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6:58:02 PMGWG SashaD-G6: Have what happen?
6:58:09 PMGWG TheFu1: Geeks with Guns isn't my thing
6:58:09 PMTheFu1 Video.
6:58:13 PMMarshMan Evenin' all
6:58:36 PMGWG Last time, I was sitting in the bar, playing card games with Broan and Murph, who I'm not sure if you ever met.
6:58:36 PMSashaD-G6 The show :)
6:58:41 PMTheFu1 Well, it is the south. Shooting is part of the family culture here.
6:59:06 PMGWG TheFu1: I'm not knocking what other people do. Just said it isn't my thing
6:59:19 PMTheFu1 It isn't for everyone.
6:59:31 PMGWG As long as no one is shooting at me...
6:59:57 PMTheFu1 I have fond memories of target shooting with grandma, so "good feelings".
7:00:17 PMTheFu1 NEVER point anything with a projectile at a human!
7:00:55 PMTheFu1 They will have a GPG Key-signing party again too.
7:01:04 PMGWG TheFu1: GPG Key signing I could get behind
7:01:40 PMMarshMan SashaD-G6: I see you
7:01:51 PMGarbee Oh Robbie having that day too?
7:01:51 PMTheFu1 Wow, that's RED!
7:02:05 PMGarbee Robbie, we can lock arms in solace that today sucks.
7:02:19 PMGWG The traffic was insane today, both going and coming. All my coworkers were late as a result.
7:02:25 PMGarbee Yea, looks pink on camera SashaD-G6.
7:02:38 PMTheFu1 YEp, My IRC BNC broke this week.Don't know why.
7:03:04 PMGWG I miss my Commodore 64
7:03:15 PMGWG I used to play Space Taxi all the time
7:03:29 PMMarshMan Little Red Ridning Hood
7:03:57 PMSkywriter64 HI,from Brooklyn,NY
7:04:00 PMMarshMan * Riding
7:04:05 PMGarbee Yea, we hear.
7:04:11 PMGWG Skywriter64: I just got invited to Brooklyn
7:04:11 PMGarbee Perfectly fine. Levels all good.
7:04:24 PMSkywriter64 Where
7:06:00 PMTheFu1 So ... hot in Canada ... is that like 15 deg?
7:06:52 PMTheFu1 Audio on hte hand-zoom is wrong.
7:07:02 PMTheFu1 Camera mic active again?
7:07:25 PMM1k3_0 agree with you TheFu1
7:07:34 PMGWG Skywriter64: 38th avenue, I think
7:07:46 PMTheFu1 But will they see the message?
7:08:06 PMM1k3_0 Nope
7:08:31 PMM2teach hello from sunny Sacramento ca
7:08:49 PMTheFu1 Camera mic is on in the 'hand shot' ----
7:09:29 PMGWG Dave doesn't exist in that reality
7:12:12 PMTheFu1 So like Rock 'em, Sock 'em but in VR?
7:12:42 PMTheFu1 Roll Tide, Roll!
7:15:38 PMM2teach wait till vr and new smartphone cell combine..
7:15:38 PMGWG "Do I have time to take a nap before the fight?"
7:19:09 PMGWG Wasn't Marshman the guy on Fat Albert?
7:19:38 PMMarshMan That was Mush Mouth
7:20:49 PMGWG MarshMan: I'm sorry. It's been a while.
7:20:58 PMGWG I probably shouldn't be citing any Cosby properties
7:21:29 PMGWG It does bring a sinister connotation to "Gonna have a good time."
7:22:16 PMDJWheels Robbie and Sasha Google IA gonna make calls for you
7:22:36 PMTheFu1 DJWheels: So ... automatic butt-dialing?
7:23:11 PMDJWheels TheFu1 Nope but its cool!
7:23:23 PMDJWheels bit odd but cool
7:24:33 PMDJWheels SashaD-G6 Show Robbie this
7:25:00 PMTheFu1 Need to fix the audio on the hand-camera.
7:25:33 PMDJWheels I did notice that too TheFu1
7:25:34 PMrevdjenk SashaD-G6: is SOCIAL!! she defines social
7:26:00 PMDJWheels Echo...………………….. LOL
7:26:01 PMGarbee SashaD-G6: Bad echo when Robbie goes to that overhead camera shot.
7:26:20 PMTheFu1 The camera-mic is on.
7:27:28 PMrevdjenk we get DOUBLE the RobShad~
7:28:43 PMrevdjenk ...and the creeks don't rise
7:29:46 PMGarbee Thank you SashaD-G6!
7:29:54 PMGarbee Before he has a bad time in post with that one.
7:30:01 PMDJWheels nope
7:30:03 PMMarshMan Still bad
7:30:04 PMDJWheels no
7:30:10 PMTheFu1 Only took 10 mins.
7:30:13 PMrevdjenk now we have the overhead cam audio and not your mic
7:30:16 PMTheFu1 Not fixed.
7:30:39 PMrevdjenk yay
7:30:44 PMMarshMan woo hoo
7:30:45 PMTheFu1 Major echo still.
7:30:46 PMDJWheels yes
7:30:48 PMM1k3_0 yup
7:30:52 PMDJWheels better
7:30:53 PMABQTKY It's amazing!!
7:30:58 PMGarbee Yea, fixed now. THank you.
7:30:58 PMTheFu1 fixed.
7:31:10 PMBaldricTheBrave Hi for the UK..
7:31:15 PMGuest_1910 Amazing
7:31:57 PMDJWheels cant see it
7:32:15 PMGuest_1910 Almost a 'local' first time viewer here. first time
7:32:33 PMrevdjenk BaldricTheBrave: where is Black Adder?
7:33:34 PMrevdjenk welcome Guest_1910 ! You know how to get your own nickname?
7:33:45 PMMarshMan revdjenk: He became his descendent Mr. Bean
7:33:57 PMrevdjenk hee hee MarshMan
7:34:07 PMBaldricTheBrave Ha ha...
7:34:58 PMrevdjenk Guest_1910: type "/nick yourname" without the quotes, and of course your new nick!
7:35:15 PMGuest_1910 Blackadder is now Maigret!
7:35:36 PMrevdjenk MarshMan: Actually, wasn't it the other way round?
7:35:40 PMBaldricTheBrave I have a cunning plan...
7:35:44 PMrevdjenk Bean came first
7:35:48 PMrevdjenk hee hee BaldricTheBrave
7:37:16 PMBaldricTheBrave Did u see my mad picture on the facebook page?
7:38:30 PMMarshMan Black Adder started early 80's Bean was in 1990
7:38:46 PMrevdjenk RobShad: couldn't you make an app to control from a phone or other device, instead of "old" analog buttons?
7:39:04 PMrevdjenk MarshMan: ahhh, I sit corrected!
7:39:20 PMMarshMan Now he's Johnny English
7:40:09 PMrevdjenk MarshMan: sounds like a detective?
7:40:19 PMrevdjenk or super librarian?
7:40:45 PMMarshMan revdjenk: Kinda like Clouseau
7:41:24 PMrevdjenk RobShad: is that due to nonlead solder?
7:41:35 PMBaldricTheBrave Is it 802.11?
7:41:59 PMGarbee Retroarch needs to work on handling easily switching between multiple controller configurations.
7:42:11 PMGarbee Going from a PS2-style controller to an N64 and back is crazy.
7:43:15 PMrevdjenk It is conductive glue
7:45:40 PMMarshMan It should flow and not ball up
7:47:08 PMBaldricTheBrave Can u flip to the other camera shot?
7:47:19 PMGarbee SashaD-G6: SPeaking of biggest fans, just let Robbie know I trash talk him all week. He just isn't around to hear it.
7:47:36 PMTheFu1 Garbee: Testify!
7:48:01 PMrevdjenk Garbee Garbee Garbee
7:48:14 PMTheFu1 I'd throw that iron out.
7:48:21 PMGarbee No he's heard so much of it by now. He knows i'm not joking (kinda.)
7:48:44 PMTheFu1 $12 from ACE for a cheapo iron.
7:48:49 PMGWG I'm not feeling the love
7:49:13 PMMarshMan I can see that the iron tip is lousy
7:49:31 PMrevdjenk RobShad: oH, I've had that old soldering iron for years
7:49:57 PMGWG I lost a lot of money not having a wife to convince me not to buy things
7:50:17 PMrevdjenk nonlead solder added about 40 degrees to solder melting temp
7:51:01 PMTheFu1 Good think that lead fumes aren't hazardous, right?
7:51:07 PMTheFu1 s/think/thing/
7:51:52 PMBohring I started toying with this stuff a year or so ago, I found you can use an alligator clip to hold the headers in place
7:52:24 PMTheFu1 So that's what alligator clips are SUPPOSED to be used for? Really?
7:52:34 PMMarshMan TheFu1: I've used lead solder for years and I'm ok
7:53:02 PMMarshMan TheFu1: I've used lead solder for years and I'm ok
7:53:15 PMTheFu1 Sure, you are.
7:53:45 PMMarshMan Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk
7:54:03 PMTheFu1 Curley, is that you?
7:54:22 PMMarshMan Heeeeey Moe!
7:56:36 PMTheFu1 Tiny text.
7:57:45 PMTheFu1 Need some
7:59:16 PMBaldricTheBrave Very clever...
7:59:34 PMTheFu1 But will the button order more Gummy Bears?
8:00:25 PMTheFu1 "Hello World!"
8:00:53 PMrevdjenk TheFu1: Yes... first program in every language!
8:01:07 PMGarbee SashaD-G6: Remind Robbie a good craftsman never blames his tools...
8:01:48 PMTheFu1 revdjenk: Almost every language. Some don't do text anything.
8:02:50 PMrevdjenk Mother's day is this Sunday!
8:02:53 PMDJWheels Let us buy you it
8:03:23 PMTheFu1 Father's day is in June.
8:03:26 PMBaldricTheBrave U need to upgrade to the n standard of wirless solding iron
8:04:27 PMGuest_1910 Robbie should try soldering some surface mount components next!
8:05:20 PMMarshMan Security is a necessary EVIL
8:05:52 PMTheFu1 Should someone tell Sasha not to use SMS for 2nd factor? It has been hacked.
8:06:07 PMABQTKY Cee_128d, notice Robbie's t-shirt.
8:06:22 PMTheFu1
8:06:25 PMBaldricTheBrave 64 baby...
8:07:15 PMTheFu1 For 2FA, get a $12-$20 FIDO-U2F key. Any vendor that makes them is fine.
8:07:36 PMTheFu1 KeePassXC FTW!
8:07:44 PMGWG TheFu1: Not a TOTP sort?
8:07:51 PMCee_128d Robbie, you don't need an expensive soldering station. You just need a decent Soldering Iron that runs on AC power. Weller makes decent AC powered 25 to 35 watt soldeing irons that sell for about $15 to $30 US. Amazon carries them.
8:08:18 PMCee_128d ABQTKY. yeah I saw that.
8:08:23 PMTheFu1 GWG: TOTP is a corporate thing, not something that 80 consumer cloudy companies support.
8:08:33 PMrevdjenk all about android suggests an app called Authy for 2 factor authentication
8:08:38 PMGWG Google Authenticator runs on that
8:08:44 PMTheFu1 Yubikey is the normal way.
8:08:45 PMGWG I use it on Nextcloud
8:08:53 PMGWG Same tech, but not Google Authenticator
8:09:00 PMTheFu1 NEver trust anything on Android.
8:09:23 PMTheFu1 Or any smartdevice, if you've loaded any 3rd party apps.
8:10:33 PMTheFu1 Security conferences have sessions about hacking smartphones/iphones which will totally change your view about the security if these devices.
8:11:37 PMrevdjenk google is already
8:11:38 PMTheFu1 But I'm that wacky guy who doesn't FB, Google,Tweet, etc.... so maybe you shouldn't trust me. .... or should you?
8:11:48 PMCee_128d Sasha, Tesla's aren't full autonomous yet.
8:12:33 PMTheFu1 We'll be talking about automatic driving for decades folks.
8:13:28 PMTheFu1 Shipping trucks between population centers will be the first, provided they stay on divided highways.
8:13:43 PMTheFu1 This tech isn't 5 yrs away.
8:14:05 PMTheFu1 How long does the FDA require to approve a new drug?
8:14:22 PMTheFu1 Shouldn't at least that level be required for self-driving vehicles?
8:19:29 PMrevdjenk Google doing city-wide usage of waymo vehicles already in Phoenix Arizona.
8:19:38 PMTheFu1 The Kobayashi Maru Test
8:19:43 PMrevdjenk well, full-time next year
8:20:07 PMTheFu1 with safety drivers.
8:20:27 PMrevdjenk no TheFu1
8:20:51 PMTheFu1 How long was gmail in "beta"?
8:20:56 PMTheFu1 10 yrs?
8:20:58 PMBaldricTheBrave I knew we would get Startrek in the show some how...
8:21:17 PMGuest_1910 Standard of driving needs to improve these days, maybe technology can do that
8:21:44 PMTheFu1 Guest_1910: I'm not disagreeing.
8:22:13 PMTheFu1 I've written control systems. They take much more effort than anyone understands.
8:22:29 PMTheFu1 vehicle control systems.
8:23:07 PMTheFu1 Autopilots on planes are trivial compared to ground based transportation issues.
8:27:32 PMrevdjenk TheFu1: Google has been at this for ten years already
8:27:47 PMTheFu1 My brokerage account had $100K added one day.
8:28:01 PMTheFu1 revdjenk: And it will be anther 10, at least.
8:28:16 PMTheFu1 It wasn't my money.
8:28:23 PMrevdjenk no problem... about the time I'll need it!
8:28:37 PMGarbee SashaD-G6: Thanks for not bailing on Robbie tonight.
8:28:43 PMrevdjenk thanks RobShad and SashaD-G6 !
8:29:44 PMrevdjenk Are we starting again?! Yay!!! hee hee
8:30:01 PMBaldricTheBrave Good night guys... itd
8:30:18 PMTheFu1 Thought about transferring it to a new account elsewhere for 30 seconds ... then call them to report the issue.
8:30:21 PMrevdjenk goodnight BaldricTheBrave
8:30:31 PMrevdjenk we still love ya SashaD-G6
8:30:31 PMBaldricTheBrave Its 1.30am in the UK
8:30:55 PMGarbee Night everyone. I'm out. The room is now unmanaged.
8:31:14 PMrevdjenk garbee garbee garbee
8:33:15 PMGuest_1910 I'm an hour's drive from the studio, I should go visit one day. Do they have studio tours at Cat5?
8:33:45 PMSashaD-G6 Yes we do, and yes you should!!!!
8:41:47 PMGuest_1910 SashaD, great, I'm just 'down the road' in Sunny Aurora !


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