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6:58:07 PMSashaR Hi Everyone :):)... thank you :)
6:59:04 PMSkywriter64 Hi, everyone from Brooklyn,NY. I am back.
6:59:38 PMTheFu check.
6:59:40 PMTheFu check.
6:59:43 PMSolbu Check received.
6:59:54 PMTheFu Solbu: Is there beer involved?
7:00:06 PMSashaR I'm so happy that we are all here together!!
7:00:58 PMSkywriter64 I missed last week.
7:01:21 PMSashaR Last week was a retro gaming week :)
7:01:27 PMSashaR 'twas fun!
7:01:36 PMSolbu Hmm, is it feedback from the guest that's destroying the audio?
7:02:01 PMSashaR How bad is it?
7:02:38 PMDennis_Kelley i made it just in time!
7:02:53 PMABQTKY Skywriter64, like they say...presumably in Brooklyn,,,Spring-giz hee-uh, duh gray-us iz riz...
7:03:04 PMSolbu SashaR: It sounds like it's in an empty room, with the sound bouncing off of every surface.
7:03:38 PMSashaR Solbu... I'll see what I can do!
7:03:40 PMSolbu It was not there when he was not on.
7:03:51 PMGWG Am I the only one who doesn't care about cryptocurrency?
7:04:09 PMMarshMan GWG: Nope
7:04:09 PMSashaR he is in a cement bunker room and using a laptop camera nad mic
7:04:35 PMGWG MarshMan: Good.
7:04:38 PMSolbu SashaR: THe problem is that you all sound like that, for some reason.
7:04:51 PMSolbu … untill he is turned down.
7:04:59 PMNelson1 Sounds great to me
7:05:06 PMTheFu SashaR: Not much can be done about the sound in that environment without lots of sound deadening materials.
7:05:19 PMTheFu Sounds like he's in a toilet.
7:05:45 PMSashaR Great feedback... I know that it'll get better :)
7:05:56 PMNelson1 I'm watching and listening on my desktop computer. The sound at my end sounds good.
7:06:00 PMSolbu It is understandable, no problem, just anoying for a sound engineer like me,. :-)
7:06:03 PMSashaR Well, by know--I mean hope :)\
7:06:41 PMSolbu Nelson1: Put headphones on. :-)
7:07:35 PMMarshMan Solbu: Yeah, sounds hollow. Not terrible tho
7:08:19 PMNelson1 I do have my headphones on and he sounds fine to me
7:08:30 PMSashaR Random question... do any of you have vr, and want to be my friend on steam?
7:09:32 PMMarshMan SashaR: knew I should have asked for VR for my birthday
7:09:51 PMDJWheels Hi VK7HSE I am KD4MAA
7:10:13 PMSashaR :)... it's really cool - and I want to try some co-op games :)
7:10:25 PMSashaR MarshMan... get one!
7:10:34 PMSolbu MarshMan: It looks like the guest is not using headphones or in-ears. My theory is that the problem is he's listening on speakers, and it's the feedback that is doing this.
7:11:49 PMDJWheels I can hear Robby and things around him
7:11:50 PMMarshMan Solbu: solid concrete walls bouncing sound around will do that
7:12:23 PMMarshMan never use your phone in a bathroom. tile does the same thing
7:12:59 PMSashaR Valid point! Also, its kinda odd to use your phone in a bathroom :)
7:13:14 PMMarshMan SashaR: I want to. Tons of medical bills holding me back
7:13:23 PMMarshMan get vr that is
7:13:33 PMTheFu Some blockchain is about validation of a time and some information that is shared in a federated manner.
7:13:55 PMTheFu SashaR: Really?
7:14:02 PMSashaR When you get better , we will battle!! :)
7:14:44 PMSolbu MarshMan: Provided the controlls allow it, would it be fixed by not sending his own audio back to him, like radio and tv stations do?
7:15:04 PMTheFu WhopperCoin is in Russia only, right?
7:15:52 PMTheFu A part of the internet was rerouted yesterday and $150K in crypto-currency was stolen.
7:16:07 PMTheFu I'll try to find the story link.
7:16:08 PMMarshMan Solbu: should minimize it but his own voice just echoes around too
7:16:35 PMMarshMan TheFu: yeah someone got into Amazon AWS
7:16:43 PMSolbu MarshMan: Yes, but Robbies sound could be fixed
7:16:44 PMSashaR Please do TheFu!
7:16:50 PMTheFu
7:16:59 PMTheFu It wasn't Amazon with the issue.
7:17:59 PMMarshMan Solbu: probably Robbie sounds fine when the guest is off
7:18:31 PMSashaR When on break, I'll let him know! :)
7:18:41 PMSashaR Does anyone have questions?
7:19:03 PMTheFu "MyEtherWallet traffic was redirected to a server in" ... Russia.
7:19:44 PMDJWheels Sasha I sent you a private message just incase you didn't want it in public.
7:20:10 PMNelson1 Robbie is now echoing
7:20:23 PMNelson1 I think it's gone now
7:20:53 PMTheFu Nothing can be done about the audio.
7:21:04 PMTheFu At least at this point.
7:22:17 PMTheFu The vast majority of blockchain technology could be replaced by gpg with public keys for each different use.
7:22:19 PMTheFu IMHO.
7:23:36 PMNelson1 jonathan echoes a bit
7:23:40 PMDJWheels I hear things around you like the AC sometimes
7:24:05 PMMoeMaravilla Hi everyone... Haven't been on live since last year.
7:24:25 PMMoeMaravilla Sounds good in NC via Roku3.
7:25:33 PMTheFu The next internet? Like I2P?
7:25:37 PMMarshMan Strange, You Tube sounds better than the website
7:25:48 PMSolbu Hmm. interesting, the audio issue is only in the split-screen shot, not when the guest or Robbie is on the screen alone.
7:25:59 PMNelson1 when Robbie is on with Jonathan, Robbie echoes, when robbie is on by himself there is no echo
7:27:20 PMTheFu Q: How is tracking via blockchain different from tracking with gpg signed messages?
7:27:36 PMTheFu tracking/auditing/watching/whatever ...
7:27:42 PMMarshMan Solbu: yup extra noise on split screen. I switched to You Tube for the better sound
7:28:13 PMSolbu MarshMan: I watch via kodi, so can't switch. :-)
7:29:21 PMDJWheels Even YouTube sounds like Robbie is underground.
7:29:33 PMSolbu SashaR: On next break, inform Robbie that the sound issue is only with the split-screen view. Not when they are on the screen alone.
7:29:35 PMDJWheels same with website
7:29:50 PMNelson1 yes that's right
7:29:53 PMMarshMan Solbu: never put Kodi back on the laptop
7:30:03 PMSashaR Will do!!! (and Jeff is going to ask your question TheFu)\
7:30:13 PMTheFu I suspect youtube is fast-transcoding and applying noise reduction on-the-fly.
7:32:49 PMNelson1 Great question !
7:32:56 PMSashaR I agree!
7:32:59 PMDJWheels I also noticed the cat 5 site wont load live on Chome so using Firefox
7:33:50 PMSolbu DJWheels: Maybe it won't allow proprietary clients. ;-)
7:34:09 PMTheFu I suspect he doesn't know that GPG is or GPG signed. Signing a message doesn't encrypt.
7:34:28 PMminer4 DJWheels: Try Edge - Microsoft says its the best browser!!
7:34:53 PMNelson1 Another great question
7:34:53 PMTheFu GPG signed documents would work for passports, visas, etc.
7:35:36 PMNelson1 Amazing: Re Passports
7:36:03 PMTheFu The Govt maintains the private key, and the passport/visa would have the public key. Using the public key with a name+number would pull back whatever info the govt wants to provide ... signed and verified.
7:36:49 PMDJWheels miner4 of coarse they will say that lol they own it
7:37:19 PMTheFu DJWheels: No mining necessary for non-currency blockchain uses.
7:38:10 PMTheFu As long as your phone doesn't get stolen and fingers aren't removed.
7:38:20 PMSashaR eeeek
7:38:26 PMDJWheels TheFu I wasnt talking about that. I was talking about browsers
7:38:44 PMMoeMaravilla PKI
7:39:07 PMDJWheels I saw on youtube the cops tried to use a finger print of a dead guy
7:39:08 PMTheFu Biometrics is bad for real security. No way to change things when the identity is stolen.
7:40:04 PMalpeck Agreed TheFu
7:40:23 PMTheFu **always** need something you know + something you have. But rubber hose can usually get the "something you know" fairly quickly. There are many other methods to get it as well - threaten a family member.
7:41:10 PMTheFu I go to dark places with this sort of stuff, due to my background.
7:41:38 PMalpeck Haha TheFu but true
7:41:55 PMNelson1 Thanks Robbie
7:42:10 PMGWG I am apparently being exiled again this summer
7:42:53 PMMarshMan GWG: where this time?
7:43:15 PMGWG MarshMan: Same place. They want me to go back
7:43:26 PMSolbu SashaR: Remember to mention the sound issue wih the split-screen.
7:43:29 PMGWG I didn't have fun. But cryptocurrency isn't my bag
7:43:36 PMMarshMan I hear it now
7:43:56 PMTheFu It is split screen!
7:44:24 PMTheFu We assumed the other mic was in the bunker.
7:45:35 PMTheFu Bunkers almost always smell funky.
7:45:43 PMTheFu Just like old B-52s.
7:45:47 PMMarshMan He had bombs in a shelter not a bomb shelter
7:46:41 PMTheFu Thought he said 60ft below ground?
7:46:44 PMSolbu Now I know what out of phase sounds like. :-)
7:47:12 PMMarshMan Solbu: and you'll never forget it either
7:48:03 PMSolbu MarshMan: Hehe. The fun part is that now that Robbie explained it, I remember we had that issue sometimes when I was a radio sound engineer, in 1993.
7:48:21 PMSolbu Haven't heard it snce then, so I forgot about it.
7:48:26 PMSolbu *since
7:48:41 PMSkywriter64 I have a problem with testing my extra HDDs. Windows7 says some are working right,but some I can"t find any drivers for them. Can I do anything about them?
7:49:18 PMMarshMan Solbu: ok, given time, you'll forget it. :D
7:49:59 PMMoeMaravilla Use your own domain to provide the ads... Cannot block.
7:50:25 PMNelson1 jeff is right did you hear about what AOL has done with their new privacy policy on email addresses
7:50:27 PMTheFu Advertising in print is published ON the paper, by the publisher.
7:50:27 PMTheFu Advertising on the internet uses other resources, not those of the publisher.
7:50:30 PMSolbu Hehe, yea. On episode 1050 ;-)
7:51:14 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla: exactly ... well, unless the ads are in non-random URLs.
7:51:39 PMTheFu Sasha is a small town girl?
7:51:41 PMNelson1 AOL is making people agree to their new policy which allows them to read any AOL email address account which means they are reading everybody's AOL email
7:52:05 PMTheFu Saw that Yahoo! is forcing something similar.
7:52:17 PMNelson1 Ellen Roseman just wrote about the AOL issue in the Toronto star
7:52:54 PMTheFu Google advertising is 1000x worse than FB.
7:53:00 PMNelson1 This means they have the right to read yours and m
7:53:11 PMNelson1 Y email if I have an account with them
7:53:15 PMNelson1 This is wrong
7:53:22 PMSolbu I actually can't remember the last time i saw an ad on the net.
7:53:30 PMalpeck Targeted ads are like door-to-door sales
7:53:31 PMNelson1 It violates my privacy
7:53:36 PMRobbieF hi all!
7:53:38 PMSolbu I know I have seen one, I just don't remember how long ago.
7:53:58 PMMarshMan RobbieF: hey!
7:54:13 PMRobbieF I hope the echo wasn't too annoying gang :) Great interview - so I hope it was great on your end too!
7:54:18 PMRobbieF MarshMan!
7:54:23 PMrevdjenk speaking of email ... anyone else get the new gmail ui?
7:54:43 PMminer4 See I said Edge was best - according to Microsoft anyway!
7:55:07 PMrevdjenk It reminds me of inbox in the slow speed in opening the site, and other operations
7:55:11 PMNelson1 because of the AOL issue, I just signed up for a private encrypted free email address this morning
7:55:20 PMminer4 No one likes Edge
7:55:28 PMNelson1 Chrome is the best
7:55:50 PMTheFu Chromium.
7:55:52 PMMoeMaravilla FireFox and Chrome
7:55:54 PMNelson1 I don't like edge
7:56:07 PMSolbu lynx :-)
7:56:09 PMNelson1 Hardly ever use edge
7:56:16 PMMoeMaravilla curl
7:56:25 PMTheFu Chrome is from an advertising company. ... dillo and lynx FTW!
7:56:35 PMNelson1 I stopped using Firefox two or three years ago
7:57:06 PMSkywriter64 Opera has a VPN built in it.
7:57:23 PMDJWheels RobbieF its up to 59.0.2
7:57:23 PMrevdjenk I am reminded annually how bad windows and MS browsers are when I am forced to use windows to do my taxes.
7:57:31 PMTheFu I use FF daily, but only inside a firejail and with js blocked except for trusted domains.
7:57:35 PMMarshMan Depends on the update. sometimes Chrome sometimes Firefox. At work, I have to use IE
7:57:40 PMNelson1 i will give Opera a try
7:57:51 PMDJWheels RobbieF FF its up to 59.0.2
7:57:53 PMTheFu Shared bookmarks are a privacy violation, right?
7:57:58 PMNelson1 The vpn sounds great
7:58:54 PMTheFu So ... don't run Windows?
7:59:03 PMminer4 Brave is supposed to be a good privacy focused browser
7:59:05 PMTheFu especially on the internet?
7:59:25 PMTheFu $ firejail --private chromium-browser
7:59:48 PMSolbu TheFu: I threw out Windows on january 28, 2008, and haven't looked back.
7:59:57 PMrevdjenk TheFu: been solo linux user since 2006, but annual windows user for tax program
8:00:32 PMTheFu revdjenk: I use Windows for 4 things. No alternative discovered for those things, yet.
8:00:33 PMMoeMaravilla TheFu: I too only use Linux at home with once yearly for tax.
8:00:34 PMrevdjenk Can't do taxes with commercial products online, yet
8:00:51 PMTheFu BTW - I'm a LUG organizer folks.
8:00:51 PMNelson1 I can believe it
8:00:58 PMNelson1 Wow Jeff
8:00:58 PMMoeMaravilla Cool
8:01:08 PMrevdjenk YES!!! SashaR
8:02:05 PMTheFu Netware 3.11!
8:02:14 PMTheFu I'm certified!
8:02:33 PMRobbieF thanks DJWheels
8:02:44 PMRobbieF 57 is when they changed the memory allocation
8:02:50 PMRobbieF 56 is when they changed the app ecosystem
8:03:00 PMRobbieF that's what I was trying to speak on :D
8:03:03 PMNelson1 Cool
8:03:43 PMSolbu I remember the Y2k scare. THe US government had sytstems running the montly paycheck system, which haven't been updated since the 1980'. No-one had the sourcecode, and the company that did apparently went out of bussiness in the 80s. No one knew if the system would work on the switch from 99 to 00.
8:03:51 PMSkywriter64 I lost the chat room.
8:04:07 PMrevdjenk Skywriter64: I see you!
8:04:15 PMNelson1 @Solbu. I e
8:04:22 PMSkywriter64 thanks
8:04:23 PMNelson1 I remember that
8:04:36 PMRobbieF hey revdjenk. Great seeing you again.
8:04:49 PMRobbieF TheFu - thanks for your great interaction tonight.
8:05:30 PMSolbu I also remember a report that the only system that did fail due to the Y2k bug was a big system in China,. The issue was resolved by manually setitng the date and rebooting.
8:05:44 PMrevdjenk yes, RobbieF thanks! I just started at new congregation on Easter! Choir practice on THurs! so Wed open most evening!
8:06:01 PMRobbieF nice man!
8:08:29 PMTheFu RobbieF: Not sure he understood gpg-signing. Blockchain definitely has some uses for tracking ... along the way. The hash is assigned to a specific physical item at manufacturing time and every relocation adds to the chain along the way. Factory, truck, train, truck, ship, truck, train, truck, store/house ... we know the entire supply chain by the signatures, provided they happen.
8:09:44 PMRobbieF it was a loaded question. I hope I reworded it well enough to help... but yeah, it was a doozie :)
8:10:05 PMTheFu Main thing is assurance for sellers as to the maker of commonly cloned products, like batteries or flash drives stamped with a vendor brand, but made by someone unapproved. Blockchain signing would stop that .. until the private key(s) are leaked.
8:10:44 PMMoeMaravilla TheFU: Sounds just like PKI.
8:10:47 PMRobbieF TheFu you should post that as a question on our YouTube channel to this episode. That way, like I did tonight with CircuitMan's question, I can bring it up on our next crypto show
8:10:59 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: listening to the blockchain guy made me think I should have had a blockchain bingo card. A whole lot of words... still not sure what I heard
8:11:13 PMTheFu RobbieF: Can't post - no account.
8:11:46 PMTheFu Wouldn't mind if someone else did.
8:12:17 PMMoeMaravilla TheFu: I think if you have an Android... Youi have a YouTube account.
8:12:23 PMRobbieF open an account :D
8:12:39 PMTheFu MoeMaravilla: Wiped the OS. No google.
8:12:55 PMTheFu It is a religious thing for me.
8:13:04 PMTheFu ;)
8:13:12 PMMoeMaravilla I an humbled
8:14:08 PMMarshMan updates breed updates
8:14:12 PMrevdjenk except freenode
8:14:36 PMrevdjenk gulp
8:14:57 PMSolbu I use a static site generator, no backend to exploit.
8:15:11 PMMoeMaravilla TheFu: What OS on your phone?
8:15:20 PMTheFu Lineage
8:15:42 PMMoeMaravilla Cool will look into it.
8:15:46 PMrevdjenk robbieot
8:15:57 PMNelson1 very cool
8:16:06 PMNelson1 Amazing
8:16:09 PMNelson1 Wow
8:16:09 PMTheFu Is it able to delivery beer?
8:16:14 PMSolbu revdjenk: Hehe. Nice one.
8:16:17 PMrevdjenk lineageos on my tablet...
8:16:20 PMMoeMaravilla Nice!
8:16:33 PMMoeMaravilla Make it the host
8:16:38 PMMarshMan All of this Pi stuff. I thought Odroid killed it. :O
8:17:09 PMTheFu g'night!
8:17:20 PMrevdjenk g'night TheFu
8:18:05 PMMoeMaravilla Good Night
8:18:15 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: Next week #554 "the Robbiot"
8:18:41 PMNelson1 Great intro Robbie
8:19:02 PMTheFu
8:20:34 PMTheFu "Sasha from the Blockchain" - custom t-shirt?
8:21:03 PMSkywriter64 goodnight!
8:21:44 PMrevdjenk which will become youtube remix in a short while
8:22:57 PMRobbieF do you guys want a special shirt from tonight's show?
8:23:15 PMNelson1 Yes
8:23:31 PMTheFu "X from the Blockchain"
8:23:55 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: i'm in the market for bluetooth ear buds... are you still using your jabees, which version?
8:24:19 PMRobbieF yep
8:24:22 PMNelson1 wow
8:24:33 PMNelson1 Sasha is the firsdt
8:24:50 PMTheFu SashaR: drop google. Impress us.
8:24:52 PMNelson1 Sasha is the first person I have heard of that has quit facebook


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