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6:58:09 PMTheFu Battle of the Planets, UltraMan, Space Battleship Yamoto
6:58:16 PMSashaR Thank you for the tips! :)
6:58:18 PMTheFu Speed Racer!
6:59:14 PMTheFu And if you enjoy B horror movies ... APV has a tonne.
6:59:57 PMTheFu and zombies!
7:00:13 PMSashaR I wish I knew all this before the weather was so nice (but that will only be for 18 days or so anyway) :)
7:00:37 PMTheFu Dale & Tucker vs Evil ...
7:00:57 PMSashaR We will be a tad delayed... however.
7:00:58 PMTheFu Swap the dale/tucker around. ;)
7:01:13 PMSashaR However, Robbie is on it!
7:01:39 PMSolbu SashaR: We noticed that. :-)
7:03:45 PMTheFu BTW, the web viewing for APV is not-so-great. Strongly recommend getting a Roku. I've never gotten a Linux system to reliably deal with APV DRM.
7:04:49 PMJeff_W sup internet worlds
7:06:07 PMDennis_Kelley Sup Jeff_W
7:06:09 PMGarbee You are live on the live stream already.
7:06:19 PMGarbee wwaaaahhhh
7:06:56 PMSkywriter64 Hi from Brooklyn,NY
7:06:57 PMDennis_Kelley who cares about FB??
7:07:09 PMDennis_Kelley yep
7:07:17 PMGarbee Sound all checks out fine here.
7:07:42 PMSkywriter64 Good inBrooklyn
7:10:15 PMDennis_Kelley sweet! Robbief is here!
7:10:25 PMGarbee I have that too Jeff_W.
7:10:40 PMSkywriter64 Robbie F How many borg Queens are there?
7:11:34 PMDennis_Kelley is that a nose shoot?
7:12:36 PMrobgor hi guys
7:12:49 PMrevdjenk hee hee dtr to the rescue
7:12:57 PMDennis_Kelley we miss MangleFox70!
7:13:00 PMGarbee RobbieF: Shave those nose hairs!
7:13:02 PMTheFu No phone atthe house?
7:13:18 PMrevdjenk we miss Miss MangleFox70
7:14:27 PMDennis_Kelley exclusive membership in the IAIB
7:14:31 PMrevdjenk Jeff_W: I've never seen THAT happen before. You are usually spot on... hee hee
7:16:10 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: hope that rhubarb is in sandy soil...they LOVE sandy soil
7:16:52 PMSolbu SashaR: You look nice today. :-)
7:17:51 PMSashaR Thank you :)
7:18:42 PMJeff_W seen what @revdjenk
7:19:00 PMrevdjenk Jeff_W: you mess up an announcement...
7:19:20 PMJeff_W oh haha. cant all be perfect
7:19:23 PMDennis_Kelley I second that SashaR
7:19:37 PMDennis_Kelley So does Jeff_W and RobbieF
7:20:32 PMrobgor watching the show while on my indoor trainer, getting things done :)
7:21:12 PMSongbird Hi everyone!
7:21:21 PMrevdjenk hey Songbird
7:21:26 PMSongbird :D
7:21:48 PMSongbird Hi Sasha! Good to see you!
7:21:56 PMSongbird lol
7:23:36 PMDennis_Kelley so RobbieF how has the crypto mining going?
7:23:43 PMSashaR sparklyballs was here too?
7:23:47 PMSashaR whoa
7:23:59 PMSongbird Hi Sparkly balls!
7:24:02 PMrevdjenk SashaR: if you like princess stories, look up the cyclical wonder of the first Duke of Sussex (Prince Augustus Frederick) and how it relates to the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!
7:24:06 PMDennis_Kelley Hi sparklyballs
7:24:18 PMrevdjenk glitteryglobes is here!
7:24:25 PMSongbird lol rev
7:24:32 PMSolbu SashaR, RobbieF: On the next aniversary, you should do a show with that same old web camera if you have it. Or something similar in quality. :-)
7:25:50 PMrevdjenk all we need now is oldsalt and jot
7:25:51 PMTheFu Sasha should show everyone how to setup containers on a r-pi.
7:26:40 PMrevdjenk I can remember when SashaR had never run Linux!
7:26:42 PMSongbird I work Wednesday...but got to get on here for a change to see the wonderful gang!
7:27:21 PMrevdjenk Songbird: That kept me away for about 14 months, also
7:27:31 PMSongbird Work ruins my fun. lol
7:27:50 PMrevdjenk my name is ingago montoya
7:28:14 PMSolbu What a coincidence. I am also from Here.
7:28:35 PMrevdjenk relational
7:28:53 PMDennis_Kelley welcome back Songbird
7:29:02 PMSongbird Thank you Dennis!
7:29:16 PMTheFu Don't you use a CRM or "Monika"?
7:31:01 PMTheFu
7:31:44 PMSongbird Wow that is cool...
7:31:57 PMTheFu Ah ... like we used PalmPilots in the 1990s.
7:33:10 PMSongbird I have an old etch a That might work.
7:33:27 PMTheFu For a computer version of Evernote-like stuff, BasketNotes is nice. Free form note taking for Linux.
7:35:09 PMSongbird That would be so handy....
7:35:25 PMrevdjenk monica, thanks TheFu !
7:36:18 PMSolbu SashaR, Jeff_W: Can one print from those, to a printer if one need to? Like can I draw something and print the drawing on a printer.
7:36:46 PMJeff_W ill ask
7:37:13 PMTheFu Transferring notes from the initial scribbles is very helpful in re-re organizing your thoughts.
7:37:31 PMSongbird lol
7:38:26 PMDennis_Kelley RobbieF , SashaR, Jeff_W cab you change the contrast to white?
7:38:40 PMTheFu Surprising that there isn't an Android app for that on tablets?
7:38:44 PMSongbird That would be good Dennis...
7:39:25 PMDennis_Kelley what about the hydro to charge it?
7:39:33 PMSashaR you can't... it's fairly set as is
7:39:44 PMDennis_Kelley ok, thanks
7:40:13 PMGuest_6275 TheFu: INKredible is a note taking app for Android
7:40:23 PMrevdjenk I just use keep on my samsung note tablet
7:40:28 PMSongbird lol
7:40:44 PMSkywriter64 RobbieF Which battery does the larger one uses?
7:40:49 PMDennis_Kelley so does pidgin Jeff_W RobbieF and SashaR
7:40:53 PMSolbu Our names
7:40:54 PMTheFu I use hexchat, but it doesn't copy/paste usernames like other clients.
7:40:55 PMSolbu ;-)
7:41:20 PMSolbu TheFu: I believe you can configure hat, My hexchat does.
7:41:24 PMSolbu *that
7:41:28 PMGuest_6275 I carry two phones and an iPad. No need to have an e-paper device.
7:42:19 PMSkywriter64 Cool!
7:42:30 PMDennis_Kelley probably Dave!
7:42:30 PMalbertr what about "Google Keep"?
7:42:54 PMSongbird lol
7:43:02 PMTheFu albertr - "google" is no-go for me.
7:43:13 PMSolbu RobbieF, Jeff_W: THose devices are not useless without a battery. One just have to clear it manually. Which might not be easy, but still.
7:43:35 PMDennis_Kelley does it have IR
7:44:19 PMTheFu PoE for that camera?
7:44:34 PMTheFu PoE for security cameras is a must.
7:44:38 PMDennis_Kelley looks like wifi
7:44:44 PMSolbu Hehe. «It's wireless» … with a load of cables hanging from it. ;-)
7:45:00 PMTheFu Exactly Solbu.
7:47:40 PMGuest_6275 wps
7:48:01 PMTheFu WPS should never be used.
7:48:20 PMGuest_6275 i Don't. Robbie asked
7:48:35 PMTheFu
7:48:47 PMTheFu Yep.
7:48:55 PMTheFu Asking is one thing.
7:49:10 PMGuest_6275 i disable it in fact
7:49:27 PMSolbu Heh, looks like a ship's gun platform from that closeup. :-)
7:49:41 PMDennis_Kelley mine too on the night vision
7:50:48 PMDennis_Kelley Infrared Distance: 80m
7:52:00 PMDennis_Kelley found on specs
7:52:00 PMTheFu Do Canadians have a feel for what a "foot" is?
7:52:00 PMDennis_Kelley it looks like m = meters
7:52:01 PMGuest_6275 It's the thing on the end of their leg
7:52:07 PMTheFu I think in ft and miles, not yards/meters.
7:52:29 PMTheFu and acres.
7:52:34 PMDennis_Kelley says m - not sure
7:53:21 PMDennis_Kelley i think in lightyears! lol
7:53:31 PMTheFu or parsects?
7:53:54 PMSongbird lol waves
7:53:55 PMTheFu Can it deliver a beer, upstairs?
7:54:04 PMDennis_Kelley very nice picture
7:54:07 PMSongbird lol TheFu
7:55:29 PMSashaR mmmm beer
7:55:32 PMTheFu "wanscam" seems phishy ...
7:55:36 PMSongbird lol
7:55:45 PMSolbu TheFu: You need the Robot Addon for that, which might cost about the same as a new car. :-)
7:56:10 PMTheFu El Reg is working on a beer delivery robot. ;)
7:56:29 PMDennis_Kelley i want to see that on the camera view
7:56:40 PMTheFu
7:56:43 PMSongbird lol
7:57:52 PMDennis_Kelley gearbest is where found the 80m
8:00:53 PMTheFu Camera Name: Front_Door
8:01:39 PMTheFu VoIP .... audio standards ... g711, g726, g729
8:03:48 PMTheFu How often do they update the firmware for issues?
8:04:13 PMSolbu Yea, I run a PBX, and I thought those standards where familiar.
8:04:59 PMTheFu IP cameras aren't known for being highly secure.
8:05:31 PMalbertr does it support ssl cert?
8:05:35 PMTheFu
8:06:11 PMSongbird lol
8:06:12 PMDennis_Kelley nose hairs!!
8:06:18 PMSongbird lol Dennis
8:06:57 PMSongbird That is a great deal!
8:07:26 PMSongbird lol
8:08:06 PMrevdjenk RobbieF: you could use the pi to add a motion detector to that system
8:08:12 PMrevdjenk ?
8:09:22 PMrevdjenk yay
8:09:35 PMTheFu Finish NEMS? Doubtful. It will never be done.
8:09:37 PMTheFu ;)
8:10:01 PMSongbird lol
8:10:03 PMDennis_Kelley check out motioneyeOS --
8:10:22 PMDennis_Kelley its to control cameras and to capture motion
8:13:26 PMGuest_6275 Intel put out a list of unfixable chips
8:14:05 PMBobK54 TURBO
8:14:41 PMrevdjenk then fry an egg on the case!
8:15:05 PMTheFu SashaR is a coder, She can fix it!
8:15:16 PMGuest_6275
8:15:23 PMSongbird Scares me...
8:15:40 PMrevdjenk scars me ...
8:15:48 PMSongbird :D
8:15:52 PMGuest_6275 Jeff scares me
8:15:52 PMrevdjenk hee hee
8:16:02 PMTheFu I'm not worried at all.
8:16:17 PMTheFu Daily, automatic, versioned, backups.
8:16:41 PMrevdjenk TheFu: I'm not using mission critical applications or cpu intense apps
8:17:09 PMTheFu "mission critical" means different things to different industries.
8:17:17 PMrevdjenk Loading ...
8:17:29 PMTheFu Video got really, really, slow. No audio.
8:17:45 PMSongbird It did here too TheFu
8:18:03 PMTheFu Sasha
8:18:04 PMTheFu Sasha
8:18:04 PMDennis_Kelley webcams need updated too
8:18:05 PMTheFu Sasha
8:18:19 PMTheFu .... Sasha bad stream, no audio.
8:18:42 PMrevdjenk fine here
8:18:47 PMSongbird I hear you now
8:18:53 PMrevdjenk it was just a momentary thing for me
8:18:58 PMBobK54 fine here in kentucky. but we have bourbon here....
8:18:59 PMDennis_Kelley i am behind, so its fine!
8:19:03 PMSongbird lol
8:19:05 PMABQTKY GrEEEEENwich? Tsk, tsk, tsk, SashaR.
8:19:17 PMSongbird Just a glitch...
8:19:20 PMrevdjenk BobK54: hee hee
8:19:23 PMTheFu It is still going, but very jumping and no audio.
8:19:25 PMrevdjenk greenich
8:19:27 PMalbertr youtube droped down to 420p
8:19:28 PMrevdjenk grenich
8:19:42 PMABQTKY Gren Itch.
8:19:49 PMTheFu Gren ich.
8:19:49 PMDennis_Kelley sanwich
8:20:00 PMrevdjenk wooster sauce
8:20:04 PMSongbird LOL
8:20:13 PMTheFu You don't have to Prooooonounce every character. ;)
8:20:24 PMSongbird All sounds right to me. lol
8:20:25 PMDennis_Kelley Beta vs bata
8:20:34 PMDennis_Kelley vs beta
8:20:42 PMSongbird lmbo
8:20:46 PMSolbu Something is clearly wrong with the stram. Kodi is buffering like mad…
8:20:47 PMGuest_6275 whatsthishere sauce
8:20:48 PMABQTKY It's the contacts, right SashaR? 8-)
8:20:49 PMSolbu *stream
8:20:54 PMrevdjenk perfect
8:21:04 PMSongbird lol Guest
8:21:09 PMTheFu Actually, I had to restart the stream on my side to fix it.
8:21:23 PMDennis_Kelley so it was you TheFu
8:21:29 PMrevdjenk don't cross the streams, TheFu
8:21:40 PMSolbu TheFu: I've been restarting the kodi stream 10 times the last 30 minutes.
8:21:48 PMTheFu You're all welcome.
8:21:49 PMTheFu ;)
8:21:52 PMSongbird lol
8:22:40 PMTheFu Everyone should patch their Cicso, Netgear Mikotek and a few other routers ASAP.
8:22:52 PMrevdjenk mine's fine, TheFu
8:23:15 PMSongbird lol
8:23:56 PMrevdjenk TheFu: are you running openwrt? I'm checking into it
8:24:01 PMSongbird lol My Space
8:24:19 PMSongbird I had a My Space account
8:25:07 PMTheFu No WRT here. pfSense on an APU2C4 box.
8:25:19 PMSongbird My Husband dog tags have his Soc # on them. lol
8:25:58 PMTheFu So everyone used plain FTPback then?
8:26:18 PMTheFu streams got crossed again here.
8:26:28 PMrevdjenk I had an old email account, which I just stopped using... I assume, as the policy, was to delete it after 90 days but how would I know?
8:27:03 PMSongbird So true revdjenk
8:27:14 PMTheFu If FB has the data, it is gone already.
8:28:00 PMTheFu Public figures should be afraid, very afraid. IMHO. I had a stalker in the early 2000s. Back then I overshared.
8:28:31 PMSongbird lol
8:28:52 PMJeff_W oh yeah i think back to highschool in the late 90's and the things i shared over ICQ haha
8:28:55 PMDennis_Kelley i dot think that Mark Z. is fast and loose about anything!
8:29:00 PMSongbird I think it will come back and bit us all in the behind...sooner or later
8:29:17 PMTheFu Security pros are being asked to help wealthy people clean up internet stalkers. Was asked to help someone 2 weeks ago.
8:29:41 PMTheFu Have you seen the movie "The Circle"?
8:29:49 PMDennis_Kelley i need to get that job TheFu
8:29:57 PMSongbird I did TheFu
8:30:01 PMABQTKY The Fu, sounds like a growth industry!
8:30:14 PMalbertr :)
8:30:31 PMSongbird That movie creeped me out. lol
8:30:41 PMTheFu Rate was too low and wealthy people seldom are willing to change their use patterns. It would have been failure.
8:30:54 PMSongbird FB won't let you delete it. hmmm
8:31:11 PMDennis_Kelley does it defeat the purpose to log into myspace with your facebook acount?
8:31:26 PMrevdjenk TheFu: as we have seen with Trump
8:31:32 PMTheFu Facebook is still sending data, even if you don't have an account with FB. There was an article about it yesterday.
8:31:37 PMSongbird lol Yikes
8:32:11 PMSongbird Fb would be telling me things about me I don't even know. lol
8:32:47 PMSongbird Real good
8:32:55 PMBobK54 loved that movie!
8:33:11 PMSongbird That movie reallyyyy opened my eyes. lol
8:33:27 PMSongbird lol
8:33:32 PMrevdjenk its over?! noooooooo
8:33:42 PMSongbird Yay Sasha lol
8:33:55 PMBobK54 night all !!
8:33:55 PMDennis_Kelley great show RobbieF Jeff_W an SashaR
8:34:18 PMSongbird Will see you all Robbie, Sasha and Jeff! Nice seeing the chat room too.
8:34:26 PMTheFu If you want to see "real world" security issues that are VERY SCARY, has most conference videos.
8:34:52 PMSongbird I will check it out TheFu
8:34:57 PMTheFu SashaR "The Circle" is on AMZ.
8:35:06 PMDennis_Kelley see ya Songbird
8:35:09 PMrevdjenk TheFu: theregister has some great stories every friday
8:35:13 PMSongbird Byeeee
8:35:15 PMrevdjenk yes, we are!!!
8:35:20 PMrevdjenk bye Songbird
8:35:34 PMSashaR I love you all!!!! :) Good night:)
8:35:38 PMrevdjenk ahhhhh
8:35:40 PMGuest_6275 wave back
8:35:42 PMSongbird
8:36:21 PMrevdjenk it is so over....
8:36:42 PMrevdjenk next week
8:36:54 PMTheFu The video is. A few lurk here all week.
8:38:20 PMTheFu Back to "Chuck"


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