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6:58:05 PMSashaR Hello :)
6:59:17 PMTheFu Much brighter on Jeff's wall and darker on Sasha's wall.
6:59:31 PMSkywriter64 Hi,from Brooklyn,NY
7:00:05 PMSashaR Hi!!! :)
7:00:34 PMTheFu Robbie has a sheen!
7:01:12 PMLyndon its good to see y'all again
7:01:36 PMLyndon VR sittier
7:02:04 PMLyndon ark um
7:02:43 PMLyndon yw
7:02:53 PMTheFu Albert?
7:02:58 PMTheFu Don't you mean Alfred?
7:04:08 PMLyndon its ok Sasha
7:04:18 PMTheFu And I'm not even a fan of Bat-anything.
7:04:20 PMTheFu ;)
7:04:24 PMLyndon dont tell about it!!
7:04:49 PMTheFu Arethey yeti in the SW game?
7:04:55 PMSkywriter64 Is there a Comiccon in NYC &when?
7:05:28 PMTheFu DragonCon in Atlanta!
7:05:31 PMMarshMan Sic him SashaR
7:05:55 PMSkywriter64 OK!
7:06:33 PMABQTKY SashaR and JWeston - both of youse - take a deep breath.
7:07:04 PMLyndon its summer in CA?
7:07:13 PMSashaR I'm so sorry!!
7:07:29 PMLyndon Canadia eh
7:08:09 PMMarshMan Just got mine
7:08:35 PMSkywriter64 Just like NYC not 3ft of snow ,but 6" now 85F
7:10:13 PMLyndon nice
7:13:16 PMMarshMan SashaR: Did Robbie give you the Instagram data download instructions I sent him?
7:13:49 PMSashaR Not yet.... I think we likely are doing it on a show, I believe.
7:13:57 PMDJWheels Robbie or Sasha when you can check the [email protected] email. I caught a funny image from the main page.
7:15:27 PMDJWheels ok hold on
7:15:43 PMLyndon you cant tell
7:16:06 PMLyndon it looks like you,re standing
7:16:24 PMSashaR I'm standing!!!
7:16:31 PMJWeston nice. good to know
7:16:42 PMLyndon i know that!
7:16:48 PMLyndon =)
7:17:20 PMSashaR These robots are so neat!
7:17:20 PMSkywriter64 They look like the Xinti from Star Trek Enterprise.
7:17:36 PMJWeston yes they do
7:17:38 PMDJWheels Ok Check again when you can :)
7:17:51 PMLyndon haha, which race??
7:18:00 PMLyndon there's 5
7:18:17 PMLyndon reptilian?
7:19:15 PMGWG Not at home, did someone say NY?
7:20:10 PMDJWheels I sent the first time from windows mail and the 2nd time from G mail.
7:20:51 PMABQTKY GWG, I think somebody was joking about NYC's normal six inches of slush...but not in May.
7:21:46 PMGWG It is nearly 90 today for the first time this season
7:24:24 PMTheFu pop!
7:24:28 PMTheFu poop!
7:24:43 PMMarshMan multi-gender too
7:25:30 PMSashaR It is clearly going to win the hearts of kids everywhere
7:27:37 PMGWG I have to program my computer to turn on my AC
7:39:51 PMSashaR No Way!!!! Awesome
7:45:11 PMMarshMan Robbies big face scared us
7:45:19 PMDJWheels Yes? :)
7:45:26 PMLyndon howwdy!
7:45:28 PMDJWheels Did you recheck your email?
7:45:32 PMSkywriter64 SashaR, Iam still here in Brooklyn
7:45:35 PMABQTKY SashaR, ABQTKY's bot says hi, there!!
7:46:02 PMLyndon yay
7:46:08 PMLyndon Linux phone!
7:46:28 PMLyndon wait, they already have one of those...
7:46:34 PMLyndon ubuntu?
7:46:55 PMTheFu Nokia N900 ... 10 yrs ago. Zarius ... well before that.
7:47:07 PMLyndon oh?
7:47:25 PMLyndon what about ubuntu phone like 2 yrs ago?
7:47:34 PMTheFu Pfffft
7:47:52 PMTheFu The N900 was debian-based. I have an N800.
7:48:18 PMTheFu
7:49:21 PMTheFu - not a phone, but a PDA.
7:50:07 PMTheFu The issue with the Ubuntu Phone was lacking apps.
7:51:18 PMTheFu The N900 had thousands of apps so to kill it, Microsoft bought Nokia. They'd put in a spy first as Nokia's President.
7:51:40 PMTheFu Jeff ... Android **is** Linux
7:51:47 PMLyndon try it buy it, right Sasha?
7:53:19 PMLyndon google play would probably be easier to get working on a linux system
7:53:44 PMTheFu Lyndon: Nope. Too many non-privacy demands from Google.
7:53:53 PMSkywriter64 robbie, Can it change distros for ie change to Pony Linux?
7:53:54 PMLyndon hmm
7:53:57 PMJWeston i know TheFu but will it "feel" like android or will it feel like linux...thats what i mean by the average cell user may not know what do to with it
7:54:13 PMTheFu JWeston: Depends on which GUI you choose.
7:54:17 PMLyndon emulator?
7:54:21 PMJWeston fair enough
7:54:36 PMTheFu The GUI in Linux is just another program. It isn't the OS.
7:54:48 PMLyndon like wine
7:56:15 PMLyndon yesss!
7:56:33 PMLyndon it would ber likr hom,ebrew on the wii
7:56:47 PMLyndon wow typos
7:57:26 PMLyndon just like homebrew on the wii
7:57:39 PMDJWheels Sasha was timed out from the room so she cant see anything.
7:57:45 PMTheFu Seems like a $50 tablet would be more cost effective instead of a $300 closed device.
7:57:58 PMLyndon yes
7:58:10 PMJWeston but not as cool
7:58:15 PMLyndon that prettymuch what the switch is
7:58:51 PMLyndon consoles are coming to an impass. we all saw this comming
7:58:53 PMTheFu Anything that repurposes proprietary hardware for whatever the purchaser wants is a good thing.
8:00:14 PMLyndon im mean.. my pc is basically a ps4 and its like 4 years old
8:01:21 PMTheFu Until robots can deal with stairs, ....
8:01:22 PMMarshMan prescription delivery via drone was a Midsomer Murder episode
8:02:03 PMTheFu USPS is loosing money.
8:02:21 PMMarshMan has been for decades
8:02:36 PMTheFu And postal services around the world aren't nearly as trustworthy as we assume in the richer nations.
8:03:05 PMTheFu Lots a countries don't have addresses for every home/store.
8:03:48 PMNELSON1 Hi Everyone
8:04:09 PMTheFu NELSON1: Hi. Are you watching the show live?
8:04:18 PMNELSON1 yes
8:04:33 PMLyndon which is why it alerts you!!
8:05:00 PMLyndon ooooooo
8:05:55 PMTheFu Cars don't care about hitting a human any more than they mind hitting an empty box.
8:06:11 PMLyndon Jeff doesn't like autonomous cars
8:06:27 PMTheFu No car will ever be smarter than a human with a license.
8:06:41 PMMarshMan when that guy died the IQ of the world went up
8:06:44 PMDJWheels I remember that
8:06:55 PMNELSON1 cars will never be smarter tan humans
8:07:00 PMTheFu But the car might be a better driver under many situations.
8:08:18 PMLyndon because humans are responsible for way more crashed than autonomous cars
8:08:20 PMTheFu Sasha seems to be too trusting of technology. That is typical of non-programmers and hopeful people.
8:08:32 PMNELSON1 did you ever see the movie timecop, there is a seen in the movie where Jean Calude van damme (hope I spelled his name right) comes back from a time trip , gets into the back of a car and says "HOME: basically giving the car its order to take him home. that movie came out in 2004
8:09:32 PMMarshMan I like tech but DESPISE the idea of an autonomous car
8:09:45 PMTheFu NELSON1: Yes - JCVD has a funny tv series on Amazon Video. He refers to Timecop all the time.;)
8:10:24 PMJWeston good night
8:10:31 PMDJWheels LOL YES
8:10:45 PMTheFu MarshMan: I love the idea of autonomous vehicles - never having to look for a parking space again! Provided I can have it pick me later.
8:10:47 PMNELSON1 good night
8:10:57 PMTheFu Uh ... introduction?
8:11:38 PMLyndon that's a great quote: "its sickening how positive are." "thank you, I'll take that as a compliment."
8:12:03 PMTheFu Lyndon: And it was meant that way.
8:12:39 PMTheFu But having worked on flight control systems, I know how nearly impossible it is to make one without flaws enough to keep humans safe.
8:14:32 PMTheFu It will be 15+ yrs before cars are safe driving on restricted access highways during good conditions. Another 15 yrs after that before they can get near major cities and drive around the "loop"


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