59 PMMarshMan Dennis_Kelley: check here:
7:22:13 PMJWeston either more often payouts out or bigger paymetns depending on how your pool is set up
7:23:26 PMNelson1 This stuff is so fascinating
7:24:02 PMJWeston two months ago cryptocurrency was like quantum mechanics for im delving deeply into it. i love it
7:24:14 PMMarshMan
7:24:53 PMTheFu I'm liking Robert. Very grounded.
7:25:06 PMSashaR_ Me too!
7:25:09 PMJWeston indeeed
7:25:18 PMMarshMan Very cool guy!!
7:26:31 PMTheFu Print the private key and verify that some OCR can read it back in without errors.
7:26:47 PMalpeck your private key always the same or is there a new one for every exchange you do???
7:27:45 PMMarshMan your private key doesn't change. each transaction creates a new hash for the ledger
7:28:00 PMJWeston private key is unique to each wallet and currency i believe...atleast thats the way it is for me
7:28:11 PMalpeck how long is the key???
7:28:18 PMJWeston but like marshman said, it stays the same for the individual wallet and currency
7:28:32 PMTheFu WhopperCoin? Comments?
7:28:36 PMJWeston huge...i think mine is close to 40 characters
7:28:49 PMJWeston takes forever to type out haha
7:29:00 PMMarshMan TheFu: Big Mac coin
7:29:10 PMMarshMan :)
7:29:16 PMTheFu JWeston: Most of my online passphrases are over 50 random characters.
7:29:28 PMalpeck that's only 320-bit. I thought it would be longer
7:29:31 PMTheFu I'd hope the private key would be 4K or larger.
7:29:41 PMJWeston yeah that sounds right. imm just guessing about the 40....its very long
7:29:58 PMBobK54 feed cut off here in Kentucky
7:30:00 PMMarshMan now stream is gone
7:30:02 PMminer4 You can generate a wallet for turtlecoin offline (for security) using their githib page here:
7:30:30 PMBobK54 refresh...they're back!
7:30:35 PMMarshMan Yup
7:30:41 PMMarshMan thx
7:31:22 PMalpeck stream has stopped 3 times since show has started...refresh recovers
7:31:37 PMTheFu Pumping seems illegal. At least in the USA.
7:32:07 PMminer4 its ok here in the UK. Its just getting up for work in the morning that will be the problem with the time difference!
7:34:44 PMSolbu JWeston: Question for him: Is there an example of a punp-and-dump coin that people started to use, regardless of the dump?
7:35:15 PMSolbu I.e. that is still operational, which was not intended to be used.
7:40:51 PMTheFu Big brother likes the blockchain.
7:41:39 PMMarshMan
7:42:20 PMNelson1 Fantastic Guest Robbie !
7:42:31 PMDennis_Kelley Great Job!
7:42:47 PMMarshMan Thumbs way up!!
7:43:00 PMDennis_Kelley Double Thumbs Up!
7:43:49 PMDennis_Kelley now that SashaR_ is ready!! LOL
7:44:03 PMNelson1 Amazing guest !
7:44:10 PMDennis_Kelley great and ready!!
7:44:52 PMRobbieF_ hiya
7:45:05 PMMarshMan some orange pop has caffeine
7:45:09 PMRobbieF_ cheers everyone! Glad you enjoyed it
7:45:17 PMDennis_Kelley Thanks RobbieF_
7:45:21 PMNelson1 get rid of the brick
7:45:23 PMTheFu Orange pop is good once every 3 yrs.
7:45:35 PMRobbieF_ pictures will be post processed :D
7:45:39 PMMarshMan maybe dog years
7:45:53 PMTheFu Didn't we do this story last week?
7:46:02 PMRobbieF_ nope
7:46:25 PMTheFu Where's the USB port?
7:46:53 PMTheFu Morse code then?
7:47:08 PMTheFu thanks to the LED output?
7:47:45 PMTheFu IoT that we can't see - is scary.
7:49:08 PMTheFu THink Bourne Identity spying ...
7:49:43 PMDennis_Kelley Mind Blown!
7:50:04 PMTheFu The I/O will be an issue.
7:50:22 PMMarshMan you play the piano and the lights keep going on and off
7:50:29 PMSolbu Hehe
7:51:01 PMalpeck near field communications
7:51:26 PMTheFu And wifi is secure ... uh ... not.
7:51:55 PMTheFu NFC isn't really NFC. People have read those from 50ft away.
7:52:37 PMTheFu Blutooth from 1500ft.
7:55:00 PMTheFu RFID was read in 2010 from 217ft at DefCon. Just because they are advertised a useful for a few feet, doesn't mean they can't be read from much greater distances.
7:56:02 PMMarshMan Inner ear connectivity? for a person with meniere's disease, like me, this is out of the question
7:56:25 PMNelson1 Fascinating Mr. Spock !!!!
7:56:45 PMTheFu Spocks brain!
7:57:28 PMTheFu s/ks/k's/
7:57:32 PMNelson1 That was the worst TOS episode ever !!!
8:02:18 PMTheFu Someone uses it in their manufacturing control center.
8:02:29 PMMarshMan i hear it when I try to get into the bios setup
8:02:48 PMRobbieF_ I'll miss beep :(
8:02:51 PMRobbieF_ I'm oldschool
8:02:55 PMTheFu Beep does more that just 1 sound. Can control the length and pitch too.
8:03:02 PMNelson1 me too Robbie
8:03:10 PMRobbieF_ I know, I know... just poking fun at how RIDICULOUS it is that it is exploited!
8:03:23 PMMarshMan apple is calling its chip an olive
8:03:25 PMRobbieF_ it's like finding out "poke" is a root level exploit.
8:03:37 PMTheFu Well ... poke **is** root level.
8:03:43 PMRobbieF_ haha
8:03:45 PMNelson1 Great show tonight !! very cool topics you guys are discussing
8:04:19 PMMarshMan Apple will TOTALLY PROPRIETARY!!!!!
8:04:32 PMTheFu I always think of the bad things new tech can do or be used for before getting excited too much.
8:04:52 PMTheFu Apple is only 5% of Intel's clients.
8:04:54 PMMarshMan Spectre and meltdown may destroy Intel
8:06:44 PMNelson1 i still love my blackberry !
8:07:04 PMTheFu And Apple will put into all their contracts that anything made for them will not be provided to any other parties. Period. That means Apple replacement parts won't be cheap from anyone.
8:07:07 PMMarshMan Rotary phones rule!!
8:07:16 PMGarbee Well, I just Star Wars'ed right through the show.
8:07:21 PMSolbu MarshMan: I still have one. :-)
8:07:23 PMTheFu Nelson1: I miss my blackberry 950.
8:07:35 PMTheFu Best thumb keyboard ever!
8:08:26 PMMarshMan I had a 950 as well.
8:08:31 PMNelson1 i m using the blackberry keyone, best one on the market that is android
8:09:05 PMTheFu I had one of every model from the 950 thru the Pearl - corporate. Also ran over 100 BES internall.y
8:09:53 PMGarbee oh we can greenscreen Jeff's shirt for the whole episode in post.
8:10:06 PMGarbee I think we can make him wear a pile of poo emoji...
8:10:35 PMMarshMan That must be his Wednesday shirt
8:10:40 PMTheFu Garbee: Or some movie characters???
8:11:32 PMGarbee Speaking of movies, we could give him the Finn/Poe love jacket.
8:11:58 PMGarbee In what game?
8:12:23 PMSolbu Shall, we, play, a, game?
8:12:32 PMTheFu Nice.
8:13:01 PMSashaR_ Do any of you have VR capabilities, a steam account... and a need for friends?
8:13:19 PMGarbee Good thinking Jeff on how to handle htat.
8:13:22 PMTheFu SashaR_: Nope. Chromebook is my best GPU.
8:13:38 PMGarbee Oh, it's just JWeston now.
8:13:48 PMGarbee Too good for his first name I see.
8:13:50 PMTheFu All my other systems barely have any GPU, if at all.
8:13:53 PMMarshMan SashaR_: No, no and yes
8:13:56 PMSashaR_ I, thanks to all of you, have a great computer
8:14:14 PMTheFu SashaR_: We know.
8:14:16 PMTheFu ;)
8:14:29 PMalpeck great show
8:14:49 PMTheFu Fun times!
8:14:56 PMGarbee Have a good week SashaR_ and JWeston!
8:14:59 PMGarbee Thanks for coming.
8:15:25 PMRobbieF_ thanks everyone!
8:15:29 PMRobbieF_ cheers Nelson1
8:15:29 PMTheFu SashaR_: is looking a little pale.
8:15:31 PMSashaR_ Thank you all... you are all so great :)
8:15:42 PMGarbee The tan is slowly going away TheFu.
8:15:45 PMSashaR_ hahaha... my tan is fading!
8:15:48 PMRobbieF_ no dropouts tonight - wonderful!
8:15:53 PMSashaR_ good night :)
8:15:54 PMTheFu Beautiful, sunny weather here.
8:16:02 PMGarbee RobbieF_: I wouldn't know. I just showed up. I'm a slacker.
8:16:17 PMSolbu RobbieF_: I only had to restart the kodi stream 2 times. :-)
8:16:19 PMDennis_Kelley Great show RobbieF_
8:16:38 PMTheFu Pollen count is huge,however. Extreme - 5,098.
8:17:00 PMTheFu Highest levels since 2015.
8:17:36 PMTheFu Solbu: Kodi stuttered once,but never dropped here.
8:18:21 PMSolbu TheFu: Once it starts stuttering, I have to restart,. if not it wil stutter untill the end of the show.
8:18:34 PMSolbu as in, I restart the stream, not the system.
8:18:41 PMTheFu Solbu: Which platform? I'm on a pi v2.
8:18:51 PMSolbu i7 laptop.
8:18:58 PMTheFu OS?
8:19:06 PMSolbu GNU :-)
8:19:06 PMTheFu BSD something?
8:19:14 PMSolbu Mageia 6.
8:19:32 PMSolbu It is only the cat5 stream that does this.
8:20:08 PMSolbu THe laptop is my dedicated media senter, connected to my big screen TV.
8:20:11 PMTheFu I may have upped the caching on my kodi settings.
8:20:33 PMTheFu An i7 for media? Seems wasteful when a $35 r-pi will do.
8:20:44 PMSolbu TheFu: That just it, id doesn't use up the cache before stuttering.
8:20:47 PMSolbu *it
8:21:16 PMSolbu I use Kodi 17.3, as that is the latest for Mageia 6.
8:22:16 PMTheFu I did a dist-upgrade last week. Older vp6 streams are crashing the system - like I have to reboot to get audio back. h.264 is perfectly fine, however.


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