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7:01:50 PMABQTKY No, Sasha, you aren't a robot.
7:02:14 PMTheFu got kicked off the stream?
7:02:14 PMSolbu Kodi stream died.
7:02:33 PMABQTKY RobbieF, don't touch the buttons when it's show time, please.
7:02:38 PMSolbu Hehe
7:02:48 PMBobK54 :)
7:03:03 PMTheFu :-(
7:03:34 PMDennis_Kelley no play live stream button on roku
7:03:42 PMTheFu check.
7:03:43 PMABQTKY RobbieF, it's your electrostatic personality that causes these anomalies
7:03:44 PMTheFu check.
7:03:46 PMTheFu check.
7:04:00 PMSolbu Kodi stream is up.
7:04:15 PMM1k3_0 Roku up
7:04:37 PMDennis_Kelley awesome sauce!
7:04:48 PMSolbu RobbieF: Is that an original NES system on the table?
7:04:51 PMTheFu and stuttering ...
7:05:10 PMTheFu Google Translate ... for Japanese.
7:05:28 PMRobbieF_ hi
7:05:46 PMMarshMan I c u
7:05:55 PMTheFu RobbieF_: Use an IRC client.
7:06:08 PMDennis_Kelley i can see you!
7:06:21 PMSolbu TheFu: Yes, they should.
7:06:25 PMSolbu HexChat.
7:06:47 PMTheFu I use the built-in one for Thunderbird.
7:07:10 PMMarshMan wow deja vu
7:07:21 PMTheFu vu ja de
7:07:37 PMSolbu IRC 1.0.1
7:07:41 PMDennis_Kelley I am ready!
7:07:55 PMBobK54 it always take me a few minutes to get a chat connection every week. eventually it works
7:08:20 PMDennis_Kelley i see SashaD in the chat!
7:08:39 PMDennis_Kelley I mean SashaR
7:08:45 PMDennis_Kelley and she is gone!
7:08:58 PMTheFu Robbie is pushing a button .... hang on!
7:09:02 PMSolbu Hehehe
7:09:10 PMDennis_Kelley Hello RobbieF_
7:09:13 PMGWG I see Canadian people
7:09:18 PMSolbu Ignition.
7:09:24 PMDennis_Kelley riveting!
7:09:25 PMSolbu And we have lift off.
7:10:31 PMM1k3_0 I got my shirt. No photo yet...
7:11:53 PMMarshMan back handed compliment
7:12:15 PMGWG If this was radio, I could listen in the car
7:12:15 PMBobK54 Robbie the Robot????
7:12:40 PMDennis_Kelley i was just watching it! LOL
7:12:59 PMDennis_Kelley Lost in Space for the Win!
7:13:00 PMABQTKY Yom Huledet Sameach l'kulam!! (to anyone who knows what I just wrote...and all other Linux users) 8-)
7:13:42 PMGWG ABQTKY: I know what you said.
7:13:59 PMABQTKY GWG, I know YOU do.
7:19:12 PMGWG ABQTKY: I'm pretty transparent
7:20:19 PMABQTKY GWG, why am I now thinking of an ancient (50's) TV show? (Topper) 8-|
7:22:38 PMSolbu Or Acme Inc. :-)
7:23:35 PMTheFu Just check the source domain for the email.
7:24:01 PMTheFu And dont open attachments that are phishy.
7:24:52 PMTheFu But most spam filters see that the FROM and the from-server aren't the same domain.
7:24:56 PMGWG ABQTKY: Which one?
7:25:09 PMGWG I Love Lucy?
7:25:22 PMTheFu Email programs that don't show email address are broke.
7:25:37 PMGWG Retro about this?
7:25:40 PMABQTKY GWG, the ancient show was Topper. Early 50's. Don't mind me, I'm just nutz.
7:25:52 PMraidghost One three Hill :P
7:25:59 PMDennis_Kelley maybe!!
7:26:07 PMGWG ABQTKY: Not one I know.
7:26:28 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF_ give SashaR a hug for me! we are friends!
7:26:33 PMraidghost What does this game device cost?
7:26:38 PMABQTKY GWG, ahh, you youngsters these days!
7:27:53 PMTheFu 13 inch.
7:28:51 PMGuest_6412 Hey Robbie, been watching Cat5 TV for several years and always enjoy the show. I remember a year or two ago you showed us your LTE modem, and noticed you only had one antenna attached to it, running an LTE modem or even a wireless router without an antenna is never a good thing, doing so over a long period of time will eventually cause damage to t
7:28:51 PMGuest_6412 he radio in your LTE modem, and could be the cause of your LTE issues.
7:29:12 PMGWG ABQTKY: You'd be surprised what I remember
7:29:54 PMBaldricTheBrave Hi guys, just ordered a tasty Cat5 black tee shirt...
7:30:22 PMBaldricTheBrave Still habe
7:30:41 PMABQTKY GWG, ooookay. Who asked, "Will they ever finish Bruckner Boulevard?" Hint, decades ago...famous person.
7:31:01 PMBaldricTheBrave Still have an Atari 2600 game consol...
7:31:29 PMGWG ABQTKY: I'm still upset after all the construction they are getting rid of the Sheridan Expressway
7:32:09 PMABQTKY GWG, I'm getting vibes that you don't know the answer.
7:32:20 PMMarshMan Bruckner himself asked
7:32:30 PMraidghost Just to be honest. Raspberry Pi v3 B+ is not that much faster then the v3 b
7:32:40 PMTheFu only 20% faster.
7:32:41 PMraidghost Its slow as ice.
7:33:00 PMraidghost Tried plex and kodi on it. Didnt play 1920x1080
7:33:06 PMGWG ABQTKY: It wasn't Robert Moses.
7:33:10 PMraidghost could barly play 480P
7:33:31 PMTheFu raidghost: what codecsdid you try?
7:33:44 PMTheFu I use pi v2 and v3 with kodi daily.
7:33:47 PMraidghost Not sure. rasbian
7:33:49 PMraidghost With gnome
7:33:51 PMTheFu h.264 is fine.
7:34:12 PMraidghost Bought a B+ and a 7" touch screen
7:34:13 PMTheFu mpeg2 works, but only with the mpeg $2 license key.
7:34:18 PMTheFu h.265 won't work.
7:34:19 PMraidghost did deliver it back to store. Waste of money
7:34:30 PMABQTKY GWG, No, no. The famous Ada Louise Huxtable asked the question. AND she used that as the title on a book of old columns. She was the architecture critic for the NYTimes decades and decades ago.
7:34:40 PMBaldricTheBrave Watching from the UK on Kodi... only trouble is it 12.34am
7:34:49 PMTheFu raidghost: if you assume it is a general computer, it will fail to meet expectations.
7:35:18 PMraidghost TheFu: Wanted it as a tablet for plane and buss
7:35:37 PMTheFu If you want a tablet, but a tablet.
7:35:40 PMraidghost But i figured out it wasnt wurth the money. Rasp would for me allways be crap.
7:35:51 PMMarshMan Love Etcher
7:36:16 PMMarshMan RobbieF_: the save icon is still a floppy
7:36:20 PMraidghost Only retropai usefull
7:36:23 PMTheFu Etcher seems like too much bloat. dd or ddrescue do the job.
7:36:37 PMGWG I use DD
7:36:44 PMraidghost But to play games on a HD tv. 42 inch or bigger. Its Crap colors
7:36:49 PMGWG ABQTKY: I know about the book. Didn't remember the name.
7:37:26 PMABQTKY GWG, nice! I _have_ the book...somewhere. Never read it though.
7:37:42 PMraidghost TheFu: i rather buy a ODROID-XU4
7:38:07 PMGWG I'm disappointed when I meet people who don't know what a floppy was
7:38:16 PMTheFu If I'm spending that much money, I'd get 10x the CPU and get a cheap intel.
7:38:16 PMM1k3_0 Just got my first pi last week. Will probably do this for fun this weekend.
7:38:39 PMraidghost GWG: I met people that didnt know that they had to clone the old drive before replace with a new one (they thought the OS was included when they bought it)
7:39:00 PMraidghost So they was like "My OS wont boot up after replace harddrive"
7:39:20 PMABQTKY raidghost, there's a new Odroid that was announced and may be coming out this summer. More expensive but much nicer!!
7:40:23 PMGWG They still have math coprocessors?
7:40:34 PMGWG I remember I had one on my 486DX
7:40:41 PMMarshMan ABQTKY: it does look nice. Why they made it a hexacore tho...
7:41:27 PMMarshMan also still a big little cpu
7:41:32 PMGWG That is much nicer than the one I have. On mine the USB port is under the cartridge slot.
7:48:04 PMTheFu Coleco ... something.
7:48:23 PMTheFu Remember getting the 2600 for Xmas around '76
7:48:34 PMraidghost ABQTKY: Do you have any specs on it? URL?
7:48:54 PMBaldricTheBrave Still have my 2600 brown box
7:49:16 PMMarshMan I still have a working handheld Coleco football with just red led dashes as the players
7:49:19 PMGWG I am still thinking of building something like this...
7:49:40 PMTheFu Gave one away in '96 before moving cross country. Had about 100 cartridges.
7:49:51 PMTheFu MarshMan: I had that too! 7th grade.
7:50:01 PMTheFu Head - to -head play?
7:50:13 PMABQTKY raidghost, no. But the announcement mentionsed two SATA ports, USB3, Gig Ethernet, stuff like that. There may be two or three versions of the new one...with increasing prices, of course. They mentioned June...but that was a few months ago.
7:50:14 PMMarshMan turn based
7:50:29 PMTheFu MarshMan: I had the head-to-head version.
7:51:10 PMBaldricTheBrave Even older still is my Tandy game consol
7:51:15 PMTheFu Friend had the race car game ... I'd guess that was the first "side-screen-scroller" game ... though it scrolled top down.
7:51:33 PMMarshMan TheFu: used to play every day on the SI ferry on our way to high school
7:52:18 PMSolbu RobbieF_: Super Mario!
7:52:35 PMMarshMan Dr Mario
7:52:42 PMGWG How about my favorite....Tapper for Arcades?
7:53:10 PMTheFu Spyhunter!
7:53:41 PMraidghost ABQTKY: Any that can run 4k?
7:53:46 PMGarbee You do have music going RobbieF_. I can hear it.
7:53:51 PMGarbee It's just very faint.
7:53:54 PMraidghost Want some Juiczy cpu
7:53:55 PMTheFu We hear audio.
7:53:57 PMABQTKY raidghost, not sure.
7:54:01 PMGWG Now I'm going to have to break out my Picade
7:54:07 PMSolbu RobbieF_: We hear the game sound.
7:54:13 PMBaldricTheBrave Def got sound
7:57:10 PMTheFu Sasha has a bicycle, not a car.
7:57:17 PMTheFu Paperboy?
8:01:48 PMTheFu Would a PS2 controller work? They are USB.
8:02:23 PMraidghost If someone or the HOSTS of this live feed have some advices for Tablets for travel (have to play all video formats)
8:02:49 PMTheFu raidghost: No tablet can play "all video formats."
8:03:05 PMTheFu No computer can play "all video formats"
8:03:32 PMTheFu I have a Fire 8HD ... and it does video from my Plex server (which transcodes) fine.
8:03:36 PMraidghost Like 4K HEVC 1080P
8:03:46 PMTheFu raidghost: None that I know today.
8:04:08 PMGWG I try to help with the pronunciation
8:04:18 PMTheFu Heck, I don't think any of my PCs handle HEVC in hardware.
8:04:53 PMraidghost TheFu: My i7 laptop does
8:05:03 PMraidghost But laptop is too not "Travelfriendly"
8:05:13 PMTheFu Exactly.
8:06:16 PMTheFu You can transcode the media you want to take on a trip using a little scripting.
8:06:33 PMTheFu YES, Sweden get's snow.
8:06:38 PMraidghost nooooo
8:06:57 PMraidghost I dont want snow in sweden. Gonna take a trip to sweden and no winter wheels on at the moment
8:07:02 PMTheFu Florida gets snow ... once in a while.
8:07:49 PMraidghost This Playstation remte the host was showing. Does that allow 2 remotes paired at the same time?
8:11:39 PMraidghost Bedtime now in norway . But this would be downloaded and watched in dayligh;)
8:11:42 PMTheFu Alexa "that sucks"
8:12:36 PMTheFu My Fire tablet forced an update yesterday that enabled Alexa without asking.
8:13:03 PMBobK54 stop saying Alexa. my dot is going crazy here. haha
8:14:06 PMTheFu I wanted to root it, but they are staying ahead with OS updates, so nobody has been able to root the newer models.
8:14:26 PMraidghost Root what?
8:14:33 PMraidghost IOS?
8:14:40 PMTheFu I'm with Sasha - amazon recommends things I bought that should last 20 yrs.
8:14:50 PMTheFu Fire 8HD tablet.
8:14:55 PMraidghost costs?
8:15:06 PMTheFu I won't allow Apple stuff in the house.
8:15:25 PMraidghost TheFu: If they paid you enought. i guess :P
8:15:28 PMTheFu There was a $25 deal earlier this week with some conditions.
8:15:57 PMTheFu raidghost: True. But I'm not driven by money anymore.
8:16:11 PMTheFu Normal price for the Fire 8HD is $50.
8:16:55 PMTheFu I've had a 10inch tablet - too big. Tried a 7inch tablet - too small. 8in is _just right_ for me.
8:17:22 PMGWG I have an 8IN
8:17:31 PMTheFu That's what she said.
8:21:44 PMGarbee Sasha, Um... On reading the ToS. "Informed Consent" is a thing in the law, and it was made pretty clear at the hearing last week that our congress doesn't believe users are properly informed in any way. They made it clear they know Facebook actively obscures what is going on.
8:22:07 PMGarbee So, the lawsuit actually has a good deal of weight to it. It just needs to be properly argued.
8:22:17 PMGWG Garbee: You think someone in Congress clearly knows something?
8:22:24 PMGarbee Oh there she is.
8:22:29 PMGarbee and gone just as fast.
8:22:40 PMGarbee GWG, some of them do.
8:22:48 PMGarbee Especially on the topic of informed consent. :P
8:22:58 PMGWG I had to sit through a GPDR lecture today
8:23:06 PMGarbee Not much on the tech side too much. But in this context they're very well informed to make the call.
8:23:52 PMGarbee SashaD, Um... On reading the ToS. "Informed Consent" is a thing in the law, and it was made pretty clear at the hearing last week that our congress doesn't believe users are properly informed in any way. They made it clear they know Facebook actively obscures what is going on.
8:23:57 PMGarbee hahhaah
8:23:58 PMGarbee I give up.
8:24:20 PMTheFu Copyright .... that's why Star Wars gets re-released. Abandon-ware isn't in the USA. Sounds like a Canada thing. Those guys are smart up there, often.
8:24:28 PMABQTKY Garbee, whose Congress are you talking about?? Over here cluelessness is an art form.


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